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Swept Away

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It's not everyday that your life is turned upside down.


It was summer, and Eren was working his usual shift at the Trost coffee shop. It wasn’t the most glamorous job, even though his coworkers were interesting and free coffee was nothing to complain about. But living a monotonous paycheck-to-paycheck life during summer was, well, boring.

Eren has his fun here and there. He hangs out with Armin and Mikasa, and he’s been on a few dates, none of which were worth noting. He’s even had a few one-night stands, but they really meant nothing. Eren just wished there was something more.

Something… exciting.


“A small mocha frappe for Annie!” Eren flashed a bright smile to his friend and shop regular. “With extra whipped cream, just how you like it!”

Annie was secretly impressed that Eren remembered that little fact from the first time she told Eren her order, which was a month ago. “…Thanks.” She tried to hide the ghost of a smile that was pulling at the corners of her lips, but Eren saw it and laughed.

Eren prided himself on remembering the little things about people. He turned around to wipe his hands near the sink when he walked head on into Jean.
“Watch where you’re going, idiot,” Jean instinctively put a hand over the cap of the cup of coffee he was holding.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a clumsy sack of shit this wouldn’t be a problem,” Eren replied smoothly.

“Whatever. I’m taking my break,” Jean handed the coffee to his waiting customer and then immediately took his apron off. “Have fun holding down the fort.”

Eren and Jean were the only ones working today and it was a rather busy morning. Eren watched as Jean made his way out of the shop, barely at the door before lighting the cigarette in his mouth. Jean bumped into a short man as he blew his first puff. “’Scuse me,” Jean said gruffly as he pushed past and walked away.

Eren shook his head and prepared to take the incoming customer’s order.

"Hi, what can I get y-"


The short man was fucking hot.

Eren realized he was staring when the man said “Medium black coffee, please.”

Get it together, dumbass! “R-right away.”

Eren got to work grinding the beans and hoped his heart would stop pounding in his chest. He looked over his shoulder while the coffee machine was running and tried to have another glimpse at the man.

The man was scrolling through his phone and Eren couldn’t see much of his face. He was wearing a suit and the first few buttons of his shirt were undone. Eren could see a little flash of skin from the man’s chest and… wow.

That suit fit his body like a glove.

Eren snapped out of it once more when the coffee machine beeped, which signaled completion. He whipped his head back around and put a cap on the cup.

“One medium black, sir.” Eren realized his stupid ass forgot to ask for the man’s name to write on the cup. But he was the only customer waiting at the moment so it wasn’t a big deal.

“Thank you…” the man glanced at Eren’s chest and he felt his face turn hot again. “…Eren.”

He was just looking at your nametag, dumbass! “Oh… ah… no problem.” Eren laughed nervously.

The man smirked and Eren felt his heart pause. It was his first full look at the man’s face.

A sharp jaw. Full, rosy lips. A strong nose. Steel-gray eyes that bore into him. Milky white complexion. Glossy black hair with not a hair out of place.
And Eren couldn’t see much of the man’s body but that suit was complimenting whatever he had working underneath.


The man had picked up the cup and walked away. Eren noticed the man had an undercut.

Time stood still for a minute. Thank you… Eren. The man’s smooth, deep, confident voice echoed in his head like a chocolatey dream. It wrapped him in a comfort that made his heart flutter.

“Excuse me, I’m ready to order!” A girl’s voice called.

And for the third time in the past five minutes, Eren snapped out of a trance. “Sorry, I’ll be right there!”


That night, Eren lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. He thought about the mysterious man with the chocolatey voice saying his name and his hand slowly found its way into his pants. He didn’t have much material to work with… not even a name. But that voice, filling his mind’s ear like a dangerous song, heated Eren’s body and made him forget himself.

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Eren woke up a mess.

He groaned as he hoisted himself upright, trying to defog his mind. The clutches of sleep held onto him tightly.

…What even happened last night?

Oh. Eren remembered that voice. The voice of the man from the coffee shop. The voice he jacked off to last night.

He rubbed his eyes. He had to work today. The clock read 8:22, and he had to be in the shop by 9.

The rest of the morning was still a bit of a blur. Eren just tried to get back into his routine. He sees attractive people in the shop all the time. Why was this man any different?


Eren found himself absentmindedly staring at the coffee machine pouring the liquid. The face of the man from yesterday sat in his memory, although a bit unclear.

Suddenly, sounds surrounded Eren and he felt himself being dragged back to Earth.

“Yeah, good morning, Jaeger,” Jean said sarcastically, “We’re balls-deep in orders so if you could kindly kick that ass into gear, I would love you forever.”

Eren took the cup from the machine and forcefully pushed past Jean. “Fuck off.”

Balls-deep. Eren thought as he poured creamer into the cup.

“Flat white for Historia!” Eren smiled at another one his regulars. “No Ymir today? You two always come in together.”

The tiny girl took the cup with both hands and shook her head. “Just me today. Thank you, Eren!” She left in a hurry.

That girl always looked like she had a secret.

The rest of the day wasn’t much different. As per Jean’s request, Eren did in fact kick that ass into gear. There was no better distraction than work. By the end of the day, the man with the chocolatey voice was nothing more than a sweet memory.

At the end of the shift, around 6 pm, Eren decided to take a walk down the pier. The coffee shop was a short walk to the beach and had a great view of the city.

Eren clocked out and made sure Marco was tagged in for the night shift before parting ways with Jean.

He walked down the beach with his shoes in hand, curling his toes in the sand. The sun was beginning to set, and the sky was a dusty orange. Eren usually came to this spot alone; it was his favorite place to reflect and wind down after a busy serving coffee.

And lying down on a beach chair, listening to the ebb and flow of the waves and the distant laughter of children, Eren would sometimes doze off…

And let himself get lost in his daydreams.


Eren was in… he didn’t know. He couldn’t see. Was he blindfolded? He tried to touch his face to figure it out, but he couldn’t move his arms. They were tightly bound behind his back. He was sitting on his heels.

The only sound he could hear was a running shower behind doors. There was no use calling out, since it felt like he was the only one in the room at the moment. He squirmed against his arm restraints. Luckily, his legs weren’t tied, so he got on his knees and tried to move off what felt like a bed.

Right as Eren started moving, the shower stopped running and he heard a click of a door. Eren stopped moving. He heard footsteps, and a familiar voice.

“Trying to escape, Eren?” A rich, smooth voice questioned.

Eren’s heart stopped. Was he being kidnapped?

Why is his voice turning me on?

The footsteps got closer. Eren could feel the bed shift and the body heat of his captor in front of him. The captor gently pushed on Eren’s chest, causing him to sit back on his heels again.

“Eren, relax. I’ll take care of you.”

Eren could hear the man say his name all day. Suddenly, he felt a warm, welcome pressure on his crotch.

Eren gasped. The man was rubbing circles into the front of his pants and he felt himself growing hard. He threw his head back and bit his lip to stifle a groan. This felt so comfortable and familiar, like he got this treatment every day. He almost forgot he was being kidnapped.

Eren involuntarily angled his hips upward to get some more friction against his straining erection.

“So responsive, look at you, Eren. I’ve hardly touched you and you’re already this hard.” That voice saying his name was almost enough to take him over the edge.

“P-please…” Eren was bucking his hips now. He felt the rubbing increase and warm breath near his ear.

“You like it when I say your name, Eren? Eren, my sweet boy.”

And with that, Eren felt himself leak into his underwear. His head dropped as he rode out his orgasm and felt the shame of being pleasured by a kidnapper.

“Good boy, Eren. You were wonderful.” Eren felt the man’s fingers lifting his chin. And then those fingers started loosening his blindfold. The man slowly tugged it down his face and-


Eren gasped as he bolted upright. Two girls walking past raised their eyebrows in shock.

What the hell?

Right. Eren was at the beach. He must have accidentally fell asleep. The sun has now disappeared into the horizon, the sky taking on a periwinkle hue.

And he had a fucking dream about that man from before. In public. Just that thought alone made him feel vulnerable.

Eren shook it off and put on his shoes. He had to go home and get his bearings.

That night, he stood in the shower wondering how he could’ve let one encounter with a customer weigh this heavily on his mind. He could barely remember that man’s face anymore.

But that voice. That voice that still rings like a lovely bell in his head; saying his name like it was something to be held with care and caution.

What he wouldn’t give to hear his name from that voice again.

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"Listen, I'm gonna need you to cover my shift."

"Jean, you ass," Eren held the phone between his shoulder and ear as he fixed breakfast. "You can't leave me for dead on a Saturday. It's even busier than Monday mornings."

Jean hacked up a nasty, phlegm-charged cough on the other end. Eren pursed his lips. "I-I know. But listen, man. I feel like shit. I can't feel my body. Can you help a guy out?"

Eren released a drawn-out sigh. Jean was annoying. But he did cover Eren a few times when Eren was hungover or sick. It was going to be an exhausting day.

"...Fine. I'll do it." Jean laughed weakly. "I love you so much, babe!"

Eren chuckled mockingly. "Fuck off, Jean."


Saturdays were no joke.

Just when Eren finished with one customer, there were two more coming in the door. There was a line of empty cups with names and abbreviated orders building up on his station and he felt like he was shoveling a driveway during a blizzard.

"Ahhh... small iced coffee, medium frap'... macchiato... Earl Grey..." Eren paced back and forth the station mumbling orders to himself. "Fuck, shit..."

It seemed lacing profanities into the orders was the only sense of control he seemed to have right now. With no time to process his thoughts, he swirled little mountains of whipped cream into a row of cups, one after another. The whipped cream dispenser sputtered its last breath halfway through the third cup, and when Eren squeezed the tip aggressively to get a few more drops, it made its point by exploding some wet droplets into his face and apron.

"Ugh, fuck me..." Eren wiped some cream off his chest using his middle finger and licked it.

"Orders up for Mina, Franz, Hannah, and Rod!" Eren didn't even have time to personally hand the customers their items. He just placed them on the "ready" counter and got to work on his next batch of orders. He couldn't even afford to take a lunch; he's been nibbling on a croissant while waiting for the coffee machine to finishing pouring. Why did Jean have to get sick today of all days?

"Ah, Eren!" a familiar voice greeted.

"Reiner. Hey," Eren said with a sharpie between his teeth. "The usual? With extra protein shots?"

"You got it, bud. Busy day, huh?"

Eren snorted. "Yeah. And I'm the only one working."

"You can do it!" Reiner flashed a wide grin.

"Here's hopin'," Eren called out over his shoulder while pumping mocha into a cup.

He had worked up a sweat running around his station serving orders for a few hours, and slowly, orders started to slow down. He could finally catch his breath and he felt himself fill with pride that he worked the Saturday shift all alone.

Eren surveyed the shop. With a few people seated and no one having come into the door for a few minutes, he thought he could take a quick break. He answered a few texts while he scarfed down another croissant.

In the distance, he could hear the shop's door bell jingle. He finished his last text to Armin before wiping his mouth and preparing himself for the new customer.

"Welcome to Trost Coffee!" Eren called before turning around from washing his hands, and then his heart stopped.

It was him. The man with the chocolatey voice from a few days ago. The one that made him cum in his dream.

"Hello, Eren."

He remembers my name!

"Wh-what can I getcha?"

"One medium black coffee, please." Eren hoped he wasn't blushing like an idiot.

