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Oneshot Collection

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  Plagg opened his eyes and looked at window - it was already sunset so he had few minutes before he transform into human and meet Tikki.

Kwami turned his head and looked at Adrien. The boy was sleeping peacefully. Today he was exhausted. He had three photoshoots in morning then school and akuma attack.

Finally sun set and green light surronded kwami and instead of black cat there was a boy with black hair and green eyes in Chat Noir's costume and he had similiar body type like Adrien.

Plagg looked at his chosen. Flash of light didn't wake him up and transformed kwami sighed in relief before walking queitly to open window and disappearing in the night.

He was the first one to arrive at usual place of their meetings. Few minutes later while Plagg was watching night Paris Tikki came. Transformed kwami turned around just in time to catch her in his arms as she almost fell

"Sorry. I didn't used it a long time," she apologized as Plagg hugged and examined her human form.

Tikki's human form was almost like Marinette when half - chinese girl was Ladybug: same costume, hairstyle and body type. The only difference there haircolor. Tikki's there fiery red.

The pair sat down and Plagg placed his head on transformed kwami's knees while she gently stroked his hair.

Tikki let out a sigh which caught boy's attention.

" What's wrong Tikki?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"It's just... I'm so tired all of this. We haven't seen each other thousand years and we can only meet at night or if Chat Noir and Ladybug revealed their identities. And Hawk Moth had risen again and besides I'm worried about our chosen. What if something bad happens to them?"

Plagg got up from his position and turned Tikki to him so their eyes met.

" I'm not good with words, but everything is gonna be fine and we defeat Hawk Moth, Adrien and Marinette will be fine," Plagg reassured her. Tikki gave him a grateful smile and hugged him.

"Thank you"

 They talked with each other until there two hours before sunrise. Said goodbye and kissed each other, returnig home. And waiting for night to become human again so they can meet.