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A gallagher reunion

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CIA phone call between Zach and the CIA

“you want me to what” Zach excalaimed horrified
“we want you to go to los angeles and meet one of our agents who you will then go under cover with” The expressionless voice at the CIA explained
“so that’s all I get then no name of my partner or weather it’s a he or a she?” the now furious zach questioned
“all you need to know is that you’ll be meeting her soon, goodbye Mr. Goode” and with that the phone was slamed down at both ends.

Zachs POV
I wish that they told me more, that they’d tell me who I am working with I wished as I walked down the hallway that lead to my apartment I realized that there was a letter with the Gallagher seal on it placed in front of my door, I hastily opened it and read:
Dear Mr .Z Goode,
We would be honoured if you would attend the “decade review” reunion at Gallagher
Where: Gallagher academy
When : Tuesday 2nd june
An formal event that will take place on the front lawn please R.S.V.P
Yours sincerely
Rachel Morgan

I can just about make it, I think. I wonder who’ll be there Bex, Liz, Macey and Cammie if she’s still alive. OH god i have two days to find a suit and arrange transport then less than a day later I have to go on a mission great. As I opened my door I stepped on a small package that held my cover name, job and passport all with Mr loyer written on it and some basic information about him on their it told me that he had a girl friend who was being cover by another agent and that they shared an apartment which was on ………………….street. well it haden't taken them long to deliver it may be if the person that delivered it had given me a lift I would’ve been home 20 minutes earlier.

One day later
I felt positive as I started the 24 hour journey to Gallagher it was more like my home than a school, it was where I felt safe where I had family.
I wonder if all the girls are alive