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House of Sans

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You scrounge around in your pockets for some change. God, you really didn’t need this sort of stress! Everybody’s staring and the barista is giving you the death glare, grrr, ah there!

You put the coins on the counter and grab your coffee and baggy, you’d only been a few cents off but you weren’t about to wait for her to give you your change back. “Mam-” “KEEP IT!” You blurt out louder than intended as you head outside to sit at a table.

Setting down your meager breakfast/ lunch combo you pull out a chair and sit. You remove today’s paper from your inner coat pocket and begin to flip it to the job’s section. You’d been sleeping on a bench at the park for two days now, your back was killing you, and your funds had been depleted just now with your frustrated tipping. It wasn’t like you were lazy or unable to do things for yourself, it’s just that you’d never had to get a job before now.

Previously, you’d been living with a boyfriend, whom you’d been with for three years, and he insisted upon you staying home and ‘taking care of the house’. You waited on him hand and foot for the entire time you two were together, who else would have someone like you? You who had to take medicine to feel ‘normal’, you who had low-self esteem, you whose appearance could not hold a candle to most of the girls in this city… you didn’t deserve anybody. So you guess you shouldn’t have been so surprised to find out that he’d been cheating on you for the past two years and then kicked you out to have the other girl.

You sigh as you run through the job offers. Why did they all require prior work experience? Some things you understood, nuclear power plant engineer, yeah that person needs to know their shit, but a fucking waitress at some mom and pop pit-stop?! Seriously?! How do they even expect a person to get work experience if they don’t hire a person with no experience to work? You roll your eyes and take a sip of your black coffee.

Your face scrunches up at the bitterness of the drink, but it was warm and cheap so you continued to drink it. As one could imagine it gets cold all alone outside at night with no form of cover. You go back to skimming through the job offers. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something here for you?

You hear a shuffle at a table next to you and see a bunny sitting down to enjoy his coffee while taking in the views of the city. That’s right, monsters had come out a while ago hadn’t they? You were so used to seeing them now it didn’t phase you anymore, not that it bothered you to begin with it was just… surprising to see them. All of those stories about boogeymen and here come real life versions walking down the street friendly as can be. It was startling at first, but now it was like second nature to you to smile and say hello.

Other humans, however, did not necessarily share the same views as you. Many avoided them like the plague, some went out of there way to be cruel to them, and a few even went as far as to kill them when they could get away with it. Laws were set in place to help protect them, of course, but still every few months you would hear about another monster death. It was sickening to think that prejudices like this still existed in today’s modern society, but alas they did.

You suddenly have an idea, what if there was a position that was working with or for monsters? Certainly they would take what they could get then wouldn’t they? Of course, with the proper precautions, background checks and that sort of thing, but that you could do!

Sure enough, there was one job offer that involved working for monsters and required absolutely no experience. Technically, it would be more of a social study from the sound of things, but they did need a specific role to be filled as well; maid. You could do that! Hell, you’ve practically been a maid for the past three years of your life anyway! This job should be a piece of cake! Let’s give it another once over to be sure though:

‘Human wanted for maid position in a house with monsters. Also will be part of social study between the two races. Housing, food, and pay will be provided as a part of the job. House located on 999 Tantabus Drive. Contact Dr. Alphys at (XXX)XXX-XXXX for more information or to schedule an appointment for an interview and to meet the tenants.’

Sounded like just the thing you needed! Not only would you have a steady income, but you would have a roof over your head and food! You grab your phone out of your coat pocket, thanking whatever deities that existed that your ex had paid of another month's use for it before kicking you out, and dialed the number excitedly. You didn’t have the luxury of having time to practice what you were going to say, each second you spent not on the phone with Dr. Alphys was another second somebody else could snatch the job!

Ring. Ring. C’mon, pick up! Ring. “H-Hello? Dr. Alphys here, wh-what can I do for you?” Her, the voice was distinctly feminine, voice was timid and, for lack of better term, dorky sounding.

“Ah, yes! Hello Dr. Alphys! My name is ------ ------- and I’m calling about your ad in the paper, is the position still available?” You ask nervously crossing your fingers.

You hear shuffling on the other end. “Y-Y-Yes! It is! In fact, y-y-you are the first to call, even though we had it in the paper for months,” she muttered the last part, but you still heard it. “Anyway, w-w-would you like to set up an appointment for an interview?”

“Most certainly!” “A-Alright, wh-when are you available?” “W-well you see… I am available anytime … I’m kinda homeless right now,” you state with a hollow laugh.

“G-GOODNESS!” She exclaims.

You quickly backpedal, she must think you're some sort of psycho or a horrible person! “I m-mean, it’s not my fault! I was kicked out two days ago you see and well now I’m broke and sleeping at the park,” you mumbled.

The other end of the line was silent for awhile. “I-I see. Well, in that case. How about I come pick you up at the park around three? We can head on over to the house together,” she offers kindly.

You're shocked at how kind monsters are after everything your kind has done to them. “W-wow, thank you! I’ll be waiting then!” “Great!”

She hangs up and you put your phone in your pocket and do a fist pump in the air. Finally, things were looking up! You quickly finish your blueberry muffin and coffee before running along to the park.

A good thing about the park was that it had showers, you supposed for the swimmers or the runners, but hey you needed it to so fuck those guys! You neatly folded your clothes on the little bench outside the jet of water and then began your shower.

The water was slightly cold, but you could handle it. Though you didn’t have any soap or shampoo you managed to get yourself decently clean and you got redressed quickly. You glanced at your phone and notice the time was two-thirty. It had taken a good while to walk from the coffee shop to the park and took a bit to shower, you shrug and hope that you are presentable enough for their tastes as you wait an a bench just beside the entrance gate to the park.

You are shaken into consciousness by a yellow dinosaur-like monster in a lab coat with glasses. “-------?” She asks, and you immediately recognize the voice as Dr. Alphys.

“Oh yeah! Hey, Dr. Alphys, sorry I guess I fell asleep waiting for you,” you chuckle nervously.

You really hope that she doesn’t think you’re irresponsible now. “N-No it’s fine. And please, just c-call me Alphys,” she says with a shy smile. “Umm my car is just down the block. The house is actually not too far from here, but I think it would be safer to drive… c-considerin’ I’m a m-monster and all.”

You nod in understanding, the world did not look kindly on those that associated with monsters. So you follow here to her car, an old, small, blue granny-mobile, and get in the passenger side. You see various anime plushies and bobble-heads in the car and across the dash, you never really watched TV , but you recognized some of the plushies, Naruto, One Piece, Vampire Knights. It was a geek’s wonderland and you couldn’t help but giggle, which caused her to blush as she started the car. “I kn-know it’s a bit much, but Undyne keeps buying them and I just c-can’t say no…. Okay so most of them are mine… b-but still!” She says indignantly.

“Who’s Undyne?” You ask curiously.

“Oh, she’s m-my S-Soulmate,” she replied blushing hard.

You nod in response as you two drive down the road. You had heard about SOUL’s when the monsters came up. Apparently, everybody had them, but they weren’t like what people thought they were at all. They were the core of the person’s being yes, but it wasn’t really spiritual or had anything to do with any sort of afterlife. All it was was the very culmination of a person’s being, no more no less. The color was dependent upon the trait that person displayed and, unfortunately, it could grow stronger by killing others. LV stood for LOVE which in turn stood for Level of Violence, and EXP stood for Execution Points, both of these were ways of quantifying the amount of pain you had inflicted upon others, and as to be expected the more you had the easier it became to distance yourself, to not feel anything. Of course, people didn’t listen to that part, all they heard was more powerful and stronger.

Greed. Greed was the root of all evil. Whether you are greedy for power or for wealth or for prestige, it was all toxic. Greed made a person do things that were so horrible it made gods cower in fear at their own creation. Greed dragged a person down into the pits of their own immorality, farther and farther still, until the thing that remains bears no resemblance in the slightest to the being who had started the journey.

“Um, hey we’re almost there ------.”

“Oh, sorry I spaced out there for a bit,” you say with a chuckle.

“H-Hey don’t worry,happens to me all the time,” she reassures you with a smile as you come up on 999 Tantabus Drive.

As she pulls into the driveway, which is a round-about, you get a good look at the house. It is a large two-story home with a large porch at the front. It was gothic-looking, painted grey with a black slanted roof and high windows whose dark curtains were drawn together to avoid curious onlookers. Overall the house seemed very foreboding, and you wondered briefly whether or not this was such a good idea after all.

The car stopped and was shut off, Alphys gave you a reassuring pat on the shoulder before getting out of the vehicle. You gulp and steel your nerve before opening your own door and exiting the car. As soon as the door shut you heard the sound of the lock click behind you as you followed Alphys up the drive and to the porch.

“Now, I-I must tell you before we go in that these monsters in particular c-can be very… shocking for you humans. They are skeleton monsters, th-that said they are not completely like the human skeleton, but the similarities are there. Also, their personalities can vary drastically from m-monster to monster, ju-just like humans,” Alphys explains as you reach the door.

“Don’t worry Alphys, I’ve met my fair share of monsters, I’ll be alright,” you respond with a wink.

She blushes and nods before quickly turning back to open the door. Almost as soon as it was opened a small (for a monster but begrudgingly still around your height) skeleton burst into view excitement clear in his face. “HUUUUMMMMMAAAANNN!” He screeches running up to you and hugging you tightly. “I, THE MAGNIFICENT SANS, WELCOME YOU TO OUR HOME! AND I ALSO EXTEND THE ARM FRIENDSHIP TO YOU! MWEH HEH HEH!”

You blush a bit, unused to being touched by random people, much less hugged, before gently hugging him back. The guy seemed okay, he seemed sweet and innocent. You already kind of liked him. “Jeez, Blueberry get off the lovely lady or she might not want to work here anymore,” chuckled a deeper and wispy voice. You looked off in its direction and saw the ember of a cigarette and a glowing yellow circle inside the left eye socket of the skeleton holding the cigarette.

He was tall and slender, different than the excited skeleton clinging to you. His clothes were simply a black leather jacket with a fur lined hood, skinny jeans with a black belt and golden buckle, and heeled black boots. He had a crack running along his skull from the right eye socket along to the back, and from his left to his mouth. His hands had rather large circular holes in them where the palms should be, but he didn’t seem to mind. The one hugging you had armored shoulder pads and a grey chest plate, he had a blue scarf around his neck, he had elbow length blue gloves, he had black pants tucked into high blue boots, and his eyes appeared to sparkle with stars in the middle.

The one holding you immediately let go with a gasp. “OH GOODNESS DEARY ME! I’M SORRY MS. HUMAN FRIEND! PLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE FORGIVE ME!” He begged genuinely upset. Oh fuck, he’s really about to cry.

“N-No it’s quite alright Magnificent Sans,” you say happily with a reassuring smile. “I still am very much interested in the job!”

His smile has returned and he jumps with joy. The tall one behind him chuckles again before taking a long drag on his cig. “I’LL GO GET THE OTHERS THEN!” And he’s off.

Alphys, who’d been quiet throughout the whole ordeal, motioned for you to come into the living room and sit on the couch. “Umm, s-sit in the middle please. I w-want to see how y-you react to them being in your immediate space, s-since you are going to be living here i-if you get the job,” she says sitting in a chair across from there.

You do as your bid and almost immediately Mr. Cigarette comes along and sits beside you, he is veerryy close. “Hey sweetheart,” he says voice causing you to shiver. “So what’s a beautiful lady like you, doin’ in a place like this?”

“W-well if you must know sir, I was… evicted two days ago and now need somewhere to go,” you respond honestly.

He grunts in response and takes another drag. Before your conversation can continue more skeletons enter the room. A shark-toothed looking one with a golden tooth on his left side and red eyes sits on the other side of you, even closer than the tall guy. You swear you can hear him sniffing you, why does that turn you on? He looks dangerous, he has the same type of jacket as the tall one, but he wears a red shirt underneath his, and he wears black shorts with yellow stripes along the side, and he also wears red and black tennis shoes. “Ey toots,” he growls as he licks along his teeth with a red gooey tongue. “Anybody tell ya, ya smell good enough to eat?”

“God, have some manners you barbarian!” Scolds a more sophisticated voice as he raps the red-eyed skeleton on his skull.

The voice owner gives a small bow in front of you before introducing himself. This skeleton has the same body-type as the red one and the one who hugged you, but he wore a lab coat and nurse shirt with matching pants underneath. He also had glasses like Alphys, but his were circular. “I’m Science Sans, um, I apologize sincerely for the rather rude behavior of my alternate selves,” he says.

“What?” You ask tilting your head.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
“Oh my, has Alphys not yet told you the nature of this house tenants?” He asks.

You shake your head and Alphys sighs. “I was hoping to wait until she got introduced to everyone before explaining Science,” she replied.

“Oh very well, I see no reason why we should have to change plans since she will know soon enough. Ahem, Again I deeply apologize for their misconduct,” he says before sitting on the other side of the tall one.

Next up was a pompous looking skeleton whose appearance suggested they either didn’t belong in this era or just got out of a Shakespearean play. “Ah, Good morrow my fair maid, thou might know me by many a name, but thou canst calleth me Actor Sans for convenience sake,” he said voice sounding like he was reciting some epic sonnet. “Pray tell, fine maid, doth thou enjoy the great romanticist Shakespeare?”

You hadn’t read any of his plays since you were in school, and you only did then because they were required reading, but you had enjoyed them. Well, the three you read, one about Caesar, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. “While I’m not well-versed, I’m afraid, I do enjoy all of the works I have read of his,” you say honestly.

His eyes sparkle and his cheeks flush, oh God what did you just do? “Ah, a true connoisseur of the arts! A truly regal maiden worthy of my time! I shall have to win your favor!” With that he was off on the other side of the couch and away from you.

“Wow, kiddo, you haven’t even spent your first night in the house and you already got nearly everybody fallen head over heels for ya,” the next skeleton says.

This one has a simple blue jacket with a fur-lined hood and a white shirt underneath. He has black shorts and pink….bunny….slippers...okay? Well at least he appeared to be mostly normal. “Heh, Yeah,” you blush uncomfortable with the situation just a little bit.

“Hey no worries kid, I promise nobody in this room would ever do anything to hurt ya. Even Jaws over there,” he smirked pointing to the sharp-toothed skeleton sitting next to you.

“Hey! You’re just jealous ‘cause the ladies like me better than you,” he smirked back.

Well, this was going to be your life now. “Whatev’s bonehead, anyway kid, you can call me Blue,” he says with a wink.

You blush and the sharp-toothed guy next to you growled. What on Earth? Oh well, you deal with a pissy monster if it meant getting a roof over your head and food. “AND YOU ALREADY KNOW ME HUMAN!” The skeleton from before jumped into your lap. “CALL ME BLUEBERRY OR MAGNIFICENT SANS, I AM NOT PICKY! MWEH HEH HEH!” He wrapped his arms around your neck.

You look over at Alphys for the first time since sitting down and notice something peculiar. She was scribbling in a notepad. From this angle you could see a little of what she was doing, and it looked like she was drawing you...except without clothes…..god that fucking otaku.

Chapter Text

After taking for another hour or so it was decided that you could indeed stay at the house. Blueberry, who was still in your lap, did a small fist pump into the air as well as exclaimed ‘HUZZAH’ causing you to giggle. You took notice of the glares the two Sans’s next to you were sending Blueberry, was it because he had made you laugh? Jealousy already? Hopefully, you’d be able to survive with them for the long-term.

You had found out that every skeleton in the house was actually the same skeleton, just from different universes. The one to your left, who smokes and likes to flirt, was Gaster Sans (but you could call him G), the one on your right, who basically told you he wanted to eat you out, was Underfell Sans (but you could call him Red), the one beside G, who spoke ‘ye olde bad english’, was Oppositetale Sans (but you could call him Actor Sans or A.S.), the one on the other side of Red, who wore the labcoat and was now glaring at Red, was Science Sans (but you decided to call him S.S. for short… almost like a boat..), the one next to A.S., who wore the pink bunny slippers, was Undertale Sans (but you could call him Blue), and lastly the bundle of pure innocence and joy sitting in your lap was Underswap Sans (but you called him Blueberry). It was a lot to take in at first, but you got the hang of it, kind of like meeting one friends entire group for the first time and having no fucking clue what to do, okay a LOT like that!

Alphys had stopped doodling once or twice to watch you interact with the different Sans’s. Red would occasionally try his luck and grab your ass or lick your exposed neck when you were talking t someone on the opposite side of the couch. Luckily for you, and unluckily for him, you, Blueberry, and S.S. always kept him in check. You may be their employee, but you would make it clear that you were NOT their toy, you were NOT their pretty little doll, and you would NOT hesitate to kick some non-existent skele-ass!

Alphys didn’t seemed to mind, if anything she encouraged the correction of… unwanted…. inappropriate behavior. Red wasn’t deterred by your spurning, no, if anything it only intrigued him more, at least if the hungry look in his now flaming red left eye was anything to go by. G loved watching you get riled up, he made a remark about you being like a kitten, cute as hell but with sharp little claws too. Eh, you could take that. So long as he wasn’t groping you let him call you ‘kitten’ if he wants, it was kinda nice to actually have a buncha guys going ga-ga for you, even if it was annoying as all hell!

You began to ask if there were more universes and Alphys seemed to freeze like she forgot something. She responded quickly with a yes before flipping to a page in her notebook, looks like she came a little prepared. It basically had a few notes jotted down on it with a huge DON’T FORGET TO TELL THE HUMAN at the top of the page.

“O-oh I almost forgot to tell you! The machine I designed, th-that basically allows transverse across the universes, has yet to go to certain zones. We’ve c-contacted the Sans in each universe already via an-another device s-s-so that they could agree to the social experiment. Some we have excluded because of the danger the pose to either you or the other Sans’s, some have declined the offer, but most have accepted. S-so if a few Sans’s just happen to show up don’t worry about it. I’ll send all their info to your phone s-so you know the basics of how they act… uh… some of the Sans’ can be a bit…. Pushy,” Alphys finishes with a shrug.

You nod understandingly. So you could have new people show up at any time basically, okay, you can deal with that. Also, a few of those people are going to try and push your buttons, okay, you can hit a bitch. Or maybe you can have a little fun and play a flirt? Yeah… that sounds like fun, teasing these skeletons and playing them like fiddles.

Maybe you could get used to being the only girl in close proximity. “Alright, w-well I’ll leave you here then. S-sans or, um, Bl-Blue will sh-show you to your room. O-oh and before I forget, there are cameras all over the house, i-its f-f-for security purposes a-a-as well as recorded en-encounters and interactions,” she says before getting up and heading out.

Blueberry hopped off your lap and begin to dance around excitedly. “OOOO CAN I SHOW THE HUMAN HER ROOM?! I DECORATED IT AND EVERYTHING!!!! PPPPPLLEEEASSSEE BLUE?!!” He begs with puppy-dog eyes.

Blue laughs heartily and nods. “Sure kid, knock yerself out.”

And your hand is taken by the excited little bundle of energy as you get up from the couch. Blueberry leads you out of the living area and to the staircase. He practically drags you up them in his hasty excitement and he takes you to the last room on the right. “OKAY HUMAN COVER YOUR EYES!”  He commands releasing your hand.

You giggle a bit and do as you're told while he goes to open the door. You attempt to peek through your fingers, but quickly get caught in the act and decided against it. “NO PEEKING!!” Blueberry huffed with one gloved hand on his hip.

After a creak signified the opening of the door you felt a tug at your arm to let you know you could uncover your eyes now without reprimand. Your hands fall to your sides and you enter the room. It was… nice.

It was very much like a child’s room. The walls were a bright blue and covered in sparkling yellow stars. The ceiling was white like normal, but covered in those glow-in-the-dark star sticky things. You can definitely see Blueberry’s touch in the decor. The bed was a queen-size with a blue comforter and pillow set, as well as several plush animals sitting on top of it. Other notable items in the room were a blue dresser, a blue chest at the foot of the bed, a yellow star rug where some pink slippers sat (perhaps Blue’s contribution?), and a train set looping itself around in the middle of the room.

“SO HUMAN DO YOU LIKE IT!?” Blueberry asks excitedly.

“Yes! This is awesome! Thanks Blueberry! MWUAH!” You kissed his cheekbone audibly and felt him stiffen up. Wow, it wasn’t going to be hard at all to have a bit of fun with the skeletons was it?



You nod and fake a yawn. “OH GOODNESS! SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU UP! I’LL JUST LEAVE NOW! GOOD NIGHT NEW HUMAN FRIEND! SWEET DREAMS!” He says before shutting the door behind him, lights still out.

Luckily, there was enough light from the glowing stars to see the bed’s outline in the room. You strip to your underwear and snuggle under the covers, careful not to disturb the stuffed animals. Blueberry was just so adorable, man you really almost felt bad for teasing him with that kissalmost. He seemed to enjoy it so that eased your mind.

Suddenly, your phone goes off on the nightstand next to the bed. The stand was blue, like everything else, and small, but enough to hold your phone and a glass of water or something. The vibrations against the wood sounded much louder than normal vibrations, it almost reminded you of an electric shaver for fucks sake.

You grab your phone and open the new message. It was from Alphys, big shocker there, saying she hoped you were settling in nicely and giving you brief descriptions of new tenants who were supposed to be arriving tomorrow.


‘Hey -----, Alphys here! I’m glad the meeting went well and you fit the position! :3 I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I’d had to take you back to the park…. Um… sorry I got off-track there, kind of happens a lot. Anyway, I’m texting you because I told you I would send the details of new tenants, and we just got confirmation from three…. unique individuals who I feel you should definitely be updated on before meeting!

Don’t worry though, none of the participants in the social study are dangerous, I promise! Though they may...misbehave at times. Anyway, here are their current files! Please read them thoroughly! I, uh, know they aren’t exactly ‘detailed’ but it’s all the information we have as of now, I’m sorry!


Underlust Sans: Nickname: Sex Machine, Daddy

Occupation: Sex Machine, Patrolman

Universe Details: Humans who fall down here are generally of the age of consent, or at least that’s what we’re told. Frisk in this world is much older and definitely feminine. Monsters here don’t fight humans, instead they see the rare opportunity… engage in exotic tastes as too good to pass up. The SOUL is pulled out during the ‘activity’ just like in a fight, but instead of damaging it with attacks they use it as an erogenous zone. SOUL magic is practically the ONLY magic humans have, so it is very sensitive, similar to summoned genitalia in some monster species, only even more compact. The slightest touch can cause a tremendous reaction from the human, it isn’t uncommon for a human to reach orgasm simply from SOUL stimulation alone. In fact, orgasm can be achieved rather easily using this method and one can even use the SOUL for the purpose of multiples. Should a monster want to take the human's SOUL, they simply overstimulate it to the point of unconsciousness, in this state the SOUL can be absorbed or simply taken. Underlust Sans has collected a total of three SOUL’s throughout his career as a patrolman.

Personality: While some would consider him to be vulgar and downright deplorable, there is an undeniable charm to this particular Sans. He insists on being called ‘Daddy’ since no one will stoop so low as to calling him ‘Sex Machine’. Somehow this is, though degrading, rather arousing for most of the staff. While one can clearly tell he wants to do so much more with the people around him, he is, for the most part, behaving. He hasn’t forced himself on anyone and he keeps his inappropriate behavior to a minimum or at least waits until he is out of the eyes of the public. He tries to be charming, while simultaneously trying to get the object of his desire out of their clothing as quickly as possible, in such a way that is domineering. Tread carefully around this one.

Mafia Sans: Nickname: Skullface

Occupation: Hitman

Universe Details: This Sans gives only vague details about his universe, perhaps he is trying to protect it? At any rate, we do know it is much more violent than ours. Fights are commonplace and deaths are even more so. Their Frisk was still a kid, their Frisk refused to fight, and just like ours their Frisk broke the BARRIER and freed them...but it wasn’t any better on the SURFACE. The monsters had grown to use to the life they’d known. It had become too late to change their ways. They didn’t know any other way of life. Luckily, they didn’t have to, humans had their own versions of what the monsters had created UNDERGROUND. So they kept the kid in the dark and with Toriel who wanted nothing to do with the mafia anymore, but as anybody can tell you once you are in there is no way out. So she became a safehouse for injured members, her healing magic being unrivaled and her heart being too big to deny those in need. Sans dealt with the trash, the deal breakers, the squealers, the shit druggies who couldn’t pay back loans, anybody he was told to dispose of. He was good at his job, and he was discreet. He could be in and out within a few seconds and no one would know what had happened to the poor fool he’d eighty-sixed. Sans has killed anywhere between a hundred to two hundred men and monsters, he claimed to have stopped counting after sixty.

Personality: He is suave and smooth, making those around him relax and play right into his hands. He likes to play poker, though hates to lose which makes it very hard to find and keep partners. He also has an ‘appreciation’ for beautiful things. Once he has his sights set on something he will stop at nothing to get it.

Dancetale Sans Nickname: Hip Hop

Occupation: Dancer

Universe Details: This universe is a lot like our own, but it differs in that fights are dance battles. Their Frisk was a ballet dancer and a good one at that, she was decidedly feminine and a little older than our Frisk. Their Asriel also appears to be living, though Chara is not. Sans specializes in Hip Hop style while Papyrus, being the more romantic of the two, seems to enjoy the tango. It’s interesting to see the footage of dance battles, but other than that there isn’t much to say on this universe.

Personality: He can be a bit shy. He wears his hood when dancing in public view so as to block out the world, but when alone or with his brother he pushes it down revealing his true desire to be seen and adored. He is very slick and can talk his way out of or into any situation. He enjoys dancing with others, but often times finds himself embarrassed even though his skills are superb. He loves to teach people how to dance and never gets angry with beginners, despite their mistakes. While teaching his anxiety seems to dissipate and he calms down around that person. Feigning ignorance may be a valid option when it comes to this Sans.

Jeez that’s a lot to read! Well, it seems like you’ll know a lot more about these Sans’s than you do about the ones you’re already stuck with! You lay back on the bed setting your phone on the nightstand. Man, this is going to be one full house…….oh Jesus Fucking H Christ can’t believe I actually made that reference!  

Chapter Text

You wake up to the television blaring from downstairs. You groan and sit up, grabbing your phone to check the time. Six AM!? Who the hell is up at six?!


You can’t help but laugh as you get yourself ready for the day. It seems that Alphys had taken the liberty of getting a few things for whoever was to get the job, including MTT brand makeup and hair accessories, as well as a brush and a hair dryer. That was nice of her! Or perhaps she was just doing product placement? Eh, who cares? You get free shit!

You leave the vanity alone for the time being though, leaving the cosmetics and other things untouched for the most part and head over to the closet. Inside there were several white sweaters of different sizes, along with a couple of jogging pants that also varied in size. Jeez, was Alphys really so worried about making a good impression?

You skim through the sweaters until you find one that’s your size and slip it on, it was very cozy, felt kind of like wearing a blanket. Finding jogging pants that fit was a much easier task as they stretched fairly well and were nearly a one size fits all kind of deal, or at least the ones you usually wore were anyway. You grab a black pair and slip them on. Great, now you were dressed and you were at least ready to go out of your room for the morning.

You quickly put on the bunny slippers and put your phone in your pocket before going out of your room.

“IT’S BEHIND YOU!” “I don’t see it. Do you Boots?” “COME ON DORA THE MAGNIFICENT SANS BELIEVES IN YOU!” “Oh, there it is!” “I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!”

You giggle at Blueberry even though at the moment you couldn’t see him, it was still funny as hell. “Gah! Blueberry, shut the fuck up! People are tryin’ to sleep up ‘ere!” Screeches Red from a doorway just above the staircase. Blueberry makes a huff sound and chastises Red saying, “LANGUAGE!”

“I’ll show ya language ya little runt-” Red stops his tirade as his pupils catch sight of you down the hall. “Well, mornin’ sweetcheeks.” His demeanor shifts completely as he leans against his open door. He is well aware that in order to get down the stairs you need to pass him, and his smug face says he won’t let you go that easily.

“Yeah, I have a name bonehead,’ you say rolling your eyes.

“-----, yeah, I know it sweetheart. I just don’t think it does ya any justice,” he says with a wink.

Oho, he wants to flirt, huh? Okay, let’s flirt. “Really there big boy?” You ask getting closer, a sultry look in your eyes and a sway to your hips. Because you know sweaters are the ultimate in seduction clothing. “You think you could come up with a better one?”

He nearly loses his balance from the initial shock, but he quickly recovers looking smugger than ever. “Maybe,” he replies pupils following the rhythm your hips created as you sauntered ever close.

You were right up on him now, you could see the sweat running down the side of his skull as he tried to keep his composure, and you could see the blush forming on his cheekbones. You looked into his eye sockets and at his pupils with the lustiest stare you could manage before trailing a hand along his cheek, down his jacket, and just barely brushing against his member through his cloths. “Someone’s excited,” you purr before leaning in close to his face, lips only centimeters away from his teeth.

“You want all this, big boy?” You ask rubbing against him. He’s panting now, and you are having way too much fun. He nods fervently and you grin deviously. “Good.” You pull away and he whimpers at the loss of contact. “Then earn it.”

You don’t give him time to recover before you head down the stairs. Blueberry’s head turns to see you and he smiles brightly. “HUMAN! GOOD MORNING! I’VE BEEN WATCHING THE HUMAN DORA AND HER SENTIENT MONKEY COMPANION BOOTS!” He exclaims excitedly.

You giggle at his explanation of Dora the Explorer and head over to sit next to him. He has dry cereal in a bowl, it appears to be Cheerios, and is munching away on it like popcorn. “WANT SOME?” He asks moving the bowl your way. There has to be at least a full box in there.

You shrug and reply, “sure, why not?”

The two of you continue eating cereal and watching Dora, with a few interruptions from Blueberry giving encouragement and advice to the make-believe cartoon girl. You smile and giggle at times, man Blueberry is like a little brother.

Eventually, the rest of the tenants come down to have coffee and breakfast. You end up making chocolate chip pancakes at the request of a certain cinnamon roll and your new job starts with cleaning the kitchen. Little blueberry helped though by putting the dishes away after they were clean and dry, and he even helped sweep and mop. He may just be your favorite!


You can’t help but smile at the little guy. “Nothing bud. We’re done for right now, but tell you what, why don’t you go pick out one of those Disney movies you like so much and I’ll make us some popcorn as a treat for being so helpful, huh?” You say gently patting his skull.

“OH BOY! THANK YOU NEW HUMAN FRIEND! I KNOW JUST WHAT TO PICK!” He squees before running out of the room.

You wonder briefly what movie he’ll pick, but it doesn’t really matter because you like all the Disney films. As you head to the kitchen and get  the popcorn out and into the microwave you can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Maybe you were being paranoid? You were in a new house with a lot of new people.

“Hey kid, thanks for being so nice to Blueberry,” Blue suddenly said. When the hell had he come into the kitchen!?

You jump back and clutch at your chest, your heart feeling like it might pound out if it wasn’t forced to stay inside. “What the hell Blue?!” You say almost angrily. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Jeez kid, didn’t mean to rattle your bones like that. I was just thanking ya for being so nice to Blueberry. He’s been having a really difficult time making friends here. People… well they don’t understand his… enthusiasm. He acts fine and all, but he gets really lonely, especially now since he’s here without his brother. All of us, whether we want to admit it or not, are really close to our brothers, and that goes even more so for him… his brother basically cared for him since he was a baby bones and losing that? It’s real hard on a person, human or monster, but he seems to have taken a real likin’ to ya and so far you’ve been nothin’ but nice to the guy. So I only feel it fair to warn ya…. Kid…. if you ever hurt him…. Y o u ‘ r e  g o n n a  h a v e  a  b a d  t i m e.” Holy shit.

Everything went black and Blue vanished. Fuck that’s spooky, scary! Man, never get on his bad side!

The popcorn finishes with a DING and you quickly pour into a bowl. You really needed some chill time with Blueberry to forget everything that just happened. Grabbing the bowl in both hands you hurry into the living room where Blueberry sits waiting for you.

“HUMAN FINALLY YOU’RE HERE! I WAS BEGINNING TO GET WORRIED!” He says as you pop a squat next to him.

“Nah, I’m tough as nails. Popcorn was just taking its time,” you reply with a wink.

He blushes as he pushes the play button on the remote. As it started you immediately recognized the film, The Great Mouse Detective. Huh, you thought maybe Blueberry would be more of a Robin Hood type or Mulan or even Hercules. You could see how he would like The Great Mouse Detective, the heroes are small and have to use their wit as opposed to brute strength to get out of problems.

