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House of Sans

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You think you may have tried on every single item the store had in your size, twice! You swear YanYan was as thorough with your new wardrobe as he was bitchy. “Hmmm… turn to the left,” YanYan ordered as he eyed you up and down, taking in every aspect of your current outfit. The thing you had on now was a skimpy sundress, and you didn’t really like how it felt, much less the gaudy colors it showed, still you told YanYan he was your fashion consultant so you’d humour him.

You turned ever so slightly and were met with a “BLEGH!” As YanYan screeched in disgust. “Oh hell no! Honey that hurts my eyes and I only have sockets! Ugh, I guess we can stop now. It’s not like wearing this section another time is going to help.”

You sigh in relief as you go into a stall to undress and come out in your usual flair. All of your selected items were already at the counter waiting to be picked up and paid for, as YanYan had insisted you bring them there after his approval that way no one else would steal them. You apologized to the clerk after noticing the pile increasing in size as they juggled trying to package our items and deal with other customers. They smiled and assured you it was no trouble, and when you asked about the price they scoffed and said not to worry that Mettaton had it covered.

You were embarrassed that someone else was paying for your items, though just as well considering the price tags and how much you had already bought. You decide not to bother trying to argue with Mettaton as he did not seem like the type to back down in this matter, plus you weren’t prepared to hear a speech on why he was doing it.

Surprisingly, after all the trouble you had shopping for yourself, shopping for your bitties was really easy YanYan knew what he wanted and Brassberry picked out a couple of outfits almost identical to one he wore, leaving you to pick out the outfits for everyone else based on their size and tastes. The labeled racks helped a lot, they were labeled by the bitties names, they even had rarer ones like bitty kitties.

After you finished getting the bitty clothes you sighed as you headed back into the store to hopefully find Wheatly. “Well, glad that’s over,” you mumble walking down the aisle.

Suddenly you hear an eerily familiar voice, “Y/N, I didn’t know you’d be shopping in here.” You turn around slowly to come face to face with the bastard you'd hoped you’d never have to see again, Belvedere your ex-fiance.

Your expression and voice become tight, “Yeah Bel, I was kinda kicked out of my house without any clothes other than what I had on. What the hell’s your excuse?” You could feel the anger bubbling up from within you. You could also feel both of your bitties stiffen and even a low growl from Brassberry.

Belvedere feigns a hurt look before replying, “Ouch, what’s with the third degree babe? I’m  here because it’s Decym’s favorite place to get new clothes,” his voice suddenly got lower and more flirtatious as his expression shifts to predatory, “but enough about her. Did you think about my offer about being our third?”

You almost want to vomit, seriously? He has the gall to ask you if you thought about doing such a thing? Brassberry’s glare turns deadly, who the FUCK did this guy think he was? Brassberry’s pupils turn red as he is overcome with aggression and possessiveness and the desire to protect you.

About an aisle over Wheatley is close enough to overhear what is going on and immediately picks up that you’re having a problem. Wheatley tears themselves away from the space hoodies they’d been ogling at and starts making their way over to you. You feel their arm snake around you casually and you can see Curley in their hood looking concerned, as well as Al in the same state.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s up? I didn’t think I’d see you here today!!!” Feigning excitement so well you almost believed them and wondered what the hell they were going on about before realizing this was your out.

“Ah, Wheatley! It’s so good to see you! I’m just out getting some new clothes for the bitties and I,” you smile brightly, “What are you doing here?”

Bel made a clear noise of annoyance, “Hey, uh I’m still here ya know.” He was tapping his foot.

You watch as Wheatley turns to pretend they had just noticed Belvedere. Their demeanor has changed completely and it would scare the shit out of you if they had directed it towards you. “Oh, and who are you? Some two-piece sack of meat tryin’ to hit up a gal he don’t deserve?” The burn was spoken in the most monotone, don’t give a fuck way possible.

