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lantern burning flickered in the night (for only you)

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kim taehyung always thought of himself as a congenial person. charming, even.

which is why he did not worry much when he was paired with kim minjae for the pilot episodes of the new television show 'celebrity bromance', in fact he was more than excited to meet him and finally get out of his dorm and actually hang out, even if it was still in front of a camera. he did wish the other members we also there with him, as they also deserved the free time, and he promised to get them all ('food', they had screamed) edible souvenirs. so, dressed warmly for the winter with a hoverboard tucked under his arm and phone in his hand, he stood patiently waiting at the corner of the street outside his dorm for kim minjae to arrive (he was jealous as hell. kim minjae who was younger than him could drive), more than aware of the cameras watching his every move.

by the time minjae arrived, taehyung was absolutely restless, and almost dived into the car in excitement. the younger caught on to his elation and smiled.

"hello taehyung-hyung, shall we go?"

"ay, don't call me hyung, just call me taehyung. and yes, let's go."

taehyung put on his music at once, not even thinking about the fact that it might be a bother. luckily, minjae didn't mind, and soon they were laughing and loudly singing along to the songs, taehyung shamelessly bragging about his own group's music. at one point, minjae got so excited listening to psy's daddy that he had both hands of his wheel and his legs flailing about, almost causing the car to crash, and gaining a reprimand from the cameraman. and taehyung, taehyung was screaming at the top of his voice and flapping his arms in a way that would put seokjin's traffic dance to shame, begging the cameramen afterwards not to air his scenes of insanity.

taehyung's phone played see you again, and he immediately turned up the volume. he had so many memories relating to this song, and he and his members would often sing it in the dorms, to the point where they knew all the words. taehyung had looked up the lyrics and it's meanings and the song had latched a special place in his heart. both him and minjae sang along to the song, taehyung smiling to himself as he suddenly remembered his groupmates.

"you know, jungkookie covered this song once, it was so beautiful"

minjae furrowed his eyebrows "jungkookie? oh yes, maknae. he does have an amazing voice. i don't know much about him, though."

taehyung smiled, remembering his dearest dongsaeng, "yeah, we are very close. i am the closest to him in age, so maybe he feels the need to be closest to me, but i enjoy his company very much. he knows how to make me happy."

minjae chuckled, "that's a good thing to have, someone to make you happy"

"it sure is"


it turns out, minjae was taking them to get massages, and if taehyung may say so himself, he needs it. all of those sleepless nights spent practicing at the studio really takes a toll on all of the members, and taehyung almost feels sorry for his groupmates that they don't get to experience this piece of heaven. 'no pain no gain, no pain no gain' taehyung whispered to himself as the masseuse dug his knuckles deeply into taehyung's shoulder blades and feet, and that satan minjae was sitting on the other bed taking pictures of him in very obvious pain. but it was worth it, because afterwards he felt so good he thought he died.

"holy mother of the fish gods", he had said.

"there is a special place in heaven for you, dear sweet masseuse", he had said.

"damn it minjae stop taking pictures of me or i'll give your phone a massage with a rock", he had also said.

and then it was minjae's turn and taehyung giggled with such glee that could only be compared to that of devil spawn.

"ah one day", taehyung started, while minjae was getting his own pain-filled massage, "jungkookie and i were practicing for our comeback in the studio and we stayed until about 3 am. then, you know what? he gave me a massage, even though he probably needed it more than i did. ah, i wish he was here to also get this, he would be so pleased"

minjae raised his eyebrow.


taehyung and minjae arrived at han river at about 1am. taehyung jumped out of the car with his hoverboard and excitedly ran around the park (it was times like this when we wonder who is actually older). the both of them, taehyung with his hover board and minjae with his skateboard rode at the skate park, trying out new tricks. overconfident taehyung fell down thrice.

taehyung acted serious for a total of maybe 10 minutes when he was challenged to a race by minjae and he willed his pathetic hoverboard to go as fast as it could (which was not very fast) and he lost dramatically. he almost cried.

then they played basketball and everybody on the face of this earth knows that taehyung is shit at basketball. seriously, he knows none of the rules, can't shoot, trips over his own foot. but that didn't stop him from challenging minjae anyway. by some stroke of luck, he managed to get one basket and would not stop bragging about it.

"you know, yoongi always plays basketball with jungkook and i, god knows why because he is some genius at the game and we look like two idiots trying to play, but i think that has made me better, before i couldn't even shoot one basket and now, i am a pro and-"

"it was a fluke shot"

"-stop ruining my moment minjae. jungkook and i have gotten loads better. i am so proud. i am the greatest. fear me."

"whatever you say, taehyung-ssi"


"put eggs in the ramen"

minjae stared at taehyung, "what in hell"

"minjae, my young padawan, you gotta"

taehyung, with the skill of a chef, efficiently cracked open two eggs and dropped it in the bowls of ramen.

"this is how you do it"

they also bought some candy for the rest of taehyung's group members and the staff at both boys' agencies, taehyung buying jungkook's favorite peach jellies, since apparently the boy had been craving them.

after they ordered the rest of the food, and took it down to a park bench to eat, minjae took his first bite of ramen and his eyes widened

"oh my lord this shit is-"

"really good? i know.", taehyung smirked, "one day jungkookie and i were really bored so we put whatever we could find into ramen and he put eggs in it even though i told him it was gonna taste like shit even though i had never tried it, and it just so happened that eggs taste really good with it."

for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, minjae raised his eyebrow, "looks like jungkook's got good taste"

taehyung opened his mouth to agree but then he remembered. the sausages.

