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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anomalies?

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“Her Majesty’s Hermits? Deuteronomy?” Fiddleford took album after album off the shelf. “Slamphibian? Clamber Skyward? The Chamberlain St. Mossmouth Experience? Pugmalion?! Dangit, Stanford, you still listen to this junk? It didn’t even sound good in college!”

“Well, I remember you liking that song with the banjo,” said Stanford. “Besides, why do you care about my record collection?”

Fiddleford slammed an album down on the table. “Because it was shelved with the field recordings. I played an album labeled ‘Hippogryf’ and got an earful of noodly keyboard solos and regrettable lyrics about religion.”

“Oh,” said Stanford. “Yeah, I should… fix that.”