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We Are Wolves

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Sid was just about to go to bed when the sound of urgent knocking filled his room. He frowned and pulled the door open to find a very fidgety looking Claude Giroux.

Sid frowned as Claude pushed himself into Sid’s room. Sid closed the door behind him, mumbling as Claude pushed into the space, pacing around the room nervously.

“Sure, just make yourself at home.” Sid mumbled.

Claude flashed him a look, scratching at his arm and shifting around. Sid frowned and took a closer look at him. A light sheen of sweat coated his forehead, his eyes bright, almost shining, this muscles rippling lightly under his skin, as if trying to get out.

Sid’s eyes widened, “Oh fuck.”

Claude shot him a look, “Don’t.”

Sid shifted from foot to foot, then pulled out his phone. “We’ve got to tell someone, get you downstairs to one of their rooms for this sort of thing.”

Claude’s eyes widened and he took a step towards Sid. “No, don’t.” he snapped.

Sid flinched and Claude softened a bit, rubbing furiously at the rippling skin, as if to sooth it. Claude’s voice quieted, “Crosby, don’t. I’ll be fine, I just get nervous before big games. This hasn’t happened in years, I just need somewhere to stay while I change.”

Sid swallowed, gripping his phone. “Why can’t you stay in your room?”

“Tyler is there. He’s too young, he’s probably never dealt with a change before.”

“What makes you think I have?”

Claude looked up at him, his eyes wide and pleading. “Sid, please. I can’t go down to the rooms. They’ll know something is up. I barely got invited to the Worlds to begin with, they hate wolves in this area.”

“Claude…” Sid started, but whatever objection he had died as he looked at him. He had never seen Claude look so vulnerable.

“Sid, they won’t let me play in the Gold Medal game if I go downstairs to change.”

Sid swallowed, thinking.

All of a sudden, Claude yelped, his body jerking downwards awkwardly as it tried to force the change. Sid jumped back. Claude whimpered and looked up at Sid, who was still gripping his phone. “Please Sid?”

There was only one answer to that. “What can I do?”

A cry of relief slipped out. It quickly turned into a cry of pain as his body jerked again on its own accord. “Help me out of my clothes.”

It was tricky, trying to maneuver the clothes off of Claude’s body while it was already taking the steps towards transforming into its desired state. Sid slipped off Claude’s pants and hesitated. Claude shot him a look, trying to appear annoyed, but Sid could see the pain there. “You turning into a prude, Crosby? Take them off, fuck.”

Sid rolled his eyes, but he felt better. The anger was something he knew and could deal with. He pulled off Claude’s briefs and tossed them into a pile with everything else. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” Sid asked, his voice barely a whisper. He kind of hoped Claude wouldn’t be able to hear him, but of course he did. His body was changing into something that was beyond human, better than human.

Claude’s expression was almost... hurt? He looked away and huffed, “Course not.”

Sid nodded. Claude’s body jerked again, joints bending in ways that they shouldn’t as they forced him down. Claude cried out in pain. Sid scooted closer to him, reaching out a hand uncertainly. Claude glanced over, checking to see what he was doing. Sid pulled his hand back.

Claude let out something that sounded like a laugh, but it was much too deep and laced with pain. “You can touch if you want. I don’t bite.”

Sid wanted a smile at that attempt at a joke, but couldn’t. Claude looked even more disappointed and yelped out again in pain, his head forced down by the change. A thin layer of hair started to cover his body as he started taking on a more recognizable shape. Sid reached out to touched it.

Claude shivered under the touch, his skin impossibly hot. Sid was going to pull his hand back again when Claude leaned into the touch.

Sid smiled and rubbed little circles into Claude’s skin with his thumb.

It was absolutely horrific to watch. Some hair shrunk back as a thick coat grew over Claude’s body, surprisingly soft against Sid’s hand. Claude’s body cracked and popped as bones where relocated, joints shifted and skin stretched. Sid could feel the beating of Claude’s heart and heaving of his lungs as it struggled to keep up with the insane task his body was presented with.

There were very, very few werewolves in the world today and even fewer in hockey. Maybe only five in the whole league. Sid had never played with one, but had been trained on how to accommodate them and their needs as the captain to his team. They had only very recently been allowed to play in the NHL.

His mind was brought back to Claude as a definitely canine yelp sounded throughout the room, making Sid wince. He shushed him, running his hand up and down Claude’s side, now mostly transformed. Claude swung his head to look at him and Sid winced. Then he noticed how definitely human the eyes starting back at him were, how intelligent and incredibly Claude they were.

Sid sighed in relief and pulled himself closer to the wolf, burying both of his hands into Claude’s side, looking for his reaction. Claude leaned into it again, closing his eyes.

