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It was Dean’s first day at college, and he could already feel the butterflies in his stomach as he entered his dorm building for the first time. He had been working hard to get admitted into college, and he knew he shouldn’t blow up his chance no matter what. The toughest thing would be leaving his home and his parents and Sammy. He loved his family very much, but he felt like he was at the age where it would be better for all of them if he moved out and started his own life in college.

The college was a mixed college for humans, demons and angels. Dean wasn’t sure how he felt about that; he would have preferred a strictly demon-only college or at least a college without angels, but his mom had insisted that he stopped being so old-fashioned and racist like his father and picked this college. After all, this college was famous, had various educations, was well-perceived, and was everything Dean needed on an academic level, studying mechanics and technology. Of course, the college offered more than just those educations.

As he walked down the halls of the dormitory with his family, people were shouting and laughing all over the place as all the new students got settled into their rooms. There seemed to be more demons than angels at this college; something Dean felt rather relieved about. He just hoped he wouldn’t have to share his room with an angel.

“Now son, remember to behave yourself at this school. I don’t wanna hear any crap about you messing up this good opportunity for a good future,” John said as they finally entered Dean’s dorm room.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I know, dad. I won’t let you down.” John’s face softened somewhat at his son’s words, and he gave his son a pat on the shoulder.

Mary smiled at the two and stepped forward to hug Dean. “Oh sweetie, I hope you will be happy here.”

Dean hugged his mother back; closing his eyes and taking in the comforting scent of his beloved mom. “Yeah, thanks mom, I’ll be fine.”

Mary smiled at her son; her red tail entwining with Dean’s in a loving, motherly gesture before she stepped back to stand beside John. Dean looked down as Sam forced his way between their parents to say his goodbyes to Dean. He was 13 but still a squirt, but Dean knew he’d probably grow up to be taller than him some day – a thought which annoyed Dean to no end.

“Hey, Squirt,” Dean smirked.

Sam punched his arm lightly. “I’m not a squirt, you jerk! Soon I’ll be taller than you.”


“Dean! Speak nicely to your brother,” John scowled.

Dean just rolled his eyes. “Yes, sir,” he said, before stepping forward and patted Sam’s head. “See you around, Sammy. Take care of mom and dad, okay?”

“Sure. Take care, too,” Sam said, reluctantly. He didn’t want his brother to move, it would be too odd without Dean in the house. But they both knew this day would come. He swatted Dean’s hand away when he started messing up his hair with his hand, which earned him a laugh from his older brother. Their tails entwined as they said their goodbyes; neither of them wanting to let go again.

Mary smiled lovingly at them. “Promise me not to be rude to your roommate, even if you don’t like him, Dean,” she said, firmly.

“Yeah sure, as long as it ain’t an angel, ‘cause if it is then I can’t promise anything,” Dean mumbled, stepping away from Sam.

“Dean, angel or not, you will be nice,” Mary said in her firm mother voice. “And you should not be so hateful towards angels, they are just like us. Who knows, maybe you will make an angel friend at this school?”

Dean snorted. “Don’t put your hopes too high, mom.”

Mary rolled her eyes and stroked his cheek before they left the room, and Dean started unpacking his stuff in his new ‘home’.



After unpacking and having chosen a bed for himself in the room, Dean went out and headed towards the big hall where the headmaster would make his introduction to the college. He still couldn’t quite get used to the thought that he would be living in this college for the next 4 years.

Dean was rather amazed by the mix of humans, demons and angels at the school. He saw humans interacting with both demons and angels as if they were best friends, and he even thinks he saw a demon guy talking to an angel female back in the other corridor. Demons and angels had learned to get along better in the past few years, even though they had been enemies for centuries. Now they even went to school together.

The hallways and corridors were filled with wings of demons and angels alike. Demon and angel wings were very different from each other – demons’ wings were usually a dark red/brown color with sharp, rough feathers that you could easily cut yourself on. If the demon wanted, he could change sharpness of his wings to make them easier to touch but still a bit sharp, and he could make them softer than that, but this was only something demons did with people they trusted. Angel wings, on the other hand, were always soft. Dean had heard they were soft like silk and extremely sensitive – especially on submissive angels – making the wings a weak spot on an angel’s body. However, angels had the ability to strengthen the muscles in their wings to make them less vulnerable; a skill often used in combat. Touching another’s wings was off limits for angels except for mated couples and close family, where demons were more open about it because their wings were not very vulnerable unless the sharpness of the feathers was totally switched off, so to say.

As he was walking in his own thoughts, Dean caught a glimpse of pure white wings out of the corner of his eye. It made him stop and turn towards the thing he had seen, only to not be able to see it anymore. The sudden stop almost made someone bump into him. He cursed himself for being distracted so easily by some goddamned wings.

“Walking in your own thoughts, Dean?” a familiar voice sounded.

Dean looked around at the person he had almost hit, when he recognized his old human friend, Jo, smiling at him. She was going to study art and design or something at the same college as him.

