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electricity hitting metal

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"Wait, wait, wait…we’re not doing this," she says clapping her hands together. The minions grumble and disperse around Steve. The last one side eyeing the girl and poking his ribs with a mop handle.

Steve grunts in pain but makes no other move keeping his hands held high above his head. “We need to stop meeting like this,” he says with mouth twisting up in a crooked smile.

"Isn’t that rather cliche, Captain?" She says batting away one of the minions tugging at the soft folds of her fluffy robe. It’s blue covered in sleepy clouds with a yawning sun peering out from the pocket. Under the robe he can see one fuzzy pink slipper with a spiralling golden horn, dull plastic eyes, and long curly eyelashes. 

"Steve," he says lowering his hands to his side. 

"Okay, Steve, how did you get here?” she asks.

Steve lowers his gaze to the minion gripping her robe. She looks at him blankly and he arches his left brow. 

"Oh. Oh, no," she sights running a hand through her loose hair. "No you did not bring Captain America home. Why did you bring him here, Fred?"

"Para tú," the minion, Fred, says wringing his small gloved  hands together. "Darcy."

"For me? Why would you bring him here? Dad’s gonna kill me,"  Darcy says crossing her arms over her chest. The unicorn slipper stamping on the ground. Steve’s not sure if its meant to be impressive or not but the minions around the edges of the room make an ‘oooh’ sound and shuffle around.

"La boda," pipes up a smaller minion. A single eye in the middle of his yellow forehead. The minion points from Darcy to Steve. Her eyes go wide and pink warms her cheeks. Steve thought she was beautiful before, when he thought she was a villain and it turned out she wasn’t quite what she seemed to be, but now? Now with the blush on her cheeks and he blue eyes wide and bright she was gorgeous. Even dressed in ridiculous unicorn slippers. 

"No, Dave, no," Darcy says shaking her head and carefully avoiding Steve’s eyes. The minions all begin to babble at once. One keeps saying ‘potato’ over and over again and the rest keep pointing back and forth between Steve and Darcy. "No."

"Da," says Fred. The rest of the minions nod, broad smiles on their faces.

"No," she repeats. 

"No, what?" Steve gives in and asks. Really he has no idea what’s going since he woke up in a sea of yellow limbs and blue denim. 

"Da, da, da, da," chorus the minions. 

"Cap," says Fred pointing at Steve and tugging on Darcy’s hand.  The minions start repeating ‘Cap’ and ‘Darcy’ over and over.

One minion starts blowing raspberries. There are hands on Steve’s back, shoving him forward to meet Darcy in the middle of the room. 

"I’m not marrying him," Darcy says waving her hand about and smacking Steve in the chest. 

Oh. Oh, Steve thinks. “Is that what—”  

"Da," the minions cheer. "Date, date, date."

"I don’t think," he starts and Darcy levels her gaze at him. She’s tiny standing there in her silly slippers and wild hair. He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit he wanted to push back the strands of dark hair covering her left eye. Or kiss her. His eyes drop down to the curve of her berry pink lips. "You know what? Yeah, okay, a date." 


"I’d like to date a girl before I marry her," Steve says. It’s probably the smoothest line he has ever said and still he can hear the echo of Bucky’s laughter in his head.

"M’kay," Darcy says softly.

The minions titter and cheer. One of them pinches his ass and starts giggling saying ‘bottom’ over and over. He’s pretty sure he’s going to owe Fury another ten dollars after tonight, but at least he has a date.