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Go (sort of) Out With Me!

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A large bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of flowers covered the textbook Midoriya had open on his desk to brush up on a few things before class. He looked up, eyes wide and a question bubbling up. His voice died when it was Iida that stood in front of his desk in a deep bow holding the flowers and chocolates in an offering. Before Midoriya could hope to find his voice, Iida all but shouted, “Would you please go out with me Midoriya!”

It was still a good ten minutes before class started. The classroom only had a few stragglers, but the few that were they fell deathly silent. Midoriya could see in the corner of his eye Uraraka nearly topple out her chair. All eyes were on them. They were all staring. At him. And Iida. Who just asked him out…

This was too good to be true. This had to be a dream? Maybe a waking nightmare considering how many people were staring at them. Because… There was no way that Iida Tenya just asked him out. Midoriya stared at his friend with a heavy heart. There was no way Iida had feelings for him and had managed to keep it a secret from both him and Uraraka. Iida was a smart guy, but he was also completely transparent. And Midoriya would have noticed any change of behavior toward him considering he had been nursing a crush on said friend and classmate close to a year now. He licked his lips nervously and stared at Iida’s determined expression turned to the floor. There was no way Iida started to like him and Midoriya’s hypervigilance missed it. He wanted to be hopeful… but he also knew his friend all too well. Something was up.

Midoriya jumped to his feet and linked arms with Iida, guiding him out of the classroom. He shot a desperate look over his shoulder to Uraraka, and thankfully she understood. Her expression read of the same confusion he felt. Uraraka was in the hypervigilant camp with him ever since he confided in her about his crush on Iida. She definitely would have noticed something as well! With his best friends in tow, Midoriya quickly led them outside to a well known deserted courtyard for some privacy. With a quick look around to make certain no one else was around, Midoriya turned to Iida with pinched brows. “Are you serious Iida? For real?”

“Very serious Midoriya!” Iida bent into an even deeper bow than before, once again holding out the flowers and chocolate. “But not for real! I apologize if I startled you, but I felt I should approach this very seriously if I were to ask something so selfish of you! Would you please pretend to go out with me!”

While there was a sting of disappointment that this supposedly was not a real confession, Midoriya felt overwhelming relief. A quick glance at Uraraka assured him they were still of the same mind. Iida asking him out for real was something of dreams, but Midoriya was not sure how he would feel if this had been real and he had not seen it coming. He would be left questioning if he even knew the teen he claimed to have a crush on. This was better in a weird disappointing kind of way.

“My brother seems to be under the impression that we have been going out for quite a while!” Iida looked pained to be staying still while telling this tale. Midoriya took pity on him and took the offerings, immediately freeing Iida’s hands to start waving in the air as he spoke. “He was so happy at the prospect! I could not bring myself to correct him. My whole family very much so desires to meet you. I was hoping you would be so kind enough to assist me by pretending to be my boyfriend and visit my home? Just until the novelty wears off and then we can ‘break up’ and go back to being friends!”

Iida was thoroughly out of breath by the end of his explanation and his cheeks were flushed. This was the kind of Iida one would expect giving a confession. This was a confession of sorts, right? Midoriya looked down at the romantic offerings in his arms. He raised a finger to his lips as he hunched over in thought.

This was not exactly what Midoriya wanted out of Iida. He really wanted to go out with him for real. But after keeping his crush secret for so long how could he possibly confess right now? And what if Iida did not handle it well and went all weird on him? Iida really wanted to make his brother happy by bringing Midoriya home, and Midoriya knew that Iida would be over the moon in bringing some cheer to his brother. If Midoriya accepted he would be able to go over to Iida’s home and meet his family… But he would also have to pretend to pretend to like Iida. Was it technically using Iida and this situation to agree while harboring romantic feelings for his friend? He did not want to take advantage of Iida! But in that case it could possibly be considered Iida was also taking advantage of Midoriya by lying to his family and-

Uraraka’s arm around his shoulders disrupted his thought process (and incoherent mumbling that came with it) and whispered in his ear, “Maybe this is a chance to get Iida to see you as boyfriend and not best friend material!”