“Oooh, are you two watching that moving picture film with that one detective mouse!?” Science Sans asks trying to hide his excitement, clearly this is also a favorite of his as well.

MMMMMHMMM, YOU SHOULD WATCH WITH US! WE HAVE POPCORN!” Blueberry chimed happily shaking the bowl.

S. S. made his way downstairs and sat on the other side of you. “While I will have to decline your, generous offer of the popped corn, I will most definitely come and watch the film with you! I absolutely am infatuated with the protagonist and his intelligence as well as ingenuity! Oh, but I’ll hush now, wouldn’t want to talk through the whole thing would I?” He chuckles settling in and fixating his gaze on the television.

“Yo, what’re you nerds doin’?” Red questioned from the stairs.

It had just gotten to the part where Basil shows up dressed in his disguise too! “WE’RE NOT NERDS! AND WE ARE WATCHING THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE!” Blueberry huffs indignantly before pulling a one-eighty and asking. “WANNA JOIN?”

Red laughed, making you want to punch him in the face so much more than you already did, this was quality adult entertainment damnit! “Eh, why not? Got nothin’ else ta do until Alphys shows up with the new guys,” he says, oh yeah that was today, “Besides, I like that Vincent Price guy as the rat.”

You were almost shocked that Red was cultured enough to know who Vincent Price was, let alone the roles he played. Perhaps he wasn’t as simple as everyone thought he was? Then he sits on the couch and grabs some popcorn from Blueberry, proceeding to attempt to throw a piece down your shirt. Nope, he was just a jerk.

You made it nearly to the villain song ‘The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind’, before another interruption, fuck you wish you had a bell that summoned a skeleton eating beast right around now!

“Hey, what’s everyone doin’ sittin’ by the tv?” G asks descending the stairs, his long legs allowing him to skip one or two and quicken his pace.

“Oh, hey G just watching The Great Mouse Detective, wanna come watch with?” You ask not nearly as annoyed, something about his smooth tone calming you.

G Sans shrugs and comes on over, due to his height he chooses to sit behind you, that way he can see and still be close to you (as both sides of you were currently occupied by S.S. and Blueberry). “Never argue over gettin’ to spend more time with you doll,” he whispers once he is seated so that only you can hear.

Is it healthy to want to fuck a skeleton? Because right now your body was desperately craving that very odd sin. The only thing that saved you was Blueberry’s humming to the song, it was just too damn adorable for you to be aroused. You’d have to find a way to thank him later.

The remainder of the movie went on as intended, Blueberry gasping when Ratigan kidnapped Olivia, even though he’d clearly seen it before, and cheering when Basil saved her at Big Ben. Then leaning on you for comfort when Ratigan transforms into what he truly is on the inside, and all of the sophistication and finesse vanishing as the clothing gets ripped off by the clock’s interior mechanism. You didn’t giggle or laugh at his reaction, he was acting just like a little kid who was seeing something scary for the first time (again even though he’d seen it before it didn’t really matter) , and that you could relate to, after all you were young once, and frightened once.

So as he gently shook you held him and stroked his skull gently. The other Sans’s were too interested in the climax to notice Blueberry, and you wonder if before you come here, did he have to suffer alone? He still watched the movie, he was still clearly interested in what was happening, but he had gotten so immersed he genuinely felt like Basil was in danger and that Ratigan was a real threat. Poor thing. As soon as they both fell of the clockface he went stiff, oh god, don’t cry. Luckily before he could start the ‘big reveal’ happened and Basil arose through the smoke using the zeppelins propeller and a bicycle’s pedals as a makeshift helicopter.

Blueberry pulls back and cheers, you act like nothing happened. After the movie ends, you go take the, now empty, popcorn bowl into the kitchen and drop it in the sink. You’d clean it up later….maybe.

You hear scuffling behind you and turn to see Blueberry standing in the entranceway to the kitchen shifting from foot to foot uncomfortably. “Oh hey, Blueberry, what’s the matter?” You ask concerned.

He looks around the room then at you. “WH-WHY ARE YOU BEING SO NICE TO ME?” He asks with a blue jelly-like substance gathering at the sides of his eye sockets. Oh shit, is he crying!?

“Wh-What do you mean? Blueberry, y-you’re my friend, of course I’m nice to you,” you reply.

He violently shakes his head. “N-NO I MEAN Y-YOU’RE REALLY NICE! NICER THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN I’VE MET BESIDES FRISK! EVERYBODY ELSE WHO’S BEEN NICE WANTED SOMETHING!” He is full on crying now. You wonder if Sans (Blue) is going to come kill you now, but that’s not what’s important, what’s important is calming Blueberry.

“No Blueberry. I would never do something like that,” you say sweetly.

He doesn’t seem to hear you or notice you as you get closer to him. His magic is swirling around him in blue wisps and his right eye has gone devoid of light, his left has a single fiery blue pupil. “T-THEY WANTED THE NOVELTY OF BEING F-FRIENDS WITH A MON-MONSTER OR TO LOOK C-COOL IN FRONT OF THEIR R-R-REAL FRIENDS OR JUST BEEN NICE TO DO SOMETHING MEAN AND LAUGH AT ME LATER!” God, who had tortured this poor innocent soul?

His magic was getting worse, things were beginning to levitate and vibrate, but still you got closer. You needed to hold him, to assure him that you weren’t like that and you were NOT going anywhere. “MY PAPYRUS AND ALPHYS CAN ONLY VISIT SO OFTEN AND EVEN THEN IT GETS HARDER AND HARDER TO HIDE HOW MUCH I WANT TO GO HOME! THE OTHER SANS’S DON’T LIKE ME! SOMETIMES I DON’T EVEN LIKE MYSELF AND I- HUH?” He stops mid sentence, his magic still heavy in the air, as you embrace him tightly.

He doesn’t do anything, he stops talking altogether and goes limp in your arms letting his tears flow, falling onto you, but you couldn’t care less. “Shhhhh, it’s okay,” you murmur, much like a mother would comforting their child. “I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.”

He sobs a bit and clutches onto you like a lifeline. “I promise, all I want is to be your friend, not because of what you are, but because of who. You are The Magnificent Sans, the bestest best friend anybody could ever have! People are just jealous because they can’t come close!” You encourage.

He continues sobbing before you pull back and take his chin in your palm. “Listen to me Blueberry. There is nobody in the entire world who is more special or unique than you,” you say softly before giving the top of his skull a kiss.

He blushes and you smile and wipe his tears away. “Now, what do you say you turn off the magic and let’s make some hot chocolate while we wait for Alphys to get here with the new guys, huh?”

He nods carefully setting down the levitating objects and extinguishing the remaining magic in the air. His other pupil returned and it was like this never happened, he even helped you make the hot chocolate. You could’ve done the normal packets, but you preferred heating milk in a pot with chopped up chocolate and some cinnamon, it just tasted better to you.

Blueberry cleaned up the pot and you got your mugs and sat on the couch. Maybe these new guys wouldn’t be so bad? Things seemed pretty chill around here for the most part and you think you could handle a couple more guys.

Blueberry sits beside you and grabs his mug. He takes a big gulp of it and you giggle. “Don’t do that! You’ll burn your tongue!” You chastise half-heartedly.


“How do you taste without a tongue?” You inquire taking a sip of your own cocoa.

He smiles and wiggles his fingers mysteriously as he replies, “MAGIC!”

So things cool down between you two as you finish your drink. Mostly, you just talk and laugh at each other’s jokes and antics. You're about to finish your coca when the front door bursts open, causing you to drop your mug. You brace for impact, but luckily Blueberry has caught it with his magic and quick thinking.

“Sk-Sk-Skullface, I t-told you not to do that!” You hear Alphys complain behind a Sans in a black pinstripe suit with matching hat and tie, the stripes being blue, you are sensing a theme here with most Sans’s.

“Heh, sorry Al. Got a little carried away, won’t happen again,” the one in the suit, probably Skullface, replied.

His voice is different from the others and has somewhat of an italian spin on it, though not enough to be noticeable if you weren’t listening closely. Alphys sighs as they all step in. Skullface stands in the corner of the room, eyeing you intently. Creepy fuck.

Another Sans in a blue hoodie, black sweatpants with white stripes, blue tennis shoes, and black fingerless gloves comes in after Alphys, his hood up and looking around nervously. The one behind him however, well, there was NOTHING shy about that one.

He had a black crop top with a blue heart in the center that only covered his ribcage, leaving a large portion of his spine completely revealed, his jacket was sleeveless and a dark purple color with a neon blue fur lined collar, he even had his own black fingerless gloves, he wore tight black leather pants, and light blue boots. His eyes were dark purple hearts and everything about him just screamed ‘fuck me’. When he caught sight of you the first thing he did was come over and lean over the couch in such a sexual way you were red as a beet and you didn’t even do anything.

“So Alyphys you goin’ to introduce us to this little cutie pie here or are we just supposed to stand around here all day lookin’ at her?” He purred.

You weren’t sure if it was going to be you who was doing the teasing anymore.

Chapter Text

Blueberry took immediate disliking to ‘Daddy’, Gah you hated that name, and did not care for how he was looking at you. It was much worse than Red or G combined, it was like he was literally undressing you with his eyes. It’d gotten to the point his tongue was hanging out of his mouth lewdly, purple saliva dripping from it and onto his crop top, eww. Blueberry gets up and nudges you into the spot he previously sat, all the while glaring at Daddy to see if he would try something.

“Aww, did little boy blue get jealous?” Daddy mocked, God you hated that nickname, fuck him for making you use it.


The bombastic Sans began laughing, holding his sides as his ribs shook from the intensity of his guffaws. “Listen kid, don’t know exactly, how much ya know about the birds and the bees, but I ain’t your nanny so I’m not goin’ through the shit involved, but let’s assume you ain’t completely clueless, yeah?” He says looking Blueberry in the eye sockets. “That, *he points to you* is what we in the sex bizz call a fox, a fine piece of ass, one sexy bi-”

He was cut off by a punch to the jaw, causing everyone in the room, save the two involved in the dispute, and Skullface, to gasp. Blueberry had plain out given him a power hit right in the kisser! Holy shit! You could handle everything the asshole was saying about you, you had heard it all, and much worse, before from a drunk fiance or his friends, but fuck, you’d never expected Blueberry to get involved like that!

Daddy paused and rubbed his jaw, laughing a bit, before shrugging and walking off. “Fine, I’ll play nice for now, but don’t expect me to let things go a second time, and don’t even think for a second I’m done with you sweetie,” he purrs standing beside the door.

Everyone, who had been quiet up until this point, began to settle down. You held Blueberry’s hand and he seemed much calmer, though he still glared daggers at Daddy. “So um, -----, h-how was your f-first night?” Alyphys asked in an awkward attempt to break the tension.

You smile and reply sincerely, “it went fine.” “Th-that’s good! H-h-have you heard or seen anything odd?” She asks sweating a bit.

You tilt your head a bit, clearly confused and a bit concerned when she elaborates. “W-w-well, you s-see the machine seems to have picked up unidentified travelers,” she begins but quickly adds, “th-th-there is no reason to believe that they c-c-could be dangerous, b-but nevertheless you should be aware that there could be unexpected guests or odd occurrences!”

“Alright, Alphys. Do you have any information on the ‘travelers’?” You ask.

“W-well no,” she replies nervously rubbing her hands together.

Science Sans takes pity upon the poor Doctor and explains the rest of what is known. “You see, ------, the machine creates a power flux whenever it is used and because of this all of the other electronics are forcibly shut down when it is in use. A major technical flaw one might say, but a minor price to pay for trans-dimensional travel,” Science explains. “Not to mention the benefactors were threatening to pull the funding from the project altogether if Alphys could not produce results within a very limited span of time, so a few sacrifices had to be made in order to achieve the quickest desired result. Now, the cameras get shut off, as I have said, but they have to reboot as well, which takes more time. By the time the cameras come back online whoever it was that came through had already left, but they didn’t break, steal, or harm anything, including the lab mice in another sector and the security guard, who claimed to have simply not seen anything. So it is safe to assume that they mean no harm.”

You nod, that made sense, but why hadn’t the guard seen anything? Was he asleep or not paying attention?

“The guard had looked around the laboratory for any sign of life, but other than the occasional rustle or squeak from the mice he couldn’t find anything. So whoever entered was either a master of stealth, had the ability to teleport, or was approximately the size of a lab mouse, or perhaps rat, to go undetected, if the guard is to be believed,” S. S. ended eloquently

Well, that effectively answered your question, and left you wondering if S. S. could read minds. Creepy….

“So we got a few monster to take care of, nothing new,” Skullface spoke his voice reminding you of Alcapone’s from Scarface…. Aaaannnnddd you just got his nickname….god you could be such a dumb ass.

“Maybe not for you Mr. Kill For Fun, but some of us aren’t exactly….ready to defend ourselves,” G retorted gesturing towards you, S. S. and Blueberry respectively.

“I can handle watching that cutie pie’s sweet ass any day,” Daddy purred, eliciting a growl and dangerous glare from Blueberry.

“Yeah, and what makes ya think she’d even want someone like you to keep her safe?” Red challenged, eye flaring with malicious intent. “She hardly even knows ya, and you’ve been nothing but trouble since the moment ya walked in.”

“Awww, is the big bad monster afraid I’ll steal away his pwecious wittle human?” Daddy mocks, clearly unphased by Red’s thinly veiled anger.

Luckily before the situation got out of hand Alphys stepped in to defuse it. “L-l-look g-g-guys there is n-no need for f-fighting! I a-assure you the house is p-protected from intruders, and the cameras would p-p-pick up anybody e-even if they did get in! S-so I would b-be aware of any d-danger and could call t-the proper authorities immediately! N-n-nobody needs to w-w-watch anybody!” She intervenes clearly frightened but trying her best to sound authoritative.

Red just grumbles and turns, while Daddy merely chuckles and shrugs it off. “I’m going t-to need you to c-come back with me to the lab!” She instructs Daddy as she turns to leave.

“Gonna give me a lecture for being such a bad boy?” He remarks snarkily.

Alphys rolls her eyes and turns back to you. “Now, s-since it is their first day here I s-suggest simply showing them their rooms and then around the town, maybe g-go to the park, or just stay home and mess around in the back yard. I w-won’t tell you how to interact with them since that would ruin the integrity of the social experiment, but th-those are just a f-few ideas to get you started!” She says helpfully before walking out the door taking Daddy with her.

As the door shuts behind them you look at the two remaining new Sans’s. Skullface is still staring at you and Hip Hop is just looking at his feet with his hood obscuring his face. So one is a creepy motherfucker and the other is as social as a clam….you could work with this! Letting go of Blueberry’s hand you get up off the couch and stretch, exaggeratedly. “I don’t know about you guys, but the park sounds nice to me!” You say happily.

G shrugs, “wherever you are at is where I wanna be.” Red glares at G and then quickly says that he thinks the park is okay and wouldn’t mind going. S.S. looks apprehensive, but then you mention that he could bring a notepad and catalog all the native flora and fauna, which quickly gets him to agree. A.S. seems unamused by the idea, much preferring to stay home and watch the Opera channel, but when you tell him about the Amphitheatre and how it isn’t uncommon for local actors to get together and perform a play he instantly changes his attitude. Blueberry is ecstatic, of course, and can’t wait to play at the park. Skullface and Hip Hop just go along with it, having not seen much of anything in this universe really. And Blue, well he straight up declines stating he’d rather nap than go to the park.

“C’mon Blue, everybody else is already in the car!” You grunt as you try and pull his dead(ha)weight off the couch.

Literally five minutes had passed with you trying to convince the blue bastard to get off his ass and go with you all. By now the others were in the car waiting on you. “Nah, go on without me kid,” he says flopping back down.

You kick the couch in frustration as you hear the front door open. “Lady ------, I wouldst never wish to rush thine noble pursuits, but as we speakest there mightst be a great tale unfolding in yonder wood!” A.S. says his voice begging you to move.

“But, what about Blue?” You ask throwing your arms in the direction of the lump slowly becoming one with the furniture.

“Time waits for no man nor beast nor monster milady! We must away!”

You let out a frustrated noise and head off to the car. By the time you get there A.S. is already buckled in and everything, you really hope there is a play going on today, for the poor guy’s sake. You adjust the mirrors and seat accordingly before buckling yourself in and driving off. It’s a good thing you spent so much time at the park, you knew where practically everything was! You could navigate it like an actual guide, or even better, you weren’t boring and hated your job!

Soon enough you had made it to the park and everybody left the vehicle. Blueberry waited for you to get out and hold his hand before he would enter, aww he was so cute, apparently he was too scared to go in by himself. The others had already wandered off, but the park was fenced in so that was okay, you knew they weren’t far, leaving you and Blueberry alone. As soon as you entered people began to stare at Blueberry and whisper things to each other, you glared at them and practically dared any one of them to try anything.

Luckily, it was that time of day were most kids were gone and so were their parents. Mainly all that was left were dog-walkers and joggers. Still, if anybody dared to say anything to your sweet little Blueberry you wouldn’t hesitate to kick some ass!

Blueberry didn’t seem to notice, or care about, the stares and murmurs and instead excitedly dragged you over to the swing set. “NEW HUMAN FRIEND WILL YOU PLEASE PUSH ME!?” He practically begs as he tries, but fails, to swing himself.

“Of course Blueberry, what are friends for?” You reply sweetly as you get behind his swing. “Now I want you to make sure you’re holding on tight and planted to that seat because we are about to blast OFF!”

You push him with the last word and he giggles and exclaims, “WEEEEE!”

You continue pushing him and he keeps laughing, his laughter feeling you with a certain warmth that was hard to describe. When he had gotten high enough you got out of the way and leaned against the metal bars of the swing set. You happen to glance the amphitheatre and notice that there are no actors on the stage….well there is one, technically, and it takes all your willpower not to laugh as A.S. performs A Midsummer Night’s Dream solo.

He seems to have gathered quite the crowd as well, probably due to the fact he is doing an entire play himself and that he is a skeleton, it might be funnier if he were doing Hamlet (alas, poor Yorick). Luckily, the play area was close enough for you to see the amphitheatre fairly well and hear decently, you supposed it was an attempt to bring culture into the lives of children. You were preoccupied for awhile until Blueberry came and tugged on your sleeve. “IS ACTOR DOING A PLAY?!”  He asks bouncing up and down.

“Yes he is,” you reply. “And he seems to have gathered quite the crowd.”

“CAN WE GO WATCH?!” He pleads with you.

“Are you sure this is something you want to do, hun? It’s a bit boring, and you’d have to sit still and be quiet,” you say unsure if he realized exactly what watching a play entailed.

He huffed and placed his hands on his hips. “I CAN BE QUIET!! I CAN SIT STILL! BESIDES ACTOR IS TECHNICALLY A FRIEND SO I SHOULD BE THERE TO SUPPORT HIM! YOU WANT TO SUPPORT HIM, DON’T YOU?” He asks tapping his foot impatiently.

“Of course hu-” “GOOD LET’S GO!”

You’re forcibly taken by the hand and practically dragged to the amphitheatre. After bumping into, and apologizing to, several people you finally plant your butts down on one of the stone seats closer to the stage. Blueberry waves frantically at Actor, who either doesn’t see him or ignores him entirely, before holding your hand and swaying his legs as if he were walking, except he couldn’t even touch the ground. At least he was quiet.

A. S. was about as good as you expected him to be. He faked a woman’s voice when a female was supposed to be speaking, but for the most part kept that weird olde english thing. He never flubbed his lines, in fact one guy had a copy of the thing here and was following along, he was 100% accurate, if not a little hammy. It was a God sent when finally the end came.

“If we shadows have offended,

Think but this, and all is mended,

That you have but slumbered here

While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme,

No more yielding but a dream,

Gentles, do not reprehend:

If you pardon, we will mend:

And, as I am an honest Puck,

If we have unearned luck

Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue,

We will make amends ere long;

Else the Puck a liar call;

So, good night unto you all.

Give me your hands, if we be friends,

And Robin shall restore amends.”

With that Actor took off his feathered cap, and bowed before the audience whose faces were filled with a different kind of delight, the kind of ‘this was so bad it was good’. He got applause though and Blueberry stood up and clapped loudly, he’d managed to be relatively behaved throughout the entire ordeal. You clapped a bit and then took Blueberry’s hand and walked down to the stage.

It was beginning to get late and you needed to round up the gang before heading home. Actor came up to you with a rose in his hand. “For you, milady,” he says with a small bow before handing it over. Where the hell did that come from?! God why are you blushing so hard!?
“T-Thank you, Actor, it’s lovely,” you reply trying to keep your tone even.

“Ah, but tis a mere weed in comparison to your countenance, fair lady,” he says taking your hand unexpectedly and kissing it. Damn, he’s smooth!

You withdraw hurriedly and clear your throat. “Yes w-well. I’m gonna go get the others. You head on back to the car and wait for me,” you say before turning away.

Actor looks a little crestfallen, but quickly recovers. “As you wish,” he replies. Just before you go with Blueberry to find the others he gestures two fingers from his eye sockets to Actor, giving him the classic warning ‘I’m watching you’.

Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be as awkward.

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You found Red and Science, weirdly enough, in the same place. They were backed up against the fence by a bunch of teenagers who seemed to be having fun throwing rocks at them and saying various derogatory statements. Red was shielding Science with his body and magic while Science cowered at the confrontation. It seemed that S. S. wasn’t used to this type of thing as his lab coat was torn and his glasses were broken.

Red’s left eye flared angrily with fiery magic comparable to the flames of hell as the stray wisps licked the side of his skull. Clearly, this was more than the ignorant teens had bargained for because a his eye flared they began to pale, you think one may have actually pissed themselves with fear. Serves them fucking right!

The teens high tail it out of there as Red summons things similar to bull skulls, only demonic looking and magical, that floated in mid-air behind him, mouths open and energy gathering to form a laser, or at least you assume, hey you’d watched enough sci-fi movies to figure out energy gathering usually equals laser firing!

“Tha’s right you’d better run ya pussies!” Red hollers after them voice menacing. Holy shit did he like so intimidating right now!

He had a few scratches on his clothes and on his skull, but Red seemed to care more about Science’s well-being than his own. Red bends down and offers a hand to S.S. “Ya okay, Science?” He asks, voice softer.

Science takes his hand and uses it as leverage to lift himself up fully. “Y-yes, I believe so. I have m-more glasses and clothing at the house, and I’m not terribly injured, what about you?” Science asks looking over Red’s body.

“Yeah, just a little scratched up, no biggie,” he replies. Science looks as if he is about to respond, but Red notices you and Blue and intercedes. “Hey, sweetheart, how mucha that did ya see?”

“Enough,” you reply. “Look, I’m going to go get G, Skullface, and Hip Hop, Actor is already at the car. We can talk about this later, right now you two get to the car and wait on me okay?”

“Sure thing doll,” Red says with a wink.

The two head off towards the car, Science leaning on Red a little, making you wonder if those fucking kids actually physically assaulted him before Red came along. Why were people so unaccepting of things that were different? Homosexuals, pansexuals, bisexuals, trangenders, asexuals, any person who was different from their ‘birth gender’ and went against ‘traditional’ ideology was a target, but now that monsters had come they were so much easier to hate. Monsters weren’t the same species, therefore they couldn’t possibly have the same level of comprehension, the same complex emotions, the same type of sentience as us. Fuck humanity! Fuck its backwards way of thinking and fuck its ignorance! Let people be who they want to be, humans, monsters, hell animals too! There are some gay animals, you’d read articles about a penguin couple in some zoo just recently that were both male! For fuck’s sake just live and let live!

“H-human? A-are you okay?” Blueberry’s voice squeaked from your side.

You snap out of your thoughts and look at him, realizing that your vision is blurry….you were crying out of a mixture of anger and passion. You wipe your eyes and nod your head with a smile. “Yeah, Blueberry, it’s just...I wish people were nicer to each other,” you say with a sigh.

He nods understandingly. “I understand. It’s hard to be happy when everyone around you is either blatantly against you or secretly despises you,” he responds eye sockets going black for a moment before returning to normal. “BUT HEY, YOU’VE GOT ME TO LOOK AFTER YOU NOW! AND I, THE MAGNIFICENT SANS, PROMISE THAT NOBODY WILL EVER HURT YOU! MWEH HEH HEH!”

You weren’t sure whether to be scared from the momentarily blank sockets or feel sad that he genuinely thought the world was out to get him. You decide to play it off though and keep smiling. “Of course, nobody would ever dare with you around,” you say encouragingly.

Blueberry’s eyes sparkle at your words and his grin gets wider. You walk with Blueberry for a bit until you find G or rather he finds you, he sneaks up behind you when Blueberry starts chasing fireflies. It was getting late enough for them to start coming out, and as soon as he saw a butt light up he was on it like the paparazzi on the Kardashians.

G managed to sneak up behind you and wrap his arms  around your shoulders. “Hey love, come here often?” He asks with a breathy chuckle.

“Christ G! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” You try and scold him, but fail as he laughs it off.

“Sorry sweetheart, didn’t mean to scare you,” he whispers in your ear, voice smooth as silk and soft as down, but still dark and rich.

You shudder at the feel of his breath against your skin. “You didn’t scare me,” you reply with a huff.

“Oh? I didn’t? Then why’d you get so tense and start breathing all fast when I grabbed ya?” He asked smugly.

Had you? You weren’t scared, after hearing his voice, but then why had you still been tense? Even now, being this close to him was causing you to tense up and your breath to quicken. Did you like him? He was really good looking...for a skeleton, and his voice was so soothing and smooth….and dark.

“You still with me love?” He asks with a chuckle. Oh, you’d dazed out there for a while, and Blueberry was coming back from his little excursion.

“Uh, yeah,” You reply with a shy grin.

“Good, wouldn’t want to lose even a second with you sweetheart,” he says before giving your cheek a chaste kiss and pulling away.


“Hey, Blueberry. Well, guess I’d better get on to the car, oh and don’t worry about Skullface I already told him to meet us there,” G tells you with a wink. How does he know?

“OH OKAY! BYE G! NOW WE GOTTA FIND HIP HOP!” Blueberry says skipping ahead.

“How’d you-” “I know a lotta things sweetheart,” G replies with a wink before heading off.

How did he know? How had he snuck up on you? He was so tall, he couldn’t hide behind anything, was he following you guys the whole time? Not closely, of course, but close enough to know what was up. Then how’d he go find Skullface? GAH! This was confusing, you were determined to find out this skeletons secrets! Right after you found Hip Hop!

You follow behind Blueberry who seems to know where he’s going, are at least thinks he does. It pays off as within minutes you two find him dancing for a ‘crowd’ of around five or six people, his hood all the way up obscuring his face and line of sight. It was clear he enjoyed what he was doing, and was damn good at it, it was a shame that he was so shy. Maybe, you could help him with it?

One thing at a time, ------, one thing at a time. You go amidst the small crowd surrounding him and call out that it’s to go home. He freezes, mid-move and then quickly stuffs his hands in his hoodie and makes a small nod. The crowd disperses and you three head off to the car.

“WOWIE HIP HOP! THAT WAS SO COOL! I LOVE THE WAY YOU DANCE!” Blueberry compliments his eyes sparkling with delight.

You glance back at the two and see a low blue glow from under Hip Hop’s hood, clearly he was embarrassed and blushing heavily, poor guy. “Hey, Blueberry, what do you wanna do when we get home? We still got a bit of time before bed,” you say clearly trying to take the heat off Hip Hop.

“OH! OH! OH! CAN WE WATCH ANOTHER MOVIE!?” Blueberry asks skipping up to you.

You glance briefly back at Hip Hop to make sure he was okay, and you catch him looking at you. He smiles shyly before darting his face towards the ground again. You resist the urge to laugh and instead reply to Blueberry. “Yes, we can, you can even pick it out bud,” you reply rubbing his skull affectionately.

“MWEH HEH HEH! YAY! THANK YOU HUMAN!” He says happily.

You three come up on the car where everyone is waiting, all of them but G and Skullface already seated. G was leaning on the hood like a seat and Skullface was just leaning against the back his pupils darting around as if he expected to be attacked at any second. “Hey, finally found him huh?” G asked taking a drag off his cig before tossing it and stomping out the embers.

“Yeah, wasn’t too hard,” you reply.


Lord he was just too cute sometimes! You gathered the rest of the Sans’s into the vehicle before driving off, you were so ready to just relax and wind down with a movie. Turning down onto your street you breath a sigh of relief, you had managed to survive your first full day at your new job surrounded by skeletons, a few of which wanted to bone you. All in all, it was a pretty great day!

As soon as you pulled up and parked the car Blueberry flew like a bat out of hell into the house. “Jeez, what’s his deal?” Red asked as he lumbered out of the car.

You put the keys in your pocket for now as you get out and reply with a laugh, “I told him he could pick out a movie to watch before bed.”

Everyone but Skullface and Hip Hop made a noise of understanding, and Red’s held a bit of annoyance. “Oh God, I swear, if I have to watch Frozen one more fuckin’ time I’m gonna hang myself,” Red mutters.

You can’t help but laugh at his response. You also find yourself weirdly curious about how many times they have watched Frozen. If it was anything like the rest of the world population, they were probably to the point of clawing their own eyes out. Not that the film was bad, it was just that kids watched it so much and so often that it got old FAST.

“Aw, c’mon Red, don’t ya think you should just Let It Go,” G replies with a smirk.

“Y’know what fuck you! Fuck you and your messed up skull!” Red spouts before stomping off into the house.

G just laughed and followed him in accompanied with Science and Actor. Skullface saunters in after them leaving you outside with Hip Hop. Before you move you feel a tap on your shoulder and turn to see Hip Hop looking at you with his shy smile. “Um...thanks for….at the park…..” he struggles to form a sentence, his voice is soft and almost inaudible, he keeps his gaze towards the ground. “I’m sorry I’m not….good with….interactions. It….means a lot to me…..that you did what you did….even though it wasn’t much….um...I’m gonna go now.”

He tried to go into the house but you stopped him with a small tug to his hoodie. “Uh, hey, if it’s not too much trouble, would you teach me how to dance?” You ask softly batting your eyelashes and smiling warmly.

He doesn’t respond at first and you’re almost worried you’d been to forward with the reclusive skeleton so you try and backtrack. “If you don’t want to-” “No!” He suddenly interrupts in what might have well been a scream for the soft spoken soul. “Uh…...I mean, sure, if you want to…”

He is blushing again and you giggle just a little bit before replying. “Of course I do otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.”

He nods and starts walking towards the house. “Alphys said you might want lessons… so she has a little space in her lab that we can use. It was storage but she cleared it out and cleaned it up….now we can use it…. Anyway let’s get in the house before the others start wondering where we are.”

You follow him inside and set the keys on the counter before entering the living room where everyone is sitting around the television. “Hey guys, what’re we watchin’?” You ask scooting by the others to sit next to Blueberry on the floor.


“Oh that’s, wait what!?” You freak a little because you know this film, hell you loved it, and you KNEW it was NOT a film for an innocent like Blueberry.

“Calm down, sweetie, it ain’t that bad,” Red says. “Besides, you know it’s totally worth watchin’ for Jessica alone.”

Annnnnd that’s why!

“WHO’S JESSICA?” Blueberry asks innocently.

You look at the screen, the were at the Ink and Paint Club, so it wouldn’t be long until Blueberry’s world would forever be changed. You had the biggest girl boner for Jessica Rabbit as a kid, and fuck as an adult it had only gotten harder! There was no way in hell Blueberry could stay innocent after seeing her voluptuous body strutting around on stage, her dress sparkling, her hips swaying, her breasts perfectly sitting in her tight clothes…..speaking of clothes you think you have soaked yours just by thinking about a cartoon woman…..God you’re a freak aren’t you?

“Watch and learn squirt, watch and learn,” is all Red said as the music for Jessica’s number started with the smooth saxophone.

Blueberry was watching intently and his eyes sparkled as Jessica’s leg slipped out of the curtain, then his pupils widened and his mouth opened in a form of awe as her body was revealed. Annnnnnnnnnd it’s gone…. Blueberry’s innocence has left the building. You would feel really upset if you too weren’t so entranced by the performance on the screen.

