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If there is anything in this world that cannot be doubted, it would probably be Alicia Clark’s work ethic. She is one of the few college freshmen in UC Berkeley who had been a straight-A achiever in high school and was actually able to keep excelling consistently, remaining the top student of her year. But if you ask her, she would probably answer that it is because of her stubbornness, her determination to make something of herself in spite of and because of her self-admittedly messy home life.

And it is definitely because of her work ethic that she is in the Philosophy section of the library at 6pm on a Friday, working steadily on a paper that was only assigned earlier this morning during her 8am class, even as she re-organized and re-wrote her notes on the same topic. Multi-tasking efficiency has always been her strong suit.

But if she were to be honest, her mind isn't really focused on what she is working on. She's tired, she's bored, and she misses her girlfriend too much. She hasn’t really seen Elyza in almost three days since the pre-med sophomore had midterms in organic chemistry and biochemistry this late afternoon.

There was that short moment on Wednesday morning. The blonde had met her in the hallway right before her mid-morning lecture to hand her a muffin and a coffee along with a deep but too short kiss as a thank you. Since Elyza had been cooped up in the library the night before that, Alicia had left some Chinese food in Elyza’s mostly empty fridge.

("Your fridge only has beer, vegemite, butter, and Sriracha," Alicia had complained.

"I'm in college, Leesh," Elyza had replied dryly. "We're lucky I even have something in there.")

She also changed her crumb-filled bed sheets for some freshly laundered ones. She might have stolen a hoodie and a large shirt she was planning to wear to bed, too. Other than that and the regular sappy good morning and good night text conversations, however, there was nil since then.

Sighing, she looked at the clock display on her phone. 6:14pm. Alicia decides she wasn’t about to zone out and unintentionally half-ass this paper for now. Instead, she checks on how her girlfriend’s midterms went. Hey babe, how’d your midterms go? I bet you aced them ;), she tapped.

Lyz: Of course I did, I didn’t study my fine ass off just to fail ;) What are you doing?

Leesh♡: Humility looks so much more becoming on you :P I’m doing my PHI101 paper. What about you?

Alicia attaches a selfie of her pouting, with books, notes, and laptop in full view and her right cheek resting on her arm.

Lyz: Friday night. Party time. You could be doing me instead ;)

Elyza has attached a picture of her lying down and eating m&m’s, golden hair that Alicia knows is ever so soft all splayed on her pillow. Unseen by Elyza, Alicia bites her lip. That fire emoji attached to Elyza’s contact name is well-deserved. Even when she’s tired and casual, her girlfriend is still the most attractive woman Alicia has ever seen.

Leesh♡: You know I want to, but I have to finish this paper.

Leesh♡: The sooner I get this out of the way, the more uninterrupted time I can spend with you. :*

Lyz: As expected, my girl is such a hard worker. Don’t I get a reward for good behaviour? ;) I am top of my class, you know, and rewards can condition me to do consistently better.

Leesh♡: You know, for someone who looks so badass, you are such a nerd. An overachieving horny nerd.

Lyz:  Takes one to know one, pretty girl :*

Lyz: Besides, you know me. I have layers ;)

Lyz: (Layers I want you to take off of me already)

Leesh♡: As expected, my girl is such a thirsty softie. If you keep interrupting me, you’ll get punished ;)

Lyz: Ooh, kinky. Knew it was always the quiet ones ;) But if you’re so determined to do that paper when you could be doing me instead, then of course I'll still be an ever supportive girlfriend. :P How about I reward you for every subsection finished?

Leesh♡: Interesting. I’m listening. Go on.

Lyz: No no no. Just keep working and tell me when you’ve finished a subsection and when you’re done with the essay. Let me surprise you, babe :P

Leesh♡: Okaaaaay. Ttys.

Cheered up by that interaction, short as it was, Alicia regains her motivation, if not necessarily her entire focus. She types steadily and methodically, verifies and cross-references her work, before finishing off a section of her thought paper.

Snapping two pictures of her completed work half an hour later, she sends them to Elyza along with a, What now?

Alicia did not expect to receive a mirror selfie of Elyza in the laciest black lingerie set she has ever seen, posed deliberately to highlight her cleavage with the sexiest smirk on her face. Her blue eyes blazed with desire from under mascara-laden lashes, eyeliner sharp enough to cut a man, lips luscious and shiny and drawing every single cell in Alicia’s body to kiss her.

Alicia couldn’t help the groan from leaving her lips, quickly raising a hand in apology when she was shushed by a nearby senior.

Lyz: Told you. Reward :P Now finish off that paper. I promise it gets even better ;)

As if Alicia could do or think of anything else besides that wonderful sight. She stared at the picture for a few more minutes, her eyes roving all over her girlfriend’s amazing body, all thoughts of her paper gone.

As if reading her mind, another text came through.

Lyz: Finish the paper, Alicia. Or else I’m going to sleep now. I know you can’t wait two more days for a proper orgasm ;)

Alicia groans again, quieter this time. She forgot Elyza was going home early tomorrow morning for her brother Cory’s birthday. She wouldn’t be back until late Sunday night.

Leesh♡: Okaaaaay, fine, I’m finishing it :(

It continued for the next two hours. Alicia snapped proof of her completed sections and received progressively tempting sinful pictures.

The next one was a close-up of her boobs. Under the lace, Alicia could definitely see her hard nipples. She wanted nothing more than to suck and nibble on them, but all she could do was clench her thighs together and work on.

The third one was another mirror shot with Elyza kneeling on top of the bed, biting her lip as she looked back towards the mirror, her ass on full display just for Alicia’s eyes. Taking a deep breath to control herself, Alicia typed back.

Leesh♡: Your fine ass still looks perfect to me. Doesn’t look like you studied it all off ;)

Leesh♡: I'm nearly done, baby. Wait for me.

The fourth one was a short video, still of her mirror image. Elyza had swiftly snapped off the clasp of her bra and slowly took it off, kneading her full breasts and pinching one of her nipples. Through it all, Elyza had looked straight into the camera with the seductive smirk never leaving her lips.

Leesh♡: You’re driving me crazy. One last section and I’m done.

As her pleasurably torturous endeavour came to an end, Alicia finally snapped a picture of the word and page count of her finished paper with a party hat emoji.

Leesh♡: I’m all done and all yours for the night. Party time? ;)

As Alicia saves her paper and puts away her things, Alicia gets 3 images in succession: One of Elyza’s spread open thighs, the wet spot in her panties clearly visible, one of Elyza’s hand drifting along the edge where her panties met her thigh, and one of two fingers slick and glistening.

Lyz: You took too long. I started without you, but we can finish together ;)

Alicia has never run faster in all her 18 years of life.

She's all sweaty when she gets to Elyza's dorm, but when she opens the door to the sight of her girlfriend on their bed, knees up and wide open, bucking her hips up to meet three of her own fingers with her other arm tense and covering her eyes, Alicia knows it's worth it.

So worth it.