Honestly, what did he ever do to deserve such a supportive and wonderful friend. Her point was ingenious! Sure he maybe be taking advantage of the situation a little bit, but it surely was the best way to test out if he had a valid chance at a romantic relationship with Iida without messing up their current friendship. Midoriya nodded with a small smile to her and turned his gaze back to Iida. The poor guy looked absolutely distraught.

As if he were waiting for Midoriya to finish mumbling, Iida ducked into yet another deep bow. “I completely understand if you do not want to go through with this proposition! It is a lot to ask of a friend and it is kind of weird! I just wanted to exhaust my options before breaking the news to my brother! This is very selfish of me to ask of you, I know!”

Midoriya’s heart clenched at the sight of Iida so guilty and conflicted. “I’ll go out with you!” He exclaimed, taking a step forward to push Iida upright out of his bow. Wait- He quickly corrected. “I’ll pretend to go out with you. I’m okay with it. Yes, I’ll help you out!”

Iida’s face lit up with the brightest smile as he pulled Midoriya into a bone crushing hug. He hugged in the same way he did anything else: with a strong, unwavering determination. Hugs from Iida were solid and so easy to fall into without a care in the world. Midoriya would have hugged him back to savor the moment even longer if his hands were not full of his gifts. Over Iida’s shoulder Uraraka shot him a thumbs up and giant grin. Heat filled Midoriya’s cheeks as Iida pulled away, oblivious of the silent exchange over his shoulder.

“We need to set ground rules!” Iida exclaimed, hands flying in the air to punctuate his words. “Create fake relationship bylaws so we know what we can do in any given situation! It is important that we are aware of what the other is and is not comfortable with!”

Midoriya slowly nodded. It was a fair point, a rather good suggestion all things considered. But it also sounded like a mortifying conversation. He was already regretting agreeing to this whole thing. Plan out what they could do to pretend to be a couple? This had to be some special ring of hell.

“Why don’t we go to my place after school and I can help you guys figure all that out!” Uraraka offered with her entire face split in a grin. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes with alight. She was struggling not to giggle at Iida’s enthusiasm. If it were not for the fact that Midoriya was having an internal crisis, he might have been in the same boat as her. But he was, so he could not even take delight in how adorable Iida was acting.

Iida nodded firmly. “What a generous offer Uraraka! Thank you. Please be our witness to the relationship bylaws!”

The warning bell for class rang, prompting Iida to quickly usher them back to the classroom. As Uraraka’s self control ran out and she burst into delighted giggles, Midoriya spared a glance at Iida’s oblivious, determined smile. What had he gotten himself into?


Papers lay scattered across the floor and tabletop. Snacks from the convenience store joined the mess on the table, most open and half eaten. An hour had already passed and Midoriya considered making a break for it. Because so far all they had discussed was the guidelines of the fake dating scenario. Since this was all for the benefit of Iida’s family–more specifically his brother–the fake relationship was to be performed within their vicinity. The entire class had heard about Iida’s supposed confession by lunch, so they decided to extend the act to a lesser degree at the school as well. It was Iida’s attempt at being thoughtful so that the whole class would not have to learn it was really a pretend relationship. Midoriya debated if it would maybe be less embarrassing in the long run if they had just straight up told their classmates the truth. But what was done was done. Now they were on to itemized actions and Midoriya contemplated if his heart could explode.

“So first item on the list!” Iida dramatically held his pen it the air and then brought it down to write out the words. “Hand holding! Very crucial to the average modern couple! I am comfortable with any sort of of hand holding at time time without expressed permission!”

Midoriya could only nod. His voice already betrayed him. Just the thought of holding hands with Iida was making him sweat. Iida’s hands were so big and sturdy and they were surely warm and comforting and-

“You guys should definitely put holding hands on the to do at school list.” Uraraka smiled brightly as she opened another bag of chips. “Since everyone thinks you’re a brand new couple, I think it’s the best one to go through with. And I’m sure Deku will enjoy it!”

He shot her a terrified glare, but the insinuation went over Iida’s head as he enthusiastically agreed and wrote down her suggestion. Uraraka covered her mouth to hold in her laughter and Midoriya lightly kicked her under the table. She just shrugged and giggled in response to his pleading eyes. No, she was not going to stop dropping hints–though it was more of blatantly telling Iida–that Midoriya had feelings for him. Midoriya’s heart was definitely going to explode by the end of this meeting.

