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Michael walked into the loft with a bag of groceries. The first thing he saw was Fiona across Sam's lap. Sam was holding a wooden spoon.

"Hey, Mikey."

"Let me guess," Michael said. "You two got bored while I was out. What are you punishing Fi for this time?"

"Nothing, Michael," Fiona said. "I felt like I needed to have Sam spank me."

"Why didn't you wait until I got back, Fi? I could've done it."

"You were gone too long. I couldn't wait. Besides, Sam does a great job of spanking me."

"There's finally something that Sam can do to your liking."

"Sorry, Michael."

Sam started spanking Fiona with the wooden spoon, alternating the strokes between each cheek. Fiona groaned with each swat.

"You can take that spoon home after you're done using it, Sam," Michael said.

"Will do, Mikey."