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Welcome to Beacon Hills

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"Allison, get up! If you are late for your first day of school your father is going to kill me!" Rachel yelled from downstairs as she busied herself with trying to make breakfast for her niece. There was coffee on to brew, toast in the toaster, and bacon frying next to her eggs on the skillet. It took everything in Rachel's power not to set off the fire alarm in the house, because if she did Chris would never let her live it down. "How the fuck does Victoria do all this shit every morning?" Rachel muttered under the breath as she flipped her eggs. 

The toaster went off behind her as she tried to take the bacon off the fire. There were a string of curses that flew from her mouth as a piece of hot grease fell on her skin. Domestic life was not a life for her. No she preferred unhealthy take-out, getting to go where she wanted when she wanted, and working as a bartender till late hours. This family life crap was so overrated. Why did Chris enjoy it so much?

Rachel got her answer when her niece showed up in the kitchen and set her book bag down. Of course Chris had fallen deeply when his daughter had been born. Allison was a great kid to have. She was polite, smart, and wonderfully beautiful. It sometimes made Rachel think about her future and if she would find someone to settle down with and have kids. Granted that she would have to find someone who would be willing to put up with her crazy lifestyle and snark. 

"Sorry Aunt Rachel. I was doing my makeup." Allison moved around the kitchen and took care of the toast. "Where are my parents?"

"They had to go to the police station and get paperwork done because of the guns." Rachel told her smoothly as she slid her eggs and bacon onto two separate plates. The bacon was just a little crispy around the edges and the eggs might have been just slightly overcooked, but overall it was still edible. "They asked me to come over and make sure you left the house with enough time to make it to school. I thought I would try my hand at breakfast." She extended her hand to gesture at the plates.

"You hate cooking." Her niece said with a small smile. "Why did you make me breakfast?"

"I made us breakfast." Rachel corrected as she pulled out two forks and passed one to Allison. "And I made it because I know you'd like it. This is your first day at a new place, and I know how it feels to be the new kid in town. When I was your age Gerard was moving us from place to place every other week." She took a moment to stab her fork into a piece of egg and eat it. "Now eat before you run out of time."

Allison didn't bother with any more questions and instead poured herself a cup of juice. The two ate in comfortable silence and when they finished they washed the dishes and put them away so that Victoria wouldn't yell at them later for it. They went over school supplies together to make sure she would have everything for the first day: books, calculator, paper, highlighters, notebooks, and pencils.

"Alright, I have my keys, wallet, and book bag. I think I'm good to go. Thanks for breakfast Aunt Rachel." The young Argent hugged her aunt before walking to the door.

"Pay attention to speed limits!" Rachel yelled as the door swung close.

She listened as Allison's car started and backed out of the driveway. As soon as she couldn't hear the motor anymore she let out a deep sigh. It wasn't fair to the child that her father constantly moved from town to town. It was even more unfair to keep her in the dark about their family linage, but the call was not her's to make, and so she kept her mouth shut. One day they would have to tell her the truth.

"Alright time to get to work." Rachel told herself as she pushed herself off the chair and into the bathroom. She brushed her brown hair back into a low ponytail that reached just above her shoulder blades before brushing her teeth and washing her face. Her eyes were bright green, reflecting the good sleep she'd gotten last night after helping Chris move into his new home. 

Her job today was to try and dig up any information on her sister, Kate Argent. Rumors said that she would be back in Beacon Hills to finish a job, and it was no doubt to anyone what job was being referred to. Kate had tried, and failed, to wipe out the Hale pack via house fire. The actual house had been burned to the ground, but luckily they'd been able to tip off the pack and convince them to be elsewhere during the time of the fire. Since then there has been a mix of respect and animosity between the Hales and the Argents. 

Making herself a thermos full of coffee Rachel grabbed her keys and headed out to her car. If Kate was in town the first places to check would be abandon warehouses, bars, and if all else failed the woods. Her sister was crafty when it came to making her tracks vanish. A skill she'd honed since being on the run for so long.

"God damn it!" Rachel yelled as she kicked an empty beer can across the floor. It skittered pitifully and clanged against a metal support beam. "Where the hell are you hiding you conniving bitch?" The Argent was almost ready to start seething with rage and frustration.

Wherever she went it always lead to a dead end. No one had seen Kate at any of the bars or clubs and this was the last warehouse that she could have set up in. Chris had contacted everyone he knew and no one, not a single one, had heard from her. There was always a possibility that the rumors of her coming back to Beacon Hills were false, but there was just something in her bones that told Rachel that Kate was here. It wasn't like the older Argent to let something like this go. 

Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. There was no reason for her to lose her head at a time like this. By now the Hales had to know that they were back in town, and that was a monster of a situation on its own that she was not looking forward to. With one last look of the area Rachel turned around and walked back to her car. Slamming the door with more force than necessary she started the vehicle and backed out of the parking lot.

Or at least she tried to.

In front of her were three of the Hales from the Hale pack.

"Fuck me." She groaned as she put the car into park. They must have heard her because the one in the center's lip twitch upward slightly.

Rachel sat there for a moment, waiting to see what they would do, but they didn't move out of the way. They just stood there, waiting for her. The huntress's eye twitched as she shut off her car. This wasn't how she wanted to approach them. Hell she didn't want to approach them at all, but it seemed this was the way it was going to have to be. Opening the door she stepped out and raised her hands to show she was unarmed.