"Right away," Eren said. "Your name, sir?"



Eren sharpied Levi's name onto a cup and was grateful for the opportunity to turn around and hide his red-hot face. He got to work grinding the beans and prayed he didn't look like he's been running around all the shop all day.

And in that moment, he noticed the stains from the whipped cream from earlier as well as mocha shots on his apron and hoped that Levi didn't notice them. And speaking of clothes, Eren looked around and noticed that once again, Levi was dressed impeccably. He wore a crisp white shirt with a collar so sharp it could probably cut through butter (the top few buttons were undone again, Eren happily noticed), and black slacks that hugged his muscular thighs juuust right...

The coffee machine beeped. Eren, get a hold of yourself!

"One medium black for Levi. Enjoy!" Eren handed the drink over to Levi with shaky hands and once again, hoped Levi didn't judge his sloppiness.

And because it was perfectly convenient, Eren's stomach decided to let out a loud, whiny growl. Eren's eyes widened in embarrassment and he put a hand to his stomach.

"'Scuse me! I'm sorry about that. I haven't eaten since breakfast. Unless you count two croissants."

Stop rambling, idiot!

"Eren. May I take you out to dinner?" Levi asked.

Eren couldn't believe his ears. "Oh, umm... you really don't have to. I was going to eat after my shift. I don't want to bother you. Levi." He made sure to say his name for effect.

Although dinner with this hot piece of ass sounds amazing after this hellish day...

"It would be no bother at all. I can tell you're starving. My treat." Eren could feel the blush coming on again. "O-oh. Well in that case, okay. W-we should exchange numbers."

Levi took out a sleek, up-to-date phone and Eren gave him his. They input each of their contacts. This is happening, Eren. You're having dinner with Levi!

"I will text you the address of the restaurant. Let's say 8?" Levi asked gently.

"Y-yes! 8 is good!" Eren hoped he didn't sound too eager.

"I'm looking forward to it." Levi took his coffee and smiled from the corner of his lips.

And Eren was left in his spot in complete disbelief of the events of the last five minutes.

The sexy kidnapper from his dreams is now his date for the evening. Today turned out for the better.

Eren glanced at the clock. 5:45. He had 15 more minutes of his shift. He got to work wiping down tables and tidying up the station for the night shift, which will be held down by Marco and Sasha.

Eren went to the break room and looked at the mirror. He looked a mess. His hair was disheveled, his apron was covered in stains, he had pit stains (which luckily no one could see because his shirt was black), and his face was flushed from running back and forth all day. Now he felt doubly embarrassed that Levi had to see him in this state.

He heard the shop's door bell jingle and exited the break room to take care of the next customer. Oh, it was just Marco coming in for his shift.

"Marco. You'll never guess the day I've had."

Marco laughed. "I heard about Jean. You poor thing. Saturdays are the absolute worst."

"Tell me about it. I didn't think I could go through with it."

"Well, hey, you pulled through, champ! Look at you!" Marco was ever-encouraging.

"Yeah, and now I can die a fulfilled man." Eren turned his head to the ceiling with closed eyes and smiled peacefully, mocking death.

Marco chuckled and patted Eren on the back. "Go home, you. You deserve it."

The door bell jingled and Sasha walked in briskly, eating fries out of a fast food bag.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Sash," Eren clocked himself out in the machine and took his apron off. The smell of Sasha's fries hit Eren's nose and he felt a bit lightheaded.

Sasha extended the bag slowly. "Want some?" she asked hesitantly. "You look like you haven't eaten in a minute."

Eren shook his head. "Well, you're right about that. But I'm saving my appetite for dinner." With Levi... he reminded himself.

Sasha looked relieved. She wiped her fingers on her pants and washed her hands.

"See you guys later!" Eren waved on his way out the door. Now comes the real highlight of the day, he thought as he unlocked his car.

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Eren’s leg couldn’t stop shaking the whole ride home.

He took a thorough shower, and put on his best cologne. He was trying to look as clean and put together for the date tonight. Although, he thought, there’s no way he’ll ever look as immaculate as Levi. Going through his closet, he sadly didn’t have many fancy clothes. He never really needed them. He had one suit that he wore to weddings and such, but that would be too excessive for a first date.

He decided to go with his leather jacket and black jeans. Looking at himself in the mirror, Eren thought that this was as good as it was going to get. Making sure his wallet had some cash, he started to head out the door. Actually… he was a bit early. Eren reached into the fridge and found some leftover soup to take to Jean’s house. He had to make sure that jerk felt a little better to get back to work.


Eren knocked on Jean’s apartment door and waited. Hopefully Jean was well enough to get out of bed.

A few moments later, Jean slowly opened the door. He had a blanket wrapped around him, and he had on superhero pajama pants. His nose was red and his face was flushed, but he didn’t seem too bad.

“I brought you some leftover soup. Today was hell, by the way,” Eren pushed past Jean and went to the microwave to heat up the soup.

Jean laughed and it turned into a small coughing fit. “Thanks, man.”

Eren punched in some numbers into the microwave. “Feeling any better?”

Jean shuffled into the living room and collapsed onto the couch. “Lots, actually. I’ll be back to work tomorrow.”

“Good.” Eren took the bowl out of the microwave and jerked his hand away. “Ah, hot. Where do you keep your spoons?”

Eren rummaged through some cupboards and drawers and found a spoon and tray. “Here you go.”

Jean sat up and took the tray from Eren’s hands. He leaned into Eren and inhaled deeply. “Is that cologne? You’re looking all fresh, you got a date tonight?”

“Don’t worry about it. Eat your soup.”

“My little Eren-poo has a date tonight! How exciting!” Jean’s whole body shook as he laughed and once again he dissolved into a coughing fit.

“Still more action than you’re going to get all week,” Eren jerked his chin towards Jean’s blanket-wrapped body. He unlocked his phone to look at the time. 7:21. He should start heading out.

“Don’t let me hold you up for your little date, Eren-poo,” Jean grinned, “Go on, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Make sure you finish that soup, I can’t have you coughing all over me tomorrow.” Eren called out as he unlocked the door. “And don’t call me Eren-poo!”

Eren got into his car and input the address of the restaurant that Levi texted him into the GPS. He took a deep breath and tightened his grip on the wheel.


Upon rolling up to the restaurant, Eren thought he was at the wrong place. It looked like a 4-star restaurant, with people in dresses and suits walking in and out of it. The building was lined with manicured hedges and was strung with soft, elegant lights. Eren already felt out of place.

He exhaled deeply and stepped out of the car. It was 7:58. He was right on time.

“Welcome to Trost Bistro. May I have your name?”

“Uhh. Eren. Eren Jaeger.”

The host looked though a menu. “Ah. Mr. Ackerman is awaiting you. Follow me, if you please.”

Eren had found out Levi’s last name was Ackerman when he saw the text with the address in it. Coincidentally, that was also Mikasa’s last name. Eren would ask Levi later if they were related.

As Eren followed the host through the dimly-lit restaurant, he truly did start to feel out of place. He saw food that he didn’t recognize, and bottles of champagne that looked more expensive than his entire wardrobe.

Levi stood up as he saw Eren approaching the table. Once again, he looked as dashing as ever, with a crisp black button-up shirt (with the top few buttons undone, Eren noticed right away) and gray slacks that looked freshly pressed.

“Your server will be with you in a few minutes. Enjoy your evening, gentlemen.” The host bowed slightly and walked away.

Levi pulled Eren’s chair out for him. “Have a seat, Eren. I’m glad you could make it.”

Eren felt embarrassed. He never got this treatment before. “Thank you for inviting me. Were you waiting long?”

Levi scooted his chair closer to the table. “Not at all. You were right on time.”

A server approached the table. “Welcome to Trost Bistro, gentlemen.” He set a menu in front of each of them. “We have a wonderful selection tonight. Can I get you started with some wine?”

“I’ll just have water, please,” Levi said.

“Me, too. Please,” Eren said.

The server nodded. “Very well. I will give you some time to look through the menu.”

As the server walked away, it suddenly felt very intimate with Eren and Levi sitting face-to-face at this small table.

“Eren, how old are you?” Levi questioned smoothly.


Levi nodded slowly. “I figured. I’m glad I didn’t have them bring wine.”

“I’ve had alcohol before.” Eren felt babied and frankly, a little bit hurt.

Levi chuckled, low and deep, and Eren was mesmerized by his laugh. “I’m sure you have, but I don’t want to be an enabler.”

Eren puffed and looked at his menu. Half of it was in French. He strained to find something familiar.

“Eren, are you alright?” Levi looked concerned. “You seem uncomfortable.”

“Yeah. I just feel a bit underdressed for this restaurant. And I can’t understand most of the menu.”

“You look great. Don’t worry about that,” Levi said and Eren hid his blushing face behind his menu. “And as for the menu, I can translate for you. I heard good things about their steak.”

Eren raised his eyebrow. “You can speak French?”

Levi smiled. “I know enough to get by. My mother was French.”


“She passed away while I was young.”

Eren mentally punched himself for being insensitive. “I’m so sorry, Levi, I didn’t mean to bring up a touchy subject.”

“Relax. It’s fine. Like I said, I was young.”

Eren nodded and tried to move on so the atmosphere didn’t become uncomfortable. “I’ll just trust your recommendation and go with the steak.”

“I’m glad to have earned your trust.” Levi looked amused.

The server approached the table and set down their glasses of water, then took out his notepad. “Have you had enough time to look over the menu?”

Levi shut his menu. “We will both have the steak.”

“How would you like those cooked?”

“Medium for me. Eren?” Levi asked.

“Ahh.. medium for me, too.” Eren had only been to a few formal steakhouses and he didn’t know the true “correct” temperature.

“Excellent choice, gentlemen.” The server collected their menus. “Your meals will be prepared promptly.”

As the server left, Levi rested his elbows on the table and leaned in closer to Eren. “Tell me about your day, Eren.”

Oh, that voice. This close to me. Eren felt his stomach pool with heat, making him feel hot and bothered. Or maybe he was just really hungry.

“Well, Jean got sick so I had a rough day.”

Levi took a sip of his water and swallowed. Eren tried not to be too obvious as he stared at Levi’s Adam’s apple bob. “Jean?”

“Jean is my coworker,” Eren clarified. “He asked me to cover his shift. Normally I wouldn’t, because he’s a dick, but he’s covered me a few times before.”

Levi nodded. “I see. So that’s why you looked so frazzled when I came in.”

Eren cringed. “Was it that obvious?”

“I can appreciate hard work. And don’t worry, you still looked adorable.”

Eren covered his face in his hands. Levi called him adorable. Like he was a puppy or something.

“And that, Eren, is about the tenth time you’ve blushed since I’ve first seen you.”

“I’m not ‘adorable’!” Eren huffed.

Levi laughed. “Okay. You’re damn cute, then.”

Eren groaned and ran a hand through his hair. “What about you, Levi? What do you do?”

“I run a company and manage a few businesses. I used to live in Sina, but business is more plentiful here, so I moved. Actually, since I’m fairly new to the area, I thought you could show me around.”

“Of course! I know a few spots. Although…” Eren looked around, “based on your choice of restaurants, it seems you won’t need my help.”

“I saw positive reviews online. I confess that I took a gamble on this one.”

Eren laughed. It was reassuring that Levi wasn’t completely in the know.

