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"Oh my God, would you stop with the shocking thing, already?" Claire slapped Elle's hand back, glaring, though it was only half-heartedly.

"But it's what I do. That would be like telling you to bleed more, or something." Elle scooted forward on the bed on her knees, walking her fingertips along Claire's bare knees. "Besides. That Suresh guy says one day I'll be able to control it so it's a 'gentle subcutaneous sursurration.'"

"…what does that mean?"

Elle cocked her head to the side, shrugging. "No idea. But if you don't let me practice, we'll never find out, will we?"

"Fine." Claire sighed, slipping her shirt off over her head. "But you better give me, like, the best orgasm in the world to make up for this."

"Well, if you insist." Elle grinned her shark grin and crawled up between Claire's legs, the electricity simmering in the air between them.