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Sang Nouveau

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Sam worked hard at his chores, wanting to get them done before night really set in. It was getting too cold to be out but they needed more wood for the night. He missed their home in England a lot on nights like these, especially the servants who had been responsible for such chores but most of the time he was happy they had moved to the colony. Why his Father had decided to try his hand at farming rather then getting them a house near the bay Sam didn't know. He had mentioned looking into getting some slaves soon so that would help take some of the pressure off them despite Sam's feelings on slavery. Servants were one thing, slaves were another entirely. But he had found he actually sort of enjoyed farm life, most of the time.

He could see his Mother watching him from the kitchen window, he Father was in town, continuing the negotiations for Sam's engagement to one Laura Tanner. Sam had said yes because it was expected, not because he wanted to marry her. Honestly he was far more interested in her brother Thomas but there was no way he could ever let his Puritan parents know that. He looked up as the horses went crazy, shifting his grip on the axe as he looked around, searching for danger. He never saw it coming as cold arms wrapped around him. Sam struggled briefly but then something slammed into his head and pain exploded through his body. Sam kept struggling futilely until blackness claimed him.

Balthasar watched as the young vampire carried its latest meal into the…. 'hut' they were hiding in for the moment, shaking his head at the sight. The Council representatives would not be impressed but he raised an eyebrow in appreciation as he got a good look at the young man. Tall and lean but with good musculature, shaggy brown hair and a light tan…..he was very attractive. Balthasar smiled as he felt his Master and lover come up behind him, his borrowed body wrapping its arms around his waist. He hated spending the days alone with only Padma's human servant and animal for company. They didn't trust him and he didn't trust them so he was always happy when the Traveler awoke form his daytime death. He wouldn't trade being his Human Servant for anything but the daytimes alone could get very tedious and lonely when they were away from home.

"And what is this?" The vampire asked.

"Apparently the young ones dinner." He answered and his Master walked over to inspect the unconscious body.

"Beautiful, wouldn't you say Balthasar?"

"Very." He answered and his Master nodded, knocking the young vampire aside just as it's fangs scraped the skin, and lifted the young man into his arms, carrying him over to where he and Balthasar slept.

"How old do you think?" The Traveler asked as he ran a hand over the slack face.

"Perhaps early twenties? He couldn't be any older." Balthasar answered, studying the other human more closely.

"A good age…'s about time I had a Childe here don't you think?" The Traveler asked and his Servant nodded, smiling. They tied the boy to a support beam in case he woke up and then decided to fill their time with more pleasurable pursuits.

Sam woke up feeling worse than he had one time when he'd been sick and the doctor had said he'd probably die so whatever was wrong with him had to be very bad. He could feel dried blood on the side of his head, his head pounding and body aching like he'd been dragged for miles. He moaned, head lolling and then he felt warm hands on him. He managed to crack open an eye and stare at the man in front of him, not that he was focusing well.

"Help." He croaked out and a water flask was placed against his lips.

"Sleep young one." A deep voice whispered and Sam surrendered to the blackness again.

When Sam woke up again it was to a really pale man with glowing eyes in front of him. Sam struggled weakly against his constraints but then he made the mistake of looking into the glowing eyes and the world slipped away.

The Traveler stared at the young man whose mind he'd just rolled. He was attractive and young, a good choice for his first Childe in the New World. Belle Morte already had several in different colonies; it was time he extended his power too. Thankfully while he possessed a vampire anyone turned would be his Childe, not the vampire whose body he was using.

"What is your name child?" He asked kindly, he did not like making his children afraid of him.

"Samuel Colt." Came the quiet answer and the Traveler nodded, it was a good name, it suited the boy.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty two."

"So young and beautiful. Are you married?" He asked out of curiosity.


"Very good." He answered and then bit into the skin of Sam's neck. He drank deeply until Sam passed out. "Just two more nights." The Traveler whispered and then left Sam's unconscious form.

Sam woke a few times but the head injury combined with the blood the Traveler had drained did a good job keeping him subdued until the Traveler woke and fed from him again. The few times he did wake up Balthasar was there to tend to him, keeping him calm by speaking softly. The next day Sam barely twitched, weakened by blood loss and lack of food. The Traveler didn't even need to roll him that next night when he drank from him since Sam was still unconscious. He still eased Sam into death as gently as he could, not wanting to traumatise him anymore than he already was. Padma wasn't all that impressed with what he was doing but it wasn't worth challenging him over, especially when they both knew who would win that argument. The Traveler untied the body and laid it out in his own coffin since they didn't have a spare and he didn't trust Padma not to try and kill the boy permanently if he didn't guard him personally.

Three nights later they waited for Samuel to wake up with the sunset, the Traveler grateful for his ability to wake several hours earlier so he could watch as Samuel's body changed form being just a corpse. They watched as the cadaver began to look more like a sleeping body, even shifting slightly as if moving in its sleep. The Traveler leant over him, watching, and then hazel eyes slowly opened. Sam rolled up and out of the coffin in one smooth move, searching and Balthasar pushed the lightly rolled human at the new vampire, moving so that the Traveler was between them, just in case. Sam grabbed the man and sank his fangs in, drinking hungrily and not taking any care as he fed. When he dropped the body, his thirst appeased for the moment, the man was severely drained.

"Very good Samuel, come here." The Traveler called out and Sam obeyed hesitantly, his eyes searching warily. "Do you understand me?" He asked and Samuel nodded, licking the blood from his lips. "This is Balthasar, my human servant; you are never to try to bite him Samuel."