"Argent, right?" The woman in the middle asked evenly.

"Rachel Argent." 

"I am Talia Hale. This is my daughter Laura and my son Derek." She said gesturing to her children at her side.

Well fuck. It looked like Rachel was dealing the with actual fucking Alpha of the Hale pack. That made her back straighten more as her muscles tightened up, and her heart kick up a notch. There was no way they didn't notice her change in posture. They were werewolves after all.

"What are you doing here Argent? We assumed after the incident that you weren't going to show your faces around here." Talia said as she stepped closer. The wasn't really to be intimidating. It was more like a show of dominance. A show of who was Alpha.

"We had no choice but to come back. Someone of interest might be in the area and we are trying to prevent conflict from breaking out." Rachel thought that sounded okay. It wasn't giving away too much and it wasn't a lie either. "There aren't many of us here either. Just myself, my brother, and his wife and child."

The Alpha seemed the mull this information over in her head. A group of hunters that small posed no real threat to a pack as big as her's.

"Who are you hunting?" She finally asked.

Ah, wasn't that the question that would set them off? It wasn't like Rachel could lie to them. They would be able to hear her heart, and being dishonest wasn't a way to earn trust from someone they would likely need help from. Yet telling them might just send them into a fit of rage. Kate wasn't the poster child for huntress of the year. She'd been the one responsible for the house fire, and if Chris hadn't been there in time to warn them of her plan then the Hale pack would not be standing today. 

There was no real choice for her to make. She had to tell them. Not answering them would be as bad as lying.


Talia's eyes flashed red quickly and it almost made Rachel step back, but she held her ground and waited to see what the Alpha would do with this information. Her children visibly tensed beside her, but they managed to keep more composure than their mother.

"Is she in the area?" Talia questioned as she forced herself into a composed state. Her hands were clenched by her side, but that was the only indication that she was angry.

"We aren't sure. I've been asking around about her, but nothing has given me any indication that she is actually in town. My brother is working on his contacts now as we speak, but so far he has had the same amount of luck I've had." Rachel slowly allowed herself to relax more as she continued to speak. It didn't look like she was in any immediate danger. "I've yet to check the woods, but if she is here then she has buried herself deep. She's got to have contacts that are looking out for her and keeping her hidden from us."

The Alpha nodded her head slowly in understanding.

"As precaution I would warn you to keep an eye open for her, or anything strange. I'm not saying she is in town, but I'm not saying that she isn't either." Rachel stressed. The Hale mother nodded her head soberly before turning and walking away. Laura followed behind her quickly, but Derek remained in place staring at her with a hard gaze. His mouth was pressed thin, and for a moment Rachel thought he was going to say something to her, something maybe not so nice, but instead he turned around and followed after them.

Rachel took another deep breath and let it out slowly. This wasn't how she wanted to talk to the Hales. She didn't want to be the person to talk to them at all, because if anyone was going to have a good interaction with them it would have been her brother. They semi-respected Chris for what he did. They didn't know her and she didn't know them. The only thing Rachel knew about them was that mother Hale was the Alpha and that her son Derek was how Kate managed to get to the family. The poor bastard had been manipulated and used by her sister.

 "Fantastic." She sighed out as she climbed back into her car. 

"They what?" Chris asked as Rachel sat heavily on a table chair. Victoria and Chris were sitting across from her at the dinner table. Allison was with her friend Linda, or Layla, or something like that at a party. Honestly Rachel was surprised that her mother let her go to a party. Maybe they were finally learning to let their kid live her life for once.

"They found me at a warehouse and questioned me about why we were here." The huntress wanted to run her hands over her face. "God, it is like I didn't just tell you this. Are you even listening to anything I'm saying?" She tried to sound teasing, but she was more weary than anything else. Now that the Hales knew who they were after, she doubted they would just idly sit by and wait for them to catch Kate.

"What did you tell them?" Victoria was leaning forward now. She almost seemed anxious now.

"I told them the truth." 

"What!" The redheaded woman stood up violently. "Why? Now they will be hunting her." 

Rachel really didn't like to be yelled up.

"So what? What if they hunt her? What if they kill her? She deserves no better than that!" Now Rachel was yelling and standing. But standing wasn't enough. Now she was mad and with her anger she started to pace. "She tried to kill them! All of them! The Code states that we only kill werewolves who have taken the lives of innocent people, who have turned people against their will, or who have openly started pack wars for no reason and led to people dying. Kate had no reason to go after the Hales and yet she did! She is no better than my father, and people who dishonor the Code are not hunters, they are murders!" 

A silence fell over the room when she finished. Chris was still seated, and he looked lost in thought as he stared blankly at the table. Victoria herself was shunned into silence for trying to protect Kate. Everyone in the room knew the Code, and knew that Kate had broken it on purpose. 

Either the Hales would kill her or they would. There was no other way.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled in your home." Rachel said hoarsely as she took her seat again. Victoria took her seat next to her husband without a word. They were both at fault and it was unnecessary to point it out.

"We have to find her, Rachel. We have to set this right. She will only keep killing if we don't do this. She has to be stopped." Chris finally spoke. It was rather apparent that he was talking to himself more than to her.

"I know, brother. I know we do."