"shit. i forgot the sausages. b r b"

"why can't you just say 'be right back' like a normal person"

"b r b"


taehyung was surprised, but only a little. i mean, it was only jungkook.

he had been walking back from the store, sausages in hand, when his phone rang. he didn't know why his heart stopped on seeing the caller id, or why his palms suddenly got sweaty. i mean, it was only jungkook.

"h-hello" damn it taehyung why are you stuttering?

"hey, taetae hyung", a cheerful voice came from the other line, "just called to make sure you're fine. namjoon-hyung asks what time you will be back"

"me? i'll get home around 3."

"okay hyung, see you then."

"jungkook-ah, don't stay awake for me okay", taehyung had started to say, but jungkook had already hung up. but it was okay, because maybe taehyung wanted jungkook to stay awake for him. maybe.


"oh my god minjae"

minjae had set up a freaking birthday cake for him, and taehyung was touched. minjae wore the biggest shit-eating grin ever.

"happy birthday taehyung-ssi"

"oh my god minjae", he repeated, "why did you- you didn't have to. it's not even my birthday". it didn't matter. taehyung was touched.

they were stuffing birthday cake in their mouths and eating the leftovers of their late late dinner when minjae finally asked, "who called you"

"oh, it was jungkook"

"was it now?", minjae smirked, raising both eyebrows, "well, what did he say?"

"he was just asking when i would get home", taehyung answered, unaware of the fact that he was as red as a tomato.

minjae smiled.

"okay, i think we should be getting back now."

"what?", taehyung felt guilty, "did i say something wrong?"

"not at all. i just get the feeling that you want to go back and be with the others. and with him."

taehyung was blushing, and he definitely knew it know, even if hadn't earlier.

"i don't know what you're talking about"

"are you kidding?", minjae scoffed, "you know, all i've heard today was jungkook jungkook jungkook, it was almost like you don't think about anyone, or anything else. it's obvious that you care about him, more than even you know. don't be afraid, okay? be strong. go. be with him. i want you to be happy"

"i had fun minjae", taehyung said, quietly, "keep in touch okay? i would love to hang out with you again."

"of course.", minjae smiled, "now go. have more fun."

and taehyung was off.


taehyung didn't really expect anyone, even jungkook, to be up when he returned back at 3:15 am. he opened the back door to the dorms quietly, and snuck into the living room, when there he was.

jungkook was on the couch, playing some game on his phone, wearing a loose tshirt and sweats, looking positively tired. taehyung's heart jumped.

"oh", taehyung muttered, "you didn't have to stay awake, you know?"

jungkook whipped his head around on hearing his voice, startled, but quickly put a smile on his face

"ah, hyung, you're back. how was the date?", jungkook wriggled his eyebrows suggestively, "and don't worry hyung, i wanted to. i was up late practicing anyway"

taehyung felt tears in his eyes, for what reason he didn't know, but he shook them off

"you punk, it wasn't a date", taehyung laughed, "i got you these by the way", he tossed a bag towards jungkook

"peach jellies?", jungkook looked up, grin in all its glory, "hyuuuung, you didn't have to"

"i wanted to."

jungkook smiled, "i'm going to sleep. are you coming?"

"yeah", taehyung mirrored the smile, "i'm coming"


taehyung had brushed his teeth, and taken a shower, and had climbed into bed when he felt another body get into his bed.

jungkook's head popped out and he lay face up towards the ceiling.

"couldn't sleep", he said simply.

"oh yeah, me neither", taehyung stifled a yawn.

"how was your date?"

"for the last time, it wasn't a date. but it was nice to go out for once instead of being stuck in here. honestly, i'm getting a bit sick of the practice rooms."

jungkook made a hum of acknowledgement. "i missed you. i mean", he cleared his throat, "we missed you."

taehyung looked at the younger curiously

"hoseok-hyung, namjoon-hyung, and yoongi-hyung got in a fight. usually you would have been there to lighten up the mood, but you weren't. jimin was being passive and jin-hyung had gone to record something. and i'm not exactly the most smile-inducing person"

yes you are, taehyung wanted to tell him.

"everyone was off doing other things today. i was all alone, that's why i was up late practicing. so yeah, i missed you." jungkook turned to look at taehyung for the first time since he got into his bed, and any words taehyung had to say dried up on his tongue. taehyung heard his heartbeat louder than he had ever heard it, and his palms got sweaty once again, and he let himself get lost in jungkook's eyes. after a few seconds of mindlessly staring at each other, taehyung smiled.

"i missed you too"

jungkook's eyes widened, "really? i-i'm not the most-"

"whatever you're going to say, it's wrong, because you are. and yes, i missed your stupid smile and your annoying voice", taehyung interrupted with a laugh, "so yeah, i missed you"

"but didn't you have a good time with minjae?"

taehyung was brave enough to put his arm around jungkook, pulling him closer to his body, praying that he read the signs correctly, "minjae was great company, but i wouldn't trade a hundred days out with him for one jungkook.", he said, locking eyes with him.

the blush was apparent on jungkook's face and taehyung was pretty sure he had a similar shade painted on his face. his heart was ready to burst out of its cage, jungkook felt warm against him, and he looked so so beautiful. and taehyung decided it was now or never.
he brushed jungkook's hair back and let it rest on his cheek. his eyes darted towards the younger's lips.

"so, jungkook?"


"can i kiss you now?"