You try to hold back ay giggles, man Wheatley was the shit. Then he spoke up again agitated and clearly not having it, “Actually, I’m the one who’s offerin’ her the better deal here, sweetcheeks, I’m one hundred percent male not some walking freakshow who should’ve stayed where they were,” his smile is malicious, “I’ve bet those freakish skeletons she lives with now don’t even have the proper equipment to call themselves men.”

You’re hands are now curled into fists and shaking, your fingernails digging into your palm from rage. YanYan and Brassberry are both mad now, their pupils red and aflame with magic. They have to concentrate on restraining themselves in order to keep a handle on their magic. Monster magic was still a very touchy subject as far as the law was concerned and using it against a human could be very bad for the monster race as a whole. Still, it didn’t mean that they felt any less fury towards this man who was causing Y/N grief.

Wheatley snorts amused, “That so? I didn’t even think you were human; you’re more like some sort of rabid dog who really ought to be put down. I mean, honestly, who kicks out a gal like this and then expects her to still like him?” Their smile is sweet as sugar but there’s a different feel about them now, a feel like they could kill a man if they had to. They square out their shoulders before continuing, “Oh right , it’s twerps like you. Honey, if you want to get a woman like her, you’ll have to get a new personality, a new face--you’ll have to be a new person!!!”

You feel Wheatley’s arm drop from your shoulder and before you could blink they were right in his face. “I’ve killed men over much less, so you had better choose your words wisely.”

You can tell Wheatley means it, hell even her bitties are scared, except Al who seems just as pissed. You remain silent and watch as Bel’s face changes to one of pure anger and contempt. “ Mind if I ask ya somethin’ toots?” He didn’t bother to wait for a response. “Have you even had a man before?” He smirked now like that was the best comeback in the world.

Wheatley chuckles deeply their voice getting low and almost man-like. You knew that wasn’t good. “Oh, sugartits… The only men who ask that are the ones who suck dick on the low. So, how many men, sweetie? Ten? Twenty? Or are you so desperate for a nice warm glove for your tiny dick that you’ve forgotten your one true love is your right hand?” You see Wheatley shift ever so slightly between you and your ex. That is when Al climbs out of the hood and uses his magic to gently lift the Wheatley Bitty squad onto Y/N. Curley claims one shoulder, Teacup the other, and Punny gently holds onto your hair from his position on top of your head.

Al floats over and lands next to Curley, wrapping one arm around the unsteady bitty. He whispers in your ear, “I hope you don’t mind us on you; whomever that guy is might make things ugly.”

You are a bit concerned about the entire scenario unfolding in front of you, mostly because you don’t want Wheatley to get hurt or something because of your fucking douchebag ex. Now that you had the bitties on you you’re pretty much forced to stay out of the entire ordeal, that way the bitties would be safe and at least that would be one thing you could do to ‘help’. You respond to Al quietly, “I don’t mind at all, I’m just sorry I couldn’t handle Bel myself and got Wheatley involved, this is all practically my fault.”

YanYan honestly didn’t mind the other bitties too much so long as they knew this was his Owner and they stayed away from his boob-seat he’d be fine. Brassberry, however, well let’s just say the amount of control that it took not to kill the other bitties that had the audacity to even touch his human was equivalent to the amount of force used to split an atom. But for Y/N, he kept himself under control.

Belvedere growls lowly, “You’re one cheeky little cunt aren’t you? Bet you think you’re so clever and so scary, well toots, let me tell you something. There’s reasons bitches like you don’t have anybody, hell, nobody but them freaks who can’t get their own kind will even try and go for repulsive little shits like you. But hey, if it makes you sleep better at night to tell yourself that you’re worth something and I’m the one with a problem, go ahead and do that doll, because while you’re doing that I’ll be six inches deep in a hot, tight cunt and won’t be thinkin’ about anythin’ else but blowin my load,” he chuckles before continuing, “Who knows, maybe the cunt I’m in’ll be hers.” His voice drops a bit into a sultry tone at the end, it was abundantly clear he meant Y/N.

