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Safe With Me

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A quiet afternoon it was as three of our favourite people (I assume is yours) from 200 years in the future stood outside of Dr. Aruno's enormous building which he used as a lab.

If you looked at it from a bird's eye view, you could see that the building had five parts, four smaller buildings connecting to the bigger one in the middle in a plus shape. The bigger one in the middle was in a shape of a perfect circle with translucent blue windows covering the whole building; the windows could be adjusted from the inside of the building, it can vary from translucent, blue windows to clear see-through windows or used to project projections inside the building.

The other four buildings had the same translucent blue windows covering the surface of them but were in different shapes. The entrance to the building was in a cylinder shape while the other three were all in large rectangles. The building on the left was Dr. Aruno's personal lab while the one on the right belonged to the guest rooms, just in case some people he worked late at night with needed to stay there, and by people I mean none other than his helpful green haired assistant and blue bear. The last building opposite the entrance was the garage where he kept the T.M. Inazuma Caravan and other vehicles he proclaimed as 'a useless waste of travelling', whatever he meant by that.

Whistling a melody to himself as he swayed his body forward and back with his hands behind his back, Fei's mind pondered back to the events that happened two years ago when he first met a cheerful brown haired boy who was determined to save soccer no matter what.

And that boy was Matsukaze Tenma.

A boy Fei met from 200 years in the past. He still remembered it all, the look on Tenma's face when he introduced himself as someone from the future, or when he told him that soccer was being eliminated from the past. Fei smiled at all the good times he had with the Raimon Eleven, all of them had contributed to helping to save soccer, even going as far as to agreeing to play along with Protocol Omega, the team that were put under the orders of the person who wanted to eliminate the Second Stage Children.

Fei shuddered which interrupted his whistling. The Second Stage Children were children that possessed incredible intelligence and extraordinary physical abilities from a gene in their DNA called SSC, but they couldn't become adults because they die at the age of 20. One year, before Fei met Tenma, an organization called Feida, made up of Second Stage Children, started a war against El Dorado to control the whole world.

Fei's mind lingered on the memory of him being a Second Stage Children and part of Feida as well. His memories of Feida had been erased by their Emperor, Saryuu Evans whose intention was to send him to help Tenma so that he could protect soccer. The Ragnarok Tournament was a match to decide who would take over the world and thanks to Chrono Storm, El Dorado's side. Raimon, namely Tenma helped Feida to see that they were accepted in the world as Feida accepted to take the vaccine.

So now, everyone he knew in Feida were living life 'till their fullest without any worry of dying young. He gained friends instead of comrades after he dropped off Tenma and his team back in their era. He was given a position as an assistant by Dr. Aruno and he had gotten closer with his father over the past two years ever since he found out who his mother was, and his father to be a caring man.

Fei was snapped out of his thoughts when vrooming sound was heard in a distance, getting louder every time in got even closer. From a distance where he was standing, Fei could just make out a flying vehicle getting closer and closer and...

It was heading towards them.

Acting fast, Fei jumped out of the way before the vehicle impacted with the hard solid ground and left tire tracks behind as it drove forward, making screeching sounds that came from the tires. Fei noticed that Wonderba had the same idea and jumped away, but left Dr. Aruno the only one standing in the middle. Before Fei could scream out his name, he inhaled the smoke that came out from the vehicle's engine as it screeched to a halt. Fei coughed as his felt his throat turn sore and squinted his eyes to try and see through the smoke that had engulfed the area. Walking closer to where he was standing, the smoke started to fade away and the first thing he could make out was the vehicle just inches away from the unfazed blonde man. Fei was glad that he was alright as he and Wonderba ran up to him and asked if he was alright as a sudden loud clunk made them avert their eyes and there they saw was a caravan staring back at them with its bumper on the ground.

It looked similar to the T.M. Inazuma Caravan, but only smaller and really old; the colour on the caravan looked like they had faded a long time ago, resulting it to look back to it's original colour before it was painted. The windows at the back were either damaged with sharp edges poking out or had dust sticking to the glass or it was both. The front of the caravan didn't looked as destroyed as the back but had missing parts from their pairs, like a missing windshield, headlight and mirror and some visible cracks in the front window.

All of a sudden, opposite the driver's seat, slid open with a loud creaking sound that indicated that the door was stuck, before a man fell through and landed face to face with the ground. Grunting, the man pulled himself from the ground as he adjusted the torn hat his was wearing and opened the hood of the caravan with a disappointed face. He didn't seem to notice he had guests staring at him.

