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Please, James.

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"I can't"


"Please, James?"


"Lou, I'm a police officer – a detective! – I could get involved in a major case at any time.  I can’t simply bunk off in the middle of a job, least of all disappear into depths of Kosovo for a week."


“Priština’s the capital James, you’re unlikely to 'disappear'.  You're just making excuses.  If you book leave surely they have to let you take it?”


“It's my Governor's prerogative to cancel my leave without notice.”


"Not if you tell him what it's for, surely?   No boss is that bloody hard-hearted.  These days you get extra kudos for voluntary work like this."








"Jimmy Jim-Bob?"


"Don't call me that!"


"Oh, please James – rebuilding an orphanage – you'd have leapt at an opportunity like this at Cambridge."


"At Cambridge I could have factored it into a research project or dissertation – I'm not as altruistic as people seem to think."


"Yes, you are!  Or... at least you were."




"Cam would have wanted you to."




"If Cam asked you, you would have leapt at it!"




"I’m only asking for a week; you would have agreed to whatever Cam asked and doubled it."




"Please James.  Do this for Cam – for his memory.  He loved you."


"I...  [a heavy, heart-sick sigh]  When do you go?"