They delved into other aspects of physical touch; arms around the waist, shoulder, cuddling . Midoriya was honestly in awe how Iida had yet to notice how red he surely was. Perhaps even more surprising was how nonplussed Iida was with the whole topic. Midoriya always expected Iida to be the type that was easily flustered with relationship things. Or maybe Iida was so focused on the business of making the bylaws the actual topics were not sinking in yet. Midoriya hoped Iida would at least get affected by all this relationship stuff when they acted on them.

“On to kissing!” Iida completely turned in his chair to face Midoriya, brows knit in determination. “I will be okay with whatever extent you are comfortable with Midoriya! Kissing is much more intimate than anything else and I would not want to ask too much of you!”

It was quite unfortunate that Iida probably was not going to be comfortable with the extent of kissing Midoriya loved to daydream about. Midoriya forced a hesitant smile and allowed himself to break Iida’s gaze. “Well, I think. You know platonic little kisses on the cheeks and forehead and stuff would be pretty important to selling the act at your home. Since they think we’ve been going out for a while. No reason to force it at school…”

“I dunno, if you are okay with lips Iida, I think it’d be even better for selling it to your family! Just little chaste kisses on the lips, hardly any different than being kissed on the cheek!” Uraraka’s smile was radiant and Midoriya prayed Iida did not pick up on the insinuation that Midoriya was already fine with the idea. Or maybe he did hope Iida figured it out and then realized Midoriya’s feelings and this whole charade could be real and-

Iida lit up at the suggestion. “Yes, yes, yes! Very good point Uraraka! It could be no different than a chaste kiss one shares with family! I am very fine with such an idea!” He turned to Midoriya and scrunched his brows at the red and rigid stance he was in. “But if you are not-”

“I’d be okay with that too!” Midoriya squeaked before Iida could ask the question. He might internally combust if they kissed on the lips and probably feel a little guilty for taking advantage of this situation, but lord was he ever okay with it. Maybe in kissing each other Iida realized he enjoyed it and awakened to romantic feelings and they got to kiss more than just a chaste little kiss and-

Really, bless Uraraka for breaking up his thought processes before they went too far. “We should discuss the use of pet names too!” But also curse her for having too much fun with this situation. As Iida latched onto the idea and started rambling on about potential pet names and when to use them, Uraraka doubled over in her chair to better hide the tears streaming down her cheeks as she held in her laughter.

Midoriya hid his face in his hands, unable to look away from Iida’s shining eyes as he spoke. He was honestly too precious. How would he be acting if they were going out for real? Would he want to make real relationship bylaws, or would he be flustered at such a prospect? Midoriya wished he knew.


Each step felt heavier than the next. Midoriya wondered if his lungs were going to give out on him and he passed out before making it to Iida’s home. The past week had been, to say the least, wondrous torture. He and Iida held hands around school. Iida’s hands were just as warm and comforting as Midoriya imagined. He never wanted to let go of Iida’s hands. And Iida was so determined to be an amazing fake boyfriend. He seemed to think he had to go over the moon and back to pamper Midoriya for agreeing to fake dating him. It was so sincere and adorable and Midoriya was so conflicted about his feelings. Was it wrong how much he enjoyed being treated like this when it was all out of a sense of duty on Iida’s part?

All the events of their first year of school, from facing down monstrous villains or destroying his body with his powers, nothing had clenched at Midoriya’s heart more than the way Iida’s face scrunched up in earnest determination to smooch him on the cheek. He would rather face all the toils of his first year again than have to handle how adorable Iida was. Okay, that was a complete overdramatic lie, but it certainly felt like it as he got closer and closer to the Iida household. Today was the moment of truth, the day they had been practicing all week for. The relationship act was going from 50% to 100% and Midoriya was certain his heart would not be able to take it.