The server approached their table balancing their plates on his forearm. He set them down in front of each of them. “Enjoy the steaks, gentlemen. I will be back to check up on you soon.”

Eren just realized how hungry he was. Those two croissants from earlier didn’t help him much. He cut into his steak right away. It melted in his mouth...just right. He let out a deep sigh as he chewed.

Levi chuckled.

Eren was already on his second bite. “What?” he asked with his mouth full.

“Nothing. You must be starved. And your face was blissed out for a second there.” Levi smirked as he cut into his own steak.

Eren swallowed and wasted no time cutting another piece. “Blissed out?”

“You will know what that means later.”

They ate in a majorily comfortable silence, with Eren asking Levi more about his business and Levi laughing at Eren’s liveliness. Eren’s anxiety about coming to this upscale restaurant as himself was finally diminishing, and by the end of their meals, Eren no longer felt intimidated by the whole situation. In fact, it felt like he’s known Levi for a long time.

Eren was in the middle of telling Levi how surprisingly often customers ask for nothing but whipped cream in a cup when the server was back at the table.

“I hope your meals were satisfactory,” he said as he collected their plates. “Are we considering dessert tonight?”

Eren looked at Levi.

“Have you ever had crème brulee, Eren?”


Levi looked at the server. “We will have the crème brulee, then.”

The server nodded. “Of course.”

Levi looked back to Eren. “Really? Nothing but whipped cream?”

Eren nodded excitedly. “I actually don’t think it’s too weird. I spray whipped cream into my mouth straight from the can at home.”

“You and those customers are quite strange, Eren,” Levi chuckled. “I’ve never had whipped cream on its own.”

“Then that’s something we gotta try, then!” Eren said.

The server came back carrying two tiny bowls of a golden-looking desserts and placed one in front of each of them. “Enjoy.”

“So to eat crème brulee,” Levi said, “you take your spoon and gently crack the surface. Like this.”

Levi demonstrated by taking his spoon and tenderly breaking the surface. He took a scoop of the crème and licked his spoon.

Eren tried to emulate Levi’s actions.

“Good,” Levi said. “Now you scoop.”

Eren had some of the crème and it was absolutely delicious. He finished the rest of it off right away.

“Ohh, that was great!” Eren groaned and leaned back into his chair.

The server came back and set down the bill. “Whenever you’re ready, gentlemen. Thank you for choosing Trost Bistro tonight.” He collected their dessert bowls and left.

Eren sat up and fished out his wallet. Levi waved it down. “It’s on me.”

Eren shook his head and fingered through some bills. “No, Levi, I insist.”

Levi placed his hand on Eren’s and lowered Eren’s wallet. “Earlier I said it would be my treat. Let me stick to my word.” he said gently.

Eren nodded and put his wallet away.

Levi took out a shiny black credit card and signed the bill. The host came by and collected it.

The night came to end, and Levi and Eren stepped outside into the cool night air. It was refreshing after that hearty meal, and Eren felt great. He stretched his arms out and laughed.

“Let me walk you to your car,” Levi said.

“Here she is,” Eren unlocked his car from afar. He leaned against the side and grinned.

“Eren, I had a great time with you tonight. I hope we can do this again.” Levi was standing inches away from Eren’s chest.

“I had a lot of fun, too. Thank you for treating me, Levi.”

“The pleasure was all mine. Good night.” Levi touched Eren’s elbow gently before turning on his heels and walking away.

Eren got into his car and his face heated up again. Levi touched him. He was standing really close. He could practically feel Levi’s body heat in that moment. God, he wanted more. He should’ve made a move.

The pleasure was all mine. Levi’s deep, rich voice resonated in his head and Eren felt himself getting hot and bothered again.


Later that night, Eren, now with a full stomach, jacked it off to Levi and that fucking sexy voice. Panting as he climbed down from his lust-charged desperation, he thought about that same voice whispering filthy things in his ear. All milked out, Eren curled up and slept like a baby.

Chapter Text

The alarm clock on Eren’s phone filled his ear with the urgent intent to drag him out of his dreams. He was basking in the sweet memory of last night, and he buried his smile into his pillow. He blindly reached out around for his phone to shut his alarm, and upon bringing to his face, he saw an unread message. Eren slept so soundly he didn’t notice the notification. It was from Levi:

Good morning, Eren. Dinner with you last night was lovely. Want to come over to my place tonight?

Oh. Eren bolted upright. He was fully awake now. Oh! What would they do at Levi’s house? What kind of hobbies did Levi have? What did the inside of Levi’s house look like? Eren’s mind raced with thoughts. Being inside Levi’s house sounded so… intimate. And Eren wanted nothing more to get closer to Levi’s allure.

Sounds great! Eren texted back.

He rubbed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair. He took his phone with him to the bathroom and awaited Levi’s response as he brushed his teeth. His phone vibrated as he gargled his mouthwash.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ll pick you up from the coffee shop. What time does your shift end?

6. I’ll see ya then. Eren texted back, and then he showered.


Eren pulled into the coffee shop and saw Jean’s car. Today was definitely not going to be as much of a struggle as yesterday. He entered the shop and put on his apron, which was no longer a stained mess since he threw it into the wash before his date with Levi.

Jean was sipping on a cup as he watched some of the machines run.

“Hey,” Eren said as he fixed his own cup. “Feeling better today?”

Jean closed his eyes and nodded as he took another sip. “Yeah. I still have some chills but I’m basically good to go. Thanks for bringing that soup.”

Eren added some sugar to his cup and mixed. “No problem. After yesterday’s fuckery, I’m just glad you’re back.”

Jean laughed. “Did my Eren-poo have a hard time holding down the fort all by himself?” And then Jean’s eyes sparkled. “Oh! How was your little date? Don’t think I’ve forgotten.”

Eren gently shoved Jean and then took a sip of his own cup. “Don’t call me Eren-poo. And about the date, don’t worry about it.”

“Aww, are you embarrassed?” Jean had a shit-eating grin, “You can tell me. Was she hot? Did you get some?”

Well, he was pretty damn hot. Not that Jean needed to know what. “Forget it.”

“I’m gonna find out who it is eventually! I might as well hear it from you first.”

The shop’s door bell jingled and two men entered. Eren was grateful for customers so that he wouldn’t have to deal with Jean’s pestering. “Welcome to Trost Coffee! What can I get ya?”

Jean snorted and shook his head.


The day went by like most days. Eren lost track of time in his work, and before he knew it, it was the end of his shift. Jean clocked out immediately and Eren was glad that he drove off before Levi arrived. Eren wiped down some tables and tidied up the stations for the night shift. He took off his apron and sat at one of the tables as he waited for Levi.

Sasha and Marco walked in together today, and they finished their dinners in the break room. Luckily, the shop was empty.

It was 6:02. The shop’s door bell jingled and Levi walked in. Eren’s heart skipped a beat. Marco walked out and tied his apron.

“What can I get for you today?” Marco asked.

“I’ll take a medium black coffee to go, please,” Levi said, and then turned to Eren and smiled. Eren stood up and approached them.

Marco looked back and forth between Eren and Levi, trying to figure out the connection. “Ahh… of course. Medium black coming right up.”

“Hello, Eren,” Levi said with that wonderfully rich voice of his. “How was your day?”

“It was good. Same ol’, same ol’,” Eren tried to contain the butterflies in his stomach.

Marco looked behind him with an amused look as he fixed Levi’s coffee. “Do you guys know each other?”

Levi gave a perfectly vague answer. “Yes. We met recently.”

Marco nodded and capped Levi’s drink. “Here ya go, sir. Enjoy.”

“Thank you…” Levi looked at Marco’s chest, “Marco.”

Marco nodded and waved at Eren. “See you later, Eren!”

Levi and Eren walked out the store. Levi took his keys out and clicked a button. A very expensive-looking car blinked its lights.

Eren’s eyes lit up. “Oh my God, Levi. This is your car?” He stroked the side and inspected it closely. He circled it and looked every bit a child in a candy store.

Levi laughed. “You like it? It’s an Aston Martin DB9. I have a preference for black and red cars.”

Eren whistled. “Yeah, no kidding.” The car was a sleek, bold black, very suited to Levi’s overall appearance. Eren felt like he wasn’t even worthy to be riding such a thing. He’s never even been this close to such an expensive car. He entered and the inside was just as refined and modern.

Levi entered and turned the keys in the ignition. The car roared to life with a low purr and Eren felt thrilled.

Levi drove with his right hand on the wheel and the other hand holding his coffee. As they drove through the streets of Trost, Eren looked around with an awakened perspective of the city. Everything looked so different from inside this car. Eren glanced at Levi, and he looked totally in control as he drove. It was kind of sexy, Eren thought.

Levi tipped back the final remains of his coffee at a red light and Eren found himself looking at his Adam’s apple bob again. “Mm. That was good.” Levi put the cup into the cupholder besides him.

Eren smiled. “I’m not sure how I feel about another man making your coffee.”

Levi’s fingers touched Eren’s chin and his eyes found his. “I like your coffee better, Eren.”

Eren’s face burned pleasantly at Levi’s touch and he covered his face with his hands.

Levi chuckled. “I wonder when you will stop blushing around me, Eren. Although I can’t say that I dislike it.”

They were now driving in the upper-class section of Trost, one that Eren had driven by before but didn’t have the budget to shop or eat at. It wasn’t as lively as the section of the city the coffee shop was in, but it had an air of dignity and class that had matched Levi perfectly. A huge tower with dark glass came into view.

“This is it.” Levi said. He parked in a covered garage.

Eren followed Levi out the car and they entered glass doors. The interior was an immaculate lobby with a high ceiling. The white marble floor was polished enough that Eren could see his reflection staring back at him. To the left was a thick glass wall that looked into a gym filled with state-of-the-art equipment. To the right, some cushy seats and a panel of mailboxes.

“Welcome to Trost Tower.” A receptionist looked up from her desk.

Further back into the lobby were three large elevators. Levi pushed the “up” button and in the elevator, Eren noticed that Levi selected the highest level.

“You live on the top floor?”

Levi nodded. “I think you will like the view.”

The elevator door opened to a small entrance and Levi unlocked a chrome door. The inside of Levi’s apartment met all of Eren’s expectations. It wasn’t terribly large, but it was spacious and had tasteful furniture. To the far side of the room was a wall made entirely of glass. Eren approached it to look outside.

Levi was right; it was breathtaking. From this height, Eren could overlook all of Trost, and the orange-purple dusk sky was filled wispy dark clouds that gave the city a mysterious air. Eren felt on top of the world.

Levi walked up next to him. “Nice, isn’t it?”

“I can’t believe you get to see this every day!” Eren was in awe. “I can only see the sky like this at the beach.”

“Do you go to the beach often?” Levi asked as he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs.

“Sometimes. When I have some energy after work, I go there for a jog or I just relax and wind down.” Eren tore his gaze away from the cityscape and looked around the rest of the apartment.

The first thing that caught his attention was a bookshelf. There were some novels, manuals, and even some things in French. There were also some racks of tea sets, all of which looked very intricate and fragile.

“Do you collect tea cups?” Eren asked while inspecting the rest of the shelf.

Levi called from the kitchen. “Not really. Those are just gifts from a few people. They’re more for decoration. Are you hungry, Eren? What would you like for dinner?”

Eren turned and walked towards the bar stools at the kitchen. “You can cook? What can you make?”

