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Surrender - Drabbles

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At the Piccadilly station I felt my heartbeat racing

I was accident prone, I fell head over heels with no warning

I wish that I told you then what I realize now


It wasn’t long since our band had been found and it had been the first day of recording songs in London.


We stood at the Piccadilly Station and waited for the tube to take us back to the hotel when the wind of the incoming train ripped the map he was studying out of his hand. “No!”, he screamed and jumped high to try and catch it again with no success.


“Shit”, Adam swore and the other boys laughed hard. I didn’t. I just felt my heartbeat racing, looking at this beautiful dork. I was accident prone, I fell head over heels with no warning and stared at him like he was an angel trying to fly and not an unhandy guy with a talent in loosing things.


He’d looked so perfect, hair tousled by the wind in the tube station, cheeks red because of the jumping and then laughing with his friends over his own foolishness.


I picture this moment when I’m standing in the backstage now, looking at him searching for some sheets of music. Tonight’s our first show as the duo Hurts, after we cut off with the other boys. ‘Back then it might have been easy’, I think. I wish that I told him then what I realize now. Maybe back then we could have become a couple. Could have form a relationship and no one would have had a problem with it. We were just two boys of a whole band, two boys from Manchester.’