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your smile could rival the sunrise

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There were many things that Taehyung hated in life but psychology and Jeon Jeongguk were at the top of the list.

Every day he questioned why on earth he decided to go to college in the first place, let alone then pursuing psychology as a course, amongst other things. It wasn’t like Taehyung was dumb, he just wasn’t really as bright as the other students (seen: Jeon Jeongguk), hence why he was currently having to repeat his second year of college.

Seeing Jimin and Yoongi, the only two people he got on with at college, go off to University really wasn’t ideal for him because he wanted nothing more than to be able to join them but no, of course not. If he had tried just a little bit harder in that second and supposed to be final year, then he would’ve been joining them as they headed off to University. But, as his psychology teacher keeps reminding him, he has a “cannot-do” attitude rather than a “can-do” which he thinks is absolutely preposterous. He can down a bottle of vodka in under 30 seconds but he cannot for the life of him remember the step-by-step process of synaptic transmission. Granted, he would much rather be studying the bottle of vodka rather than the nervous system but he finds that fact rather irrelevant.

As for the latter of the two annoyances in Taehyung’s life, Jeon Jeongguk was by far the worse of them.

Taehyung had never really noticed Jeongguk throughout his life in college considering Jeongguk was technically in the year below him but after being in the same class as him, well it was kind of hard not to notice him. Every single lesson Jeongguk would walk in on his own with his black hair perfectly styled into a wavy side parting, commonly wearing some sort of shirt and leather trousers combo. He always had a bit of smudged eyeliner rimming his eyes, accentuating his brown eyes and drawing attention to his face in general. Whilst looking at his face you’d notice his barely-there cheekbones and sharp jawline, accompanied by full lips of a pretty pink colour. If he wasn’t such a moron then Taehyung would almost be attracted to his but sadly, as soon at the boy opens his mouth any attraction Taehyung would’ve had to him decays rapidly.

Jeongguk wasn’t a bad guy necessarily, and neither was Taehyung, the two of them just had the tendency to go at each other’s throats quite a lot. Each time Jeongguk got a question right in class (which was every time) Taehyung would snort begrudgingly and always make sure that he did it loud enough for Jeongguk to hear. Comparatively, whenever Taehyung got a question wrong (which was the majority of the time) Jeongguk would disinterestedly yawn and make a comment along the lines of “Taehyungie got it wrong again? No surprises there.” He’d do it under his breath so he didn’t get reprimanded by the teacher but loud enough for Taehyung, who was three seats away, to be able to hear it.

Taehyung wasn’t really sure when or how the competition, losing on his behalf, started between the two of them but he ensured to keep it going. However, the entire process tended to be very tiring for Taehyung because it was nothing short of a reminder of the fact that he couldn’t do the academic course, no matter how hard he tried. Coincidentally, the third thing on Taehyung’s list of things he hated was not being able to do things.

♡ ♡ ♡

It’s safe to say that when Taehyung gets back his psychology mock paper and sees a big, fat U in the corner he is less than surprised. What does surprise him though is how angry the teacher gets; considering he’s literally failed every single psychology paper he’s ever done.

Despite this he’s still kept behind after the lesson so his teacher can “speak to him in private”, which he’s about as used to as he is the bad grades. However, what he’s not used to is Jeongguk lingering behind to presumably witness the encounter and realistically, Jeongguk having even more reason to tease him is the last thing he wanted.

Taehyung listens to his teacher drone on about how much he’s slacking blah blah blah and how he needs to work harder blah blah blah and how the perfect thing for him is a-

“Tutor?! Did you just say I need a tutor?!” he practically screams, shocking his teacher who must’ve assumed he wasn’t listening, which he was. Partially.

“Yes, Taehyung, and it will be imperative. How on earth can you expect to pass this class second time around if you carry on performing the way you have been?” his teacher reasoned but reasoning was the last thing that Taehyung did.

After the harsh words had left his teacher’s mouth he hears a snigger to the side of him and his eyes fall short on Jeongguk; it seemed like God was out to punish him as this was literally the most embarrassing that had ever happened to Taehyung.

Taehyung knew his name was Jeongguk but in that moment he could certainly think of a few other, more colourful names to substitute that.

Who the fuck does the kid think he is sniggering like that at Taehyung? If he’s stayed behind too then surely he’s not exactly as good of a student that Taehyung thoug-

“And Jeongguk here is going to be the one tutoring you.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

At the mention of his name Jeongguk waved at Taehyung with a smirk on his face and God Taehyung would like to do nothing better than wipe that stupid smirk off hi-

“The tutoring will be conducted in your own time, I’m presuming after college and at the weekends. Jeongguk has happily agreed to do this which means he’s using up his own time to help you Taehyung, so I’m expecting you to be grateful.”

Everything that Taehyung was feeling was the polar opposite of grateful but he didn’t want his teacher even angrier at him so he smiled in what he hoped was a grateful manner at both his teacher and Jeongguk but only one was reciprocated and it didn’t take a genius to figure out which one. His teacher seemed happy with his response, or lack thereof, and bid the boys farewell in order to allow them to sort out a schedule for meeting up.

Once the door had shut the feelings within the room suddenly matched the weather outside; sharp gusts of wind and harshly bright snow settled on the ground.

Presumably because of the cold weather, Jeongguk had evidently wrapped up to keep warm, putting him in a long black duster coat with an equally black scarf wrapped around his neck, however not tight enough to stop Taehyung from seeing what was just a plain white buttoned up shirt underneath. The top half of Jeongguk was plain enough but what caught Taehyung’s attention was the trousers he was wearing. Leather trousers. Despite the fact that Jeongguk wore them most days and Taehyung had seen them many times previously he’d never seen them so clearly, normally they were obstructed by chair legs and tables. Seeing them clearly allowed Taehyung to also view Jeongguk’s thighs, which were in plain sight due to his coat being open. The leather trousers hugged his thighs very precisely and Taehyung was able to make out the muscles straining through the fabric. Taehyung was willing to admit that Jeongguk looked good but that handsome façade was ruined when Jeongguk decided to open that dumb mouth of his.

“Are you just gunna stand there and stare at me or are we actually going to sort this shit out because I do actually have places to be, though I doubt you do.”

And there goes any remotely positive thought Taehyung had about Jeongguk’s body. It’s a shame such a pretty boy had to have such a well-functioning voice box.

“I’m so sorry that my failure is such an inconvenience for you. Next time I’m trying to figure out how someone managed to get their thighs into such tight pants I’ll do it somewhere else, yeah? Maybe even in the shower?” Taehyung snapped back, adding a wink on the end of the statement in order to clarify what else he’d be doing in the shower whilst thinking of that image and judging by the blush that crept up Jeongguk’s neck, Taehyung had done just that.

“Keep your perverted thoughts to yourself, dumbass,” Jeongguk said in response, adding emphasis onto the word dumbass which hit a nerve within Taehyung.

“Watch yourself, kid. I don’t wanna do this anymore than you do so cut the bullshit. Here’s my number,” Taehyung paused to note it down on a scrap piece of paper left on the table next to them and handed it to Jeongguk.

“Just text me whenever you’re free and we’ll try and arrange something but if you text me any time before 10am on the weekends I’ll make sure you won’t be around to pass another fucking test,” Taehyung carried on in which he hoped was an aggressive manner but Jeongguk’s face gave literally no show of emotion, he just raised an eyebrow and snatched the piece of paper from Taehyung’s outstretched hand.

“Whatever. I’ll text you tonight.”

Jeongguk didn’t elaborate any further and proceeded to pick his bag up, turn around and walk out of the room but not before receiving a final glare from Taehyung. On Jeongguk’s way out Taehyung did nothing but admire the boys’ thighs in his leather trousers because how the hell does someone actually get trousers that tight on. He knew he should’ve been a physics student.

♡ ♡ ♡


new phone who dis

It’s Jeongguk.

new phone who dis

You know I don’t have to tutor you, right? I’m only doing it because I like the damn subject.

God, he’s even grumpy over text.


what do u want

We need to sort out when’s best to meet and stuff.

we can do it @ mine if u want

Taehyung sent Jeongguk his address, regretting it the moment he pressed ‘send’.

Yeah, sure. When’s good for you?

i finish early on tuesday’s and friday’s

and i’m free on the weekend

Okay, I can do Tuesday and Friday but I can only do mornings on the weekend.

   r u kiddin me

u want me to do psych in the morning

on a suNDAY

Unless you want to fail again.

fine but u suck for makin me do this

Maybe try not failing out your ass next time we have a test then?

shut the fuck up

it’s saturday tomorrow

No shit.



before i was rudely interrupted

it’s saturday tomorrow

come over @ 10?


♡ ♡ ♡

 “No, Jimin, I don’t think you understand the situati-”

“I understand it perfectly fine Tae, it’s really not that big of a deal,” Jimin tried to explain over the phone to his friend who was currently trying to suffocate himself with a pillow.

After texting Jeongguk, or ‘Jeoncock’ as he was saved in Taehyung’s phone, Taehyung had immediately rung Jimin in order to complain about his circumstances. Unfortunately, Jimin had never had that much of a problem with Jeongguk as they’d been in the same dance class as an enrichment activity. This meant that any complaints that Taehyung had about Jeongguk went straight over Jimin’s head, mainly because Jimin’s head was too far up Jeongguk’s ass to acknowledge the comments.

“Jimin I literally can’t stand being in the same room as him for an hour, how am I supposed to manage all of this extra time?!” Taehyung complained into the phone, hoping that his words were actually coherent because his face was currently shoved into a pillow.

“Didn’t you say it’s taking place at your apartment?”

“Yeah but what does that ha-”

“Taehyung, my sweet jelly bean,” Taehyung groaned at the endearment, “if he begins to annoy you that much then just fake being sick or say you’ve got someone coming over.”

Taehyung pondered the thought for a minute because it’s really simple yet he never thought of it. Kinda shows the extent of his intelligence really.

“Park Jimin you’re an angel!” Taehyung exclaimed into the speaker, making Jimin squeal on the other end of the line.

“Yah! Kim Taehyung you back off!” Taehyung heard Yoongi, Jimin’s boyfriend and Taehyung’s other best friend, yell in the background.

Taehyung knew he’d hear from Yoongi at some point during the phone call. Jimin and Yoongi were a pair, a buy one get one free if you wish. It had been this way ever since they’d all started college. Taehyung and Jimin had come up together from high school and had met Yoongi within the first few days because he shared a music class with Jimin. Although Jimin had lots of other friends that Taehyung didn’t associate with it was clear that Yoongi was somewhat more of a permanent fixture in Jimin’s life and he was actually a really nice person, even under the cold presentation of himself.

The introduction of a third person into the friendship didn’t actually affect Taehyung as much as Jimin thought it would. He was initially cautious to bring Yoongi into the otherwise closed pairing because he didn’t want Taehyung to feel left out but after much reassurance and practically begging on Taehyung’s part, Jimin finally got as close to Yoongi as he wanted to.

And Taehyung was right, he wasn’t really affected. The others weren’t overzealous in their relationship and Taehyung enjoyed hanging out with both of them as much as he liked hanging out with just Jimin. Yoongi was also a really understanding person so if there was ever a night where Taehyung ‘just needed his bro’ then Jimin would come running with no complaints from his other half.

It worked.

“Don’t worry baby, I wouldn’t touch Taehyung if you paid me £100,000,” Jimin called back sweetly to Yoongi, who audibly sighed in relief.

It worked until the pet names came out, then Taehyung just wanted to vomit.

“Right, well, I’ll just leave you two to it,” Taehyung began, wanting to leave the happy couple to their own devices now that the endearments had come out. “I’ll call you tomorrow to let you know how it goes if I don’t kill myself or him beforehand.”

“Yah! Don’t talk like that Tae!” Jimin yelled, clearly exasperated with Taehyung’s attitude. “He’s really not a bad person! I don’t know what the two of you have against each other but please try and sort it out.”

Taehyung would normally scoff at the idea but because Jimin was obviously pleading, he at least considered it. That didn’t mean he had to go through with it.

“I’ll think about it Jimin, no promises though considering he’s a monumental wankstain,” Taehyung muttered into his phone, much to Jimin’s chagrin.

Not wanting to annoy Jimin any further Taehyung said his goodbye’s to both of the boys and swiftly ended the call before Jimin could praise Jeongguk any further, making Taehyung want to ram his head against the wall.

♡ ♡ ♡

Hearing his phone buzz at 1am was an uncommon occurrence for Taehyung so he was initially cautious to see why it’d gone off but checked it anyway, despite being half asleep from having been woken up. He became even more confused when he saw the name on the screen. What the fuck does Jeoncock want at 1am?


Do I need to bring anything tomorrow?

do u mean today

Does it really fucking matter?

why r u grumpy ur the one that wkoe me up at 1am

but not really

just ur dumb brain

Dumb brain? Taehyung, I’m tutoring you so clearly my brain is not dumb.

maybe leave th attitdue @home

Can you not type properly?

i’m fuckign tired leave me alne

Whatever. 10am yeah?

yeah now go to sleep u fukc


♡ ♡ ♡

Taehyung didn’t really know what to do with himself.

It’d been a long time since he’d been up before 1pm on a weekend day and seeing the morning sky was actually quite unsettling, despite it being such a nice day. The sound of the light wind and the sight of the reflected rays of sunlight that littered his apartment were just constant reminders of why he was awake so early. Early being 9:30am.

He praised himself momentarily for being someone who could get ready so quickly. Whenever he used to stay with Jimin the orange haired boy would need to wake up at least an hour and a half before they went out so he could get ready. Taehyung, on the other hand, simply just showered, brushed his teeth, threw the nearest thing in his wardrobe on and brushed his hair, and if his hair was feeling particularly wild then he’d cover it with a snapback or beanie, more commonly a snapback. Jimin said he looked like an attractive asshole when he wore a snapback and compliments from Jimin were hard to come by.

Realistically, he could get ready quite quickly but he still probably should’ve given himself more than half hour, especially since it takes him about 20 minutes just to go through his phone.

After finally getting out of bed at 9:42am Taehyung took a quick shower for a couple of minutes and then proceeded to choose what to wear. He would normally just have picked out the closest things to him in his wardrobe but for some reason he felt the need to at least try to look relatively decent today, and not like a crumpled up dish cloth.

Going through his wardrobe didn’t leave Taehyung with many options of what he could wear; it mainly consisted of tank tops for working out, oversized hoodies for winter or when he just wanted to feel sorry for himself and jumpers that he’d cut holes in himself. His trouser wear wasn’t really much more diverse either, sweatpants and shorts used mainly for working out and plain skinny jeans. He ended up opting for a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized grey hoodie because no matter what the weatherman said on the TV, it felt like it was about -17 degrees inside and out.

After picking these pieces of clothing he quickly checked himself in the mirror just to check that they didn’t clash and discovered that his hair was looking particularly unruly today, though it was probably his own fault for blow-drying it.

The sound of his doorbell going off distracted him from sorting the mess out properly so he sufficed with just putting a snapback on backwards, with his untamed hair sitting tucked away underneath the hat, leaving his equally as untamed eyebrows exposed.

Taehyung checked his phone for the time: 9:57am, the kid was early, efficient, but early nonetheless.

Taehyung rushed over to his door and stopped at the control panel, proceeding to buzz Jeongguk up. Actually, he probably should’ve checked that it was Jeongguk before letting them into the building. Oh well. At least if he died he would’ve have to deal with the next few hours left alone with the intolerable boy.

A knock on the door shocked him out of his thought process due to how loud it seemed to be, echoing down the hallway and against the mahogany frame. He peered through the peephole and was, ironically enough, relieved to see Jeongguk standing on the other side. Taehyung was reluctant for a few seconds to let the younger boy into his home but then pictured the look on his teachers face when he inevitably would fail psychology again without the tutoring and thought twice about leaving Jeongguk stranded in the hallway. As much as the thought appealed to him, he really did need the tutoring.

He moved away from the control panel to the right of the door and twisted the door handle, allowing the door to ease open. Taehyung poked his head through the gap and saw Jeongguk standing in front of him, staring straight at the ground, holding a black bag that presumably had his stuff in it.

Taehyung continued to open the door to catch Jeongguk’s attention and it seemed to work as the black-haired boy looked up and appeared to almost be startled by Taehyung being there in front of him.

