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Darkness Rises

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This is a sequel to my story, “Dress, Dinner and Dance” and the second story in my series which naturally means it will be a trilogy. I’m bringing back most characters there, most definitely Jessika, Rey, Poe, Finn (boo haha) and the usual jin-gang of OT and ST characters, as well some of my own creations (You have to view. The title reveals the obvious and well, I can’t think of a catchy name like “The Empire Strikes Back”. Anyway, onto the story!


Dagaraan System

 Lieutenant Commander Jessika Pava, Blue Three, was a very unhappy girl. Unhappy not because of she was sent on another space battle which she relished, unhappy not because it was just barely a day after her birthday, but unhappy because she was facing a far greater number of First Order fighters, interceptors, and Star Destroyers than she could ever imagine.

 “Hey Boss, someone starting to pro-create too much recently?” Jess called jokingly to Poe Dameron. Both of them had moved from ‘boyfriend-girlfriend status’ to just great friends’ status, but still shared much in common.

 “Well Lieutenant Comm…Jess, maybe, but our job is to conduct ‘population control”, Poe replied.

 “You mean like this?” Jess asked, flipping her T-70 X-wing fighter in a figure of eight, blasting one TIE/sf space superiority fighter and one TIE/fo space superiority fighter to pieces.

 “That’s the way,” Poe smiled as he himself fired at several incoming TIEs. “Watch it, you got one on your tail.”

“Oh you won’t catch me,” Jess muttered and threw her fighter into a spin but the TIE fighter followed suit, firing rapidly but just missing her. “Can someone please, get rid of…” The TIE suddenly exploded behind her. “Got it, you owe me one, Pava,” Niv Lek radioed. “

 “Thanks Niv, maybe a drink ok?”

 “No, a TIE…”

 “Cut the chatter, tactical message coming in,” Poe interjected. “Black Leader, Blue Squadron, Rear Admiral Guich radioed from the Nebulon-B escort frigate Daring. “Stiletto Squadron and Gold Squadron are starting their attack run on those Star Destroyers. Provide cover as they do so.”

 “Roger, alright let’s…holy shit!” Poe shifted from formality to expletives as another dark-coloured Star Destroyer entered the system from hyperspace. “It’s the Finalizer!”

 “Fighters coming in!” Someone else radioed. These weren’t the First Order TIE fighters they had encountered over the past few years but sleek brand upgraded TIE Interceptors. “Shit, that one nearly collided into me!” Blue Leader yelled.

 “Black Leader, looks like they are former a barrier between us and those Imperial-class Star Destroyers,” General Calrissian radioed from the main Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Fearless. “Squadrons, tighten up instead form a defensive cover.”

 “Use plan Beta Two,” Captain Wedge Antilles suggested from his A-Wing. The Resistance fighters soon formed a defensive cover, but the First Order fighters just kept coming in. “Three of them, closing in at 85 degrees,” Poe warned.

“Got one in my sights, stay there, stay there, goodbye!” Jess blasted it, but it only lost one of its panels. The TIE interceptor flew unsteadily for a while before crashing into a TIE Bomber. “Ok, two for the price of one.”

 “Watch it, there’s one directly on your six!” Ello Asty cried. Jess immediately spun her fighter in the same spin earlier but she again couldn’t shake this enemy. “Hey, Blue squadron, anyone, help me get rid of this rodent? Poe? Anyone?” Poe turned his X-Wing around, but more Fighters and Interceptors blocked his path. “Get off my tail you rat!” Jess cried, twisting her craft and even manoeuvring through the belly on the Resistance starships. Finally, in a clear, Jess tried to turn her star fighter around but a blast shook it.

 “Damn it! BB-10 can you fix that stabiliser on the port side,” She called out to her Astromech droid. The droid whistled an affirmative and extended an arm, only to find itself a metre short. It then disconnected its body from the coupling and inched it way down the X-Wing but another blast from that Interceptor blew the droid to pieces.

“BB-10!!!” Jess cried in disbelief and anger. “You pest, I’ll get you for…” Before Jess could finish her line, another shot, struck her engines, pushing her craft all the way down the nearby planet. “Mayday, Maday...” She yelled as she plummeted to the surface.


Ancient Jedi Temples


The same time

 “No, you swing from your four o’clock position upwards,” Luke Skywalker corrected. “Let’s try that again.” Rey shifted her legs in position then swung the stun rod against his. “That’s better, let’s continue.” Luke launched a series of Form V attacks and Rey countered with her version of that same lightsaber combat stance when suddenly a wave of energy struck her and she fell on to the damp grass.

“What…you felt something from the Force,” Luke felt it as well.

 “Jess…you’re hit,” Rey look suddenly had a distraught look on her face. “No…”

 “Jess… you’re friend from the Resistance base. She’s crashed.”


 Dagaraan Planet

 “Ow…” Jess rubbed her helmet. Some safety device this is, she thought. Blinking her eyes, she remembered what just happened. Crashed, “Hello, it’s Blue Three, I’m down, any one there? Anyone?” She called out then saw that the X-Wing’s panel was no longer lit. It was to no avail even as flipped the restart switch. All Starfighter pilots were issued emergency beacons and radios so Jess tried those but only received static reply. Maybe someone just isn’t listening or…or I couldn’t be jammed. She then flipped the canopy access switch but that too was spoilt. Freakin’ hell, with all her might, she pushed open the canopy. Outside, the air was eerily orange but she could still breathe. The junior commander shifted over to the astromech coupling but her BB unit was definite no there. Ï’ll get you guys for this, Rey promised herself silently. “Hey, over there,” she heard a nasal voice and quickly scampered down to the side. Stormtroopers, Rey extracted her survival blaster. There were three of them several metres ahead and she exchanged fire with them, striking two of them before ducking under her X-Wing. You won’t get me so easily, she thought but turning around, she came face to face with two more of them. “Drop that blaster, Resistance scum,” the senior one ordered.

 “In your dreams!!!” Jess cried, charging against two of them with all her might. They quickly fell in surprise but as Jess shifted her arm to blast them, a shot struck her and she collapsed unconscious to the ground. “Get up you two,” the Stormtrooper Sergeant ordered his men. “And report to Captain Phasma, we’ve got one.”



The Same Time

 “Jess!!!” Rey screamed, sweating profusely all over.

To Be Continued.