The cinematography, the visuals, the sound, and Jessica fucking Rabbit, GOD it all made this scene so fucking perfect! It all ended too quickly, as usual, with her little cocktease with Eddie’s tie, fuck what you wouldn’t give to be in Valiant’s seat in that moment. “Yo, sugar, you okay over there? You’re droolin’,” Red asks with a chuckle.

Huh? SHIT! He was right, you totally were! Your tongue was out and everything, dammit how long had this been going on? You wipe your face clean and then turn to him with a smirk on your face. “Oh and I’m supposed to believe you have a mini-lightsaber in your pants?” You retort cleverly noting the faint red glow coming from beneath his shorts.

Everyone, except Blueberry and Red, laughed causing Red to turn his namesake and fold his arms into a pout as he sank deeper into the couch. The rest of the movie went by rather uneventfully, nobody commented or talked. The only scene Blueberry clung to you for was the shoe scene when Judge Doom dipped the poor squeaky shoe who was rubbing up against him into the toon’s equivalent of acid, and in truth that scene still bothered you so you could get his discomfort with it.

Most everyone had gone to bed before the ending, it was late and they’d all seen it anyway, but Blueberry stayed up throughout the whole thing. He started to doze of towards the last little bit but managed to trudge through. You had to help him to bed though as he was too sleepy to make it on his own up the stairs.

You didn’t mind it, and even tucked him in gently. “Um… could I have a goodnight kiss?” He asks innocently with a yawn.

You giggle a bit, man was he too cute, you couldn’t say no to the little guy. “Alright, but just this once,” you say before bending down to give him a kiss on his cheek bone.

Just before your lips met his bone though he turned his head so that you met his teeth. The sneaky little devil! You felt a soft tingling exchange between the two of you, magic? After the shock wore off you pull back and begin blushing furiously. “Uh… goodnight Blueberry,” you say softly before turning to leave.

“Night,” he replies with a satisfied grin. That cheeky little demon!

You close the door softly behind you, that was still fairly innocent though. It was only a kiss, and a chaste one at that, no tongue, very brief. You could tell it was his first, and you felt kind of bad about being his first kiss, he deserved a much nicer person than you as his first kiss, as his first anything really. Your thought gets disturbed by a sudden growling noise and you look around to find the source, it doesn’t sound like an animal, then you feel a rumbling and you realize the growling is you, or rather your stomach. You hadn’t eaten in a while and you were getting a bit peckish.

By now the others had already gone to their rooms to retire for the night and downstairs was empty, so you were careful to tread quietly down the stairs and into the kitchen. You begin to rummage in the fridge for something to eat, but can’t decide on what you feel like eating. You don’t feel like cooking, or washing dishes…. You check the cabinets, AHA! You find a small ‘Cup-O-Noodles’ towards the back and grab it. Chicken flavor, you could get down with the chicken!                                                                  
You read the instructions and tear off the plastic. You pull open the paper lid halfway and fill to the line with water. Finally, you stick it in the microwave for five minutes. Easy as pie! Only now you have to pass the time.

You get to thinking about how you’d been watching so many movies from your childhood lately as the noodles cook, it makes you think of all the other movies you used to watch. You were a film freak as a child. Well, your mother and father were always busy and so they didn’t have time to watch you, and their go to method was to sit you in front of the TV and pop in a movie while they did whatever they had to do. They weren’t bad parents per say, but they weren’t the best either.

You remember a particular favorite of yours; ‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes West’ a sequel to the classic don Bluth film of the same name without the subtext produced by MGM, the same company who did all the sequels to the Don Bluth films, which earned them the nickname ‘Money Grubbing Morons’ among fans of the original films. This film was different though, they put effort into it, it was actually decent, and in your opinion good. There was one scene in particular you had always enjoyed as a child where the protagonist’s sister, Tonya, sings ‘Dreams to Dream’ and the villain of the film, Cat R. Waul (played by John Cleese), hears her. Her voice is so good, so pure and filled with musical talent, that he actually tears up and takes her to his Saloon to perform.

He doesn’t even see her as a mouse anymore, he just sees her as an artist, as a singer, as a diva. It didn’t matter to him that she was also his sworn enemy by nature, all that mattered was the beauty in her voice. That part was always so…..amazing! You hadn’t even noticed you’d began humming until you began to spin and sway around the kitchen, what girls do when their alone huh?

But now that you began you weren’t about to stop, you were to enraptured by the music and the scene filling your head, and besides that everyone else had gone to bed so there was no need for fear of being caught. You begin to sing softly, the song itself being very soft it wasn’t difficult to do;

“Dreams to dream, in the dark of the night,

When the world goes wrong, I can still make it right,”

As you kept your fantasy up you hadn’t noticed the skeleton lurking silently in the entryway, watching you intently, as if he was seeing a miracle performed. It was Skullface, he’d been awake, unable to sleep in an unfamiliar place with a human running about, when he’d heard the softest, sweetest of voices. His curiosity had gotten the better of him and he’d followed the sound to the kitchen, and he was surprised at what he’d found.

Not that this human had been displeasing to look at, far from it, they just hadn’t seemed like the type to be capable of such….beauty. They’d been nice and all, but they certainly hadn’t been lady like, and yet here they were dancing eloquently and singing the most alluring voice he’d ever heard, comparable to the sirens of Greek mythology. He had to hear more, he had to see more. So he kept quiet and let her continue unhindered by his presence.

“I can see so far in my dreams,

I’ll follow my dreams, until they come true,

Come with me,

You will see what I mean,

There’s a world, inside,

No one else ever sees,

You will go,

So far in my dreams,

Somewhere in my dreams,

Your dreams come true,”

You hear the microwave beep and you open it, carefully setting down the noodles and then twirling over to the drawers for a fork. You don’t see Skullface getting a little closer, now in the corner of the kitchen, observing you like a precious, fragile object. You grab a fork and go over to the noodles and set it in them, after removing the paper covering, they still need to cool, and you still need to finish your song!

“There is a star, waiting to guide us,

Shining inside us,

When we close our eyes,

Don’t let go, if you stay close to me,

In my dreams tonight,

You will see what I see,

Dreams to Dream,

As near as can be,

Inside you and me,

They always come true.”

As you finish you hear clapping, your eyes widen and you turn around quickly to see Skullface standing right behind you now. Was he watching the whole time?! “That was quite the show beautiful,” he says with a wink. He was.

Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! What are you going to say to now that you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of the mob hitman?!

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Hey guys I know I am gonna be gone this weekend and everything, but I haven’t been able to work on it for a good long while due to….reasons. I don’t want you guys to worry about me so I’m going to be up front with you all my hands are shaking so hard writing this that up to here has taken a good ten minutes. I had a really bad seizure or something today so I won’t be able to finish up the Chapter like I’d hoped.

Wednesday I went to a trauma therapist for the first time to actually talk about, and hopefully work through, (I’ll put it bluntly and lay it all out) my childhood molestation, and my more recent ( about 4 years ago) anal rape… I felt the need to specify mostly because I feel like I could’ve taken it if i had been…. sorry Tumblr isn’t the place for this and you guys shouldn’t have to listen to my problems, anyway then my pregnant best friend wanted to hang out and I felt like I couldn’t say no so I didn’t get to work on it at all that day. 

Yesterday was hard to get through because of resurfacing memories and so I worked on HoS but didn’t get the next Chapter finished. And Monday and Tuesday, I just couldn’t get any ideas to come out really. So I sincerely apologize for not being able to upload another Chapter before my trip :*( I feel horrible about it. The shakes have calmed down now though, so there is that at least, but I’m still shook up (pun intended) from my unexpected seizure. (I punned to lighten the mood not make light of my situation). 

Anyway, thank you all for being understanding ;3 I love you guys! I’m so sorry! Please try to be patient ^^ 

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“Um…. I can explain,” you begin timidly, feeling like a deer caught in headlights.

Skullface chuckles deeply and walks over next to you, can a person’s heart explode out of their chests? “Nothin’ to explain, kitten,” he replies, “ya thought ya were alone, but your siren was just too tempting for this button man to ignore.”

While you weren’t quite sure what a ‘button man’ was you could easily conclude that it was probably mob lingo and most likely meant his job. He was pretty close now and you could feel the air getting thicker between the two of you. Was it getting hotter in here?                                                                                                                                          
“Nothin’ ta be ashamed about neither, beautiful. That was nothing short of amazin’,” he praises.

God if you were embarrassed before you were fucking devastated now! His tone was so debonair, it sent chills down your spine and heat to your core. Fuck, if you didn’t find a way to turn this situation away from where it was inevitably heading should he be allowed to continue, you would find yourself with another skeleton inside you a hell of a lot sooner than anticipated! “Uh, thank you,” you respond wriggling your hands together nervously trying to think on the spot.

He was close to you now and you felt your legs turn to jello as they refused to move. Please, dear whatever being may be listening, don’t let this be the part where you fall, you weren’t ready for this yet! “L-listen Skullface I’m flattered but-” “Shh.” He places a boney finger to your lips stopping you mid-sentence. “I ain’t gonna do nothin’ just yet sweetheart. I’m more of a gentlebones, myself and want to win your affections before doing anything off-color.”

You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding up til now, when he takes your hand delicately, as one might take a fragile flower, and brings it to his teeth, his magic forming lips to kiss it for a brief moment before releasing it. This guy was so fucking smooth he could probably make panties drop just with a look. “G’night doll, I’ll leave ya to it. Sweet dreams an’ all that,” he says with a wink before walking off.

“Uh… you too,” you reply rather awkwardly, still flustered about the entire situation.

He stops and turns to respond with a grin. “Oh, babe, I will certainly have sweet dreams tonight,” he winked before continuing up the stairs and out of sight.

Did he just, oh my god he did! He basically came out and said he was going to be having those kinds of dreams about you! Your cheeks flush red and your heart pounds like a drum inside your chest, how could a guy you just met make you this flustered so easily!?

You mumble under your breath words that should never be said by anyone, much less a young lady. You head on over to your noodles and notice that a good two-thirds of the cup is missing. “What the hell!?” You exclaim angrily. “I just made those who the fuck ate my fucking noodles fucking motherfucker!”

You face-palm and drag your hand slowly across your face in frustration. “UGH! Fine, whatever, don’t need to eat this late at night anyway,” you grumble tossing the remaining noodles in the trash and the fork in the sink. Like hell were you going to eat them after somebody else touched it!

You head upstairs stomach grumbling and you pat it in a half-hearted attempt to appease it. “I know you’re hungry bud, but somebody ate our food, so beddy-bye time for us.”

It growls almost as if in complaint, “well sorry pal, but that’s how the cookie crumble’s.”

You make it to your room and open the door, sauntering over to bed, taking off your clothes and tossing them aside, save for your underwear. You set your phone on the stand beside the bed and flop down. You pull the sheets up over you, ignoring the protests of your tummy. “The sooner I get to bed the sooner I can wake up and make myself breakfast,” you mumble closing your eyes.

Sleep did not come easily, but you would be damned if you were going to open your eyes or move and make things even harder on yourself. Why was it when you were happy and content sleep came like a thief in the night, but when you needed it most it was elusive as a handful of sand, whatever the fuck that meant, it was something your granny used to say. You guessed it had something to do with how sand always slips between your fingers and so you can never really have a handful of it, but you could be wrong, fuck knows you have been wrong before. At any rate you hated sand, it was coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere! Crotch sand was the worst! God, you cringe at the memory of your first trip to the beach when a wave pushed you ashore and filled your bikini bottom with the stuff.

Your weird train of thought was derailed by a sudden sound, a soft pitter-patter, much like that of something very small moving about. You weren’t new to rats or mice so you could recognize the soft noises their pads make as they skitter across the floor. You wonder if you should invest in non-kill traps, even if there are pests in the house you still didn’t feel right about killing a living creature, they could feel just the same as you could after all.

More noises followed, sounded like there could be a family, there were hushed sounds that almost sounded like whispering, maybe it was sniffing or grunting… do mice grunt? You weren’t a fucking biologist, how the hell should you know?! You really want to get up and try and sneak a peek to see how many mice you were dealing with, but you really didn’t feel like it, besides you were almost asleep.

Sleep finally overtook you and you were thankful that you could no longer feel the hunger pains from your stomach. You were going to beat the shit out of whoever took your noodles!



“Shhh, guys!” A gruff voice whispers harshly. “Poppy, can you please handle Punny and Pumpkin while YanYan and I get something soft for us to lay on?”

One of the taller ones of the group nodded and went over to the smallest two. He seemed to have a natural talent for handling the smaller ones as they almost immediately calmed by his presence. He sat down on the floor and let the smallest, a small male skeleton in an orange parka and black shorts with white stripes and snow booties, lay his head in his lap. He stroked his hood gently, “C’mon we’ll be okay, you know Brassberry will always look out for us right?”                                                                                     
The little head in his lap nodded, but continued to whimper ever so slightly. The other small one, a purple-pink bunny dressed in brown booties and blue pants, his torso was a light brown color making it appear as though he were wearing a sweater. His little nose twitched as he scampered over to sit beside the smallest one. While he was unable to speak he could think and form cohesive thoughts as well as any of the others.
“Look, even Punny is looking out for you,” Poppy says cheerfully.

Poppy was wearing a long purple sweater and pink and purple striped pattern scarf that was nearly as long as he was tall. He wore long blue pants and had some nice black winter boots on. The little one only nodded, but his whimpering had quieted to nearly inaudible levels. “I promise things will get better Pumpkin,” Poppy reassures gently.

A few feet away, but what may have well been several yards away for them, was Brassberry and YanYan. “Look a vanity!” YanYan exclaims.

Brassberry rolls his eyes, leave it to his fashionista of a brother to find a vanity within the first few minutes of being in a room. Hell, he had his custom made minx coat on top of his silk pajamas, YanYan had been sleeping when Brassberry had woken him up to go check out a weird portal thing that a couple of smaller bitties had managed to get themselves sucked into. It took some convincing, but ultimately his brother agreed once Brassberry brought up the fact that ‘mom’ might give them a reward for being so good. YanYan could never turn down material objects, especially shiny ones. “That’s real cool bro, now help me figure out how we’re going to sleep tonight,” Brassberry responds trying to be patient.

YanYan sighs at his brother’s stupidity. “No, simpleton, the vanity is the answer!”

“I don’t see how makeup and lipstick is gonna help here,” Brassberry replies.

YanYan makes a shrill noise of frustration, sometimes his brother was so thick-skulled it amazed even him! Not that it was hard to imagine anyway, the way he dressed, like a freaking homeless biker, in an old leather jacket and white t-shirt with leather pants and black biker boots, blegh, disgusting! “Not the makeup! The makeup accessories!” YanYan tries to explain as he teleports up to the top of the vanity.

His brother follows suit, though still confused, “What, you mean like jewelry?”

“No!” YanYan let’s out an exasperated sigh as he uses his magic to open the drawers. “Any true makeup artist will have more than just your ordinary blush and eyeliner! Some of the makeup requires a special tool, a sponge, AHA!”

Just like that YanYan levitated a large rectangular sponge out of the drawer before closing it. “This will be good enough to lay on, it’s no custom bed, but it will have to do. You know, I think I wouldn’t mind having this new lady as our new mother. She sings pretty well, has a clear love for beautiful things, and she clearly needs help with her wardrobe and I I could definitely help her out there!” YanYan said smiling.

Brassberry was more wary and cautious when it came to trusting new people, he didn’t give it out easily. “I don’t know, maybe, but I want to get to know her a bit before making any decisions.” He says rubbing the back off his skull.

His head wound needed to be cleaned, and YanYan seemed to notice this as he reopened the drawer and found some alcohol and cotton swabs, stating that some makeup was really stubborn. Whatever the case, it was much appreciated as Brassberry couldn’t get the cap off the bottle quickly enough. He had to break the seal as well, apparently this was a brand new bottle, but it was well worth it once he got the swab soaked in it and cleaned out his wound. He’d have to re-use the bandage for now but at least his wound would be clean!
“I’ll take this down to the others. You just put that up when you’re done, don’t need her to get suspicious. We’ll be under the vanity, it’s easier to hide under there,” YanYan told his brother as he grabbed the sponge and teleported.

After a long session of scrubbing, Brassberry replaced the items in the drawer and shut it once again. He was about to go to the others when he heard a vibrating noise and saw a light across the room on a table beside the bed, a phone?

The sleeping form of the woman stirred but didn’t wake as the phone quieted, Brassberry fiddled with his hands for a bit before gathering up the courage to go over and investigate. This would be a good opportunity to learn more about her. He would be lying if he didn’t say he was the least bit curious. The way she sang, the way she interacted with monsters, the way she moved, there was just something about her.                                                                                                                                                
As he appeared next to the phone and touched the screen he saw that it was a text message, throwing caution to the win he checked it.


Hello, -----, it’s me. Look, we both know that what happened was a long time coming, you should have seen the signs. I mean, me, the guy with like what, fucking three close friends, going out every night with the guys? No. I was with her 90% of the time, but can you blame me? I’m a guy, and I have needs like every other man on this fucking planet, but where you meetin’ ‘em? No. You were a goddamn prude, the most I ever got from you was a blow job, and that got real old real fast. Look, I like ya, you know that, that’s why I’m being upfront about all this, if you don’t start puttin’ out you’ll never find a man that’ll want ya. That bein’ said I still care about ya, I care about ya a lot. And I don’t like what I’ve been hearing about you through the grapevine.

----,----,---- working for monsters? That is low, but I know it’s ‘cuz ya had nowhere else to go, and I’ll be the bigger person here and admit that might be my fault. So, I’ve been talking with Decymber about it, and we’ve decided we’d be willing to add you as a third. You’d be living with me again and I’d take care of ya like I used to, but in return you’d have to participate in our late night activities.

But, isn’t that a better alternative than what you are in now? I mean, you can’t possibly enjoy your current situation. Could you? Because, y’know bad things happen to people who keep close company with monsters, especially when they’ve been warned to stay away.

I’ll give you a few days to think it over, but if I don’t hear back within a week… well I’m not responsible for anything that might happen to your lovely person.

Brassberry could feel his anger boiling over. What the fuck was this guy’s problem?! He was threatening her into sex because what, she was working with, and being genuinely nice to, monsters?! He had to learn more about this guy.


Please, darling, let’s just talk this through! I’m not mad at you for cheating, I’m not mad at you at all. Please, let me back in the house Bel.




It’s not that i even care about whether or not you are mad ----. It’s that I am DONE with this relationship. I can’t keep coming home every night to to some prude who for years now hasn’t let me touch her sexually! It’s frustrating and I don’t give a shit about whether or not you want to ‘save yourself’ until you feel like the moment is right or whatever other bullshit you pull out of your ass! I AM DONE! Decymber is coming over in an hour to move in her stuff and so help me if you’re still out there crying outside in the hall I’m going to fucking beat you! I don’t care where you go, I just want you to get the fuck away from my goddamn apartment and stop causing a scene! You already have your damn phone and I fucking paid the bill for it this month, so shove off! Or I can always call the boys to come and take you and show you around town?!




No. I’ll go, I’m sorry, Bel.

That was the last messages that were saved in the phone’s memory, and Brassberry was gritting his teeth so hard he feared he might break them. “Shit. Looks like she’s gone through some tough shit in her life too,” he says returning the phone to the home screen and turning it off.

Maybe it was because she’d gone through a lot in her short time as well that made Brassberry feel closer to the sleeping human before him. “Man, to think I actually thought she could have some ulterior motive,” Brassberry said as he rubbed his skull. “I feel like a real jerk.”

Brassberry sighs and shakes his head. He couldn’t change the past, but he could alter the future. “Don’t worry, nothing bad’s goin’ to happen to ya, not if I have anyhing to say about it.” He wasn’t much for promises, but for some reason, he was going to make an exception for her.

“G’night, -----, see ya in the mornin’,” Brassberry whispered under his breath before teleporting down to the floor.

For the first time in a long time, Brassberry was excited for what the future might hold.

Chapter Text

You wake up and check the time using your phone. However, you don’t even register the time because you see that there is one more text than yesterday. Had you opened a text in your sleep? You’d done it before so it honestly wouldn’t surprise you. You shrug and head to your messages, maybe it was just Alph- The phone drops to the floor with a thud, the battery cover flying under the vanity, as it slips from your shocked grasp. Why was HE messaging you?

You had come to terms with the fact that he was at fault with all your time to think, after all what else could you do until daylight hours? And sleep wasn’t a friend of yours. At any rate you had had plenty of time to think the situation over when you were all alone on that park bench. And now he has the gall to text you saying you should have known it was coming and offering for you to be their third?! Fuck, that noise!

You grit your teeth as your eyes begin to water. You bend down and grab your phone before getting up and going over to the vanity, getting on your knees and looking under it for the back cover. What you find surprises you, a makeup sponge as well as your missing cover, how had it gotten there? Had Alphys or whoever stocked the vanity dropped it and simply neglected to retrieve it? But then, Blueberry seemed the type that would check something from every single nook and cranny to insure utter perfection when trying to impress someone…. Perhaps you were overthinking things, hell, you could’ve knocked it out in your investigations, Christ knows your clumsy enough.

You grab both objects and simply place the sponge back into a random drawer, not really giving a shit about organization right now, and slip the cover on your phone before inspecting it for damage. Nothing external, no cracks, now to turn the damn thing on. You turn it on crossing your fingers and breathing a held breath when it does so without issue. Praise be whatever deity saw fit to save your phone from its destruction today!

You return to the messages and re-read the previously skimmed message carefully. Oh, so not only was he offering you to be their third, he was basically threatening you into it, motherfucker! You really wanted to squeeze his balls with a pair of pliers, or maybe just beat his ‘oh so pretty’ face in with your fists until he resembles the inside of an overripe watermelon. “You’ve got another thing comin’ if you think I’m gonna abandon these guys who treat me so much better than you ever did in the course of a few days when you had years Bel. No, I am not about to fucking go back to you and your sorry cheating ass,” you growl under your breath before exiting your messages and putting your phone in your pocket. “I’m not that naive little girl anymore who thinks she can’t do any better, I’m  -----, a fucking vixen who knows she deserves so much more. I don’t wake up next to some guy who smells like smoke, liquor, and sex every single morning with my skin crawling like a bug because my instincts were all telling me to get away. And I am not worried that one morning that guy might get tired of me saying no and just force me into submission. So like hell will I go back to that!”

You calm yourself down using some breathing exercises you’d seen on Youtube, because you know Youtube is totally the knowledge center of the world and should be consulted in every situation. Sarcasm aside, regulating your breathing had helped you tremendously during your first panic attack on your first night alone in the park, and it helped calm you down now. You couldn’t go outside your room in your current state, everyone would know something was up, but if you calmed down first at least you had a chance at hiding it.

They shouldn’t have to worry about this anyway, it was your problem, and they’d already done enough for you by giving you a job and a place to stay, though technically that was Alphys, but they did have a say in whether or not she should hire you so there’s that. After a few minutes, you’re completely calmed down and you quickly and quietly leave the room.



Fuck, that’d been close. They’d all been sleeping when they heard a loud crash and the sound of something skidding across the floor. Everyone immediately reacted the larger three’s magic at the ready as the giant plastic piece scooted under the vanity. Shit, she’d come looking for this, they had to move and fast.

“Okay, we’re going to go along the wall and under the bed. YanYan you have Punny and Poppy you have Pumpkin,” Brassberry whispered as loud as he dared. The small ones couldn’t teleport very far at all, definitely not all the way under the bed from the vanity, so it was up to the bigger three to make sure they all got to safety. Teleportation with two was hard and drained a lot of magic, it would be easier for them all if the larger ones carried the small ones, and so that is where Brassberry’s plan came from.

“What are you going to do?” YanYan asked incredulously as he picked up Punny with a bit of chagrin.

“I’m gonna stay here and keep look out, that way I can make a distraction if need be,” he responds gesturing for the other two big ones to go along.

Poppy held Pumpkin in both hands in front of him and on his chest, looking almost like a mother with a baby harness, while YanYan held Punny under one arm like a workmen carrying a heavy sack. Pumpkin’s face was burried into Poppy’s scarf as he muffled his soft whimpers and cries, not wanting to alert the human nearby. Poppy gently ran one of his hands across Pumpkin’s back as they began to go along the wall. “Here we go Pumpkin, you’re doing great! Just keep a tight hold on to your good friend Poppy, and we’ll be under the bed before you know it!” Poppy encouraged quietly, Pumpkin nodded and held on even tighter to Poppy’s scarf, his whimpers softer and less frequent.

Meanwhile Punny did not appreciate the manner in which he was being handled so he began to squirm to show his distress, since he couldn’t communicate. “Stay still you furry little rodent!” YanYan hissed under his breath to the writhing creature under his arm as he increased his hold.

Punny could handle many things, being ignored because he could not speak, being thought of as ignorant because of his lack of commutative ability, and even being cuddled and coddled and cooed to like an adorable animal, heck he liked the attention, but one thing he could not stand was being called a rat, a pest, or a rodent! Punny turned his head towards YanYan’s arm and bit down hard, his long teeth chipping a bit of the bone. “FUCK!”

YanYan dropped Punny unceremoniously onto the ground, before shooting a glance towards the human, good she seemed to be talking to herself and to distracted to hear his outburst of pain. “Fuck, that shit hurt you little vermin! I don’t care what Brassy said I am not carrying your ass another step!” YanYan ranted angrily as he stomped off holding his injured arm.

It was all the same to Punny, he may be small, but he was quick and he had stamina, also with his soft pads he was as silent as death. He dropped to his fours and quickly bounded up to Poppy, he was eager to check on Pumpkin feeling a certain camaraderie with the bitty as he was the only other one who was as small, actually smaller, than he was. As he passed YanYan the tall bitty shot him a glare that could turn fire to ice, but it didn’t affect Punny at all, he wasn’t threatened by the taller bitty, call him dumb but he just wasn’t phased by the tall ones threats, even though he knew perfectly well what the other was capable of.

Finally, he caught up to Poppy who had just reached the skirt of the bed, and Pumpkin allowed himself a quick peek of his surroundings catching a glimpse of Punny and a small smile tugging at his face before going back into the warm safety of Poppy’s scarf. “See Pumpkin, I told you we would be alright. You were very brave out there, you didn’t cry, not even once!” Poppy praised the small one against his chest before going under the bed skirt.

“I-I d-didn’t did I?” Pumpkin asks looking up at the smiling and encouraging face of the tall bitty, a small smile forming on his own face.

“Yep, you didn’t cry at all! I’m so proud of you, Pumpkin!” Poppy praised picking up the small one higher and nuzzling him gently.

Pumpkin blushed a little his cheekbones turning a light shade of orange, he felt happy that Poppy was pleased with him, but Punny was right there and it was kind of embarrassing for him to see Pumpkin being nuzzled so. After receiving a small kiss on his cheekbone, Poppy sat Pumpkin down, who was know blushing even harder.

Punny would laugh if he could, there was no shame in receiving praise, but he couldn’t so instead he smiled and hopped up to the smaller bitty. Without any hesitation he pulled back his ears and began to nuzzle Pumpkin much in the same manner Poppy had, only a lot softer due to his fur. “Even Punny thinks you were brave,” Poppy chuckles as he sits down crossing his legs.

It is at that moment, YanYan comes in looking pissed holding his arm and glaring daggers at anybody who so much as glances at him. Pumpkin cowers behind Poppy and Punny attempts to comfort him while YanYan turns his back to them all and waits for Brassberry. It doesn’t take long as the other brother teleports under the bed with ease, appearing no worse for wear.

He notices YanYan and gives him a confused glance. “Jeez, what happened to you bro?” Brassberry asked.

“The purple menace over there decided to take a bite out of me,” YanYan huffed. “Last time I try and help that little bastard.”

YanYan was now pouting, god he was such a drama queen, it was barely a nip and he was acting like Punny broke his arm. Brassberry saw how YanYan was carrying Punny, and in all honesty if he tried carrying him like that he would’ve decked him one on the spot. “You’ll be fine,” he says simply before turning to the others. “Alright, I think it’s best you all hide out under here. I’ll try and do some reconnaissance and see exactly who we’re dealin’ with here. If this lady checks out then we’ll go from there, but for now stay here and stay quiet. Unseen, unheard, and safe.”

“I can handle myself, thank you very much,” YanYan said turning his head up, lips in a pout.

Why of all the people in the world did he have to get trapped in an unfamiliar world with his brother? Fuck, he’d rather have Edgy at this point, or YanCap for that matter! Still…. YanYan was his brother, and no matter how much of a drama queen he was Brassberry just couldn’t bring himself to hate the guy, hell he loved him like anyone loves their sibling. So he sighs and smiles before going over to his brother.

“I know ya can YanYan, that’s why I need ya to stay and watch after the others for me while I’m gone alright?” Brassberry asks, though YanYan still remains unconvinced. “Who else could I trust with such an important job besides my bro?”

YanYan taps his foot in thought before letting out an exaggerated sigh. “Fine, but you’d better bring me back something to eat,” he huffs.

Brassberry simply smiles and laughs, “of course, bro.”



When you go down into the living room nobody is up. You quickly pull out your phone to check the time, 2, 2 in the fuckin’ morning! You grumble a bit, but decide overall that this was a good thing, it gave you time to finish the dishes and do some cleaning before everybody woke up. Also, like hell could you sleep now even if you wanted to so why not actually do your fucking job, yeah?

Stifling a yawn you head to the kitchen and begin the dishes. There wasn’t many left over from yesterday and even in your current half-asleep state you got them all finished, dried, and put up within twenty minutes. “If I’m gonna make it through the day I’m gonna need a nice big ole cup of joe,” you mumble before filling the coffee makers tank about halfway with water.

You grab the instant coffee and a filter, placing them both in the machine before turning it on and waiting for the pot to fill. Drip. Drip. Drrrriiiip. Damn, did it always take so long to make coffee? Hell, might as well sweep the kitchen while you’re waiting, at least then you’d be doing something productive with your time.

“Now, if I was a skeleton where would I put a broom and dustpan?” You ask yourself while looking around for a closet space or other such storage area.

You checked the pantry, but it wasn’t in there, the laundry, no dice, and the storage closet, but it wasn’t there either. Well, fuck you sideways with a spiked dildo, you had no idea where the fucker could be. Thinking back to the previous afternoon you remember Blueberry having it, but where would he put it? Things don’t just disappear without a reason.

Out of ideas you lean against the frame of the entryway, the force of your frustrated flop of a lean causing a reverberation through the wall and leading to something falling over in the corner. You sigh and turn to go pick up whatever it was only to find it was the broom, dustpan, and even the mop….well shit. You could practically hear the steam coming out of your ears you were so aggravated, but in all fairness all of this could’ve been avoided if you would’ve turned your head about forty-five degrees!

“Well, at least I know where they keep it now. Lesson learned, always look in the corners before you go sleuthing around like Sherlock Holmes and make yourself look like a dumbass.”

It only took about ten minutes to sweep and when you were done you were more than ready for a cup of coffee. Hell, you’d drink that shit black you needed it so bad. You grab a rather large mug from the cabinets and then pour as much as would fit in it without spilling, before sitting it at the table. You grabbed the sugar and creamer, as well as a spoon before returning to your cup, just because you could drink it black didn’t mean you would, or even remotely wanted to. You added a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and enough creamer to turn the coffee a light caramel brown color. You stir it and then, using the spoon, take a timid taste. Oh yeah, that’s the good shit, that’s the shit you would murder a small Puerto Rican man named Jacques for! All jokes aside, you would do almost anything for a good cup of coffee early in the morning.

“Ah, this is the life. A nice hot cup of joe, a nice house, nice friends, hot guys,” you giggle a bit at the last part. “No way would I ever give this up, not for all the money in the world.”

You take a small sip of your drink before checking the time once again. “Huh, it’s four now? Man, that broom hunt musta took a lot longer than I thought,” you think aloud.

Everyone would be awake soon enough, you thought as the sun began to rise ever so slightly, its light illuminating the sky just barely. “Maybe after I finish my coffee I should make pancakes again? Everyone seemed to like it last time, plus it’s simple to make for a big group,” you mutter to yourself between sips.

The bittersweet drink coated your tongue and you felt rejuvenated as it began to work its magic within your body. “Yeah, I think I’ll make pancakes. Might see if I can find some chocolate chips this time,” you continue your conversation...with yourself, and don’t notice the levitating note behind you that gets attached the fridge without a sound.