“What? Didn’t you expect to see me in my own apartment?” Taehyung inquired with a smirk, causing Jeongguk to become defensive already without even having stepped foot in Taehyung’s apartment. However, this front put up by Jeongguk only lasted for a few moments as his confidence seemed to spring back.

“I expected to see Taehyung, not an overgrown kid,” Jeongguk replied in a snarky tone, looking Taehyung up and down whilst talking, his comment obviously referring to Taehyung’s oversized jumper.

Taehyung takes this opportunity to scrutinize what Jeongguk is wearing too, to try and find any faults with it but he strikes out. Jeongguk looks effortlessly nice in black Timberland boots, ripped light blue jeans that hug his thighs but not enough to accentuate the muscle (ironically, much to Taehyung’s dismay), a plan white t-shirt and a green bomber jacket, however the jacket highlights his broad shoulders quite nicely.

Taehyung dragged his eyes upwards and saw that Jeongguk’s hair wasn’t really styled much but had a partial side parting to it, having been split just above his right eyebrow. Taehyung’s also able to make out smudges of eyeliner on Jeongguk’s eyelid, emphasizing his big doe eyes even further. His ear lobes were also donning some hooped earrings that probably would’ve looked a bit weird on anyone else, but on him they just seemed to pull the whole look together.

“Are you forgetting who’s the elder here, Jeongguk?” Taehyung said, catching Jeongguk off-guard at the sudden mention of his name. But once again, the wavering of his confidence soon became smooth again.

“And who’s the one in desperate need of help?” he countered back.

Had anyone been viewing the bickering between the two they may have thought they were siblings just having a petty spat or even a married couple having a little tiff, rather than two college students who would rather be cleaning up dog shit than be in each other’s company.

Taehyung found that he didn’t have a response for Jeongguk so he settled on turning his back on the younger instead, opening the door further for Jeongguk as he walked back into his apartment.

Judging by the sound of shoes being taken off behind him and footsteps following him, Taehyung presumed that Jeongguk was following him down the hallway and into the lounge.

“Nice place you’ve got here,” Jeongguk said bluntly, offering up the statement as a way to break the silence.

“Yeah, when I failed my second year my parents got pretty angry and said they didn’t want me under their roof anymore so with the money I had from working through my first and second years I managed to get this place, also with a bit of help from the council I guess,” Taehyung explained, trying to keep things relatively simple so Jeongguk didn’t pry.

But then Jeongguk started to pry.  

“I presume you live on your own?” Jeongguk inquired, ignoring Taehyung’s explanation about his parents.

“Yeah, is that an issue?”

“Nope. Doesn’t really come as a shock though considering how annoying you are, guess your parents got sick of it too,” Jeongguk replied sweetly, as if he’d just given Taehyung a huge compliment.

Taehyung had heard worse things from people regarding his relationship with his parents but that didn’t make Jeongguk’s words cut any less deep and frankly, this was Taehyung’s apartment and he shouldn’t have to deal with shit from Jeongguk about his parents if he didn’t want to.

“Look, I appreciate you offering to tutor me and as much as I can’t fucking stand you I do need your help but if you say shit about my parents I genuinely will throw you out of this apartment, and it won’t be out of the door either,” Taehyung levelled with Jeongguk, sending a glare in the direction of the younger boy.

“Alright, chill man.”

Taehyung was never someone who was particularly close with his parents. He enjoyed going to school because it gave him somewhere else to be other than his house and he looked forward to going out to work for the same reason. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his parents, he just didn’t really have a bond with them. What with his dad always being away on business trips and his mum constantly with her friends or busying herself with housework, he never got time to really form an attachment with them; even as a little kid he was handed from babysitter to babysitter.

He checked in with his parents every now and then just to check that they’re doing okay and they did the same with him. There’s somewhat of a mutual agreement between them to stay out of each other’s way and stay happy, that’s how Taehyung’s life had always been and he didn’t really mind it being like that, for he knew no other system.

Taehyung didn’t reply to Jeongguk’s request and instead just stalked out of the room and presumably into the kitchen. Taehyung’s absence gave Jeongguk the opportunity to have a look around the elder’s home.

His eyes were met with the warm tones that flooded the lounge that he was currently stood in. The smooth cream lining the walls complementing the musky brown of the sofa and armchair that surrounded the mahogany table situated in the middle of the room, it coincidentally appeared to be the same material as the door, tying the apartment together in even more ways.

Looking past the table Jeongguk could see a decent sized TV in the corner with what was presumably a DVD player by it and what looked to be a couple of different gaming systems. Next to the TV was a large window with a stunning view of the town down below and Jeongguk could see that there’s photo frames littering the surface of the windowsill and a few various ornaments too.

Adjacent to this wall was the wall which the armchair is rested against and on the side of the chair furthest away from Jeongguk was a floor to ceiling bookcase that appeared to be full of various books, DVDs, CDs and games that must be for the consoles lying on the floor.

Overall, it was a really nice set up and when Jeongguk had walked in he saw some of the kitchen that was in the room at the end of the hall due to the door being open and that too looked really nice and well, lived-in.

Considering the fact that Taehyung can barely dress himself most days Jeongguk was marginally impressed with the state of his apartment. There was the odd sock on the floor or a random empty cup but Jeongguk knew that if he had his own place, it would be infested with month old food and dirty clothes over every single surface. He was thankful that Taehyung wasn’t a slob because he really wouldn’t be able to work in that environment.

“Do you plan on actually being fucking useful or are you just gunna stare at my walls?” Taehyung sneered, coming back into the lounge area presumably to see where Jeongguk was and to check that he wasn’t defacing any furniture.

“I was just wondering how someone as incompetent as you can manage to keep their apartment relatively clean. I mean kudos to you but I’m very shocked,” Jeongguk said, adding an over-exaggerated and theatrical gasp onto the end of the statement, emphasizing his sarcastic tone.

“Ah well I’m glad there’s no used condoms on the floor like there might be normally, then again I doubt you’d even know what one looks like,” Taehyung quipped back, causing Jeongguk to blush furiously.

Taehyung had made the comment as a joke but the immediate flood of colour to Jeongguk’s face and the way he drew in on himself made Taehyung realise how much truth the statement actually held.

“Wait,” Taehyung started, bringing his hand up in a ‘stop’ motion, “are you seriously a virgin?”

Jeongguk seemed startled at the forward question at first but then scoffed and dramatically threw his arms up into the air, which simultaneously appeared to be very stuffy all of a sudden.

“Of course I’m not!” he spluttered, stumbling over the first word and confirming Taehyung’s suspicions.

“Oooohhhhh myyyyyy Gooodddddd,” Taehyung drawled, dragging out the words and laughing whilst he spoke, “the precious Jeon Jeongguk has never been laid?!”

Jeongguk’s awkwardness very quickly turned into annoyance and Taehyung could see the anger beginning to brew within his body. He had no way of defending himself now that the truth was out so he resorted to attacking Taehyung instead.

“At least I haven’t slept with half of the student body and teaching staff.”

That made Taehyung pause in his fit of laughter. He knew full well that rumours were constantly spread about him and he didn’t care that much because they were just rumours but when someone directly accused him of something, he didn’t tend to take it lightly.

“What did you just say?” Taehyung growled, walking towards where Jeongguk was still stood in the middle of his lounge.

He let himself get close enough to prod a finger against the younger’s chest, which felt undeniably firm. The action, whilst it was menial, made Jeongguk cower a bit. Clearly he wasn’t expecting Taehyung to take much offence.

“Do you ever shut your fucking mouth?” Taehyung questioned, anger clearly lining his voice.

“Of course I do you fucking idiot, it’s you that I’ve heard never has their damn mouth shut,” Jeongguk bit back, his cold demeanor back, venom obvious in his own tone.

The sexual connotations surrounding that statement quickly became the elephants in the room, suffocated by the sudden lack of air and left to fend for themselves because there was no salvation of the previous atmosphere.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Taehyung asked, trying to keep as calm as possibly, narrowing his eyes at Jeongguk.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know Taehyung, everyone hears what you get up to,” Jeongguk replies, clearly annoyed with Taehyung even though Taehyung’s done nothing to directly affect Jeongguk.

Yeah, Taehyung had slept with quite a lot of people in his lifetime but he’d never done anything illegal and never wrecked any relationships. He kept it purely to one night stands or a quickie in the locker rooms. He couldn’t understand why people found what he did with his dick so fascinating, he didn’t even really care that much.

“And why is it any of your business? Are you jealous, sweetheart?” Taehyung replies, managing to mask his anger by turning on a flirty, condescending tone. Something he’d grown to become very good at.

Due to being someone not liked by quite a lot of the student body (except Jimin and Yoongi when they were still around), Taehyung had learnt how to switch moods easily. He was pretty much always in a state or annoyance but around most people he managed to hide it, purely so people didn’t find more reasons to dislike him.

Because of this, he’d also become very good at turning his anger into a certain other emotion because he needed to let out his feelings one way or another and which way was better, through breaking someone’s nose or coming down someone’s throat?

And Taehyung thought Jeongguk had quite a nice nose so he might as well let him keep that considering his personality had nothing to offer.

And well, if you can’t beat the rumours then you might as well give people more reasons to create them, at least then they’ll be true.

Taehyung walked forward a tiny bit more so his chest was flush with Jeongguk’s, the two of them stood together in the middle of Taehyung’s lounge.

He then lifted his one arm so it was caressing Jeongguk’s cheek and lowered the arm that was prodding Jeongguk’s chest so it was instead situated on the younger’s hip with a firm grasp.

“Why do you seem so bothered by this Jeongguk? Are you upset that I’ve never spared you a glance?”

Jeongguk appeared too flustered to reply to Taehyung but Taehyung realised his assumption was wrong when Jeongguk brought his hands to Taehyung’s waist, drawing the older body in even closer.

“Never spared me a glance? Taehyung, I see you staring at my thighs from across the classroom so don’t try that with me,” Jeongguk drawled, leaning in to attach his lips to Taehyung’s ear, all of his words being whispered straight into the source.

“Y-you,” Taehyung started, stuttering a bit because of Jeongguk’s mouth nibbling on his ear, “always target me in class though, is t-that because you’re d-desperate for my atten…”

Taehyung wasn’t able to properly finish the sentence because Jeongguk had moved away from his ear and was working his way down Taehyung’s neck, trying to search for a sweet spot.

“J-Jeongguk…” Taehyung breathed out, leaning his head back and letting the weight of his body go so he was primarily being kept up by Jeongguk’s hands.

Jeongguk’s breath was hot against Taehyung’s neck, having dragged his teeth down Taehyung’s ear and now sucking onto the skin on the column of his throat, right next to the Adam’s apple.

As much as Taehyung was enjoying himself he didn’t like not being the one in control so he resorted to moving one of his hands to the crown of Jeongguk’s head and pulling the hair which subsequently pulled Jeongguk’s head up from his neck. The action emitted a moan from Jeongguk’s throat and Taehyung took note of the hair-pulling kink he seemed to have discovered.

Taehyung used his hands to explore the upper half of Jeongguk’s body, running them up and down his torso and across his broad shoulders, feeling the expanse of the muscles, straining through the materials of the clothes Jeongguk still, unfortunately, had on.

“How do you find the time to work out, sweetheart? I thought you spent all of your time working but your muscles beg to differ,” Taehyung said whilst mouthing against the skin of Jeongguk’s neck, having ducked his head down to take control.

He moved his hands to rest on the zipper of Jeongguk’s jacket and pulled it down at a steady pace, giving Jeongguk time to say no if he wanted to.

But in all of his years of sleeping with different people, Taehyung had never had one person say no to him.

Once he had fully unzipped Jeongguk’s jacket he removed the garment after moving Jeongguk’s hands so he was able to do so. His hands then immediately went to Jeongguk’s neck so he could pull Jeongguk’s face in line with his.

“You wanna do this?” Taehyung asked, a hint of need in his voice but the question was completely sincere, he wouldn’t do anything without consent.

Jeongguk’s eyes had long since dilated and his breathing was eradicating but he was still able to slightly nod his head and, much to Taehyung’s surprise, pull Taehyung’s head forward to lock their lips.

Taehyung had one rule within sleeping with people, no kissing or very minimal kissing. Clearly the no kissing had gone out the window already with Jeongguk but he could still try and keep it to a minimum. Though this could prove to be quite difficult considering Jeongguk was such a fucking good kisser.

Jeongguk had both of his arms wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, pulling their bodies flush together, still situated in the middle of the room. One hand had a harsh grip that might leave a couple of fingerprint shaped marks whereas the other arm slowly rubbed up and down Taehyung’s back, often stopping to toy with the hood of his hoodie.

Taehyung found that he still had both hands around Jeongguk’s neck, creating somewhat of a vice grip so he softened his grip and began to play with the hair at the back of Jeongguk’s neck, tugging slightly every so often to explore the hair kink and he delightedly found that Jeongguk would let out mewls of approval at the pulling.

Taehyung was enjoying the movement of the youngers’ lips against his far too much to even think about moving things along; which was something that hadn’t ever happened before.

He did soon come to his senses though and detached his lips from Jeongguk’s, much to the latter’s disappointment judging by the groan emitted from his throat, and then reattached them to his neck, having access to more skin now that his coat had been removed. He moved his mouth around and ended up focusing on a patch of skin right of the end of Jeongguk’s clavicle, nearing his Adam’s apple and began to suck and bite.

“I hope you don’t mind being marked, sweetheart,” Taehyung grinned into the skin, licking at the bruise that was forming.

Jeongguk’s reply came in the brief format of a single moan that erupted from his mouth when Taehyung applied the most pressure to the bruise.

Once the elder was happy with his work he started to fiddle with the end of Jeongguk’s shirt, signaling that the younger should take it off, providing he wanted to. Jeongguk caught on quickly to what Taehyung wanted and removed his hands from Taehyung’s back to cover Taehyung’s hands with his own, both of them removing his shirt together.

Once the shirt had been discarded on the floor Taehyung latched his mouth onto Jeongguk’s chest, his hands resting on Jeongguk’s shoulders, keeping him in place. Jeongguk moved his hands back to Taehyung’s waist, once again pulling Taehyung closer to him, the action making their groins press against each other, creating much needed friction. His hands stayed there momentarily and quickly relocated to play with the hem of Taehyung’s hoodie, signaling that he wanted the other to be shirtless too. Or hoodie-less in this case.

Taehyung got the message and leaned back from Jeongguk’s chest where he’d created an array of bruises so colourful the neighbouring galaxy would be jealous. He swiftly removed his snapback and then his hoodie and tried to go back to Jeongguk’s chest but was instead met with thin air as Jeongguk had squatted down in order to wrap his arms around Taehyung’s thighs so he could lift him up and carry him into the hallway and then, Taehyung presumed, to the bedroom.

Jeongguk reattached his lips to Taehyung’s and carefully maneuvered them through the lounge and into the hallway where he slammed Taehyung against his hallway wall. Taehyung wasn’t entirely sure where this new side of Jeongguk was coming from but the confidence that was coming out of him was going to have Taehyung coming soon.

Taehyung’s hands scrambled to find a grip around Jeongguk’s neck again so he could easily reattach their lips, initiating a kiss between the two; also something that he never did. Their lips slid easily together, access being granted immediately when one wanted more and it very quickly became quite a rhythmic process, both of them inherently knowing what the other wanted; Jeongguk would occasionally alter his grip so he was grabbing Taehyung’s ass, and Taehyung would move his grip to Jeongguk’s biceps, giving them a squeeze to encourage the younger to carry on what he was doing.

After a few minutes of just standard making out and general groping Jeongguk dropped Taehyung’s legs so he was properly standing and gently pushed him against the wall. He lowered himself down slowly until he was kneeling in front of Taehyung, taking him by surprise.

“J-Jeongguk,” Taehyung started, feeling Jeongguk pulling his zipper down and undoing the button on his jeans, “you don’t have to, I started all of thi-”

But Taehyung didn’t get a chance to finish because Jeongguk had already pulled his jeans and boxers down so they pooled at his ankles and was peppering kisses along Taehyung’s already hard dick, licking away the pre-cum.

Taehyung resorted to resting one of his hands in Jeongguk’s hair and keeping the other one pressed against the wall behind him, keeping himself balanced.

Jeongguk carried on pressing light kisses against Taehyung’s dick for a few moments, riling the older boy up judging by his moans, and then proceeded to lick a long stripe on the underside of Taehyung’s dick.