Claude let out a low moan that sounded almost like a howl as his body gave one last push. There were more cracking noises until finally, there was silence.

Claude collapsed, making Sid jump. He watched as Claude flopped out onto his side and stretched. More popping sounds, but this time it wasn’t accompanied by any yelps or moans, but happy sounds.

Sid hovered over Claude. Well, wolf Claude. Fuck, Wolf Claude was huge.

Claude closed his eyes and soon enough, he was snoring softly. Sid frowned in confusion, but he supposed it was to be expected. Claude’s body had just worked so hard to force itself into this shape. Sid would be tired too.

A knock at the door caused Sid to look up sharply. Claude didn’t even react, still out cold on the floor. Sid stood uncertainly and walked over to the door. He looked back over to where Claude was laying, seeing nothing as the bed blocked the view. Sid pulled the door open slowly.

Tyler Seguin stood at the door, smiling brightly.

“Hey Ty, what’s up.”

Tyler just shrugged, leaning up against the door frame. “Just looking for my roommate. Have you seen him?”

Sid tried to feign innocence and looked surprise, “Huh. Uh, no. I haven’t. I’d try texting one of his teammates. Maybe they went out or something.”

Tyler nodded, looking unconvinced and a little worried. “Yeah, okay. Hey, is everything okay? I thought I heard something before.”

Sid tried to smile. Tyler’s perplexed expression proved that it definitely came out looking way more stressed than he’d anticipate. “I’m fine Tyler, just getting ready for bed.”

“Yeah… sure Cap.” Tyler said.

Sidney put on his best media smile for Tyler, “You get to bed, Tyler. Don’t worry, if he doesn’t turn up, he’s probably bunking with a teammate. I’m not worried. Focus on our game tomorrow.”

Tyler smiled, still looking a little uncertain. “Alright Sid. Night.”

Sid smiled and shut the door, leaning against it and shutting his eyes. God, this was such a stupid idea.

A thumping noise sounded throughout the room. Then another. Sid cocked his head, listened. A lump formed in his throat. He made his way over to the spot where he had left Claude slowly. As Claude slowly came into view, Sid held his breath.

It was a tail. Claude’s tail was twitching, thumping up and down on the ground as he looked up at Sid with just one big bright eye, his head still laying flat. As soon as Sid came fully into sight, the thumping quickened. Claude pushed himself up, bounding towards Sid.

Sid was embarrassed to say that he yelped as 190lbs of Claude came racing towards him. Sid still wasn’t sure how human Claude was, having never officially met a wolf in their wolf form before.

Claude surprised him. He pushed up against Sid like a hug cat, arching his back as Sid’s fingertips brushed his fur. It was almost the colour of Claude’s hair, but just a shade darker, the red more present in the under coat.

Sid kept very still as Claude sniffed, rubbing and brushing against him. He shoved his nose hard in Sid’s ass. That was where Sid drew the line, swatting at him. “Claude, fuck off.”

Claude made a sound that was suspiciously laugh-like and jumped up onto Sid’s bed, were he was now closer to eye level with Sid. Sid stared at him. “Claude?”

Claude dipped his head in what could only be called a nod. Sid smiled and reached out his hand, pausing. Claude bumped his hand with his nose, smelling. Then he pushed his face into it.

Sid laughed and shook his head, “Incredible.”

Claude hummed and closed his eyes and Sid gave his head and neck a rub down. Sid paused, “Is it okay if I do this?”

The look Claude gave him suggested that it would only not be okay if Sid were to stop. Sid smiled, “Okay, okay. What about if I do this?” he blew gently on Claude’s face.

Claude pulled his head back and made a sound. Sid smiled and leaned in, doing it again.

Claude snapped his teeth at Sid, coming startlingly close to his jaw. Sid’s eyes widened, but he smiled, mouth opened in a surprised “Oh!”

Claude whined and flopped down on the bed, giving Sid sad eyes. Sid smiled, “Okay, I won’t do it again.”

Claude huffed. He got up and walked over to the bathroom, his head down and shoulders rolling as he moved surprisingly quietly for someone so big. Sid followed and opened the door for him.

Claude slipped in the room and pushed himself up so that his front paws were on the bathroom counter. He pawed at the tap a couple of times. Sid opened it for him. Claude drank from the sink before hoping down.

Sid smiled, closing the tap for him. “Rude.”

Claude shot him a look. Sid laughed, “I like you better this way. You don’t talk as much.”

The look Claude gave him suggested that a challenge had been made. He began making a noise, low in his throat halfway between a whine and a bark. It was hideous. Sid blocked his ears, “Stop, stop. Oh God, someone is going to hear you, stop.”