As you finish up your morning beverage you feel ready to do anything. You place the mug into the sink before heading over to the fridge to gather ingredients for today’s breakfast when you notice a note attached to the fridge by a blueberry magnet. Curiosity getting the better of you, you look at it closer. Upon further inspection the note was addressed to you, it was plainly seen on the outside in big, bold, fancy lettering. Whoever wrote this had impeccable handwriting, exquisitely beautiful calligraphy, it was….impressive to say the least.

So, you brought it over to the table and opened it, it even had a seal on it, a fucking wax seal! Damn this was so romantic! Your first thought went to Actor, the old style made sense for him, but you were surprised to see who the little charmer behind this letter really was.


Oh my dearest heart, how can I possibly describe my feelings for you within something as common and simple as the written word? Alas, it is a nigh impossible task, but I shall try nonetheless, for you deserve no less my sweet.

If my love were a river, the current would have taken me away and swept me downstream, the waters would have claimed me within their dark depths; for your beauty and kindness have bewitched me so that all I can think of is your countenance and all I can breath is your intoxicating aroma, my sweet flower. You have won my heart fair maiden, and I shall be forever bound to you as your knight, the bonds being the sweet, strong, and overpowering shackles of love, but then if I am to be bound I thank whatever being out there that granted me the absolute honor and pleasure of being bound to you my little dove.

Like the stars in the sky, my love for you is immeasurable, my love for you floods my entire being, devours my very SOUL, it is such a sweet ache, such a beautiful longing, such a wonderful desire, words hardly do it justice. I feel I have yet to give you your due in all this my love, I have gone on and on about my love for you, and yet I’ve said little about the object of my affection. I shall remedy that immediately!

You’ve been the first genuinely kind and caring soul I’ve come across in this cold and lonely world, and I find myself missing the feeling the warmth and comfort you emit from your very core when you are not beside me. Your SOUL shines with an intense passion that is almost blinding and alights any room you enter. Your beauty is incomparable, both outward and inward, you outshine all others without ever even trying. Because of all of this, and more, you are the center of attention, and others find themselves drawn to you, yet no matter how stressful that may be you remain calm and dignified, never once pushing them away, even when it would benefit you to do so.

I could write about your beauty, kindness, loving nature, and perfect SOUL forever my love, but I don’t think you would want that so I shall simply end the matter by saying if wishes do come true then you are mine, I wished for someone who was caring, understanding, and above all kind to come along, and here you are. I may not be the most mature Sans, or the smartest Sans, or even the most romantic Sans, but I do know what love is and I feel it for you, my SOUL has been calling out and until now I hadn’t quite understood why, but now that I know I want to try and be your knight, that is if you’ll be my princess.

Do not worry about your decision, take your time. I am fine just being close to you, and whatever you choose I will respect your decision. Though, if you wouldn’t mind I would prefer that this note be kept our little secret, and when all is said and done, remember that no matter the decision I shall always remain your best of friends.

Your Knight,

Sir Sans (Blueberrry)


Chapter Text

So now you’re jaw is somewhere on the ground and your eyeballs have bulged out of the sockets from sheer surprise at the reveal of the eloquent poet behind the letter. It takes a few moments for you to regain your wits and return to the world of the living, but when you do you immediately feel a warmth spreading throughout your chest. Blueberry was just too damn cute, and he cared so much for you, how could you possibly deny his affection and crush the little guy’s poor tender heart? Not that you don’t feel something towards him too, but hypothetically speaking how could anyone reject the little guy?

You weren’t really sure where to put the letter, as if Red saw it he would probably jack it right out of your pocket anyway, and you didn’t want to risk going upstairs and waking somebody up to hide it in your room. Where else do people put things? Hmmmm… AHA! Your bra! It’s perfect! It would be safely nestled in your bosom until you could stow it away in your room, and if Red did see it he couldn’t possibly have the nerve to try and grab it when it’s so close to your breast, the other Sans’s would beat the shit out of him if he tried.

With your mind decidedly made up, you fold the paper up and place it in one of your cups, adjusting your breast so that the edges of the paper didn’t irritate the delicate skin there. Now, time to get breakfast started!

You open up the fridge to gather ingredients; three eggs, butter, milk, and the chocolate chips, you lay them all out on the counter. You saunter over to the cabinets and grab the pancake mix and a big bowl before going back to the counter and setting them next to the other items. Finally, you go get a measuring cup and a mixing spoon and return to everything on the counter. You combine all of the ingredients together using the instructions on the back of the box to make sure you add the right amount of milk to the batter. You discard the used measuring cup into the sink and put back the remaining ingredients, such as the milk and the remaining chocolate chips.

You begin to hum to yourself as you mix the ingredients together, it was a song from final fantasy called 1000 words, it was a nice little tune and it always gave you this warm tingly feeling. You grab a pan and a spatula, placing the pan on the stove and turning on the burner. You put butter in the pan and pour some of the batter into it, making four medium pancakes. Now, time to jam out!

It always helped pass the time to sing while doing something that required a lot of time, and wasn’t necessarily fun on it’s own. So, while you were cooking everyone’s breakfast you swayed your hips back and forth, and quickly grabbed a plate to place the pancakes on before flipping over the first four, you sang to entertain yourself.

You remained completely unaware of the itty-bitty skeleton who was watching you from on top of the cabinets and stealthily getting closer, though in all fairness even if you weren’t caught up in cooking and singing you probably wouldn’t have noticed the little guy anyway. He seemed fixated on you, but cautious at the same time, like a biologist observing a wild animal, enchanted and finding it beautiful, but all too aware that it could also be deadly if provoked.


“I know that you’re hiding things using gentle words to shelter me.

Your words were like a dream,

But dreams could never fool me….

Not that easily.

I acted so distant then;

Didn’t say goodbye before you left.

But I was listening.

You’ll fight your battles far from me…

Far too easily…”


Now you were working on the next four after sliding the first onto the plate, not noticing the itty-bitty skeleton had now made his way to the countertop by the stove, hiding from you behind various jars and things along the way, but always keeping you within his line of sight. It was almost like you had bewitched him, but he did have a mission he was trying to accomplish as well, he had to get to the food so he could bring it back to his family, who unbeknownst to you was upstairs in your room. While it was easy enough to tell himself that he was only interested in the food, he knew it was a lie, he was very much interested in the one preparing it as well. Something about the way she moved, the way she sang, the way she, well just the way she did everything!

He’d been watching you for a while now, and he felt some sort of connection to you, maybe it was the way you kept on going confidently even after somebody you’d loved hurt you so bad, maybe it was the way you didn’t let anybody tell you what to do, or maybe it was despite all that he could still feel the fragile SOUL that beat deep within your chest that almost drew him in and made his natural instinct to protect kick into overdrive. He definitely wouldn’t mind having you be their new caretaker judging from what he’d seen so far, though he would be lying if he said that having the hots for someone he would be calling ‘momma’ wasn’t the tiniest bit weird.


“‘Save your tears ‘cuz I’ll come back’,

I could hear that you whispered as you walked through that door…

But still I swore,

To hide the pain when I turn back the pages.

Shouting might have been the answer…

What if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart?

But now I’m not afraid to say what’s in my heart.”


You had finished another batch and started on the third before your favorite part of the song began, and by god were you going to jam the fuck out to it! The poor little skeleton who by now was pretty close had no idea how hot it was about to get in here with your sweet moves!


“‘Cuz a thousand words, call out through the ages.

They’ll fly to you,

Even though I can’t see, I know they’re reaching you,

Suspended on silver wings!

Oh, a thousand words,

One thousand embraces!

Will cradle you,

Making all of your weary days seem far away…

They’ll hold you foreeeeee~vvveeeerr!~”


You’d somehow managed to finish the third and fourth set of pancakes all while twirling and dancing around like a drunken ballerina, let’s be honest you were tired and you weren’t classically trained in the art of ballet so you can’t expect to be any better honestly, but to your itty-bitty audience of one you couldn’t have been better if you had been performing Swan Lake in a Theatre after months of rehearsal, everything about you was simply awe inspiring and stirred feelings deep within him that he hadn’t felt in quite some time.

As he gets closer to you, the feeling in his chest gets stronger, and Brassberry knows that despite only having just met you, that you would be the perfect caretaker for the rest of the bitties. He just got this instinctive feeling that you were kind, loving, understanding, and patient with those who needed it, those like Pumpkin. However, he would be lying if he said his interest in you was solely for the others.


“Oh one thousand words,

Have never been spoken,

They’ll fly to you,

They’ll carry you home,

And back into my arms!”


You had almost finished preparing breakfast for everyone, using the last of the batter just now on the last batch of pancakes. You’d stopped singing for a while as your mind supplied the instrumental and you just swayed to that, when you got into the music you really got into the music! It was almost surreal watching the golden brown, chocolate chip filled cakes pile up on the plate as it happened so fast. Well, at least you should have time to eat yours before the others come down, all this work and singing was working up an appetite.


“Suspended on silver wings (on silver wings),

And a thousand words,

Call out through the ages (call through the ages!),

They’ll cradle you,

Turning all of the lonely years to only days (only days),

They’ll hold you foreeeeee~vvveeeerr!~”


Brassberry was right next to the plate now and the smell of the pancakes made his mouth water, fuck when was the last time he had anything with chocolate in it? Too damn long, that’s all he knows! He ducks into the shadow of the pancake tower as his stomach growls praying that you didn’t hear him. Luckily, you seem too entranced in whatever was going on inside your head to notice as you placed the last of the pancakes on the plate and began to take the pan, bowl, spatula, and spoon to the sink. Now was his chance!

He quickly turned toward the plate and looked for a pancake that was easy to get to, luckily there was one on the edge all by itself, almost like it was meant to be there. The corner, however, was still stuck under the pile, shit! He’d have to pull it! With no time for delay he scrambled to the cake and latched onto it and tugged, but the bastard was stuck harder than YanYan to jewelry.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
He was too busy trying to get the food to notice you coming back with a syrup bottle. At first you were very surprised to see the little skeleton tugging away at the pancake, but then your mind quickly pieced together that this must be the traveler or one of them at least, and apparently he was hungry. So with a soft smile you quietly got out a plate and continued to make your way towards the stove, if the little guy was hungry by god you were going to feed him!

When you finally got over there and your shadow cast down over the small one the poor thing froze, you set down the plate and bottle of syrup before quickly responding to him to assure that you were, in fact, not a threat. “Hey there little guy,” you say softly. “Want some help there?”

After a few moments of silence, it seemed he was trying to process what you’d just said to him, he nodded and backed away. You picked up the pancake he was trying so desperately to get and placed it on the plate. “Would you like any syrup?” You ask sweetly gesturing towards the bottle.

“Y-Yeah,” he responds, voice gruff and coarse but not at all unpleasant.

“Ah, so you do speak?” You tease pouring a bit of syrup on the pancake. “And here I was afraid I’d have to do the talking for the both of us.” You giggle a bit and he smiles, his teeth are pointed like Red’s you note.

“So is this breakfast for one or are there more of you I should know about?” You ask. “I definitely don’t want to accidently squish someone on my way to the bathroom in a midnight pee rush.”

He chuckles a bit at that. “There’s a few more, four to be exact, but you won’t accidently step on anyone, we’re very careful and can teleport out of the way when needed,” he responds.

You nod understandingly before speaking again. “So how did you all end up here?”

“Well, that’s the thing, we don’ really know either. Ma just said to stay away from a certain part of the store and Punny, he’s one a us, got curious and started sniffing around there. Pumpkin was concerned for his friend and told Poppy and Poppy got me and my bro, but when we got there Punny was jumping through some kind of portal looking thing. I don’t like leaving anybody to fend for themselves, neither does Poppy, and Pumpkin, despite his extreme fear wanted to make sure Punny was okay. My bro, he’s uh, well… he doesn’t like to show that he cares about anyone but himself, and he only agreed because,” the small skeleton chuckled, “well, his exact words were: ‘Because you imbeciles would probably die without somebody like to watch out for you!’ So, we went through and then found ourselves in a strange unfamiliar world… through a series of events we came here. And that’s pretty much it.”

Well, that wasn’t really detailed and it wasn’t like you knew any of these people, but nevertheless you listened and you giggled at the part with his brother. They sure seem like the interesting group! “So your mother left you alone and Punny got curious huh?”

“Nah, nah, you got it all wrong. When I said Ma I meant our owner. You see bitties are essentially magical, sentient, pets. We keep our owners company and do what they ask in return for food, shelter, and love. Not all owners are nice though, some can’t put up with the needs of caring for a bitty, and bring them back, some even torture or kill them,” he stops as he notices you are visibly upset. “H-hey! It’s not all that bad! Most owners are good, it’s the rare ones that are bad. Anyway, it’s common for a bitty to take on a term of endearment for their owner, and since thy care for them and love them Ma, mama, mom, mommy, and other parental terms are commonly chosen.”

“I see.” You place your head in your hand. “So where are the others now?”

He blushes a teal color and replies softly, “in your room.”

“Ah, so that’s why my sponge was under the vanity!” You say with a giggle.

“Yeah, we used it as a bed, sorry,” he says rubbing his skull.

You smile and get up. “No, it’s perfectly fine. Hey, let’s bring this up to them hmm?” You ask gesturing towards the plate.

He nods and when you go to pick up the plate he shambles up your arm to your shoulder. “I um, hope this is okay?” He asks sitting on your shoulder and holding on tightly.

“Sure, just warn me next time okay honeybun?” You say with a wink.

His face flushes teal and you hear a small ‘yeah’ in response before you grab the plate and head upstairs towards your room. From his current position he could not only see where you were going, but he also was enveloped in your scent, and it was intoxicating. He could almost swear it was racing through his veins like a drug, clouding his mind and filling it with a strange sense of euphoria. If he didn’t want you to be their owner before he definitely did now, so long as it meant he got to be close this close to you he’d drag himself through razor wire!

He hadn’t even noticed when you made it to your room, he only registered his surrounding when you stopped causing him to jerk forward from the sudden unexpected jolt. “Oh, sorry hun, I didn’t mean to nearly make you fall off,” you apologize quickly setting the plate aside on the table beside your bed and cupping a hand next to your shoulder to help the little guy down.

You wanted him to ride in your hand? The little skeleton could barely maintain his composure as his face flushed and he accepted your offer. “By the way, I’m afraid I don’t know your name yet sweetie,” you say bending down and setting him on the floor before going to get the plate.




“Brassberry,” he replies simply.

YanYan takes one look at his brother and can immediately tell he’s fallen for this new human, it’s odd, but the thought of Brassy falling in love with this particular human doesn’t make him want to dry heave or stab a baby. He wasn’t quite sure why, but didn’t really care enough to dig deeper either, right now he could smell something good, and he wanted a piece of it!

“Where are your friends?” YanYan hears you ask voice sweet and smooth.

“Oh, they’re under your bed. Um, C’mon out guys!” Brassy calls from across the room.

With no further prodding the purple beast Punny dashes off, his curiosity peaked he simply couldn’t hold it in anymore. Of course, his curiosity was why they were here in the first place, YanYan remarked to himself bitterly. “Alright you two come on, Brassy’s got food and there’s a nice lady here with him, so be polite and don’t screw this up for us!” YanYan hisses before teleporting his way over.

Pumpkin is shaking so hard his bones are rattling and Poppy is having to calm him down alone. “Shhh, hey it’s okay Pumpkin! I promise nothing bad is gonna happen, I’ll hold you the whole time if you want!”

“No...I w-want to meet the l-lady b-but what if sh-she doesn’t like me?” Pumpkin stutters with tears forming at the sides of his sockets.

“Pumpkin, she’ll just adore you! You’re just the cutest little thing in your orange parka,” Poppy says with a smile.

“I-I am?” “Mhhmmm, and you’re the sweetest little bitty I know! Just be yourself and I’m sure she’ll absolutely love you,” Poppy reassures as he walks towards the others, still carrying Pumpkin.

“O-Okay, please set me down now?” Pumpkin asks.

“Sure buddy, but you can still hold my hand if you need to,” Poppy says smiling and setting him down.

With a soft smile Pumpkin takes Poppy’s hand and leads the way towards the others.




You look up to see the last two of the group coming along. It seems that the smaller one needed some reassuring before coming along with the rest, maybe he was afraid of you? Poor thing looked like his default mode was a nervous wreck. You’re brought back to reality by Brassberry introducing the ones who arrived.

The one who looked like a rabbit was Punny, the taller, slender, and overall more elegant one was YanYan. Yeah, YanYan looked like the type to be a bit of priss, you could see how he and Brassberry didn’t always see eye to eye on things. The other ‘tall’ one resembled YanYan in size and structure, but he wore a long hand-made scarf that made it easy to tell the two apart from a glance, the smaller one had an orange parka that’s hood was kept up and closed in on his face.

“And these two over here are Poppy and Pumpkin. Poppy is the one with the scarf and Pumpkin is the one in the parka. He’s a little shy,” Brassberry supplied as the little guy stopped about a foot away and stood stone still.

“That’s fine, I used to be shy too,” you say sweetly to Pumpkin. “You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with Pumpkin, you don’t have to come any closer, you don’t have to talk, you don’t even have to look at me if it bothers you. I’m happy enough just getting to see you!”

You smile at him and notice a little orange blush forming on his cheeks before he looks away. “It’s very nice to meet all of you!” You add looking at them all. “Now who’s hungry?”

They all perked up at that and you set the plate down with a smile. “I hope this will be enough for now,” you say watching them swarm the pancake.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine! Bitties don’t have to eat every day like you do,” Poppy supplied through a mouthful of pancake. “But it is appreciated when we are fed! Especially when it’s something we enjoy, for example our group likes sweet things, so the syrup and chocolate chips are like a special treat for us.”

“Bitties? Is that what you call yourselves?” You ask sitting down with your legs crossed.

Poppy swallowed his mouthful of pancake before answering. “Well, overall yes, but individually we are categorized by name. There is more than one Poppy or any other bitty, but not every Brassberry is brother to every YanYan. YanYan has part of Brassberry’s SOUL so whichever YanYan has the SOUL to a particular Brassberry is his brother.”

“So kinda like different races?” You ask, trying to avoid using the term breed.

“Eh, more or less, but we are more predictable and our descriptions are more reliable than a stereotype for a race is. For example, Biteberry’s are essentially Brassberry’s who are in an almost constant state of dominant heat, every Biteberry is sexually dominant and extremly volatile. Poppy’s, such as myself, are generally helpful and kind and act as a caretaker for smaller or more timid bitties,” Poppy answers before going back to eating.

You were nodding along to indicate your listening until the word ‘heat’ came up. “Wait Dominant heat?” You ask.

“Yes, bitties can have two types of heats, dominant or subordinate or dom or sub for short. The amount of heats and type can depend on the specific bitty. Little Pumpkin here will never see a dom heat, and his heats will be much more spaced out than usual. It’s just how his type is,” Poppy informs you.

Pumpkin blushes at the mention of him being in heat and shrinks back a bit into his parka, embarrassed. How cute! “Alright I get it, I think. Is there anything else I should know?” You ask.

Pumpkin perks up, curious as to why you are asking all these questions he pipes up with one of his own in a quiet, but hopeful voice, “Are you gonna be our new Momma?”

You felt your heart still as you looked down at his little face, his eyes sparkled with hope and want. Could you really crush his poor little soul? Nope.

You smile softly, and reply with as much kindness you can muster. “I will be if you want me to be.”

His face lit up with happiness and you could almost cry from causing such a reaction. Your mother wasn’t the best, not the worst, but she certainly didn’t help your issues any. You made a promise to yourself to be the best mother for these little guys, barring heats when the line was bound to be pushed into something… further, but that would be a worry for another time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Punny nods his agreement and Poppy comments that you’d be a perfect mommy, while Brassberry blushes and just voiced his agreement. Everyone turned to YanYan who was still going to town on the pancake, but stopped when he noticed the stares. He humphed and said in a drama-queen type tone, “Well, since everyone else seems to want to stay I’ll agree to it, I’ll admit the food isn’t half bad, but if I’m going to live here Mother dearest, we have got to update a few things! I can’t have my Owner walking around like a fashion reject!”

You concede that your wardrobe could use some updating, and almost as if by magic you get a text message from Alphys at that very moment.



Hey -----, so I’ve started this new program, it’s a lot like yours actually, the only difference is that instead of different Sans’s it’s Papyrus’s. Swe get to gather even more information on the other universes as well as inter-species relations! Anyway, I want you and the Papyrus human (I’ll let her introduce herself when you meet her) to spend some time together, and my friend Mettaton, you know the robotic television star, owner of his own cosmetics line, owner of his own chain of stores specializing in all his merchandise (including his anime inspired fashion line, by the way there is a Mew Mew Kissy Cutie dress in there I think would look adorable on you and the San’s would definitely appreciate the breast line and how short it is ;3)


You physically have to stop reading to turn away from the bitties and hide your blush, fuck Alphys! Is she really trying to hook you up with one, or all, of the Sans’s?! Like you didn’t have enough on your plate without the awkward, but lovable, nerd trying to play matchmaker! You sigh and continue on reading.


But, anyways, the reason I brought this up is because he (MTT) wants to take us out shopping to one of his stores, his treat. He said any friend of mine is a friend of his, and when I mentioned your lack of, well, clothing options he wouldn’t take no for an answer and insisted that you could have your pick, that is if you want to come?

“Well, of course you’re going!” An excited YanYan screeched over your shoulder. You scream out, startled, “Fuck, YanYan, don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“Well, excuse me for being curious about what my Owner is up to,” he says with a pout. “Anyway, it’s a good thing this happened! It’s the perfect opportunity to update your ratty old clothes.”

Excuse me?” You say indignantly. “You’re excused,” he replied with a smirk. “Now, go ahead and reply to Alphys and tell her you’re coming and you’ll be bringing along someone to help you-” “Ac-Actually, I’d like to come to, if it’s not a problem?” Brassberry spoke up.

You looked over at him, why did he want to go? He didn’t seem the type to enjoy shopping, or meeting new people, but if he wanted to go far be it from you to stop him. “Sure, just let me tell her I’ll have two bitties with me, I’m going to assume she knows a little about you guys, given everything else she knows,” you mumbled.



Okay, sounds fun! But just letting you know I’m going to have two bitties with me, Brassberry and YanYan. If you don’t know about them then I’ll explain later when you see them, it’ll be easier that way, trust me. Anyway, can’t wait to see the new human! It’ll be nice to meet someone like me who is fine with living with monsters. Oh, and tell Mettaton that I’m excited to meet him too! He’ll be my first celebrity I’ve ever met in person!

Chapter Text

Okay, there were two things you hadn’t been aware of when she sent the message; one, the shopping would take up most of the day, and two, it was today. You needed at least a day’s notice before meeting someone new on terms that weren’t your own, especially if they were human. Given your past and what you’d seen from your own race you were naturally skeptical and skittish when it came to meeting a new person of your own species. So right now you were getting yourself worked up.

Once you had explained to YanYan and Brassberry that today was the day you were shopping they both seemed surprised, but okay with it, hell YanYan seemed to be overjoyed with the idea of it being as soon as possible. “You’ve got to let me help you with your makeup Mommy!” He let the term of endearment slip out easily, and the way he was looking at you you couldn’t say no to him.

You smile and reply, “Alight, but nothing too show-offy, I’m not looking to attract anyone on this trip. Just something simple and nice would suffice.”

YanYan rolled his eyes and huffed, “Fine. Next time you go out though I’m pulling all the stops with your look.” His voice told you that he wouldn’t take no for an answer so instead you just go to the closet and grab some new clothes, which were practically identical to the ones you were wearing now, same white fluffy sweater and black jogging pants, only difference being they were a little bit bigger. If you were meeting someone knew you were going to feel as comfortable as possible dammit.

By the time you’d changed and put on your shoes YanYan had assembled everything he deemed necessary for your non-show-offy makeover; mascara, eyeliner, light smokey blue eyeshadow, and some light shade of lipstick that complimented your skin tone rather well. You must admit that you were impressed at the bitties ability to orchestrate such things in such a small amount of time. “Okay Mommy, sit here, and do what I tell you! I’ll have you looking almost as fabulous as me in not time!~” YanYan exclaimed happily.

YanYan was so cute when he was in his element, if only he was this cute all the time. Actually he reminded you a lot of a cat, very sassy and demanding a lot of the time but cute and adorable in his own way and even sweet at times. You wouldn’t even doubt that he’d hesitate to use his claws either whenever he deemed necessary.

It took twenty minutes for a ‘quick’ touch-up. YanYan was very fussy when it came to makeup, and everything had to be absolutely perfect otherwise he’d start from scratch. Not to mention you had a thing about things near your eyes so that made the whole eyeliner bit a living hell. “Mother, I swear if you make me mess up one more time I’m going to use my magic to fucking hold you still!” He exclaimed frustratedly after you had jerked in response to the eyeliner once again.

You had no doubt he wouldn’t either so you did your absolute best to keep still through the remainder of the torture. “Annnd there we go!” He proclaims happily. “You look simply stunning Mother! That wasn’t so bad was it?”

You decide to just smile back as your ‘reply’ and look into the mirror. You really did look nice, not too flashy, but the makeup helped bring out your natural beauty and features. “Thank you YanYan. It looks lovely!” You praise as he finishes placing the makeup back into its respective places.

He blushes an orange-red color and replies, “it was my pleasure Mommy.”

You turn to Brassberry with a bright smile. “What do you think Brassberry?”

He turns a shade of teal and sputters a bit before answering. “It’s, uh, I mean you look… really pretty Momma,” he manages to say.

Beaming you offer him your hand and he climbs up without hesitation. You bring him to your face and give him a small kiss on his little cheek, careful not to use to much force or hurt the little guy. “That’s very sweet of you, Brassberry, now I believe it’s getting around the time we’re supposed to be meeting Alphys. YanYan?” You call out, not noticing the completely enamored skeleton in your palm.

“Over here, where you left me,” he huffs from the vanity. You quickly apologize and pick him up as well.

“Now there’s the problem of where to put you. I don’t want you on my shoulder because you can fall, and I don’t want you in my pocket because you can be squished,” you think a moment before realizing a safe place you could put them, though it might be a little embarrassing for them. “How about here?”

Using your unoccupied hand you fix your sweater’s neckline in such a way that it exposes a decent amount of cleavage, which wasn’t too hard considering this one was fair deal larger than the other. Both bitties blushed their respective colors and looked away, but they hesitantly nodded. “Don’t worry you’ll get used to it, besides think about it like this, you’re protecting me from any perverts who might try and cup a feel while we’re out shopping,” you tell them enthusiastically, trying to get them to be more comfortable with the idea.

“Cup a WHAT?!” Brassberry shouts from his breast perch, almost growling.

“Cup a feel, y’know try and touch me in places, like my tits, without my permission. It happens more often than people would like to admit,” You respond.

“Not while I’m with you!” They both asserted. Okay, listen learned, bitties are territorial over ‘Mommy’ and will get overly protective when a threat is mentioned.

You decided to drop that conversation for now and head downstairs. The Sans’s were all still asleep, Alphys had wanted to get an early start, so you left a note explaining everything, including the bitties just in case they wandered out of your room. After grabbing a random magnet you stuck it to the fridge and then proceeded to walk out the door.

It was a somewhat crisp morning, not cold but not yet warm either, you liked it. The bitties nuzzled closer to your breasts, whether to get warm or just because they wanted to be closer to you you could not discern. You stand just outside the house twiddling your fingers nervously. Now, you may think it’s stupid to be so worried about today’s confrontation, but your last human interaction didn’t go so well.

You were just nervous to try having any type of relationship with another one of your kind after what had happened. Still, if Alphys thought they were okay then you supposed the least you could do is try… despite the fear you feel inside. You owed at least that much to her.

You weren’t sure how long you waited, minutes, hours? It felt like it. Wallowing in your fears and self-doubt of ever being able to make friends with a human because of your awkwardness and social ineptitude brought on you by your years of abuse and lack of contact with the outside world. Even so the time did eventually come when you saw Alphys’ vehicle coming towards you slowly, and dread ran through your veins.

You did your best to keep smiling and will away all of your doubt and pessimism as the vehicle pulled to a stop in the driveway. You began to breath in and out slowly, you could do this, you’d done worse! Just keep calm and don’t let your fear take control of you!

After your mental pep talk you step forwards a bit and Alphys notices you with a smile and a wave. “Hello, ----! Climb in, we’ve got to get to Mettaton before he gets impatient,” she says looking down at the time on the dash. You then notice the other person in the car who is looking at you with an interested stare, but they're smiling warmly and waving as well… you’re not sure how to feel about them yet.

Understanding the hurry you do a quick wave back and, not wanting to cause further delay, you rush to the car and get in as quick as possible. As you catch your breath you notice the features of the person sitting with you in the back. They are wearing a hoodie with a tank top underneath from what you can tell, a pair of jeans that has been worn often, and older scuffed sneakers. The whole ensemble seems to say ‘fuck your fashion, I’ll keep my comfort’, you could respect that.

Now came the part you were dreading most, conversation. You decide to instigate it, because this would work out so well. Your entire persona gives off a confusing and conflicting aura of anxiety and happiness as you smile warmly and begin to speak. “So I’m ----, but I guess you already know that from Alphys shouting it out the window,” you laugh nervously before continuing, “and these two lovely gentlemen here,” you point to your bosom and the two little skellies currently residing there, “are my escorts for this evening. Oh, and if you’re wondering why they are riding the “booby express” I didn’t want to stick them in my pocket and this seemed like the safest option….. Don’t judge me,” you begin to realize that this ‘conversation’ has entirely consisted of you spewing out random gibberish and gives an awkward smile. “Sorry, I’ve been rambling, I’ll just shut up now and let you talk…… uhhhh I’m sorry I don’t even know your name.”

YanYan shakes his head at his socially inept Owner… well what she lacked in that area she made up for in determination and sheer stubbornness that was for certain. Still he was embarrassed to be apart of this situation.

Brassberry isn’t really paying attention to what’s being said he is more focused on protecting ----, he kept his eyes on this new person from his, very comfortable, position, he is on edge but also happy to be this close to ----… especially this part of her…. His pervert levels increase by one.

The person responds kindly enough. “Well, in an ironic turn of events, you and I share the same name. People just call me Wheatley, though. This is Al,” they say pointing at her v-neck, “Curly and Teacup,” gestures at both shoulders, “and Violet,” they say with a thumb to her hood. “I’m going to guess that heart eyes McPervert is a Brassberry, and the other one is… I think a Yanyan. I looked all the bitty stuff up this morning over breakfast, so…” They trail off a bit, their voice held a light tone to it to show they meant no harm by the teasing. “Anyways, how are the Sans-- Sans-es-- how are the skeletons treating you? I’ll have to deal with Underlust Sans’s Papyrus sometime in the next few days… that should be fun.”

You smile at their sarcastic attitude and giggle at their teasing, you might just like this Wheatley. Just then Al spoke up in a calm tone. “The folder said tomorrow, for all three of them.” While his tone is calm you can tell that he is clearly sizing everyone up, so to speak, though you don’t blame him, you didn’t trust strangers easily either.

All their other bitties seemed to be forcing themselves, except Violet who was just asleep, to remain quiet and mostly restrained, possibly another trust issue? You could understand that, you were feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this yourself to be perfectly honest, but you were a little more excited about things now.

“The Sans’s are very nice to me, well more than nice actually, they’re a lot like highschool boys around their crush. They all have vastly different personalities and nicknames to match them! Red- like the color he’s passionate, dangerous, fiery, Blue- cool, calm, lazy, Blueberry- sweet, adorable, innocent but not completely, Science- smart, loves to do experiments, easily flustered, Actor- passionate, gentlemanly, old-fashioned, loves Shakespeare, like a LOT, G- which doesn’t say much, when he does it’s always very… well sensual and flirtatious,  Hip Hop- shy, loves to dance, sweet, Daddy- Underlust Sans, he’s very outspoken and rude, and Skullface- he’s got a tough exterior, likes to observe things, he likes singing and dancing though not as much as Hip Hop, and he only just got interested in me recently after watching me during a late night instant noodle musical number,” you giggle a bit at that memory. “So overall things have been great! Oh sorry, I got off on a tangent there without introducing my bitties, it’s been awhile since I’ve had an interaction with a decent human being so you’ll have to pardon my awkwardness,” you rub the back of your neck and smile softly. “These two are indeed Brassberry and YanYan, from what I know Brassberry can be a bit possessive, and YanYan is as well, but these guys seem comfortable enough right now. Though, I am not responsible for anything YanYan might say-”

Without any warning, YanYan decided to prove your point right then and there with his attitude problem. He looks at Wheatley’s clothes before making a gagging sound and motion with his hand, and in the most bitchiest tone he could possibly manage he starts his little outburst. “UGH! Did you even look in a mirror before coming out this morning? Not like my owner is much better, but at least I gave her a hand and made sure she put on some makeup to make up for her lack-luster fashion choices! But don’t worry honey, that’s what this trip is for after all, to update those things you call clothes,” he gave a cute smile that screamed passive-aggressive bitch.