“Ah-h…” Taehyung moaned out, slightly tightening his grip in Jeongguk’s hair, encouraging more moans out of the younger.

Jeongguk took this as a note of encouragement and licked a few more times before swallowing Taehyung’s dick whole.

This motion made Taehyung cry out because normally he was either giving the blowjob or was receiving a really shit one, never had he come from just a blowjob alone.

Jeongguk carried on bobbing his head up and down Taehyung’s dick, taking him as far as he could which appeared to be an impressive amount. Every time he neared the top of Taehyung’s dick he gave the tip little kitten licks and dipped his tongue into the slit, eliciting more unearthly moans from Taehyung’s throat.

Taehyung kept a firm grip in Jeongguk’s hair but never took control of the situation and forced his dick into Jeongguk’s mouth, he’d had it done enough times to him to know that it’s not nice when it’s forced upon you.

So, it’s safe to say that when Jeongguk pulled off Taehyung’s dick with another lick and looked up at him and said, in a rather raspy voice, “how would you feel about fucking my mouth?” Taehyung was extremely shocked, and also ready to go into a grave because holy shit.

He pulled Jeongguk up and brought their lips together straight away, kissing the life out of Jeongguk. Taehyung wrapped his hands around Jeongguk’s neck again, liking the way that they fit into the crevices perfectly and Jeongguk wound his arms around Taehyung’s waist, securing him in his hold.

Jeongguk hotly responded to Taehyung’s desperate kisses but did eventually break the kiss to fall back down to his knees, waiting expectantly with his face next to Taehyung’s still rock hard dick. It really was a sight to see.

Taehyung still couldn’t really believe this timid virgin was so ready to have his mouth fucked, he wondered if the boy had ever done it before but those queries soon went out the window when Jeongguk, clearly tired of waiting, took Taehyung straight into his mouth, readily deepthroating him.

“Ahh, f-fucking hell…” Taehyung groaned, resuming his grip in Jeongguk’s hair but this time tightening it so much that it had Jeongguk moaning.

He pulled the younger boy mostly off his cock and left him so that just the tip was lay on Jeongguk’s tongue before roughly, but not too roughly, shoving his cock back in Jeongguk’s mouth. He expected the boy to choke from the pressure but he’d obviously opened his throat up and had been expecting it.

Taehyung was pretty sure that Jeongguk had done this before considering how little the other was struggling with taking his dick even though he knew the boy was a virgin. Jeongguk just sucked and licked like his life depended on it and was soaking up every ounce of force. The only sign of struggle were the tears falling from Jeongguk’s eyes but Taehyung knew that when deepthroating, tears were just a given.

Moving his hips at a steady rhythm Taehyung placed both of his hands in Jeongguk’s hair and carried on fucking the boy’s mouth until he could feel his release approaching.

When he felt the rush he slowed his rhythm due to his breathing become eradicated again and Jeongguk appeared to pick up on what was happening and took control of the situation again, wrapping his lips around Taehyung’s dick properly and blowing him like he had been before, occasionally coming off his dick to apply stray kisses and licks to the length.

“S-shit Jeongguk, I’m gunna c-come…” Taehyung breathed out, letting his body fall slack against the wall, trusting Jeongguk’s grip on his hip to keep him up.

Jeongguk hummed around his dick and slightly pulled off so just the tip of Taehyung’s dick was remaining in his mouth, leaving his mouth open for Taehyung to come down his throat, which he did momentarily after the vibrations of Jeongguk’s humming had gone against his cock.

The white liquid went straight into Jeongguk’s mouth and when Taehyung was nearing the end of his release Jeongguk took him back into his mouth and rode out the final bits of the orgasm, swallowing the rest of the liquid, dismissing the salty taste.

Taehyung rested his head back against the wall behind him and felt Jeongguk tuck him back into his boxers and pull his trousers back up, just leaving the two of them shirtless.

He’d never experienced an orgasm that good, especially not just from a blowjob.

Taehyung pulled Jeongguk back against him and once again started to kiss the boy, not being able to get enough of his lips, which, if Taehyung hadn’t of just had such a mind-blowing orgasm, he would’ve been quite worried about but it was the least of his worries at the moment; especially considering Jeongguk’s hard dick was pressing against his inner thigh.

The two boys kept their lips moving against each other, tongues fighting against each other whilst Taehyung slowly moved his hand down Jeongguk’s bare chest, pausing when he reached the rim of the boy’s boxers.

He broke their kiss and looked at Jeongguk, “want me to get you off as good as you got me off?” he asked in a questioning tone, whispering into Jeongguk’s ear.

He slipped his hand beneath the material and started to stroke the length but didn’t take a full grasp, he just wanted to tease the boy first, like he had done to him.

“I’d l-love to see you try,” Jeongguk stuttered out, stumbling on his words when he felt the air in Taehyung’s apartment hit his cock due to Taehyung having pulled down his trousers and boxers.

Taehyung moved his lips back to Jeongguk’s neck and started littering the expanse of skin with little kisses and nicks of his teeth whilst forming a good grip around the boy’s hard cock, stroking it lightly.

When he applied pressure to Jeongguk’s neck with his lips and started to suck Taehyung also tightened his grip around his cock, moving his hand up and down and rubbing his thumb through the slit.

After creating many more bruises along Jeongguk’s neck and collarbones Taehyung moved his mouth down to Jeongguk’s nipples and began to suck on one, flicking the nub with his tongue, all whilst continuing his rhythmic stroking of Jeongguk’s cock.

Jeongguk could feel his body going slack and Taehyung took note of this so he switched their positions so Jeongguk was pressed against the wall with the cage of Taehyung’s body around him.

One of Taehyung’s hands was wrapped around Jeongguk’s dick, working literal wonders, whilst the other was now caressing his neck and cheek. Jeongguk moved his hands so he had one laying on top of either of Taehyung’s, helping him simultaneously get off and stroke the skin of his face; he just loved the feeling of Taehyung’s hands.

With a final flick of the wrist Taehyung had Jeongguk coming and was sure to reattach their lips through the boy’s orgasm, slowly licking into his mouth whilst stroking him through the high.

The white substance splayed all over Taehyung’s chest and Taehyung removed his hand from Jeongguk’s dick and ran it through Jeongguk’s cum that was lining his chest before putting his fingers in his own mouth, keeping eye contact with the younger boy.

Despite having just cum Jeongguk appeared to get riled up again and grabbed Taehyung’s head and roughly connected their lips once again. He could taste himself on Taehyung’s tongue and he decided in that moment that he never wanted to taste anything else ever again.

The two boys ran their lips against each other for a while, getting all of their emotions out and putting them into the kiss, creating an extremely hot atmosphere.

Taehyung eventually broke the kiss and reached down to pull Jeongguk’s boxers and trousers up, refastening the latter. He then walked away from the younger boy, leaving Jeongguk slouched against his hallway wall, whilst he went to go and find their shirts in the lounge.

He returned after only a few moments, now clad in his own shirt and holding Jeongguk’s which he tossed over to the other boy.

Jeongguk swiftly put his shirt back on and followed Taehyung back into the lounge where the older boy was holding out his jacket too.

“I don’t really think I’ll be able to do anything today after that so I think I’m just gunna go home, if that’s alright with you?” Jeongguk murmured, his awkwardness shining through.

“Yeah sure, I ought to shower and probably clean up any mess in the hallway anyway,” Taehyung agreed.

He knew full well that he wouldn’t be able to sit and discussion the stages of attachment with Jeongguk without wanting to attach his own lips to the other boy’s.

“Okay,” Jeongguk began, shuffling his feet and trying to distract himself from the sheer awkwardness of the situation, “shall I come round tomorrow?”

Taehyung wasn’t really expecting that. He didn’t know what he was expecting but certainly not that. Due to this he didn’t really know how to respond, making the atmosphere even more awkward.

“I mean,” Jeongguk said, shocking Taehyung out of his thinking, “I don’t have to if this whole thing has made you uncomfortable, though I highly doubt it has given your track record.”

“No, I’m not uncomfortable you wanker, I just didn’t expect you to be so okay with what happened, considering your track record,” Taehyung explained, smiling smugly at his reference to Jeongguk’s lack of experience, which definitely did not shine through in the blowjob.

Jeongguk grimaced at the mention of his confession from earlier but quickly cleared things up.

“Just because I don’t go round sticking my dick in everything that breathes doesn’t mean I don’t do anything.”

This came as a slight shock to Taehyung but he did kind of expect it considering how good the blowjob was earlier.

“I’m glad you’ve managed to experience some pleasure in your life, though I’m not sure if it was pleasure as such for the other person,” Taehyung replied, scoffing at the end of his quip.

“Considering how hard I made you cum earlier I’m pretty sure both you and I know it would’ve been pleasure,” Jeongguk stated, causing Taehyung to be at a loss for words.

Jeongguk turned around, pleased with what he said ending the conversation, and made his way over to the front door, pausing to put on his shoes.

Taehyung followed and stopped in front of the mahogany door.

They looked at each other briefly before Taehyung caught sight of Jeongguk’s neck, at least the part that was on show. Along the skin he saw a vast array of hickeys of differing colours and sizes and whilst he didn’t care if Jeongguk left his apartment with those he wasn’t sure if the younger would be too fond of that.

“Um, I just realised your neck is kinda covered in hickeys,” at the mention of the bruises Jeongguk immediately reached up to cover his neck, “I’ve got some concealer if you wanna try and cover them a bit?”

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, seemingly weighing up the decision in his head and then nodded his head.

Taehyung motioned for Jeongguk to follow him and he led the boy into his bathroom and gesticulated for him to sit on the toilet whilst Taehyung searched for the concealer in his cabinet. He quickly found it stashed behind his many eyeliners and applied some onto the back of his hand, taking the initiative to apply it for Jeongguk.

Jeongguk raised his eyebrow at this but didn’t stop the older, simply just pulled his shirt down a bit further so everything that could be covered would be covered.

Taehyung rubbed the concealer into Jeongguk’s skin, applying minimal pressure so as not to hurt the boy but the bruises must still have been quite sensitive as Jeongguk often let out little mewls and groans in response to Taehyung touching him again.

Once the concealer had been applied Taehyung stepped back and let Jeongguk observe the handiwork in the mirror himself. He saw that whilst the bruises weren’t completely covered they could just be passed off as a minor rash or something along those lines.

“Thanks,” Jeongguk said in response to Taehyung’s doing only to find that Taehyung had left the bathroom.

Jeongguk stepped out unsurely and peered up the corridor to find the other stood by the front door, fiddling with a set of keys.

He turned the bathroom light off and made his way over to Taehyung, stopping to put his shoes on in front of Taehyung.

By the time he’d finished the other boy had opened the front door after finding the corresponding key.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Taehyungie,” Jeongguk said, adding emphasis on the end of Taehyung’s name.

He slipped between the older boy and the door frame before the other could retort and immediately made his way down the corridor, turning the corner when necessary.

Taehyung shut the door behind Jeongguk and slouched against it once the lock had clicked.

“Bye, asshole,” he merely whispered to himself, knowing that the other boy was long gone.

♡ ♡ ♡

What do you want to do tomorrow?

dude it’s half 3 go to fukcing slee p

That doesn’t answer my question.

i genuineyl coulnt’ give less of a shit what we do

u could suck my dick again



i was kidding?????

u don’t hav to

unless u want to

if ur down, i’m down


♡ ♡ ♡

“What the fuck do you mean he sucked you off?!”

“Jimin please calm down, I only told you because I don’t know what to do about it,” Taehyung reasoned, praying to every single God out there that Jimin was in a private area talking to, or more so yelling at, him down the phone.

“What do you mean you don’t know what to do about it?” Jimin began, confusion lining his voice, “you’re Kim Taehyung, the resident slag of the college campus!”

Jimin’s cheerful and jokey tone did nothing to mask the insult that he’d thrown at Taehyung but the latter had heard worse and knew that nothing that came out of Jimin’s mouth was meant maliciously.

“Yah! This isn’t helping at all Jimin,” Taehyung explained, clearly exasperated.

“I don’t see why you’re freaking out over it, he’s just one guy.”

“He’s not just one guy though, he’s my fucking tutor and someone I’m supposed to detest,” Taehyung pointed out, rolling his eyes as he said it, “how am I supposed to survive through another tutoring session now I know what he sounds like when he’s knocking one out?!”

Taehyung found his mind wandering back to what had happened the day before. How his own indecent moans had encompassed the air around the two boys whilst Jeongguk’s mouth had worked sinfully around his length; making him feel things he didn’t even realise he was capable of feeling.

He also recalled how lascivious Jeongguk’s moans had been when it had become Taehyung’s turn to take control. He’s obviously made people come undone before but never had he been so enamoured with someone whilst that had happened. Normally he tried to get it done as quick as he could but with Jeongguk he tried to drag it out but in the end he became impatient and wanted to see Jeongguk fall apart, bit by bit.

“Taehyung!” Jimin shouted down the phone, trying to bring Taehyung back into reality, “just try and act normal, yeah? It’s not likely it’ll happen again anyway.”

In any other situation Jimin would have been right. Taehyung kept things to singular occasions so he didn’t become attached to people but something about Jeongguk was just so addictive. Taehyung felt a need to impress the boy, whether it be on an exam paper or on his knees.

“Yeah…about that…” Taehyung began to drawl out, fearing how Jimin was respond.

He was met with silence on the other end of the phone and then a quick, “what the fuck did you do?”

“I may or may not have suggested he could suck my dick again – as a joke!” he quickly added when he heard Jimin spluttering on the other end of the line, “honestly it was meant to be a joke but he agreed and now I’m just stood in the middle of my bedroom not knowing what to do because he’s meant to be here in 10 minutes!”

And it was true.

Taehyung had woken up about 20 minutes’ prior which in any other situation would’ve been plenty of time to get ready but he forgot to allow himself an hour of panicking time.

He wasn’t even entirely sure why he was so worked up. Taehyung had had his dick sucked before, he’d sucked other people’s dicks before and he’s done a number of other things that are far worse so the prospect of someone coming round and possibly sucking him off shouldn’t be as scary as it appeared to be; Taehyung wasn’t someone to commonly feel fear.

Little did Taehyung know that fear wasn’t going to be the only emotion Jeongguk would be making him feel for the first time.

♡ ♡ ♡



I forgot I signed up to do the morning shift at work today, would it be alright if we just revised at the shop?

ffs ok where do u work

The flower shop in town, you know the one by the card shop?


what time u start

In about 5 minutes. Just leave when you’re ready and I’ll be here.



u owe me for makin me leave my house



Who the hell forgets that they signed up for a shift?

Taehyung’s feelings towards Jeongguk had very quickly gone from being confused to just pure anger again. Not only was he already miffed about the tutoring generally but now he was having to leave his apartment on a Sunday, of all days, and he probably wasn’t even going to get that damn blowjob now.

♡ ♡ ♡

When Jeongguk had specified where he’d worked Taehyung couldn’t have been more surprised. He thought Jeongguk was going to say some sort of dumb psychology lab or something, not a flower shop.

Given his relatively hard exterior Jeongguk couldn’t have been easy to employ because he didn’t have the most welcoming of faces but Taehyung realised that he probably just charmed his way into the job like he had his way into Taehyung’s pants.

When Taehyung arrived at the shop, clad in another oversized hoodie and jeans but this time with his hair flopping over his forehead, he was greeted by an array of botanical scents and displays, all of which invested themselves in his nose right away.

After stepping over the wooden threshold Taehyung peered around the small shop and saw that every single wall (including the windows at the front) was littered with different floral displays and bouquets.

Opposite the front door was a counter that had the till situated on it and a relatively grumpy looking boy situated behind it, his face partially masked by a vase of flowers sitting on the desk, adjacent to the till.

Jeongguk had looked up when the bell of the shop had sounded, notifying them of someone’s arrival, and was, ironically, relieved to see Taehyung.

In all of his years (two years) working at the shop, Jeongguk had come across some very grouchy and unpleasant customers, some of whom he may or may not have dreamt about shoving flower vases up their ass. His mood wasn’t exactly peachy at the moment anyway due to having forgotten about his shift and being late, causing him to be reprimanded, so to not see any customers come in and complain about there being one thorn left on a bunch of roses or that they forgot their boyfriend/girlfriend had hay-fever and it was the shops fault for not checking beforehand was a big relief.

