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Yoongi really liked to touch Jimin, for no special reason.

Also, please note Yoongi hadn’t even been the one who initiated skin ship the first time they met.

Because that had been a very drunk, touchy Jimin, who at that point was still a stranger to Yoongi.


Yoongi and Jimin’s first ever meeting happened on a Saturday night. It was nearing 2 in the morning, Yoongi was all alone in the living room. Hoseok was out with people he knew from his advanced hip-hop class and Yoongi was mindlessly playing with the remote. He had turned the TV off with the intention to go to bed about 15 minutes ago, but couldn’t bring himself to actually get up.

Sometimes a car passed by the apartment building, and it would shed some light into the dimly lit room, creating shadows on the wall. Other than that it was silent and calm.

Yoongi yawned, he needed to get up and haul his ass to bed. He was tired, it was late, and it was better to pretend he was asleep when a drunk Hoseok barged into his room, wanting to cuddle. Overall Yoongi wasn’t one for skin ship, especially when it came to Hoseok and his wild cuddling habits. Yoongi was afraid he might actually pop a rib if he let Hoseok sleep in the same bed as him ever again.

And really, Yoongi was about to retreat to his room when he heard the front door open.


Two voices.


Yoongi was pretty sure Hoseok had said he wouldn’t bring anyone home after a dramatic -he spared Yoongi the details- one night stand two weeks ago. All Yoongi knew was that his bed somehow broke and his housemate was sleeping on a sleeping matt ever since. Hoseok ‘wasn’t going to have sex for at least a month!’ - well not until his new IKEA bed came.

But Jung Hoseok was seemingly up for a challenge because he, and whoever the fuck it was he had brought back, were having a lot of fun, loud laughter filling Yoongi’s ears.

Well. Maybe Hoseok liked doing it on the floor. Who was Yoongi to judge, really.


‘Wait here, Yoongi is in the living room, you can go entertain him,’ clearly Hoseok’s voice. He sounded a little bit tipsy, but not all the way gone.

Good. No puke to clean up in the morning.


Unfortunately, Yoongi had gotten ahead of himself.


‘Whoa, whoa,’ definitely not Hoseok. ‘Didn’t see you there,’ a giggle and then the sound of their standing lamp being put back in place. ‘What a.. beautiful la-lamp.’

More giggles and the sound of footsteps coming into Yoongi’s direction.

Yoongi frowned at the boy attempting to make his way through their living room. He could smell the alcohol and smoke radiating off of him from four meters away. The boy was short, grinning like a madman. He wore the tightest fucking leather pants and Yoongi didn’t know where to look.

Yoongi did notice how amazing he must have looked before the alcohol and sweat got the best of his outfit. His hair was a mess, eyeliner smudged around his eyes. Despite all of that he still made Yoongi go weak in the knees, because he had to admit, this hot mess in front of him was actually really hot.

Who would’ve thought Hoseok had a good taste in men after all.


Yoongi stood up for a moment, contemplated assisting the boy, but the stranger had already found support on the backrest of a chair.

‘Yoongi?’ the boy yelled, looking around.

‘Here,’ Yoongi waved a little, scrunching his nose. He wanted to address the lack of honorifics but this kid was obviously gone. Yoongi didn’t even bother.

‘Ah,’ a soft sigh before the boy smiled and walked over to Yoongi, swaying a little. He grabbed Yoongi’s shoulders to steady himself and sat down on Yoongi’s lap, facing him. ‘So you’re Yoongi!’

‘I’m,’ Yoongi slowly nodded, surprised by the other’s sudden proximity, ‘Yoongi?’

Two sweaty hands were brought up to his cheeks, squeezing Yoongi’s face as he did a weak attempt at shoving the boy off.

‘You’re not scary at all! Hobi hyung said you were scary but you’re so,’ the boy tilted his head, seemingly deep in thought, still not letting go of Yoongi’s face,‘..cute?’

The boy moved forward on Yoongi’s lap, crotch area coming dangerously close to Yoongi’s, and hold the fuck up, this was supposed to be Hoseok’s one night stand, not his.

‘Yeah,’ the boy nodded to himself, patting Yoongi’s cheek, ‘you are,' he covered his mouth with his hand, suppressing more giggles.


What the hell was up with this kid.