Your face flushes and you immediately regret your decision to allow him to come. Wheatley was bound to hate you now, your odds at friendship zero percent. Friend train derailed by a couple inches of bitchiness.

Brassberry had hid his face after the whole ‘McPervert’ thing, but now he popped back up to growl at his brother, a clear warning to behave or he would make him behave, this kind of behavior was not unusual of his sibling, but it was causing ---- distress which was something he would NOT tolerate.

Curley and Teacup both seem pretty peeved at the insults just hurled at their caretaker. While Curley was better at keeping his protests hidden, Teacup seemed ready to have an all out bitch-out with YanYan. The only thing that held him back was Al who glanced at him in warning. Hell, even Al seemed fairly on-edge in comparison to what you’d seen a few seconds prior, but he was doing very well at hiding it, in fact you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t so observant to the small details.

Wheatley snorts, seemingly amused by YanYan’s snark. “Oh, believe me honey, I did. I go by a strict rule of “I don’t give a fuck as long as it’s comfy,” so you can take two steps back into your sassy little self,” they deadpan before turning their attention back to you. “Don’t worry; all bitties are sentient, so if they talk shit they’ll have to deal with whatever happens afterwards. Luckily for Sassy McSmall, I don’t give half a fuck what he thinks about my outfit.”

You breath a sigh of relief, friendship chances are still good you can salvage this! “Don’t think it’s just you either, he’s a bit of a drama queen. I think he lives to start shit, but he’s nice? In his own way, I mean he tries to help, even if he is a bitch about it,” you tell them.

In response to all of this YanYan huffs indignantly and pouts, well then he’d just keep quiet the rest of this ride, not like he wanted to talk to Trashy McBitchtits anyway, for extra measure he stuck his tongue out before looking away and refusing to look in their direction. Meanwhile Brassberry laughs at how YanYan was outsassed by this new human and decides almost immediately afterwards that he likes them. He wouldn’t mind ----- hanging around them for awhile.

Wheatley smiles warmly and nods their agreement. “Sounds like me in High School, freshman year. College is where it’s at, though; you actually meet folks with the same mindset. It’s fantastic, I’d definitely recommend it,” they say jovially.

Teacup appears to want to say something but is shot down once again by Al. You tried to ignore it but it bothered you, you didn’t like seeing others being influenced even if it was for their protection. Maybe Al would trust you at some point and this wouldn’t be a problem? You hoped so… it reminded you to much of…. You didn’t want to finish that thought.

Before anyone else says anything Alphys interrupts. “S-so, i-i-is everyone buckled up now?” She sounds nervous and is glancing at the dash while fidgeting around. She clearly doesn’t want to be late.

Fuck, that’s right a buckle, the thing that keeps you from dying, you needed to do that still. You buckle, making sure not to squish either bitty by the shoulder strap. “I think we’re all good now, if we have a wreck my boobs should soften the blow for Brassy and YanYan,” you say jokingly with a smile and a wink.

Well, if we die we die happy at least, they both think to themselves. They are fine with this situation, though YanYan is still pissy.

Wheatley snorts. “They’re gonna get boobed to death if we crash,” they remark, voice showing their amusement.

Whether Alphys hears this or not she doesn’t react to it. “A-alright, let’s go!!!” With that she takes the car out of park and peels out of the driveway and off towards the mall.

Chapter Text

Wheatley’s bitties kept quiet most of the ride, Curley and Teacup moved into their hood next to Violet and enjoyed napping together, while Al switched to their shoulder’s in order to gain a better vantage point on Brassberry and YanYan. Al hadn’t let those two out of his sight for a single moment, he wasn’t about to let his guard down, he had his pack to protect after all and for that he needed to remain ever vigilant, especially around bitties known to be particularly… volatile.

“So ‘Daddy’ is just a sleazy Sans who thinks he’ll get consent to fuck you at some point?” Wheatley asked, sounding almost surprised by the idea that someone could be that big of an asshole.

You shrug and reply with some uncertainty, “Well, I only got to see him for about maybe half an hour before Alphys had to take him back to wherever to ‘talk’ to him. Don’t know when he’s getting back either, but yeah basically from what I gathered from our very brief meeting he was a lot like my… nevermind anyway he definitely is really used to getting his way and has a very high sex drive, also for some reason he seems to draw in people but all he really did to me was make me flustered and I think it was because of the outrageous way he acted and what he said more than anything.”

Both Brassberry and YanYan were currently content to just sit in your bosom and remain silent for the time being, not like you needed any help from them right now anyway or that anything of interest was going on. “W-well, h-h-he should b-be rejoining you i-in a few days. H-he should b-be acting better by then,” Alphys spoke up from the front of the car sounding a bit flustered, but mostly at the situation with Daddy not at you or Wheatley. However, her attitude soon shifted as a gleaming metal rectangle with blinking lights came into view. “Look!!! There’s Mettaton!!!” She waves in his direction as they drive past.

You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but a glorified speak-n-spell was not it. You quickly chastise yourself for thinking that way about him, sure he looked oddly simplistic, but he was Alphys’s best friend and that must mean he is a good person. Besides, you were never one for judging others based on looks so why start now? You were determined to put your best foot forward, even though you were still confused on how he could be such a popular celebrity and look so…. simplistic.

“… I didn’t think he would be a calculator…” Wheatley states quietly voicing your thoughts before suddenly pointing to the left and shouting, “Found a spot!!!”

Alphys guides the car into the spot carefully, making sure to line it up just right, before parking and excitedly pocketing the keys. “W-we’re here!!!” She exclaims as she opens her door quickly and rushes to Mettaton as if she hadn’t seen him in years. Alphys could be so pure and precious….. when she wasn’t drawing uncouth pictures of you and your housemates.

Wheatley gets out before you and opens your door while you're watching Alphys’ reunion . You’re surprised at first and then realise what’s going on when they elegantly gestures for you to leave while doing a little half-bow that those butlers do in movies whenever an exuberantly wealthy person exits a car. “ After you, madame~,” Wheatley says in a sophisticated manner.”

Al by this point had prodded the rest of his pack members awake, or rather attempted as they all groaned sleepily in response and he gave up with a sigh and held onto Wheatley’s ear for support.

You decide to go along with Wheatley’s little charade, though you couldn’t help but giggle a bit before getting into your ‘role’. “Thank you Wheatley,” your voice now aristocratic and your carry yourself with a certain dignity and refinement that the upperclass always seem to flaunt. That is before you start laughing your ass off and go back to normal. “God, we must look like such dorks right now!”

Next to the mall Mettaton is still with Alphys his smooth charismatic voice carrying on the wind like the soft, warm air of spring, if that air was metallic and had lights that were blinking wildly in an attempt to show his excitement that is. Alphys is in his arms embraced in a tight hug that looks both heartwarming and suffocating at the same time. “OH ALPHYS DARLING~” Mettaton exclaims gayly as he sets her down. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve just had some down time to ourselves! And you’ve brought two new friends along, who I’m sure are just ecstatic to meet me! ~ ” While he has changed and continues to try and better himself to make up for what he has done in the past he is still working on his ego, but he is a much different Mettaton than before and any improvement is is still a step in the right direction. He also knows that he has his friends to fall back on if he needs them, so a little ego isn’t half-bad all things considered.

“Oh today is simply going to be divine!~~” Mettaton proclaims as his lights blink happily.

“Oh, definitely,” Wheatley replies laughing at their shenanigans before shutting the door and turning around to lead the way to the mall. “Whelp, time to greet the TI-84,” they said quietly.

Al pokes the other bitties enough to finally get them to poke their head out of the hood then he leans down to talk to Wheatley. However, he’s talking so quietly that you’re unable to hear him, and while you are curious of what he is saying you don’t want to ask and have Wheatley think you’re rude...or weird, probably both. Instead you increased your pace as you both neared Mettaton and Alphys. Alphys seemed to be saying something to Mettaton, but you weren’t close enough to hear nor were you really paying attention.

“So that’s Mettaton the superstar?” You ask in  a hushed whisper to Wheatley so as not to be overheard. “I thought he would be… well… sexier? I don’t know, he’s supposed to be the biggest Monster star, he has like a hundred films on his IMDB, and he’s a shiny box on wheels?”

“Yeah.” Wheatley replies in the same hushed tone. “Alphys told me he’s got two bodies, and that he’d be in this one on the way to pick you up. Something about more efficient power consumption or something… I’m sure if you asked him, he’d flip a switch and show you a hotter body. Personally, I’m just glad that Alphys is happy.”

Alphys notices that they are close now and excitedly points them out to Mettaton, “O-oh!!! Metta, these a-are the humans I w-w-was telling you about. They’re b-both named Y/N, b-b-but this one,” she gestures to Wheatley, “calls themself Wheatley.”

You are a little uncomfortable with the fact that you aren’t able to tell exactly where Mettaton is looking at, but you want to start out on the right foot nevertheless so you smile softly. “Hello, it’s a pleasure to finally get to meet another one of Alphys’s friends!” You say the greeting with sincerity, it was great to meet another one of Alphys’s friends!

Mettaton’s lights blink joyfully. “Well thank you, darling! ~,” he says before turning to Aplhys and asked playfully, “Why didn’t you tell me that they were so eager to meet me?! I would’ve brought along some signed photographs or something so they could remember the occasion ~.” He chuckles, ironically not sounding like a dial-up computer as you might’ve thought.

“W-w-well, I-I j-just told them about m-m-meeting you this morning…” Alphys trails off blushing slightly.

Wheatley pats Alphys’ shoulder and smiles at her warmly before talking to Mettaton. “It’s nice to meet you, Mettaton. The bitties seem pretty comfortable where they are, so I won’t ask them to move; Al is the one on my shoulder, Curley is the water elemental, Teacup has the kitty ears, and Violet is probably still sleeping in my hood,” Whealtey greets.

Teacup and Curley both wave from the hood at Mettaton while blinking sleepily. Al gives a small wave and politely greets Mettaton with, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s certainly a pleasure to meet all of you as well ~ And my, my aren’t they just precious ~! I just adore bitties!~” Mettaton’s lights were whizzing and blinking and his voice was a pitch higher than normal. You were certain that if he had a face it would be doing that ‘kawai’ thing you see in animes.

You feel a little bad for not introducing your bitties as well, but no time like the present as they say. “The two riding around in my bust over here, because they refused to go anywhere else, are YanYan -on the left- and Brassberry -on the right-.  YanYan is my new self-appointed fashion consultant and Brassberry is here because he won’t let me out of his sight for more than two seconds.”

Brassberry’s face blushes teal and he avoids looking directly at anybody, however Alphys takes this opportunity to sneakily get out her phone and ninja a picture of Brassberry. She swiftly texts you the pic and smirks as she puts her phone away, mission accomplished, also new ship has sailed. There were sooo going to be new chapters to add to her manga later tonight, not to mention her novella, and just wait until she told Undyne about this!

Alphys decided to get things back on track before she started to make things weird, like that time at the dump with Frisk…. God that was awkward. “So, M-metta, Y/N, Wheatley; y-y-you ready for shopping?” She asks wiping away some sweat that had started to build up on her brow. She really needed to learn how to control her urge to ship in public… or rather the feelings that came with said urge.

“Yeah, I’m ready. I’m thinking clothes, then other things? I’ve got some stuff I have to pick up. Alphys, if I end up staying later than you and Y/N can, I can just call ‘Tale and have him give me a ride,” Wheatley says casually not affected by Mettaton’s status as a star at all.

Al pulls out a little list and a broken off piece of graphite that he uses like a pencil so he can mark things off as they go along…. Suddenly you feel really unprepared for this. You should have thought through this a bit more...then again you didn’t have much time to get dressed this morning much less make a list. Still, it would have been nice to have been a little more prepared.

“Alright dearies, follow me to the MTT clothing store! ~  It’s just up ahead and it’s my absolute favorite place to go in my free time!~ I love helping customers find the right outfit or accessory, it’s just so rewarding to see their smiles~ Oh, and of course, there is the newly added Bitty section; it’s a little small by my standards, but that shall be remedied with time~,” Mettaton said leading the way.

He talked the entire way there. Mostly about his store, his career, his social life, but nearly all of it went in one ear and out the other. Finally, he came to a stop in front a a fancier looking store with a glistening interior filled with a vast assortment clothing. “Ah we’re here darlings!~” Mettaton said happily.

“Goddamn finally, his IMDB didn’t mention he never shuts up!” You mutter under your breath. You were usually a very patient and good listener, but there is a limit to even the most patient of people. Still, it wasn’t like you disliked Mettaton or anything, just that you felt he could learn to listen more to others instead of talking about himself so much.

YanYan who had seemed annoyed had gone from one extreme to the other upon seeing the store. His eyes sparkled like a kid in a candy store. He felt so happy here! This was his kind of store! He’d listen to Mettaton all day long if it meant he could spend time in the store!

“This looks… Interesting.” Wheatley says, her tone conveying how out of her element she felt. “You have clothes for different body types, like small and pudgy?”

Curley seemed nearly as excited as YanYan, and the way he was looking at the outfits and Wheatley made you feel a little bad for Wheatley. Curley was determined to get them to try on way more than they were comfortable with, that you were sure of. Still, you had a feeling the Wheatley would gladly do it for Curley just as you are for YanYan… even if he is an annoying little shit.

“W-would I shop here if i-it didn’t?” Alphys replied to Wheatley’s question.

“… Is there space print stuff?” Wheatley asked her tone hopeful.

Mettaton turns to Wheatley and responds, “But of course, darling!~ A very special friend of mine requested me to make an entire line of space clothing, I couldn’t object and I just love a challenge, it’s not just a simple print of the galaxy on a shirt, ugh, no I have much more class than that. Each separate piece was painstakingly designed with the utmost detail! I wouldn’t settle for anything less!” He then gestures to himself with, quite frankly, cartoony hands. “Some are based on a particular planet, others constellations, and others still are based on the milky way or another such galaxy, though again not just a copied print out like other companies. If you’d like darling I can help you pick out some clothes that would look simply divine on you~”

You’re glad you already have YanYan for that, Mettaton seems nice, but fuck did he seem like one of those people you would get quickly sick of if only because they never shut up and they only ever talked about things that you had no interest in, at least with YanYan you could put him in a jewelry box if he got too annoying. But, to Mettaton’s credit he did seem to care for his friends and at least you could respect that. “This way we’d both have fashion consultants, and Metta does know the store, considering he owns the store and frequents it,” you point out.

YanYan is beginning to get impatient and wishes they would already hurry up. Wheatley smiles and seems super excited at the prospect of space things.  “Sounds like a pla-- Owww, Curley!!!” They get interrupted by Curley tugging on their hair.

Curley was glaring at Mettaton as he said with a huff, “I can pick out good clothes for you just fine!!!”

Al sighs at this and Wheatley gives a small amused smile. They give Curley a little smooch on the cheek and then reply, “Don’t worry, sweetie; you get the final say on whatever I get for myself, and for you.”

Curley blushes a little and looks away, both embarrassed and happy. He’s such a cute lil bitty, well they all are really in their own ways., you think to yourself before you make your way inside the store and steel yourself for YanYan’s fashion counseling. If you’re lucky maybe he will let you pick out one outfit for yourself…. You doubt it.

Chapter Text

You think you may have tried on every single item the store had in your size, twice! You swear YanYan was as thorough with your new wardrobe as he was bitchy. “Hmmm… turn to the left,” YanYan ordered as he eyed you up and down, taking in every aspect of your current outfit. The thing you had on now was a skimpy sundress, and you didn’t really like how it felt, much less the gaudy colors it showed, still you told YanYan he was your fashion consultant so you’d humour him.

You turned ever so slightly and were met with a “BLEGH!” As YanYan screeched in disgust. “Oh hell no! Honey that hurts my eyes and I only have sockets! Ugh, I guess we can stop now. It’s not like wearing this section another time is going to help.”

You sigh in relief as you go into a stall to undress and come out in your usual flair. All of your selected items were already at the counter waiting to be picked up and paid for, as YanYan had insisted you bring them there after his approval that way no one else would steal them. You apologized to the clerk after noticing the pile increasing in size as they juggled trying to package our items and deal with other customers. They smiled and assured you it was no trouble, and when you asked about the price they scoffed and said not to worry that Mettaton had it covered.

You were embarrassed that someone else was paying for your items, though just as well considering the price tags and how much you had already bought. You decide not to bother trying to argue with Mettaton as he did not seem like the type to back down in this matter, plus you weren’t prepared to hear a speech on why he was doing it.

Surprisingly, after all the trouble you had shopping for yourself, shopping for your bitties was really easy YanYan knew what he wanted and Brassberry picked out a couple of outfits almost identical to one he wore, leaving you to pick out the outfits for everyone else based on their size and tastes. The labeled racks helped a lot, they were labeled by the bitties names, they even had rarer ones like bitty kitties.

After you finished getting the bitty clothes you sighed as you headed back into the store to hopefully find Wheatly. “Well, glad that’s over,” you mumble walking down the aisle.

Suddenly you hear an eerily familiar voice, “Y/N, I didn’t know you’d be shopping in here.” You turn around slowly to come face to face with the bastard you'd hoped you’d never have to see again, Belvedere your ex-fiance.

Your expression and voice become tight, “Yeah Bel, I was kinda kicked out of my house without any clothes other than what I had on. What the hell’s your excuse?” You could feel the anger bubbling up from within you. You could also feel both of your bitties stiffen and even a low growl from Brassberry.

Belvedere feigns a hurt look before replying, “Ouch, what’s with the third degree babe? I’m  here because it’s Decym’s favorite place to get new clothes,” his voice suddenly got lower and more flirtatious as his expression shifts to predatory, “but enough about her. Did you think about my offer about being our third?”

You almost want to vomit, seriously? He has the gall to ask you if you thought about doing such a thing? Brassberry’s glare turns deadly, who the FUCK did this guy think he was? Brassberry’s pupils turn red as he is overcome with aggression and possessiveness and the desire to protect you.

About an aisle over Wheatley is close enough to overhear what is going on and immediately picks up that you’re having a problem. Wheatley tears themselves away from the space hoodies they’d been ogling at and starts making their way over to you. You feel their arm snake around you casually and you can see Curley in their hood looking concerned, as well as Al in the same state.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up? I didn’t think I’d see you here today!!!” Feigning excitement so well you almost believed them and wondered what the hell they were going on about before realizing this was your out.

“Ah, Wheatley! It’s so good to see you! I’m just out getting some new clothes for the bitties and I,” you smile brightly, “What are you doing here?”

Bel made a clear noise of annoyance, “Hey, uh I’m still here ya know.” He was tapping his foot.

You watch as Wheatley turns to pretend they had just noticed Belvedere. Their demeanor has changed completely and it would scare the shit out of you if they had directed it towards you. “Oh, and who are you? Some two-piece sack of meat tryin’ to hit up a gal he don’t deserve?” The burn was spoken in the most monotone, don’t give a fuck way possible.

You try to hold back ay giggles, man Wheatley was the shit. Then he spoke up again agitated and clearly not having it, “Actually, I’m the one who’s offerin’ her the better deal here, sweetcheeks, I’m one hundred percent male not some walking freakshow who should’ve stayed where they were,” his smile is malicious, “I’ve bet those freakish skeletons she lives with now don’t even have the proper equipment to call themselves men.”

You’re hands are now curled into fists and shaking, your fingernails digging into your palm from rage. YanYan and Brassberry are both mad now, their pupils red and aflame with magic. They have to concentrate on restraining themselves in order to keep a handle on their magic. Monster magic was still a very touchy subject as far as the law was concerned and using it against a human could be very bad for the monster race as a whole. Still, it didn’t mean that they felt any less fury towards this man who was causing Y/N grief.

Wheatley snorts amused, “That so? I didn’t even think you were human; you’re more like some sort of rabid dog who really ought to be put down. I mean, honestly, who kicks out a gal like this and then expects her to still like him?” Their smile is sweet as sugar but there’s a different feel about them now, a feel like they could kill a man if they had to. They square out their shoulders before continuing, “Oh right , it’s twerps like you. Honey, if you want to get a woman like her, you’ll have to get a new personality, a new face--you’ll have to be a new person!!!”

You feel Wheatley’s arm drop from your shoulder and before you could blink they were right in his face. “I’ve killed men over much less, so you had better choose your words wisely.”

You can tell Wheatley means it, hell even her bitties are scared, except Al who seems just as pissed. You remain silent and watch as Bel’s face changes to one of pure anger and contempt. “ Mind if I ask ya somethin’ toots?” He didn’t bother to wait for a response. “Have you even had a man before?” He smirked now like that was the best comeback in the world.

Wheatley chuckles deeply their voice getting low and almost man-like. You knew that wasn’t good. “Oh, sugartits… The only men who ask that are the ones who suck dick on the low. So, how many men, sweetie? Ten? Twenty? Or are you so desperate for a nice warm glove for your tiny dick that you’ve forgotten your one true love is your right hand?” You see Wheatley shift ever so slightly between you and your ex. That is when Al climbs out of the hood and uses his magic to gently lift the Wheatley Bitty squad onto Y/N. Curley claims one shoulder, Teacup the other, and Punny gently holds onto your hair from his position on top of your head.

Al floats over and lands next to Curley, wrapping one arm around the unsteady bitty. He whispers in your ear, “I hope you don’t mind us on you; whomever that guy is might make things ugly.”

You are a bit concerned about the entire scenario unfolding in front of you, mostly because you don’t want Wheatley to get hurt or something because of your fucking douchebag ex. Now that you had the bitties on you you’re pretty much forced to stay out of the entire ordeal, that way the bitties would be safe and at least that would be one thing you could do to ‘help’. You respond to Al quietly, “I don’t mind at all, I’m just sorry I couldn’t handle Bel myself and got Wheatley involved, this is all practically my fault.”

YanYan honestly didn’t mind the other bitties too much so long as they knew this was his Owner and they stayed away from his boob-seat he’d be fine. Brassberry, however, well let’s just say the amount of control that it took not to kill the other bitties that had the audacity to even touch his human was equivalent to the amount of force used to split an atom. But for Y/N, he kept himself under control.

Belvedere growls lowly, “You’re one cheeky little cunt aren’t you? Bet you think you’re so clever and so scary, well toots, let me tell you something. There’s reasons bitches like you don’t have anybody, hell, nobody but them freaks who can’t get their own kind will even try and go for repulsive little shits like you. But hey, if it makes you sleep better at night to tell yourself that you’re worth something and I’m the one with a problem, go ahead and do that doll, because while you’re doing that I’ll be six inches deep in a hot, tight cunt and won’t be thinkin’ about anythin’ else but blowin my load,” he chuckles before continuing, “Who knows, maybe the cunt I’m in’ll be hers.” His voice drops a bit into a sultry tone at the end, it was abundantly clear he meant Y/N.

Wheatley raised an eyebrow. “Oh, that’s cute--you think I care how many poor sluts you’ve paid fifty bucks to fuck. Y/N’s got better taste than you, sweetie; she wouldn’t lay a finger on your dick even if you got on your knees and begged for it,” their face contorted to something horrifying and indescribable, you shuddered at the sight and hoped to never have it or anything like it directed towards you, “Let me tell you somethin, sugar; if there weren’t security cameras in this building watching me, you would be dead where you stand. Besides, I don’t have to touch a single hair on your fugly little head to ruin you. But don’t worry; when I strike, you’ll remember me~ If you really think the only thing a woman is for is being a hole for you to fuck, try a fleshlight; feels the same, costs less. It’s better than a hand, that’s for sure.”

Wheatley turns to see Mettaton spying in on the situation, most likely he’d heard the commotion and stayed to make sure his friends would be alright. “Oh, Mettaton; can you turn off the security cameras pointed towards us and then turn around for a minute or two?” Their normal demeanor and voice were back and it was almost a relief.

Mettaton’s lights blink and he replies in a tone not nearly as eccentric as before, “Alright, I’m going to do ‘routine maintenance’ on the cameras everyone so I’ll be away for awhile and they’ll be disabled.”

You look at Belvedere, sweat forms on his brow and he is visibly shaken, how the fuck could he know they knew the owner? FUCK! He wasn’t a pansy but he sure as hell wasn’t a fighter either, he was going to get the SHIT kicked out of him! He decides to make a break for it, screw Decymber she could get her own ride home!

Brassberry snarls, Hell no, he wasn’t going to get away that easy! His eye lights up and his magic summons two Gaster Blasters, two animal skull-like creatures, at their full size they easily block the only means of escape. They’re charged to fire just in case he tries to run anyway, though climbing on top of a giant demonic skull would probably be the stupidest idea ever, then again he wouldn’t put it past this idiot.

Wheatley removes their hoodie in one fluid motion, revealing a tanktop and many scars, both cuts and bullet wound scars, and also a pretty sweet tattoo. They then set their hoodie on a shelf and look back at you, “Y/N, could you remind me that that’s there when I’m finished?”

You swallow a bit, feeling scared, but also so damn pumped! It was a weird mixture. “Um, yeah, of course, Whe,” you reply.

Belvedere turns to face his demise and notices that they are only wearing a tank now. “What is with the stripping?” He asked confused as hell.

Wheatley replies in a sugary sweet voice, “It’s so that I don’t get your blood on my favorite hoodie~. Y/N, could you fill me in on exactly what this fuckboy’s done to you?” They slide into a fighting stance easily, almost like it was second nature to them.

You swallow and then begin to tell your story, “Well, it’s like this, we lived together for three years. I didn’t want to have sex, he did, so what’d he do? Cheat on me; not only that, but then he kicks me out with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and the phone in my pocket. He contacts me days later after I found a job and asks if I want to be their ‘third’. He basically threatens me saying ‘bad things happen to people who stay with monsters’. That’s about it, well besides today with all the insults and… yeah…. “ You trailed off not quite knowing what else to say.

Wheatley nodded their face getting hard, “ Alright… Did he ever try to force you into having sex?” They gave Bel a look that said ‘you’re so dead’.

You bite your lower lip and ask, “Define forced..?” This in and of itself was an answer but Wheatley persisted voice dangerously low, “Either he raped you, tried to drug you, or tried to hold you down in order to forcefully insert himself into you. Or he claimed things that weren’t true about you to try and get you to fuck him.”

You shift uncomfortably, but before you could say anything Bel screeched out, “I didn’t do anything to her that she didn’t have coming for her!” As if this was a good defence!

Al suddenly lunged of your shoulder and grew to his full height. It was an awe-inspiring, terrifying sight. You watch as he walked over to Wheatley and peered at Bel from over her shoulder, hearing the faint clicking of his claws on the tile as he made his way over. “Brassy, could you do me a favor and put two more of those head things behind me? Thank you, dear.” Wheatley said.

Brassberry does as he’s asked and summons two more GasterBlaster’s behind her. “No problem, need anything else?” He asked.

“Not that I can think of. Y/N, I’m going to recommend you take about two steps back; this is going to get rather ugly,” Wheatley said just a moment before shit hit the fan.

You managed to take two steps back before she stomped on Bel’s foot causing his head to jerk down in response right before she uppercut him right in the jaw. You watched with somewhat of a twisted pleasure at seeing Bel get his just desserts. Wheatley then elbowed him hard in the ribs before delivering a punishing roundhouse kick that sent him to the floor with a resounding THUD!

Pain, pain, so much pain, fuck, and he’s falling. This was the worst day of his life and he had a feeling it wasn’t even the worst of it. “Fuck, what the hell?! I didn’t do jack shit!” He yelled.

Wheatley slams their foot into his stomach the sheer force moving him a couple of feet towards the Blasters. “You manipulated someone to try and get them to fuck your whore prick,” they retort and slams the heel of their she into his spine with carefully calculated force. “You cheated on Y/N, who didn’t do jack shit to you save not wanting to be fucked by your tiny, useless dick,” they hiss kicking his face, “You kicked her out of the house without letting her gather her things because you wanted to fuck your side ho, who is probably a whore. Just like you,” they kick him over on his back and crouch over him their eyes holding no mercy, “So tell me: what do you think is going to get you off the hook?”

Belvedere spits blood out of his mouth, this fucking bitch is crazy! He was scared and in pain but his eyes showed pure fury directed towards his attacker as he retorted, “Oh, like I don’t know just what you want, cunt. You want me to fucking get on my knees and beg forgiveness, yeah? Well, I ain’t done nothing wrong, I’m a man who has needs. I kept her, in my house for three years, and the prude never once gave me any. The only thing I could ever get out of ‘er was a blow, I never even touched her pussy, you can ask ‘er. So what I may have cheated on ‘er, but I didn’t take her V-card, despite wanting to I kept myself under control. So I ain’t done nothin’ wrong!”

You are visibly shaking now, in both anger and disgust, you had had enough! You remain where you are to ensure the bitties safety but you can’t withhold your outburst. There are tears in your eyes and you are borderline postal, “‘I ain’t done nothin’ wrong?! I AIN’T DONE NOTHIN’ WRONG?!’ Are you fucking kidding me right now? So forcing me to suck your fucking cock and practically choking me on it isn’t bad enough for you? Well, how about this for ya buddy! I woke up every fuckin’ morning scared shitless that today might be the day that my ‘lover’ decides to say ‘fuck it’ and just force himself inside my most intimate area just like he fucking does with my mouth! But ya know what? Despite that I stayed, yeah, because I told myself ‘I love you’ I had myself convinced that you were the one for me; I kept seeing that same sweet, kind boy I did fall in love with, but now I don’t think that guy ever even existed! You were the only kind of emotional support I had, and you fucking to full advantage of it! I had nowhere to go, no family or friends, only you, and you USED ME!” Your voice is filled with malice and pain and it is clear you have never discussed this with anyone.

Wheatley gets up, eyes staring down at Bel like he is the literal scum on the Earth, “Now, Bel, The only reason you aren’t dead is because that would give Metta too much bad publicity. Y/N, what do you think is a fitting punishment for him? I’m sure we could find a pole or something and make him gag on it, pretend it’s his useless prick or something.”

Al crouches down and places a claw to Belvedere’s Adam’s Apple practically snarling, “Don’t. Move.” A bead of blood already forming from the pressure made for damn sure Bel knew he was serious.

Wheatley walks past the Blasters and hugs you, you hug them back happy for the contact and support, they whisper gently, “I’ve got a therapist that I used to go to, back when I was in college. He’s in the area, I can give you his number after we all go out for ice cream after this.”

You smile softly and reply, “I’d really appreciate it, as for him I don’t think he’s worth the trouble, but if you really want to do something to him I won’t be opposed to the idea.”

Chapter Text

Belvedere gulps and has a glint of terror in his eyes. Wheatley nods and calmly addresses Yanyan, “Alright--Hey, Yanyan; do me a solid and tell Metta and Alphys that we’ll be paying and going for icecream in about ten minutes? I’ll only need five, but those space hoodies are calling to me.”


Yanyan reluctantly gets up only because of the promise of future ice cream, nothing better than sweet, creamy ice cream while sitting on sweet creamy tits, he hops down and goes to relay Whe's message to Alphys and Marta. Wheatley then turns to face Bel and her entire countenance changes into one of pure anger. They tap Al on the shoulder to let him know to get out of the way. Am gets up and stands on the side lines between Bel and Y/N. “Get up.” Wheatley tells Bel voice as cold as ice.


Belvedere gets up shaking and mostly out of fear. He still looks pissed but scared shitless at the same time and definitely focused on not dying or ending up in a dumpster. “Why the hell you want me on my feet anyway? Goin’ kick me down again?” He retorts.


Wheatley raises an eyebrow at him before responding with, “No; I’m giving you a fighting chance, hon. Knock me out, and you can leave without me breaking your legs.” Unbeknownst to him they don't mean it or at least they don't mean that they will literally break his legs, it may feel like it though. Al growls out of frustration, why must the human risk their own safety out of anger?


Belvedere smirks a bit and replies cockily, “Fine, I’ll play along, but remember ya asked for it.” He puts all his energy into a right-hook but Wheatley straight-up catches it in the palm of their hand and looks him dead in the eye, “Well, would you look at that; I asked, and I received. Just what the doctor ordered~” Whe begins crushing his fist in their hand and doesn't stop.


