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Of Leaves and Stars

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O ok

Idk wat u were saying

Lol lol


I c it now

U said ud brb

R u still n class?

I'm gonna need you to stop and get back to normal words


This s a-ok



It's annoying

U r

Well, okay then. Bye

Nooooo come back I'll stop


I promise!

Okay, I'll stay.

Thank you

So you looked things up?

I'd be hard pressed to find a book with the definition of "ttyl" in it, I think

Nah, Prongs shared some newly acquired wisdom

I meant more if you googled it, but okay

They as bad as you?

Ah no, I didn’t search with the internet. I will consider that next time

Whatever I am, he's worse, I assure you

I don't knoooow

He did know all those things you didn't

Oh shush

Talk, don't talk, go away, don't go, shush,

Which one will it be?

Ummmn yes.

Do you not know how questions work?

Ummm yes.


The answer is talk, please, and don't go away

Tell me more about you and I'll consider it

Well you already know I live with Prongs, you know how I feel about my parents

I have twelve piercings.






Tell me

I need to know


Why not

Are they all in your ears and you're afraid I'll think you're not cool enough?

How dare you?

That's totally it

You're trying to goad me and it's not going to work

If you say so

Just know that that's what I'm gonna believe until you prove me otherwise

4 in one ear, three in the other. That's it for ears.

How many others on your face?


None? The rest are all imaginary, you say? Well okay

Tell me something about you

I don't have any piercings, but I have a few tattoos








I at least told you how many in my ears, you have to give me something

Four of them are animals


How many total???



It's complicated

Definitely explain

Maybe one day


What class were you in earlier?

Creative writing


Is that something you do?

Write? Yeah, sometimes

Is it just one class or are you in uni?


English and history

Oh so you're a nerd

Yeah, gonna stuff me in a locker now?


Great, a popular kid



Just believe nerds should be made fun of?

Also not what I said

If I shove you in a locker it's because it's you, not because you're a nerd

oh that's better then

I'm far too punk for popularity

true punks don't say they're punk

Impossible logic, because I just did


Only for cute photos

awww, a cute punk

I'll allow it

Do you have any siblings?


Definitely explain

Well does one technically have ANY blood related family once they've been officially disinherited?

That depends on how you feel about them

Well it also depends on how they feel about me, so there you go

Okay. I'm sorry.

It's fine.

My father's awful, and did some really shitty stuff, but he never kicked me out

I know it's all because of mum, but still

Well, to be fair I ran away first

The notice of legal detachment came later


How lovely of them

It was

The best thing that ever happened for me

You mentioned adoptive parents?

I've lived with Prongs ever since, first with his parents, then a few months ago we got our own place

He's your...

Best mate

So what do you do?

I'm a starving artist, minus the starving


You any good?

Wouldn't you like to know

You paint?

Sketch mostly

People? Nature? Bowls of fruit?

Whatever comes to mind

How many bowls of fruit have you drawn in your life?


Do you do commissions?

The goal is to someday

How much for a bowl of fruit?


How much would I have to pay you for a sketch of a bowl of fruit?

But I would have no way to give it to you

Have you ever heard of post?


Well there you go


A bowl of fruit then

Yes, but I'm going to need at least the estimate price first, please

What do you think is fair?

I can't possibly say

I don't know how good you are

Also I don't know anything about art

Then we'll see what's fair when it's done

Alright, it’s a deal.




rise and shine, little star

I'm up

you're already up???

w h y

it's so early no one should be up yet

You're up

yes but i'm being forced into it

By whom?

an alleged friend



Ooooh fun, for what?


no fun


Probably fun

What kind?

idk, just clothes

Is it for an occasion?


that i could forgive

i don't understand why we have to go so early nothing's even open at this ungodly hour

So Forest Eyes is not a morning person, noted

very much no

Nor is he a shopping person, also noted

very very much no

What is something you do like?



dog star

Tell me something you really really like

chocolate fr


Chocolate what?




You're a frappe drinker


yep, that's me, love frappes

What are you hiding, wolf child?

my hate for people who call me that

Also noted, I'm sorry

What are you hiding concerning chocolate frappes?

nothing of importance

Tell meeeeeeeeeeee

nope, i think you've learned plenty of new me information, time to share a bit yourself

Ask me anything

why are you awake

I'm always awake early


Prongs wakes up to run everyday at 5 and I've never been able to sleep through his alarm. Though at this point is just habit, I think

at 5

he goes to run

to run

at 5

run at 5

in the morning

Oh yes

what the fuck



does he hate himself

Oh on the contrary

ugh that's even worse then

He's the worst

is he like


Unnervingly so

is he annoying about it

Oh my sweet tall tree friend, I have two words for you

Kale Juice.

okay well that's it for this, then

we can't be friends, i'm sorry

Not me!


Don't be friends with him!

well you're best friends, so being friends with you is still too close to kale

I won't ever make you drink kale, I promise

promise on something you care about

I promise on my bike, I will never make you drink the awful green stuff Prongs leaves lying around all the time

you have a bike?

Well no but I will

It's a work in progress

you can’t promise on a bike you haven’t even bought yet

I’m not buying it, I’m building it



so you're promising on scraps of metal?

I’m promising on the one thing in my life I have full confidence I will manage to see through



yes, okay, i accept your promise, we can continue this friendship

Oh, excellent

is it okay to call it that?

Well I've sent twice as many messages to you as I have to Prongs, so I'd say it's valid


my friend thinks it's a bit strange

They do?

yeah, but she doesn't really trust technology, so i'm ignoring her opinion

What's she like?


Oh I bet you're loving that

she always wants to Do stuff

Like what?

like go out, or write a song, or bake, or skip down the street

I vote you do all of these things

ugh, you would.

I do

your vote doesn't count


What's rude is you stealing Remus' attention when he should be paying all of it to me and how I look in this dress. He'll talk to you later, bye



Okay, bye