Levi smiled. “I’m not the best cook. I can make spaghetti, if you’re okay with that?”

“Spaghetti sounds great, Levi.”

“You can turn on the TV while I cook. We can watch a movie later.”

Eren went to the black leather couch and flopped down. The flat-screen was a lot bigger than the one he had at his house. He flipped through the channels and settled for a crime drama.

It was a little bit chilly, so Eren took the fuzzy beige blanket that was draped over the armrest and wrapped himself up in it tightly. He liked listening to the buzz of the TV while hearing the sounds of Levi in the kitchen.

Some time later, Levi came around with a plate of spaghetti and sat down next to Eren’s wrapped body. Eren began to unwrap himself but Levi stopped him.

“You look comfortable. I’ll feed you.”

Eren got red in the face but he didn’t mind being treated like this, especially by Levi.


Levi began twirling some pasta onto the fork. “I also apologize for the draftiness in here. I like to keep it on the cold side so I can stay awake while I work. Open up,” he said gently.

Eren opened his mouth for Levi and got a mouthful of spaghetti. It was quite good, actually. Eren chewed and turned to the TV to see how the crime drama was shaping up.

“You look very cute like that, by the way. All wrapped up like a burrito,” Levi said.

Eren swallowed and opened up again, maintaining eye contact with Levi. Levi inched closer to Eren and the space between them felt nonexistent.

Eren was very aware of this. As he chewed another mouthful, he realized the situation. He was at Levi’s place, being fed and coddled, and he could really get used to this.

“Do you like crime shows?” Levi asked.

Eren swallowed and nodded. “I like anything with action in it. What do you like to watch?”

Levi took a second to think as he fed Eren another forkful. “Hmm… I’d say I like a little bit of everything. I’m not adverse to history documentaries.”

“History, huh? That’s such an old man thing to like.” Eren had a face-splitting grin.

“It can actually be quite interesting if you were to give it a chance, Eren. And I’m not that old. I’m thirty-five.”

“Okay, old man,” Eren teased.

“Careful, or I can take that rolled up body of yours and have my way with you.” Levi offered another forkful of spaghetti.

Eren held his gaze into Levi’s eyes as he chewed. “I’d be okay with that.”

The sexual tension was tangible between them. But Levi didn’t seem like the reckless type. “You need to finish dinner.” He twirled the last bit of pasta and slid the fork out of Eren’s lips.

Eren sighed and closed his eyes as he tightened his blanket and chewed. Levi wiped Eren’s mouth with a napkin, and then took the plate to the kitchen.

“Thanks for the spaghetti, Levi.”

“You’re welcome, Eren,” Levi called over the running sink.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?”

Levi rejoined Eren at the couch. “I had a late lunch with a client today, so I’m not hungry. But I appreciate your concern.”

They continued to watch TV together, and the night wore on with that strangely familiar atmosphere. Eren took his blanketed body and rested his head on Levi’s lap. Levi didn’t miss a beat and started to stroke Eren’s hair. He wanted to make sure Eren was as comfortable as possible.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Eren’s eyes began to close, and before long, Levi felt Eren’s breathing deepen and Eren started to snore gently.

Levi continued to card his fingers through Eren’s hair, and shut off the TV. Eren looked absolutely adorable while he was asleep, with his chocolate brown locks hiding most of his face, and his long eyelashes fanned out on his cheek. His plush pink lips were shaped in a soft “O”. Levi also found it adorable how quickly and easily Eren could fall asleep.

Levi held Eren’s head as he slipped out from underneath, taking the pillow he was leaning on placing it underneath Eren’s head. Eren didn’t stir.

Levi got to work making a cup of tea to help him wind down as well, as it was midnight and he had work tomorrow. Eren’s snores got louder and Levi stifled a chuckle. They didn’t get to watch a movie as he planned, but he enjoyed himself nonetheless.

He worked for a little while in his office while drinking his tea and finally found himself getting drowsy. He called it a night and crawled into his bed, and realized that this was his first full night with Eren.

Chapter Text

Eren woke up to the smell of pancakes gently intruding his dreams.

His eyes fluttered open, and he didn’t immediately recognize where he was. It was really warm, though. Upon looking around, he saw a TV, a glass wall, and a well-kept living room.

Eren reached around for his phone. It was still in his pocket, luckily. There was a brief moment of panic as he turned it on to see the time. It was only 7:16. He didn’t have to be at work for a while.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Levi’s voice was as lovely as ever calling from the kitchen. “I made pancakes.”

Eren groaned as he stirred himself up to a sitting position and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The smell of Levi’s pancakes made Eren’s mouth water. He went over to the bar stools with his blanket still wrapped around him.

“Can I use your shower?” Eren grumbled in his morning voice.

Levi flipped over a pancake. “Of course. There are extra toothbrushes and towels in the linen closet. Take whatever you need.”

Eren got up and entered the hallway adjacent to the bookshelf. There were a few other rooms, one of them which looked like a study, and there was a door that was slightly ajar that Eren figured was the bathroom.

Levi’s bathroom was impressive. Marble and chrome fixtures made the spacious bathroom sleek and inviting, and a glass-door shower caught Eren’s eye. There was a small closet that he assumed had the toothbrushes. The items in there were organized as well, with fluffy white towels folded and some toiletries in a woven basket. Eren took a green toothbrush and a towel and brushed his teeth.

He didn’t know what to do with his clothes. They weren’t exactly filthy, but he didn’t like wearing the same shirt twice to work. He hoped a shower would suffice.

Eren stripped and stepped into the shower, trying to figure out the nobs. Body washes and shampoos were lined up neatly on the marble seat. He fiddled around and the shower heads above finally cascaded warm water onto him, and it was heavenly. It pulsated jets of hot water that melted the tension from his body, and he was starting to wake up. He stretched and smiled, reveling in this shower that he would grow to become familiar with.

Eren stepped out of the shower and dried himself, and a cloud of steam followed him out of the glass door. He saw that there was also a large bathtub that was lined with jets on the side, and he would later ask Levi if he could try it. He put on his clothes again and folded his towel near the edge of the counter. He placed his green toothbrush on it.

Going back to Levi in the kitchen, Eren found that the pancakes were finished and Levi was sipping on some coffee. Eren took a seat at the bar stool and dug in. The pancakes were fluffy, buttery, and coated with a light syrup, just how he liked it.

“I really like your shower,” he said through a mouthful.

“I like it, too. It makes taking a shower a treat, doesn’t it?”

Eren nodded.

“Did you sleep well?” Levi leaned back on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah. I can knock out pretty much anywhere if I’m tired enough. I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.”

Levi smiled from the corner of his mouth. “It was no problem at all. I thought your snores were pretty cute.”

Eren eyes widened and he looked offended. “I do NOT snore!”

Levi laughed. “You do, too.”

“You’re just saying that!”

“You started snoring the minute you fell asleep.”

“Stop lying!”

“Is my Eren getting a little defensive about his snores?” Levi’s eyes sparkled with amusement.

Eren stopped his angry, defensive chewing abruptly. His Eren. Those words resounded in the air between them. Eren face heated with his blush but he didn’t cover his face this time.

“And my Eren stopped hiding that lovely face with his hands,” Levi continued.

Eren kept chewing silently, trying not to let Levi know how much effect he had on him. Hearing the word ‘lovely’ coming from him meant so much more than all the other compliments he hears from people on a regular basis. Everything with Levi felt so…


Eren finished the rest of his pancakes, sopping up the last bits around the syrup. Once again, Levi’s food felt familiar and he really could get used to it.

Levi took Eren’s plate and washed it. “Thanks for breakfast, Levi. It was delicious.” Eren wiped his mouth with his napkin.

“You’re welcome, Eren. I enjoy cooking for you.”

Eren looked at the time on his phone. 8:20. “Will you drive me to work?”

“Yes. Are you all set to go?”

Eren went to the glass wall and got one more look before leaving. The morning sky was a pale blue and the rising sun set a sparkle over Trost.

“Ready, Eren?” Levi called from near the door.

Eren tore his gaze from the sparkling city and followed Levi out the door. In the elevator, they stood close- almost touching shoulders. Levi turned his face up. “I enjoyed our time together, Eren. And I want to tell you that you’re always welcome in my home. My place is yours now.”

Eren looked at Levi. Even in the morning, he looked sharp and commanding. And standing this close, Levi’s subtle but heady scent of musk and sandalwood was getting to him; making him seem that much more intoxicating.

They were so close. Their shoulders touching briefly created sparks on Eren’s skin and he thought that he could reach down and just…touch Levi.

Eren inched his hand closer to Levi’s, and Levi smiled at him. Just like last night, he didn’t skip a beat, and he held Eren’s hand gently, brushing his thumb soothingly over Eren’s knuckles.

The elevator dinged and they arrived at the lobby. They held hands the whole way to the car. As they drove to the coffee shop, Eren was on his phone and Levi kept his right hand on Eren’s thigh- comforting, supporting. He glanced down on Levi’s hand, strong and calloused, but still graceful with his long, slender fingers, and he had the pleasant invasive thought that he wanted Levi to touch him in more places of his body.

Levi looked at Eren glancing down on his hand. “What are you thinking about, my dear Eren?”

“Nothing. I just really like it when you touch me.”

Levi stroked and patted Eren’s thigh. “Then, I’ll try to do it more often,” he said gently.


They got to the coffee shop a bit early, and Eren didn’t see Jean’s car. In fact, the parking lot was mostly empty. “Thanks for everything last night and this morning, Levi. I had fun with you. Let’s hang out again soon, okay?”

Levi got out of the car with Eren. “I enjoy my time with you, too. You are an absolute delight.” He closed the distance between them, and Eren was backed up against the side of the car. His breathing hitched. He wanted to kiss Levi really badly right now. And those smoldering steel-gray eyes were almost daring him to.

Eren’s hands found Levi’s face slowly, and he leaned down, not quite touching Levi’s lips, but breathing his air, which felt even more intimate. Eren touched his forehead to Levi’s, their noses brushing. Levi’s hands found Eren’s hips and he stepped closer. Their chests were pressed together now.

Eren smiled, content with this. Content with the way their bodies fit together. And this close together, Eren wanted Levi to claim his body as his. His lips gently pressed against Levi’s, and time stood still.

Levi’s lips were awaiting, yet responsive. Eren deepened the kiss and firmed his grasp on Levi’s jawline. It seemed that was the permission that Levi was waiting for, and he took a more dominant role, sliding his hand up Eren’s chest and caressing his neck into his grasp so that Eren was under his control.

They melted into each other, tasting, exploring, uncaring of the world around them. They separated, breathless, and their eyes were wild with need.

Levi leaned up again, and Eren thought he would take his lips again, but instead Levi’s lips brushed against the shell of his ear and he whispered in that dangerously seductive voice “Have a wonderful day at work, my sweet Eren.”

Eren’s ears were particularly sensitive (Levi didn’t know that before but probably did now), and he shuddered with anticipation. He could feel his erection strain a little, and hoped Levi didn’t feel it with them this close together.

Eren, now flushed and needy, separated the distance between them while he still had an ounce of self-control left in him. “Bye, Levi.” He turned away and unlocked the shop, his heart beating frantically, and he felt like silly teenage girl in love.

He started working the machines, and soon after, Jean entered the shop.

“What’s with you? You look like you just got a good fucking.”