Belvedere made a noise between a yelp and a scream now sounding more like a dying animal than a “man” with a minor injury. He knew what the Bitch wanted, the Bitch wanted him to beg forgiveness for his supposed sins, well tough titty, he'd  rather sit here and have the count wail on him until he was unconscious hell he'd rather be fucked in the ass by a seven foot biker named ‘Tiny’. Like hell was he gonna do that! Instead he focused on thinking about how the fuck he was going to get even with this cunt.


Wheatley snorts amusedly, “You know, I never got your name. Not that it matters; I’ve got a special place in Hell reserved just for folks like you.” She drops his hand to go straight into a kick straight to the jaw, flinging him backwards a good distance and causing him to land hard on his ass. He looks up terrified as Wheatley now has a foot firmly planted on his left leg. “Hey, Y/N--Femur, Fibula an’ Tibula, or the kneecaps?” Wheatley asks.


As much as you wanted to say something, hell, anything, you couldn't. Even after everything, you wasn’t going to ask Whe to hurt Bel, it just didn’t feel right…. Yeah he was, is, an asshole and a racist pig, but you felt like if you did this… went out of your way to get back at him.. It’d make you no better than him. You sigh and reply, “Whe, Bel isn’t worth all this effort. I know he’s a piece of shit, and you know he’s a piece of shit… we don’t need to stoop down to his level Whe. I think he’s learned his lesson, I mean he looks like he’s going to piss himself if you look at him cross-eyed. So let’s just go get some ice-cream, have fun, and enjoy the rest of the day together, yeah?” You end with a smile.


Wheatley lets out a small sigh and nods, “You're right…..” Wheatley looks Bel dead in the eye and their voice goes low, “If I ever hear about you contacting Y/N ever again after today…” Whe chuckles darkly. “Well, to say you won’t like the results will be an understatement. So, here is my parting gift to you~” With that Whe slams their foot right into Bel's crotch so hard it actually scoots him a few inches away.


Wheatley looks at their knuckles and sigh, “Damnit, Bel, I got your blood on me…” They wipe it off on their tank top, “Still, I was gonna chuck this tank top anyways.” They grab their hoodie and pulls it back on, being careful not to get blood on the outside--somehow, their legs are free of Bel blood.


Al goes back to his usual size and climbs up Whe's leg to her hoodie and back in his warm spot. Wheatley turns to Brassberry and says, “Hey, Brassy; you can drop the skull things now. I don’t think Mr. Waste of Oxygen is going to be able to walk for at least half an hour, if not more.”


His magic was able to hold up for hours (so long as he wasn’t going full size that is) but that didn’t make it any easier to control and maintain multiple sentient magical beings, brought into existence from the void tied to him solely by his magic, for long periods of time. So it was a relief to call off the ‘hounds’, so to speak. “Sure,” Brasberry replied letting them vanish back to the void from whence they came. He really wanted to murder the bastard slowly, but Y/N wouldn’t like that, god you were too sweet for your own good. This world would walk all over you if not for people like Wheatley and Brassberry to protect you from others. You may be capable, but your too sweet to do what needs to be done when push comes to shove


December comes running over dressed to the nines in her shiny, skimpy yellow dress and golden bangles around her arms. She kneeled down over Belvedere and her high pitched voice crooked, “Oh my! Bel-Bel, what happened here?!” You held in a snicker at his response. Belvedere was hunched over holding his privates while he painfully responded, “Nothin’ just got mugged. Y’know how it is in the city. Give me a minute here and we’ll leave.”


Han Han comes running back ready to reclaim his spot on the booby throne.  “Mommy, mommy, pick me up~” He calls gently tugging on Y/N's pants to get her attention.

Y/N:     [bends over and lets YanYan climb onto her hand. She then proceeds to place him back on her breast, he then nestles down where he was previously. Now Y/N gently takes Whe’s arm in hers.] Let’s go meet Metta and Alphys now Whe, I’ll even be your lovely escort for the evening. [she winks]


Wheatley:     [winks back, smiling and relaxed] [their knuckles are sore and a bit red from beating Bel, but it's a price they're willing to pay] If you insist, my lady. [silly lil eyebrow wiggle]


Curley:    [gentle pats Wheatley’s cheek] Don't forget the space hoodies you wanted to get.


Wheatley:    [uses free hand to gently pat the top of Curley’s head] I can come back for them later, sweetie. Besides, I've got clothes for you all to pay for that won't be back in Stock for awhile. [Points at the weeb section (bc forreal Metta totes has that)] Five bucks says Alphy is there.


Y/N:     [giggles] I’m not taking that bet because I would lose. [looks at the section, it’s kinda large] You think we’ll find her in there?


Wheatley:   [nods] I'll shout something to get her attention; so, cover your ears.


Y/N:     [Does so]


Wheatley:    [clears throat] MEW MEW KISSY CUTIE 2 IS BETTER THAN MEW MEW KISSY CUTIE 1!!!!!!!


[enraged dino noises from the far end of the anime section]


Wheatley:      Found her. [Smug af]


~~~~Time skip of I’m too lazy to think of anything (honorary titties mention :3c )~~~~


Y/N:     [Alphys looked pretty miffed, don’t mess with the otaku’s anime, rule number one man!] Uh, hey Alphys we’re sorry about the whole Mew Mew Kissy Cutie thing, we just needed to find you and it was the quickest way. Besides I think everyone knows the original is the best. [Y/N smiles softly, trying to defuse the otaku bomb]


Alphys:   [nods] Yeah, I know… [gives Wheatley a hard look]


Wheatley:   [shrugs] You can't deny that while the plot sucked, the outfits and color scheme were better than the first movie. [Wheatley why do you do this--]


Alphys:   [Opens her mouth to retort, but nothing comes out] [huffy sigh] You're lucky I like you…


Wheatley: [cheeky grin] I know. [Suddenly spots The Dress] [points, smol gasps] Y/N. Oh my god. That's, like… You gotta try that on.


Alphys:  [notices The Dress] [nods agreement, if still a little salty] Y-yeah!!! I was texting you about it earlier!!!


Y/N:     [face flushes, oh Christ not Wheatley too, like Alphys trying to set her up wasn’t enough. Though Wheatley probably just thought she would genuinely look good in it, Y/N couldn’t help but think they were in cahoots with one another.] I-I’m not s-so sure that’s my kinda style? [Wow, great excuse Y/N, you said it more like a question and you stuttered… A+ right there. God, why did public outings bring out the worst in you?]


Wheatley:   [has a minor concern, n it shows on their face] If you don't feel comfortable trying it on, you don't have to. But the color makes your eyes stand out… Yanyan, help me out here!!! [Obvious thinking that YanYan will approve of the dress]


YanYan:     {Looks the dress over, his eyes narrowing and scanning it in its entirety. Then he speaks in his usual tone but a bit more comforting} As much as I loath to admit it, she’s right. You’d look absolutely stunning in it, and you know I would never sugar-coat anything for the sake of feelings.


Wheatley:   [gets stiff and very very still at the misgender. They know he doesn't know, which is why they haven't fully snapped at him for it] Yan, hon, I'm not a girl.


Y/N:     [Oh, great YanYan just misgendered Whe. This is why people need to practice using they/ them pronouns until they are told what gender the person identifies as, if they identify as a gender at all. Y/N didn’t know how to deal with the situation, she couldn’t really do much anyway, but she really hoped that Yan would be okay. Partially due to the fact he was currently sitting on her boob and thusly should Whe get angry and lash out Y/N’s tits were toast, but mostly because she feared for his safety in general.]


YanYan:     {He raised an eyebrow (bonebrow?) at that, he’s never heard of someone identifying as something different than what they were anatomically. He supposed it made sense though that some people felt like their bodies are their bodies .} Oh? Um, I’ve never heard of, well, you know this kind of situation. I may not be a nice bitty, but I certainly don’t mean to offend people in that manner. I might be a bitch but I’m not that kind of a bitch.  


Wheatley:   [relaxes just a bit, though the apology seemed… false, somehow. They'll assume that that's just Yanyan’s normal sass shining through, though.] That’s good to hear. I use they/them pronouns, so… don't fuck that up. [Notes Y/N’s tense-ness and just realises that she was probably worried they'd, like, karate chop her tits to slap Yanyan about. The mental image is hella amusing, but they keep their amusement off their face] [raises an eyebrow at Y/N, nodding their head towards the dress] Do you want to try it on?


Y/N:     [looks at it, it does look nice, then she turns to Whe and says with a smile] Sure, as long as you promise not to slap my tits off. [She could tell that Whe probably knew what she was thinking earlier and so she played it off with a wink and laugh.]


Wheatley:   [snorts, amused] The Boob Brigade is in the way; but yeah, I wouldn’t lay a finger on your if it made you uncomfortable. [Places a hand out for aforementioned boob Brigade bitties to climb on to] Yan, Brassy, she can't try the dress on if y’all are in her cleavage.


YanYan & Brassberry:     {[It’s with great reluctance that they move, but it was only for a second and on the plus side they’d get to see Y/N in that dress after she got done so win-win]}


Y/N:     [Giggles] Really Whe, the Boob Brigade? What are they, protectors of the silky mounds? [full on laughs now]


Alphys:   [thoroughly amused by the Boob Brigade thing] [Grabs the dress hanger thing, holds it and the clothing out for y/n] H-he really you go! Let me know i-i-if you need a different size…


Wheatley:   [holds the Boob Brigade bitties close to their chest, so they don't accidentally drop them]


Y/N:     [heads to the dressing room, a little anxious but otherwise fine. Goes into one of the free rooms. Closes the door, takes a deep breath, gets undressed besides her bra and underwear, then comes the moment of truth!.......IT FITS! HAHA! Also, it’s pretty high cut and shows a nice amount of cleavage, Alphys was right the guys would be all over her in this, it is a HUGE step from her usual clothes that rarely show anything. She opens the door a crack and sticks out her head.] Um, hey, guys, I’m all changed if you wanna come look. [She says loudly so as to be heard over the usual murmur of a store]


Alphys and Wheatley:   [So much happy and pure exitement] [stands near the stall door so she donut hafta show off to others if she donut want to] Let's see it!!! [Pure happy exite, the so happy for her like u cannot believe. Alphys’s tail is wagging, that's how happy she be]


Y/N:     [Takes in a deep breath and opens the door] So…. how do I look? [a bit anxious/worried but excited]


YanYan:     {Eyes are sparkling and his face speaks for him, ‘she’s beautiful!’}


Brassberry:     [If he wasn’t enamored before, which he was, he most definitely is now! HOT DAMN!]


Wheatley:   [soft whispers] Holy shit… [quick takes a picture of her with their cellphone, n then shows her the pic so she can see how gosh darn cute she is in the dress] You're buying this. Hell, Metta will probably give you the damn thing for free; it looks really good on you. [Suddenly notice where Brassys eyes are] Brass, sweetie, her eyes are on her head. [Amused teasing, not trying to make Y/N or Brass feel uncomfortable]


Alphys:   [would be doing the anime nosebleed if that were at all physically possible-- that dress looks very, very good on Y/N] I'll pay for it for you, i-if you don't have the money on hand for it. [Happy dino is happy]


Y/N:     [She’s stiff and her face is red, Y/N.exe has stopped working.]


Mettaton:     {rolls in looking as fabulous as he can in this form} Oh nonsense darlings~ You all came on my invite after all, anything you get I’ll personally cover! Consider it a gift for being a bridge between humans and monsters, and for being friends with Alphys, of course ~


Wheatley:   [Wheatley dot exe has stopped working] Um… Metta, that’s… a rather large gift. I don't know about Y/N and Alphys’s purchases, but the stuff I’ve picked easily costs about $300… I can't let you pay for all of that. [Wheatley is V good at keeping track of monies]


Mettaton:     {laughs a bit in a friendly way} I promise dear, this is nothing to me, monetarily speaking. I have so much on my schedule, I’m doing a world tour in a few months, darling money is nothing, friends are everything. You just started working for Alphys in a very important program, one that could change the way humans view monsters. The least I can do is pay for your items dear~


Wheatley:   [shakes head no] I can't allow you to do that. I get where you're coming from, really I do, but I cannot accept that. It’s… just a large sum of money. A very large sum of money, based on my prior paychecks. I'm not comfortable with you paying it all.


Mettaton:     How about I pay half? Or you could owe me a favor? {Determination, also the favor thing is not said or meant in a creepy way at ALL}


Wheatley:   [slowly nods] What would the favor be? [They haven't chosen either yet, they would just like to know--it's gotta be worth $300]


Mettaton:     Well, for instance, being a monster SOUL in a robot body and being a celebrity makes me a target for… well the monster hate groups, monster haters acting alone, religious zealots who think monsters are demons who need to be wiped from the Earth, etc. Because of this I don’t like hiring monster body-guards, they’d be too at risk and they’d be much easier to… dispose of due to our lack of physical matter and our SOUL’s being much weaker, but on the opposite side of the coin I don’t know many, well personally none actually other than Frisk who is a bit young for that, humans I can trust. I have an upcoming concert and if you’d like you could be on security detail?


Wheatley:    … I'll have to ask the skelebros I live with. Though, I'm sure it won't mess with Alphys’s program too much… right? [Makin sure they ain't overstepping boundaries with Alphys]


Alphys:   [nods] You won't be messing with it at all, so long as all the Papyruses know.


Wheatley:   [smiles] Well then, keep me posted. Here-- [scribbles cell number on a scrap of paper they found in their pocket and hands it to Metta] Text me the details later. Sometimes folks like me will need a permit to bodyguard, and you might want to have a chat with your lawyer or whatever to make sure it's not breaking the law. [Makes a mental note to DEFINITELY not get any bad press between now and the concert]


Mettaton:     {hold onto the paper in one of his hands since he doesn’t have pockets, and lights blink happily} Fantastic darling~ I shall discuss all the legal issues that could arise, or that need to be handled, with my lawyer.  By the way, he’s a cat monster, often wears a tux now, and he goes by the name ‘Lawyerpants’. I’m just telling you in case you ever run into him that way you can recognize him. He used to be the only worker at my Glamburger restaurant Underground… I wasn’t the nicest monster back then and he took the brunt of a lot of my displeasure… when we came up here I wanted to make it up to everyone. So, I started with him. I asked him what he wanted to become and he said a lawyer, after much sweating and awkward stuttering, so I paid for his tuition and when he got out of Law school, surprisingly fast might I add, I hired him on as my lawyer. He’s a lot more confident than he used to be…. Sometimes I think about the difference in how he used to act from how he acts now and I think ‘My God, I’m a horrible monster.’ I ruined his life and made him into a nervous wreck, but somehow I still hope that I can make amends for that.  


Wheatley:   [they didn't really ask for a backstory but hey it fits Metta’s personality so they don't bother making a face at it; besides, he looked very guilty about his past self’s actions] I think that the fact you're trying speaks volumes. Maybe ask him about getting a therapist--The one I go to is very monster friendly, or so I've heard from her monster patients. She's a sweetheart, I think you'd like her. (Your turn)


Mettaton:     {voice uncertain} I’ll try talking to him about it. {does a complete 180 with his tone and overall vibe} Ahem, now I believe that we have purchases to make and then some ice cream to get?~


Y/N:     [Y/N. exe back online, god that was really tense and awkward, she didn’t know what to say so she didn’t and stood still, probably looking like a store mannequin from what very little movement she did make]


Wheatley:   [nods] Icecream sounds fantastic. [They're paying for their own icecream, so help them god] Y/N, you find everything you wanted?


Y/N:     [Nods] I left all my stuff up front to pick up later, very convenient by the way, anyway, the only thing I need to do now is change back and add this to the items and I’m ready Freddy! Oh and when I get my stuff back on let me return the brave sentinels to the silky mounds myself okay? [She sticks out her tongue and winks before heading back to change]


Wheatley:   [snorts] The Boob Brigade is eagerly awaiting their noble steed. [Says that loud enough so that Y/N can hear it over the store music]


Al:  [just kinda done with all the things and just wants to go home and decompress. He's pretty good at hiding it, tho]


Y/N:     [Comes back dress draped over one arm, happy as a clam, whatever the fuck that means] Alright, let’s get these two noblemen back to their posts. [Holds out her hand for YanYan and Brassberry] Can’t leave these sacred hills unguarded for long [snorts]


YanYan & Brassberry:     {[Both eagerly get onto her hand and let her return them to her bosom, all is right with the world]}


~~~~Timeskip brought to you by the Boob Brigade, may eternal sunshine forever fall upon the silky mounds~~~~

Y/N:     Yeah, um, so just give me a double scoop of pistachio, and could you put chocolate sauce on it? Thanks! [Pistachio is the ultimate flavor. She pays and leaves a five dollar tip, the owner of the ice cream parlor they went to is a monster. A bunny, with a big friendly smile and an overall great personality, but they seem to be the only customers in there despite that. One could argue it was the weather, but while it wasn’t the warmest, it wasn’t the coldest, it wasn’t raining, and the wind wasn’t blowing, not to mention in the city there is always those few weird people who eat ice cream outside in the snow and of course pregnant people, and random cravings, and depression onslaughts… okay the more Y/N thought about it the more sense it made to have an ice cream parlor be open all year, but still.]


YanYan and Brassberry:     {[Clear their throats]}


Y/N:     [blushes she almost forgot] Um, do you by any chance have anything Bitty sized?


The Bunny (name tag reads ‘Nicecream Guy’):     [Nods]     Actually, yes I do! I didn’t want to leave anybody out! And since I know it can be draining on them to have to maintain a ‘full-sized’ form for long periods of time, I didn’t want them to have to do it for ice cream of all things. So, I got a few thimbles to act as a kind of bowl and doll spoons to act as, well, spoons.


YN:     That’s great, one thimble full of chocolate chocolate-chip please! [Softly smiles]


Nicecream Guy:     Alrighty! [gets out a thimble and then two doll spoons, seeing the two, ahem, ‘titty Bitties’. Then using a small spoon he scoops out some of the requested ice cream and fills the thimble.] That’ll be one dime please~


Y/N:     [He went through all that extra trouble for one dime? Yeah, it was a lot less than a normal order but it took a lot more work to do and special things you wouldn’t normally find in an ice cream parlor, like thimbles and doll spoons. She thought it should at least be 10% the price of normal or something. She gave him $10.10] Keep the ten for the extra trouble. [Happily takes the thimble with ice cream and two embedded doll spoons in her other hand and sits down at a table where Metta is waiting, since he can’t eat. Once she is sitting she hands the thimble to the Boob Brigade.] Now, you two be careful or you are never eating on my boobs again. I don’t want to get all sticky.


Wheatley:   [is very amuse about the Boob Brigade icecream thing] Al, you want some?


Al:   [headshake no-- he doesn't like much sweet things] [he's sitting at the table across from Metta, but he keeps his eyes on his packmates]


Curley:   [is up by the counter, patiently waiting for Wheatley] Can I have some of this? [He pat the mint chocolate chip flavor]


Teacup:   Can I have this one?? [Happily pointing at the chocolate flavored icecream] Violet and I can share it!!!


Violet:   [just kinda nods sleepily from his perch on Whe’s shoulder] Tea n’ I can share…


Wheatley:  [soft smiles] Yes, you may all have some. [Points to the strawberry icecream] I'd like two scoops of strawberry, and bitty-sized servings of mint chocolate and double chocolate. [Nice cream guy is a sweetheart, they gonna give him a really good tip]


Nicecream Guy:     [Nods] Okay one normal double scoop strawberry for you, and two bitty sized servings; one mint chocolate chip, and one double serving of chocolate for the two sweeties to share! [Works on the order, starts with the Bitties first, since theirs is the most awkward to handle -though he doesn’t mind at all-. Sets theirs aside and then gets the double scoop of strawberry for Whe.] Would you like chocolate sauce on your ice cream? (your turn ^^)


Wheatley:   No, but thank you for offering. [Polite, happy smiles] How much do I owe you? [They gonna give him a tip double the price of the icecream]


Nicecream Guy:     $5.20, please [smiles] (also, your turn, plus sorry it took me a while T.T)


Wheatley:    [gives him $10.50, smiling warmly at him] Keep the change. [Picks up the goods and sets it all on the table next to Y/N. The bitty icecream is immediately surrounded by the bitties who wanted it]


Alphys:   [doesn't get icecream bc she's on a diet, but she's chill with it bc she's got a granola bar instead] So, what happened in the store? Wheatley’s knuckles are all red… [oops Noone told her, Whe’s bad]


Wheatley:   [gives Y/N a look like “should I tell, or should you?”] (Your turn, and it's fine uwu)


Y/N:     [Looks away] It’s your knuckles Whe, and personally I would care if the entire freaking world knew about what happened. Alphys already knows why I was homeless, hell, she had to pick me up at the fucking park! [Y/N wasn’t going to talk about this again herself in public anytime soon, but what others did was there own business. She continued to sensually lick her ice cream.]


Wheatley:   Mkay… [leans back, eating their icecream] Long story short, I beat the shit out of Y/N’s sleazy ex.


Alphys:  [blinks twice] … Why did you hurt him?


Wheatley:   He was harassing Y/N. If he knows what's good for him, he won't do it again. Speaking of that-- [scribbles their cell number down and gives it to Y/N] There's my cell number. Call me if the fucker tries to talk to you again.


Y/N:     [Takes it and puts it into her pocket] I’ll text you later for the number to the, uh, ‘specialist’. Just in case I ever decide to go to someone and talk about this. [Licks around the rim of her cone before it starts to melt down it.] Also, in Whe’s defense they stopped when I asked them too. He isn’t worth the trouble….[glances downwards] Y’know I used to think that anybody could change, even the worst person, if they really tried. I used to think that, nobody would want to do horrible things to another person; that somehow it was just a direct result of how the world saw them, their upbringing, an untreated mental illness, lack of support, or some combination of those….. I was a fool, a naive fool. I allowed things to happen because I believed I deserved them for some reason or that the person doing them didn’t mean anything by it… All my life I’ve been a spineless, weakling who was nothing more than an outlet for sadistic people people I thought I could help them, I thought I could cure them…. Sadists can’t be cured, they may apologize afterwards but they never really mean it. Good people are broken everyday all for their enjoyment.[Her voice tightens] I. Refuse. To. Be. Their. Victim.


Wheatley:     [Proud smiles, like Y/N is their presh bab friendo who just dumped a sicko] Takes a lot of guts to admit that to yourself, and even more to stay out of another cycle of it. ‘M proud of you.


Alphys:         [is the most proud dino, like omg] [gentle sets a hand onto Y/N’s, looking at her with concern too] W-w-well, I-I’m glad you’re away from him n-now. You deserve t-to be happy.


Y/N:     [Smiles] Th-thanks, so…. We goin’ to change the subject now or just watch me awkwardly, and sexually for some reason -hey don’t laugh down there Brassy I’ve done it since I was like three, and I swear to God you make a sexual joke out of that and you will NOT be riding on my boobs for a month mister- eating ice cream? [finishes the thought like the whole Brassy incident didn’t even happen]


Wheatley:     [shrugs] I dunno… I’m gonna be visiting some friends of mine after this. They work in the tattoo shop here; one of my mates’ll probably want to sharpie-ink a new tattoo design to me before testing it on clients. You wanna stop by and meet them?


Alphys:         [went a little bit pale at the mention of tattoos--she Donut Like Pain, but also body art is pretty so she's like in Tattoo Limbo] U-uhm… Undyne m-m-mentioned w-wanting to see them a-a few d-d-days ago… C-could you w-wait to go u-until I know i-if she wants to go today?


Wheatley:     [shrugs] If she’s got a car and can handle me going to the rest of my shopping places, then it’s fine.


Alphys:         [sends the text quickly--donut wanna have Whe or Y/N wait for a response, after all]


YanYan:     {mischievous smile on his face, he ‘accidently’ spills a bit of ice cream on Y/N. Being a devious lil bitch he looks to his brother, and instantly Brassberry gets where he was going with this. Y/N had said she didn’t want to get sticky, well if it was removed before it became a problem did it really matter the method of removal?}


Y/N:     [Thinks she feels something drop on her breasts, but she isn’t sure and she doesn’t necessarily want to keep call attention to her ta-tas, the girls had had enough attention for one day thank you very much. But then there was the unmistakable wet and warm feeling of somebody’s tongue swiping across her right breast and she jumped nearly dropping her cone. THE FUCK?! Oh, these two were sooo dead!]


Wheatley:     [just lOOSES THEIR SHIT] [Their head’s o nthe table, laughing their head off, somehow avoiding getting Icecream all over their own chest and face] Y-your f-f-face!!!! [Obviously, this is The Funniest Thing]


Alphys:         [is having problems keeping a striaght face--this is bEAUTIFUL--]


Y/N:     [face flushed, well shit] Well, you want me to lick your tit when you aren’t expectin’ it? [she teases, she can take a laugh at her expense in good fun]


Wheatley:     Only on Tuesdays. [it is Very Obvious That They are Joking, they donut wanna make her uncomfortable in any way shape or form]


Y/N:     [Winks and says] Well then, guess I’ll have to make an appointment.


Wheatley:     [would have done a spit-take right then and there if they’d been drinking] [so many giggle, like this is the funniest thing they’ve heard in ages] The Boob Brigade don’t look very happy about that.


Y/N:     Well maybe next time they’ll at least ask before assaulting me with their magical appendages [eats the cone]. So, when am I goin’ to be back at the house? [quickly backtracks realizing how rude that could’ve sounded] Don’t get me wrong this is fun, and I’m having a great time, it’s just that I haven’t left the skele-boys alone for longer than a few minutes since taking the job and I’m sure they have absolutely no idea what to do without me… Also, I’m a bit worried about what the state of the house will be when I get back.


Wheatley:     Well, it depends on when Alphys gets a response from Undyne--


Alphys:         [phone buzzes with a text message notification]


Wheatley:     … Well that was convenient.


Alphys:         [checks her phone] U-Undyne says that she’s on her way, a-a-and to wait for her. It w-won’t take her very long to get here, s-s-so I can take Y/N home when she comes. M-Mettaton, do you want to tag along with Y/N? O-or Wheatley? Or d-do you have to go back to the store?


Mettaton:     Well, of course I would love to see my new friend off to her home Alphys!~


Y/N:     [Looks down to the Boob Brigade] You guys done with the sweets? Or you wanna use it to sneak another lick on my silky mounds? [Brassy looks like he may answer] Answer that and I swear by all the flavors in this parlor I will end you!

YanYan:     {laughs at his brother’s expense} Yes we’re done.


Y/N:     [looks to the Nicecream Guy and calls out] Hey! What do we do with the empty bitty thimbles and doll spoons?


Nicecream Guy:     [Smiles and politely responds] Above  the trash bin there is a little basket for them to go into! At the end of the day I make sure to give them a thorough cleaning with hot water and soap, it’s not expensive to replace them, but I’d like to reuse them until I need to buy replacements.


Wheatley:     [polishes off the rest of their icecream, and then scoops up all the human-sized bowls n spoons] Hey Y/N, can you tell your excitable blueberry Sans something for me?


Y/N:     [Places YanYan & Brassberry’s dirty ‘dishes in the specified area, looks to Whe] Sure! What is it?


Wheatley:     Tell him that Orange is doin’ alright, and that if he wants my cell number to send me memes or whatever he can have it. Also, tell ‘Tale’s brother that I called him a punny nerd. [puts the human-sized bowls and spoons in the trash, and presses a smooch to the top of Teacup’s head before scooping up the bitty-sized stuff and taking care of that]


Teacup:     [happy blushes, he’s such a sweetheart like omg]


Alphys:         I c-can give them y-y-your number, i-if you’d like…


Wheatley:     [head shake no] It’s cool, Alphys; besides, if Y/N gives it to them I can tease the skeletons about it later~ [they wouldn’t really, but they just need an excuse to have Y/N give blueberry their number bc like forreal they needa pester him about Orange]


Y/N:     [Nods] Okay I’ll relay the message Whe, oh and I’ll make sure Blueberry gets your number! I’m sure he’d love a new human friend to talk to!


Mettaton:     If he’s anything like a certain someone I know he’d be ecstatic about it~  


Wheatley:     [smiles happily] Orange was talking about his Sans this morning, so I’m sure he would be. [just leaves off the fact that Orange was basically like “if u hurt my bro i wILL END YOU--” bc they’d shown interest in wanting to meet him]


Undyne:     [walks into the icecream shop, spottin Alphys and walking over] What’s up, punks? [happy Undyne is happy, but Undyne is also intimidating as fUCK--]


Y/N:     [Jumps a bit at first from the unexpected booming voice of the, oddly beautiful, fish monster. Quickly regains composure though and smiles brightly at the new comer, this must be Alphys’ SOULmate Undyne.] Well, gettin’ the shit scared out of me for one, other than that just hanging out with some of the coolest people ever!


Alphys:         [huge smile, like obviously this Dino is super in love with her fish wife] H-hi Undyne!!!


Undyne:     [claims a seat next to Alphys, draping an arm across her dino’s shoulders] So, what’s the plan? We all goin’ to the tattoo place, or are we splitting up?


Wheatley:     Splitting up. Y/N is going to go with Alphys and Metta so she can get dropped off, and you and I are going to the tattoo parlor. [just starts tappin out a beat on the table--they ain’t impatient, it’s just a habit of theirs] I’m ready to go whenever y’all are. [happy smiles, they’re so content]


Y/N:     [Looks over to Alphys] Well, I’m ready to head on out whenever you’re ready Alphys. You’re the one with the wheels after all. [Y/N stands next to the table not impatiently or anything, they’re just smiling and waiting]


Alphys:         [nods, getting up and givin Undyne a cheek smooch] I-I’m ready!!! [“doesn’t notice” that the kisu make Undyne have smol blushies]


Wheatley:     [relaxed lil wave] You guys have fun!!! Also, Y/N; you might not want the boob brigade to be in your brazier when you get home. Don’t want  your Sans-es getting jealous of your bitties, after all!!! [teasing tone, they’re just being a dork]


Undyne:     [still blushin bc Alphys did a PDA like omg this nERD CHILD--] S-see you at home, Alphy~ [jedi mind trick “these are not the blushy Undynes you are looking for; Undyne is not blushing, it is just a trick of the light”]


Y/N:     Whe, don’t be such a dork, they’re big boys I’m sure they can handle a little competition. [Giggles, the puns are contagious and she needs to stay away from UT Sans.] Anyway, I’ll text ya later! [holds the door open for MTT and Alphys, exits after them]

Chapter Text

You begin to wonder if maybe you should have listened to Wheatley as you feel the eyes of every single one of the Sans's glaring at your breasts where two, quite frankly smug looking kitties were just chillaxing as if a thousand daggers weren't being stared into their soul. Red interrupted the awkward silence with a frustrated grunt, “Aw c'mon! Ya go out to get clothes or whatever an’ ya come back with two random tiny skeletons between yer tits and look like ya expected us to be okay wit it?!”


You felt a flush of crimson come up to your cheeks as he called you out. They hadn't even met the bitties yet, assuming none of the others left your room, so of course it looks like you came home with living boob accessories. Still the flush was part anger too, how the fuck dare he say that like they should have to approve your choices, you could walk around with a damned dildo between your breasts, law providing it's legal. “You jealous somebody got to second base before you?” You retort teasingly.


Red flushed a bright crimson and taped like a fish out of water before growling and heading upstairs. You then feel a slight tug on your arm and look to see Blueberry flushing the shade of his namesake. “UHHN H-HUMAN I KNOW IT'S YOUR DECISION TO HAVE THEM TRAVEL IN SUCH A MANNER BUT NOW THAT YOU'RE HOME CAN'T THEY UM WALK?” Blueberry was clearly flustered and trying to find the right words to say.


You shrug and concede as you place your hand next to the bitties and they begrudgingly get on as you bend over and set them on the floor. “gotta admit though that was the breast seat in the house,” you here Blue say from the couch with a chuckle.


Brassbery laughs a bit at your expense while your face turn beet red. “Feels like mammary foam,” Brass replies with a wink towards you.


That's it you were going to your fucking room and never leaving you backed yourself into an awkward corner with skeletons who all wanted to bone you. Oh shit now you were doing the pun thing too. You turn to go upstairs but stop remembering that no one had actually been introduced. “This is Yanyan,” you say simply and point to the slender of the two, and better dressed, “And the punny little ass is Brassberry. They're the interdimensional travelers you guys were looking for, oh and I have three more in my room, which is where they'll be staying for the time being. Which you'd already know if you read the note I left.”


