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Les Drabbles

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kill-me zoldick • 9 Apr, 19:15

Yo did you know that transorbital lobotomy is a technique where the performer of this (supposedly medical) treatment would stick a rod or something into the person's brain and hit it with a hammer. and no anesthesia.

GONE FREAK • 9 Apr, 19:17

where are you getting this from

whatever it is i wanna read it

21 mins ago

kill-me zoldick • 9 Apr, 19:39

what the fUCK why would you want to read something like that you're disgusting i'm disowning you as a friend byE


GONE FREAK • 9 Apr, 19:39

no you love me come back and give me the name of that book

Or website whatever


5 mins ago


GONE FREAK • 9 Apr, 19:47

do not tell me you got that from a youtube video


kill-me zoldick • 9 Apr, 19:49

okay i wont


GONE FREAK • 9 Apr, 19:53

……. i thought i told you not to watch those anymore