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I Hate Her

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"Goodbye my friends!" Amy said. She was off to Japan, because she had decided she needed to take a "cultural vacay", as she called it. She got on the jet, and it took off.

"Phew.... thank goodness! She's gone!" said Sonic, who had just hopped down from the airport roof.

"And why, exactly, are you so happy?" Rouge inquired of Sonic. "Amy's going to be gone for a week!"

"That last sentence is the exact reason why I'm happy! No Amy for an entire week!"

"Sonic, that was very rude of you," said Shadow. "Just because you don't like Amy doesn't mean you should throw a party every time she leaves."

Sonic seemed very angry, yet very depressed. He decided to leave before he would want to punch Shadow in the face.

"What's his problem?" asked Knuckles. Everyone turned and stared at him.

"Oh wait. I'm like that too sometimes." he said.


Sonic returned to his hellhole of a house. Pillows were torn up and strewn about the house. He remembered why: He and Amy had fought shortly before she left. Amy wanted Sonic to go with her, but he wanted to stay in Mobius City. This is the reason why he was on the airport roof: to escape Amy. You see, his relationship with Amy hadn't been exactly smooth sailing. For starters, she always threatened to kill herself if Sonic left her for another girl. She also constantly called Sonic to see what he was doing. Despite his best efforts, even though he wanted to help Tails with projects, Amy would always be disappointed. She kept Sonic from even looking at his family and friends.

Well, Sonic needn't worry about that now, as Amy was gone for the week. He decided to text Tails, and see if he needed help with anything.

Yo Tails, need any help?

He didn't get the response he was hoping for, which would be a "Yeah, sure" or a "No thanks".

This was the response:

idk, have you stopped being an insensitive prick? are you willing to apologize for what you said about Amy? because until you are, we're all shunning you.

He shot a short response to Tails, figuring that this week would be miserable after all, even without Amy.

Nope, not taking that back. I meant every last word I said back there. She's a fucking control freak, and I hope her jet gets shot down.

Oh well, he had his ways to make his life easier. Suddenly, Amy called.

"Hey Amy! How's the trip going?" Sonic said, trying to lighten the mood, in case something bad happened.

"Pretty good. What are you doing right now?" was the response.

"Picking up. You know, after the fight we had?"

"You're a good boyfriend."

She hung up.