Eren, fixing coffee for both of them because his mood was in the clouds, simply smiled like an idiot.

“Is it the mystery date girl? Is she the reason you’re making me coffee? I might need to thank her personally.”

Eren gave Jean his cup the way he liked it, and he licked his lips, tasting the afterthought of his makeout session with Levi.

The first customer of the day came in. It was their friend Connie.

“Hey guys, the usual with energy shots.”

Jean looked at Eren, who was still looking out of this earth as he sipped his coffee dreamily. “Coming right up, Connie.”

“What’s up with you, Eren?” Connie grinned, “You on that next level? I want a puff of whatever you’re on.”

Connie cracked up at his own joke. “No drugs, Connie,” Eren said gently. “No…drugs.”

Jean turned and gave Connie his drink. “Our Eren-poo here is in love. And he won’t say who the mystery girl who is.”

He was in such a good mood that he almost didn’t mind Jean calling him Eren-poo. Connie nodded solemnly. “I know how that is, Eren. Ya meet a girl at the club and she gives you the best night of your life, and you almost feel bad telling her that she was a hit-n-quit. I totally get ya.”

Eren knew Connie was too young to be allowed in clubs but that wasn’t even the worst of his friend’s shenanigans. Connie held a hand up as he exited the shop.

And Eren worked for the rest of the day with his head in the clouds, feeling needy but strangely satisfied at the same time, and he couldn’t wait to see and touch Levi again.

Chapter Text

The week has passed and Saturday has finally come around. Eren kept in touch with Levi daily, and they even spent their lunch breaks together a couple times. Eren would tell Levi about customers and his hobbies, and Levi would tell him about his business life. Eren had never felt this comfortable in his past relationships, and every time he saw Levi, he would get butterflies in his stomach.

Levi would kiss him tenderly every time they had to part ways, and Eren’s body language communicated that he wanted more. He wasn’t shy about it, either. “Leeeevi…” he would whine while his body was practically wrapped around Levi’s. Charged with lust and love, he tried to rile Levi up and convince him to take him. But Levi, patient as ever, took it slow and didn’t want to overwhelm Eren. “Needy little thing, are you? My sweet Eren.”

The Saturday shift was the usual. The Trost Coffee Shop manager stated that Saturdays could use an extra hand, and opened up another position. Their friend Bertholdt joined the team. He was quite nervous, but he was diligent and made work a much lighter load.

Annie came into the shop again today, and Eren asked, “The usual, Annie?”

She nodded, trying her hardest not to let Eren’s bright smile crack her demeanor.

Eren told Bertholdt, “Annie likes a small mocha frappe with extra whipped cream.”

Bertholdt was always a little weak-hearted, but Annie’s presence seemed to make him doubly stiff. “A-ah. Okay. Coming up.” He looked at his notes to make the drink, using a towel to wipe his forehead.

As Annie looked at her phone while waiting, Eren patted Bertholdt on the arm and leaned up to whisper into his ear. “Hey, Bert. You good? Don’t sweat it.”

“Y-yes. I’m fine. Thanks, Eren.” Bertholdt sprayed the mountain of whipped cream on the drink and capped it. His hand shook as he handed it to Annie, who was adorably much shorter than him. “”

“Thanks.” Annie walked out saying nothing else.

Jean clapped a hand on Bertholdt’s arm. “It’s okay, man. She makes everyone nervous.”

On Eren and Bertholdt’s lunch break, Jean held down the fort. “Bert, you seemed on edge when Annie came around. What happened?” Eren asked.

Bert wiped his mouth after a bite of his sandwich. “I saw her with Reiner once. They were running at the park. When I got there, she gave me a look and left. I felt like I did something wrong.”

Eren nodded, and didn’t let on that he had already connected the dots. The truth is, Reiner had actually come into the shop for one of his morning protein shakes, and said that he wanted to ask Bertholdt out, but he didn’t know how. He didn’t know what to do, and didn’t want to sacrifice his friendship with Bertholdt if he said no. Reiner’s crush on his best friend was a dilemma that most people knew about- except for Bertholdt himself. When Annie abruptly left the scene when Bertholdt showed up, she probably strategically left them alone to give Reiner a chance to make a move. Smart girl…

“She’s like that with everyone, Bert,” Eren said. “Don’t let it get to you.”

“Maybe Reiner said something to her? He has been acting really weird around me lately…”

“I’ll talk to Reiner and try to figure it out for you, alright? But in the meantime, don’t sweat it!” Eren thought to himself, and when I talk to Reiner, I’ll tell that muscle head to ask this suffering boy out already.

“I appreciate that Eren, thank you.” Bertholdt looked in the mirror in the staff room and sighed. “I’m all sweaty again. I hope it isn’t too distracting.”

Eren laughed at the usual sight of Bertholdt inspecting his pit stains, and even more because his coworker was freaking out about it. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

It was Levi. Eren’s heart fluttered excitedly.

Eren, would you like to go shopping today?

He smiled. Levi could ask him to visit the garbage dump with him and he would be happy to join.

Yes! He texted back quickly. I have a short shift today. Pick me up from my place at 5.

Understood. I’ll see you later, my dear.

Any day that ends with him seeing Levi guaranteed that Eren would have sweet dreams.


The end of Eren’s shift rolled around at 4, and Jean and Bertholdt would stay until Marco and Sasha came in later. It was the slowest time of the day. He clocked out and took off his apron. Jean had walked back into the shop from his cigarette break.

“See you guys,” Eren waved as he walked out.

“See you,” Bertholdt waved. Jean shortly saluted with two fingers.

Eren stopped by the pizza place near the pier for a bite. Looking out into the beach, he thought of when he spent the night at Levi’s place last weekend, and he thought that he might want to spend the night again today. He’s sure Levi wouldn’t mind.

At home, Eren showered and packed some clothes into a duffel bag so that he could be better prepared.

Levi knocked on his apartment door promptly at 5. Eren jumped into his arms and squeezed. Levi kissed him on the cheek.

“Hello, Eren,” he said gently. “Ready to go?”

“Yup. Also, is it okay if I spend the night at your place today? I packed an overnight bag.”

Levi took Eren’s hands into both of his. “Of course, dear. My home is yours now. In fact, I have an empty drawer with your name on it.”

Eren grinned. Levi was always prepared like this. And he would always wait for Eren to introduce things, making sure they were going at Eren’s pace. It was incredibly thoughtful.

As they drove, Eren turned on the radio and flipped the stations. “What kinda music do you like, Levi?”

“I especially like classical. Though I’ll listen to pretty much anything.”

A popular rock song started playing and Eren leaned back into his seat. He played the air drums and sang along to it. He wasn’t the best singer, but he put a lot of passion and soul into it. When the singer said “you” in the song, Eren would point at Levi as if he was serenading him.

The song finished and Levi laughed, rich and genuine. “You are the cutest thing, Eren Jaeger.”

“I’m sorry I got a little too into that. I really love that song.” Around anyone else, Eren would have been embarrassed, but he could completely let himself go around Levi.

“I enjoyed your performance,” Levi assured as he patted Eren’s thigh. “And, we’ve arrived.”

They walked around the mall that was more upscale than the one Eren usually went to. Levi bought Eren a pretzel, and he ate it as he helped Levi pick out a new tie.

The first one was a cobalt blue that brought out Levi’s eyes, and the second one was a gunmetal color that gave him an even more commanding and powerful aura than he already had.

“I like them both, but the blue one brings out your eyes. Let’s go with that one.” Eren explained. He finished up the last of his pretzel and wiped his hands and mouth.

Levi nodded and put the second tie back. “Agreed. I have many gray ties anyway. Hold still, you missed a crumb.” Levi brushed the corner of Eren’s mouth with his finger and licked the cinnamon crumb off his thumb.

Eren’s cock twitched. Seeing Levi lick his own finger was strangely sexy to Eren. It wasn’t the first time Levi wiped Eren’s mouth, but he wished Levi had licked the crumb off Eren’s mouth directly.

Levi bought the tie and they continued walking around. They came across a tuxedo shop and Levi touched Eren’s hand. “Let’s get you a nice suit.”

The store employee approached them. She had a tape measure around her neck. “Hello gentlemen, who are we shopping for today?”

Levi touched Eren’s arm. “Him. Please get him custom fitted.”

The employee nodded and led them to the back of the store. “I’ll measure you and I’ll get you several options to try on. What is your name, honey?”


“I love that name. Please lift your arms.”

Levi sat on a sofa as he watched the employee measure Eren on the platform. She wrote down his measurements. Levi’s phone rang and Eren looked at him while being measured.

“Business,” Levi mouthed.

The employee draped the tape measure around her neck again, and she went around the store to collect a few garment bags. Eren smiled at Levi. Levi smiled back as he listened to his phone.

The employee came back and ushered Eren into the fitting room. “Try all three of these on, Eren. If you need any help putting something on, please let me know; I’m Lynne.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Levi ended his phone call and answered a few emails. Eren emerged from the fitting room with his first number and stood on the platform. It was a simple yet elegant navy blue, modern and fitting for Eren’s age. Lynne spun him around, tweaking the material here and there, and smoothing out the wrinkles. She stepped back to let Levi see.

“I like it. It doesn’t compromise your age. Very charming.”

“The ankle-length pant is a stylish trend with youth these days,” Lynne said. “Let’s have you try on the next one, honey.”

As Eren tried on the next suit, Lynne asked Levi what he does, and if there was a special occasion for Eren’s suit. Levi told her about his business and said there was no specific occasion for Eren’s suit; it was just nice to have one in your possession. Lynne agreed.

Eren emerged with the next number. It was a dark metallic silver, with a charcoal vest and matching tie underneath. This one was a little less casual than the last one, but it did make Eren look dashing.

Lynne went to Eren’s side and tweaked the suit again, straightening the jacket and brushing lint off the shoulders. She stepped back again to let Levi have a look.

Levi twirled his finger around, indicating that Eren should turn. Eren gave Levi a few angles, putting his hand on his hip and pouting, imitating a runway model.

Lynne giggled and Levi chuckled. “I like this one, too,” Levi said. “Classy and sharp. Dark colors look good on Eren.”

“The vest makes it a versatile piece,” Lynne said, “and almost any dark tie or bow will match this silver color. Let’s see the last selection, Eren.”

As Eren changed, he overheard Lynne tell Levi that it was wedding season, so many people were getting fitted for suits. She also said that more form-fitting looks were the current trend.

Eren walked out with the final number. Levi sat up and Lynne gasped quietly. Eren looked like a million bucks. The suit looked like it was made just for him; a body-hugging black suit, with silk lapels and a black bowtie. The jacket had a low neck, and the single button was a simplistic touch. The black of the suit contrasted the dark brown of Eren’s hair spectacularly.

Levi and Lynne couldn’t stop staring. Lynne was the first to speak. “Ooh, honey. You look absolutely gorgeous,” she breathed. She went to his side and straightened out the fabric and adjusted his tie. She stepped to the side and let the still-in-awe Levi have another look.

“This is the one,” he said quietly. “Eren, you’re stunning.”

Eren blushed and Lynne pinned his pants in some areas. “Thank you, both of you,” Eren said.

“I’ve pinned some places so that the tailor knows what to adjust. We’ll make this suit juuust right,” Lynne gushed.

Eren went back to the fitting room and changed back into his own clothes, careful not to touch the pins. He hung it back in the garment bag.

