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Soulmate AU Collection

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When (name) woke up that morning he thought it was going to be a good day. The weather was nice, he got enough sleep, ate breakfast and even managed to arrive to work a little early. Of course, that's what (name) thought. Up until that fateful moment the day had gone perfectly smooth. (Name) didn't have to deal with a single rude customer, he didn't mess up any orders and his boss appeared to be in a good mood.

He was in the middle of assisting a customer when his scalp began to tingle a bit. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" (Name) asked the kind elderly woman that needed help getting the cat food off the top shelf. Now his head began to itch, gradually getting worse.

"Oh no, you've helped me plenty-" the woman started. She looked a little confused, "Were you always a blonde?"

Now it was (name)'s turn to be confused. He pulled a piece of what was supposed to be (color) hair in front of his eyes. "No. My hair is . . ." His eyes widened at the now bleached strands attached to his head. "Uh, will you excuse me?" (Name) asked as he began to panic. He walked away without giving the woman a chance to answer.

"Looks like that one will have his hands full." The elderly woman laughed to herself as she watched (name) disappear around the corner.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" (Name) yelled into the restroom mirror. The middle portion of his hair was now bleach blonde. His head no longer itched but it was blonde. "It's blonde. I'm blonde now." Apparently (Name's) soulmate thought it would be fun to bleach their hair. "Maybe they won't dye it?" He muttered with hope while staring at his reflection in the mirror.

After a few moments of staring in the mirror all the hope (name) had vanished as the new blonde in his hair began to turn colors. But this time it was worse than the blonde.

Now it was a bright shade of hot pink.

It took everything (name) had in him to not scream. Instead, he stared wide eyed into the mirror in disbelief. First blonde and now pink. (Name) didn't know who his soulmate was but he already hated them. Why of all the colors did it have to be bright pink?

(Name) managed to make through the rest of the day with his hair tucked up under a hat he got from a friend.

After a while the pink began to fade and (Name) thought he was free. Now I just need to wait on the blonde to grow out. He thought hoping his soulmate, whoever they were, wouldn't dye they're hair again. But of course that didn't happen.

(Name) woke up one morning and instead of blonde hair it was blue. Electric blue raspberry blue.

And then it was purple. (Name) thought he was stuck in a vicious never-ending cycle. He didn't have any issues with people having their hair dyed. Hell he even thought about doing it once or twice. He just wished the colors weren't so abrupt and random. He just wanted to know who his soulmate was so he could know when his hair was going to change colors instead of waking up each morning with a different color in his hair.

It wasn't until his hair was fire-engine red that he found the culprit.

(Name) went through his daily routine and arrived to work on time. He gave up one wearing a hat to cover his hair and just let it show. He got compliments on it which was a plus, (name) supposed. At least he didn't look bad with colored hair.

It had been an overall slow day. Six was just around the counter as (name) continued checking out the customers in his line. After an irritated mother with her two children took their items and left one more person approached his checkout. (Name) began to slide the customer's items over the scanner when they decided to make conversation.

"Oh nice hair." They said, obviously male.

(Name) glanced up only to be drawn to a patch of color on the customer's head. "Thanks. I like yours, too." It was the same red (name) had in his own hair. . . In the same spot . . . "Hey, this is going to sound kinda random and all but have you dyed your hair before?" The chances of this working is slim to none but at worst I'm going to sound like a weirdo. (Name) thought.

The customer looked confused for a moment then laughed. (Name) had to admit, he had a really nice laugh. "Yeah actually I have. Why do you ask?"

Shit. How was (name) going to get out of this one? "Uh no reason. Just trying to make conversation. I've had my hair different colors, too." (Name) hoped his voice didn't give anything away.

"Oh really cool. Mind sharing the colors?" The customer asked.

"Uh, I've had pink, blue," (Name) turned his attention to the register. "And it was purple for a bit. And now it's-"

"Red." (Name) looked up to see a look of wonder on the customer's face. And for the first time during their awkward encounter did (Name) actually see his potential soulmate's face. And damn, (Name) was not disappointed.