They had yet to even kiss on the lips. Uraraka kept needling him that they should go ahead and get it over with before they were in front of Iida’s family, but Midoriya could not bring himself to take that first step. She was right, oh he knew she was absolutely right. He had no doubt he was going to make a fool out of himself the second they kissed on the lips, no matter how chaste a kiss. It would completely blow their cover and make all this planning for naught! Easier said than done however…

“Hello, Midoriya!” Iida’s elated voice pulled Midoriya out of his thought. There he was, standing all tall and confident in his dorky casual clothes waiting for Midoriya outside on the sidewalk in front of his house. How long had he been waiting outside for him? Midoriya’s heart surged with adoration for his ridiculous friend. Whenever he did things like this it was impossible to ignore how much Midoriya wanted to kiss him.

He bit this thumb, about to weigh his options, but instead thought screw it and pulled Iida down to smooch him lightly on the lips. Might as well get it over with out of sight of Iida’s family. Midoriya let go and suddenly felt like he was punched in the gut as all air left his lungs. There was no possible chance for Midoriya to become flustered over the impromptu kiss, because Iida had stolen every ounce of the emotion within the general vicinity. Iida’s was bright red and Midoriya could swear his glasses were starting to fog from the heat emanating from his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but instead politely covered his mouth and coughed. He looked away and coughed again in an attempt to compose himself.

Oh no. Oh no .

Midoriya blankly stared at Iida’s reaction while his insides did somersaults. This was the kind of reaction Midoriya pictured in his daydreams when he kissed Iida. It was so heart achingly adorable and so very Iida . Iida was reacting this way because of Midoriya. It was his actions that turned Iida into a flustered mess. All he could feel was the swell of giddy pride. Maybe this whole ordeal was not such a bad idea after all!

Another clearing of his throat and Iida finally managed to compose himself enough to speak. “Yes! Very good idea Midoriya!” He took off his glasses to clean them, but it came off more as fidgeting than a purposeful action. “Uraraka was very correct in saying we should have practiced that sooner! I am sorry! I will be sure to compose myself better next time! Very smart thinking indeed to k-kiss me before coming inside!”

Iida grabbed Midoriya’s hand and continued rambling as he brought them up the path to the front door. Midoriya smiled softly down at their joined hands. Iida’s palm was so sweaty and it should have been uncomfortable or gross, but it only made Midoriya’s stomach flip flop. Over the course of the past week Iida never showed any signs of being nervous or shy. And now his palm was clammy because of a quick little kiss.

“Hello mother! Hello niisan!” Iida’s voice was perhaps a bit too loud as he barreled through his nerves. He dragged Midoriya to the living room where said family members were waiting with welcoming smiles. Iida made quick work of introductions (“Please, call me okaasan!” “Please, call me Tensei!”) and soon enough dominated the conversation. Which worked in Midoriya’s favor because sitting next to Iida in his family’s home, their hands still joined together and thighs pressed close, it suddenly hit him. It being he had just kissed Iida .

His mind swirled and he struggled to keep up with the conversation. His first kiss. That had just been his first kiss and it had been with Iida. He just kissed Iida. Iida! Kissed him! Yeah, sure, it was great and all how adorable Iida had reacted and how it seemed to have some sort of affect on him but- That had been Midoriya’s first kiss. That was something he had been dreaming about for months and to think he had just kissed Iida like that without a second thought. Oh man, oh man. It was hard to keep himself from visibly freaking out .

“Are you okay Midoriya-kun?” Tensei’s concern snapped Midoriya out of his spiraling thoughts. All eyes were on him and Iida squeezed his hand in an attempt to offer comfort. It just made his heart thump faster.

Midoriya laughed tensely and tried his best to appear relaxed. “Y-yeah! I’m fine! I just- I can’t believe I’m finally in Iida’s home!” His laugh gained a bit of a hysterical note as he looked around the living room. He had not even looked at his surroundings yet. Unsurprisingly it was a gorgeous, lavish looking interior. “Crazy! It’s beautiful! And I’m so happy to finally be meeting you two! It’s been too long!”

Warm smiles returned his outburst and Midoriya relaxed as they accepted his explanation. He did not blow they cover. The conversation picked up again and Midoriya did his best to actively take part and not get lost in his thoughts again.

“I couldn’t help but notice that Tenya still calls you by your family name.” Iida’s mother suddenly interrupted Iida’s story of something that had happened in class. She placed a hand on her cheek as she sighed. “I figured it was just him, but you do as well Midoriya-kun. But you two have been going out for so long!”

