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Extramarital Affair of Hermione Weasley with Severus Snape

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Chapter 1: Drunk Confessions between Colleagues


Adult Hermione WeasleyHermione Weasley had enjoyed being a Potions mistress. It had given her a new career and something fun to do – a good outlet since marriage to her husband, Ron, and the birth of their two children. Plus, the pace was more manageable than her early career in the Ministry’s Department of Magical Law enforcement.

The one “downside” (or at least that was what Ron called it) was that she worked closely as an assistant to Professor Severus Snape. In truth, Ron had no idea what he was talking about, as usual. Yes, Snape had tormented them and Harry back when the Golden Trio was in school. However, once you got to know him, Snape could actually be quite friendly.

Hermione actually found herself growing closer to Snape than she even was with Ron (she and her husband rarely had sex anymore, if at all, and had been quite distant. Hermione had considered a divorce, but decided against it for the sake of the children – Rose was 5 at the time, and Hugo was 3). She and Snape started off as colleagues, then became really good friends. Sometimes, Hermione was ashamed to have her thoughts wander back to when she was a young student and she used to fantasize about her Potions teacher. But, the now grown woman would brush those thoughts aside and remind herself that she was married to Ron.

All of this came to a head one night at the castle when Severus and Hermione had finished a potion quite late and were celebrating with some butterbeer. Severus was close to a teetotaler himself, only taking small sips. Hermione quickly lost track of how much she imbibed and the alcohol freed up her speech. She told Severus of how she and Ron were having some problems, but she wanted to make their relationship work – the kids weren’t even Hogwarts age, and she did not want a separation to ruin them. Then, she switched topics. Very drunk, she blurted out:

“You know, I used to fantasize about you when I was in school.” Snape looked up from where he was leaning against a bookcase, shocked. But, Hermione wasn’t done.

“I want to take you to bed and make love to you, Severus.”

Severus did not know how to respond to that, but he didn’t have time to, for just then, Hermione stood, reached him in one stride, cupped his face in her hands and kissed him on the mouth. Snape froze where he stood, eyes bulging. Hermione probed his mouth with her own, but he did not move, even as he fought to give in and take the beautiful witch for himself. At last, he pushed her away.Drunk Hermione Kisses Snape

Even drunk, Hermione seemed to clue in to what she had done.

“Severus, I shouldn’t – I’m sorry…”

“It’s all right, Mrs. Weasley, just please leave,” Snape responded curtly. She did, not once looking back.