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Pup and Trainer: Going Out (Art)

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The cover was the first graphic I did, and it's probably the most cheerful and angst-free of them :D I had a very clear mental image of this: Ben happy and in a collar, surrounded by projections of his puppy persona which are the German Shepherd pups here. The author asked me to add a golden retriever as well to represent the one actual dog in the story (note there is no bestiality here before you get too alarmed!). Click for fullsize graphic.

SFBB16 Cover.jpg

These two sets I just wanted to do to illustrate the roles/identities of the characters. It wasn't hard to find caps of Ben looking submissive and Bryant looking quite the opposite. Click for fullsize graphics.


Puppy.jpgGood boy.jpg

There were two scenes I wanted to illustrate in particular. This first one is Ben hesitating over asking what he wants. The defensive/protective posture of the picture fitted well. The text is a direct quote from the story. Click for fullsize graphic.

A bit more time.jpg

The final graphic is my own favourite. It was the line of dialogue in the story that struck me hard, because to me there was a lot of suppressed yearning there that Bryant is putting away for the sake of keeping Ben in his life and preserving what they have. That kind of think will tear you apart is my opinion so I've given this graphic an angstier slant than the author is really going for I think. Subjective intepretation! Click for fullsize graphic.

We all have fantasies.jpg