Yoongi really hoped Hoseok wasn’t planning on having his dick anywhere near him, because the only thing this boy crushing his lap should be doing tonight was being tucked into a bed.


The boy lifted his eyebrows before falling forward, forehead colliding with Yoongi’s chest as he started laughing quite hysterically.

Yoongi really wondered what was so funny.

He had had enough.

He did one last halfhearted attempt at getting the kid’s forehead off his chest before yelling at his housemate.

‘Hoseok! Come collect your guest!’

‘In a minute,’ it came back, ‘got to find Jiminie a sleeping bag!’


Jiminie? Was this Hoseok’s Jimin from dance practice who he would never shut up about? A sleeping bag?

Did they even have one? They never went camping?

And then again, why was this Jimin on his fucking lap?


‘Yoongi-yah, you, you,’ a finger poking his chin, ‘you’re lucky I have so much ass fat because else,’ again Jimin laughed hysterically, wiggling his butt on Yoongi’s lap, sending a shiver down Yoongi’s spine. ‘This would’ve been so,’ Jimin stared at the ceiling, not finishing his sentence, just mumbling a soft, ‘yeah,’ as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck.

For a second Yoongi was afraid Jimin was actually about to kiss him.


Yoongi tried standing up because he was fed up, he really tried, but Jimin was heavier than he had expected and he really couldn’t move with the boy’s weight on top of him.

Thank god Hoseok emerged at that moment and peeled Jimin off Yoongi’s body, apologizing and dragging him into his bedroom.

Yoongi had to shower after that, because he was covered in Jimin’s smell (and sweat) as well now. He tried really hard not to think about Jimin or his thick thighs rubbing against him as he stood under the stream of warm water.

It was nearing 4 in the morning when it finally got quiet in the apartment.



Jimin was furiously blushing when he apologized for his behavior the next morning -also threw up twice and emptied their shampoo bottle, smell of smoke still in his dark brown locks.

Yoongi ruffled Jimin’s damp hair and sent him off with a small smile, because that’s what nice people do. They don’t make a big deal out of things like that. And Yoongi was a very nice person, so there really was no reason for Hoseok to frown at him when he didn’t scold Jimin.

‘What,’ Yoongi shrugged, ‘he was drunk.’

‘He called you Yoongi-yah last night, it took me 5 years before I was allowed to occasionally drop the hyung,’ Hoseok protested, closing the front door behind him after he had waved Jimin off.

‘Don’t make such a big deal out of it, Seokie,’ Yoongi sighed, ‘I was just being nice, he already felt bad enough for being drunk out of his mind.’

‘He sat on your lap!’

‘You’ve sat on my lap before.’

‘You pushed me off after four seconds and we were 17. There wasn’t an empty seat left. You even called me an asshole because of it, said your legs went numb under my weight.’





So yes, maybe after that first encounter Yoongi had asked Hoseok some questions about Jimin. Which really wasn’t strange, because wasn’t it normal for him to show interest in his housemate and best friend’s friend?

Purely platonic interest, of course. His age, how Jimin and Hoseok met. Then what his favorite color was (not so he could wear it -he didn’t even own a light blue t-shirt after all), what kind of music he listened to. And okay maybe he shouldn’t have asked if Jimin was seeing anyone. But hey, he found out Jimin was bi, and that was quite useful information.

For example, it didn’t make things weird when Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin and Jeongguk (another friend Hoseok and Jimin knew from dance) were hanging out at Yoongi and Hoseok’s apartment and Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s knee.

Jimin had just seemed a little tense. It wasn’t like he was rubbing his thumb against the material of Jimin’s basketball shorts or was moving his hand anywhere near the inside of the boy’s leg. Just a hand there, squeezing whenever Jimin said something funny. It seemed to put the younger at ease and their conversation flowed easily, making Yoongi feel comfortable as well.

Yoongi noticed Hoseok glaring at his hand shortly, but luckily the boy went back to his conversation with Jeongguk.


Yoongi and Jimin fell into a short silence, but not an awkward one. Yoongi tapped his fingers on Jimin’s knee a bit before the younger spoke up.

‘Did I tell you me and Hoseok hyung are working on a choreo together for a competition?’


‘Well, we are,’ he nudged Yoongi’s shoulder, ‘you’re going to have me around much more.’