"Wha…..what happened to me?" Sam whispered and the Traveler was more than pleased with how coherent the boy was. He had been a little worried about how he would be due to the attack from the youngest of Padma's travelling companions but Sam appeared to have come through alright.

"You were unfortunately attacked by one of my travelling companions. He was going to use you as a blood source until you died but I could not allow that. You were too fine a specimen for that so I turned you."

"Turned? I feel so funny." Sam pressed a hand to his head and the Traveler moved closer, gently soothing him. He may like torture and blood but he always treated those he had just turned well, after all he needed them out in the world and strong enough to hold territory themselves in order to spread his power base.

"You are a vampire now Samuel, the first one created in the New World. There are others here yes but they have all travelled here from Europe. You are my Childe and I will teach you everything you need to know. I will look after you young one." He promised and Samuel melted into his touch briefly before pulling back, backing away warily.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" Sam demanded, breathing quickly despite no longer needing to breathe at all. Both the Traveler and Balthasar could see he was beginning to panic.

"Calm down Samuel." The Traveler ordered, exerting some of his power over the boy as his Maker and Sam relaxed slowly, looking scared and lost. He tugged the new vampire into his arms and nuzzled his throat, licking and kissing it. Samuel relaxed further until Balthasar came up behind him. "Shh young one."



Sam wandered alone after his Master had returned to France and the Council. He felt so lost without the two men, unsure about what he should do. He'd been given some instructions, like not gaining attention from humans and to avoid certain areas due to older vampires from Europe claiming them but other than that he was on his own. The Traveler had also told him to claim a territory when he felt ready to but Samuel knew it would be at least a century until that would happen. He'd seen more of the country since being turned than he'd ever thought he would but the land he was wandering now looked far more familiar. It was only when he spotted the farmhouse that he realised where his mindless wanderings had brought him.

He stared at the familiar farm in sadness, suddenly missing his parents. But he frowned as he looked around, had they fallen on really hard times since he'd been gone? The farm was rather rundown and he could only hear one heartbeat. He licked his lips and crept closer, using his speed to stay unseen. He peered into the barn as he heard human noises, surprised since it was late at night. The low lantern light was no problem for his vision and he swallowed as he recognised the woman in the barn, he'd missed his mother so much. Part of him screamed to show himself but he knew she wouldn't react well. He'd been gone for years but hadn't aged, not to mention according to his parents he was just a damned soul. Hearing a cracking noise he looked around and then moved, pulling his mother away from the falling beam and saving her life. The speed of his movements plus the shock of seeing the beam falling had her going limp in his arms, completely unconscious. He cradled her close, finding a safer section and then making a bed out of hay and old horse blankets. He would prefer to get her inside but there was no one to invite him inside.

"Oh." She mumbled as she started waking up and Sam moved away, not wanting to scare her. She sat up and looked around, puzzled to find herself in a makeshift bed. "Hello?" She called shakily and Sam knew he had to answer.

"You will be okay." Sam answered quietly.

"Who is there?" She called, scared and Sam sighed.

"I won't hurt you." He answered softly.

"Sh…show yourself."

"You don't want me to." He answered and she frowned.

"Come out!" She demanded and Sam sighed, he didn't want to leave her alone and unprotected so he stepped into range of the low lamplight. She gasped and moved back away from him so he held his hands up. "No, no stop it! You are not my son!" She cried out, seeing the too pale skin and the fact he still looked to be in his early twenties.

"Mother please. It's alright, I won't hurt you." Sam whispered gently. "I'm still me." He pleaded.

"What are you?" She demanded, trying to get up.

"Don't, you need to rest. You came very close to dying tonight. The barn isn't safe, why hasn't it been fixed?" Sam asked, kneeling where he was so he wouldn't crowd her.

"You aren't Samuel."

"I am Mother. He took me while I was cutting wood. I missed you and Father so much." Sam told her.

"Samuel?" She wavered and he nodded. "What are you?"

"A vampire. One took me to feed off, another decided to turn me. I have spent the last eight years travelling the country with them. You're my Mother, I won't hurt you. I just wanted to see that you and Father were alright." Sam explained. "Where is he? Why are you here alone?"

"He's Dead, Matthew is dead Samuel. He died three years ago, some sort of fever." She answered and Sam stared in shock. His father was dead? He'd always seemed so unstoppable to Sam but he had been human after all.

"But surely you have staff?" Sam pushed and she nervously shook her head. That decided it for Sam. "I'll look after you." He told her, reaching out slowly to her. She stared at his hand before slowly reaching out to him. He took her hand and smiled, being very careful not to flash his fangs at her. She swallowed and he gently helped her up. "Come on; let's get you back to the house. I can fix things up in here." Samuel told her, helping her out of the barn. He got her to the front door and then stopped, making her look at him. He looked down, ashamed. "I can't go any further without being invited in Mother. Will you be alright form here?" He asked and she knew she wouldn't be, he was still having to take most of her weight.

"Please come inside Samuel." She whispered and Sam's eyes widened and then he nodded, opening the door and then helping her upstairs to the bedroom. He helped her onto the bed and then stepped away.

"Will you be okay?" He asked softly and she nodded. "Then I'll be in the barn. If you need me just call, I'll hear you." Sam told her and then she blinked as he vanished.

Outside Sam got to work fixing the barn up and then on anything else he could find. When he could feel the sunrise approaching he went inside and made breakfast, taking it upstairs. His mother looked up at him and he handed the plate over slowly.

"The sun is rising Mother, I have to find a place to hide for the day. Just rest and I will be back tonight." Sam told her and she nodded so he went to leave.

"Samuel!" She called and he paused, looking at her. "I….thank you." She whispered and her son smiled softly at her before vanishing.