He walked out and handed the bag to Lynne, and he and Levi followed her to the checkout. Lynne lay the bag out on the counter and entered some numbers into the register. Eren saw the tag and read price tag. His heart almost stopped. It cost almost double his monthly rent.

He fished out his wallet and took out his credit card, hoping he could at least dent the price with his funds. Levi shook his head. “Eren, absolutely not. This is my treat.”

“Levi, please. I feel bad. That costs more than my rent. Let me at least contribute.”

“No.” Levi was firm. “I can’t make you pay when I have the means. It’s no problem at all.”

Eren slowly put his wallet away, and Lynne took Levi’s black credit card. “I’ll have the suit tailored and cleaned for you within a few days, and I’ll have it sent to you,” Lynne said as she hung the garment bag on a rack behind her. “I’ll see you two out.”

They followed Lynne out the store. “Thank you for coming in today, gentlemen. Eren, you are adorable. Good luck with your company, Levi. And come back any time!”

“Thanks for everything, Lynne!” Eren said.

“Thank you for your help, Lynne,” Levi said.

They walked away and Levi asked Eren, “Is my model hungry?”

Eren laughed at Levi’s reference to his poses as he tried on the suit. “Little bit. Let’s hit up the food court.”

They had Chinese stir-fry, and when they were done, they read the slips from their fortune cookies.

“Your heart of gold will be noticed by others,” Eren read in a wise tone.

Levi smiled. “You do have a big heart. You’re a very humble young man.”

“Read yours!”

“Let the sun of your life shower you with warmth,” Levi read. “That would be you, Eren.”

Eren’s heart pounded. “I’m your sun?”

Levi smiled, the corners of his eyes crinkling. “Yes, my dear Eren. You are an absolute delight.”

No one has ever made Eren feel this way. His stomach flipped with those butterflies again. He wanted to kiss Levi really hard right now, and show him just how much of a delight he could be.

“Let’s go home. I bet you’ve grown tired,” Levi patted Eren’s hand.

In the car, they rolled the windows down, and the cool evening air whipped through Eren’s hair wonderfully. He laughed and stuck his arm out the window as Levi sped the Aston smoothly through the streets of Trost.

They reached Trost Tower, and took the elevator up to Levi’s apartment. Eren, horny and unashamed, kissed Levi’s neck and the base of his throat, hoping Levi would finally give him the good fucking he’d been waiting for.

Levi reciprocated, running his hand through Eren’s locks and palming his butt with the hand that held the bag with his tie in it, which only riled Eren up even more.

The elevator dinged at Levi’s floor and Eren pulled away reluctantly, his erection hard and neglected. He picked up his overnight bag. He wasn’t going to give up tonight. He will get some!

Chapter Text

Eren tossed his bag on the floor the minute they set foot into the door. He took Levi’s hand after he had closed the door and rushed him to the couch, not giving him a chance to relax.

He pushed Levi gently onto the couch so that he was sitting, and Eren quickly straddled him. He took Levi’s face and desperately kissed his lips, exhaling roughly through his nose. He was painfully hard now, and he grinded his hips into Levi’s leg to get some friction and relieve some of the tension.

Levi took Eren’s hips and tried to keep up with Eren’s fervor, but Eren was grinding at an incredible pace and moaning into his lips. Levi took Eren’s butt into his hands and kneaded him there.

“Levi…” Eren whispered into his ear roughly, “please…”

Levi felt bad for denying Eren any type of pleasure, but he really did want to take it slow with him. He didn’t want Eren to regret being hasty or feeling like he was just a sex object.

But at this point, Eren was practically begging for action, and Levi thought he’s been patient. He palmed Eren’s crotch, rubbing some of the tension out, and Eren bit at his hand to silence himself.

Levi unzipped the front of Eren’s jeans, and pulled his cock out of his briefs. Eren was rock hard, his cock as red as his face and dripping with precum. “I’ll take care of you, baby. You’ve waited long enough for this,” Levi whispered.

He used his thumb to wipe the some of the dripping liquid and use it as a lubricant. Levi rubbed up and down, using his other hand to reach into Eren’s underwear and massage his balls. Eren moaned loudly and threw his head back, his face and ears getting redder with lust. Levi increased the pace, squeezing a little harder at the base, and loosening his grip on his way up. That seemed to be doing the job for Eren.

“Yes, Levi,” he hissed, “faster, faster.”

Eren was grinding his hips again- not as fast as before- and it was clear that he desperately needed release. He shyly watched Levi handle him, and he hid his face into Levi’s shoulder.

Levi continued working Eren at a rigorous pace, fondling his balls, and by Eren’s swelling he could tell that he was close. Eren threw his arms around Levi’s neck, burying his face in Levi’s neck, and moaned as he drew close.

Levi squeezed the base of Eren’s cock hard, and then milked Eren furiously until strands of white spilled between them, all over Eren’s clothes and Levi’s hand. Eren tightened his arms around Levi so much that Levi’s face was practically buried into Eren’s chest, and then Eren arched his back in a stretch and threw his head back again as he rode out his orgasm. He whined as Levi overstimulated him, making sure to get every last drop of cum out.

Levi slowed down his rubbing when he made sure Eren was all milked out, and he could feel Eren softening again in his hand.

Eren collapsed from his arching and rested his head on Levi’s shoulder again, panting hard. His face was turning back to his lovely tan instead of a furious red. Levi stroked Eren’s hair gently as Eren calmed down.

“Thank you,” Eren breathed.

“You’ve been a very patient boy,” Levi said quietly. “I was afraid of rushing you into things. I wanted you to be fully comfortable with me first.”

Eren, whose cheek was adorably resting on Levi’s shoulder, looked up at him with bright emerald eyes. “Levi, you don’t have to be afraid of that. I’m more comfortable with you than anyone I’ve been with anyone else before. I’m not a fragile little doll.”

Levi continued to stroke Eren’s hair, gently massaging his scalp. “I know, precious. It’s just that you’re a lot younger than me, so I didn’t want to overwhelm you. I wanted you to be comfortable with me above anything else.”

Eren nodded into Levi’s shoulder. No one had ever been this thoughtful towards him. Levi treated him like royalty. And he was enjoying every minute of it.

“How about you go have a nice, hot shower and I’ll show you your drawer?” Levi whispered.

“’Kay.” Eren slowly lifted his head and zipped up his pants. He took his overnight bag to the bathroom.

Levi was relieved he got a chance to tell Eren how he felt. And he was even more relieved that Eren understood. With their age difference, communication was crucial. And it was going to remain that way.

He went to the kitchen and wiped Eren’s dried cum off his hand, and then washed his hands at the sink. He boiled some milk to make hot chocolate with. Just as he was dropping mini marshmallows into Eren’s mug, Eren emerged from the hallway. He was wearing plaid boxers and a loose tank top, drying his hair with the towel draped around his neck.

He smiled as he entered the kitchen. “You made hot chocolate? How did you know I liked marshmallows in my drink?”

Levi stroked Eren’s face gently with his knuckle and handed him his mug. “Lucky guess. I’ll go have my shower now, go ahead and relax or look around.”

Eren took his mug to the black leather couch that he had just received his handjob in and took that beige blanket again, draping it around his shoulders. He switched on the TV and settled for a cooking competition show.

Levi finished with his shower after a while, and he emerged from the hallway wearing worn-in black shorts and a gray tank top. “You’ve really taken a liking to that blanket, haven’t you?”

Eren nodded and smiled. “It’s fuzzy and warm.”

“How does the hot chocolate taste?”

“Delicious. I’ve actually never tasted the hot chocolate from the coffee shop so I have no means of comparison.”

“Glad to hear it.” Levi settled into the couch and tucked his legs in. “Also, I’ve thrown your dirty clothes from the hamper into the wash.”

Eren finished his mug and placed on the coffee table beside him. He wrapped his blanket tighter around him and lay his head on Levi’s lap, just like the last time he was here. Levi adjusted his legs so that it was more comfortable, and he stroked Eren’s hair. He scratched Eren’s scalp gently just like earlier.

“Mmm, I like when you do that. Massage my scalp,” Eren said.

“Your hair is soft. I enjoy it, too.”

They continued watching TV in a peaceful silence. The man they’ve been rooting for on the cooking show had been eliminated and Eren was quite upset.

“He was the most creative one there! The judges are stupid!”

“Yes, but he didn’t incorporate all the ingredients,” Levi said. “He was my favorite, too, though.”

Eren kept watching the show to the end, just to see who ended up winning. It was the guy that Eren dubbed ‘That Smug Motherfucker’. “Whatever. That’s some fucking bullshit,” Eren huffed.

Levi switched off the TV. “And with that, I think we should call it a night. C’mon.”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight?”

Levi looked at Eren’s puppy eyes. He was irresistible. “Alright. You know I can’t say no to you.”

Eren grinned, satisfied with his ability to charm Levi into saying yes. Eren took his towel and followed Levi to the bedroom.

Levi’s bedroom was just as sleek and immaculate as the rest of the apartment, with matching dark cherrywood furniture that gave the room a romantic, regal vibe. A king-sized, four-poster bed was the first thing that caught Eren’s eye. It was so well-made that you could bounce a quarter off it. He ran up to the bed and threw himself onto it with open arms, landing on his stomach and laughing at the sheer size of it.

Levi laughed at Eren’s youthful silliness. Across from the bed was another flat-screen sitting atop a set of large drawers. “This one at the bottom left is all yours, Eren. If you need more room later on, I’ll move my stuff out of some of these other drawers.”

Eren unpacked his duffel bag into the drawer, and Levi shook his head at the way at the way Eren folded his clothes sloppily. He taught Eren the “correct” way to fold, and helped him organize his drawer.

Now that Eren was all settled in, they went to brush their teeth and Eren hung his hair towel from earlier. Levi turned off the light and they climbed into bed.

Eren, Levi quickly found out, was not only a fast and deep sleeper, but was a clingy sleeper as well. He didn’t mind it too much, though. He found it adorable, the way Eren slept. It reflected him well; affectionate and carefree. Eren moved around as he slept deeper, and held Levi tighter, burying his face into Levi’s chest.

Soon, the steady sound of Eren’s breathing and snoring started to make Levi drowsy as well. He let his eyes drag shut, and tried to think of the last time he was this happy and content.

Chapter Text

Levi escaped the clutches of the sleep as his eyes dragged open in the soft morning light. He had always woken up early naturally; he hardly ever needed an alarm clock. He used to have something of a morning routine, but looking down at his own body and seeing a lovely mess of chocolate brown hair peeking out from the covers, he had delightfully realized that has changed.

Eren was wrapped around his body like vine, snoring loudly and clutching onto Levi tightly as if his life depended on it. Deep, deep in his sleep, he looked so carefree and all of twenty years old. His hair was ruffled every which way, and his tank top had ridden up in his sleep so that his stomach was bare. He had some dried drool at the corner of his mouth, and Levi couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of Eren in this adorable display.

Levi’s hand found Eren’s back underneath the tank top and rubbed warm circles to wake him. His snoring hitched and he stirred.

“Mm. Five more minutes.” Eren reburied his head into Levi’s chest and his furrowed brows slowly eased as he fell back to sleep.

Levi decided to let Eren snooze on him a bit longer, even though his back was beginning to get uncomfortable from being in this current position, simply because sleeping Eren was the most precious thing. He glanced at the blue letters of the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 8:07.