Taehyung made his way over to the desk when he realised Jeongguk was sat there. He looked over what the boy was wearing and was surprised to actually find him sporting a bit of colour. His t-shirt was polo shirt style and had been buttoned up to the top, leaving the pink fabric clinging around Jeongguk’s neck, presumably hiding the remainder of the hickeys that Taehyung had given him.

Thinking about how he’d made his mark on Jeongguk made Taehyung’s heart flutter slightly but the butterflies were soon shot down when Jeongguk opened his mouth.

“You just gunna stand there and admire my good looks or are you gunna get your stuff out?” Jeongguk asked, a patronizing tone lining his voice.

The comment made Taehyung think back to the first time the two had ever properly spoken and how, despite having had his dick in the others’ mouth by this time, Jeongguk’s attitude towards him evidently hadn’t changed. The familiarity of the situation inspired Taehyung to respond in a way he had beforehand too.

“Sorry, next time I’m thinking about how much of a cockslut you looked like deepthroating my dick yesterday I’ll do it somewhere else, maybe in the shower?” The sentence was nearly identical to his one previously but this time it held so much more truth.

Taehyung had felt Jeongguk, he had touched the boy in so many ways and just the thought of running his hands along the expanses of Jeongguk’s skin made him want to come undone. And he had thought about Jeongguk in the shower, both after the boy had left yesterday and this morning.

Taehyung had thought about the sensual licks Jeongguk had given to the tip of his dick, sending waves of pleasure vibrating through his entire body. He’d thought about how his grip in Jeongguk’s hair had emitted such unearthly moans from the younger, moans that Taehyung wanted to have playing on a broken record player so that the song never changed, the tracklist of his life would only be Jeongguk’s raspy moans and noises of pleasure.

“Shut up dumbass,” Jeongguk growled in response, “just get your stuff out so we can get this over and done with.”

Taehyung laughed quietly at having riled Jeongguk up once again but didn’t dwell on the smugness and instead proceeded to take his textbook and pens out.

Whilst he did that Jeongguk had gone into the back room and returned with a stool similar to the one he’d been perched on and sat it next to his own. The countertop of the desk was big enough to leave room for customers even if Taehyung had his work out so he wasn’t being too obstructive in any way.

Once Taehyung had sorted all of his materials across the counter and had sat down on the stool he turned to Jeongguk and asked what the best way to go about doing things was.

“Well, I know you’re struggling on the majority of stuff,” Jeongguk said, cutting off Taehyung’s protest at the accusation of his knowledge. “Don’t try and act like you know more than you do, I literally don’t care how much you do or don’t know, just be honest with me.”

Taehyung nodded his head accordingly, causing the hair resting flat on his forehead to bounce up whenever he moved.

“So, which modules are causing you the most bother?”

Instead of immediately replying Taehyung opened up the textbook to the contents page and scanned through the specification list. If he was being completely honest with himself, there was no topic that he was 100% sure on but he was reluctant to admit that to Jeongguk.

Whilst Taehyung acknowledged that Jeongguk probably didn’t give a shit what his knowledge was like he himself was just very insecure of how little he appeared to know, even after trying so hard.

“Um,” Taehyung started, not really knowing where he was going with the sentence, or his life really. “I guess my worst is the Biopsychology but I’m not that comfortable with any of them really.”

It was hard to admit and Taehyung watched Jeongguk’s face carefully for any sort of physical response to the words but the younger just seemed to consider them and think them through.

“Okay, well that’s expected really because that is the hardest modu-“ Jeongguk was cut off by the ringing of the bell at the front of the shop and an old lady coming in, making a beeline straight for the desk.

“Oh hello dear!” the woman started, clearly in a rush to get her words out, “I desperately need a bunch of flowers, my daughter-in-law is in hospital and I wanted to get her something nice for the horrible room she’s been put in, could you do anything for me?”

Jeongguk stood up from the stool slowly and appeared to be processing the words before replying to the woman, who was pleadingly looking between the two boys.

“That’s not a problem, Miss,” Jeongguk said politely whilst walking over to stand perched by the counter, containing beautiful purple flowers that had very thin petals and practically screamed delicacy. “These flowers are called Asters and they symbolize patience, which I think would be good for your daughter-in-law, regarding her recovery time. Is that okay?”

The woman appeared to very impressed with Jeongguk’s response and asked for the flowers to be wrapped up as quickly as possible, which Jeongguk did straight away.

After moving back to the counter where Taehyung was sat Jeongguk wrapped the flowers carefully in a pale pink wrapping and pristinely tied a piece of ribbon near the bottom of the bunch, which kept the whole thing together as a whole.

Taehyung couldn’t deny that he was extremely impressed with how dexterous Jeongguk’s hands were and how well he handled the flowers, holding each one with such care and gentleness. Realistically he should’ve known that Jeongguk would be good at his job considering how well he’d handled Taehyung’s body a mere 24 hours beforehand.

Jeongguk’s hands had expertly run up and down Taehyung’s body, exploring every single crevice and bump. Every time he’d removed his hands Taehyung had felt like someone had literally removed a part of his skin. It had been hard for Taehyung not to notice where Jeongguk’s hands had been because every area he touched had felt like it was on fire and the slow burn had immediately begun to spread to Taehyung’s heart, encompassing all of his veins and arteries; every last bit of his body was oozing Jeongguk. All from some simple touches.

He’d never had that sort of reaction with anyone before and now that he was able to actually think about it, the entire concept scared him a lot. He didn’t want to end up becoming attached to Jeongguk completely just because the kid knew how to use his hands. Taehyung was not somebody who let himself get attached easily but he was yet to find out that in this case, he didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

♡ ♡ ♡

After Jeongguk had dealt with the woman’s order and received her payment he’d gone back to studying with Taehyung but the latter decided that learning about flowers was far more important than learning about the purpose of the adrenocorticotropic hormone.

They’d managed to do about 15 minutes of revision before Taehyung started to slip questions about different flowers in the conversation.

“So what does that one represent?” Taehyung queried, pointing to a vase of birds of paradise situated in the corner of the room opposite the desk. It was the fifth type of flower that he’d asked about and frankly, Jeongguk had never wanted to just focus on psychology more in his life.

“They symbolize magnificence, though I doubt you’d know magnificence if it bit you on the ass,” Jeongguk quipped, regretting doing so once he saw the smirk plastered on Taehyung’s face.

“I mean; I would say you’re right but I know you’ve got a rather magnificent ass,” Taehyung replied, putting emphasis onto the ‘you’ve’.

He looked up and saw that a blush had crept up Jeongguk’s neck and was steadily approaching his face. Taehyung chuckled quietly at the others embarrassment and reached over to pinch at Jeongguk’s exposed cheek, belittling him and embarrassing him even further.

Jeongguk’s hand latched onto Taehyung’s wrist and moved Taehyung’s hand away from his face however when he returned Taehyung’s hand to the countertop his touch remained just a few seconds too long. Taehyung turned his head at the lingering of Jeongguk’s fingers, wrapped around his wrist in the way they’d been wrapped about his cock only a day beforehand.

Taehyung shook the odd behavior off and continued to look around the shop at the flowers on display, finding his next choice to question Jeongguk about.

Whilst Taehyung looked around the shop Jeongguk focused on himself and trying to steady his breathing once again. When he realised he’d let his touch linger for too long his heart rate had dramatically sped up, obviously much to his discomfort. He wasn’t entirely sure why but he figured it was probably just because he didn’t want Taehyung to catch the wrong end of the stick and think that Jeongguk actually liked him.

Because he didn’t.

He didn’t like the way that Taehyung’s eyes lit up whenever he saw something pretty.

He didn’t like the way Taehyung’s box smile had come out for a show when the old lady had too greeted him when she’d been in the shop.

He didn’t like the way Taehyung’s entire face scrunched up whenever he smiled, creating eye crinkles that accentuated the almond shape.

He especially didn’t like the way that every time Taehyung smiled genuinely, it wasn’t because of him.

Taehyung’s melodic voice (another thing he obviously didn’t like) brought Jeongguk out of his thoughts.

“What does the blue one over there mean?” Taehyung asked, jabbing his pointer finger at a stand covered in blue roses by the adjacent wall.

Jeongguk mumbled his response causing Taehyung to miss the actual meaning.

“What did you say? God, you’re talking like you’ve got a dick shoved in your mouth.”

“I said, they mean ‘I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you’,” Jeongguk reluctantly repeated, his voice louder this time.

Taehyung didn’t quite know how to respond to that considering the fact that he thought he heard an underlying tone of meaning in Jeongguk’s voice. He quickly dismissed the idea though as he knew Jeongguk wouldn’t want him like that.

Not that he wanted Jeongguk like that either.


An awkward silence followed Jeongguk’s statement about the meaning behind a blue rose and he was in fact the one to break it.

“So, um, do you want a drink or anything? We’ve been here for like an hour and I still haven’t offered you one, my mum would have my head if she found out,” Jeongguk asked, laughing awkwardly at the end of his question.

“Um, yeah, some tea would be great actually.”

Jeongguk got up, the sound of resistance of the metal legs of his stool against the linoleum floor echoed as he dragged the stool backwards, allowing him to get up from the desk.

He walked towards a door situated behind the desk that presumably led into a backroom and Taehyung took the initiative to follow the younger boy.

The door behind the counter led the two directly into a room that appeared to be a kitchen/rest area for all of the employees. There was a sink, fridge, kettle and microwave on the wall to Taehyung’s left as he walked through the door and a lounging area to his right which consisted of a two-person sofa and an armchair, it was similar to the set up in Taehyung’s own apartment.

Jeongguk made his way straight to the kettle and put it on to boil, taking two cups from the back of the countertop and bringing them forward, putting a teabag in each and then also putting the milk in before the wate-

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Taehyung exclaimed upon seeing Jeongguk commit tea treason.

Or should he say: teason.

“What do you mean what the fuck am I doing?! I’m making you a god damn cup of tea!” Jeongguk retorted, voice level rising.

“Oh no you are not, what kind of heathen puts the milk in before the water,” Taehyung explained, making his way over to Jeongguk whilst gesticulating his arms in outrage.

Jeongguk dropped the teaspoon he’d been holding to get ready to stir everything together when he put the milk in and turned around slightly so his hip was against the counter and he was facing Taehyung, who was also leaning on the counter which a very unimpressed look on his face.

Jeongguk knew that he could’ve just yelled at Taehyung and the two could’ve expressed their anger towards each other that way but he decided that he wanted to play with Taehyung a bit.

He walked a step closer to Taehyung, sealing any gap that would’ve otherwise been between them and put his hands on the elder’s waist.

Taehyung visibly stiffened at the movement from Jeongguk which the younger picked up on and moved to retract his arms, not wanting to actually make Taehyung really uncomfortable, but Taehyung quickly got used to the situation and allowed Jeongguk to keep his arms there.

Seeing that Taehyung was fine with what was happening spurred Jeongguk on and made him fully wrap his arms around Taehyung’s waist so he could pull the shorter one flush against him.

Jeongguk leaned down slightly so his mouth was level with Taehyung’s ear and he started to whisper sensually, making Taehyung shiver.

“You’re never happy with anything are you, Tae?” Jeongguk asked, the nickname affecting Taehyung way more than it should’ve.

Taehyung quickly shooed away the butterflies that had come to rest within his stomach and regained his composure. He realised Jeongguk was trying to play a game with him and he knew full well that he could play back twice as hard, making Jeongguk regret ever thinking he could toy with Taehyung.

“I’m happy as long as my hands are on you, Kookie,” Taehyung said, Jeongguk’s head coming up at the sound of the new nickname but he didn’t dispute the use of it.

Taehyung brought his hands up from where they’d be resting idly by his sides and put one of his hands on either side of Jeongguk’s face, causing the two to find themselves in a very compromising position if someone were to walk in.

Jeongguk noted that Taehyung was more than happy for the situation to pan out how he seemingly wanted it to and so he started to move his hands, that were situated on Taehyung’s waist, up and down the edges of the elder’s body, causing more and more butterflies to flutter their way into not only Taehyung’s stomach but, surprisingly, his heart as well.

Taehyung wanted to match Jeongguk’s movements and so he started to move his thumb against Jeongguk’s cheekbone, making the moment the two were having far more intimate than it should’ve been.

He realised that what he was doing was what he would’ve been doing if he was in a relationship with Jeongguk but, he wasn’t.

Taehyung removed his hands from Jeongguk’s cheeks, much to the apparent disapproval of the younger who groaned slightly at the loss of contact and instead placed them firmly on Jeongguk’s ass, giving it a firm squeeze with both hands.

Jeongguk changed their position so he had his back to the counter and Taehyung was in front of him, pushing him into the countertop.

This position made it difficult for Taehyung to keep his grip on Jeongguk’s ass so he removed his hands and placed them on the edge of the counter on either side of the younger boy, who had yet to move his hands from Taehyung’s waist. However, when Taehyung changed his hands so did Jeongguk and the younger moved his hands down to Taehyung’s ass, basically reversing how their position had been before.

He used this new grip to pull Taehyung even closer to him, even though the two were touching at all points of the body anyway.

This new friction caused their shirts to rub against each other, reminding them that there was only two layers of clothing stopping their skin from being connected and also only a few layers of clothing stopping their dicks from being against each other fully. The close proximity already meant that their groins were pressed against each other, which showed them that they both wanted something to happen, it was just a matter of who would make the first move.

Taehyung took the honour and leaned his weight on his arms, moving his body forward and pressing his mouth to Jeongguk’s.

The kiss was simple at first, just the pressing and movement of lips but it didn’t take long before things got a little more heated.

Jeongguk pushed himself fully into the kiss, removing his hands from Taehyung’s ass and wrapping them around his waist, gathering the older boy him in his arms and pulling him close.

Taehyung too withdrew his arms from where they’d been before and placed them back onto Jeongguk’s cheeks, holding his face in place so he could kiss him exactly as he wanted to.

The two found themselves incredibly desperate for more contact and were practically clawing at each other’s clothing, wanting to experience more and more skin.

Jeongguk nipped sweetly at Taehyung’s bottom lip as he toyed with the hem of the latter’s shirt and Taehyung let out a gasp at the pain the bite caused, allowing Jeongguk to slip his tongue into the elder’s mouth, dominating the kiss.

Taehyung pulled away briefly and looked Jeongguk in the eyes, which was burning with the want and need to keep going.

He too wanted to keep going but he needed to know that if he were to take his clothes off no one was going to come barging in, which he tried to explain to Jeongguk but the younger seemed to only want to kiss Taehyung. Which Taehyung was letting Jeongguk do, going against his number one rule.

“J-Jeongguk-” Taehyung started, being stopped by Jeongguk’s mouth on his own. “Is there a l-lock on the door?”

Jeongguk fully pulled away to look at Taehyung and then looked towards the door before looking back at Taehyung mischievously.

“Yeah, there is,” Jeongguk began, leaning forward to press his lips against Taehyung’s exposed neck, earning him moans from Taehyung. Whilst he attached his lips to Taehyung’s neck he moved his hand down from Taehyung’s back to palm the elder through his trousers. “Do you want me to go lock the door? Or, do you want me to get you off now, knowing that at any moment someone could walk in and see how filthy you’re being?”

Jeongguk had drawled the words into Taehyung’s ear all whilst dragging his teeth along the lobe, occasionally nipping when he applied pressure to Taehyung’s cock.

Taehyung allowed moans to fall out of his mouth as rapidly as rain falls out of the clouds in a northern downpour.

“P-please lock the door,” Taehyung managed to gasp out in between moans.

Jeongguk took note of the pleading tone in his voice and detached himself from the other boy, eliciting a sigh of relief from Taehyung, to go and lock the door.

He found that only a few seconds were needed for Taehyung to completely regain his composure as when he returned to the brown haired boy he was grabbed by the wrist and dragged over to the two seater sofa on the other side of the medium sized room.

He was then pushed down onto the sofa so his hand was on one arm rest and his legs elongated towards the other arm rest. Taehyung then placed himself sitting right above Jeongguk’s crotch, hovering slightly, and placed a leg on either side of the younger’s hips.

Before lowering himself down he wriggled his way out of yet another oversized hoodie he’d chosen to wear so he was shirtless and he also pulled Jeongguk up slightly so he could get the other boy’s shirt off too. As much as Taehyung liked the pale pink colour contrasting against the bronzed skin of Jeongguk’s neck he much preferred being able to drag his hands up and down the expanse of unblemished skin that was beyond the collar of the shirt.