Claude did, looking pretty pleased with himself. He jumped back onto the bed and pawed at the spot next to him.

Sid rolled his eyes, “Are you inviting me onto my own bed? How generous.”

Claude laid himself out, resting his head on his paws. Sid sat down next to him. Claude looked up at Sid, eyes shifting around the room, but always coming back to him. He pawed at the spot next to him again.

Sid frowned.

Claude pawed at the spot again.

Sid shook his head, “I don’t get it.”

Claude sighed in disgust and raised his head, taking Sid’s shirt gently between his teeth and pulling him closer.

“Hey, hey, stop. I’m coming.”

Claude rolled his eyes, but let go of the shirt.

Sid scooted closer.

Claude sniffled and placed his head in Sid’s lap, looking up at him. Sid frowned, “Don’t try this cute shit with me.”

Claude huffed happily and closed his eyes. Sid ran his fingers through Claude’s coat, taking in his enormous shape. Thick ears protruded from the top of Claude’s head. He had literally become a wolf, his body pushing out a tail and ears, dragging and shifting his human body into this monstrous creature.

Claude shifted, cuddling up closer to Sid, closing his eyes.

Sid took back that last part back. Not a monstrous creature. Just huge.

Sid pushed himself up off the bed, much to Claude’s disappointment. “Calm down, I’m just turning off the lights.”

Claude huffed and ducked his head.

The room turned pitch black. The only thing guiding Sid back to the bed was the glowing of Claude’s eyes, watching him from across the room.

Sid slid back onto the bed, lying down on his back, head tilted to look at Claude. “How long are you going to be like this?”

The eyes just blinked at him.

Sid snorted, “You don’t know, do you.”

Claude huffed an affirmative.

Sid sighed, “Fine.”

Claude shifted. Sid could only make out his large shape in the dark. He crept closer still, slowly, as if not to draw Sid’s attention. “I can see you, you know.”

Claude huffed. The giant mass of his body rose. Claude walked himself in a circle, then plopped himself down again, right on top of Sid.

Sid let out an “Ouf” and Claude shifted, nuzzling him apologetically. Claude was still mostly on top of him, but at least Sid could breath now. Claude stretched out along the length of Sid’s body, feet tucked up underneath him, head resting on Sid’s shoulder.

Sid held really still, not sure what to do. He had no clue what wolves where like, if each one was their human self, or if they reflected parts of their human self. Sid was pretty sure a human Claude would never voluntarily move this close to Sid.

Sid swallowed but made no move to get Claude off him. Everything about this was kind of amazing.

When Claude had been nominated Captain, it had been a big deal. Claude had been the first wolf in the NHL to be named captain. People had known about the existence of wolves for a while, but it wasn’t until about five years before Sid was drafted that the NHL and other professional sports organizations started allowing wolves into the profession.

Sid never thought he would see one, never mind have one pushed up against him, slowly drifting off to sleep.

As if sensing Sid’s busy mind, Claude let out a low whine and nuzzled at Sid’s jaw gently. Sid ran his fingers through Claude’s fur absentmindedly. Claude hummed and licked at Sid’s jaw. Sid froze.

Claude paused, then did it again.

Sid made a noise low in his throat, “Claude stop. I know what that means, you know.”

Claude huffed, his tail thumping shyly against the bed. Sid just shook his head and pulled himself closer to Claude, settling in for the night.

“You’re like a fucking furnace.” Sid mumbled.

Claude hummed and shifted closer to Sid, tucking his nose into Sid’s neck.

Sid didn’t mind. He fell asleep surprisingly quickly considering there was a 190lbs wolf curled up against him who could easily rip out his throat at any moment. It was kind of nice.


When Sid woke up the next morning, it was pretty obvious that something was wrong.

First of all, he was being gently rocked out of his sleep, a very naked Claude rubbing himself against Sid’s hip. His face was buried in Sid's neck, inhaling deeply.

Sid’s breath hitched, confused. “Claude?”

Claude jerked his face back, hair disheveled and eyes a little wild, “Fuck, Sid. Thank god.” His voice was hoarse with disuse, still a little rough.

Before Sid could ask what was happening, Claude brought his mouth down into a bruising kiss. His breath was hot against Sid’s mouth, skin still too warm against Sid's hand as he braced himself against Claude’s chest. Side pushed himself back, “Claude, what the hell? What’s happening? When did you change back?”

Claude groaned. He rested his forehead against Sid’s and closed his eyes, taking in a few grounding breaths. “Fuck, Sid. It’s your fucking smell.”

Sid’s eyes felt huge. He tried to pull back but Claude had his hand securely on Sid’s hip, keeping him locked in. Claude rolled Sid onto his side, so that he was pressed up along the length of Claude’s body.

