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...Of Family

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John took the open beer bottle from Cameron Mitchell with a grateful smile. Mitchell went back to his seat with only the slight limp to his step. It was a good to see that he was healing so well, so quickly, after his plane went down in the Antarctica during the battle with Anubis's forces. John brought the beer bottle up to his lips, taking a long pull off of it. It was his first and only of the night. He didn't drink in access. Never had. Losing his mother when he was twelve to a drunk driver had taught John the dangers of overindulging. John was at newly minted Brigadier General Jack O'Neill's apartment. The new Commander of the SCG. He was watching the hockey playoffs with him and some guys from work. John was more of a football fan himself but hey, it was O'Neill party. If nothing else John's friendship with McKay had taught him an imprecation of the game.

Curling, though, John still didn't get.

McKay had been dragged out along with Daniel Jackson, by Miko. For what O'Neill mockingly called a 'Girl's Night.' McKay had been rather vocal about wanting to stay and watch the playoffs. Sam Carter and Janet Frasier had convinced McKay to go by promising her hard liquor and gourmet chocolate. Also Daniel refused would go without McKay. The game was just getting good when John's cell phone started to play the theme song to 'Pinky and the Brain,' "What do you want, McKay?"

"You have to get me out of here!" McKay's panicked voice came over the line.

"McKay, it's the middle of the game!"

"No, look, Sheppard, I've been a good sport about this. Really, I have. I've drank good vodka and eaten Godiva truffles. Played 'marry, fuck or kill' and have listened to the others debate who the hottest guy at the SGC is..."

"Is there is a point to this?"



"You ranked a 9.5. You would have been a solid 10 but you've got that weird patch of back hair..."

"McKay! You said you wouldn't tell anyone about that!"

John glared at Lorne as the man sniggered into his beer.

"Are you forgetting that the after missions showers are co-ed? You're being thought of as hot by the teenage girls,"  John could hear giggling in the background, "that we work with...You have to come recuse me!"

"Why?" John asked, trading his beer for a soda.

"Because I of all people can and will make your life a living hell." McKay growled lowly in a way John refused to find sexy. Refused, damn it!

"By the way. O'Neill was vote the hottest by Daniel and Sam."

John heard the two named yelled at McKay. Lorne and Mitchell turned to look at the General, who only smiled smugly back at them.

"Really, O'Neill?" John asked with a frown, looking at the General, "Don't see it myself."

" I know, right?" McKay's reply caused the men to laugh, "Seems a lot of the women here think the silver hair is hot. Daniel would really like to her hands -OW! What was that for?"

"You know what that was for!"  Daniel Jackson screeched.

O'Neill's smirk turned into a full blown grin.

"Please, Sheppard! Cadman has that look in her eye! She's mentioned the word 'makeover',"  came McKay's hissed whisper, "I think Miko might help her! I swear to god, I will not be responsible for my actions!"

"Chill, McKay, " John said standing up with a sigh.

"Sam and Janet are giving Daniel the same look... Get me out of here! And I'll do that thing I said I'd never do!"

John couldn't stop the half hopeful or lustful feeling he got at sound of that. He only hoped it didn't show on his face, "Really? You'd do that?"

"...Yes?" McKay whined softly, compelling.

"The southwest pier?"

A put upon sigh, "Yes."

"I'll be there in a few minutes." John said hanging up his phone and putting it in his pocket. He looked at O'Neill, "Let's go save them."

"But the games not over," O'Neill whined.

John raised an eyebrow, "What do you think Jackson is going to do to you, if McKay gets sprung but she's not, mmm?"

A look of understanding crossed the older man's face as he slowly thought that over. You just didn't piss off geniuses if you could help it. O'Neill put down soda with a nod, standing up, "Right. Lorne! Don't let the guys trash place while I'm gone."

"Right, sir!"


"...and that ladies is how you bring Sheppard to heel." Rodney said exchanging a smug look with Daniel before they clinked their beer bottle together.

"So, what did you promise Sheppard?" Sam Carter asked, eyes bright with interest.

"Oh, was it something sexual?" Laura Cadman asked with a grin, pushing her strawberry blonde hair out of her face, green eyes sparkling with laughter, "The Colonel seems like the kinky type."

"What? No!" McKay said surprised.

"Then what, McKay?" Janet Frasier asked, taking a slip of her coke and rum.

Rodney sighed, heavily, "A Ferris Wheel."

No one but Rodney knew why Miko laughed so hard she fell out of her chair.


Yes, Rodney promised me a Ferris Wheel. What? No, it's not a secret term for sex! Why does everyone think that, Rodney?

Probably because you do want to have sex on one, Sheppard? No, Sheppard really does want a Ferris Wheel on the southwest pier, when we get to Atlantis. I think he's actually twelve. Oh, I can see the joined sessions are going to be are going to be a great idea.

You're still horrible at this.

You really are.


Rodney had her arm over Sheppard's shoulder, leaning heavily against him as he tried to unlock the door of her apartment. She sighed, John tried to ignore the shudder that went through him when he felt McKay's breathe on his neck.

"You-you ar-is my bestest friend...ever, Sheppard," she whispered drunkenly in his ear.

"How the hell are you so drunk, McKay? I thought with you being practically an Ancient, that alcohol didn't affect you the same way, it does us normal humans?" John asked and hadn't that been a weird fact to discover?

"Like you're normal?" McKay grumbled, "I was in a room full of the smartest people of our generation and Laura Cadman. There was no way I was leaving sober, Sheppard."


Rodney glared at him, "I'm not as drunk as you think! I have to almost give myself alcohol poisoning to even get slightly buzzed."

"So, how did you get this drunk?" John asked as got the door open and dragged Rodney inside the apartment.

Rodney blinked, owlishly, "I don't know? Ask Dr. Brown."

"Katie Brown did this to you?" John exclaimed, incredulously. Because John hadn't thought the smart but kind of mousy botanist had it in her. Even if McKay had almost asked her to marry him in the old timeline.

"Deep water, Sheppard, deep water," Rodney said, looking around, "Where are you taking me?"

"To bed."

Rodney frowned, "I don't think we are ready for that stage in our relationship..."

"At least you didn't call me Kirk," John grumped, dropping McKay onto the couch.

"You wouldn't." Rodney said laying back on the couch with her eyes closed, "Not if didn't ask you too!"

"Please, McKay, just pass out. Your going to hate yourself in the morning."

"I- really-have always lo-"

To John's eternal gratitude McKay did just that. Looking down at the brunette woman who had once been a man but would always be his best and most trusted friend, John whispered, "Me too, Mer."