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Sam woke and knew instantly he was in big trouble. He was hanging from the chain that kept his hands locked together, his arms throbbing in agony. He kept his breathing steady, trying to remember what had happened. They'd been on a hunt, vampires again. Other than Lenore's clan he was really starting to hate them, especially after the mess with Gordon being turned.

"Looks like he's awake." A voice called and Sam opened his eyes, they'd obviously heard the change in his heartbeat. He looked around to find the nest they'd been looking for, just great. He just had to hope Dean and Bobby could find him, then again if he died the Deal would break and Dean would be safe.

"Poor little hunter, how's it feel to be the hunted?" Another asked and Sam rolled his eyes.

"I'm tied up, not being hunted. Besides if you weren't killing people we never would have come." Sam told him, getting angry responses.

"We're supposed to believe a hunter would let us be? How naive do you think we are?" A man said, moving closer and Sam knew, he was the one in charge. "Doesn't matter now, we have you and soon the problem will be solved." Oh yeah, that did not sound good. Sam fought not to scream as he was bitten, sharp teeth tearing into his shoulders, sides, even his legs. He was soon light headed form blood loss, fighting to stay conscious. "Don't worry; when you're one of us it'll all be better." He soothed and Sam jerked, fighting his bonds weakly, despite the pain it caused. "You'll kill them for us, they'll come to save you and it will be their end." The leader told him and Sam watched as he drew a blade across his arm.

A bleeding arm was pressed to Sam's lips and he tried to keep the blood out but it didn't work. He tried to spit it out but all it took was a drop. He felt the cold begin to prickle and then spread through him. His head dropped to his chest and he struggled to keep his eyes open, able to feel his heart struggling to beat as the poison reached it. No! He wouldn't hurt his brother. He knew what the change would do to him; make him more loyal to them than Dean and Bobby, and the thought that he might kill them filled him with dread. He could feel the freezing cold spreading faster now and he fought to breathe deeply, to focus on Dean and Bobby, how he loved them, how he would do anything to protect them. He made himself focus on the fact that these vampires wanted to hurt his family, wanted him to hurt them and forced himself to hate them for that. As his body slowly shut down and everything went back he went over his life with Dean and even Bobby, reliving everything that made him love them. He didn't know if it'd work but it was all he could do. With that everything faded away as he died.

The first thing he was aware of was two heartbeats pounding away nearby, swiftly moving closer. He inhaled, smelling the intoxicating scent of food and hazel eyes slowly opened, vampiric teeth descending over human as he readied himself for his first meal but then everything stopped for him as he heard it.

"Sam? Answer me Sammy! Come on kiddo." That voice….Dean! His Dean was calling for him, needed him. He took a deep breath as he twisted to see him, taking in the scent of leather, gunpowder and something that was just Dean. His vampiric teeth receded as he stared at him. He shivered, not from the cold but from fear. Would Dean hate him now?

"Dean." He called and saw Dean relax a little at him answering. Dean finally got close enough that his human eyes could actually see him and green went wide in horror.

"Sammy." Dean gasped before running to him. "It's gonna be okay. I'll get you down and we'll go back to the room, get you cleaned up." Dean babbled and Sam frowned before remembering the feeling of sharp teeth tearing into him, obviously the wounds hadn't healed and he was probably covered in blood. "Bobby I found him!" Dean yelled and the older hunter soon appeared. It was harder to force down the bloodlust with him but Sam did it, managing a shaky smile for him as they worked to get him free. His arms came free and Sam let himself fall into Dean's waiting arms, soaking up the body warmth he'd never have again, trying to get even closer. "Shh, its okay Sammy, I've got you." Dean whispered and Sam closed his eyes, inhaling even more of Dean's scent. "Hey, no passing out kiddo. You've lost a lot of blood so you need to stay awake." Dean ordered and Sam nodded, letting Dean take the majority of his weight. He was tired, tired because the sun was up and because he needed to feed but he wouldn't do it! He would not hurt Dean or Bobby. He could hear their hearts beating but no longer in the way a predator would, no it was a way to make sure they were alive and safe. "Shit Sam you're freezing. Bobby we got to get him out of here fast." Dean said and Bobby nodded, watching their backs as Dean helped Sam to the car. Sam winced as they went into the sun, covering his eyes.

"Too bright." He whimpered and Dean moved so his shadow kept some of the light from Sam's eyes.


"Kept dark." Sam murmured, not ready yet, and Dean accepted it, knowing that after being in the dark for too long sunlight would hurt his eyes. Dean tried to lay Sam out in the backseat of the Impala but Sam clung to him.

"Bobby you mind?"

"No." He answered taking the keys so Dean could get in the back with Sam. Something about all this was really bothering him, why not just kill the kid while they had him? Why leave him strung up and not guarded? He just prayed that Sam was okay and they weren't going to be tracked down until the kid was back on his feet.