They exchanged a slightly panicked look. Names. They had not even thought about that when detailing the relationship bylaws! Iida started stumbling over excuses and Midoriya jumped in, just as frantic to try to explain something so minor. Tensei burst into laughter, saving them from further embarrassment. “Mom, give them a break. They’re still just high schoolers and Tenya is only just now bringing his boyfriend home!”

She shook her head, but did not push the topic. “I suppose you’re right. Why don’t you show Midoriya-kun around the house? We’ve held you two up enough. We can talk more over dinner.”

“Yes! Thank you mother!” Iida exclaimed as they both jumped to their feet. They raced out of the room, hands gripped together, and burst into laughter once they were out of hearing range. Iida leaned against the wall, shaking with his giggles as he spoke. “It is astounding we pulled that off as well as we did! That was much harder than I expected!”

Midoriya nodded, shaking with his own amusement. “It wasn’t what I was expecting, but your family is really sweet Iida.” He paused and his laughing quieted down. Their hands were still tightly joined and Midoriya stared at them as heat filled his face. “Sh-should I call you Te- by your first name?”

Iida stood straight and flailed his free hand. “We can! It makes sense! I can’t believe we didn’t think of that sooner!”

Daring a glance up, Midoriya was met with a bright red Iida again. He seemed just as flustered at the prospect as Midoriya was. With a relieved laugh, Midoriya cut Iida off before he started voicing the pros and cons of using their first names. “I think we’ll be okay if we don’t. Your brother was right. It’s not that weird we still call each other by our family names even if we’ve been going out for a while. Especially considering we supposedly have been moving slow enough that I am only just now meeting your family as your boyfriend.”

Iida happily latched onto the excuse. Once more grinning with confidence, he began a proper tour of his home. As they wandered around the large house, hands still held tightly together, Midoriya’s thoughts mulled over the idea of names. The topic may have been closed, but he wondered what it would be like to hear Iida call him by his first name all the time. He would surely pass out from happiness. But, it was definitely for the better they did not go that far for this rouse. Midoriya knew for certain that if he got used to calling his friend by his first name, he would never be able to get out of the practice.

The rest of the afternoon went on without any mishaps. They did some homework together in Iida’s room. Midoriya only had a minor internal crisis at how perfectly Iida his room was. By the time dinner rolled around, Iida’s father was back from work and introductions were made once more. Dinner was delicious and Midoriya was excited to talk more with Iida’s family. They were so loving and bright, no wonder their son turned out to be such an amazing person. Midoriya hoped he was not imagining it, but they really seemed to like him as well. At least if Midoriya ever confessed to Iida he knew his family already supported them.

“Are you sure you want the spare futon, son?” Iida’s father asked as they cleared the table. Both teens froze at the question, but the man continued as if he did not notice. “It is the first night you’re spending together with your boyfriend after all.”

Midoriya felt faint for a second, but then noticed the wide grin on the man’s face. Oh. Oh thank god he was just teasing. Before Midoriya could laugh off the suggestion, Iida slammed his hands on the table and stood abruptly.

“Father! Midoriya and I are still young high schoolers at the beginnings of our relationship! While I appreciate your support, we are not ready for such a step!”

The air was tense around Iida, but his entire family stared at him with relaxed smiles. They were all teasing him. Oh god Iida was too earnest. Midoriya covered his mouth and turned away from his friend to hide his threatening giggles. No one bothered to clue Iida in that he was being teased and Tensei just cheerfully offered to help him with the futon. Uraraka was going to love hearing about this one.

Time seemed to fly by. Before Midoriya knew it, they were both tucked in bed and the clock on Iida’s dresser read a time perhaps a bit too late for comfort. Yet even with such a late hour, neither of them were feeling particularly tired. Midoriya could hear Iida above him, twisting and turning in his bed. Iida’s face eventually peered over the edge of his bed, his eyes squinted in the dark without his glasses. “Midoriya?” He asked hesitantly.

“I’m awake,” he assured him, turning so he could see his open eyes.

