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House of Sans

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You begin to wonder if maybe you should have listened to Wheatley as you feel the eyes of every single one of the Sans's glaring at your breasts where two, quite frankly smug looking kitties were just chillaxing as if a thousand daggers weren't being stared into their soul. Red interrupted the awkward silence with a frustrated grunt, “Aw c'mon! Ya go out to get clothes or whatever an’ ya come back with two random tiny skeletons between yer tits and look like ya expected us to be okay wit it?!”


You felt a flush of crimson come up to your cheeks as he called you out. They hadn't even met the bitties yet, assuming none of the others left your room, so of course it looks like you came home with living boob accessories. Still the flush was part anger too, how the fuck dare he say that like they should have to approve your choices, you could walk around with a damned dildo between your breasts, law providing it's legal. “You jealous somebody got to second base before you?” You retort teasingly.


Red flushed a bright crimson and taped like a fish out of water before growling and heading upstairs. You then feel a slight tug on your arm and look to see Blueberry flushing the shade of his namesake. “UHHN H-HUMAN I KNOW IT'S YOUR DECISION TO HAVE THEM TRAVEL IN SUCH A MANNER BUT NOW THAT YOU'RE HOME CAN'T THEY UM WALK?” Blueberry was clearly flustered and trying to find the right words to say.


You shrug and concede as you place your hand next to the bitties and they begrudgingly get on as you bend over and set them on the floor. “gotta admit though that was the breast seat in the house,” you here Blue say from the couch with a chuckle.


Brassbery laughs a bit at your expense while your face turn beet red. “Feels like mammary foam,” Brass replies with a wink towards you.


That's it you were going to your fucking room and never leaving you backed yourself into an awkward corner with skeletons who all wanted to bone you. Oh shit now you were doing the pun thing too. You turn to go upstairs but stop remembering that no one had actually been introduced. “This is Yanyan,” you say simply and point to the slender of the two, and better dressed, “And the punny little ass is Brassberry. They're the interdimensional travelers you guys were looking for, oh and I have three more in my room, which is where they'll be staying for the time being. Which you'd already know if you read the note I left.”


“YAY TINY FRIENDS!” Blueberry squeed excitedly. You smile and shake your head at how cute and easily excitable Blueberry was and you begin to wonder how it could've been him who wrote you that intimate letter.


Speaking of which you still had the folded letter under your boob in your bra, it was starting to feel like the paper might just meld into the flesh. “Alright well while you guys are getting introduced I am going up to my bedroom to text Metta about when to expect my items,” you say simply omitting the fact that you're also going to stash the hidden confession somewhere the bitties nor the skeletons would look.


“OKAY HUMAN, ER, I MEAN Y/N BUT REMEMBER THAT THING WE HAVE TO DO LATER!” Blueberry said smiling. What thing? Oh, he probably meant talking about his note and your response to it.


You smile back and give Blueberry a little peck on the cheek so the little guy doesn't worry himself too much before you two can talk. You stifle a chuckle as you pull back to see Blueberry's eyes temporarily morph into blue heart shapes, how adorable! “Of course Blueberry wouldn't miss it for the world.” With that you head upstairs.


You're at your door when your hand is grabbed and you turn to see Skullface smirking at you. “Hold on doll, don’ think I dunno that there's something going on with you and Blueberry,” he teases voice deeper than usual.


You pull your hand back, though you knew if he really wanted he could easily hold on and overpower you, and smirk back at him and close your eyes a bit to make a somewhat sultry face at him as you lean forward. “And what if there is,” you say in a sultry tone of voice. “Are you jealous Skullface?”


He looks down your sweater and before you can respond he grabs the letter from its supposed safe haven, his skeletal hand grazing your nipple as he pulls it out, and opens it. You try to grab it but he holds you back easily, not in a hurting manner just to keep you still and let him read it.


You see his face go from amused, hurt, confused, anger, to finally his default smile, all off which happened very briefly and was barely perceptible as he'd become good a at hiding how he felt, before he stuffs the letter back in its place causing you to moan slightly as he once again rubs your now pert nipple. He smirks at this and leans in to give you a kiss on the lips which you don't object to but don't give in to either.


He pulls back and shrugs before speaking, “You're right doll ain't no business of mine what, or who, you do, but if ya don’ want me telling everyone else about Berry's little note then I've gotta request I want you to help me with,” he says smoothly.


You look at him stonefaced was this fuck blackmailing you? This fuck was blackmailing you! You grit your teeth before responding, “I'm not fucking you before you ask you fucking degenerate.”


You felt lucky that no one else was around to hear this conversation but kept your voice quiet just in case. Skullface's smile failed for a split second almost imperceptible to anyone who wasn't good at reading others facial features. “Is that what you really think a me kitten?” He asks and you can see hurt in his eyes.


You sigh, great now you feel in the wrong even though he went through something personal and was now threatening you with it. Still, you supposed it was just what he was used to, after all the mafia was no children's fantasy, he must've had to do this on a near daily basis just to stay alive. You look back at him with a softer, less cold expression and answer, “No Skullface I don't think of you like that, I really don't  I was just upset you invaded my privacy and personal space. I know it's something you're used to doing but here you don't need to blackmail people into things, especially me. I'm supposed to help bridge the gap between the human and monster world, plus for better or worse I like you ya bonehead.” You give him a quick peck on the cheek to try and mend your relationship.


You were surprised when he stiffened and blushed, but not unpleasantly so. He was once again quick to recover and smiled back at you. “So if I asked ya to do something would you? I promise it's nothing dirty or illegal,” he says looking at you.


