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understand my thoughts

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understand my thoughts

i. «hoops (acoustic)» jones
& i jump through hoops
to get to you
to anything i own
even if i could, be close to you
you never break the fall
shake this divide when right on my side
for every angle that i try
still i jump through hoops
gotta jump through hoops

ii. «the hill, the view, & the lights» cajun dance party
wishing i could take you here to feel the same feelings
understand my thoughts about the sun,
about the lights,
about the way you can try to share my lights and frights

iii. «tell me the truth» lapsely
in a small place, you changed me
in a crowded place, you isolated me
just tell me the truth, it'll hurt less, i guess

iv. «too late to say goodbye» cage the elephant
no turning back,
no where to run,
no where to hide

v. «untitled» la dispute
it's perfectly ok,
i'm afraid, too.