Yoongi certainly didn’t mind.



lower legs


Hoseok brought Jimin back after dance practice a lot those following weeks.

Most times to go over their choreo for the competition once more after they had been kicked out of the practice room.

That day, though, Jimin was at their apartment before dance practice. Their apartment building was relatively close to the dance studio, and Jimin waited for Hoseok to find his shoes and car keys, the younger sprawled out over the couch cushions.

Maybe Yoongi shouldn’t have used Jimin as a pillow, but the kid was taking up the entire couch, his entire fucking couch.

He basically had no other option, and if he had to choose between the floor and Jimin, he’d go for the latter.


‘Yoongi hyung!’ Jimin breathed out in surprise as Yoongi sat down on his lower legs, gasping under Yoongi’s weight.

‘What? You’ve sat on me before,’ Yoongi shrugged, leaning forward to grab the remote from the coffee table.

Jimin murmured something in protest, blush rising on his cheeks. Straddling Yoongi while drunk out of his mind wasn’t his fondest memory. ‘I’m still sorry about that, you know that.’

‘And I’ve forgiven you, brat. Now this is you paying me back,’ Yoongi grinned. ‘You have so much muscle though, this isn’t comfortable at all.’

‘Then get off of me,’ Jimin laughed, eyes searching for Yoongi’s.

It went silent when Yoongi stared right back at him, raising his eyebrows. He wanted to say something but found himself at a loss for words, and by the looks of it so was Jimin. Jimin carefully turned from his side to his back, Yoongi shifting with him as he changed his position. Yoongi felt Jimin running his eyes over his body and Yoongi swore he saw Jimin bite down on his bottom lip.

It was almost as if Jimin was inviting Yoongi to get more comfortable on top of him or something. Yoongi wrote it off as his mind and eyes playing tricks on him, but still noticed the way Jimin giggled, softly, almost inaudible.

He murmured another ‘brat’ before turning the TV on, ignoring Hoseok entering the room.

‘Jimin, you coming? Or are you too busy being Yoongi’s pillow?’

Yoongi lifted his legs so Jimin could escape and the younger rolled off the couch, already telling Hoseok not to play a certain kind of music in the car.

Yoongi sighed when he heard the front door close, running a hand trough his hair as he sat back.


He hadn’t even noticed the TV show he had intended to watch when he sat down on the couch was already halfway done when he had finally stopped thinking about Jimin.





Jimin was standing in the kitchen of Yoongi and Hoseok’s apartment.

He looked tired, his shoulders were slumped; he had been staring at the utensil rack for at least 5 minutes now.

Yoongi carefully walked up behind him, whispering a ‘hey.’

He gently placed his hands on Jimin’s shoulders, lightly kneading them as a soft moan fell from Jimin’s lips. He leaned his head back and Yoongi noticed Jimin had closed his eyes. 


‘So fucking tired,’ Jimin mumbled, leaning into the touch even more, ‘Hoseok was pretty hard on me tonight.’ Jimin leaned his head to the side, murmuring a, ’right there.’

Yoongi weakly smiled, ‘you have the competition coming  up soon now, right?’

‘Three weeks from now.’

‘I’m sure you’ll do well,’ Yoongi whispered, taking a step back. He pinched the skin of Jimin’s neck shortly before turning around, noticing Hoseok staring at them. Arms crossed, eyebrows raised.

He stopped Yoongi by grabbing him by his upper arm.

‘This isn’t normal Yoongi behavior, you know that, right?’ he hissed, nodding towards Jimin.

‘I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about, Hoseok. He’s clearly stressed, just wanted to help him release some tension. He was staring at that fucking utensil rack as if it held all the secrets of life.’

‘Whatever helps you sleep at night,’ Hoseok let go of his arm, ‘I’m pretty sure Jimin will notice your little crush on him soon anyway.’

‘Crush? What are you saying, I’m not-’

Hoseok grinned and walked over to Jimin, swinging an arm around the boy’s shoulder and sticking his tongue out.


The pang in Yoongi’s chest when he noticed his housemate literally draped all over Jimin definitely wasn’t jealousy.




Yoongi thought that maybe the reason he was so touchy with Jimin was because the boy was such perfect younger brother I want to protect and take care of material. Therefore Yoongi naturally latched himself onto the younger.