Sid couldn’t find the words to protest.

Claude took another steadying breath, “Changed this morning. I’m so fucking hard…” he whispered, eyes still closed.

Sid swallowed, “Yeah, I can tell—“

Claude’s eyes flashed open, “Yeah? You can tell?” He rolled his hips against Sid’s. Sid bit his lip against a moan, feeling Claude’s erection against his own growing one. “There’s nothing better than a good fuck after a change.” Claude whispered, nuzzling at Sid’s ear. He nipped the skin there gently.

He dragged their lips together again. Sid could feel the level of control that Claude had the night before slipping as Claude’s teeth threatened to break the skin of his bottom lip. Sid’s eyes fluttered shut as Claude’s hot tongue pushed into his mouth, working to dominate and consume Sid. Sid felt fucking hot with it.

Dizzy, he pulled back. “Claude, is this a good idea?”

Claude rolled his hips again. “The best idea,” he breathed, nipping at Sid’s jaw.

Sid bit back a moan, “You definitely did not tell me about this last night.”

Claude whined and shook his head comically, much like a dog would.

Sid waited.

Claude took a couple of deep breaths, then winced. He jerked away from Sid, sitting up cross legged.

Sid didn’t bother to try to hide his erection, Claude would likely smell it on him anyways. Claude took some more shuddering breaths and shook his head again, eyes closed.

Finally he raised his head, opening his eyes slowly to look at Sid. He tried a smile, “Probably not a great idea, eh Captain?” he said, voice returning to normal, the French-Canadian accent creeping back in.

Sid offered him a tired smile, “Probably not.”

Claude nodded and pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes, standing. He seemed pretty comfortable being naked. Sid tried not to look.

Claude dragged his hands down his face and looked at Sid, “Can I use your shower?”

Before Sid could answer, Claude was on his way to the bathroom, the door clicking shut behind him. Sid sat there, pretty damn confused.

He heard the shower turn on and the sound of someone washing themself. Sid reached down and squeezed himself through his shorts, closing his eyes slightly. He thought better of it and pulled himself out of bed, checking the time. It was still early.

He folded Claude’s stuff into a pile, placing it on the dresser neatly. He didn’t bother changing, knowing he was just going to shower after Claude. Then all that would be left to do was to go downstairs to meet with the team before the big game.

The shower shut off and there were some shuffling noises. The door clicked open, and a very damp looking Claude emerging, a towel low on his hips. Neither of them were hard anymore.

Probably for the better.

Claude dressed himself in his clothing from yesterday, sighing heavily. “I have a very awkward conversation to have with a likely upset roommate this morning.”

Sid smiled, “It won’t be so bad.”

Claude shrugged and looked over at Sid. He shifted slightly. “Um, thank you.” He looked over at Sid when he didn’t respond. "For last night."

Sid laughed, “I figured it would be for last night.”

Claude snorted, “Don’t flatter yourself about this morning.”

Sid just rolled his eyes. He had so much chirping material from this experience that he’d never get to use. He sighed.

Claude shot him a dirty look, “Well, thanks.”

Sid softened, appreciating the effort Claude was making. “Thank you Claude. For trusting me. I kind of… enjoyed it?”

Claude snorted, “Of course you did, you pervert. Taking advantage of a recently turned wolf to satisfy your perverse needs.”

“I liked you better when you couldn’t talk.”

“You would, wouldn’t you. Sicko. ”

Sid groaned.

Claude smiled and shifted again, looking towards the door. He looked back at Sid. Claude took a careful step forwards and lowered his eyes slightly. Sid frowned, confused. Claude took another slow step into Sid’s personal space.

Sid held still, unsure of what was happening. With his eyes still lowered, Claude ducked his head and nuzzled at the delicate skin of Sid’s pulse point, inhaling deeply.

Sid swallowed hard, aware of how Claude would feel the movement. Claude pulled back slightly and placed his hands on Sid’s chest. He leaned in again and pressed a gentle kiss to the spot on Sid's neck.

He pulled back, eyes still lowered, hands still on Sid’s chest. “Um.” He said, swallowing. “Thank you again, captain.”

“Anytime, Claude.” Sid said softly, stunned by the sign of submission Claude had just offered him.

Claude nodded, satisfied. He turned and walked over to the door, flinging it open. “See you later, Crozbo.” he said, putting a very mocking French emphasize on the nickname.

Sid smiled and shook his head.

That night they won Gold together. And if Claude leaned in a little bit closer to Sid and inhaled deeply while they hugged in celebration, no one even noticed. The action was lost in the celebration of winning Gold for their country, but Sid knew. Claude gave him an absolutely filthy look as they were pulled apart and swept up in the amazing feeling of victory that engulfed them all.