Iida relaxed and smiled at him. “I just wanted to thank you again. Niisan looked so happy all day. I still worry about him. Even after rehab and the mechanized prosthetics, he still looks so lost some days. I know something like this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it feels so good to be bringing him another source of happiness.” He inched closer the the edge and dangled an arm down next to Midoriya’s futon. “You’re the kindest, most selfless friend I could ever wish for. I’m so thankful for you helping me give my brother this, for no matter how short it lasts.”

Midoriya did not even think, just took Iida’s hand in his own and gave it a reassuring squeeze. If Iida knew about Midoriya’s own ulterior motives for agreeing, he surely would not be singing such high praises. “It’s no trouble at all, really!” I’m getting so much more out of this than you are and I feel guilty for not feeling too guilty about it. “We can keep doing this for as long as you want, Iida. It’s been fun so far.” I can keep living this fantasy forever.

“You’re such an amazing person,” Iida said with a small smile as he rolled back onto his bed. He left his arm dangling off the edge, however, and gave Midoriya’s hand a light squeeze.

Heart hammering in his ears, Midoriya shut his eyes and focused on keeping his breathing level. What if the world was he doing? He was only digging a bigger hole for himself at this point. He was only going to keep falling harder for Iida. How could he possibly confess his feelings now ?


Midoriya Izuku was an amazing and beautiful person, inside and out. He was strong, intelligent, brave. Sure he had his reckless streaks, but Iida had them as well and could hardly count them against his friend. His kind and selfless and adorable best friend that he had been pretending to date for several weeks now. Iida lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling as he let his thoughts swirl around him.

The game was getting dangerous. Iida had no idea what he was feeling anymore. It had started off as a way to keep his brother happy! Tensei somehow came to the assumption that Midoriya was his boyfriend and wanted to meet him! That was easy enough, right? But the act had turned into something so much more. The whole school thought they were dating for real, the sole exception being their dear friend Uraraka. For some reason everyone was full of congratulations and support for the relationship. Even All Might had stopped by to congratulate them! That had left Midoriya blushing and mumbling to himself for hours. Just the memory of Midoriya’s adorable excited embarrassment was enough to set his heart a flutter.

Iida’s wonderful and amazing friend was getting so embarrassed by the whole charade, but Iida did not want to stop. He was so happy in Midoriya’s company. That was nothing new, he had always enjoyed spending time with his best friends. But now they were holding hands. And Midoriya’s hands were so strong despite his small stature and Iida knew how much power those hands possessed. He loved feeling the ridges of scars and the slight disfigurement of fingers broken one too many times. Perhaps it was a bit morbid, but Midoriya’s hands were a sign of his strength and the ordeals he had overcome to get even stronger.

Even better than holding Midoriya’s hand though was cuddling. Midoriya had come over several more times since the first visit and they ended up spending more time in the living room than expected. Tensei loved spending time with the both of them so one thing led to another and they ended up watching television with Midoriya nestled in Iida’s lap. He smelled so good. His hair was so fluffy. Iida could feel every muscle on his friend with his arms wrapped so intimately around him. He had never thought much about Midoriya’s back, but when it was pressed up against his chest it was all he could think about. Midoriya’s entire body sang of the power Iida respected and admired. He could not hold back the small whine that built up in the back of his throat. How desperately he wanted to hug and hold Midoriya more and more!

And the kissing. Oh, the kissing . They were always so brief and fleetings and Iida wanted them to last forever. Every touch of Midoriya’s lips on his skin sent electric thrills down his spine. He almost suspected Kaminari for playing a prank if it were not for the fact it happened in the Iida household as well. Was it wrong of him to want to kiss more? Perhaps kiss even when his family was not around to witness it. That was going out of the bounds of a fake relationship though, was it not? If they did relationship things away from his family, who they were putting the relationship act on for , did that then make it a real relationship? Would Midoriya even want to have a real relationship with him? How would he react if Iida asked him about it. Knowing Midoriya he would be really kind and nice about it, even if he did not share romantic feelings.

Romantic feelings. That was what Iida was feeling. He groaned and buried his face in his pillows. This was so confusing! How had this happened? Well, it was no wonder he easily feel for Midoriya. Midoriya was amazing and strong and someone he had admired since he first met him. How could he not fall for Midoriya when pretending to be in love with him? He was already in love with him! He was-

Iida sat up, back ramrod straight as he stared intensely at the wall across from him. He mulled over the thought, slowly putting them into words. “I was already in love with Midoriya...”

