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"I don't get why you think we need to be here Sammy. Can't we get someone else on this? We have tons to do back at the bunker." Dean whined as he drove into the town. He was pretty sure his car was bigger than this minuscule place. Sam sighed and put his phone down on his lap. 

"Because people are dying, it's not too far, and we need to take a break, you more than anyone." Sam reminded him. "Listen, you are running yourself thin with this whole thing with Amara and Cas and Lucifer. We could use some time away from the bunker." Sam looked out the window at the town. "And from what I can tell, it looks like just a djinn case. I'll check out the bodies, you check out some warehoused around here, see if it's there. The bodies were found in different warehouses."

"Alright. Here you go." Dean pulled over to the curb at the morgue, and he let Sam out, then he headed towards the first warehouse on the list. He checked out all the ones on the list, keeping his silver knife on him as he searched.

Three warehouses in, he noticed something...different about it. It was darker, both physically and the way it felt. Dean noticed some sort of wetness on the floor too, sticking his shoes to the floor. "What the fuck is this?" Dean muttered to himself, raising his foot to look at the goo covering his boots. That was when he noticed something peeking at him from around a corner. "Hey, come out here and face me like the fucker you are!" Dean shouted, wielding his knife at the creature.

Something caught his eye, darting out of his line of sight, making him turn quickly, away from the thing he had seen first.

That was his first mistake.

Something lashed around his ankle, pulling him down face first in the goo on the ground. Dean struggled against it, stabbing his knife into the thing on his ankle as much as he could before another something grabbed his wrist and pulled it away, twisting his arm until he had to let go of the knife. "Stop it! Let me go!" Dean snarled, feeling how...slimey the thing on his limbs were. 

Another two things reached out from the darkness to grab his other ankle and wrist, leaving him spread out in the air as they lifted him from the ground. He struggled hard, yanking his arms and kicking his legs as much as he could. That's when he saw what the things were that had his limbs tight in their grasp. Were those...fucking tentacles?

The small light coming in from the darkened windows was just enough to see what was holding on him, and the approaching tentacles towards him. "Oh fuck no." Dean snapped when he saw the tentacles starting to skirt over his clothes form, pulling on his jacket and the hem of his pants. Another one slithered down his arm and started pushing on Dean's lips. Dean turned his head against the tentacle, not letting it into his mouth. Until another tentacle slipped into his shirt and somehow just sucked on his nipples, making him gasp in shock. The limb thrust into Dean's mouth, cutting his air off in a sudden push. Dean choked as he felt the tentacle press down past his molars and into his throat. 

Dean tried to bite down on the limb, but it was too mushy, it was like biting down on jelly. It just sprung right back, then it wedged itself between his teeth, so he could bite down and his jaw was forced to stay wide open around it. 

Other tentacles kept exploring his body, finding offense in the clothes Dean had on. Because in mere minutes, the tentacles had ripped them to shreds, leaving Dean completely nude in the air. Dean yelled against the tentacle in his mouth, desperately trying to get away. He had seen enough anime hentai to know where this was going. Those little animated girls always ended up completely fucked over. And he wasn't too far from that now.

A thin tentacle slide down his back towards his ass, but instead of immediately going inside him, it wrapped around one of his ass cheeks, squeezing it hard, then another went for the other one. He felt the tentacles pull his ass apart, showing his hole to whatever the creature was, giving it full access to him. Dean widened his eyes when he felt it, squirming more until he felt a pinch in the back of his neck.

Struggle not, human. I will not damage you permanently. I have created a temporal link between us, so you may speak in your mind. I will hear you. Something deep and ancient spoke in his head, and Dean was silent for a moment. 

"What are you? And if you're not gonna hurt me, why did you leave all those dead bodies?" Dean snapped in his head. He then heard a light chuckle.

They weren't compatible with me. I have not found a human that could take me and support me. But you? You were meant to hold something greater than yourself. You are a Vessel. It purred into his head.

"A Vessel? Uh, yeah for an angel though. Not you. And I've never had an angel inside me. And you won't be inside me either!" Dean shouted back, feeling some more of those small tentacles caress his dick. Dean moaned, though he didn't want to.

It is perfect. You are untouched in all the ways that matter. I wish to become one with you. I am called a word that you could not comprehend, but you may call me Synosus. I am older than you could believe, and in all these years, I have only found beings to keep me sustained. However with you, I could live with you, and die with you. I would become one with you, live with you, provide for you. I would never hurt another human, not even you. You would be my Vessel, and I would sustain you for a very long time, keep you healthy, keep you happy. Only when you were ready would I let us die together. Synosus explained. Dean was shocked. Was it...asking his permission? 

"I-If you are just trying to live with me, then why am I naked?" Dean retorted, trying not to react to the stimulus that was getting him hard. 

Because I would live within you, on your skin, inside your body. I would become part of you both physically and spiritually. I will give you pleasure when you desire, I will give you comfort when you need it. I will be all you need. 

Dean thought for a long time about the offer that Synosus had made him. If he chose yes, then he would live the rest of his life with a monster attached to his body. He had no idea what would happen if he chose no. But then again, if he chose no, more people would die trying to sustain this thing. Synosus didn't seem...bad. He just wanted someone to live with. 

"If I say yes...I would still control myself, right? I would still be in charge of my own body?" Dean asked.

Of course. I wouldn't dare take your free will away, Dean Winchester. It will be as if you are wearing something. We will be symbiotic, I will not be parasitic. 

Dean looked into the darkness, and he gave a small nod around the tentacle in his mouth. "Then yes."