Jeongguk seemed more than happy with the advancement of things and reached his hands up so they wrapped around Taehyung’s neck, pulling him down for yet another kiss.

Taehyung had no problem retaliating to the kiss with even more pressure, grinding his still clothed cock down onto Jeongguk’s from above.

From being put in his situation earlier with Jeongguk having taken control he felt the need to now prove his dominance and to show Jeongguk that he too could be in charge, even in a more submissive position.

Taehyung didn’t let the kiss last for too long, for more than one reason, and slowly moved his body down the length of the sofa and subsequently the length of Jeongguk’s body, which was splayed before him. Jeongguk opened his legs a bit more so they were on either side of Taehyung, caging the older boy in.

Jeongguk felt Taehyung nosing his way down his stomach, occasionally dropping a kiss that quickly transformed into a bruised piece of skin due to Taehyung’s need to cover Jeongguk in hickeys. It was quite a possessive thing to do, especially since Jeongguk wasn’t his to mark.

Once Taehyung had reached Jeongguk’s trousers he brought his hands up and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the garment, moving it down Jeongguk’s legs so he could take it off fully. Taehyung was doing this when he realised there was nothing on Jeongguk’s feet to stop the trousers from coming off; he realised that Jeongguk didn’t have shoes on nor had he had any on at any point of the day.

“Jeongguk?” Taehyung began, peering up at the younger boy from his position. “Why don’t you have any shoes on?”

Jeongguk, who had been leaning his head back on the armrest of the sofa, lifted his head up and looked down at Taehyung incredulously.

“Why does that matter?” Jeongguk inquired, disbelief flooding his voice at Taehyung asking such a question whilst they were in the positon they were in.

“Don’t you step on thorns or anything?” Taehyung answered, genuine concern in his eyes as he looked up at Jeongguk.

“Tae, now really is not the fucking time.”

“Why not? Surely you should be wearing shoes in a flower shop of all places because you could step on something that could puncture your foot and then you’d complain about things even more than you already do.”

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung for a few seconds, raising his eyebrows, before sitting up. Taehyung followed this movement and sat on his knees in front of Jeongguk from having been lying down on his stomach beforehand.

The younger brought a hand up to Taehyung’s face and caressed the skin of his cheek before moving some stray pieces of hair out of his face. Jeongguk leaned forward and pressed a few little kisses on Taehyung’s neck, making the other boy shiver, and then brought his own face back in line with Taehyung’s.

“How about you suck my dick really good and then I’ll go find some shoes to put on, yeah?”

Taehyung gasped at the feeling of Jeongguk’s breath hitting his face and the sensual tone of his voice before nodding weakly and moving back down to be level with Jeongguk’s cock as the other boy too lay back down, a smug smile filling up his face.

Taehyung had specifically wanted to assert his dominance with Jeongguk but it seemed that all he could do was comply to what Jeongguk wanted of him; he couldn’t find it in him to say no to the boy.

Jeongguk reached down and lightly placed his hand in Taehyung’s hair, mussing up the flat style it’d had before. He tugged slightly when he felt Taehyung placing small kisses along the length of his dick, sending waves of pleasure through him.

Taehyung felt the tugs and took them as notes of encouragement and turned the kisses into long licks which consequently became him hollowing his cheeks around the expanse of Jeongguk’s dick.

When he’d given the younger a handjob before he’d felt the impressive size then but it was something else entirely actually in his mouth, and he couldn’t get enough of it.

He managed to get the majority of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth, swallowing around it every so often when he got as far as he could. The rest of his cock Taehyung covered with one of his hands, for the other was situated on Jeongguk’s hip, pressing him firmly into the couch to stop him from bucking up.

Taehyung removed his mouth for a little bit because he felt his jaw going quite slack from the weight of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth so he moved up Jeongguk’s body and resorted to kissing the other boy, but kept his hand on Jeongguk’s dick so there was always some pressure there.

As Jeongguk moved his mouth with Taehyung’s he felt the latter’s hand gracefully moving up and down his dick, his fingers tracing the veins and his thumb occasionally dipping into the slit at the top. This movement commonly elicited moans from Jeongguk which allowed Taehyung to slip his tongue into Jeongguk’s mouth, licking the roof of his mouth and gaining all of the access he’d wished for.

Jeongguk still had a grip in Taehyung’s hair and tugged slightly so he could pull Taehyung off his lips and signal for the elder to move back down to his dick. Taehyung complied with the request and shimmed back down Jeongguk’s body to his cock.

This time he didn’t waste any time with kitten licks as he just swallowed Jeongguk whole, going up and down on him at a rapid pace, edging Jeongguk closer to his release every second.

“Ah-h-keep doing that, please Tae,” Jeongguk begged, tightening his grip in Taehyung’s hair more and looking down at the older with pleading eyes.

Taehyung met his eye contact and pulled off his dick with a slick pop, smugly smiled, and then went straight back down, not letting up at all.

It only took a few more seconds for Jeongguk to come in Taehyung’s mouth and with that he was groaning out Taehyung’s name, which brought a sense of pride and accomplishment along for Taehyung who had swallowed every last drop.

After Jeongguk had come down from his high he reached down for Taehyung’s face and pulled him up so he could kiss hm.

They slipped their tongues into each other’s mouths and Jeongguk could taste himself on Taehyung’s tongue which was surprisingly pleasant.

He slid his hands down Taehyung’s body and slipped them into the back pockets of Taehyung’s jeans which he unfortunately still had on. He pulled slightly on Taehyung’s ass so he was pulling the elder closer to him before he swiftly switched their positions so he was hovering above Taehyung, in between his knees and Taehyung was spread out beneath him with his legs on either side of Jeongguk’s hips.

They still had their lips attached for the sake of not wanting to cut off contact with each other (something that Taehyung would never admit) but Jeongguk did pull away, rather reluctantly.

“I know I said I’d go find some shoes if you sucked me off but what kind of person what I be if I didn’t return the favour?” Jeongguk muttered against Taehyung’s neck where he was littering kisses and hickeys, much to Taehyung’s pleasure.

Instead of giving a verbal response Taehyung got groaned aloud and pushed his cock up into Jeongguk’s groin, showing that he was already hard.

Jeongguk moved his head so he was kissing Taehyung again and chuckled into his mouth before giving a final, and rather intimate, kiss and moving down to Taehyung’s crotch.

Jeongguk didn’t fully remove Taehyung’s trousers and instead just undid the fastening and pulled them and his boxers down far enough for his cock to spring free.

He didn’t waste any time before going straight down on Taehyung’s cock, giving it a few sucks before opening his throat up and deepthroating Taehyung once again.

Taehyung remembered from last time that Jeongguk liked having his hair pulled so he reached down and gave the black hair an experimental tug only to be met with Jeongguk moaning around his dick, sending vibrations of lust through both their bodies.

Jeongguk kept his mouth on Taehyung’s dick and Taehyung kept his hand in Jeongguk’s hair and the two very quickly established a rhythm that had Taehyung coming faster than he probably had in his entire life.

Jeongguk happily took the load and swallowed it all, showing no signs of discomfort.

He quickly did Taehyung’s jeans back up and briefly got off the couch to find his own and put them back on. By the time he’d done this Taehyung had stood up from the couch and had located his hoodie and had put it back on. He was holding out Jeongguk’s own shirt for him to put back on which he did rapidly.

The two faced each other for a few seconds before Jeongguk closed the distance between the two and sealed the gap between their lips, much to the surprise of both of them.

Their lips moved smoothly against each other and Jeongguk moved his hands to wrap around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him in so he could kiss him like he really meant it, but Taehyung just put the show of emotion down to the lust dying down slowly.

Taehyung moved his hands up from resting idly at his sides so that they were occupied in Jeongguk’s hair, which he had grown to become quite fond of.

When he thought about Jeongguk now he found that he generally was relatively fond of the boy, there wasn’t just a lobe of his brain full of hate for the younger boy anymore. Taehyung didn’t know whether this is fondness was just a mask for the wanting of Jeongguk in a purely sexual sense or whether Taehyung was attracted to the boy in more than one way.

All Taehyung knew was that if he was in a microcosm of the world that was a garden he was the lone blue rose in a vase on the other side of the room; he was the fond feeling behind the sentiment of wanting Jeongguk but not being able to have him.

♡ ♡ ♡

We didn’t get much done today so could you just let me know the topics you’re struggling with and I’ll make up some notes for you that we can go over next session?

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Go to sleep then and stop complaining.



♡ ♡ ♡

“Taehyung what do you mean it happened again?!”

“Jimin it’s really not that big of a deal,” Taehyung explained, holding his phone between his shoulder and ear as he tried to carry his pillow and duvet through to the lounge in his apartment.

It was now a couple of weeks after the flower shop incident and many more of those same incidents had occurred within the shop due to it not being particularly busy on the weekends in the mornings.

After Taehyung had left the flower shop on Tuesday, having done promptly no revision, he’d spoken to Jeongguk about them establishing somewhat of an arrangement with their sexual endeavours.

There was no fine print to the arrangement as it was more so just a do some work and get a blowjob kind of situation.

Surprisingly enough, Taehyung had actually felt like he’d learnt quite a sufficient amount of material too because Jeongguk managed to incorporate the learning techniques in with the sexual favours: get a set of questions right and get a blowjob. It was as simple as that.

“What on Earth do you mean ‘it’s not a big deal’?! It’s a huge deal!” Jimin exclaimed in disbelief.

Taehyung sighed into the receiver as he dropped his bedding onto the sofa and took a proper hold of the phone again, flopping himself down onto the sofa too.

“Kim Taehyung don’t you dare sigh at me, I don’t think you realise what you’re getting into,” Jimin explained sharply but there was a concern lining his voice that softened the blow of the statement.

Taehyung knew what Jimin was getting at because most friends with benefits did end up with feelings for each other but Taehyung felt like he had the situation under control and he knew Jeongguk was too cold hearted to even have the capacity to feel emotion so it wasn’t really a worry.

“C’mon Jimin, if I got attached to every person I did things with then I’d be in love with half the student body, you know that if anyone can do this it’s me.”

Jimin paused for a moment and then took his turn to sigh into the phone, showing the level of his exasperation for Taehyung.

“I know Tae; I just don’t want you getting hurt. This is the first time we’ve spoken in weeks and after all the pleasantries the first thing I hear from you is that you’re sleeping with someone you’re meant to hat-”

“First of all, we’re not sleeping together. Second of all, it’s not like I like him now Jimin? I still think he’s a douche, just one who’s really good at doing this one thing with their tongu-”

“Yah! I think that’s enough information Taehyung!”

Taehyung laughed down the phone at Jimin’s discomfort and was happy to hear a hearty chuckle in response too.

“Thanks for looking out for me, Jimin,” Taehyung said, settling himself under his duvet.

“Anything for you, Taehyung.”

“I’ll tell Yoongi you said that!”

“Go ahead, last time he tried giving me the silent treatment he lasted about 2 hours ‘cause he wanted me to do this one really good thing with my tongu-”

“Bye Jimin!” Taehyung yelled down the phone, cutting Jimin off because the last thing he wanted to hear about was his best friend’s sex life.

He was met with a loud laugh on the other side of the line and heard Jimin say goodbye before he ended the call properly.

Taehyung managed to get himself settled under his double-sized duvet and was about to turn his TV on so he could catch up on some shows he’d missed when his phone rang once again.

He presumed it was Jimin just ringing him back quickly for something so he accepted the call without checking the ID and was met with his mother’s voice.

“T-Taehyung?” she sniffled down the line, pain very clear in her voice.

Taehyung’s attention immediately went completely to the phone call as his mum never called him more than once a month and he’d only spoken to her two weeks ago and the tone of her voice was particularly concerning.

“Mum? What is it?” Taehyung asked, trying to be soothing to order to calm her down.

“I-it’s your father, oh God Taehyung it’s your dad, he’s d-died,” his mum choked out, barely getting through the sentence before Taehyung heard her crying even more. She followed through by explaining that Taehyung’s father had experienced an out-of-the-blue heart attack but she’d been out when it’d happened and by the time she’d gotten home and the paramedics had arrived it’d been too late.

Taehyung couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. Whilst he hadn’t sustained a very good relationship with his dad he still had never wanted the man to die.

Taehyung’s dad had never been much of a role model to him because he’d always been at work when Taehyung was at home and the two had just never really spent much time together. Despite this, his dad was still somewhat of a role model to him; a role model of how not to parent.

Taehyung almost definitely wanted children of his own in the future and the way his own parents brought him up compared to how his friend’s parents brought them up showed him what kind of parent he wanted to be.

He could hear his mum still crying on the other end of the phone and didn’t really have any good way of comforting her as he was becoming a lot more emotionally affected than he thought he would be himself.

“Mum, please try and stop crying, please,” Taehyung begged down the lie, using all of his willpower to not cry himself.

“I’m s-sorry Taehyung, I just wanted you to know s-sweetheart,” she replied earnestly, her breathing slowly down slightly.

“It’s alright mum, don’t apologise. I’m g-gunna go now and just let it sink it, stay safe and I’ll speak to you soon,” Taehyung said, stumbling over some words due to his emotions being so haywire.

“Okay, I l-love you,” his mum said in reply.

The reply shocked Taehyung because it was the first time she’d said it in well over 6 months and it did nothing but cause him to lose control even further.

He ended the call before his mum heard him break into tears and he just resorted to clutching the duvet to his chest and letting out all of the emotion he’d pent up in all of his time away from his parents.

Taehyung wasn’t someone who cried easily but when he did he always liked having someone with him, a literal shoulder to cry on. Normally this person would be Jimin (and commonly Yoongi) but now Jimin was half way up the country away from him and Taehyung knew that a phone call would only make matters worse because he’d be reminded that was alone.

Once he was able to properly function and could actually see out of his eyes without tears blocking his way Taehyung did something that he knew he was probably going to regret the next day but in his state of vulnerability he didn’t really know what else to do.

can u come over? ??



please jenogguk k

i need soemone rght now

Okay, you can explain when I get there.

I’m just finishing closing up the shop and I’ll be right over.



Taehyung looked at the time on his phone and saw that it was just after 6 and figured that Jeongguk would be over in about 15 minutes given the time it takes to walk from the shop to Taehyung’s flat.

In order to time and pass the time is some way that wasn’t crying Taehyung trudged into his kitchen and boiled the kettle to make some hot drinks; he’d grown accustomed to Jeongguk way of making tea and had even picked up on doing it himself, a trait he wasn’t particularly proud of.

Once he’d made the drinks he brought them both back into the lounge with him and put them down on top of the table situated in front of the couch he’d been lying on before his mum had rang him. He walked over to the TV and DVD player and turned it all off, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything other than another person’s breathing pattern tonight.

A few minutes later Taehyung heard his doorbell ring and daintily got up from the couch where he’d been sat waiting. He trudged over to the door, dragging his feet underneath him due to his state of emotional and physical exhaustion.

He didn’t bother looking through the eyehole to see whether or not it was Jeongguk at the door and just pulled it open straight away.

Taehyung was met with a slightly panting and red-faced Jeongguk clad in his work t-shirt, covered by a long black bomber jacket paired with some black jeans and some plain black boots. Jeongguk had one arm resting against the doorframe of Taehyung’s doorway which appeared to be holding him up as he was quite out of breath. If Taehyung were in more of an attentive state, he might’ve realised that Jeongguk had quite literally run to Taehyung’s apartment when he’d received the rather distressing texts but Taehyung couldn’t focus on anything except the fact that Jeongguk was a physical body stood in front of him.

When the realization of Jeongguk being there finally struck Taehyung he managed to reach out to pull Jeongguk to him and envelop Jeongguk with his own body, his arms locked tightly around the younger’s waist and his head tucked into his chest.

Jeongguk was taken aback by the movement from Taehyung but didn’t protest because he figured it was just what Taehyung needed and whatever the elder needed, Jeongguk was willing to give it to him.

Taehyung removed himself from Jeongguk’s body after a few seconds and recoiled completely, not even looking at the other boy. He simply moved around Jeongguk to shut his front door and then turned around to walk into the living room.

Jeongguk wasn’t entirely sure what he was meant to do so he just took his shoes and jacket off and left them by the front door before following Taehyung into the lounge only to not see him in there.