The black and red hair complimented his face perfectly. Half-rimmed glasses framed his bright brown eyes. He had a smile that appeared to be contagious. (Name) was having some difficulty suppressing his own. If this did happen to be his soulmate then he definitely didn't mind.

The customer held out his hand. "Mark Fischbach. Nice to meet you, soulmate." The smile on the customer's, now known as Mark's, face never faltered.

(Name) stared for a minute before it all actually registered in his mind. "You. You're the one that's been scaring the shit out of me with the crazy hair colors!" Name scribbled his number on the back of Mark's receipt and handed it over. "Look I've got no issues with the wacky hair colors but next time warn me before you change it again so I know what to expect."

"Yeah." Mark scratched the back of his head. "Sorry about that. But hey! Red looks good on you."

"I get off any minute now. You wanna go grab dinner or something? I'd kinda like to get to know my soulmate." (Name) said as Mark grabbed his items.

"Great idea." He smiled again. "Soulmate."

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Name) and Mark had been friend's for years. There wasn't another pair that was as close as those two. They knew everything about each other. They knew each other's secrets and they were so close some actually mistook them for a couple.

Mark, as cliché as it is, had come to fall for his friend. Hard. He wanted nothing more than to see what (Name's) true colors were. Quite literally. But seeing as how the Soulmate was random, Mark had no clue if it would be (Name) but he hoped with everything he had in him that it was.

After one long day of doing nothing (Name) decided to stay at Mark's place for the night. It wasn't anything new but each and every time Mark found it harder and harder to not just pull (Name) into his room and not let him sleep on the couch. Of course since he didn't know how his friend saw him, Mark kept his feelings locked up tight to himself.

(Name) was currently sprawled out on the couch tapping away on his phone. Mark decided to just order pizza for the two of them that night. He ran a hand through his black hair, or at least he assumed it was black, fluffing it up a bit as he waited on someone to pick up.

"Hello this is Domino's. What can I get you?" The tired sounded receiver droned into the phone.

"Yeah can I get a medium pizza with," He put his hand over the speaker and looked over to (Name), "Hey (Name). What do you want on your pizza?" He called. But (Name) remained oblivious to the question as he continued to tap away on his phone. Mark let out a groan. "Hold on a sec." He told the pizza guy. He received a sigh in return.

Mark walked up behind (Name). "What do you want on your pizza?"

(Name) ignored him.

Rolling his eyes, Mark reached out a hand to get (Name's) attention. "Hey (Name) what do you want-"

Mark paused mid-sentence as the world around him exploded and changed at a rapid pace. He glanced around attempting to comprehend what happened. Then it hit him.

He could see in color.

Mark hung up the phone completely abandoning the pizza and locked eyes with a very confused (Name).

"Mark?" (Name) asked. "You okay?"

Mark took a shaky breath and took (Name) by the shoulders. "D-do you see it, too?" His heart began to beat a million miles a minute.

(Name) shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about, Mark. What am I supposed to see?" He asked. Still confused.

Mark felt a physical pain blossom in his chest as his heart dropped and shattered inside of him. Along with any happiness he had. "What do you mean you don't see it? The colors. Can't you see all the colors?" Mark asked desperately.

He could finally see it. (Name's) soft (color) locks. His piercing and confused (color) eyes. His (color) skin soft and smooth. Mark could finally see (Name's) true colors.

But it would never truly be his.

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(Name) was a skeptic of many things and soulmates were no exception. She didn’t believe in the idea that fate could pair you up with someone at random and that person will be there for you through thick and thin no matter the cost just because you were “Soulmates”.

However, (Name) quickly learned that her ideology was false when she accidentally brushed hands with a friend and her world changed forever. She could barely handle coming to terms with the fact that soulmates may be real let alone the fact that she could finally see what color those piercing eyes she had grown so fond of were.