It’s been a long time since Levi shared his bed with someone. Eren’s the youngest he’s ever been with. But he also felt the most…


“Eren… dear… it’s time to wake up now…” Levi tried to coax Eren again.


“Eren…” Levi almost sang.

“But you’re so comfortable.”

“I know, baby, but we should get up now.”

“Mm.” Eren inhaled deeply through his nose and dragged his head off Levi’s chest. He stretched deeply, tank top still ridden up, and opened his eyes.

The first thing he did was smile.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Levi said. “Sleep well?”

Eren nodded, still smiling. “I haven’t slept that well in ages.”

“Your snoring would agree with that statement.”

“I do NOT snore!”

“You do.”

“No, I don’t! Stop lying!” Eren grabbed a nearby pillow and smacked Levi’s face with it.

Levi laughed and pounced on Eren swiftly. “Why do you get so defensive about that, Eren? There’s nothing wrong with snoring.”

Eren writhed under Levi’s hold. Despite his height, he was stronger than he looked. “Because it’s not true!”

“For the record, I think it’s cute,” Levi said. He kissed Eren’s forehead and released him. “Shall we start the day?”


They walked to the bathroom together, and Levi squeezed Eren’s ass gently. He startled and laughed.

“Levi, if you wanted some action, you could’ve just told me!”

“I always want some action with you.”

“I can make that happen!”

They brushed their teeth side-by-side, stealing glances in the mirror. Eren spat first and rinsed. “Hey, Levi?”

Levi grunted in response, still brushing.

“You have a sexy morning voice.”

Levi spat and rinsed. “You think so?”

“Yeah. Kinda turned me on when you were waking me up.”

“I’m flattered you enjoy my voice. That’s kind of you to say, my dear.”

“Are we gonna shower together?” Eren wasted no time cutting to the chase.

“I don’t mind. As long as you’re comfortable with it.”

“Yes! Let’s do it!”

Levi was secretly flattered that Eren was so eager to shower with him. That’s such an intimate thing, to get clean together, and to think that Eren was excited about it showed that he really wanted to move things along.

Eren stripped his tank top and boxers and prepared his towel. It was the first time Levi had seen him fully naked.

And, oh, was he a hidden treasure.

When Levi had first entered the coffee shop that one day, he had immediately noticed that Eren’s skin had a sunkissed glow to it. But now he got to see what he kept underneath that uniform. Eren’s body was taut and fit, like someone who ran regularly. He had firm, lean abs, which Levi had already seen earlier when Eren was stretching and his tank top was ridden up, and his arms and legs were elegant yet strong. His chest was also toned, and his sharp collarbones were like icing on the cake. He was effortlessly beautiful, and based on the mischievous expression on his face currently, he knew Levi thought so.

“You’re gorgeous, Eren.”

All of a sudden, he felt shy and humbled, even though he had received a handjob from Levi and slept in his bed, both being much more intimate things than a compliment.

Maybe it was that rich, seductive voice.


Levi started taking his own shirt off, and Eren was enraptured. He had only guessed what most of Levi’s body looked like underneath beneath those sharp suits, and now he was going to see it all. Levi was… surprisingly built for his height. His arms were strong and sturdy, his biceps rippling with the slightest movement. Veins crawled up his forearms as well beneath his stomach leading to his cock. His chest was firm and broad, and his abs were well-defined. His hips were also rugged and formed a sharp ‘V’ leading down his torso. His thighs were thick and muscular, and his calves hard. When Levi turned around to turn on the shower, Eren also saw how his back muscles rippled and the cords of smooth muscle in his upper arms worked.

Damn… Was all Eren could think.

“Will you join me?” Levi said as he opened the shower door.

Eren stepped in after Levi, still not taking his eyes off him. It was not awkward like either of them expected it to be their first time showering together. Eren let himself to wake up as the water cascaded and pulsed on them, and he let Levi scrub his back with a nice-smelling body wash. Eren returned the favor, secretly taking his time so that he could admire Levi’s ass and back more thoroughly. He hoped the steam and water in the shower hid his erection.

Levi liked being touched by Eren. He was cautious yet curious, innocent yet bold. Levi tried to ignore Eren’s erection, not to torture him, but because with how tempting he was, neither of them would get out of the house today if Levi allowed himself to have his way with him.

Levi washed Eren’s hair as well, remembering what he said last night about liking scalp massages. He was such a pure thing, Levi thought.

They finished up the shower, steam billowing out the glass door as they emerged and wrapped themselves with their towels. “What time do you need to be at the coffee shop today?” Levi asked.

“Noon. I forgot to tell you earlier, but we got a new member on the team so my shifts are a bit shorter.” And even though Bertholdt’s addition to the team made his working life a lot less strenuous, Eren prayed that he could afford to take shorter shifts. He was living paycheck-to-paycheck as it was.

“I would have let you sleep in a bit had I known you would be working later,” Levi said. “But at least this way we can spend some time together before you leave.”


Eren watched the sun shine over Trost through the glass wall as Levi cooked breakfast. The city was starting to wake up at this time, too. The sunlight caught the glass reflections of the buildings and the cars below. Beyond the other side of the city, he could see the beach.

“Eren,” Levi called from the kitchen. “Breakfast is ready.”

They ate eggs, toast, and bacon at the kitchen bar, talking about the day ahead. Eren asked about Levi’s call time. He said one of the advantages of managing your own businesses is that you can work whenever you feel like.

“You should take me with you one time. To work, I mean,” Eren said.

Levi smiled. “I would love to… Eren! Slow down. Stop eating like a dog.”

Eren looked up with his mouth full. “Sorry, I’m starving. And this food is awesome.”

Levi shook his head as he took a napkin and wiped Eren’s mouth and chin. “We have plenty of time, so there’s no need to rush.”

Eren cleaned his plate and Levi gave him the last pieces of bacon from the pan. It actually gave Levi joy to watch him eat, as wolfish as he ate sometimes. Feeding Eren gave him a sense of… he didn’t know how to describe it…

Pride? Fulfillment?

The truth is, the idea of taking care of Eren was attractive to Levi. He was such a joy and Levi would do anything for him. And Eren would find that out soon enough.

Eren offered to help clean the dishes. “Thanks for cooking for me. I love eating with you,” he said.

“My pleasure. I love feeding you.”

Eren went to lay on the couch lazily, texting while half-paying attention to the TV. Levi went to his bedroom and took something out of a drawer.

“Eren, I have a gift for you,” he sat next to Eren on the couch.

Eren sat up and his eyes sparkled. “Oh! What is it?”

“I went to a client on the east side of town, and there was a little shop in a nearby plaza. I saw this hat and I thought you might like it.”

Levi handed him a simple but versatile black beanie that had a silver filament stitched into it.

Eren put it on right away. He looked at his reflection in his phone. “Levi, I love it! Thank you so much!” He threw his arms around Levi and Levi rubbed his back.

“I’m glad you like it.”

It was Eren’s reaction that made him especially happy.


Noon was creeping around the corner, and Levi, holding Eren in his arms as they watched TV, talked into his ear.

“Hey, my dear, I don’t want you to be late.”

“Can I just stay here forever?”

“I would love that, too.”

Eren got up and smiled. “I’m already looking forward to our next meeting.” He leaned in and kissed Levi softly on the lips.

“As do I, my precious Eren,” Levi said in a low voice. He took Eren’s chin in his fingers, and deeply kissed those plush lips. Eren’s tongue ran over Levi’s lips, and Levi accepted. The kiss got sloppier and more desperate, and Eren’s held Levi’s face in his hands. They made out like that, forgetting the passing time, fiery and passionate. It was Levi who finally pulled away.

“You’re irresistible, but we need to go or I’ll keep you here all day.”

Eren grinned. “I have no problem with that!”

Levi drove Eren to the coffee shop in the Aston, the day already coated in a rosy glow, because a morning like that is something Eren could definitely get used to.

Chapter Text

Eren got back into the swing of work at the coffee shop. It was Jean’s idea to put out a large cup with “TIPS” scribbled on it in sharpie on a particularly busy morning. At the end of their shifts, they would split the earnings.

It’s been a while since Eren’s been to the beach, so he planned to go tonight after his shift.

“Macchiato, caramel lattes, and Americano on deck, I’ll work on the pastries,” Jean called to Eren as he lined the batch of half-completed cups on the station.

“You got it.”

They brushed past each other, oblivious to how often they touched; because when they were behind the counter, personal space was nonexistent. There were times where they forgot how much they annoyed each other, and they were simply too in the moment of the coffee chaos to give a damn.

When Eren would clear a cluster of customers in record speed all while keeping up his bright smile, Jean would praise him with a playful hair ruffle or a pat on the back. When Jean stalled a customer by talking to them about their day so that Eren could catch up on orders, Eren would squeeze Jean’s shoulder and whisper his thanks.

Eren finished topping off the current batch while Jean pulled pastries out of the toaster oven. He wiped whipped cream off his fingers and carried the drinks over. “Orders up, folks! Please check for your names.”

It was another day where it was just too busy to call people’s names out, so they were just written on the cups. A group of people went to the ready station to collect their items and Eren and Jean immediately got to work on the next batch. They heard the clink of coins into a cup and saw people leaving singles in the tip jar.

“Thanks!” they both called out in unison without looking up.

Within the next group of customers was a familiar face, Reiner. Eren traded spots with Jean so that he could get orders and pastries while Jean could have a turn at the back station.

“Hey guys!”

“Hey Reiner, protein fix?”

“You know it, man!” Reiner said, and then scouted behind the counter. “Is Bertholdt here today?”

“Nah, he mainly works weekends. You know, he’s been worrying lately. Are you avoiding him?”

“He’s been worrying?” Reiner ignored half the question, but he looked concerned.

Eren looked at the growing line of customers behind Reiner’s mountainous body. “Listen, I’m going to the beach after work. Meet me there at seven; we’ll go for a jog and we’ll talk.”

“Alright.” Reiner looked at the elderly woman behind him and stepped aside for her. “Sorry, ma’am.”

“How can I help you today?” Eren flashed a dazzling smile at the woman.

She blushed, probably smitten by Eren’s charm. “A small green tea, please!”

“Comin’ right up! And may I have your name?”


“I love that name, Margaret. Your order will be ready at the station in a bit!”

Margaret, now completely flattered by Eren, giggled and joined Reiner.

Eren took care of the other customers just as well, earning them a bunch of tips and winks from ladies of all ages.

Lunch rolled around soon enough, and business was slowing. Eren wiped his forehead with a rag and rolled his neck. “Good job, Jean-boy. You were a superstar out there.”

“You held down the fort pretty well, too.” Jean grabbed the overflowing tip cup and shook it around with a grin. “And a lot of people seemed to think so.”

Jean fished out a $20 bill and walked out the door, cigarette already in his mouth. Eren saw him walking to the burger joint across the street through the window.

He knew what Eren’s order was, but he often volunteered to take the lunch run because it doubled as a cigarette break. At that moment, Eren’s phone vibrated in his pocket.

It was Armin:

Eren, let’s get lunch and catch up soon!

He hadn’t seen his best friend in so long, Eren’s heart squeezed a little.

Of course, how about Friday? He texted back.

Yes! I’ll clear my schedule. See you then!