Wheatley raised an eyebrow. “Oh, that’s cute--you think I care how many poor sluts you’ve paid fifty bucks to fuck. Y/N’s got better taste than you, sweetie; she wouldn’t lay a finger on your dick even if you got on your knees and begged for it,” their face contorted to something horrifying and indescribable, you shuddered at the sight and hoped to never have it or anything like it directed towards you, “Let me tell you somethin, sugar; if there weren’t security cameras in this building watching me, you would be dead where you stand. Besides, I don’t have to touch a single hair on your fugly little head to ruin you. But don’t worry; when I strike, you’ll remember me~ If you really think the only thing a woman is for is being a hole for you to fuck, try a fleshlight; feels the same, costs less. It’s better than a hand, that’s for sure.”

Wheatley turns to see Mettaton spying in on the situation, most likely he’d heard the commotion and stayed to make sure his friends would be alright. “Oh, Mettaton; can you turn off the security cameras pointed towards us and then turn around for a minute or two?” Their normal demeanor and voice were back and it was almost a relief.

Mettaton’s lights blink and he replies in a tone not nearly as eccentric as before, “Alright, I’m going to do ‘routine maintenance’ on the cameras everyone so I’ll be away for awhile and they’ll be disabled.”

You look at Belvedere, sweat forms on his brow and he is visibly shaken, how the fuck could he know they knew the owner? FUCK! He wasn’t a pansy but he sure as hell wasn’t a fighter either, he was going to get the SHIT kicked out of him! He decides to make a break for it, screw Decymber she could get her own ride home!

Brassberry snarls, Hell no, he wasn’t going to get away that easy! His eye lights up and his magic summons two Gaster Blasters, two animal skull-like creatures, at their full size they easily block the only means of escape. They’re charged to fire just in case he tries to run anyway, though climbing on top of a giant demonic skull would probably be the stupidest idea ever, then again he wouldn’t put it past this idiot.

Wheatley removes their hoodie in one fluid motion, revealing a tanktop and many scars, both cuts and bullet wound scars, and also a pretty sweet tattoo. They then set their hoodie on a shelf and look back at you, “Y/N, could you remind me that that’s there when I’m finished?”

You swallow a bit, feeling scared, but also so damn pumped! It was a weird mixture. “Um, yeah, of course, Whe,” you reply.

Belvedere turns to face his demise and notices that they are only wearing a tank now. “What is with the stripping?” He asked confused as hell.

Wheatley replies in a sugary sweet voice, “It’s so that I don’t get your blood on my favorite hoodie~. Y/N, could you fill me in on exactly what this fuckboy’s done to you?” They slide into a fighting stance easily, almost like it was second nature to them.

You swallow and then begin to tell your story, “Well, it’s like this, we lived together for three years. I didn’t want to have sex, he did, so what’d he do? Cheat on me; not only that, but then he kicks me out with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and the phone in my pocket. He contacts me days later after I found a job and asks if I want to be their ‘third’. He basically threatens me saying ‘bad things happen to people who stay with monsters’. That’s about it, well besides today with all the insults and… yeah…. “ You trailed off not quite knowing what else to say.

Wheatley nodded their face getting hard, “ Alright… Did he ever try to force you into having sex?” They gave Bel a look that said ‘you’re so dead’.

You bite your lower lip and ask, “Define forced..?” This in and of itself was an answer but Wheatley persisted voice dangerously low, “Either he raped you, tried to drug you, or tried to hold you down in order to forcefully insert himself into you. Or he claimed things that weren’t true about you to try and get you to fuck him.”

You shift uncomfortably, but before you could say anything Bel screeched out, “I didn’t do anything to her that she didn’t have coming for her!” As if this was a good defence!

Al suddenly lunged of your shoulder and grew to his full height. It was an awe-inspiring, terrifying sight. You watch as he walked over to Wheatley and peered at Bel from over her shoulder, hearing the faint clicking of his claws on the tile as he made his way over. “Brassy, could you do me a favor and put two more of those head things behind me? Thank you, dear.” Wheatley said.