The icy blue had quickly become (Name)’s favorite color.

She wouldn’t dare to tell him. Sherlock had the same views on soulmates as (Name) did before she could see the colors. She couldn’t even tell if he could see them too. What if his soulmate was someone else? She buried the thought deep down along with any urge to reveal what she knew. She reveled in his beautiful fitting colors in her own comfortable silence.

One day (Name) was sitting in John’s normal chair with a book in her lap while John and Mary, John’s soulmate, argued over what colors everything held. Sherlock sat in the kitchen seemingly oblivious to the other people present in his flat and immersed himself in the microscope and the glass slides.

“It’s red.”

“John, my love, my darling, it is most definitely not red. It’s more of a magenta if anything.” Mary countered with confidence.

(Name) snickered at the two. Mary was right. The bag was most definitely Magenta and not red.

“Fine,” John caved, “How about…’ he searched the flat for something to argue about and decided on his friend in the kitchen, “How about Sherlock?”

Mary stood and walked to the center of the room where she could she Sherlock. (Name) glanced up at him and studied him silently with Mary.

His dark curls fell just above his icy blue eyes. The light peach of his skin hugged his cheekbones perfectly. His hands are delicate as they dance among the dials and glass slides on the table around him. She noted the movements to me similar to how his fingers dance across the strings of the rich red violin. The purple shirt that peeked out from the black of his blazer was one of (Name)’s favorites. He looked nice in a variety of colors but she particularly enjoyed the purple. Among her observations (Name) noticed a subtle movement of his eyes that caused her to avert her glance.

Ice blue was an appropriate way to describe them. Those eyes could leave (Name) begging for the warmth of his touch.

“They are grey,” Mary decided.

John scoffed and joined her in the middle of the room, “They’re green.”

“Maybe in some light but they are definitely grey.”





“They’re blue,” (Name) let the words slip from her mouth before she could stop it. She held a hand up to her mouth in disbelief. She noticed his eyes move again and the warmth left her body again.

“Hold on,” Mary stared at her in curiosity, “You can see them? You can see colors? You found your soulmate? Who is it and why am I just now hearing about it?”

(Name) quickly attempted to cover up her mistake with a lie, “It’s no one special I don’t even know who it is! It must’ve been a stranger on the street that brushed against me or something!” It wasn’t a full lie.

“(Name)! Why didn’t you tell me!” Mary was excited now. John shared her excitement less vocally.

(Name) gathered her things to leave, “Because it’s no one special and I don’t even know who it is. If you really want to know more I will call you later but for now I have to go. Goodbye.”

She quickly left and avoided eye contact with everyone. She failed to notice a certain detective sneak off to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

She was right. They really are blue.

When (Name) arrived at her own flat she did everything to keep herself distracted. She cleaned and organized and went through everything she owned. When it was time for bed she couldn’t sleep. (Name) found herself getting lost and relishing in the colors should could see and colored every memory she had with her soulmate.

She loved those eyes and could recall every time those icy blues met her own (color) eyes.

Hours had passed as she lost herself in the recolorization only to be brought back to reality by the sudden ring of her phone. The time read three in the morning and the caller ID read Sherlock.

“Sherlock, it is three in the morning what in the world are you calling me for?” She answered.

“(Name), it is three in the morning what in the world are you doing awake?” He replied in the same tone.

“None of your business,” (Name) responded simply and laid back on her bed.

“Actually, it is my business,” she could hear the cockiness creep into his voice, “I have every right to know. I do have to make sure my soulmate is sleeping properly after all.”

(Name)’s breath caught in her throat for a brief moment, “I thought you didn’t believe in soulmates.”

“Neither did you,” Sherlock chuckled, “but you’re right.”

(Name) raised an eyebrow he couldn’t see, “Right about what?” She asked with her voice laced in confusion.

“My eyes,” Sherlock breathed, “they are blue.”

