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SVU Drabbles

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Amanda Rollins is talking to her Sergeant, Olivia Benson, when it just slips out.

“Yeah, Dominick and I can handle that.”

“Dominick?” Olivia says with surprise. “You mean Carisi?”

Amanda turns a bit pink and looks down, stammering.

“Uh … well …” After a bit of uncomfortable shuffling, she meets Olivia’s eyes again.

She is giving her that look.

“It’s not like that . . .”

“Uh huh,” Olivia says and gives her a wry smile. “Do me a favor? Keep it out of the office.”

He’s been looking at this exchange from across the room and cannot contain his smile. This is too funny. Olivia sees him and snaps, “You too, Carisi.”

“Yes, Sergeant,” he says and gives her a little salute.

Olivia groans, shakes her head, and heads back to her office.

After she leaves he turns to Amanda and says, “Good thing she doesn’t know I call you Sonny.”