But he threw that theory overboard when he realized that he was also pretty attracted to the boy in a I want to make out and do dirty things with you kind of way.

Whatever it was, he’d find out. If only Hoseok would just stop shooting promising looks in his direction every time Jimin was near him.

Yoongi tried to be more careful around Jimin for a week, only touched his shoulder and ruffled his hair occasionally.

He fell back into his old pattern shortly after, though, because there was just something about Jimin that made Yoongi want to be near him. The fact that Jimin seemed to return all his touches only made his longing worse.





Yoongi pulled the younger’s head into his lap the night before the competition. Jimin had been leaning against his side for half an hour in a rather uncomfortable position when Yoongi had decided to take matters into his own hands.

Jimin hummed in response, nestling his cheek against Yoongi’s upper leg.

Perhaps Yoongi shouldn’t have rested one hand in Jimin’s hair and the other on his butt, but Jimin seemed to be okay with it, and so was Yoongi.

Hoseok was taking a shower and Jimin had taken one earlier. Hoseok would drive Jimin home when he was done, both needing a good night of sleep after practicing till late and having a competition next morning.


‘Nervous for tomorrow?’ Yoongi ran a hand trough the younger’s locks and watched the strands disappear between his fingers.

Yoongi smiled, Jimin’s hair was so soft, just like the younger’s cheeks, a light glow visible on them after the hot shower. Actually, everything about Jimin was soft, even his voice when he told Yoongi, that yes, he was a little nervous.

‘I’m sure you’ll do great. I’d come watch but I have to work.’

Jimin titled his head so he was able to look at Yoongi, ‘can’t you cancel? For me?’ he pouted.

Yoongi squeezed Jimin’s left butt cheek, pinching slightly, ‘brat, someone has to pay for this apartment and Hoseok sure isn’t doing it.’

Jimin squirmed, giggling as he did a halfhearted attempt at swatting Yoongi’s hand away from his behind. ‘Please? We worked really hard on the choreo, just call in sick.’

‘Sorry,’ Yoongi sighed, quickly pulling his hands away from Jimin when he heard the bathroom door opening, ‘I’ll come next time, okay?’

‘I hope so,’ Jimin whispered, yawning.

‘Win for me, okay?’ he lowered his head to place a kiss on the younger’s hair.

Jimin wanted to respond but got interrupted by Hoseok, who was swinging his car keys in the air, a hideous yellow towel still on his head. ‘Jiminie, ready to go?’ he crossed his arms, ‘or am I interrupting something?’

‘No, no,’ Jimin scrambled up, ‘I’m ready to go.’ He weakly smiled at Yoongi, placed his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and ran it down the boy’s arm, ‘bye hyung.’

‘Bye, do well tomorrow,’ Yoongi smiled back, ignoring Hoseok rolling his eyes.

He watched the two of them disappear into the hallway and was about to sink deeper into the couch when Hoseok poked his head around the corner of the living room.

‘Sure you don’t like him? Remember when I tried to place my head on your lap you-’

‘Shut up, Hoseok.’



abdomen and lips


Okay. Using Jimin’s abdomen as a personal hand heater definitely wasn’t the most platonic thing Yoongi had ever done. He was okay with admitting that. But keeping each other warm was a thing friends did, right?

He wasn’t sure how he had ended up with his hands underneath Jimin’s hoodie. He really wasn’t expecting  the younger to wear nothing underneath as well.

It turned Yoongi on just a little to find that he could feel a faint outline of toned muscle underneath the material. He wasn’t about to pop a boner right next to Jimin, though, he still had some sense of self control. Only dragged his nails down once.

And it did warm his hands as he stood opposite Jimin, the younger leaning back against the kitchen counter, typing away on his phone as Yoongi’s smoothed his palms over the soft expanse of skin.

It had something strangely domestic when Jimin giggled over the sensation of Yoongi’s cold hands against his skin.

‘Hyung, that tickles,’ Jimin looked up from his phone screen, meeting Yoongi’s eyes.

Jimin placed his phone in his back pocket and dropped his gaze to Yoongi’s lips for only a second. Tongue darting out to lick at his own. It made Yoongi realized how close Jimin’s face was. It hadn’t been that close since their first ever meeting, and it sent Yoongi’s mind into overdrive, filling his senses with Jimin and Jimin only.