With that word, it was as if he had let a storm loose. The tentacles that had held his ass cheeks apart suddenly squeezed again, while another oozed something cold and slick onto his hole while the thin limbs around his dick wrapped around his cock and balls, squeezing and pulling occasionally.

Dean whined loudly around the tentacle in his mouth when he felt the cold stuff on his ass, wriggling in the hold of the tentacles. “How…how are you gonna get inside me?” Dean asked, knowing that the link was still intact, since he could feel the creature’s pleasure in his head. He also had a feeling he knew how this was going to go, but he asked anyway because he just needed to know explicitly what would happen to him before Synosus would be done.

Worry not, my Dean. I need to enter your orifices. It may feel strange, but I have made sure you will feel no pain while it happens. Only pleasure.

Dean suddenly became worried. Orifices? What the fuck did that mean? What kind of orifices?!

Dean’s answer came when a tentacle eased into his hole, making him cry out with sudden pleasure. It was weird, because it felt massive, like he was being split open on the tentacle, but it didn’t hurt. He vaguely thought it might be because of what Synosus put on his ass before, or maybe he was just magic.

Dean moaned as the tentacle just kept going, traveling up his ass until he could feel it poke the skin at his belly. He looked down, seeing the skin of his stomach bulge obscenely around the intrusion. Dean let out an honest whimper when he saw it, but his fear was soon diverted when a very tiny tentacle decided to plunge into the slit of his cock. He jerked in the grip of the many tentacles, his eyes wide as he tried to get it out. Oh hell no. Orifices meant everything!? He seriously hoped those were the only ones that Synosus meant.

He bucked his hips forward against the tentacle in his dick, then back against the one in his ass, building up heat in his belly from an approaching storm of pleasure. “Please…I-I gotta come, take the thing out of my dick!” Dean choked out in his head, pleading for some sort of release.

I cannot take it out, not until I am done. But I promise release will come soon.

Dean made a sound of distress around the tentacle in his mouth, which seemed to be getting deeper in his throat as well, working down his esophagus. He choked, but a sudden spurt of liquid in his mouth made his gag reflex stop. Another tentacle started to play with his ear, dipping in and seeing if that was another place it could enter. Dean was about to say something against it when that tentacle and another suddenly plunged into his ears.

Dean screamed, mostly in terror, since he didn’t feel any pain, but he also couldn’t hear anything now. “Get these out of my head!!! Stop!!!” Dean shouted, tears starting to run down his cheeks as pure fear made him close to crying. A gentle little tentacle swept across his cheeks and wiped away the salt water.

Be still, Dean. I am nearly finished. When I am done, you will understand.

Dean didn’t want to understand, he wanted to go home. But he said no now, then this would happen to someone else, it would happen to more people and they would die because of it. Dean was ending a cycle of pain and loneness, and he tried to remind himself that.

It became hard when two last tentacles decided to plug up his nose. Dean tried to inhale suddenly, but there was no way to breathe, with the tentacle in his mouth, and the other two blocking his nose. He jerked violently, trying to breathe desperately.

“You lied to me! You’re killing me!!” Dean bellowed in his mind, though it was beginning to get fuzzy.

Just as he was about to hear a response, a sudden contraction in his stomach and ass made him scream, and he orgasmed harder than he ever had before, his senses whiting out as he passed out in the hold of the creature, and he knew he wouldn’t wake up.


Dean did wake up, though, and when he did, there was nothing in sight. He was dressed, clean, and very much alive. Dean frowned as he woke up, looking around the warehouse and noticing that even the slime from before was gone. It looked like a normal warehouse, dirty, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Dean stood up, groaning at his sore muscles. He must have been dreaming. And he…had to have passed out when he got there. He muttered a small promise to never drink and hunt again and headed towards his car.

Hello Dean.

That voice whispered it into his head, and Dean spun around, not seeing the source of the voice.

“What?! Who said that?!” Dean asked, and that was when his clothes started moving.

Oh Dean, have you forgotten about me so quickly? I told you, it was all pleasure, not pain. I apologize about cutting off your breathing, but you had to trust me in order for it to work.

“Oh…it’s you. Uh… why are you in my clothes?” Dean asked, trying to find where he was in the soft material.

I am your clothes. I told you, I am very malleable, and I can be anything you want, a weapon, a shield, even clothes. Also, I am willing to please you again like I did before. Anything you want, I will do.

Dean thought for a moment, then he gave a little smile. “Can you make a silver knife?” Dean asked.

He watched as his skin moved towards his hand. It felt like something crawling on him, but it didn’t hurt. The extra skin molded itself into the shape of knife, then hardened into silver. Dean touched it and was surprised by the fact that it was perfect. “Wow. Okay, that’s really cool. What about food and that kind of stuff?”

Unfortunately, since we live as one, I cannot provide you food. But I have no barriers to what we must eat.

Dean shrugged. That was fine, he could deal with continuing to eat. He always had, and he probably would have continued even if he didn’t have to eat. “Okay then, let’s go back to Sammy.” Synosus buzzed in his mind for a moment, taking in the idea of ‘Sammy’, then he felt it get happy.

Siblings! I have never had siblings, but I am glad to meet Sam.

“Oh…uh, we should probably keep this on the down low for now, since Sammy probably won’t be a fan, okay?” Dean said, rubbing the back of his neck. “And…do you think you could maybe use those tentacles you started with on me in the future? Cause…when I wasn’t terrified of dying, they felt really good.” Dean almost felt Synosus smile.

It will be my pleasure.