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You Drive Me Crazy(Soundtrack)

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So I totally did a mix for i_glitterz . It's a great high school AU. You should read it(here), because I said.

Alright so I made a soundtrack and a mini banner and a couple of icons for her. The soundtrack is totally 90's pop. It's great! :)

Front Cover photo FrontCover_zpscb45aa39.jpg rear cover photo rearcover_zps836a292f.jpg

Also, the cover that's in the zipfile has a typo so if you want the cover take the one above...

Zipfile Here
Stream Here

 photo buddy_icon_32461_zps5bfbfae3.gif photo buddy_icon_1567_zps7d9a85f8.gif

Mini Banner
Mini Banner photo MiniBanner_zps5506a6a8.jpg