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The Asgardians

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Sitting in a corner boothe Michelle looked around the bar. When she pulled in this evening she didn’t realize it was a biker bar, she just needed a drink. She just had finished one hell of a week. Her job as a customer service representative at a credit card company had people arguing with her all day and her loser ex-boyfriend decided last night would be a great time to call and give her a hard time. She just wanted to forget it all for a while.

Hearing some more bikes pull up, she look up and glanced around the bar. Although the lighting was dim, she noticed it wasn’t very crowded. The music was good and she could smell the food cooking in the back. The door opened and a small group of bikers walked in. There was six of them and Michelle never realized that bikers could look so hot! She had always thought they were grimy and fat, but these guys were fit, tall and could pass for models. Taking another drink of her beer she wondered if all the bikers around here looked that good.

Just then the waitress walked up with another beer saying “This is from the guy at the bar.”

Michelle looked to where the waitress was pointing and saw a biker leering at her, licking his lips. “Tell him thanks but no thanks.” she said.

Well that answered her question. He actually gave her the creeps from over there. Looking up, she noticed he had gotten up and was on his way over towards her. Great.

“Hey Baby. I’m Sean. What’s your name?”

“I’m not interested. Please leave me alone.” Michelle told him.

“Hey, I’m just being friendly. Don’t be such a bitch!” he told her, moving closer to her.

“Hey, no, leave me alone! I am not interested.” She said more forcefully now.

He just didn’t seem to get it. He moved closer and was moving to sit down when he was jerked back by one of those bikers that had just come in.

“Are you deaf, mate? The lady said she wasn’t interested. Now I suggest you leave before I help you ‘out’ the door, you get my meaning?” he told him in a voice that meant business.

Sean took a look around and seeing five other bikers staring him down, he practically ran out the door.

“Thank you so much Michelle said to him “I didn’t know what I was going to do if he wouldn’t have stopped.

“He won’t be bothering you now. So what’s your name?” he asked.

“I’m Michelle. And you are…?”she asked?

“Chris, but everybody calls me Huntsman” he told her, winking one of his blue eyes at her. By now the other guys had gone back to their drinks and it was just the two of them.

“Do you want to sit down?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure.” He said as he sat across from her at the table.

She looked at him closer then. His blond hair was pulled back into a hair tie, he had a 2-3 day old beard growing and his shirt was pulled tight across his chest. He was sure something to look at.

“So Michelle, you don’t seem the type of girl to be in here, what happened? Decided to take a walk on the wild side today?” he asked.

“Actually, no. I had seen this place before and I just needed a drink. So I thought I’d check it out. It’s a little different, I’ll say that. But up until the creep I was enjoying it.”

“Well don’t let that jerk drive you off. You want another beer?” he asked her.

“Sure. I’ll be right back, OK.” Michelle got up and went to the ladies room.

Whoa. This had taken an interesting turn. From just relaxing to a confrontation and now some gorgeous biker chatting with her. She looked in the mirror. She was decent looking. She was 5’3”, about 130 lbs., and had blue eyes. Her long blond hair was loose and came to the middle of her back. She reapplied her lipstick and went back to the table.

By now the other bikers had come over and as she sat down, they all said hi. Chris introduced her to them. The tall, lanky, blond one was Tom, he said to call him Prince. There was another bulky, blond guy but he had a beard, he was also Chris. She was told to call him Storm. Then the tall, black guy with gorgeous eyes was named Idris, his nickname was Rogue. Jeremy, called Hansel, had brown hair and a goatee and Seb also had brown hair was called Hatter. They were shorter than the other guys but still taller than her. Michelle was confused about the nicknames but since they were on patches on the vests they all wore she was pretty sure she would remember who was who.

They were asking her about herself and kept her laughing. Pretty soon the band started playing a slow song and Chris asked her if she wanted to dance. As they came together on the crowded floor, he pulled her close into his body. With her heels, she came fit under his chin perfect.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned down to whisper into her ear. “You feel good here, you know. I know this isn’t your thing but come for a ride with me. I’ll make sure you get home safe.”

For some strange reason she trusted him. She normally wouldn’t just go off with someone she just met but he didn’t give off the weirdo vibe. “Alright.”

When the song was over, he took her hand, paid for their drinks and led her towards the door. He looked at Storm, then to the door and walked out. As he showed her where to put her purse, the rest of the group came out.

After ascertaining that she had never ridden before, he explained the basics of being a passenger on a motorcycle. With that, he started the bike and she climbed on. She wrapped her arms around his waist and hung on for dear life. He slowly accelerated and off they went. Prince rode next to them and the rest were behind them. The wind blew through her hair and she felt free. Why had she never done this before? Michelle leaned her head on Chris' back and held tighter to him, feeling the muscles in his abdomen. Although she wasn’t really looking for a relationship, she wouldn’t mind seeing more of Chris.

They rode around the city for about an hour before pulling over at a little park. They stopped long enough for Chris to get her address and to tell the others good night before taking her home. As they pulled into the driveway of her house, Michelle was actually sad to see the night end. Chris shut the bike off and walked her to the door.

