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Death of a Bachelor

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"Okay, girls, gather round," Harry cheers, the soft curls at the end of her ponytail bouncing as she flops herself onto one of the several colourful, pastel throw pillows that she had arranged in a circle on the floor.

Her friends from school all fall onto their pillows cooperatively, except Louise and Nicole who bicker over the last seat next to Harry.

Liam, being the mediator that she is, gives Louise her spot next to Harry, which does about nothing because Louise insists that she is Harry's right hand lady, and therefore she should get the right hand side, which starts a whole new round of arguments for another twenty minutes before Harry's older brother Edward pops his head in the door and threatens to spit on the girls in their sleep.

After the girls are done gagging and being dramatic, Harry hushes everyone, and carries on with her activity.

"So, since we are having the sleep over at my house this week, I have decided that we should play some classic slumber party games. All in favour?"

Five pretty manicured hands shoot into the air, causing Harry to grin triumphantly while Veronica and Eleanor groan.

"Yay! So, I was thinking maybe like we could start off with FMK then move onto never have i ever then maybe truth or dare if we feel up to it."

"I'm going first!" Louise yells, looking straight at Liam, the more bashful and conservative member of the group. "Fuck, marry, kill. Niall. Daniel. Zayn."

"Can we leave family out of this?" Veronica pleads to no effect because Louise is evil.

Liam blushes, but answers nonetheless. "Um, fuck Niall. Marry Zayn. Kill my ex."

"You'd love to marry Zayn wouldn't you!" Nicole crows, making kissy lips at Liam until she hides her face in her pillow from embarrassment.

Veronica shoots Nicole a deadly glare as she rubs Liam's back comfortingly until she pulls her head up and calls on Harry.

"Um, Cameron D. Dylan O.... and Angry Alex."

Harry grins coyly at the group causing everyone to snicker in anticipation of her answer. The first two guys are quite popular, like the girls, with Cameron being a part time model and Dylan on the lacrosse team, but the last boy, Alex, is notorious for being the leader of the "emo" freaks, who are actually punk, but these vapid teenage girls don't know the difference or care to find out.

"I've already fucked Cameron, and I've already dated Dylan. So, I guess I would fuck Dylan again, then marry Cam and kill Alex because ew."

The girls all laughed, even Veronica who didn't much care who you were or what you looked like. Although far from being morally upright, Veronica likes to think she has the tightest grip on reality. Being the token ethnic girl of the school's popular people, she isn't a stranger to wake up calls courtesy of some of the more racist people in their mostly white town. In a way, she understands what it's like to be unfairly excluded, which is why she feeds into the groups cruelty just enough that she's not a target. Of course, some of the girls still don't like her that much, which is why Veronica groans internally when Louise calls her name a few rounds later.

"Hm," Louise grins deviously. "I have to pick some very special people for our little Ronnie. How about..." Louise's cold eyes snap onto Veronica as a sadistic smile takes over her face. "Percy."

The room falls silent at the name that Louise spits at Veronica, almost as if it's a weapon. It's so typical of Louis to do something as petty as try to dredge up Veronica's three year relationship, which had ended horribly only a month ago when Percy had publicly accused her of cheating on him all the time and with everyone. It worked out that Veronica can't even get a boy to look her way anymore while Percy is still getting all the sympathy fucks he could ever want. Not that Veronica even wants to date anymore. All the boys within their social rank are douchebags or taken so it's not even worth the effort of winning their interest back.


The college boy who had obsessively stalked her for a year and was also part of the reason Percy was so paranoid about her cheating.

Everyone holds their breath in anticipation of the final name, aside from Veronica and Louise who are glaring at each other across the circle.


Everyone gasps in horror, even Harry who should at least stand up a little for her brother. Unfortunately, Marcel is the school leper. The level of nerdiness he has achieved in only 16 years of life is horrific... at least, in the vain minds of most of their school's student body. His taped horn-rimmed glasses and awful sweater vests combined with his clumsiness and habit of ruining the test curve dooms him. Veronica's family only moved to town a little over three years ago, so she has no idea of why he's such a social pariah. He seems pretty standard to her. She suspects it must have something to do with Harry's never-ending quest to dissociate herself from her twin. Harry is the type of bitch to has to be the only bitch. Despite her sweet southern belle act, she might actually be an incarnation of Satan.

Veronica grits her teeth, resisting every urge to lunge across the circle and throat punch Louise. Veronica must look absolutely terrifying when she smiles in the least friendly way, feeling as if each of her teeth are razor sharp. Veronica rarely gets pissed off, but when she does...

"You must think you're so clever, you arrogant little idiot. Tell me, when was the last time you were in a relationship that didn't involve picking Eleanor's pubic hairs out of your teeth in a janitor's closet?" Ignoring the gasps, Veronica shoots up and stomps toward the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Harry bites, oddly more protective of her asshole friend than her own brother.

"To fuck Marcel," Veronica spits, slamming the door behind her, only to come face to face with a pair of wide green eyes.