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These Little Days

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The world was divided into many different classifications and the most common of them was the general population, often shortened down into the gen. By some, to be anything but a gen is to be a freak. The people who think this are few and are seen as the lowest of the low in society.

Petunia Dursley liked to consider herself perfectly middle class, thank you very much. Everything in her world was perfectly normal. She married a middle class gen man and together they had a lovely gen son. The only problem in Petunia’s perfect life came in the form of one Harry Potter. From the day they found him on their doorstep, they knew he would be trouble. Now, eleven years later with letters flying all over the house and owls perched on every tree and rooftop in the estate, Petunia felt as if all her concerns about taking in her sister’s son were coming to fruition.

It was bad enough that he wasn't a gen, but now he had to be even more of a freak, just like his parents. Luckily, Vernon found them a place to get away from all of the blasted owls and letters. It was just after twelve am on July thirty first that Petunia found out that they didn't get away at all.


Harry always knew he was different. His Aunt and Uncle never missed a chance to rub it in his nose that he wasn't a gen and made sure he knew how much of a freak he was. It didn't help that Dudley took his status as a personal affront and initiated the game of 'Harry Hunting'. Having not grown past three foot five inches, even at the age of ten, didn't help matters. Laying on the ground, looking at the small watch wrapped around Dudley's beefing wrist, Harry counted down the seconds to his birthday. He hugged his toy bunny close to his chest as the watch beeped twelve am.

"Look Hoppy, I'm eleven years old now." Harry whispered into the bunny's soft fur.

For some reason, the fur never lost its softness; no matter how many times his aunt tried to throw him away or Dudley tried to cut his ears off, he always ended up back in Harry's cupboard good as new. Harry thought it was special bunny magic that did it.

"Okay, Hoppy, now it's time for all lit-big boys to go to sleep" Harry corrected himself and turned over and tried to get comfortable on the cold ground.

Just as he was about to close his eyes, he heard a knock on the door. The loudness of the knock gave Harry a fright and he whimpered and clutched his bunny tighter looking at the door. The knocked boomed again and Harry heard his uncle storming down the stairs. As he stomped past Harry and Dudley, who was shocked into wakefulness, Harry and Hoppy went to hide in a crevice by the fire. Harry peeked out just as his uncle opened the door; he wasn't able to see anything because his uncle’s huge form blocked the way, but he could hear the person.

"I am looking for a Mister Harry Potter." The smooth voice sounded scary, so Harry pushed himself into the hiding space a bit more. He was good at making himself unseen.


This was really not Severus's night. The only reason he was here was because the Headmaster had requested that he go and collect the boy. He could be at home with Lucius and Draco, but here he was, on a horrible wet night, collecting Harry Potter. It didn't help that he had to listen to that oaf, Dursley. He never did like him, quite agreeing with Minerva when she said that they were the worst type of muggles. If it wasn't for Dumbledore's insistence that it was the best place for Harry, Severus would never have let them take care of him.

"I won't have it! He's already enough of a freak. I won't have any more of his freakishness in this household! Leave at once!” Vernon's voice thundered.

Severus raised a brow. "Do be quiet, Dursley, you idiot." Walking past Vernon into the small room, Severus looked around for Harry, not seeing him he turned back to Vernon.

"Well? where is he?"

"Why should I tell you?" Vernon replied petulantly. "You storm in here looking for the boy and don't give a toss about what I said. We refuse to let him go there. We aren't paying for it I tell you!" Vernon was purple by the end of his small rant.

Severus ignored him and looked around the room. On the stairs, Petunia had her bony arms wrapped around a blonde pig-like boy. That had to be Dudley, he decided. He looked in no way like his Lily did or how Potter had for that matter. It was as he was turning back around to Vernon to demand some answers that he caught sight of movement out of the corner of his eye: it looked like the ear of a toy rabbit. Wondering why a toy caught his eye, he walked towards it. It was then that he heard a small whimper. As he got closer, he could make out the features of a young boy, who looked no more than four or five years old. His clothes were three sizes too big on him and he appeared malnourished. This couldn't be Harry. Harry was supposed to be eleven, unless...

Severus turned on Vernon. "You have exactly three seconds to explain yourself, Dursley, or you'll find yourself on the working side of my wand."

Vernon gulped, but held his ground. "I have nothing to say. Take him if you want, but don't think that we'll have him back if you do. If you take him, we're done with him, you hear me?! We don't want any more to do with him. He's already a disgrace with his classification. We don't need him to be one of you on top of it!"

Petunia looked as if she might protest, but backed down in the end. She did want to be rid of him as well. He was nothing but a burden on her perfect family. No matter what Dumbledore said about her being his only family, she wanted nothing more to do with him. Severus wanted to lunge at the man, but refrained. He turned back around to Harry, who now had silent tear tracks running down his face due to his uncle’s harsh words.