“YAY TINY FRIENDS!” Blueberry squeed excitedly. You smile and shake your head at how cute and easily excitable Blueberry was and you begin to wonder how it could've been him who wrote you that intimate letter.


Speaking of which you still had the folded letter under your boob in your bra, it was starting to feel like the paper might just meld into the flesh. “Alright well while you guys are getting introduced I am going up to my bedroom to text Metta about when to expect my items,” you say simply omitting the fact that you're also going to stash the hidden confession somewhere the bitties nor the skeletons would look.


“OKAY HUMAN, ER, I MEAN Y/N BUT REMEMBER THAT THING WE HAVE TO DO LATER!” Blueberry said smiling. What thing? Oh, he probably meant talking about his note and your response to it.


You smile back and give Blueberry a little peck on the cheek so the little guy doesn't worry himself too much before you two can talk. You stifle a chuckle as you pull back to see Blueberry's eyes temporarily morph into blue heart shapes, how adorable! “Of course Blueberry wouldn't miss it for the world.” With that you head upstairs.


You're at your door when your hand is grabbed and you turn to see Skullface smirking at you. “Hold on doll, don’ think I dunno that there's something going on with you and Blueberry,” he teases voice deeper than usual.


You pull your hand back, though you knew if he really wanted he could easily hold on and overpower you, and smirk back at him and close your eyes a bit to make a somewhat sultry face at him as you lean forward. “And what if there is,” you say in a sultry tone of voice. “Are you jealous Skullface?”


He looks down your sweater and before you can respond he grabs the letter from its supposed safe haven, his skeletal hand grazing your nipple as he pulls it out, and opens it. You try to grab it but he holds you back easily, not in a hurting manner just to keep you still and let him read it.


You see his face go from amused, hurt, confused, anger, to finally his default smile, all off which happened very briefly and was barely perceptible as he'd become good a at hiding how he felt, before he stuffs the letter back in its place causing you to moan slightly as he once again rubs your now pert nipple. He smirks at this and leans in to give you a kiss on the lips which you don't object to but don't give in to either.


He pulls back and shrugs before speaking, “You're right doll ain't no business of mine what, or who, you do, but if ya don’ want me telling everyone else about Berry's little note then I've gotta request I want you to help me with,” he says smoothly.


You look at him stonefaced was this fuck blackmailing you? This fuck was blackmailing you! You grit your teeth before responding, “I'm not fucking you before you ask you fucking degenerate.”


You felt lucky that no one else was around to hear this conversation but kept your voice quiet just in case. Skullface's smile failed for a split second almost imperceptible to anyone who wasn't good at reading others facial features. “Is that what you really think a me kitten?” He asks and you can see hurt in his eyes.


You sigh, great now you feel in the wrong even though he went through something personal and was now threatening you with it. Still, you supposed it was just what he was used to, after all the mafia was no children's fantasy, he must've had to do this on a near daily basis just to stay alive. You look back at him with a softer, less cold expression and answer, “No Skullface I don't think of you like that, I really don't  I was just upset you invaded my privacy and personal space. I know it's something you're used to doing but here you don't need to blackmail people into things, especially me. I'm supposed to help bridge the gap between the human and monster world, plus for better or worse I like you ya bonehead.” You give him a quick peck on the cheek to try and mend your relationship.


You were surprised when he stiffened and blushed, but not unpleasantly so. He was once again quick to recover and smiled back at you. “So if I asked ya to do something would you? I promise it's nothing dirty or illegal,” he says looking at you.


You laugh before responding, “Well I hope not, you should never ask a lady to do something illegal… at least not until after the first date.” You stick your tongue out jokingly.


He brightens up. “I want ya to sing with me,” he says confidently.


You blink. Had you heard him right? He wants to sing… with you? You burst out into a fit of laughter and he seems discouraged, you quickly catch your breath.  “With the way you were acting I thought you wanted me to do something like give you my panties or pole dance, maybe both, but you just want to sing with me?” You ask wiping your eyes from the tears of laughter.


He seems less confident but nods, “Er, yeah?”


“All you had to do was ask, so when do you wanna sing together?” You ask and give a yelp of surprise when he pulls you close to him. You feel the world spin around you and go dark before you're suddenly transported into the middle of a fricken forest clearing.


You look at the woods that surrounded the clearing on all sides before turning to Skullface questioningly. “Teleportation, I wanted to sing wit ya alone an new a this place,” he answers simply.


Okay….. so he wanted to sing now. “Alright but what are we going to sing?”


Skullface rubs the back of his skull nervous but excited at the same time. “Well, uh, y'see my brother an’ I had this movie, it was kinda a guilty pleasure since it was a musical and if anybody found out our sheet cred was as good as dust. Um, anyways there was this song in it and I've always wanted to sing it wit someone who I thought was special,” he says beginning to glow red in embarrassment.


You flush too and smile, “Awww, you think I'm special and you didn't even say ed afterwards.” You added the last bit to clear the tension and as he chuckles you see that it worked.


“Couldn't it just be both sweetheart,” he teases before continuing. “It's called All I Ask of You.”


You perked up you knew this one, and truth be told you actually had a soft spot for the movie too. “Oh, The Phantom of the Opera, eh? Never took you to like mushy stuff,” you tease.


He shrugged, “Usually don’ so when are we gonna start?”


Your turn to shrug. “Whenever you're ready Raoul goes first remember?” You remind him with a wink.


He blushes, “Yeah but if we're gonna do this we're gonna do it right. I want ya to dance with me too….if that's okay?” He seems so unsure about all this and you begin to wonder how experienced he is in the relationship department.


You nod and stand close to him. Skullface takes in a few breaths mentally preparing himself before taking you by the waist in one hand and by the hand with the other.  


“No more talk a darkness,
Forget those wide-eyed fears
I'm here, nothing can harm ya
my words will warm and calm ya.”


He pulls you close to him and you look up at his face which was filled with confidence and happiness and longing? You lean your head into his shoulder as you let him lead you through the steps of the dance though you were sure you weren't very graceful he pulled you as close as he could and gained more confidence with each passing second. And though the words may be permeated by his accent that somehow made them all the more endearing to you.

“Let me be yer freedom,
let daylight dry yer tears.
I'm here with ya, beside ya,
ta guard ya and ta guide ya.”


You shiver as he hugs you tightly to his chest before continuing to move and allowing you your turn to sing Christine's part. He seemed eager and expectant it almost intimidated you, but the warm and appreciative look in his eyes told you he was bound to love you when he heard you sing. It gave you enough courage to sing your heart out for the hardened monster.


“Say you love me every waking moment,
turn my head with talk of summertime.
Say you need me with you now and always.
Promise me that all you say is true
that's all I ask of you.”


Christine wasn't necessarily in your super comfortable range with her higher notes, but she was doable though you may have lowered it just a bit. Skullface didn't seem to care one way or another he already thought you were perfect this was just icing on the cake. He smiled as he began his part again bending his head slightly to get a better look at your eyes.


“Let me be yer shelter
let me be yer light
Yer safe, No one will find ya
yer fears are far behind ya.”


You swallow as he looks at you with silent admiration, you feel like he was seeing way more into your talents than you deserved but you swallowed your doubt and continued, determined to finish this.


“All I want is freedom,
a world with no more night
and you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me.”


He stopped dancing and gently holds you to his chest ass he sings his next part and you can feel his SOUL pulsing within his ribcage. It felt calming and warm and strong… fitting given the circumstances.


“Then say you'll share with me
one love, one lifetime
let me lead ya from yer solitude
Say ya need me wit ya here, beside you...
anywhere ya go, let me go too
------, that's all I ask a ya.”


You hadn't expected Skullface to change up the lyrics like that you had expected him to say Christine and you hadn't expected him to be looking directly in your eyes as he said it. It changed this whole encounter… you weren't playing the part this wasn't platonic fun and teasing… he really felt something for you. You didn't pull back and end this, you didn't stop leaning into him and breathing in his scent of smoke and cologne, you went closer and sang the whole while looking up at his eyes and focusing on his face.


“Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime...
say the word and I will follow you…”


He smiles down at you his eyes transform into hearts just as Blueberry's had done but they stayed that way for a bit almost pulsing before he continued and sang along with you accent and all.


“Share each day with me,
each night, each morning.”


You swallow and look up at him unsure if you were ready for this next part, not because of some asinine reason relating to Bel, but because you were genuinely scared, and not of Skullface but of being vulnerable and feeling as if this was happening both too fast and not fast enough.


“Say you love me.”


His eyes were hearts once more and they seem to radiate his magic as he kissed the top of your head unusually gently and chastly.

“Ya know I do.”


You heart was racing and your cheeks were flushed you wanted to both run and get as close to Skullface as possible. You swallow your fear and continue the song to the end with him as you promised. Skullface's portion sounding uniquely of him… and you loved it.


“Love me - that's all I ask of you
Anywhere you go let me go too
Love me - that's all I ask of you.”

Chapter Text


He leaned against a tree watching you from the shadows. His mostly black form doing wonders to hide him for your view, he chuckled, well if he was even truly in this dimension for you to able to see him anyway. His red sockets kept their yellow irises and blue pupils, with his right being the only socket to have the blue and the left remaining yellow, locked on to you like a predator would lock on to its prey.

You were a perfect little anomaly in his glitch eyes, he couldn't help the pull he felt towards you more than any other Sans could, perhaps even less so considering most of his time is spent in what is essentially a sensory deprivation tank. So the feeling of your SOUL gently tugging at his was almost agonizingly painful.

He'd never been to this timeline before, the one were Alphys’ plan went off without a hitch, you didn't  die before the monsters got out, you didn't die in some anti-monster raid as a bigots victim, you didn't kill yourself, there were a lot of versions of this timeline that didn't end well for you. He shrugged he supposed that's why he came, because this timeline was lasting so much longer without issues and because there were so many filthy glitches within the same space.

He chuckled darkly it was his job to clean up the multiverses after all, so why complain if they decided to make it easier by combining? Still he wanted to keep you all to himself, glitch or no you were special. He could keep you in his void, wrap his threads around your SOUL and keep you as his very special little doll.

The that made him blush slightly but he focused on the issue at hand. He wanted to get rid of all his inferior copies, but he couldn't risk being found out by Ink, otherwise the little cretin would come and protect this timeline, and more importantly, you.

That left him with the option of worming his way inside the timeline slowly, perhaps using you as some sort of in between. He could bide his time and grow strong enough to defeat his nemesis while simultaneously keeping a socket on you and perhaps gaining your favor along the way. Yes the plan was much better than running in blasters blazing, not that he didn't think he could take the Sans's that were in this timeline, it was just easier to wait and watch, strategize before the attack.

He turned to leave, opening up a portal to his void which was completely de void of all life and color it was just blinding white as far as the eye could see. He stopped and turned to glance back at you one last time but froze up momentarily as he saw you looking at him.

His mind was racing as he stepped through the portal as it closed, you couldn't have seen him, he technically wasn’t even there at that moment in time yet he had been so sure you were looking at him. He shivered but shrugged it off as a weird coincidence, perhaps you'd glanced that direction? If you hadn't it certainly opened up a whole new layer of mystery about you that he couldn't wait to unravel.

He chuckled as he settled himself down conjuring up a sofa and his trusty interdimensional television. He'd have to watch you closely from now on, wouldn't want you getting spooked. “GUesS this mAkeS Me yOuR PhaNtoM,” the glitchy skeleton says with a dark chuckle.



You shiver as you try and take stock of what you thought you just saw, well either you saw it or you had some spooky ass demons. The creature was black with red eye sockets and nasal cavity, his smile was yellow, his left eye had a yellow ring surrounding blue and in the very center was a small pinprick black pupil, his right eye held a single yellow pupil, and his strings gave him the constant appearance crying as they streaked blue down his cheekbones. You use him only because the body was so much like a Sans who all have so far been male.


You shivered remembering him looking into your eyes as if he were looking into your very SOUL. The being was a hooded figure with streaks of blue coming from its eyes, its hands in the pockets of its black shorts that had thick cerulean stripes down the sides, its yellow teeth drawn in an unnaturally wide smile as it stared at you, its legs skeletal and red below the shorts, and finally his shoes which were actually black slippers like one would wear around the house. The hood was black though it appeared to be wearing something red underneath. His skeletal palms were black up to the knuckle where they turned red and stayed red until the second knuckle where they turned yellow up to the tips, it almost looked like he was wearing gloves.


Skullface held you close to him and you felt a calmness radiating from within his chest. “wha's wrong doll?” He asked eyes filled with concern.


You shrug it off and decide it's best to keep what you just say a secret for now. “I-It's nothing, just a fucking squirrel scared me,” you respond with a giggle.


Skullface doesn't  look to convinced but doesn't  seem to want to pry. “a'ight better get ya home then before ya get terrified by a deer,” he teases wrapping an arm around your waist. “would ya like to take our discussion back to my bedroom?”


You feel your face flush with heat but feel your phone vibrating violently you sigh and pull it out to see Alphys calling. “Sorry looks like we'll have to reschedule our little date,” you tease batting your eyelashes at him as you answer the call. “This is Y/N- HEY!”


Skullface had wiped the phone out of your grasp and turned it off. He seemed very annoyed and you were almost worried he'd chuck your phone against a tree. You could make out a bit of Alphys before he canceled the call though. She was saying your name and sounded like she was trying to warn you. “D-Don't…. Heat!” Is all you heard before your employer was cut off.


You were confused, don't do what and what did she mean by heat, like what the bitties got? Before you could question it any further Skullface loomed over you and you could feel a wave of heat radiating from his bones. Was this what Alphys was warning you about? As you breathe his scent clouded your mind, had he always smelled so good?


“i need ya doll, i need ya so bad. i've wanted ta get ya alone wit me since tha night i watched ya sing and dance. yer so beautiful,” he tells you honestly eyes hearts and voice filled with want causing you to feel hot.


Skullface holds the back of your head and greedily kisses you eliciting a moan from you and allowing him to slip his tongue in to intertwine itself with yours. His taste was potent now like an alcoholic chocolate with just a hint of cigar smoke, and it intoxicated you.You shivered beneath him and he chuckled at your response before gently pulling your tongue into his mouth and sucking on it.


You bite back a whine as he pulls back the only remnant of your passionate moment being a thread of red saliva between you that broke quickly. “yer so perfect fer me, my little angel,” he praises as he puts his left hand under your shirt and drags his phalanges gently across your stomach. “i wanna make ya mine. wanna hear ya scream my name as i give ya all of me.”


You weren't  sure why you weren't pulling back or fighting against this. It wasn't unpleasant and yeah you had been thinking about doing this with one of your bony wards, but was this really how you wanted it to go down? In a forest where anyone could stumble across you?


Just as he begins to lift your sweater over your head you hear magic fuzzing from behind him and see Blue appear out of thin air his eye lights gone and grimacing. “is that anyway to treat a lady skullface? or can you not control yourself right now? for your sake i hope it's the latter,” Blue growled using his magic to pull you from the others grasp. “you alright sugar?”


You nod head beginning to clear as you breathed in Blue's scent which was a lot more mellow and per his usual. “hey cockblocker the dame was doin’  jus fine until ya came along and ruined the party,” Skullface retorted. “she had no objections.”


Blue huffed and rolled his eye lights. “yeah? and i'm sure you did a thorough job explaining why you were being so forward and why if you two did do anything, she needed to see Alphys first?”


Skullface paused and flushed before taking a step back embarrassed but also desperately needing to get some distance between him and you. “i'm sorry blue, i wasn't supposed to be due for a few months and when it started and she was there….” he trailed off looking to the ground.


Blue sighed and nodded his head, he couldn't blame the guy. “look i know it was sudden, alphys didn't believe it at first when your SOUL monitor went off but that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you feel like. you could've put the project at risk if i hadn't been able to find you in time,” Blue responded.


Wait how could he have put the project at risk? And why was Blue being so cryptic about what was going on. You were still so confused as Blue turned to you and smiled softly. “let's get you to alphys so she can explain to you exactly what just happened, and so skullface can have a little time away from you,” Blue added


You just nod wanting to understand everything that'd just occurred as soon as possible. Blue smiles and holds you close and you recognize the feeling of the room spinning. Could they all do this, You wonder as you see your new surroundings come to fruition. You were now in a pristine lab with shelves of documents, tables littered with trays, beakers, vials, filled containers, and such, as well as a machine that reminded you of the one from stargate.


“O-Oh Y/N I w-was beginning to worry Sa-er I mean Blue, wouldn't find you before w-w-well um, things got out of c-control,” the yellow lizard woman said smiling and wringing her hands nervously.


“What do you mean Alphys?” You ask tilting your head to the side confusedly.


“she means she was afraid he'd bone you before i got there,” Blue said bluntly with a wide grin.


Your eyes widen and Alphys makes an ungodly sound similar to a dying animal as she turns from yellow to red. So Skullface would've straight up fucked you if Blue hadn't come along….. Is it bad that a part of you wished he hadn't ‘saved’ you now?


Alphys calms down enough to explain to you that your interaction with Skullface in the forest somehow triggered an early heat. Before you could ask what their version of a heat was Science stepped out from behind one of the shelves startling you. How long had he been here? He was a sneaky motherfucker you'll give him that.


He sat his notes down on the desk and straightened his lab coat before coming over next to you. “A heat is-” “Let me take a guess, a heat is a period of time were your sex drive goes up and the want for sex becomes the need to mate. There are two types of heat that vary in frequency depending on the Sans, those being dominant and subordinate, and I'm willing to bet some of you only have a certain on,” you begin. “And from what I just experienced I'm going to hazard a guess that your partner of choice is also affected by your heat which probably gives off some type of pheromone to heighten senses.”


You see Science blush and you resist the urge to giggle. “Yes, that was pretty much the gist of it, but how did you know?” Science asks curiously.


“The bitties gave me some information the rest I just gathered first hand,” you admit.


“Ah yes, the bitties, I read your note before coming over to the lab, they seem to be a rather strange group and I'd like to talk with one to find out more about their species,” Science responds eyes brightening at the thought of unknown knowledge to be discovered.


“I'd suggest talking to Poppy for that, but back to the matter at hand how did I set off a premature heat?” You ask looking between him and Alphys.


All three remained quiet and you were kind of off-put by it. You didn't want to be triggering heats left and right if you could help it but their faces let you know they knew about as much as you. “all we can figure is you must've had some really special moment with ‘im. something so unique and filled with care for the other that it triggered something in his SOUL,” Blue response finally.


“To put it simply, whatever happened in the forest had enough meaning behind it and was so special, at least to him, that it triggered his desire to have you as his mate,” Science said.


“B-but he could've g-gotten you pregnant, w-which would've affected the study and caused an outcry a-amongst the populace. Y-you would've been the first t-to have a hybrid baby…. Y-you're a-already the first-” Alphys was about to say something but glares from both Science and Blue stopped her. “Y-You're important.”


You want to question how you were important and why Science and Blue had made Alphys keep quiet but shrug it off. “So I take it you've made a contraceptive or a device to put in my hoo-ha so I want get pregnant right?” You ask and Alphys nods before rummaging around on a desk.


She finds a needle and a bottle of liquid, of course it had to be a fucking shot. “This'll prevent SOUL magic from sticking to you. It won't prevent marks or bonds as those are pre-determined and appear when you meet your SOULmate but it will prevent the two SOULs from forming any offspring. It isn't permanent and must be injected once a month or the effects will wear off. B-but it can cause weird dreams, night terrors, and in extreme c-cases hallucinations, if that happens contact me immediately and I'll f-fix it,” Alphys says as clear as she could manage only stumbling over some of the last bit. “Are you r-ready?”


Already? Fuck you grit your teeth and start to pull up your sleeve only to have Science stop you. “No Y/N, with the nature of this injection it has to go directly into your SOUL,” he says calmly looking you in the eyes. “ We'll have to pull out your SOUL for a few moments and I won't lie, it will be painful, but the alternative is causing a possible second monster-human war should you get pregnant while the laws are still being made and monsters are still being integrated into all parts of society. We face enough resistance as it is and I know you are the last person who would want to make things difficult, but if you aren't ready for this or don't trust us with the very culmination of your being, then feel free to refuse.”


Science's words were straightforward but not lacking in sympathy, you had only known them for a very short time and yet in order to prevent some possible major catastrophe you would have to trust them enough with the most intimate part of your being. He didn't pity your choice and would allow you to take as long as necessary to ensure your relevant comfort. After a few minutes of silence you ask, “How painful will it be, how long will it take, and can you and Blue hold my hands?”


Science smiled you really did care a lot about them. “It will be about as painful as a knife to the heart, though not deadly, it will be a few seconds and it will almost immediately stop hurting once your SOUL is back in your chest, and as for me holding your hand of course I will,” he replied softly.


Blue nodded the affirmative as well and you sigh . “Okay I'm  ready but hold my hand before you do anything and tell me what you're about to do before you do it,” you concede holding out your hands.


“alright,” Blue said grappling your hand gently rubbing his thumb over it and wincing a bit as you grab him back hard and clearly scared but determined. “i'm going to take out your SOUL. you'll feel a pull at your chest but don't fight it okay sweety?”


You feel Science grab your other hand shakily as if afraid to touch you and you nod your head and brace yourself. You feel the tug at your chest and you let it happen without a fuss instead choosing to focus on the hands holding yours now. When your SOUL comes out you look to see the two Sans staring at it with awe and wonder. You couldn't help but blush.


Science had seen plenty of SOULs before but never one so vibrant and filled with color. It was laced with red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, cyan, and even orange. The colors where all constantly moving and swirling around one another as if they couldn't decide which should be more prominent. It was a truly magnificent sight. “N-Now I'm  going to insert a-and inject the solution,” Alphys said her hands steady and even unlike her voice.


Blue could describe your SOUL as a rainbow kaleidoscope but he would settle for just calling it what it really was perfect. He held your hand tighter as Alphys began to get closer. You had no time to brace yourself as the pain was immediate and constant. It was the worst pain you'd ever felt in your entire life and Alphys said you had to do this monthly!?


Your voice was nothing more than hiccups and sobs as you tried to keep from full on bursting into tears and crying like a baby. You barely felt the two skeletons beside you rubbing your hands and whispering gentle praises into your ears.


Science wasn't normally one for romantic or theatrics yet when you where in pain before him he couldn't  help but smile softly and lean close to whisper words of encouragement and praising you for how brave you were being. It was true he wasn't sure he'd have the same courage to let people he'd only just begun to really know stick his SOUL with a needle, but you did it for the project, for Alphys, and for him.


Blue couldn't stand seeing you so hurt but he knew this was for the good of everyone, still a part of him wanted to say fuck everyone, all that mattered to him was you, You had no idea how many times he'd fallen for you and how it hurt to do the same song and dance all over again only to have you die in some way he couldn't plan for or prevent. This project meant more people he could really trust to watch your back but it also meant sharing you with every other Sans you came across. It hurt seeing you with Skullface, but he had no one to blame but himself for being so distant towards you.


When it was over the pain stopped immediately and you gasped as your SOUL was returned to your chest. You grabbed the nearest skeleton for comfort as you cried unable to process what you just went through.

Chapter Text

You feel two arms wrap themselves around you as you continue to cry. “shhh it’s okay now, i’ve got ya. your safe love, i promise,” you barely recognized Blue’s voice above your own sobs. You weren’t in pain anymore, but it had just been so much, you felt like a weakling breaking down in front of two of the people you were supposed to be taking care of.


You breathed in his scent as you buried your face in his hoodie, he smelled like ketchup and fries and burgers, you liked it. “i’m here sweetheart i promise, you’re safe,” he whispered to you sweetly.


Wasn’t this the same skeleton who had threatened you when you first made friends with Blueberry? You push the thought aside as you let yourself melt into his gentle but firm hold as your cry lessens in volume and frequency. He held you a lot like someone would hold a scared child, occasionally stroking your hair with a skeletal hand and whispering gentle words of praise into your ear.


You could swear you could feel his SOUL in his chest through his hoodie as it pulsed and hummed, and you swore it was reaching out to you as if to coddle you in its magical embrace. To your surprise you could feel your heart beating in kind and you felt yourself longing for a deeper connection with the skele-boi who was comforting you in your time of need. Something about the thrumming of his SOUL calmed you down and made you lean even closer into him for a little while as if you were trying to become one with the skeleton.


Blue felt his SOUL hum loudly in response to you getting as close as you could to him. He was happy you had gone to him for comfort and more than willing to comfort you, though it pained him to see you in such a state. He noted how you reacted to his SOUL and felt his face flush his namesake as he held you and rubbed your back gently. He found himself falling for you all over again in these few precious moments, not that it was all that hard, but he really didn’t want this to end the same way it had ended so many times before.


Blue found himself holding you closer, I won't let you get taken from me, not again! He promised himself this time would be different, this time you would be fine, this time you and him could live happily ever after. Didn’t both of you deserve as much dammit?!


When you finally stopped crying you pulled back and though he seemed reluctant to let you go  he removed his arms from around your torso. “Th-thanks Blue, sorry I just blubbered like a baby on your hoodie,” you sniffed wiping your eyes with a sleeve.


Blue smiled and shrugged. “eh no skin off my nose, sugar, i’m just glad i could help ya,” he responds nonchalantly.


You smile back and give him a quick kiss, but are surprised when he takes your face in his hands and holds you there. His magic buzzing against your lips you gasp in shock and he takes that as an invitation and you feel his buzzing magical blue tongue enter your mouth. You don’t pull back as he deepens the kiss tongue intertwining with your own, his saliva mixing with yours and his magic causing you to feel like tiny shocks are happening simultaneously all over your tongue.


You almost don’t register it as he pulls back with a deeply flushed face, “sorry don’t know what came over me, are ya feeling better?”


You nod a little dumbstruck by what had just occurred. “heh good, let’s get you back home now i’m sure you needle-ittle rest after that ordeal,” Blue smirked at your reaction feeling a little proud of himself. “though i feel like i should warn ya about going into skullface’s room for the next few days, unless you want to get boned.”


“Is heat really that bad?” You ask tilting your head.


“Yes, it causes us to lose control and for our partners to become more willing. We release potent pheromones that respond well with our partners, but the house has preventative measures in place to insure heat stricken residents stay in their rooms and the scent doesn’t travel out. Each room has a special door that blocks scent both ways, the ventilation system runs in such a way that the air cannot be contaminated, and the rooms are soundproof because we tend to get very vocal in our heats and it would be rather awkward to go downstairs for some cereal only to hear someone violently rutting their bed into the wall,” Science explained flushing a little green at the last bit. “Oh and of course there is a magical barrier that activates once the afflicted enters to keep them from teleporting all around the house. The door can only be opened from the outside at this point, though since we are composed of magic this isn't really an issue as we don't have the need use certain facilities as humans do. We only ever have the need when excess magic is made but isn't released in other ways.”


“Is it painful?” ou ask genuinely curious.


“not really, but it can be really uncomfortable and borderline painful if you don’t have someone who’s willing to help ya through it,” Blue responds.


“Blue’s right while it isn’t painful in the way most people see pain it does become really uncomfortable and can cause sexual frustration to the point were stimulation becomes somewhat displeasurable. The need to mate will only grow stronger until the heat is over or until someone helps the afflicted through the remainder of their heat. For monsters this could mean asking a friend or relative, the social implications in our society are completely different compared to yours and so helping a friend or relative out with something so intimate isn’t seen as a taboo, more of a necessary process in order to alleviate the various bad effects of a heat,” Science explained while cleaning his glasses.


“So let’s say I wanted to help him out, how long would it take, and your certain no one would hear us?” You inquire a bit apprehensive and wondering why you were even considering this.


“Yo-You’ll be with him at least the rest of the night if not the rest of tonight and tomorrow, that should repress h-is symptoms enough for them to be bearable. H-however, if you want to stay w-w-with him until it’s over to m-make sure h-he’s fine I-I’d suggest five days,” Alphys piped up rubbing her sweaty palms together nervously.


Five Days!? “Five days? Alphys you’ve got to be kidding me. So what do I pop in his room every day let him fuck me then leave so I can get shit done?” You sigh exasperatedly.


“if he lets ya leave sugar,” Blue responds.


“What does that mean?” You ask squinting your eyes at the pudgy, bunny-ear slipper wearing skeleton.


“What he means is Skullface may not feel particularly inclined to let you go, especially knowing that there are other males in the house. It’s nothing against you or him, we all just tend to get a little jealous and possessive over our partners during heat. However, if you truly need out of the room for the bathroom or to eat Skullface won’t deny you, he may coddle you and be extra attentive of you when you get back for fear he did something to scare you off, but he won’t force you to stay. There are a few who would in dominant heat though so be careful about that, but we can discuss them when the time comes,” Science replies trying his best to be thorough. “Also, you needn't worry about not being able to get out as the door uses a SOUL detection spell in order to keep the afflicted in. It will be able to tell the difference between your two SOULs even if you allowed him to mark you at this point in time.”


“Alright, now back to the question nobody answered, nobody will be able to hear us right?” You ask yet again.


“I-I w-w-will,” Alphys spoke up twitching and fidgeting nervously.


Your eyebrow raised at that but before you could say anything Science cut in to explain further seeing how Alphys couldn’t bring herself to. “This’ll be something that no human has ever done before, that we are aware of, and on the off-chance that it could be dangerous it is imperative that someone is able to contact one of us so we could come in and get you out of the situation as fast as possible. It is also beneficial to human-monster science and relations that we have data on human-monster pairings,” Science said his green blush back.


You rolled your eyes, great so even your private moments weren’t private. Well at least you had someone you could count on to get you out of there if things went tittty-side-up. Still it made you wonder if she was going to draw anymore of that weird art of you naked, maybe she’d make it into a graphic novel one day who knows. You shrug and sigh, “If that’s the price I pay for getting to be a part of this study then I guess it’s a whole hell of a lot better than fucking SOUL needles, but dammit Alphys if I see another sketch of me in the buff I’m telling Undyne!”


Alphys smirked a bit like she knew something you didn’t but just nodded. “so ya ready to go home then?” Blue asked grabbing your waist with one arm.


You give him an affirmative nod and the two of you are quickly teleported home. You think you will never get used to the feeling of everything spinning and deconstructing around you as you hold back the urge to dry heave. Too much damn teleportation for one day thank you very much.


You note that downstairs is empty and you can catch a faint whiff of cigar smoke from where Skullface must’ve entered the house to go upstairs a while ago. “well time to lay these old bones down for the night, you do what ya want kiddo,” Blue calls heading upstairs.


It wasn’t super late but it was nighttime and considering everything you’d been through today you were more than tempted to just go to bed. Then your thoughts shift to Skullface and how he must be feeling right now, and how you were partially to blame for it. When the two of you sang together in the woods it had meant enough to him, to his very SOUL, that he went into heat early. Could you really just leave the guy hanging?


You bit your lip as you glance upstairs, if you went to his room you’d be fucked senseless which wasn’t bad but you weren’t sure you were up for it yet either. If you went to your room you could hide the note and just rest, honestly either way you had to stop by your room and hide Blueberry’s note to keep anybody from finding it again.


You made your way upstairs and turned to go to your bedroom. When you entered you saw the bitties all asleep on your bed and a bunch of bags in the corner of the room. Guess I don’t have to call Metta anymore, I just hope whoever delivered them didn’t rifle through my shit . You quickly hide the note in your vanity before looking over at the bitties again.


Brassberry was sprawled out over your pillow while YanYan was curled around a pair of sparkly pants he’d gotten on your shopping trip, it seems he already went through the clothes. Poppy was sleeping close to Brassberry’s leg and had his right arm around Pumpkin and his left around Punny, both of them were curled up against the taller bitty. They all looked so cute together and you briefly wondered if you should wake them or leave a note explaining the situation to them.


When you heard a little snore your heart melted and you decided that hell would freeze over before you woke up these adorable little cinnabons, so you wrote a quick note on a sticky note and left your phone on the bed. You didn’t want it accidentally getting broken or misplaced during your weird sexcapades with the mafia’s hit man afterall.


You exited your room and shut the door behind you quietly before heading over to Skullface’s door. You paused for a moment and pondered if this was really what you wanted, but deep down you knew you would do anything to help out any one of these skele-bois. Science had even said friends and even family did this shit right? So what did it matter if you wanted to help out a lonely little, well big, skeleton in heat?