Chris' hand reached out to cup her face, his thumb softly caressing her check. As he leaned down, she wrapped her arms around his neck and his lips gently touched hers. His hand moved from her face to the back of her neck as his tongue traced her lips and she opened her mouth, letting him in. His other hand pulled her flush to his body and he took complete control of the kiss. She could feel his erection pressing against her. He pulled away from her slowly, breathing heavily, his eyes full of arousal.

“Give me your phone Michelle,” He demanded.

She reached into her purse and fumbling through it, found her phone and handed it to him. He typed something into it and handed it back.

“There’s a party at the clubhouse tomorrow night. I’ll come around 6 to get you. Wear some jeans and boots, it’s safer that way on the bike. Call me when you get up and we will go get your car.” He reached down one last time, pulled her close, kissed her quickly and left.


Morning came with a sunny sky and a slight headache. Beer always did that to her. Michelle started the coffee and stood under a hot shower. She got to thinking of this party tonight, wondering what it was going to be like. She knew next to nothing about motorcycles and the people who rode them so this was going to be quite the learning experience. But she was looking forward to seeing Chris again.

After getting a cup of coffee, she grabbed her phone and wondered what she was going to say to him. Biting the bullet, she just pushed his number and called.

“Talk” he said.

“Um, hi this is Michelle. You know…”

“Yeah, hi. How did you sleep?” his whole demeanor changing.

“Good. You?”

“Alright. Hey, let me get dressed and I’ll be over. Have you eaten? We can grab a bite before we get your car.”

“That sounds fine. I’ll be ready when you get here. Do you remember where I live? “ she asked.

“Yeah, I live not too far from there. I’ll he there in about 15 minutes. Cool?”


Michelle ran into her room and dug through her closet for some jeans and a T-shirt. Finding a pair of skinny jeans and a pink T-shirt she threw those on. She put her hair up in a pony tail and found her boots. She was just putting them on when her doorbell rang.

Opening it up Chris stood there in a blue T-shirt and jeans, his blonde hair loose today. Pulling her to him, he whispered “hi” just as he began to kiss her. Michelle reached up, ran her fingers through his hair, and thrust her tongue into his mouth. They stood in her doorway for a minute, just kissing before finally parting, breathing heavy.

“Let me get my things and I’ll be out. “ Michelle told him. She grabbed her purse and keys and walked out, closing the door behind her. Looking around, she didn’t see his Harley.

Noticing the puzzled look on her face, he said “ I wasn’t sure what we would end up doing so I drove my truck.”

“I see.”

Chris opened the door for her, helped her in and closed it behind her. He got in, started it and drove off. Michelle still looked puzzled. “What?” she asked.

“You confuse me. I always thought bikers were rude, grimy, fat and disrespectful. You are none of these things. What’s the deal?” she asked.

“Well I grew up in Australia with 2 brothers and my parents really pushed respect into me and my brothers. Plus I don’t see the point in being rude to people right off the bat. It’s easier to be nice. Now if they need to be taught a lesson, like that asshole last night, I’m not afraid to teach it. As for grimy” he paused, looking her up and down, “who wants to cuddle up to that at night. And fat, well, as long as my health stays good, I like to stay active and workout. Plus it keeps my energy up for other, more pleasurable activities.“ he told her winking.

Suddenly she got very warm. Thank god they were pulling into the restaurant. Chris helped her out of the truck and put his arm around her as they walked in. They talked over pancakes and eggs. He was an electrician and ran his own business. A couple of the guys that she met last night worked for him. He had moved to California when he was 18 and had loved it here. He also enjoyed surfing when he got the chance but the business and the motorcycle thing kept him busy.

She told him how she grew up in Southern California and her parents had died a few years ago in a car accident. Her sister lived in Utah with her husband but they weren’t close. That most of the time she hated her job but the benefits made it worthwhile. And that she had no idea what the motorcycle thing was.

Chris explained that he was in a motorcycle club and he was the President. The guys she met last night were in it too. They had rules they lived by and that other clubs lived by too and if everyone followed the rules they all got along. Anything past that, she was on a need to know basis. Also, if she wanted to continue to see him, in certain situations, she would have to be very submissive. If that was a problem, he’d take her to get her car and that would be the end of it.

Michelle thought for a few minutes. This sounded exciting, but a lot of the time she wasn’t very submissive. She wondered if she could try it. She did find him interesting and so far he was very nice.

“If I continue to see you, will you treat me different than you have been?” she had to know.

“No. My job as the President is to make sure rules are followed and everyone is safe, that includes girlfriends, wives, whoever. That is what it’s about. And I’m telling you this mostly because tonight other clubs will be there and, while there shouldn’t be any problems, I want to make sure you understand. “ he told her.

“Ok, I’m willing to give this a try.” She told him, with a smile on her face.

They left the restaurant and headed to the bar to pick up her car. When they got there, Chris walked her to her car.

“Follow me to my place, I’m not ready for you to go home yet.” He told her, as he started kissing her neck. His hands were running up her side towards her breasts and she was starting to push herself closer to him.

“I will.”

He smiled against her neck and then bit it softly. “Keep up Baby”


She pulled up behind him in front of a little house not a mile from her house. He wasn’t kidding when he said he lived close. As she walked to his front door, she took a deep breadth. She knew what was going to happen, how did she tell him she had never done this before?