He peered around the room for a second before he saw the lump of a duvet on the couch move slightly and sighed to himself. He wasn’t sure why Taehyung appeared to be in such a state of distress but it was extremely unnerving.

Jeongguk was used to seeing the mean and provoking side of Taehyung, he was used to seeing the lustful and promiscuous side of Taehyung and he was even used to seeing the happy side of Taehyung from running into the boy around campus occasionally and seeing him randomly smiling to himself.

One side of Taehyung that he’d never encountered before was this emotionally compromised one; however, this didn’t mean that he didn’t know how to look after someone who was upset.

He quietly walked over to the couch, taking note of the still steaming cups of tea on the table, and slowly lowered himself down so he was sat on the second cushion of the couch that wasn’t currently occupied by Taehyung.

Jeongguk sat with his legs folded underneath him and he reached over to where the top of the duvet seemed to be, hanging over the top of the sofa. He slowly pulled it down to be met with Taehyung with his hands covering his face, his sleeves covering the majority of his hand, some of the fabric appeared to be wet to as if he’d been wiping away tears, which was exactly what he’d been doing.

Jeongguk leaned over, resting his weight on his knees, and pulled Taehyung’s hands away from his face, putting them on top of the duvet that was pooled around his waist.

Taehyung jerked his face away from Jeongguk’s hands that were moving up to cradle his cheeks but Jeongguk persevered, determined to try and help calm Taehyung down, who had tears silently rolling down his face still.

“Taehyung?” Jeongguk began, his voice quiet so it didn’t spook the older boy, “can you tell me what’s happened?”

Taehyung moved his head so it was hanging down, his chin close to his chest, and waited a few seconds before explaining with Jeongguk’s hand slowly caressing his cheek, trying to soothe him.

“My dad died.”

Jeongguk’s hand froze momentarily before it fully cupped Taehyung’s cheek, pulling his face up slightly so Jeongguk could properly look at him.

“Oh Tae, I’m so sorry,” Jeongguk said, catching the way Taehyung averted his eyes from Jeongguk’s own concerned look.

“Don’t apologise, it’s n-not your f-fault,” Taehyung started before he began to get choked up again.

He didn’t bother attempting to explain what happened as he knew he wouldn’t be able to. Instead he repositioned himself and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk’s waist, pulling the younger boy closer to him on the couch.

Jeongguk realised that all Taehyung wanted was physical proximity and intimacy so he too positioned himself so he was rested in the corner of the sofa, his legs stretched in front of him across the length of the sofa. Taehyung was curled into Jeongguk’s side, lay with his arms around the other’s waist, head against his chest and back against the cushions of the sofa.

Jeongguk moved one of his arms so it was resting around Taehyung’s shoulders and alternated the other between stroking through Taehyung’s hair or rubbing up and down his arm.

Taehyung had brought the duvet with him when he’d moved towards Jeongguk and it was placed over both of them up to Taehyung’s shoulders and Jeongguk’s chest.

Occasionally Jeongguk heard the odd sniffle from Taehyung and he knew his work shirt was quite damp from Taehyung’s tears but he couldn’t find it within himself to care at that moment in time.

Seeing Taehyung sad was similar to seeing a wilted flower; everyday Taehyung was full of life and vibrantly expressive of his entire personality, constantly showing his true colours but when he was sad it was as if his own light source for survival had died out and this was particularly unfortunate because Taehyung was the light source of many people’s lives, including Jeongguk’s own.

Even if it was through hurtful comments and abusive language, Taehyung expressed himself fully and genuinely to Jeongguk.

As Jeongguk sat with the older boy, listening to his (now) steadier breathing and feeling the solidarity of Taehyung wrapped around him he became conscious of how his own feelings towards Taehyung had altered slightly.

Over the past month or so of ‘tutoring’ the two had become remarkably familiar with each other. As the weeks went by there were less and less insults thrown and any comments made were made without malicious intention. The two found themselves making it through an entire conversation filled with only pleasantries and sincerity lining their questions and responses.

They had been so wrapped up in enjoying each other’s bodies and stories they’d seemingly forgotten to carry on hating each other’s personalities.

Jeongguk was brought back into reality by the realization that Taehyung had fallen asleep on him, his breathing naturally rhythmic and his eyes fluttered shut, eyelashes balancing atop prominent cheekbones.

Jeongguk knew that he wouldn’t be moving any time soon so he slightly shuffled himself, being careful as to not wake Taehyung, into a bit more of a comfortable position, keeping his arms around Taehyung and Taehyung’s arms around him.

He fell asleep wondering if when Taehyung woke up it’d be like watching the personification of a sunrise, iridescence engulfing everything within the surrounding area.

♡ ♡ ♡

Taehyung woke up with an aching pain in his neck and encompassed in the duvet from his bed but he knew full well that he wasn’t on his bed due to the ache in his back that matched the one present in his neck.

He pushed himself up slightly so he was sitting up with his back against the back of the sofa and looked around, surveying his surroundings. He made note that he was just in his lounge and tried to think back to the night before but because of how groggy he felt there was no luck.

As he was trying to recall why he fell asleep in the lounge he heard clanging coming from the kitchen and became extremely alert, due to not remembering having anyone round last night.

He slowly got up, duvet wrapped around him like a cocoon, and shuffled into the kitchen to be met with the sight of Jeongguk hair bent over clutching his head in apparent pain.

At the viewing of Jeongguk Taehyung remembered what had happened last night and why Jeongguk was in his flat in the first place; he remembered the phone call with Jimin about being careful around Jeongguk and he’d literally gone against what Jimin had told him. He knew that whatever had happened with Jeongguk last night was overstepping a boundary but seeing Jeongguk stood in his kitchen, albeit in pain, was something that Taehyung thought he could possibly get used to.

Jeongguk had been rummaging through Taehyung’s cupboards in order to try and find a frying pan to cook some breakfast but had had no luck. On hearing the door to the kitchen open he’d abruptly lifted his head up and hit in on the roof of the cupboard, causing him to double over in pain.

“Jeongguk?” Taehyung began, shuffling closer to Jeongguk who was still holding his head in agony. “What were you doing in my cupboard?”

Jeongguk lifted his head up to look at Taehyung to explain but was unable to form any words due to the sight in front of him.  

Taehyung was encased in the duvet and had it clutched in his grasp in front of his chest so it acted almost as a makeshift hood/cape. Due to the double bed size of the quilt Taehyung was practically drowning in it and it pooled around his feet on the floor.

Through the gap under where Taehyung was clutching the Jeongguk could make out some grey sweats and white trainer socks paired with an oversized white t-shirt that Taehyung was also drowning in.

The entire look was ridiculously endearing and it made Jeongguk just want to swipe Taehyung up into his arms and pepper his face with kisses but, of course he didn’t do that.

Jeongguk snapped back into reality at the sound of Taehyung moving closer to him.

He saw that Taehyung was probably only a single step in front of him and moved his hand down from his hand, leaving it idle by his side.

Taehyung replaced the gap where Jeongguk’s hand had been with his own and rubbed over the area, presumably inspecting it for any injuries.

“Your head seems fine; now would you like to tell me why you were in my cupboard?” Taehyung asked Jeongguk, moving his hand down from the back of Jeongguk’s head, running it along Jeongguk’s jawline before resting it underneath his chin, a single finger pushing his head up a bit so Taehyung could look him in the eye.

“I, um, was looking for a frying pan?” Jeongguk replied, mumbling slightly because he was slightly intimidated by Taehyung due to the position they were in. “I was gunna make you breakfast so you didn’t have to worry about it.”

Taehyung recoiled his hand at the affectionate words from Jeongguk and was at a loss for words himself.

Instead of replying to what Jeongguk said he looked the other boy up and down, noticing that he was wearing some of Taehyung’s own clothes; a pair of grey sweats similar to Taehyung’s own and a black t-shirt with holes by the hem of the collar that Taehyung had cut in himself.

Taehyung absorbed the situation and realised how domestic it all was: him having woken up from falling asleep on the sofa last night with Jeongguk, Jeongguk then making them both breakfast the next morning dressed in Taehyung’s clothes.

The concept of domesticity including Jeongguk scared Taehyung but not nearly as much as it should’ve and instead of inducing anger within him all he felt was a blooming of butterflies in his stomach so big that it rivalled that of a butterfly farm.

♡ ♡ ♡

Once Taehyung had thoroughly checked Jeongguk’s head for the signs of any sort of injury at the younger’s pleading the two had made a cooked breakfast together and were now settled back on the sofa.

They were sat at opposite ends with the duvet covering both of them as they ate their food in a peaceful, and not awkward, silence.

Both boys finished around the same time and placed their empty plates on the table in front of them to be cleaned up later.

Neither knew what to say to spark up a conversation until Taehyung look over to the clock on his wall and saw that it was gone 10am.

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung said loudly, startling Jeongguk who had started to zone out at the lack of conversation. “We’re meant to be in college! We had a psychology lesson first thing this morning! Oh God, I need to start getting ready and maybe I’ll be there in time for break-”

“Tae, calm down,” Jeongguk started, cutting Taehyung off who had started rambling and was currently running around his lounge trying to get all of his school things together that had been scattered around beforehand.

“How am I meant to calm down when we should’ve been in college 20 minutes ago?” Taehyung questioned, throwing a dirty look in Jeongguk’s direction seemingly blaming the situation on him.

“Tae, I rang the college when I woke up earlier and said neither of us would be in today and that you might not be in for a few days, I explained what happened and they said they were gunna ring your mum to speak to her about things,” Jeongguk cleared up, the volume of his voice lowering when he acknowledged the reason as to why they were both off.

Taehyung stilled at Jeongguk’s words and visibly slumped in stature on the spot before walking back over to the sofa and letting himself fall into the cushions and landing his head on Jeongguk’s lap, face down.

Jeongguk heard Taehyung mumble something into the material of the duvet but didn’t quite catch it and asked him to repeat it.

Taehyung turned his body so he was lying on his back with his face looking vertically up at Jeongguk.

“I said, ‘I knew you were good for more than just sucking my dick’,” Taehyung repeated, a smile blossoming on his face so bright that it could rival the rays of the sun.

“You’re ridiculous, Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk chortled, staring down at Taehyung.

It was very rare that Jeongguk used Taehyung’s full name and in this situation it only added to the already present domesticity and now added intimacy into the equation.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds before Jeongguk coughed rather abruptly and spoke to break the silence.

“Do you want to talk about anything? Like what you told me last night?” Jeongguk asked carefully, not wanting to come on too strong incase Taehyung became reluctant to talk.

Taehyung broke the eye contact with Jeongguk and looked down at his hands where he was picking at his fingers, a nervous habit he’d always had.

“If you don’t want to it’s absolutely fine, but if you need to then it’s alright.”

Jeongguk moved his hands and placed one in Taehyung’s hair, having picked up on the fact that Taehyung liked having his hair stroked almost as much as he liked having his hair pulled.

He was going to leave the other one just resting on the sofa but Taehyung turned his head to see the lone hand and took it in his own and settled for playing with Jeongguk’s hand rather than his own.

“No I do want to I guess, I just don’t really know what to say, we didn’t have the best relationship,” Taehyung reasoned.

Jeongguk reflected on the first time he’d been to Taehyung’s apartment and how Taehyung had explained about his parents kicking him out. He couldn’t even imagine what that must’ve been like for Taehyung and he’d just taken advantage of the fact and ridiculed Taehyung with it.

Jeongguk thought about his relationship with his own parents and realised how lucky he was in the grand scheme of things. His parents were still married and happily together and they all lived under the same roof. They were both supportive of whatever he wanted to do and trusted him completely, knowing that he was sensible enough to get through life rather independently.

When he’d rang his mum after work last night when he was closing the shop up and had explained Taehyung’s message she’d been fine with him going over and staying over if needs be, despite it being a college night. However, he knew that if she somehow found out from the college that he’d not been in today all of that trust would disappear.

So, when he was looking for clothes in Taehyung’s room this morning after having slid out from underneath Taehyung he’d rung his mum and explained what had happened and she was more than happy to let him have the day off, providing it was just the one.

Jeongguk knew that the information would be relayed onto his dad and that his dad wouldn’t have an issue with it either so he was able to spend the day with Taehyung comfortably. Unlike the latter who had literally just lost his dad.

“I’m sorry Tae, I don’t really know how I can help but I am really sorry,” Jeongguk said, expressing empathy towards Taehyung as best he could.

Taehyung looked up from where his hands were playing with Jeongguk’s and stared endearingly at Jeongguk, as well as someone could from that angle.

“You being here is enough, I promise,” Taehyung said sincerely, giving Jeongguk’s hand a quick squeeze before changing his position so he was sat next to Jeongguk instead, his legs folded underneath him.

Jeongguk reeled his hands back and left them placed in his lap.

“By the way, why were you so out of breath when you got here last night?” Taehyung questioned, raising his eyebrow and looking directly at Jeongguk.

Jeongguk faltered and was taken aback by the question, he was surprised Taehyung remembered his demeanour from last night when he’d arrived at the apartment.

When he’d received Taehyung’s text he’d felt a surge of alarm because Taehyung never asked him to come over out of the blue and then when the following texts had come through of needing someone, the alarm had transformed into pure trepidation.

Jeongguk had promptly closed the flower shop and run to Taehyung’s apartment but he walked the last street in order to trying and routine his breathing again so he didn’t appear that out of breath but alas, he was still seen as horribly unfit.

“Well your texts were rather cryptic and if you were dying I didn’t wanna be seen as responsible for your death and not saving you,” Jeongguk lied, averting Taehyung’s curious eyes.

Taehyung caught onto Jeongguk’s lie but decided not to explicitly expose him.

“Oh yeah, I see, you weren’t worried about me or anything obviously…” he replied, scoffing towards the end of the sentence and rolling his eyes, causing Jeongguk to blush.

“Okay fine, I ran to your apartment because I was concerned but in my defense your texts didn’t really explain much and anyone would’ve been worried,” Jeongguk said, rushing his words in order to mask his embarrassment of having been caught actually caring about Taehyung.

“Awwwwww did you hear that ladies and gents?! Jeon Jeongguk caaaaaares about me!” Taehyung yelled, drawling out the words to annoy Jeongguk further.

Jeongguk retaliated by leaning over to Taehyung and pushing him down onto the sofa so his head was at the other end of the sofa to where Jeongguk had previously been sitting. He then pushed Taehyung’s legs apart and planted himself between them, hovering himself so his face was parallel with Taehyung’s.

“Wanna carry on trying to embarrass me, Tae?” Jeongguk drawled, leaning down to press his lips against Taehyung’s neck.

Taehyung automatically groaned out and brought his hands up to Jeongguk’s hair where he tugged lightly, which was pretty much a reflex action by now.

“What are you g-gunna do if I do?” Taehyung retorted, groaning when Jeongguk created hickeys along his neck and pressed his own groin into Taehyung’s.

Jeongguk laughed quietly against Taehyung’s neck before pushing himself up so his head was above Taehyung’s again.

He looked deeply into Taehyung’s eyes and tilted his head and moved it down as if he was going to kiss Taehyung before stopping just above Taehyung’s lips.

“I guess I’ll have to find another way to shut you up, won’t I?”

Jeongguk didn’t give Taehyung a chance to answer the question before he placed his lips on the elders and moved them against each other, establishing a rhythm that was as comfortable as home to both of them at this point.

They moved their hands along each other’s bodies, exploring the skin that was already so familiar to both of them. Taehyung’s hands moved from tugging at Jeongguk’s hair to roaming every inch of his back and moving down to squeeze his ass, causing Jeongguk to moan into his mouth. Jeongguk kept one hand by Taehyung’s head at all times to prop himself up but sometimes removed one of them to stroke Taehyung’s face endearingly whilst he kissed him.

If anyone else tried to do this to Taehyung he’d most likely just pull away and move his head to the side, restricting access, but it seemed that at some point during their arrangement Jeongguk had received an all-access pass that Taehyung wasn’t even aware he had to give out.

Taehyung didn’t dwell on the thought and put his attention back into the way Jeongguk was kissing him, long and lustful; every time Jeongguk pulled back for some air he seemed to be taking Taehyung’s air with him too and Taehyung felt like he really only could breathe when Jeongguk’s mouth was on his own, it was like a life source.

As soon as Taehyung established a worthwhile relationship with someone, which he didn’t do very often, he was unlikely to terminate the relationship anytime soon. This was why he often didn’t sleep with the same person twice or partake in any morning after activities. He was fine with pillowtalk as it was normally him that initiated it due to his talkative nature but anything beyond pillowtalk was strictly not in his jurisdiction.