It was happening.


Yoongi moved his hands to Jimin’s sides, both still underneath the hoodie, pulling the younger a little closer. 

‘Did Hoseok tell you we got second place today?’ Jimin asked, tilting his head.

‘He did,’ Yoongi told him, slowly running his hands up and down the younger’s sides, pushing the hoodie up.

‘Are you proud of me?’

‘Of course.’

‘Do I get a reward?’ Jimin wrapped his fingers around the back of Yoongi’s neck, ‘I think I deserve it.’

Yoongi frowned, ‘you think you deserve it?’

Jimin nodded, ‘I do.’

Yoongi moved his hands towards the other’s back, ‘and what kind of reward did you have in mind?’ Yoongi asked, leaning in a little.

Their lips were almost touching when Hoseok threw the front door open, enthusiastically yelling that the ‘victory food’ had arrived.

Yoongi still pecked Jimin’s lips quickly and walked out of the kitchen, cheeks burning as he took some bags from Hoseok’s hands.




Now that the competition was over, Jimin didn’t have an excuse to be at Yoongi and Hoseok’s apartment anymore.

Yoongi missed him.

Hoseok was out of town visiting his parents for the week, using part of the prize money to pay for the trip. Yoongi was all alone. He wished he had an excuse to have Jimin over, but he didn’t. Every time the younger had been there he had been there because of Hoseok, not because of Yoongi.

Yoongi wanted to have Jimin near again so bad it almost hurt. He had gotten so used to their, mostly innocent, touches. Yoongi really wasn’t one for physical contact, and had never been, but when it came to Jimin things were different.

It was fucking ridiculous.

Kissing Jimin, even if it had just been an innocent peck, had only made things worse. Now that Yoongi knew what it felt like, he only wanted more.


For the first time the silence in the apartment bothered him.



lips, hand and neck



Said silence lasted for two days.

The sound of the bell ringing had never been so welcome.


‘Jimin?’ Yoongi couldn’t hold back a smile when the younger appeared, hair disheveled and a faint blush on his cheeks. It was only seconds before Yoongi was roughly pushed against the wall and a pair of lips were attacking his neck.

‘Jimin,’ Yoongi tried, using his right hand to close the door before burying his fingers into the younger’s hair. A soft moan escaped his lips when Jimin closed all space between the two of them, pulling away from Yoongi’s neck, giving Yoongi the opportunity to connect their lips instead.

He tugged on Jimin’s bottom lip when the other wouldn’t open his mouth to deepen the kiss. ‘Jimin, come on,’ Yoongi murmured, moving his hands down to wrap around the younger’s neck. He pulled away, pecking Jimin’s lips shortly before taking a small step back, giving them both some space to catch their breath.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘How come,’ Jimin panted, hands moving down to Yoongi’s chest, ‘you were always touching me.’

He moved his hands towards Yoongi’s hips, pulling him closer, voice dropping to a whisper. ‘But never where I wanted you to touch me.’

‘Baby, where do you want me to touch you,’ Yoongi whispered back, burying his face in Jimin’s neck, leaving soft kisses on the skin, drawing a moan from younger’s lips.

‘You’ve been driving me fucking insane, Yoongi.’ Jimin took a step back, grabbing Yoongi’s hand, ‘you always had your hands all over me but never gave me more.’

‘Jimin,’ Yoongi tried, but Jimin cut him off.

‘And Hoseok even said that you hated touching people or having people touch you. What made me different?’


And for the first time Yoongi realized that it had nothing to do with pure lust for the younger and his body. Had nothing to do with his cute face and almost childlike habits.

It had to do with the fact that Yoongi was crushing on Jimin, so hard, so fucking hard it could be considered love.


‘It's different because I’m falling in love with you.’





Yoongi found out three things that night.


One: Jimin was an amazing kisser and not innocent and childlike at all when he was horny.

Two: touching Jimin in places only he was allowed to, being able to take care of him and hearing him make sounds only reserved for Yoongi’s ears to hear, made Yoongi fall even harder.

Three: falling asleep to the sound of Jimin whispering he was falling in love with him too, was probably what happiness felt like.