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Secret Desire (Nyssara Fanfic)

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Sara Lance is a junior at Starling Academy and is the co-captain of the cheer leading squad. She's not the most popular girl in school, but people do know her, just not in a good way. She is often bullied and called a slut because of the relationships that she had broken. If she wasn't as good as a dancer as she actually is, she wouldn't even be co-captain.

It's another ordinary day for Sara. She was just sitting and staring blankly at the blackboard of her chemistry class. She hates chemistry. It's so complicated and boring. She can't memorize all those elements and whatnots. She's been taking the class for weeks and yet she hasn't learned anything, and she really can't fail this class, she wouldn't want to take it again next year.

"Ms. Lance! Ms. Lance! Are you paying attention?" The teacher called on to Sara.

"Hey Sara. Sara." Her seatmate and friend, Maxine, shook her arm lightly to get her attention.

"Huh? What is it?" Sara asked coming out of her reverie.

"Ms. Lance, are you with us?"

"Yes, sir." Sara answered a little embarrassed to be caught zoning out like that.

"Can you tell me what we were talking about just then?"

Sara couldn't answer and just bashfully lowered her head.

"I know my class is so boring to all of you, but I do hope you pay attention, because I too don't want any of you taking this again next year."

The bell rang and the students hurriedly fixed their things and got out the room.

"Okay. Next week, we'll be choosing lab partners." The teacher said after them.

'I hope I get someone good, but I don't know who's good in chemistry here. And as much as I love Max, we both suck at chemistry.' Sara thought to herself.

She walked out the door and went to her locker to get her books for the next class. As she opened it, something fell. A note.

Sara Lance,

You're beautiful and kind. I hope you know that. Don't listen to whatever people are saying. I believe you're not really like that. That's not how I see you. I hope you realize that too.

I hope this will make you smile.

And it did. Sara was smiling and blushing a little. She wondered who the note came from, but she turned it over and over, and no signature.

"What's that?" Max asker her curiously as she leaned on the locker next to Sara's.

"A note." Sara said absently as she stared at the paper incredulously.

"What kind of note?"

"I'm not sure."

"Who's it from?" Max asked grabbing the piece of paper from Sara's hand and read it.

"I don't know."

"Do you have a secret boyfriend that I don't know about?" Max eyed her questioningly.

Max's expression just made Sara smile. She adored Max. They've been friends since they were in fifth grade, when Sara kicked the boy who was forcing Max to kiss him. Nowadays, it seems like Max is the one defending her. From the girls who keep saying mean things about her and are constantly glaring her way every time she passes by, to the guys who sometimes force themselves on her thinking that she's easy and would give in to whatever they ask. It may seem so, but she doesn't screw around with every guy. The guys she may have been involved with, she happens to actually like and liked her in return. Some turned out to be jerks though. And even against them, Max has her back.

It always made Sara wonder why Max doesn't have a boyfriend, and never had one that she knew of since they have been friends. Max is beautiful with her long brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes, well-defined cheek bones, and quirky smile. She's quite tall too, maybe two inches taller than Sara. And with that well-toned and slightly tanned swimmer's body, it would really make you wonder sometimes. Sara thinks maybe it's because she's such a serious athlete and always so intense with her swimming that she doesn't have time for boys. Or maybe she just hasn't found anyone who interests her that much.

"Maybe you have a secret admirer." Max suggested with a teasing smile as she handed the note back to Sara.

'Whoever you are. Thank you.' Sara thought to herself.

"I'll see you after school then. Maybe we'll figure out who that came from."

That made Sara's day pass even more quickly. It put her in a good mood the rest of the day, even during the crappy practices they had, because even though she's co-captain, no one listens to her and they always give her a hard time.

At practice, she always end up alone during their breaks making her wish that Max had joined the cheer leading team, but even though she's a great dancer, she still prefers swimming and she won't put up with 'the pretentious bitches' as she would say. She's usually bothered by it, but not today. She just sat there quietly as she replayed in her head the words written on the note. Making her smile stupidly to herself.

Her attention was then caught by the girl throwing a guy over her shoulder in one of those martial arts classes. Sara took some martial arts classes then, but she has never tried throwing a guy twice her size over her shoulder. She was impressed by the ease of the girl's movements. The girl then looked her way as if she knew Sara was watching, the girl smiled to herself and helped the guy up.

'She's... I think I know her. I think I have a class with her or something. Whatever. But damn, she's awesome. I want to learn how to do that.' Sara thought to herself as she watched the two head to the showers.

The next morning, Sara found another note in her locker.

Smile Sara Lance. It's a brand new day. Believe and everything will fall into place.

'Who on earth are you? But hell, thank you.' Sara found herself smiling yet again.

"Good morning!" Max beamed up a smile at her. "You seem to be in a perfect mood. Is that another one?" And Max just snatched up the new one and read out loud.

"Shh! Don't read it so loud." Sara took the note back and carefully placed it in one of her notebooks where she also kept the other note.

"What? So what if someone hears? They wouldn't bother about that. They'll just think I'm crazy. And I don't care. You shouldn't either. Listen to you secret admirer, babe."

"Don't listen to what other people say, but I should listen to a random person who leaves notes in my locker?"

"Yeah! It might do you good!"

Sara smiled at how crazy that sounded. And they walked together to their first class while Max gave some ideas as to who might be leaving Sara the notes.