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The comment had been a complete surprise to Patrice during an otherwise normal lunch during the noon court recess. At first she had just laughed at James, until she realized that the man was actually offering her a job, and a very good one at that. So good in fact that she hadn't turned it down, even though it was in their Seattle office. Her mind was jumping from one scenario to the next, and when she finally reached her hotel to change before going out for drinks with James and some of the other partners to talk more she picked up her phone to call Alex and tell her, nearly bouncing on her toes as she held the phone to her ear and paced in front of the large window.

"Hey," Alex answered, obviously glad to hear Patrice's voice. She had been expecting to get a call a little later, but she would have been lying if she had denied that her phone was in her back pocket when she was feeding the dogs. She paused in the doorway to the laundry room, watching them eat. "I didn't expect to hear from you for another hour or so...not that I'm complaining." Alex's smile was clear in her voice.

She was glad when Alex picked up, not wanting to just leave a message, "Well I'm just on my way out to get drinks with some of the other attorneys, but I couldn't risk not getting to talk to you tonight. I have exciting news." She was still pacing, smiling broadly.

Alex cocked her head; Patrice's excitement was almost palpable even through the phone. She turned on her heel and dropped the dogs' food scoop into the tall plastic food bin before heading into the living room. "Drinks? Must have been a good day." Alex sat, still smiling as she curled one of her legs underneath her. She was fully prepared for Patrice to tell her she was booked on the first flight back to New York the next morning.

"It was. I think my cross of the company president may have convinced them to settle so we might be done early with the trial." Patrice went to the small hotel closet as she talked and pulled out a simple black dress she was now glad she'd packed, "But that's not my news. Alex...I still can't quite believe it, but they offered me a job. It's really good, really good...they offered to bring me in as a partner and the manager of the corporate litigation section." She ran her fingers excitedly through her hair, "I's Seattle, but I have to consider it, and...I'm just so surprised, it came out of nowhere." The blond knew she hadn't really thought it through, but it was just such an enticing offer that the logical side of her mind hadn't caught up.

"I..." Alex had been formulating her response, had been deciding how she was going to parcel out her excitement at having Patrice back sooner than expected. It took a moment for each of the words to come together into meaning, and she was glad Patrice wasn't there to see her smile drop unceremoniously. "Wow..."

Patrice was still considering if she had time to attempt a real hairdo and didn't catch the minute shift in Alex's tone, excitement making her take the words at face value, "I know! It's just out of nowhere, but you don't get these offers everyday, if ever really." She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, "But I'll tell you more about it later once I know more, I'm going to be late, I'll call when I get in. Miss you so much, kiss Sabina for me?"

"Absolutely...of course," she replied distractedly. Alex was squeezing the bridge of her nose, still trying to process. But she forced herself to smile; it was amazing, and she could hardly begrudge Patrice the excitement. But that Patrice was moving from offer to drinks with actual consideration on her mind made Alex's heart sink somewhat. She tried to to push it away, however, hoping that once she heard more, everything would even out. "Have a good time, okay? me if you remember when you get in."

"I will, promise. Have a good night." Patrice couldn't stop smiling as she started changing hurriedly. The only thing that would have made her night better was if she got to go home to Alex rather than an empty hotel room.