Brassberry does as he’s asked and summons two more GasterBlaster’s behind her. “No problem, need anything else?” He asked.

“Not that I can think of. Y/N, I’m going to recommend you take about two steps back; this is going to get rather ugly,” Wheatley said just a moment before shit hit the fan.

You managed to take two steps back before she stomped on Bel’s foot causing his head to jerk down in response right before she uppercut him right in the jaw. You watched with somewhat of a twisted pleasure at seeing Bel get his just desserts. Wheatley then elbowed him hard in the ribs before delivering a punishing roundhouse kick that sent him to the floor with a resounding THUD!

Pain, pain, so much pain, fuck, and he’s falling. This was the worst day of his life and he had a feeling it wasn’t even the worst of it. “Fuck, what the hell?! I didn’t do jack shit!” He yelled.

Wheatley slams their foot into his stomach the sheer force moving him a couple of feet towards the Blasters. “You manipulated someone to try and get them to fuck your whore prick,” they retort and slams the heel of their she into his spine with carefully calculated force. “You cheated on Y/N, who didn’t do jack shit to you save not wanting to be fucked by your tiny, useless dick,” they hiss kicking his face, “You kicked her out of the house without letting her gather her things because you wanted to fuck your side ho, who is probably a whore. Just like you,” they kick him over on his back and crouch over him their eyes holding no mercy, “So tell me: what do you think is going to get you off the hook?”

Belvedere spits blood out of his mouth, this fucking bitch is crazy! He was scared and in pain but his eyes showed pure fury directed towards his attacker as he retorted, “Oh, like I don’t know just what you want, cunt. You want me to fucking get on my knees and beg forgiveness, yeah? Well, I ain’t done nothing wrong, I’m a man who has needs. I kept her, in my house for three years, and the prude never once gave me any. The only thing I could ever get out of ‘er was a blow, I never even touched her pussy, you can ask ‘er. So what I may have cheated on ‘er, but I didn’t take her V-card, despite wanting to I kept myself under control. So I ain’t done nothin’ wrong!”

You are visibly shaking now, in both anger and disgust, you had had enough! You remain where you are to ensure the bitties safety but you can’t withhold your outburst. There are tears in your eyes and you are borderline postal, “‘I ain’t done nothin’ wrong?! I AIN’T DONE NOTHIN’ WRONG?!’ Are you fucking kidding me right now? So forcing me to suck your fucking cock and practically choking me on it isn’t bad enough for you? Well, how about this for ya buddy! I woke up every fuckin’ morning scared shitless that today might be the day that my ‘lover’ decides to say ‘fuck it’ and just force himself inside my most intimate area just like he fucking does with my mouth! But ya know what? Despite that I stayed, yeah, because I told myself ‘I love you’ I had myself convinced that you were the one for me; I kept seeing that same sweet, kind boy I did fall in love with, but now I don’t think that guy ever even existed! You were the only kind of emotional support I had, and you fucking to full advantage of it! I had nowhere to go, no family or friends, only you, and you USED ME!” Your voice is filled with malice and pain and it is clear you have never discussed this with anyone.

Wheatley gets up, eyes staring down at Bel like he is the literal scum on the Earth, “Now, Bel, The only reason you aren’t dead is because that would give Metta too much bad publicity. Y/N, what do you think is a fitting punishment for him? I’m sure we could find a pole or something and make him gag on it, pretend it’s his useless prick or something.”

Al crouches down and places a claw to Belvedere’s Adam’s Apple practically snarling, “Don’t. Move.” A bead of blood already forming from the pressure made for damn sure Bel knew he was serious.

Wheatley walks past the Blasters and hugs you, you hug them back happy for the contact and support, they whisper gently, “I’ve got a therapist that I used to go to, back when I was in college. He’s in the area, I can give you his number after we all go out for ice cream after this.”

You smile softly and reply, “I’d really appreciate it, as for him I don’t think he’s worth the trouble, but if you really want to do something to him I won’t be opposed to the idea.”