"Dr. Aruno, who's that?" Fei whispered to the time doctor, indicating to the large round man with grey hair and a mustache.

"Give him some time, it usually takes a while for him to notice." He replied back, staring at the back of the man who was currently playing around with the vehicle's broken engine as the hood fell onto his head which caused the trio to winced.

The man moaned in pain and grasped his head as he did a dizzy 180 degrees spin. His pale brown eyes fell onto the trio and without warning, he yelled and ran towards them happily, "Aruno!" Fei and Wonderba backed off as the man gave the time doctor a big bear hug who (Aruno) patted his back as a greeting, "I haven't seen you in years! How've you been old chap?" He asked once he let go of Aruno as he failed to notice the time doctor's assistants share quizzling looks at the both of them.

"Fine as always Alleywacks." Aruno replied in a reserved manner with his hands behind his back as the man, Alleywacks, slapped his knee and gave out a hearty laugh.

"Aren't you boring as always Aruno!" Aruno narrowed his eyes at him, but Alleywacks ignored it with another big smile, "But really, I mean come on, it's been like what? 30 years since we've seen each other and you're just gonna give me that as a greeting?"

"I'll have you know, it's how I greet you only." Aruno said and smiled when Alleywacks' smile deflated into an unamused face, "Alleywacks. I want to introduce you to-"

Before Aruno could continue, without warning, the door of the old caravan burst opened and impacted with the ground with a loud clank. But in the process, a person fell out of the caravan as they landed on the metallic door with an 'oof'. It was a girl. Her eyes dangerously searched the area once she stood up and locked them on the four people standing away from the caravan.

"Felix!" Alleywacks yelled out when he saw the girl stormed her way over to them, (1)"Questo è il Dr. Aruno! Ho detto: "per tornare a Roma!" He introduced in Italian which the other three didn't understand at all. Fei glanced at the girl and could see that she was irritated and couldn't care less about what he just told her.

She had bright green hair with two curved spikes on both sides of her head and the rest of it was tangled and shoulder length. She wore something resembling a hair clip, but the design was similar to the buckle on Fei's belt. Her attire consisted of a beige shirt, red shorts with two white lines, black tights and brown boots with the same hair clip buckle on each side. And lastly, she had blue eyes which looked at the trio annoyingly before she caught Fei's gaze at her.

The green haired boy suddenly felt his face flush in embarrassment.

For some reason, Fei felt that the girl was venting her anger onto him before she broke the gaze and turned to the happy Alleywacks. Her brows furrowed, the green haired all of sudden shouted in Italian. Alleywacks seemed to be taken aback by the sudden outburst, so did the trio behind him, but they didn't understand what she said.

It kept on going with Alleywacks desperately trying to calm down the raging girl who kept throwing words of anger at him.

"Should we do something about it?" Fei asked Aruno whose eyes were kept locked on the duo shouting in Italian.

"Nope." Aruno replied blankly.

"A-Are you sure?"

"Fei." Wonderba hissed, "I think it's better if we let them resolve their own conflict."

"Yeah but-" Fei stopped short when Wonderba glared at him and sighed, resuming to watching duo fight. The green haired girl's face was bright red and looked like she was going to explode. And all of a sudden, she kicked one of Alleywacks' short leg and stomped back to the damaged caravan. Alleywacks hopped on one leg and moaned in pain.

"I'm deeply sorry about her behaviour Aruno. That was my assistant Felicia Grandas, or just Felix. She didn't like the idea of riding the old timer." The trio immediately understood that he meant his caravan.

"I understand. We should give her time to calm down before approaching her again." Aruno said, eyeing the green haired girl entering the caravan, "But back to the introductions. These are my assistants, Fei Rune and Clark von Wonderba."

Fei and Wonderba shook hands with Alleywacks.

"Fei, Wonderba. This is Alister Alleywacks. Ex-head of the Department of Science Technology and Robotics Engineering in Italy, Rome and an old time friend of mine."

"Ex?" Fei questioned as Alleywacks titled his hat as a greeting.

"Retired. I suppose I was getting too old for the job." He said with a chuckle.

"Why don't we go in, I still need to tell you why you're here." Aruno suggested. Alleywacks shrugged as Aruno beckoned for them to enter the building.

Alleywacks noticed Fei casting a look at the old timer and Felix.

"Don't worry, she'll find us. She sewed a tracking device on my sweater."