You willed yourself to open the door and almost as soon as the handle moved it opened from the inside and you were dragged in. Immediately the scent of cigar smoke, sex, and something you couldn’t quite place filled your senses and you became filled with a desire to be touched and fondled. “i was worried ya wouldn’ cum there for a minute baby doll. i shoulda known betta but neva mind that now,” he chuckled voice smooth as silk, it sounded like his accent was thicker but with his fucking scent clouding your mind you didn’t know if you could judge that properly. “we’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight kitten, we’ll neck and pet until i have ya begging for my torpedo.


The way he said the last word made you think there was some sort of wordplay or something going one there but you weren’t sure. What did he mean neck and pet? Was that some kind of weird foreplay or something? Whatever, you were down for pretty much anything at this point his scent having placated you into complete submission. Guess this is a dominant heat then.


You noticed that the room was in a bit of a state of disarray and Skullface had no clothes on his body except some black boxers. You blush a bit as you notice a bright red glow coming from the boxers, he must've been starting when you opened the door. The bulge caused by the magical appendage began to give you some doubts as to whether or not this was a good idea, but you were in the monster's lair now, literally, so it was too late to turn back. Before you could say anything or move Skullface pulled you to him as close as physically possible.


Skullface roughly smashed his mouth against yours and you were thankful for magic because you were pretty fucking sure that without it you would have several missing teeth right about now. As it stood his magical mouth was all of yours and his gaze was scanning over your body hungrily causing wetness to gather between your legs just from the look of pure lust and hunger. His tongue gently prods at your lips as if to ask permission and you open your mouth to take the glowing red muscle in.


His magic was different than Blue’s not just in color but by the way it felt, Blue’s had been more akin to electricity and if you had to describe this, you would use the word fire . The magic felt hot, almost like a molten substance that barely managed to keep itself together as it traversed your mouth. You moaned into the kiss and begin to prod his magic with your on tongue only to be sucked into his mouth where he gently nibbles at your tongue in an almost playful manner causing the wetness of your slit to grow and the need you feel to rise.


He pushes his tongue back into your mouth as he puts both arms around your waist and lifts you up and over to the bed. He pulls back red saliva breaking between the two of you as he lays you back against the bed and looks down at you his eye lights turned into tiny red hearts as a hand came up to caress your cheek. “ you’re so fuckin’ beautiful kitten, layin’ on my bed waitin’ fer me ta make ya mine,” he whispered to you as he clambered on the bed and got over you. “i wanna make it special fer us both doll. i wanna make ya feel like the treasure ya are.”


You blushed and bit back the urge to to tell him you weren't all that great feeling like even if you did say that it would only strengthen his resolve to prove to you otherwise. You felt him move downwards taking the hem of your sweatpants with him and slowly dragging them off you as if unwrapping a very special present. He tossed your pants across the room never once taking his eyes off you. You felt like you could melt under that gaze of his, it was filled with longing, desire, but also awe as if he couldn't believe the beauty of what lay before him.


Am I really that special? I'm not skinny, my thighs could kill a man, I've got a little bit of pudge on my tummy- Your thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of his face squished into your thighs and you are pretty sure your face was tomato red as he caressed them gently, like they were some precious treasure. “so soft, like a goddamn pillow,” he murmurs rubbing his face against your thighs, for the love of all that is holy would someone strike you dead now?! “perfect, every bit a ya. dunno why ya want to hide so much of yerself away like ya do, but it jus’ makes bein’ able ta see it tha’ much betta.”


Whether or not some divine being would strike you down you felt like you'd die from his words alone. Did he really find you so attractive or was it the heat talking? Would he immediately regret everything that he'd done afterwards? This time your ramblings were interrupted by the feeling of the skeleton's fingers on the inside of your panties. “for’ i take these off let's see how wet my kitten is fa me,” he muses sliding a hand under the hem.


You really wish you had worn anything else, hell nothing, in comparison to the white panties you were wearing, not only would they have ruined the mood for anybody else they made you seem like the twenty-something virgin you were! You almost felt like crying but kept it together solely by the fact your partner wasn't deterred in the slightest. You mentally reminded yourself to thank YanYan for making you go into the lingerie section and get some things you'd normally never get, at least now you were prepared for the next time someone went into heat.


You feel yourself tense up as a skeletal finger gently glides itself between your lower lips and barely traces itself along your soaked entrance. You had waited far too long to do this, but damned if you still weren't scared. “i ain't even started yet and yer soaked kitten,” he purred eye lights flaming. “jus’ let me do all the work fer now doll, i promise ta get ta the good stuff soon.”


With that he withdrew his hand and you watched as he looked down at you and licked your slick off his finger. He purred approvingly before ripping off your panties. You were only slightly bothered by this as you had more, and the arousal it gave you knowing he couldn't control himself after having a taste of you made your core ignite. He tossed the pieces of your tattered panties over his shoulder before bending down so the his face was an inch or so from you. He pushed your legs open and settled himself in between them he seemed to be captivated by the view, further frustrating you.


You hadn't stopped blushing and were getting hotter by the second, was he really just going to look at you before he did anything. It was so embarrassing! You wanted to hide behind your arms but you were using them for support so you could see what Skullface was doing more clearly. That's when he took his own hand and spread your lower lips open, allowing him to get a full view of your most intimate area. You couldn't hold back a gasp and he chuckled at your reaction before bringing his face closer and breathing you in.


You shiver as his hot breath passed over your exposed clit, when was he going to fuck you already?! Was his entire goal to see if you could die of embarrassment and anticipation before then? You arch your back as he gives a long and slow lick to your center, stopping to give extra attention to your clit and entrance. “gotta say ya taste even betta than ya look, but ya look so good i thought it'd be impossible, guess ya proved me wrong,” he chuckles his breaths hitting your exposed core causing you to shudder. “lay back fer me kitten, i'm gonna enjoy a little snack before the main course and as much as i'd love fer ya to watch me give ya the lovin’  ya deserve, it might be a bit much fer ya ta handle.”


You obey and lay back on his bed hands to your sides as you're unsure of what to do with them. “good kitten, and since ya've been so good fer me i think ya deserve a reward,” he says lasciviously as he closed the gap between his face and your center.


He gave you little time to prepare or ready yourself as he began his assault on you starting with your clit. His tongue was just as hot and malleable as it had been in your mouth making you gasp and moan lewdly as it teased your sensitive bundle of nerves. You could feel him chuckle as the vibrations reverberated through his molten magic tongue and into your clit sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout your body.


His tongue wrapped around the sensitive bud in ways humans could only ever dream of achieving, allowing his hot magic to stimulate the entire thing without any one part feeling left out. You moaned loudly as you felt a finger slip past your entrance and delve into you, all the while his onslaught of your clit and the nerves around it continued. You arch your back as he adds a second finger and understand what he meant when he said you wouldn't be able to take this sitting up.


Skullface for his part was delighting in making you moan and squirm beneath him. He understood that not only would he be your first monster, but he would be your first lover, a title which he took seriously. He wanted you to enjoy every moment of what was to come, just as much as he would if not more so. He wanted you to be able to look in the mirror and see even a fraction of the divinity he saw. It upset him that you were down on yourself and he hoped that at least in some small part you would be able to see what a treasure you were, not only to him but to the others as well. Still, he'd be lying if he said he didn't want to just fuck your body into the mattress, but he'd dealt with his fair share of heats, some were alone, he'd be damned if he ruined this one just because he got impatient.


He doubled his efforts and sped up his work on your clit which was now slick with his saliva as well as your arousal. He began to finger fuck you in earnest now that you had adjusted to him and were getting wetter by the second. Your scent flooded his skull and he bit back a growl, stars do you know what you do to me you goddess?! You smelled of lavender, arousal, and something he could only describe as love and sweetness, and it made his SOUL ignite with a burning passion to rival the flame of any celestial body!


You were a mess of moans and whimpers now as Skullface onslaught got even worse, or better depending on how you looked at it. He was wildly yet skillfully striking and wrapping your clit with his tongue and had added a third finger into your cunt causing a not unpleasant stretching sensation as your body tried to accommodate the foreign invaders. You were close to your fist orgasm, the first one in a long time, longer than you were willing to admit. As you approached the precipice of bliss you begin to feel yourself tightening around his fingers. “tha's right kitten, cum fer me,” he purred pulling away from your clit and fingering you even harder, he was looking up at you using one hand to lift himself up as he fingered you with the other.


Skullface was sweating now as he watched you come undone before him, you were so close you just needed a little push, he crooks his fingers back in a ‘come hither’ motion and you feel yourself plunge heading into the best orgasm you've ever had. Your body is quivering as your cunt is spasming around his fingers, your face stuck in a pleasurable moan that never managed to escape. He smiled down at you as he gently fingered you through it, drawing it out for a little longer and savoring the moment. That was just one of many baby doll. I hope you're ready for the main event because after watching you come undone and feeling how tight that pussy of yours gripped my fingers I don't think I can wait.


You feel him pull his fingers out and you look down to see him sucking your arousal off them. You shudder a bit as he glances back up at you and gives a last long, purposeful lick to his fingers before adjusting himself to be over you. “let's get the rest a yer clothes off kitten, wouldn't want em to get dirty now would we?” Skullface asked with a smirk before hastily lifting your sweater up over your head with some slight assistance from you.


You felt your blush coming back in full force when you look up to see Skullface staring at your body with heart eyelights. Seriously, this guy loved your body that much his normal fucking eye lights changed their shape to indicate it?! Skullface slowly took off your bra only needing you to lean up slightly, was it bad to get turned on by a man who knew how to take off a bra?


His heart eye lights were engulfed in magical fire now as he looked at your completely naked body before him. “ya look like some aphrodite kitten,” he purrs as he caresses your breasts gently with his hands.


He was treating you like a queen and you didn't know how to respond, you felt like crying, blushing, and begging for more all at the same time. Skullface gently nuzzled his skull against your breasts and you didn't even mind the sweat that rubbed off, if anything it only made you aware of the fact that you'd been sweating a bit as well. “so soft, so perfect, and all mine ,” he growled the last bit out sending a wave a pleasure down to your sex.


He positioned himself back over you and tugged his boxers off, tossing them behind him as he did with everything else. You stared down at his member, it was thick , the length was probably average but it had grooves along the underside that made you wonder how it'd feel once it was in you. It was red and somewhat transculescent, it glowed and pulsed with the same magic his tongue was comprised of, and it was uncircumcised which made you wonder if monsters could just make the choice at will.


Skullface smirked a bit proud of himself as you looked at his monsterhood with such interest. It took all of his control to keep from pushing in right now, but for you he could wait for full undeniable consent. “see somethin’ ya like kitten?” He chuckles before giving your right nipple, which was already pert, a small lick causing you to moan. “if ya want somethin’ all ya gotta do is ask for it doll.”


He didn't wait for a response before he began to delicately suck on the pert bud and gently rolling it between his fangs playfully. He loved the lewd and loud moans you were giving him and it only fueled his desire to fuck you senseless. You struggle internally with the embarrassment of having to ask the mafia hit man to fuck you, but that is lost to lust as his mouth toys with your nipple like it was a fucking lollipop. “Sk-” “nah kitten, you use that name outside of these walls, in here i want ya ta call me by my real name,” he says letting your nipple free from his torture momentarily before beginning to knead both of your breasts like a cat.


“S-Sans please fuck me,” you choke out through moans and almost as soon as your finished saying it you feel him pull back and see his eye lights shift to just one in his left socket that was engulfed by magical fire.


“since ya asked so nicely kitten,” he chuckles lining himself up with your entrance before pushing forward gently but firmly.


You feel a deliciously painful burning sensation as your walls are stretched to their limit, he was thicker than his three fingers that was for fucking sure. You bite back tears that threaten to spill as he pushes in just a little farther before stopping. You feel him breathing heavily above you as he pants out, “ya okay doll?”


You nod unable to for words, or rather unable to trust your voice to remain steady. It felt good and you were more than ready, but damn if his thick cock didn't stretch you to the point of c'mon baby make it hurt so good! He grunted in response as he pushed in again this time making it to the first groove in his cock which dragged deliciously against your entrance before going in, he head three grooves along his length so this told you about how far he was in.


He stopped again, damn you were so tight around his cock he thought you might tear if he wasn't careful. Sweat begin to drip down his skull at the strain of having to hold himself back but he was doing this for you. He wanted this to be special and he could wait all night for you to adjust to his cock, hell he could probably cum just by looking at your perfect body and only being inside your tight little cunt about a fourth of the way.


You relaxed a little knowing he was stopping for your sake, but at the same time you wanted him to fuck you already. Still, you figured it would be better for you if you were at least a little used to his side before he plowed into you. A part of your mind began to wonder what other heats from the other tenants would be like, would they each have their own kinks? You blush at the thought before coming back to reality and feeling more confident now as the pain of being stretched faded.


“Sans could you please move now?” You ask looking up at the skeleton who seemed to be visibly shaking.


“as ya wish kitten,” he said as he began to push in again this time with more power behind his movement.


You cry out a bit as he met some resistance but pushed through murmuring praises and encouragement but never stopping. Truth be told he wasn't sure he had the strength of will to stop anymore. The second groove went in easier and it was soon accompanied by the third. Finally, he hilted inside you with a satisfied sigh before looking down at you to make sure you were okay.


You had some tears pooling in your eyes and he felt his SOUL drop as he wiped them away. Damn him and his rushing things, he should've taken it slower he knew his cock was thicker than most still he had pushed things to far. You could tell Skullface, no Sans, was hurting as he wiped away the remainder of your tears and you smiled up at him before leaning up to kiss him on the teeth. “I'm okay, really, just a little overwhelmed is all, but I want to continue,” you say and the look in his remaining eye light tells you he is unsure of your sincerity so you try and make your voice more sultry for the next part. “Wreck me with your cock Sans.”


Hot damn do you know what that voice does to me kitten?! You wanted him to wreck you with his cock?! He'd wreck you with it all right, he'd leave you a blubbering mess of pleasure and ecstasy to weak to sit up or stand but begging for more. He wanted to watch you became a writhing, moaning mess before him as he thrusted into you with reckless abandon.


You got the feeling you may have overdone it as his eye light snuffed out only to be reignited three times as strong and magical flames licking at the side of his skull as he looked down at you with the hands down most creepy, yet seductive wide smile you'd ever had the fortune of seeing. You began to feel the beginnings of another orgasm stirring within you, what had you just wrought upon yourself?


Without a word Sans begins to pull out of you the grooves along the underside of his penis dragging against your walls and causing you to moan. Just as his penis was almost completely out of you he thrust back in hard causing your back to arch and you to let out an undignified stream like moan of his name. He seemed to approve as he quickened his pace continuing to pull out only to thrust back in again and again and again and again.


Sans latched onto your right nipple with his mouth and began sucking on it while playing with, and tweaking your left nipple with his hand. Fuck you were so damn perfect, so soft, so wet, so tight, and all for him . His thrusts quickened in pace and the only noises that could be heard in the room was the bed hitting the wall when he'd thrust in to roughly, your moans and begging as you squirmed beneath him like a helpless kitten, and the wet, sloppy squelches of your sex as he pounded into it.


He loved how tight your walls were around him, like you were trying to keep him inside you, he loved the way his grooves caught ever so slightly against your walls. Your ever growing wetness was testimony to the fact that you loved this too. He pounded into you harder and released your nipples before moving his face to your neck and licking along the side of it. You tasted salty as both of you were sweating at this point, but he didn't mind all he cared about was that the taste was you.


You moaned as you felt his fangs graze the skin of your neck gently teasing you with the idea of both pleasure and pain. “i  wanna mark ya an’ make ya mine,” he felt you tense up and clarified. “not ya SOUL, not yet. I want ta mark ya physically, so's everyone can see ya mine .”


When he had said he wanted to mark you you weren't sure you were ready for weird SOUL freaky sex shit,but when he said he wanted to mark you physically you could feel yourself tighten around his cock. He wanted to bite you? Shit that was hot.


He continued licking from your neck to your shoulder, his pace had slowed only slightly as he waited for your decision. Though when he felt you twitch around his cock he smirked, kinky little kitten liked to be bitten? Well he supposed he could humor you, after all the more marks he made the more clear it would be to all those other fuckers that you were his kitten. He found a nice clear spot between your neck and shoulder and bit down.


Fuck! You scream a bit from the sudden pain and feel yourself tighten around his cock as you came hard for the second time in the last few minutes,and this time to pain the fuck kinda kinky shit you into? He hummed his approval against your skin before pulling back and licking off the blood on his teeth as well as what was seeping out oh the bite mark.


You moaned a bit as he fucked you through your second orgasm and gasp at the tingly cold sensation at the bite. It felt good, you figured he was healing it, if only to keep it from bleeding everywhere. “heh, neva took ya fer the type ta like pain, but gotta say m’not disappointed,” he emphasis by nibbling your earlobe just enough to break skin.


Now his pace was wild and fast and honestly you worried about him pulling out to far and diving into the wrong hole, but you couldn't deny how great it felt having him slam you into the bed over and over again. He was close now and you could feel it, he was panting like a damn dog now desperate to get air in. His face moved to be on the markless side of your neck and your breath hitched as he licked the skin between your neck and shoulder.


That was all the warning you were given before he sunk his teeth into you again with a final hard thrust into your abused cunt. The afterwaves of your second orgasm hadn't left and his overstimulation made you leap into the third and left you gaping like fish unable to form words or even make a sound. He came as soon as he hilted this final time and only gently rocked back and forth as your spasming, tightening sex milked him for all he was worth.


Fuck sex could be so good, you almost wish you'd had it sooner but then remember why you didn't. Oh well, at least now you have the rest of this heat and the others’ to figure out just how great it could be. As Sans rolls off of you and onto the bed beside you you move to get up but are quickly brought down and back against him by his magic. “sorry kitten, but ya ain't leaving this room tonight at least so betta make yerself comfy,” he purrs as he wraps his hand around you and scoots in a position to spoon you.


You gulp and wonder if you'll make it until morning, you could already feel his cock poking into you ready for another round. This heat would either make you the happiest woman on earth or kill you… you still weren't sure which.

Chapter Text

You manage to sneak out after he passes out beside you, Skullface had you at least four more times that night and your body was overwhelmed from attention and orgasms. Both of those things were good, but too much too fast left you a panting, shaking, and sweaty mess with legs of jello. You barely managed to grab your clothes and fumble the door open, each movement was wobbly and reminiscent to a toddler taking their first steps. I'm gonna be a puddle of jizz and pussy juice before his heat is over.


The scent had lessened but it was still very potent in the air of his room. It beckoned you to stay and tempted you greatly with promises of what was to come. Still, it wasn't all controlling and couldn't force you to do anything it was more of a seductive and sweet heavy handed suggestion than anything. A suggestion whose powers of corruption were extraordinary to be sure, but a suggestion nonetheless.


You were lucky it was still the wee hours of the morning otherwise any one of the guys could have caught you are naked and heading to the bathroom. You felt the need to shower and get unsticky you head towards the bathroom and get in the shower. You let the lukewarm water wash away your sins of the previous night as you tried your best to stand still under the stream. Skullface had been more gentle and caring than someone may give him credit for but damn if so many rounds didn't reduce me to a mess. I wonder what others would say if they were able to peer into my life and judge me?


You begin to soap up and start to seriously reflect on the ramifications such an act would have. Would they be able to understand that I am capable of differentiating Skullface and my ex? Yeah he was a creep who couldn't respect personal boundaries, but Skullface willingly backed off even after his heat started, he also took me out into the forest to wing a romantic duet, Bel's idea of romance was a night of me sucking him off and wearing skimpy outfits. Hell, I'd do that for Skullface if he wanted because it would be more of a reward for being able to wait and be patient even in the heat, pardon the pun, of the moment Skull had found time to make it pleasurable for me. Did it seem to happen fast? Yeah maybe but given the circumstances you'd think people would forgive me. As a final nail in the coffin Alphys was waiting in the wings and I knew if I voiced non consent or showed signs of obvious distress, such as fighting against unwanted advances, that she'd send in someone capable of handling Skullface and getting me out. It also wasn't difficult to figure out that I felt responsible in some part for everything, hell, I was their caretaker yet I knew the bare minimum of what SOULs were or how they worked. How could I call myself somewhat competent after that? Still that wasn't the sole reason, the main reason was Skullface was going through something that was very uncomfortable and even painful when alone and I refused to let him suffer by himself. Was the scent intoxicating to a fault? Yes and no, again it was more or less a sweet seduction that helped me let go of inhibitions as well as made the experience itself just a little more pleasurable.


You feel the water begin to run cold indicating that you had been in here a while. You set the soap down and rinse off in a hurry. You even run the water through your hair because you knew some fluids had ended up there but you'd be damned if you spent a second longer than necessary in here. You got out and grabbed a towel from the shower rack next to the shower itself, it was far enough away to stay dry from stray water droplets.


You put on your clothes and head out of the bathroom. You felt somewhat lucky that your clothes held remnants of Skullface's scent and your core reignited from its influence. Still, you pressed forward having no intention of going back until you had at least eaten something. Your steps were more sure now as you made your way to the kitchen, but you were  still a little sore from the previous nights encounters.


You decided you would go the lazy route this time and just grab some cereal, but as you rounded the edge of the stairs and went into the kitchen you were surprised to find Blueberry already making pancakes, with blueberries of course. He turned his head to face you and gave you a smile, but it was different than usual, this smile had an undertone of something you couldn't quite place, and his usual bright star eyelights were dimmer. If you had to describe him you'd say he looked tired.


For a moment your heart felt cold, Alphys had told you the room was soundproof, or was that Science? Whichever one would have no reason to lie about that so why was Blueberry tired? Could he have heard you?


“GOOD MORNING HUMAN ,” his emphasis on the word human made you cringe, it sounded like he was spitting it out like venom, “COME, COME, SIT THE MAGNIFICENT BLUEBERRY IS MAKING BREAKFAST! THERE IS MUCH WE MUST DISCUSS HUMAN AFTER ALL YOU DID PROMISE WE WOULD TALK, UNLESS THERE ARE OTHER THINGS YOU'D RATHER BE DOING?” As he finishes his sentence he looks to you, smile faltering and eye lights practically non-existent.


The way he was staring at you though, it made you more uneasy than the way he spat out human like it was a violent curse word. You honestly felt your sins crawling on your back as he continued to stare, you wonder if he could somehow see into your mind's eye. If you didn't know Blueberry personally you'd say being in the same room with him right now was hazardous to your health… but this was sweet little Berry right? Not a truly malicious bone in his body right…. Right?


You shook your head unable to trust your voice as his behavior and demeanor were frankly terrifying you. He somehow knew what you did last night even if he didn't hear anything, and you are willing to bet he feels upset by it. Am I really worth all this grief? You think to yourself as you take a seat and his smile returns as if nothing had happened.


“WOULD YOU LIKE SYRUP WITH YOUR PANCAKES HUMAN ?” His emphasis on human remained the same as he looked to you for an answer.


“Syrup would be nice, thank you Blueberry,” you respond.


Blueberry finishes the three he is working on before adding them to the plate which had about nine on it. He turns off the stove and grabs a bottle of syrup before grabbing the plate and setting both on the table. He then grabs two extra plates and sets one in front of you and one across from you before finally doing the same with a pair of forks. He places five pancakes on your plate and four on his. “Don't you want some syrup?” You ask him after pouring a fairly generous amount unto your pancakes.


“THE ONLY THING I WANT ON MY TONGUE BESIDES THESE PANCAKES IS CURRENTLY OCCUPIED, HOWEVER THANK YOU FOR THE OFFER HUMAN ,” you freeze up, did he really just hit on you like that? You untense and sit the bottle back down as Blueberry giggles sweetly, some normalcy finally returning to the situation. “TELL ME DOES SKULLFACE TREAT YOU LIKE YOU DESERVE PRINCESS? DOES HE SATISFY YOU? I KNOW I COULD IF YOU SO DESIRE MY SWEET, MY DOVE,  MY DEAREST HEART.”


You gulp and start to sweat, these skeletons were going to kill you. “Listen Blueberry, Skullface is very sweet and he had a problem so I decided to help him out I'm very sorry I couldn't talk to you about your proposition first, but it all happened so fast.. I really do like you Blueberry and if you were in the same situation I'd help you too,” You respond determined.


Blueberry's eyes sparkle for a moment before he replies. “I SHALL REMEMBER THAT MY FAIR LADY, BUT FOR NOW THERE IS THE MATTER OF MY PROPOSITION. SINCE MY PRINCESS HAS ACTED IN SUCH IN UNDIGNIFIED MANNER I FEEL IT ONLY FAIR THAT I ASK A BOON,” Blueberry takes a bite of his pancakes as he awaits you response.


You did feel bad that you had sex with someone and basically ditched him, “Okay, I can deal with that. What is it you want?”




You could do that not like you ever had any plans anyway you just kind of went with the flow. “Alright then, Bl- er my knight, I will grant your request,” you looked down at your pancakes feeling heat rise up in your cheeks, is he into role play or does he just like making me blush and fumble my words?


Blueberry has his own blue blush, but his eye lights momentarily shift to hearts as he looks at your flushed face. He was upset that Skullface had gotten your purity first, but that only made him more determined to make your time with him even more special when it was finally his turn. He watched as you took a bite of your pancakes and brightened up, he had added in some of his healing magic to the batter because he knew you would most likely need a little after last night. His smile fell as he saw the bite mark near your neck, it hadn't been obvious until you moved and your sweater moved as well to reveal the evidence of your tryst with Skullface.


Blueberry's breath hitched as his SOUL cried out in pain, no no NO! Blueberry knew you were only trying to help the other, but damn did it HURT , was he even gentle with you? Had he just ravaged your perfect body for the sake of convenience? Blueberry knew it wouldn't be the first time the other had done so, he had said as much himself when the topic of heats arose while you were out shopping. He had said that he would call a mistress of the night, his actual words were whore, before it started and pay them to sleep with him because it was easy and convenient. He then went on to say he had done it for one of his heats before he came here. How could he talk about intimate relations in such a manner? Doing it with someone not because you cared about them but because it was convenient?


As Blueberry sat in silence and watched you eat he wonders if this was another case of ‘it was simple and easy so I did it’, he felt his SOUL contort in disgust and anger at the thought. You weren't some wanton mistress of the night, you were a treasure, a princess, something valuable beyond measure that deserved to be treated with the utmost reverence and care. If he found out the other had used you it wasn't going to end well.


“My knight? Is something the matter?” You had noticed a few seconds ago that he was staring at you, but his smile had started to fade and you became worried.


Blueberry blinked a bit before responding,he was capable of blinking as his bones weren't completely rigid like actual bone, but that was a story for another time right now he had to respond to his darling princess. “O-OH SORRY MY MIND WANDERED INTO SOME UNPLEASANT THOUGHTS… ANYWAY PRINCESS HOW ARE YOUR PANCAKES? I ADDED SOME HEALING MAGIC TO THEM JUST IN CASE, I WASN'T SURE HOW LAST NIGHT WENT,” his voice lowered to a calmer and less boisterous tone before continuing. “And I won't pry, but know that you don't owe him anything even if you triggered his heat early. I know Alphys and Science are already watching out for you, but what kind of knight would I be if I didn't offer my services as well. The least I can do is heal you and offer solace if you wish to continue on this quest of yours. I won't say that I can understand your entire reasoning, but I do trust your judgement, just don't ask me to trust him. I know very little about him and what I do know is his capacity to harm others, so while I give this situation the benefit of the doubt right now…. I wouldn't be able to control myself if I found out he hurt or used you. I just want you to be aware that I care about you deeply and if you need me I will be there no matter when, no matter where.”


You had stopped eating the moment his voice got softer. He cared for you that much? He had put healing magic in the pancakes, which explained why the soreness and stiffness of last night's activities had begun to melt away the moment you began eating them. He was also concerned about what was going on but he trusted you enough to be able to deal with it, he was just telling you that he was there for you no matter what and that made you feel warm in your chest. “Oh Blueberry, thank you for taking the time to do this for me so early in the morning. I'm not going to ask you to trust Skullface, but let me alleviate some of your fears by saying he isn't that bad, a little rough and somewhat impatient, but nothing forceful. He -” You're cut off by a forceful kiss, Blueberry had gotten up and was approaching you since you had started talking his eye lights aflame, now he was passionately kissing you as his hands explored your clothed body.


When he pulled back your lips were still buzzing with magic and he looked ready to pounce on you again but refrained from doing so as he brought a hand up to your flushed cheek. “Princess, please stop talking about him. I understand you're trying to comfort and reassure me, but it hurts . My SOUL is crying out in pain but I know you need to make your own decisions, and besides that I know that when my turn comes I will make you feel so treasured and adored, like the precious princess you are. When that time comes I aim on being the best since I regretfully can't be your first, still I don't mind you being adventurous until then, just please, please don't talk about it so openly,” his voice was pained and pleading as his hand shook against your cheek and tears began to pool in his sockets. “I don't think I can bear it.”


Your breath stopped in your chest, how could you torture this poor, sweet skeleton so? Granted you hadn't meant to, he said as much himself, but regardless of intentions you did in fact hurt him. He loved you so much the thought of you joining bodies with another hurt his SOUL, your mind wanders back to when Bel kicked you out, it'd hurt so much back then to think of him spending his nights with Decymber, it felt as if you weren't good enough, as if she was better than you, as if you never mattered to begin with. Was this how Blueberry was feeling? The situation was vastly different, but the feelings brought about might not be.


You reached out and wrapped your hands around Blueberry to pull him into an embrace. He began crying softly, almost silently, as his skull nuzzled in between your breasts for more comfort and warmth. “Shhh, it's okay, my knight. I'm sorry for making you doubt your worth to me. Let me promise you that you are just as important as anyone in this house, maybe even more so since you were the first to befriend me,” you gently stroke the top of his skull as his crying slows.


Blueberry looks up and sniffles a few fat tears still in his sockets and the evidence of others still on his cheeks. “Yeah, I did do that first didn't I?”


You nod and gently kiss the top of his head. “You're also my bestest friend, and my noble knight,” you state proudly. “Nobody else could ever replace you, and I wouldn’t let them try.”




The two of you ate the rest of the pancakes in silence occasionally you would look up to find him staring at you with a blush on his cheeks and you would turn your gaze back down to your remaining bites of pancake. Blueberry loved watching you eat his food and enjoy it so thoroughly, if he were being honest with himself he’d like to fill you with tons of delicious food just to watch as you slowly chewed and savored it as if it were the best thing you’d ever tasted. He, of course, already thought of your form as perfect but if you got even plushier? He wouldn’t complain, same for if you got skinny he just enjoyed you for you, whatever form you took on you would always remain perfect and beautiful in his eyes.


As you finished the pancakes you licked the sticky syrup from your lips, your tongue running gently over the top and bottom leaving behind a faint sheen of saliva, you weren’t drooling like a dog but your salivary glands were working as you had been eating and so you left some behind. Blueberry felt his armor grow tighter around his crotch as his genitalia unwillingly sparked to life from the arousal of your wet, pink tongue sliding over your soft, pillowy lips.. Stars what you do to me my gorgeous princess, even when your eyes meet mine I’m out of my mind, I’m out of control, full of feelings I can’t define.


“Thank you for the pancakes, my knight.  I’ll try and sneak out same time tomorrow. I’m going to grab a few bottles of water from the fridge and head on back up,” You head to the sink and put the dishes in before going to the fridge and nudging containers of taco meat and fixings out of the way to grab the water behind it.


You assumed from the left-overs that Blueberry had made dinner last night, you also assumed from a few Grillby’s bags that most of the others had gotten take out. You snatch a bag of Grillby’s and tell Blueberry you are confiscating the contraband before looking inside said bag, what looked like a burger wrapped in tinfoil and a box of fries covered in ketchup, like ketchup was leaking out of the container and coagulating in the bottom of the bag covered, you shrug you could deal with overly condimented fries. You grab an armful of water bottles before closing the door of the fridge. So you had lunch/ dinner and around five water bottles that along with the healing magic from the pancakes should help you make it through today.


Blueberry was silent as he lead you up the stairs, he hugged you tightly before heading back down to start breakfast for the others. His SOUL wrenched in his chest as he heard the door to Skullface’s room open and shut with a soft click . He promised to himself that he would try and control his unfounded jealousy and instead focus on planning for the date that would woo you into his arms.