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The Effects of a Kind Act

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Vincent Crabbe shoved Gregory Goyle back as far as he could into the small enclave.  Mrs. Norris had seen them and run off to get the cranky caretaker, who they could already hear.  Unfortunately, they’re only escape route would be into their common room, which was past Filch, who would almost certainly see them.

They’re only hope was to have him pass them by mistake.  Vince punched Greg’s arm.  It was his fault they were out after hours; well, not exactly his fault.  Greg’s blood sugar had a habit of getting low and Draco had ordered them to not call one of the house-elves.  Since their own Houses were Vassal Houses to the House of Malfoy, they had to listen to Malfoy or be disowned.

That meant that Greg required a trip to the kitchen whenever his blood sugar got low, usually supported by Vince since Greg couldn’t walk very well due to dizziness, whether it was before curfew, or after.  In tonight’s case, after.  Mrs. Norris stopped right in front of their enclave and yowled.

“I’ll get you now!” Filch cried, his footsteps coming closer.  Vince and Greg closed their eyes, fully prepared to get a detention, when their savior arrived on scene.

“You’ll get who now?” Hagrid boomed, stopping Filch in his tracks.  Hagrid stopped in front of their enclave, blocking them from view.  Mrs. Norris looked under his legs at them and hissed.

“Mrs. Norris was tracking students out of bed,” Filch said.

“Was some scuffling a couple of hallways back that’er way,” Hagrid said.

“Come on, Mrs. Norris,” Filch said.  “We’ll get them yet, my sweet.”  Mrs. Norris hissed at them one last time before following Filch down the hallway and out of view.  Hagrid turned around to face them.

“Now, what’re you two doing out of bed a’ this time o’ night.  Don’cha know there’s a monster on the loose?”

“Greg’s blood sugar got low,” Vince said.                     

Hagrid nodded, “Have trouble with that meself.  Hard to keep up with a large metabolism like mine.  Muggle candy works the best, ya know.  Packed with sugar.  I have to use a couple of these every time, but I recon these’ll last ya a lot longer.”  Hagrid handed over several brightly wrapped candy-bars, all with the words ‘King-Size’ on them.  “Now, let’s get you two to bed before ol’ Filch and that nasty cat o’ his comes back.”

Vince and Greg nodded.

And never forgot.

 “I saw Hagrid earlier,” Greg said.  “He was crying.  Draco’s daddy convinced the Ministry to have that hippogriff killed.”

Vince frowned.  Draco was always whining to his daddy about something or other.  Not for the first time, Vince wished his and Greg’s families weren’t Vassal Houses to House Malfoy.

“We can’t let that happen,” Greg continued.  “He’s always nice to us, especially since last year.”  Vince remembered – Hagrid had helped them escape Filch.  And since then he had kept Greg well supplied with Muggle candy, which really did help keep his blood sugar from getting too low.

“What do you suggest?” Vince asked.

“I don’t know,” Greg said.  “I think we need to ask someone else for ideas.”  The two of them turned to look at the only other Slytherin with a family as rich and powerful as the Malfoys – Daphne Greengrass.

“We’ll talk to Greengrass after dinner,” Vince said.  Greg nodded.