He parked and then moved to help Dean get Sam into the room, wincing at how cold Sam was, he was definitely in shock. They got Sam stripped off and into a hot shower, making him moan in pain but Dean got in with him, holding him up and soothing him. Bobby got out what they needed to treat the wounds, happy they seemed to have stopped bleeding at least. When Dean helped Sam back into the room they disinfected and then covered them before putting Sam to bed. When Dean tried to get up Sam clung to him, mumbling brokenly. Dean looked up at Bobby who just shrugged but motioned for him to stay with Sam. He sat down to keep watch as Sam curled into Dean, clinging to him even as he finally lost the fight and passed out.

"He's really out of it Bobby. Should we take him to the hospital?" Dean whispered and Bobby frowned.

"Give it a few hours or until he wakes up, if he's no better we probably should. Is he warming up any?"

"Still freezing and his breathings a bit off. Blood loss?"

"I'll go get as much Gatorade and juice as I can, that should help. Body heat from you should as well." He offered and Dean nodded, moving even closer to Sam in the bed. Bobby left to get the stuff and something else…..praying he was wrong.

Sam was distantly aware of Bobby leaving as he clung to Dean, having sort of woken up as they talked, needing his presence so he wouldn't massacre the others at the motel. He was dying of thirst and wasn't that an amusing thought.

"Sammy." Dean whispered and Sam managed to force his eyes open a little, getting a worried smile from Dean. Sam just moved to rest his head on Dean's shoulder and Dean raised a hand to pet his hair. "Got to get you warmed up kiddo." Dean told him and Sam choked back a sob, he'd never be warm again. Sam just snuggled in, inhaling Dean's scent, knowing Dean would soon work out why he was cold and if he was going to truly die soon then he wanted this closeness to be the last thing he had.

"Love you." Sam managed to whisper even as he lost the fight against sleep again, he only hoped he could keep breathing or Dean was really going to work it out quickly.

Dean stared at Sam in surprise before smiling softly and running his fingers through Sam's hair again. He was scared stiff he was going to lose Sam, the kid should be starting to warm up with how many blankets they were under and the fact that he wasn't even shivering was not a good sign. He held Sam closer and then frowned, reaching for Sam's neck with a suddenly shaking hand. No, please no. He rested his fingers against the cold skin for several minutes and then sobbed; he hadn't saved Sam from the vampires. His baby brother was dead again, maybe if they'd taken Sam straight to the hospital instead of trying to treat him themselves they could have done something. At least he would have had a monitor on so he wouldn't have simply died in Dean's arms without anyone realising.

"I'm so sorry Sammy." He sobbed out, clinging to the dead body in his arms, ignoring Bobby as he came back in.

"Dean!" Bobby called in alarm and Dean lifted his tear stained face to the man who was pretty much a second father to them.

"He's dead, Sammy's dead Bobby." Dean choked out and Bobby collapsed into a chair. Sam lay unmoving in Dean's arms, pale and cold from blood loss and death. Bobby wiped a hand over his face, mentally berating himself for not going straight to the hospital. But explaining vampire bites was always hard, he'd thought they could handle it themselves.

"I'm so sorry Dean." He whispered, watching Dean burying his head against Sam. He watched as Dean held Sam's body for a while before clearing his throat nervously. "Dean…." He was interrupted by a bitter laugh.

"They won't deal again Bobby; it was hard enough to get it the first time." Dean told him, knowing what he was going to ask.

"Take your time Dean; I'll go…..prepare stuff. We can't wait too long, if someone comes…." Bobby said and Dean nodded, still not raising his head.

"Go, I just need….when you get back we'll do it." Dean promised and Bobby nodded, leaving despite the fact that he hated leaving Dean alone with a corpse. "I'm so sorry Sammy, I'd make another deal in a heartbeat for you but they'll never accept it. I just….I should have been faster. Least this time it seems like it was painless. You really need to stop dying in my arms kiddo." Dean whispered and then broke down, sobbing as he held Sam's body to him, willing his life into him. And for a brief second he felt a surge of relief and hope as it seemed to work, he felt Sam move in his arms, heard him murmur sleepily. Was he just so sick that his pulse was accordingly slow and Dean had missed it? "Sammy?" he choked out and then froze as he felt something sharp against his throat, heard the sound of someone sniffing and his heart plummeted. No, it couldn't be, not his Sam. He felt Sam nuzzle his throat, licking at the vein and he fought the urge to completely panic. If he just stayed calm, kept his heart rate steady till Bobby got back….and then what? He couldn't do it; he couldn't kill the thing that had taken his Sam's place, even to save his own life. "Sam?" He called softly, wondering if the vampire would respond. He kept still and was relieved when Sam's head moved back, sleepy hazel eyes staring into his. He managed to choke down the horrified sound when he saw the vampiric teeth in Sam's mouth but Sam frowned anyway.

"Dean? Cold." Sam murmured, putting his head back down on Dean's chest, his teeth well away from any veins thankfully. Dean sobbed but wrapt his arms back around him, didn't Sam know? Maybe it took time for the bloodlust to hit? Sam rubbed his face against Dean's skin and sluggishly wrapped his arms around Dean's waist in return, no longer clinging to his arms or shoulders. "Shh, sleep." Sam mumbled before going limp again. Dean held onto him, knowing that when Sam woke up again… wouldn't be his Sam anymore.