"Harry," Severus said in a soothing voice. "Do you want to come out of there? I'd say your bunny is finding it very scary."

Harry looked shyly down at his rabbit. Severus didn't think he was going to respond until he heard a small voice say, "Hoppy."

Severus crouched down so that he wouldn't be towering over Harry. "Hmm? What was that?"

"My bunny's name is Hoppy."

Severus heard Vernon scoff behind him, but cast a silencing spell so that Harry wouldn't have to listen to them.

"That's a very cool name for a bunny. Do you want to come out so that I can meet you and Hoppy properly. I bet it's yucky in there."

Harry nodded and warily took a small step out. In the full light, he looked even smaller. It nearly broke Severus' heart.

"Hello Harry, I'm Severus Snape. I work at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. I believe there is a letter that you were meant to get, but never did."

Severus took the letter out of his robe and handed it to Harry. Harry's small hand grasped a corner of it, his other hand wrapped firmly around Hoppy.

"Thank you."

Harry finally looked up and Severus had hold back a gasp. Lily's beautiful big green eyes were reflected right there on her son’s face. Severus lifted a hand as if to touch Harry's face and was brought back to reality when Harry flinched violently. He was outraged; this boy shouldn't be flinching at a raised hand. Severus thought of Draco, who was the same as Harry yet completely different. It shocked Severus how much he wanted Harry to have what Draco has.

He turned towards Vernon, who was still speaking as if unaware that Severus spelled him to be silent. He lifted the spell in time to hear him say.

"And furthermore, we don't want a Little in our household. Freaks of nature, the lot of them. Shouldn't even be allowed out in public."

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Harry tense, shoulders going up to his ears as if the words were dealing an actual physical blow to him. Severus raised his wand so that it was pointed at Vernon. It stopped him dead in his tracks.

"If I hear any more out of your mouth Dursley, it will be the last thing you ever say. Is that clear? Nod if you understand."
Gulping, Vernon nodded.

"Good. Now here is what is about to happen. I'm taking Harry from here, for good. You don't deserve someone as precious as him. I can't believe you would be so callous against another classification. I will be reporting this to the muggle authorities. I was made Harry's godfather in Lily's will, so I will be taking custody of him. As of this moment, you have no rights to him."

Shooting a glare at Vernon, Severus turned to Harry. He crouched down so that he was once again less intimidating.

"Harry? How would you like to come live with me away from here? I have a son your age who's a Little as well. He's starting Hogwarts in September too! Won't that be exciting, having a friend when you start a new school? Of course Hoppy is invited to Hogwarts as well."

Severus made sure to add Hoppy in so that Harry wouldn't think he didn't see him as a friend.

"So what do you say Harry?"

Harry looked up again as Severus with big round eyes.

"He's Little like me?"

Severus smiled. "He sure is! I bet he'll be real excited to meet you too."

"Will you be my new Daddy?" The question threw Severus. He was not expecting that question for quite a while. Harry taking Severus's question as a negative hastened to add.

"It's okay if you're not! I know I'm not normal and shouldn't act this way. I promise I'll do all the cleaning on time though!" Harry thought he was making a good point to make Severus want him. All it did was make Severus even more furious at these muggles.

"Harry, I can be your Daddy if you want. I was just a bit shocked is all, but I would be honoured to be your Daddy."

Harry's smile lit up his whole face and made his green eyes shine. "Hear that Hoppy? My birthday wish came through. I knew Bunny magic could help." Harry whispered to his rabbit.

Severus, being as close as he was, heard and felt his heart clench. He vowed that he would do anything to make Harry happy for the rest of his life.
"What do you say we get out of here and go home then? I think it's a bit late for little boys to be up, don't you think?"

Harry looked confused for a second.

"Bu-But I'm supposed to be a big boy now. I'm eleven."

"Hmm, that is quite a big age. Draco is eleven as well and I know for a fact he's asleep right now. Look, even poor Hoppy is tired!"

Harry looked down at Hoppy, surprised that Severus could see that he was tired. "Oh, okay. We can go now?"

Severus nodded, standing up once again.

"Yes, we can go now." He held out a hand to Harry. When Harry didn't take his hand, he looked down in question and he saw the problem straight away. Both of his hands were holding either his toy rabbit or the Hogwarts letter.

“Let me take that letter and keep it safe until tomorrow when you can read it."

Harry handed Severus the letter and watched carefully as he put it back in his robes. Severus then held out his hand again, relieved when Harry took it. He looked up at Vernon who had by this point moved over to Petunia and Dudley.

"We will make our leave. Mark my words, Dursley, you will pay for what you put this child through."

With that, Severus turned around and walked out of the hut with Harry and Hoppy close by his side. Now the fun was really going to start: he had to tell Lucius that they had another Little in the house.