Before he could properly process this revelation, a knock on the door startled him to his feet. Iida frantically put his glasses back on and smoothed his hair down. He glanced in the mirror and internally groaned. His cheeks were so red! He looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar! Everyone was going to know what he had just been thinking and-

“Guess who’s here!” Tensei laughed as he pushed Iida’s door open. Midoriya stood next to him, looking smaller than usual as he hunched his shoulders over and bowed his head. His hands were held to his chest as he fidgeted with his shirt.

Iida furrowed his brows. That was odd. Why was Midoriya acting so strange. He looked to his brother curiously, but he only smiled brightly and pat Midoriya on the back. “Think about what I said!”

What had Tensei said to Midoriya. Was that why Midoriya was acting so strange? Tensei left before Iida could question him, so he turned his attention to his friend- fake boyfriend- crush . “What did he say to you?”

Midoriya shook off his anxious stance with a breathless laugh. “Nothing! Nothing important! Let’s get started on our homework, yeah?”

He was clearly covering for something, but Iida was not about to push it if Midoriya did not want to talk about it. They settled on his floor and got to work with minimal conversation. The silence provided little distraction from Iida’s earlier train of thought. He was hyperaware of every little movement from Midoriya and oh so desperately wanted to share his revelation then and there. But, perhaps even more distracting than his own racing thoughts was the way Midoriya kept glancing at him with a weird look in his eyes. If Iida had not already been focused on Midoriya, he surely would have missed those looks. Additionally, Midoriya’s posture was still rigid and not fully relaxed.

Tensei must have said something important to get Midoriya acting so strange. What if… What if this really had been going on for too long? What if Tensei had asked something really embarrassing about their relationship and it was the last straw for Midoriya? This act was probably weighing down on him too much, but he was far too kind to ask Iida to end it. He could not keep asking this of Midoriya. It was time to end this selfish act and maybe by ending it Iida could better assess his own feelings. Maybe he was too caught up in the act and had managed to trick himself into thinking he was in love with Midoriya. Yes, it was better to approach his feelings with an air of caution so he did not potentially mess up their friendship. Maybe this act had already started to mess it up? It made his stomach clench and chest hurt, but Iida knew it was time to end this act. For both their sakes. No matter how much he did not want to end it.

The tense air hovered over them as they finished up their homework. Midoriya could not stay for dinner, so Iida readily offered to walk him to the station. It was something he offered every time Midoriya headed home, and Midoriya always politely declined. Not that it stopped Iida from accompanying him anyways. Today, however, Midoriya just shot him that weird look again before accepting the offer. Okay something was definitely going on if Midoriya accepted without protest.

Midoriya gave farewells to the rest of the family with his usual cheer and bright smiles, but immediately tensed once they stepped outside. He tucked his hands around his backpack straps, effectively cutting off the possibility of holding hands to the station. Iida fought back the surge of disappointment. It was better this way! He needed to end this fake relationship anyways, so he would have to get used to not holding hands with Midoriya all the time.

They walked in silence for a bit, Iida trying to build up the courage to speak and Midoriya clearly still mulling over whatever Tensei had said to him. It was Midoriya who spoke first. He was half a step behind Iida, so he could not see his expression, but his voice spoke of his nerves. “So… Remember how this whole fake dating thing started because Tensei assumed we were already going out?”

Iida nodded, scared to look back at his friend. Where was this headed? Was Midoriya ending it before Iida could? Was it really so awful that Midoriya could not handle it anymore?

“He cornered me when I came over today- um.” Iida could hear him fidgeting with his backpack straps and he swallowed loudly. “Well, short story is he’s figured out that we’ve only been pretending to be dating. He was teasing you when he told you he ‘knew’ we had been dating and was really surprised when you brought me home as your boyfriend suddenly…”

What. Iida could hardly think over his heart pounding in his ears. Tensei… had been teasing him? Knew all along that they had been acting? Iida had put Midoriya through this whole ordeal for nothing? No wonder he had been acting so weird! Midoriya had to be upset with him. Oh god how could Iida possibly confess to maybe having real feelings after this? He laughed airily, trying to lighten the mood despite his heavy heart. “Guess we should stop fake dating in that case.”

