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Family Dealing

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Harry stared in shock but with what he could feel coming from Crowley it wasn't really a complete surprise. "A demon." He stated and Crowley…his Dad…..nodded.

"Yeah, King of the Crossroads now. That's why I could come. My old, you could call her my boss I guess, was killed a couple of weeks back. She would have killed you if she'd known about you, another reason I never came myself."

"But why? I'm no threat to a demon."

"Yeah actually you are luv. You carry our blood and magic, that's a powerful combination."

"So I'm half….what does that make me?" Harry asked.

"Well you're not the first of your kind; actually I'd say you probably know the legends of the most famous pretty well considering wizards tend to swear using his name." Crowley prompted and Harry's eyes went wide.

"Merlin." He breathed and Crowley grinned.

"Yep. Merlin's probably the best know Cambion ever. Most powerful too though I'd say you'd give him a run for his money properly trained. Being half demon doesn't make you evil or anything, despite your lot trying to say it does." Crowley assured him and Harry stared at him. He was half demon, but Merlin had been too. It was a lot to take in.

"So what now?" Harry finally asked.

"I'd like you to come with me, get to know each other and I can teach you how to harness your powers. Won't even ask you to help me with anything that might offend your morals." Crowley offered and Harry looked down.

"The war…..the prophecy." Harry whispered, surprised to find he did want to go with his…..Father.

"That's easy enough, come to America with me Harry and I'll help you with your little Dark Lord problem." The demon offered and Harry stared at him before nodding.

"You have a deal." Harry grinned and Crowley laughed.



"Got everything?" Crowley asked as Harry left the wards.

"Yeah." Harry answered, grinning as Crowley dodged a white missile. "Hedwig be nice." Harry chided and the owl landed on his shoulder, preening his hair. "This is my…..Dad, Crowley, be nice okay?" Harry asked and the owl nodded.

"Smart girl you've got there. Okay give me your arm and we'll get out of here." Crowley offered and Harry reached out.

"Stop!" A voice yelled and Harry jumped, it was Dumbledore.

"Oh you don't want me to stop Albus, might be tempted to kill you after all." Crowley sneered.

"Harry get away from him, he's a demon."

"I know." Harry answered, shocking the Order members with Dumbledore. Crowley draped an arm over Harry's shoulders.

"You didn't think you could keep him from me forever did you?" Crowley grinned and Harry made eye contact with Remus who nodded and put his wand away.

"Harry return to the house immediately, you need to stay within the wards." Dumbledore tried and Harry shook his head.

"Why didn't you tell me James isn't my Father? That he blood adopted me?" Harry asked, he knew Dumbledore knew, how else would he have known what Crowley was?

"Harry this is not a discussion for the street, let us go inside." Dumbledore tried but Harry shook his head and moved closer to Crowley.

"No Headmaster we won't. You've kept to many secrets. I'm going with my Dad." Harry told him and Crowley nodded, leaving the wizards to stare as they and Hedwig vanished.

Harry stumbled and Crowley steadied him as they appeared in a house. He looked around to find a richly appointed but muggle appearing room. Crowley put Harry's trunk to the side and walked to sit on a couch, motioning for Harry to join him.

"So there's a few rules for your safety." Crowley began explaining.



Harry lay sprawled on a rug in front of the fire, reading the books his Dad had provided on Cambion, demons and wizards, learning as much as he could about his mixed heritage. His Dad had kept his word too, keeping all the soul dealing well away from Harry though he liked the hellhounds, they were cool. Plus they loved Harry; he played with them when no one else did. Sure enough he heard a whine and whistled lowly, letting the hound know where he was. Seconds later the large hellhound was on its back beside Harry as he rubbed its belly.

"Master Potter." A voice called and Harry looked up to see Greg, one of his Dad's demonic retainers.

"Yes Greg?"

"Your Father said to tell you that your friend has arrived." The demon stated and Harry rolled to his feet.

"Thanks." He took off running and grinned when he spotted a familiar figure. "Moony!" He leapt and was caught by the grinning werewolf.

"I've missed you cub. Let me look at you." Remus held the teen at arm's length; study the changes he'd undergone in just a week. "You've gained some height and weight, looks good. Love the new clothes."

"Thanks. Dad insisted on a new wardrobe not that I was complaining."

"He always was a bit of a clotheshorse." Remus chuckled.

"Says the wolf that dresses in shabby robes." The demon pointed out as he joined them. "Good to see you again Remy." Crowley grinned and Remus winced at the hated nickname.

"Remus why didn't you or Sirius….."

"Tell you about your Dad? We thought you knew, saw the bracelet and assumed you were in contact." Remus admitted and Harry nodded, he could accept that.

"Well get the wolf settled in, full moons tomorrow so you'll want to rest up. Got plenty of woods for roaming out back." Crowley told them and Harry grinned, dragging Remus off to the room next to his. Crowley watched them go in amusement, but also worry. Things were moving quickly, he'd be approaching a certain pair of hunters soon, maybe he should get Remus and Greg to take Harry to Disneyworld or something….



Harry looked around the hospital curiously; he'd never been in a muggle hospital before after all. No one was paying any attention to him, assuming he was a patient's family member obviously. He finally found the room he was looking for and found only the man in the bed thankfully. He slipped inside and studied the sleeping man, a hunter. If his Dad or Remus found

Out what he was about to do he'd be grounded for a decade at least. But he'd been listening and watching, the Winchesters were important in stopping Lucifer and Bobby Singer was important to the Winchesters.

"Who the hell are you?"