Thinking about the situation that him and Jeongguk were in made the heat of wanting Taehyung’s stomach start to boil because nobody had ever touched him so delicately and sensually before. Being treated like a work of art was something that Taehyung could get used to but he wasn’t sure if he was actually ready to be admired by anyone, let alone it being Jeongguk.

Thankfully, Jeongguk too seemed to notice the direction the kissing had gone in and took control in speeding things up, adding to the now burning heat in Taehyung’s stomach.

Jeongguk lowered himself down so his body was flush against Taehyung’s rather than hovering above him. He pushed his groin against Taehyung’s, rubbing them against each other to create practically unbearable friction at this point.

Taehyung whined into Jeongguk’s mouth at the feeling of his dick pressed so firmly against Jeongguk’s own. In response to this Jeongguk reached down to Taehyung’s sweats to pull them down but Taehyung moved his hands forward quickly, thinking of a better idea.

“Hang on,” he moaned into Jeongguk’s mouth, which was still on his own, “get off me for a sec.”

Jeongguk looked at him incredulously but got off nonetheless and stood up in front of the sofa where Taehyung joined him not a moment later.

Before Jeongguk could ask Taehyung why they’d stopped Taehyung took Jeongguk’s hand in his own and led him out of the room in the direction of his bedroom.

Jeongguk had been in Taehyung’s bedroom before, briefly, when he was looking for some clothes to change into that morning but he hadn’t paid much attention to the room itself and he wasn’t paying much attention now either because of the way that Taehyung’s hand practically molded itself into his own.

Taehyung let go of Jeongguk’s hand and left him where he was standing in the middle of his room to go and shut the door. He had barely turned back around before Jeongguk had him crowded against the bedroom door, his mouth on Taehyung’s own and his hips rolling against the elder’s.

Taehyung reciprocated every moment that Jeongguk put forth with an equal amount of passion and pleasure, unabashedly.

Somewhere in the midst of them moving from the door to Taehyung’s bed they’d both lost their shirts and Taehyung was looking up at Jeongguk’s bare chest from where he was lay on the bed, admiring it as if it was a work of art, rather than him.

“What?” Jeongguk asked, an obvious hint of smugness in his voice. “You’ve seen me shirtless plenty of times, why are you staring at me? Is it because you can never get tired of looking at such a beautif-”

Jeongguk didn’t get to finish his sentence because Taehyung pushed himself up so he could grab Jeongguk’s face and pulled it back down with him, attaching their lips on the way for yet another heated kissed.

Taehyung quickly rolled them over so he was above Jeongguk and pulled away from his lips for a moment to mutter, “you know, I like you a lot better when you’re not talking.”

Jeongguk chuckled in response against Taehyung’s mouth before moving his head back so Taehyung had access to his neck.

Taehyung got the message quickly and pressed many kisses to Jeongguk’s neck, stopping occasionally to litter it with the odd hickey. Taehyung had never really been a fan of leaving hickeys on people nor having them left on him but something about Jeongguk just made him desperate to leave marks and practically claim him as his own even though he knew full well that Jeongguk wasn’t his.

That thought made Taehyung pause momentarily in abjection and Jeongguk noticed the halt in behavior and asked Taehyung if something was wrong.

“No, I’m fine, I was just admiring the work I’ve done to your neck,” Taehyung muttered, smiling a bit to try and laugh off the incident.

“Oh fuck sake, I’m gunna have to hide that from my parents now,” Jeongguk grumbled but the statement didn’t show any sincere signs of unhappiness, much to Taehyung’s relief.

Taehyung giggled, yes giggled, against Jeongguk’s neck at the complaint and started to move his way down Jeongguk’s bare chest, leaving kisses and marks at places that would very easily be hidden.

“How about I just mark you where no one’s gunna see it then?” Taehyung drawled, sucking a hickey on Jeongguk’s hipbone, edging closer to his trousers every second.

Jeongguk moaned in response as Taehyung had moved one of his hands up to start lightly palming Jeongguk through his sweats, whilst keeping the other hand on his hip so he didn’t buck up. Taehyung appreciated to moan and took it as an incentive to carry on what he was doing.

He moved Jeongguk’s sweats (his own sweats) down along with his boxers and let his dick spring free, the flushed head already leaking precum.

Taehyung wasted no time in going down on Jeongguk and left the younger boy no time to prepare for the wet heat of Taehyung’s mouth.

Jeongguk reached down and simultaneously grabbed a fistful of Taehyung’s hair and a fistful of the bed sheets, trying to stop his hips from bucking up at the pressure of Taehyung’s mouth around his dick.

Taehyung bobbed his head a few times before pulling off and resorting to giving the head just a few licks, teasing Jeongguk thoroughly.

“T-Tae, what the fuck,” Jeongguk groaned through gritted teeth, his grip still tight in Taehyung’s hair, “why did you stop?”

“How would you feel about fucking me?” Taehyung asked brashly.

Jeongguk spluttered briefly, becoming very shocked at Taehyung’s bluntness but thought over the idea in his head.

“I don’t know Tae, you know I’ve never done this before,” he replied after a few seconds of silence.

Jeongguk had turned his head away from where Taehyung had been looking up at him from his hips and was fiddling with the sheets where he’d been gripping them before.

Taehyung noticed how awkward Jeongguk seemed so he moved back up Jeongguk’s body until his face was hovering above the younger’s own.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” Taehyung explained, earnestly. “I just really wanna have your dick in my ass, okay?”

Taehyung swooped down to peck Jeongguk sweetly on the cheek following his vulgar statement.

Jeongguk openly moaned at Taehyung’s suggestion and moved his hips slightly, putting pressure between his own cock and Taehyung’s still clothed one.

Taehyung saw the effect that his words were having on Jeongguk and decide to bump it up slightly.

“I’ll even ride you if you want, having you writhing underneath me despite you being the one in control.”

Taehyung saw Jeongguk’s eyes widen and his pupils dilate at that image and he knew that Jeongguk was on board.

“Fucking hell, Tae,” Jeongguk groaned as he moved his head so it was facing Taehyung’s once again.

Taehyung smiled in victory before leaning down to kiss Jeongguk once again, pushing every ounce of passion he had into the kiss before leaning over to retrieve the bottle of lube and a condom he had in the drawer by his bed and putting them atop the sheets.

Jeongguk eyed the materials closely but didn’t look put off by them which comforted Taehyung because the last thing he wanted to do was to force Jeongguk into doing something he wasn’t comfortable with.

Jeongguk sat up, Taehyung moving to sit beside him, and reached over and picked up the lube from where it was beside him before drizzling it over his fingers and rubbing them together, warming it up.

Taehyung lay himself down next to where Jeongguk was and stripped himself of boxers and trousers before spreading his legs so Jeongguk could settle in between them.

“Let me know if I’m hurting you, okay?” Jeongguk said, lowering his hand until he had a finger pressed against Taehyung’s entrance.

Taehyung nodded in response and pushed his body towards Jeongguk a bit, letting him know it was okay to go in.

Jeongguk slowly slid his finger in and swallowed at both how easy the movement was yet how tight Taehyung felt around his finger regardless; the thought of Taehyung riding his dick flooded his mind and he felt his own cock straining.

Jeongguk began working his finger in and out at a steady rhythm, curling a little bit more with every stroke.

He looked up to see Taehyung’s face scrunched up in what he assumed to be pleasure so he took the incentive to add another finger, pushing it in alongside his other one.

“This okay?” Jeongguk asked though the question may as well have been rhetorical because judging by the noises coming from Taehyung it was more than okay.

“Yeah, I do it to myself sometimes,” Taehyung answered, lust dripping in his voice.

Jeongguk’s fingers faltered in their rhythm at Taehyung’s admission and he let out his own moan, curling his fingers upwards with every push.

Jeongguk worked his fingers deeper each time, having now added a third, and made it so Taehyung was taking it down to the knuckle each time.

He looked up to see how Taehyung was taking it and had decided he’d never seen anything better; someone could take him to the Louvre and no piece of art would ever compare to the sheen across Taehyung’s face or the way his delicate lips were parted, letting out raspy moans with every stroke inside of him.

“Fuck, okay, I’m good, please Jeongguk,” Taehyung breathed out as Jeongguk curled his fingers up once again.

Jeongguk withdrew his fingers and rolled onto his back beside where Taehyung had been as the latter grabbed the condom and lube and settled his legs on either side of Jeongguk.

Taehyung didn’t waste any time in rolling the condom onto Jeongguk’s dick and slicking it up with a generous amount of lube.

He moved up Jeongguk’s body and hovered above Jeongguk’s cock for a moment, aligning it with his entrance, and moved down to kiss Jeongguk fully on the mouth.

Whilst kissing Jeongguk he pushed down on his cock and started to rock slowly, still adjusting to the bigger size.

Kissing Jeongguk sent enough fire burning its way through his veins but with the added fact that Jeongguk was literally inside of him right now meant that Taehyung’s entire body was alit.

Taehyung carried on rocking his hips, allowing Jeongguk’s cock to slide in deeper with every movement and after a little bit and told Jeongguk to move, whispering against his lips for not wanting to detach himself from Jeongguk in any way.

Taehyung stilled his own movements for a moment as Jeongguk thrusted his hips up into Taehyung, his cock completely filling up Taehyung’s tight heat.

Taehyung removed himself from Jeongguk’s mouth and sat himself up and placed his hands on Jeongguk’s hips, keeping himself steady whilst throwing his head back. He rocked in time to Jeongguk’s thrusts and he knew that he’d be coming in minutes at the sensation.

Jeongguk moved his own hands to Taehyung’s hips and helped the other boy bounce up and down on his cock, moving him slowly when wanted and quickly when Taehyung wanted more pressure.

Taehyung brought his head back forward and looked down at Jeongguk who was indeed a writhing mess beneath him and he knew that despite how many people he’d slept with in the past, none of them looked as beautiful as Jeongguk did in that moment.

He had a thin layer of sweat covering every inch of his body and whilst to most people that’d be gross Taehyung saw it as somewhat of a glow. He took pride in the fact that he was the one that had put Jeongguk in this state and rocked himself against Jeongguk’s cock even more, every thrust hitting his prostrate and edging him closer to releasing.

Jeongguk noticed that Taehyung’s breathing had sped up profusely and thrusted particularly hard a few times which had Taehyung coming very violently and all over his bare chest, moaning out Jeongguk’s name in the process.

It only took a few more rocks from Taehyung before Jeongguk was coming too, inside of Taehyung still.

“Holy shit,” Taehyung gasped, letting his head fall forward due to his lack of energy before he pulled off Jeongguk with a rather indecent sound. He took Jeongguk’s condom off for him too and put in the bin on his way to the bathroom to get a towel to clean up Jeongguk’s chest.

When he returned Jeongguk had sat up and was just staring blankly at the wall opposite him, not really knowing what to do.

Taehyung approached the bed quietly and crawled over to where Jeongguk was sitting and cleaned off his chest for him before throwing the towel into the wash basket on the floor near his bed.

Jeongguk sat up straight for a moment before getting off the bed himself and locating his clothes, putting them back on.

Taehyung was sat on the bed slightly confused at Jeongguk’s actions because practically everyone he did things with stayed with him for a bit after sex.

“Is everything okay?” he asked curiously but not in a prying manner, not wanting to make Jeongguk uncomfortable.

“Yeah everything’s fine, that was great and all but I need to get going,” Jeongguk replied, keeping his back to Taehyung as he slipped his shirt on and moved towards the door.

Taehyung quickly got up and put his own boxers on along with a t-shirt before following Jeongguk out his bedroom door.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I just ought to be going now.”

Taehyung had no idea why Jeongguk was acting the way he was because he thought he’d treated him well and not pushed him too far as that was the last thing he wanted to do.

He followed Jeongguk to the front door of his apartment where the younger picked up his jacket and slipped it on before also putting on his shoes.

The silence was a very awkward one and Taehyung couldn’t bare it, especially because he kept catching glimpses of the hickeys that he’d left on Jeongguk’s collarbones and up his neck, on show for everyone to see.

“I’ll speak to your teacher’s tomorrow and get them to email work to you so you don’t fall behind,” Jeongguk said, reaching for the door handle.

Taehyung was shocked at the random statement but took it nonetheless.

“Um, yeah, thanks. I’ll speak to you tomorrow then maybe?” Taehyung said, choosing his words carefully.

Jeongguk halted in his movement for the door handle briefly before just reaching for it fully and pulling the door open.

“Yeah, maybe. Bye Taehyung.”

Jeongguk left Taehyung’s apartment, pulling the door shut before Taehyung could even begin to say good bye.

Taehyung was immediately left with a sense of sadness, staring at the door as if Jeongguk was going to come back at any second and kiss Taehyung better.

He’d always heard the phrase ‘you never know how much you value something until it’s gone’ but he’d never taken it into much consideration yet the feeling of emptiness that was steadily filling him up told him that he was about to experience it full force.

♡ ♡ ♡

I spoke to all of your teacher’s and they said they’ll email you any work that you’re gunna miss this week.

ok thank u for doing that

It’s fine.

how are u today???

Sorry, can’t talk right now.



text me later then??


Taehyung never got that text later.

♡ ♡ ♡

Spending an entire week alone really takes a toll on a person, as Taehyung found out.

He’d taken the week off college as advised by them when he’d spoken to them the day after Jeongguk stayed over.

He hadn’t had any psychology revision sessions with Jeongguk all week as he hadn’t been in contact with Jeongguk much and when he had it was just the younger boy telling him to rest, even though he’d done plenty of resting by the half-way point of the week.

Despite living on his own Taehyung had never really felt very alone because he had always just called or text someone for a quick fuck if that feeling had come around, or he’d ring Jimin if he didn’t actually want physical company.

Since Taehyung had started the tutoring with Jeongguk he’d felt almost complete within his life. He had a regular routine of seeing a familiar face on varying days of the week and it was a face he’d grown to like.

The hatred that the two had had for one another had turned from a bonfire to a flame ignited on a match, there was barely anything there.

They had become friendly with each other’s bodies but also learnt about one another’s stories and backgrounds too.

If they were having a particularly strenuous revision session, then they’d take regular breaks and just talk to each other rather than having a quick blowjob (though there were a few of those too). There was only so much energy someone could have for sexual activity and they knew that they didn’t want to burn out completely so they made small talk instead, which commonly grew into a conversation ending in, “oh is that the time already?”, because they would get so lost in what the other one was saying they wouldn’t notice anything else around them.

But now, here Taehyung was, having barely spoken to Jeongguk in a week.

It was the Monday of the following week and Taehyung was going back into college, hoping to avoid the curious eyes of people staring at him, wondering if he was okay and dealing with the fact that his dad had died.

Which he was.

The first few days he’d taken off were a good idea because they allowed him to mourn as needed and think about some things he felt necessary but he was alright now, he had accepted it and just wanted to move past it.

He had psychology first lesson and had gotten to the lesson relatively early in order to speak to his teacher about some of the things that he’d missed that he didn’t understand on his own. She had been going through them with him briefly as the rest of the class filed in, which Taehyung didn’t take much notice of, until he saw a familiar pair of black boots walk past him.

He looked up from where his teacher was explaining something and saw Jeongguk sitting down, not looking like himself at all.

Jeongguk was wearing a big oversized grey hoodie that Taehyung had never seen him in before. The younger boy had the hood up, it covering most of his face, and the sleeves drawn over his hands, shielding himself from the glance of anyone around him.

He looked up briefly towards the teacher’s desk and was startled when he locked eyes with Taehyung. His eyes were red and bloodshot, bags accompanying them underneath.

Taehyung was shocked at Jeongguk’s appearance because the boy did not look well at all and he’d never known someone to take so much pride in their good health and good appearance as Jeongguk but today, he just looked like a broken mess.

The teacher’s voice brought Taehyung out of his thoughts as she pushed his sheets towards him, signaling for him to go back to his seat, which he did do, eventually having to tear his eyes away from Jeongguk.

“Right, we’re doing a sort of mock exam today which I warned you all about last week and I don’t want to waste any time because you ideally need the full hour to do it. Jeongguk, can you help me hand out the papers please?”

Jeongguk looked up from his seat by her desk and reluctantly got up, removing his hood from head so it pooled around his neck instead.