You laugh before responding, “Well I hope not, you should never ask a lady to do something illegal… at least not until after the first date.” You stick your tongue out jokingly.


He brightens up. “I want ya to sing with me,” he says confidently.


You blink. Had you heard him right? He wants to sing… with you? You burst out into a fit of laughter and he seems discouraged, you quickly catch your breath.  “With the way you were acting I thought you wanted me to do something like give you my panties or pole dance, maybe both, but you just want to sing with me?” You ask wiping your eyes from the tears of laughter.


He seems less confident but nods, “Er, yeah?”


“All you had to do was ask, so when do you wanna sing together?” You ask and give a yelp of surprise when he pulls you close to him. You feel the world spin around you and go dark before you're suddenly transported into the middle of a fricken forest clearing.


You look at the woods that surrounded the clearing on all sides before turning to Skullface questioningly. “Teleportation, I wanted to sing wit ya alone an new a this place,” he answers simply.


Okay….. so he wanted to sing now. “Alright but what are we going to sing?”


Skullface rubs the back of his skull nervous but excited at the same time. “Well, uh, y'see my brother an’ I had this movie, it was kinda a guilty pleasure since it was a musical and if anybody found out our sheet cred was as good as dust. Um, anyways there was this song in it and I've always wanted to sing it wit someone who I thought was special,” he says beginning to glow red in embarrassment.


You flush too and smile, “Awww, you think I'm special and you didn't even say ed afterwards.” You added the last bit to clear the tension and as he chuckles you see that it worked.


“Couldn't it just be both sweetheart,” he teases before continuing. “It's called All I Ask of You.”


You perked up you knew this one, and truth be told you actually had a soft spot for the movie too. “Oh, The Phantom of the Opera, eh? Never took you to like mushy stuff,” you tease.


He shrugged, “Usually don’ so when are we gonna start?”


Your turn to shrug. “Whenever you're ready Raoul goes first remember?” You remind him with a wink.


He blushes, “Yeah but if we're gonna do this we're gonna do it right. I want ya to dance with me too….if that's okay?” He seems so unsure about all this and you begin to wonder how experienced he is in the relationship department.


You nod and stand close to him. Skullface takes in a few breaths mentally preparing himself before taking you by the waist in one hand and by the hand with the other.  


“No more talk a darkness,
Forget those wide-eyed fears
I'm here, nothing can harm ya
my words will warm and calm ya.”


He pulls you close to him and you look up at his face which was filled with confidence and happiness and longing? You lean your head into his shoulder as you let him lead you through the steps of the dance though you were sure you weren't very graceful he pulled you as close as he could and gained more confidence with each passing second. And though the words may be permeated by his accent that somehow made them all the more endearing to you.

“Let me be yer freedom,
let daylight dry yer tears.
I'm here with ya, beside ya,
ta guard ya and ta guide ya.”


You shiver as he hugs you tightly to his chest before continuing to move and allowing you your turn to sing Christine's part. He seemed eager and expectant it almost intimidated you, but the warm and appreciative look in his eyes told you he was bound to love you when he heard you sing. It gave you enough courage to sing your heart out for the hardened monster.


“Say you love me every waking moment,
turn my head with talk of summertime.
Say you need me with you now and always.
Promise me that all you say is true
that's all I ask of you.”


Christine wasn't necessarily in your super comfortable range with her higher notes, but she was doable though you may have lowered it just a bit. Skullface didn't seem to care one way or another he already thought you were perfect this was just icing on the cake. He smiled as he began his part again bending his head slightly to get a better look at your eyes.


“Let me be yer shelter
let me be yer light
Yer safe, No one will find ya
yer fears are far behind ya.”


You swallow as he looks at you with silent admiration, you feel like he was seeing way more into your talents than you deserved but you swallowed your doubt and continued, determined to finish this.


“All I want is freedom,
a world with no more night
and you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me.”


He stopped dancing and gently holds you to his chest ass he sings his next part and you can feel his SOUL pulsing within his ribcage. It felt calming and warm and strong… fitting given the circumstances.


“Then say you'll share with me
one love, one lifetime
let me lead ya from yer solitude
Say ya need me wit ya here, beside you...
anywhere ya go, let me go too
------, that's all I ask a ya.”


You hadn't expected Skullface to change up the lyrics like that you had expected him to say Christine and you hadn't expected him to be looking directly in your eyes as he said it. It changed this whole encounter… you weren't playing the part this wasn't platonic fun and teasing… he really felt something for you. You didn't pull back and end this, you didn't stop leaning into him and breathing in his scent of smoke and cologne, you went closer and sang the whole while looking up at his eyes and focusing on his face.


“Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime...
say the word and I will follow you…”


He smiles down at you his eyes transform into hearts just as Blueberry's had done but they stayed that way for a bit almost pulsing before he continued and sang along with you accent and all.


“Share each day with me,
each night, each morning.”


You swallow and look up at him unsure if you were ready for this next part, not because of some asinine reason relating to Bel, but because you were genuinely scared, and not of Skullface but of being vulnerable and feeling as if this was happening both too fast and not fast enough.


“Say you love me.”


His eyes were hearts once more and they seem to radiate his magic as he kissed the top of your head unusually gently and chastly.

“Ya know I do.”


You heart was racing and your cheeks were flushed you wanted to both run and get as close to Skullface as possible. You swallow your fear and continue the song to the end with him as you promised. Skullface's portion sounding uniquely of him… and you loved it.


“Love me - that's all I ask of you
Anywhere you go let me go too
Love me - that's all I ask of you.”