Midoriya’s footsteps came to a halt behind him. They were on a staircase leading down to the park they liked to cut through on the way to the station. Iida turned around, brows knit in confusion. Several steps above him, Iida could see Midoriya’s distraught expression despite his head being bowed. “Mido-” He started to ask, going up a few stairs.

“Stay right there!” Midoriya squeaked, fists clenched at his sides. Iida froze, all questions dying in his throat. They were at a level height with the few stairs between them. Midoriya looked up finally and Iida breathed in sharply.

The uncertainty and nervousness that had been plaguing Midoriya all afternoon were gone. He held himself tall and his eyes burned with a determined passion Iida was used to seeing in fights. Seeing that look directed at him was enough to make Iida’s head spin and stomach flip. What was-

Midoriya leaned forward and firmly, but gently, grabbed Iida’s face and kissed him. It was not one of their brief, chaste kisses. It was a desperate kiss, his lips moving as if to spell out all of his thoughts and emotions. Iida could hardly think, let alone react more than leaning into Midoriya’s touch. It was amazing. It was, dare he think it, passionate.

They parted and Iida had to resist following Midoriya’s face as he pulled it away. Midoriya’s firm passion had dwindled and he was back to looking nervous, but his voice did not waver even as his cheeks flushed pink and his eyes stayed glued to the ground. “I really like you… Tenya.” He licked his lips and Iida was not sure what was making his heart thump faster–hearing Midoriya use his first name, the confession, or his desire to kiss Midoriya again. “I- I would like to go out with you for real. If you would like to go out with me…”

Breathless. Iida was completely breathless. His thoughts were blank, as was his expression. It was only when Midoriya glanced up with his wide, hopeful eyes did the damn over his emotions break. First his face flushed so hot he could feel sweat starting to prick his brow. He lost all control over his expression as he rapidly went between looks of shock and dopey smiles and confusion. This was- This was too good to be true. Was this really happening? This had to be a dream. Iida gasped for breath and squat down on his stair, cradling his face in his hands. Midoriya just confessed to him! Wanted to go out with him for real! Had just passionately kiss him. Called him by his first name! This was too much to process all at once! He was elated, nervous, embarrassed, so many emotions and a mix of emotions he could hardly name!

Iida could distantly hear Midoriya’s worried voice above him. This was not the time to be having an existential crisis! Midoriya had just poured his heart and soul out to him, and how was Iida repaying such bravery? By freaking out and having a mental break down? Unacceptable! Iida shot to his feet, and conked heads with Midoriya who had leaned over him in concern.

They both yelped in surprise and pain, hands flying to cradle their injured noggins. Iida looked to Midoriya, pained tears fogging his glasses. Midoriya shared the same expression, but when their eyes met all they could do was burst into laughter. Iida let go of his head to pull Midoriya into a tight embrace as he spoke. “I really like kissing you! I enjoy holding hands and spending time together and want to do more couple things all the time!” He leaned back enough so he could stare into Midoriya’s beautifully expressive eyes. “I-I have come to realize I really like you too… I-Izuku!”

The smile that spread across Midoriya’s face could surely bring about world peace. He looked so relieved and so warm and so gut wrenchingly happy . The pink dusting his cheeks only made his freckles stand out and Iida was overwhelmed with the desire to kiss them. So, he did. He pressed giddy little kisses to Midoriya’s freckles before squeezing his eyes shut and kissing Midoriya on the lips. It was nothing in comparison to Midoriya’s amazing kiss moments before, but Iida hoped it properly expressed his feelings. Midoriya smiled against him and wrapped his arms around his neck, leaning into him and the kiss.

Both smiling and blushing, they pulled away enough to rest their foreheads together and hold hands. Iida said the first thing that came to mind. “We should revise our bylaws for a real relationship.”

Midoriya burst into the most wonderful laughter Iida had ever heard. He squeezed Iida’s hands and pressed another small kiss to his lips. He smiled brightly and nodded. “Sounds like fun!”