“Jesus Jo, you almost scared me.”

Jo laughed. “Yeah, you’re way too easy to scare sometimes,” she said, grinning when Dean scowled at her. “I was looking for you all day, where were you?”

Dean shrugged and put his hands in his pockets – an old habit. “In my room. Saying goodbye to my family and unpacking stuff, ya know.”

“Ah, I see,” Jo said. Jo knew the Winchester family well, she had been Dean’s childhood friend since kinder garden and they had often played together. She was one of the humans Dean got along with the best. But they were not a couple – they never were and never would be.

“Did you meet your roomie yet?” Jo asked, curiously.

“No, he hasn’t showed up yet. Which is a real pain in the ass, ‘cause I wanna see if this dude is human, demon or angel. He better not be an angel, that would ruin my whole stay here,” Dean grumbled; his wings and tail twitching in annoyance behind him.

Jo smacked his arm. “Hey, don’t be such a racist! I dated an angel once, and he was a very nice guy! He gave me flowers every Sunday,” she said and crossed her arms in defiance.

Dean raised an eyebrow at her. “Yeah, real romantics those angels, aren’t they. Did you drop your pants for him every Sunday as well?”

Jo smacked him again; harder. “No! I mean yes. I mean, no, it’s none of your damned business! And that wasn’t why he did it, jeez!”

Dean grinned and Jo scowled at him before she pulled his tail in response, making Dean wince in pain as she dragged him by the tail towards the big hall with him protesting the whole way. He tried not to notice how people were staring at them as he was being dragged away by a human girl.



The introduction was boring and traditional. The headmaster demanded that everyone treated each other with respect despite species. He also said that there would be no roommate-switching if it was just due to racism; all species had to try to get along. This only made Dean pray even more that his roomie wasn’t an angel. In Dean’s mind, angels were ego-centered bitches that thought they were better than everyone else.

After meeting up with a few good friends from high school (Ash, Gordon and Benny), Dean made his way back towards his dorm room. It was getting late already and people were shouting in the dorm corridors, throwing toilet paper at each other, chasing each other for fun, and drinking beer in secret. Dean was happy he was a demon, because walking through such a crowded corridor would be uncomfortable for a being with sensitive wings, such as angels. But with his wings sharp and rough, no one bumping into him could hurt him. Unless, of course, they stepped on his tail but he had wrapped it securely around his leg for protection.

He finally managed to battle his way towards his dorm room at the end of the corridor, locked himself in and closed the door behind him. He sighed in relief for being out of the crowded mess. He almost flinched when he looked up to see that someone else was in the room, and not just anyone – an angel.

The angel was standing by the other bed; unpacking his stuff and putting clothes into the drawers, when he turned to Dean who had just come into the room.

The first thing Dean noticed about the angel was the pure whiteness of his wings. The same white he had seen in the corridors earlier. He had never seen such white wings on an angel before, even though the feathers were a bit ruffled here and there. They were the most soft-looking, purest wings he had ever seen. It just screamed innocent, untouched, claimable at him.

The next thing Dean noticed was that this angel was rather small; his small frame covered by dark jeans and a dark t-shirt. Most angel males were large and muscled, but this angel was small, skinny and lean, so unlike most males. A submissive, Dean figured. He tried not to notice how the smallness of this angel made him want.

Dean let his eyes travel up, only to look into the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

The dark-haired angel tensed as Dean looked at him, and his wings were drawn close to his body to protect them.

“You…” Dean tried to speak, but his voice came out very hoarse. He cleared his throat and tried again. “You’re an angel.”

Oh, the disappointment.

The angel raised an eyebrow at him in response. “My name is Castiel. You must be… my roommate?”

Dean snorted and moved away from the door. “Yeah, lucky me,” he murmured. “I’m Dean, by the way.” His tail moved as he continued to study the angel in front of him. The scrawny, white-winged angel intrigued him more than he liked.

Castiel’s eyes were glued to Dean’s tail as if it was a predator ready to bite him. He shifted uneasily. Dean noticed this and narrowed his eyes.

“What? You got something against my tail?”

Castiel looked up at him, surprised. “No! I just… It moves,” he said, stupidly.

“Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. It’s a limb,” Dean pointed out; slightly annoyed by the angel’s naïve nature, and by him staring at his tail. The angel blushed slightly and looked away. “Damn, you’re a weird angel, aren’t you?” The angel didn’t respond, so Dean went on. “Well, just stay out of my part of the room and I’ll stay out of yours, okay?”

“Sure,” the angel muttered, slightly offended, and went back to unpacking, except he didn’t turn his back at Dean, not even once.

Dean rolled his eyes. Angels and their mistrust towards demons.

He climbed under the covers of his bed and undressed down to his boxers and t-shirt. He lay down to sleep, and a few minutes later he could hear Castiel doing the same. He fell asleep with his back to the angel, hoping he wouldn’t cause Dean too much trouble in the future.