As he made his way over to Taehyung’s table to dish out the papers he kept his eyes firmly on the papers and where they were landing, not on any of the people.

Taehyung was willing Jeongguk to look at him but the younger didn’t give in, he merely just turned his back on the table and went back to his own seat.

“Okay, you guys can start now.”

Taehyung worked his way through the exam paper and found that he could answer some of the question from experience, such as, “define ‘attachment’” and “what are the signs of someone having developed an attachment to someone else?”.

All he could think about was how much he wanted to attach his body to Jeongguk’s but not even in a sexual way, he just wanted to be with the younger boy and that was when the full force of his emotions hit him.

There had been an unspoken agreement between him and Jeongguk to not fall in love but Taehyung had never been someone that was good at following the rules.

As he made his way through the exam paper he could feel himself drowning further and further in his emotions and he knew that losing consciousness was only a few metres away.

“Miss,” Taehyung said quite abruptly and loudly, “can I go to the bathroom, please?”

Taehyung knew that if he didn’t leave the room within the next few minutes he’d burst into tears in front of everyone and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Yes, that’s fine, but are you okay?” his teacher responded, having picked up on the tears already lining Taehyung’s eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Taehyung replied, trying to leave the room and his classmate’s curious eyes as fast as he could.

He managed to make his way over to the door without collapsing and swiftly let himself out of the room before running down the corridor and into the boy’s toilets.

Taehyung didn’t even make it into one of the stalls before the tears started to run down his face, his throat closing up; he made it as far as the counter where the sinks were and just collapsed against them, sliding down them until he was sat on the floor with his back against the surface.

He was immensely upset with himself for letting his feelings progress so far and not having picked up on them beforehand, when he could’ve cut things off.

Now here he was, sat on the cold floor of the boy’s bathroom, wallowing in pity at how deeply he’d fallen for Jeongguk without even realising it. Taehyung knew that Jeongguk didn’t feel the same way and even presumed that he regretted sleeping with him, for wasting his first time on someone that was just meaningless to him.

“You think I wasted my first time on you?”

Taehyung looked up from where he was sat in the corner of the room and saw Jeongguk stood a few steps in front of him, disbelief and anger flooding his face. In his breakdown he hadn’t heard the door open and the younger boy walk towards him, neither had he realised he’d been speaking his thoughts aloud.

“Do you think I’m really stupid enough to just waste my first time?” Jeongguk pried, reiterating his question from before.

Taehyung faltered in his response but scrambled to stand up so he could fully face Jeongguk.

“No Jeongguk- I just know that you regret it and-”

“Oh, you ‘know’ that I regret it?” Jeongguk cut him off, stepping closer to him with every other word. “You don’t know anything Taehyung.”

Taehyung’s sadness had very quickly turned into outrage at the accusations that Jeongguk was making.

“Yeah, you’re right, I don’t know anything because you don’t fucking talk to me!” he yelled back, tired of Jeongguk pointing the finger at him.

“Can you blame me?” Jeongguk asked, rhetorically. “When you’re involved with someone with a reputation like yours then talking about feelings isn’t exactly easy.”

Taehyung’s mouth fell open at Jeongguk’s response and he backed away from the younger boy, not wanting to be anywhere near him.

Jeongguk seemed to register what he’d said from the look of shame on Taehyung’s face.

“A reputation like mine, huh?” Taehyung asked, scoffing as his eyes started to well up again.

“No, Tae-”

“I thought you’d accepted that Jeongguk, you brought it up that one time we first got together but then you were so ready to get on your knees for me in return it all seemed a bit hypocritical? How can you blame my ‘reputation’ from stopping you talking to me when you’re the one adding to the reputation?” Taehyung asked further, trying to keep his voice level.

“Please Tae, I didn’t mean it like that, I just didn’t want to get hurt-”

“Is that all I do? Hurt people?” Taehyung replied, his voice cracking slightly due to the emotional buildup within him. “Well maybe you should’ve thought about that before sleeping with such a slag, huh?”

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung in distress and kept opening his mouth to say something but couldn’t form the right words.

“Tae, I’m sorry I said that and I don’t regr-”

But Jeongguk never got to finish his sentence as Taehyung cut him off.

“Stop calling me ‘Tae’ and just stop talking to me altogether,” Jeongguk made a noise of protest at this request, which hurt Taehyung, but he kept going. “You’ve made it clear that you regret getting involved with someone like me so leave me alone.”

Jeongguk reached out slightly for Taehyung but the latter just flinched away and leant on the wall behind him, wanting to be as far away from Jeongguk as possible.

“Please just listen to me Tae-”

“I said stop fucking calling me ‘Tae’.”

The strength in Taehyung’s voice shocked both of them and Jeongguk took that as his sign to back down and actually leave Taehyung alone.

Taehyung looked at the younger in the eyes and saw that they were once again bloodshot and were brimming with tears, much like his own.

He watched a few stray tears escape that were just as hurriedly wiped away before Jeongguk bowed his head and turned around to walk out of the bathroom.

Once again, Taehyung was left feeling alone but this time, he wasn’t quite sure he’d ever be able to face the only person that makes him feel complete ever again.

♡ ♡ ♡

“Taehyung do you know how close Jimin is to leaving the city to coming down to you so he can kill Jeongguk?”

“Yoongi I’ve tried telling him that I’m doing okay but he won’t believe me,” Taehyung replied.

It was a week after his argument with Jeongguk in the bathroom and Taehyung had only recently managed to become relatively emotionally stable again. He’d spent the following days of the week off college, claiming that he was horrendously ill when realistically he just knew that he wouldn’t be able to see Jeongguk’s face without sobbing.

“Kid, you did ring him a few days ago having an emotional breakdown just saying Jeongguk’s name over and over again,” Yoongi reminded Taehyung poignantly.

“I know but I’m getting over it, I just needed a few days without seeing him.”


Taehyung could hear Jimin’s voice booming in the background of the speaker and he quickly tried to end the call but he heard Jimin’s voice before he could.

“Kim Taehyung if you hang up on me I will come back home and hang you upside down by your nuts.”

Since Taehyung’s little breakdown he’d been ignoring Jimin’s calls because he didn’t want to hear the ‘I told you so’ speech but had been talking to Yoongi so Jimin could have some reassurance that Taehyung was still alive and breathing.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Taehyung answered, rather reluctantly.

“I’m not gunna give you the ‘I told you so’ speech because I know you’ve already figured that much out and you’ll hang up if I do, I just want you to tell me what’s going on.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say Jimin, I got feelings and we slept together and he regrets it, that’s literally all there is to it.”

Taehyung choked up slightly when he mentioned his catching of feelings because those still hadn’t gone away and the butterflies were still treating his stomach like a fresh spring sky.

Jimin sighed on the other end of the phone and things were quiet for a minute as he thought of an appropriate thing to say.

“Tae, how do you know he regrets it?” Jimin asked carefully.

Taehyung pondered this for a minute but just relayed the same information he’d been telling himself, to Jimin.

“He didn’t speak to me for a week Jimin and then pointed out what a slag I am,” Taehyung said, the word ‘slag’ leaving a vile taste in his mouth.

Jimin was quiet for a minute before taking a deep breath and speaking quite quickly.

“Tae it sounds like he didn’t actually regret sleeping with you, he was probably just scared and confused. You said he was a virgin right? Imagine being a virgin and then sleeping with someone who has slept with as many people as you have, which is not a bad thing you know I don’t mean it like that, it just might’ve been quite daunting for him.”

Taehyung considered Jimin’s words and they all did seem to make sense. Jeongguk had been willing to sleep with Taehyung and it’d all been consensual so surely if Jeongguk had thought he’d regret it then he just wouldn’t have done it?

Also, the first time Taehyung slept with someone it was with a guy who had been with someone before him and whilst losing his virginity didn’t mean that much to him he was still worried that he wouldn’t be good enough for the guy. After him and Jeongguk had slept together he hadn’t praised Jeongguk in any way nor had he even kissed him, he’d just got off his dick and left Jeongguk in bed.

“Oh God Jimin, you’re probably right,” Taehyung confessed, the realization hitting him that Jeongguk probably just ignored him because he thought Taehyung didn’t want him. “Wait but Jeongguk doesn’t even like me that much? I get the whole sleeping with him thing might’ve put him off but why is he so upset when he doesn’t even like me?”

Taehyung knew that his feelings for Jeongguk were unrequited so that didn’t explain why Jeongguk was upset when Taehyung dismissed their sleeping together as a waste on Jeongguk’s behalf.

“Tae, are you really that dense?” Jimin replied, a humorous tone in his voice.

Taehyung realised what Jimin was implying but dismissed the idea.

Just because Jeongguk wanted to sleep with him doesn’t mean he likes him.

Just because Jeongguk smiled whenever he saw Taehyung around college doesn’t mean he likes him.

Just because Jeongguk had learnt Taehyung’s drink orders off by heart doesn’t mean he likes him.

Just because Jeongguk reacts the same way to Taehyung as Taehyung does to Jeongguk doesn’t mean he likes him.

The silence on Taehyung’s end of the phone had confused Jimin, “do you get it now Tae?”

“Shit.” Was all Taehyung had to say.

He heard Jimin chuckle on the other end of the phone but barely registered Jimin’s (and Yoongi’s) goodbye before they ended the call to leave Taehyung alone with his thoughts.

Jeongguk liked him. Jeongguk liked him. Jeongguk liked him.

♡ ♡ ♡

can u come over?



i wanna talk about things

Alright, I’ll be over after my shift.



♡ ♡ ♡

Taehyung hadn’t really known what to do after his phone call with Jimin in the afternoon so he’d just tried keeping himself busy by doing standard household chores and general cleaning. This didn’t help for long as his thoughts kept going back to Jeongguk; every time he went into the kitchen he saw Jeongguk standing there in his own clothes, every time he went into the lounge he thought about that first argument they’d had, every time he went into the hallway he thought about the way that Jeongguk had taken his cock so well and every time he went into his bedroom he just saw Jeongguk on his bed and the feeling of wanting came rushing into his body.

He knew that if he didn’t try and sort things out soon then he’d either completely lose Jeongguk, providing he hadn’t already, or he’d just go insane and Taehyung liked his sanity as it was so that wasn’t really a viable option.

When he’d sent the first sent the text to Jeongguk he didn’t expect a reply but when his phone had vibrated a minute later all of his worries had flooded away.

But now he was sat in his living room at 6:10pm waiting for Jeongguk after his shift had finished 10 minutes ago with two cups of tea still steaming in front of him.

He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to say to Jeongguk when he got here but he’d gotten through his life so far on his spontaneity so one more day couldn’t hurt him, surely.

Hearing his buzzer go off made all of his worries come back to him immediately and he almost didn’t bother getting up to open the door but he knew he needed to fix things now before it was too late.

Taehyung walked over to his front door and pulled it open, keeping himself pressed against it, to see Jeongguk stood there, once again out of breath.

“Why are you out of breath again?” Taehyung inquired, stepping out from behind the door so he was in front of Jeongguk.

“My manager wanted to speak to me after my shift which took like 10 minutes and I didn’t wanna keep you waiting,” Jeongguk replied, blushing at his admission and looking down at his feet.

Taehyung smiled at the endearing behavior and gesticulated for Jeongguk to come in. The younger toed off his shoes and placed his jacket on top of them because of Taehyung’s lack of a coat rack.

Jeongguk was once again clad in his pink work shirt, with the top few buttons undone and a pair of black jeans, the same outfit he’d been wearing when he’d come over the night Taehyung’s dad died.

Taehyung led them both into the lounge for them to sit on the sofa, which was void of a duvet this time, and handed Jeongguk his cup of tea which the boy took gratefully, shivering slightly due to the dropping of the temperature outside.

“Thank you,” Jeongguk said, gratitude filling up his tone. “What did you wanna talk about?”

Taehyung looked up from the rim of his own cup and sighed deeply. He placed the cup back down on the table before he started speaking from fear of spilling it if he started shaking too much from anxiety.

“Um, well, it was pointed out to me that I didn’t really let you explain properly why you ignored me for a week-”

Nice one Tae, make it sound like it’s all his fault.

“-And I just wanted to try and sort things out with you, ‘cause I, uh, miss you. A lot.”

Taehyung stumbled over his words quite a lot because he wasn’t really sure what he was saying but Jeongguk paid attention intently to his words and breathed a sigh of relief when Taehyung had stopped talking.

Jeongguk too put down his drink, which was practically empty, before he started talking.

“I’m really sorry Tae, that stuff I said about your reputation was so wrong and I was just upset about losing you and I got really flustered and stuff-”

“Losing me?” Taehyung intercepted, confused.

“Yeah ‘cause like, don’t take this the wrong way, but people talk around college you know? And I always hear people talking about how once you sleep with someone you never go back to them and stuff and then we slept together and it was so good but I didn’t want you to turn around after the sex and ask me to leave or never see me again because I like you so much so I don’t know, I just took it upon myself to leave you I guess,” Jeongguk said truthfully, catching Taehyung’s eye and then bowing his head down.

Taehyung digested Jeongguk’s words and realised that they were literally just a reiteration of what Jimin had said to him down the phone; Jeongguk liked him but he was just so scared of rejection that he tried rejecting Taehyung himself.

Taehyung moved closer to Jeongguk on the couch so they were sat side by side and took one of Jeongguk’s hands in both of his, playing with it.

“I’m so sorry Jeongguk. I never really see anyone again after I sleep with them because I don’t wanna become attached but with you I’m pretty sure I was attached after that day at the flower shop; when you were talking about the meaning behind that blue rose I just couldn’t stop relating it to how I felt subconsciously about you because I wanted you so badly but knew that I could never have you, I just don’t think the feelings really registered until that day I came back to college and you found me crying in the toilets, I was so convinced that you regretted sleeping with me that I lashed out at you but I was really just scared because I’ve never really felt so strongly about someone before and God, I just like you so much it’s ridiculous.”

Taehyung looked up from where he’d been playing with Jeongguk’s hand in his lap to find Jeongguk staring at him with tears in his eyes.

“Oh no, why are you upset?” Taehyung asked, leaning forward quickly to wipe away the tears that were escaping Jeongguk’s eyes.

Jeongguk laughed quietly, tipping his head back a bit, and wiped his own face too.

He smiled at Taehyung and reached his hand over to cup Taehyung’s face which the latter immediately leaned into.

“Are you serious?” Jeongguk asked quietly.

“Yeah, I really don’t know how I hated you for so long because now all I want to do is kiss you until you feel better.”

“Why don’t you then?” Jeongguk retaliated.

Taehyung smiled in response and leaned over to meet Jeongguk’s lips, putting more love and affectionate into the kiss than he’d ever done in his entire life.

Taehyung moved himself onto Jeongguk’s lap so he was straddling the younger boy and cupped his face with so much passion he was scared Jeongguk was going to break but he knew that Jeongguk was stronger than that if he was willing to love Taehyung, which he definitely was.

♡ ♡ ♡

Jeongguk stayed over that night.

Him and Taehyung had kissed for so long the two of them could barely remember the past few days by the end of it.

Jeongguk had ended the kiss with Taehyung himself, asking, “can I fuck you again tonight, Tae?”

Taehyung had been more than happy to comply with the request and later that night Jeongguk had slowly opened Taehyung up, teasing him and making Taehyung beg for more before fucking into him with all he had when Taehyung was ready.

He’d had Taehyung lay out beneath him, looking beautiful with the moonlight catching on the angular points of his face and illuminating his beautiful skin that was just for Jeongguk to see only.

Taehyung had reciprocated by covering Jeongguk in hickeys and marking him as his own; he wanted Jeongguk to wear shirts with low necks so people could see that he was Taehyung’s but he also wanted Jeongguk to keep the marks hidden so only Taehyung could see what a piece of art he’d been gifted with to admire.

The next morning it was a Sunday and Jeongguk had already called in sick the night before, complaining of food poisoning when in reality all he wanted to do was have a day in with Taehyung, completely to himself.

He found that he was the opposite kind of sleeper to Taehyung as he woke up relatively early whereas Taehyung liked to sleep in until midday, but this fact allowed Jeongguk to watch Taehyung wake up.

Jeongguk thought that he was blessed to discover that watching Taehyung wake up was indeed like watching a second sunrise and he grew to not care how many people had seen this before because he was going to be the only person to see it from here on out.

♡ ♡ ♡