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A God Amongst Men

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   When I was young, they told me that my soul was forged from eternal steel. They said that I would rise through the ranks of the Brotherhood, and that I would be the a God amongst men. They said that my blood was the purest of lines, and I was the epitome of what the Brotherhood stood for - they told me that I was a man who would rise through the ranks, and that one day... I would be a legend.

   I didn't believe them, when I was young. I didn't want to think that such responsibility weighed on my small shoulders.

   When I was young, I thought I loved a girl named Sarah Lyons - she taught me how to kill a man with a single thrust of a blade, and she was a Sentinel in the Brotherhood. I learned that love is something that can't protect you - and I couldn't save her from fate. I could only warn her, and even that wasn't enough. Sarah Lyons disappeared from the Wasteland, and my childish imaginings of love conquering all along with her.

   When I was young, I was raised up within the ranks of the Brotherhood, harbored at the Citadel, learning under the tutelage of their best scribes, and their fiercest warriors. Under their care and supervision, my small shoulders turned broad, and I fought battles that should have taken out someone as young as myself.

   When I was young, I was naive; the brutality of the world and its abominations stripped that innocence from me. I bathed the wounds in steel, cauterizing them and scorching away my weakness.

   When I was young, I was appointed Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel - sixteen, and no other had achieved such heights in position before me, and none would after. It was my name, my legacy. My destiny.

   When I was young, I learned to put away childish things, like stories and fables, and unrequited love. I grew from youth into adulthood, and I learned that you could only achieve your true desires through the strength of steel and taking what you wanted. I could only change the world and make it a place worth living in if I applied that strength through my rule - I wanted to change the world, and I had the strength and will to do it. 

   When I was young, they told me that my soul was forged from eternal steel. I didn't believe them then - I was nothing more than Arthur Maxson, a squire to the Brotherhood, who wanted to write, who wanted to dream.

   I believe them now.

   Inside of me burns a soul of eternal steel, and I am no longer young. I am Elder Maxson, of the Brotherhood of Steel - a God Amongst Men .