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She walks through the halls of Central. The way she peered around the halls and greeted the other soldiers made it clear that she wasn’t used to the environment.

Just transferred to Central. I know those halls like the back of my hand.

She stops at a door and knocks before being beckoned in by a woman’s voice.

That’s my office. That was Hawkeye’s voice.

She looks at the desk in the middle of the room in front of a large window. It’s empty and a blonde woman with maple eyes greets her with a salute.

I’m not there to greet her. She’s in the building right now and I’m not there to meet her. And she’s looking for me?

Roy stirred on the floor amongst the scattered books and documents he had been studying when he decided to take a nap. He continued to watch his soulmate speak to his lieutenant at the very moment he was napping.

“You must be the new transfer,” Hawkeye greeted, “Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.”

She took the hand Hawkeye had offered and shook it, “Lieutenant (Name) (Surname). It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lieutenant (Name) (Surname). She has a nice voice.

“I was just transferred in from the East. I was told I would be working under Colonel Roy Mustang but it appears he’s not here?” (Name) questioned and looked around.

Hawkeye sighed, “He does that sometimes. The Colonel should be around here somewhere.”

“Where could he be?” (Name) asked.

“Anywhere really. I’ll show you around Central and you can help me look for him.” (Name) and Hawkeye left the office.

Roy forced himself awake. His soulmate was wandering the building looking for him and would be working as his subordinate and he was sleeping on the job. Roy scrambled to stand up and tried to make himself look decent. Not only did he want to make a good impression on (Name), Hawkeye would scold him if she saw him in that condition.

He fixed his jacket, tucked in his shirt and ran a hand through his disheveled hair. He quickly glanced in a window to make note of his appearance and shot himself a smirk and a wink.

When he had finally stumbled across Hawkeye and who he assumed to be (Name), any confidence he had popped like a balloon. She was gorgeous and it admittedly hurt him to see her as a dog. Her (color) hair was pinned out of her face and her (color) eyes shined with curiosity and an urge to impress. She seemed to glow against the dull navy blue of the uniform.

When Riza noticed him staring she shot him a look followed by a very rare Riza Hawkeye smile. She knew. She could always tell.

“Where have you been, Colonel?” Hawkeye asked as she approached him with a curious and slightly flushed (Name) behind her, “Did you forget you had to meet the new transfer today?”

Roy shook his head and stumbled for his words, “I, uh, was actually just on my way back to the office. You must be the new transfer.” He glanced at Hawkeye who appeared to be holding back a low giggle.

“Lieutenant (Name) (Surname) reporting for duty, sir,” (Name) stood at perfect attention as she saluted her superior.

“At ease, lieutenant,” he extended a hand out to her which she gladly took, “I’ll take over from here, Hawkeye. You’re dismissed.”

“Yes sir,” She smiled before she left (Name) in the hands of her soulmate.

“You should really focus on doing your work more, Colonel,” She spoke confidently before Roy could offer a word, “especially if you want to avoid the long nights.”

He stared at her for a moment in shock, “And what gives you the right to judge your superior officer work habits?”

“Nothing gives me the right to judge my superior’s work habits, sir” (Name) leaned up and got close to his ear, “however, I have every right to worry about my soulmate and whether or not he’s getting enough proper rest.”

Roy looked at her when she leaned back down. The look on her face said that she would be a handful. God, he was ready for the challenge.

“Well now that you’re working underneath me you can make sure I’m sleeping properly,” he fired back throwing her some of his signature boy-toy-Roy Charm.

(Name) let out a giggle that made his heart flutter, “Is it really appropriate for me to be so worried over my superior, Colonel?”

Roy glanced around and pulled name into a darkened hallway. He placed one hand on the small of her back and used the other to gently tilt her chin upwards. (Name) showed no resistance and a smile painted itself across her face followed by a bright pink blush.

“Well,” He said in a low voice, “You are my soulmate, Lieutenant.”