A customer walked in the door, and Eren took care of him. When the man was seated and reading his newspaper, Eren’s phone buzzed again, and he thought it was Armin again.

It was actually Levi:

I miss you, baby. Let’s get together soon.

Miss you too! Take me out on Saturday and then I’ll spend the night at your place!

Normally inviting yourself to things would be considered rude, but with Levi, it was just another thing. Levi took the lead and initiated things, but Eren was the center of attention. And he loved it.

Sounds like a plan, Levi sent back.

Jean entered the store with two bags of fast food and a drink for Eren. They ate in silence in the break room stealing each other’s fries and nuggets.

“Still not gonna tell me about mystery girl?” Jean asked.

“I thought I made myself clear from the beginning. You’re not gonna find out.” Not to mention “mystery girl” was a man. And a fucking sexy one, at that.

Jean stood up and collected the garbage. “Jean always finds out. Mark my words, Jaeger.” He laughed and exited the break room.

Eren rolled his eyes and followed suit with his drink.


The end of their shift came to a close. The sky was a pink-orange through the window, and Eren was excited for a chance to get active again. Ever since he’s been spending more time with Levi, he’s been lounging around like a lazy prince. He felt himself go a little soft in the gut. Or maybe he was just imagining it.

Marco and Sasha strode in the shop. Eren and Jean were wiping down the stations and prepping.

“Hey guys,” Marco said, more at Jean’s direction.

“Hey, Marco. Hey Sash’,” Jean said.

Was it just Eren, or was Marco’s cheeks getting red?

“Good shift?” Marco asked. Sasha was eating a croissant from the display.

“It was a clusterfuck, but we know how to hold down the fort,” Jean said.

“Jean, do you want to hang out at the pier when my shift is done?” Marco asked forcibly, like he had gathered the courage to ask for a long time.

Sasha and Eren looked up with interest. Did Marco have a crush on Jean? His face and ears were a deep red.

Jean seemed oblivious to Marco’s reactions. “Uhh, yeah. Sure. I have to get groceries tonight. But I’ll meet you there at 11.”

And with that, he walked out, apron in hand, and cigarette in mouth.

Sasha’s eyes grew wide and Eren’s smile grew wider.

“Oh my God, Marco, do you like Jean?” Sasha gushed.

“…Maybe. But you guys can’t say anything! Promise me!”

“Promise,” Eren and Sasha sang.

“I’m serious!”

“Get to third base with that asshole, I’ll support you the entire time, bud,” Eren winked and patted Marco’s arm.

“Eren!” Marco’s face got red again at Eren’s lewd language. “And he’s not an asshole. I think he’s cute.”

“Your secret’s safe with me!” Sasha said.

“I’ll see you guys later, we’ve refilled all the prep and mixes for you already.” Eren waved and walked out.

“See you!” Marco and Sasha called from inside the shop.


Eren went home and changed into some shorts and another t-shirt for his workout with Reiner. When he got to the beach, Reiner was already there.

They stretched together, and then jogged along the water’s edge.

“So, tell me what’s going on with Bert.” Eren said.

“The truth is, I’ve kinda been avoiding him. I wanna ask him out but I’m afraid he’ll say no. What if he doesn’t like me back?” He never sounded so full of doubt.

“Reiner. That poor guy is worried sick. He thinks he did something wrong.”


“Yeah. So grow a pair and put him out of his misery.”

Reiner laughed, his pecs bouncing with every step. “You’re right.”

“I’m positive he likes you back.”

“How can you tell?” Reiner’s eyes were wide with desperation.

“Well, he talks about you at work. When you text him on breaks, he gets all hot and bothered.”

“Hot and bothered? That’s a good sign!”

“Go get ‘em, tiger! And tell me how it goes.”

“You know it, coach!”

They finished their run along the gentle waves, a cool breeze drying Eren’s sweat. He was a little breathless from not working out in so long. Maybe he could start working out with Levi. Based on what his body looked like, he probably knew his way around the gym.

Eren and Reiner stretched one more time before parting ways. After having worked up a good sweat, he just wanted to sit back and enjoy the view for a while. He sat on one of the beach chairs, the same ones he dreamt about Levi on a while ago. The ferris wheel at a distance was now lit up with its multicolored lights, and the foam from the ebbing waves contrasted beautifully with the dusty purple sky.

Eren wanted to share this view with Levi. He was going to bring him here one day.


That night, Eren took his shower and the day’s events washed off him. He was feeling a little horny so he worked his imagination and jacked off in the shower. No doubt was Levi the subject of his thoughts.

As he dried off, Eren took his phone and took a picture of his lower abdomen and his cock. He captioned it “Wish you were here” and sent it to Levi.

You look as lovely as ever, my cheeky pet. Levi replied.

Put me to sleep over the phone? Eren responded.

And so, Eren was lulled to sleep by Levi’s dark and soothing voice over speaker phone. Getting sweet nothings whispered into his ear would’ve been more enjoyable in person, Eren thought, but this would have to do.

He was out like a light in no time, a smile on his face, a warmth in his heart, and a heat in his groin.

Chapter Text

Marco agreed to cover Eren’s shift on Friday so that he could spend time with Armin. Or rather, Eren encouraged Marco to cover his shift so that he could have more face time with Jean.

Armin said he was near the museum, which was near the main street just a few minutes from the pier. Of course Armin would be at the museum; he was a natural history junkie.

Eren parked and walked around looking for his best friend. Sure enough, there he was, sitting on the museum steps with his nose buried in a book.

“Armin!” Eren waved and sped his stride.

Armin looked up, and his smile stretched wide. He put his book in his messenger back and ran to meet Eren halfway.

They embraced warmly, and it felt like it’s been years.

Eren took Armin’s shoulders and looked him up and down. “I’ve missed you! You’re always so out and about!”

Armin’s innocent blue eyes sparkled. “I know, we have so much to catch up on!”

“Burgers?” Eren grinned.

Memories of burgers after a rough days and long study sessions came flooding back to them. Whenever they got together, they almost always had burgers.

“You’re already a step ahead!” Armin touched Eren’s arm and they started walking towards the pier.

Armin pointed to the ocean at the distance. “Seagulls are fascinating. Did you know that they’re one of the few creatures that can drink both fresh and salt water? They have special glands above their eyes that eliminate excess salt from their bodies.”

Eren laughed. Learning random facts is just another part of being with Armin. But it was cute, the way he got excited about nature. “I will add that to my list of seagull trivia.”

They got to the Burger Wall, where they got their usual order. They slid into opposite sides of a booth and Armin placed his bag on the space next to him.

“Wait, before anything, I need to ask: when are you leaving for your retreat?” Eren asked.

The reason they’ve hardly seen each other was because Armin was traveling to Africa with a touring group soon to learn more about the wildlife there. Armin’s been busy studying the biology and environments of the animals there, and he spent most of his days either at the library or museum.

“I have to be at the airport Monday morning. That’s why I wanted to meet one last time before I left.”

“How long will you stay there?”

“About a month. Maybe more, I’m not sure.” Armin’s eyes were sympathetic.

Eren’s heart squeezed again. “I didn’t realize it would be so long. Try to keep in touch, okay? You’ve looked forward to this for a long time.”

“Yes, of course!” Armin’s smile was as bright as the sun. “I’ll take pictures and I’ll email you. I’ll miss you terribly, Eren. I feel like I’ve neglected you lately.”

Eren shook his head. “Don’t worry about me. You’ve studied hard for this. You’ll be back before you know it. Plus, Levi will keep me company.”

Armin froze mid-sip, and Eren realized what he just said. “Who’s Levi?”

“Oh. Just the guy that I’m seeing.”

“Eren! You got a boyfriend and didn’t bother to tell me?” Armin looked hurt.

Levi was his boyfriend. He’s never said it aloud before.


“What’s he like? Tell me everything!” Armin leaned in closer on his elbows.

And so Eren did. He told him how he came into the coffee shop on that fateful day and ordered that medium black; the fancy dinner; the black Aston; Trost Tower; the suit; the way he spoiled him; how the world seemed to stop when he was with him; his voice…

“He seems amazing, Eren. I’d love to meet him.”

“He said he’d like to meet you, too.”

“Oh, you’ve already told him about me?”

Eren told Levi about Armin while they were mindlessly watching TV at Levi’s apartment one day. As Levi ran his fingers through Eren’s hair, he would tell Levi everything- his friends, family, interests… and Armin was one of the first people he mentioned. He told Levi that Armin was his genius best friend and that he working towards becoming a biologist. He shared some of their jokes and random trivia.

“He sounds delightful. Introduce me to him one day,” Levi had said.

“Duh. You are my best friend, after all.”

“Do you have a picture of him?” Armin asked.

“I-I actually don’t, as a matter of fact. I’ll get one soon.” Levi took a few pictures of Eren during their outings but Eren didn’t have any of him.

Armin stole some of Eren’s fries. “Good. Did you have sex with him yet?”

Eren almost choked on his drink. Armin might’ve been well-spoken and studious, but he also knew how to cut to the chase.



Eren hardly kept any secrets from him. “No. Not yet. I got a handjob from him once. A good one, at that. He said he doesn’t want me to rush into things to make sure I’m comfortable. But damn, Armin, I really want a nice pounding from him.”

“Understood. No need to go into details,” Armin laughed and Eren joined. They often told each other the most intimate parts of their lives and it was completely normal. “But, it is really considerate of him to ease you into things. Especially with the age difference.”


They finished their food, and Armin told Eren the details of the retreat.

“I’ll drive you to the airport,” Eren said.

“I’d love that. It’ll be our last good-bye for a while. Let’s walk back to the museum. Isn’t that where you parked?”

They walked and laughed loudly, carefree, and argued about whether elephants could swim or not. They can, Armin insisted. He would know, he studied them intensively. But Eren, who liked to argue with Armin for shits and giggles, kept up his game of doubt and button-pushing.

“Mmmm,” Eren stroked his imaginary beard, “elephants don’t seem like the swimming types. I feel like they would prefer golfing or maybe wrestling.”

“Eren, I swear to God,” Armin punched Eren’s arm, and they arrived at the museum. “I’ll miss you annoying me while I’m in Africa.” He pulled Eren in for a hug.

Eren wrapped his arms tight and inhaled Armin’s scent. “I’ll miss you, too. So much,” he whispered.

They separated and Armin headed back towards the museum. “I’ll see you bright and early on Monday!”

“See you!” Eren headed to his car and checked his phone. There was a text from Reiner:

Eren, you were right! I manned up and asked Bertholdt if he’d be my boyfriend, and he said YES! I’m gonna tap tonight!

Eren laughed and typed back:

See, what did I say? I’m happy for you, man! And go easy on him, alright?


Eren spent the rest of the day in his apartment, and it seemed quite empty without him even though Levi hasn’t seen Eren’s place yet.

He texted Mikasa for a bit, and he realized he hasn’t seen her in a while either. Luckily, she said she would accompany him to the airport to drop Armin off.

There was some leftover spaghetti in the fridge, and Eren heated it up for dinner. Life was so extravagant and lovely with Levi, and it made him feel on top of the world, but as Eren sat on his couch watching TV in the dark with a worn-in blanket over his head, he didn’t really understand why someone like Levi was interested in someone like him. He wasn’t wealthy in any way, he considered his looks average, and his lifestyle was… completely mundane.

Eren felt really lonely and insecure all of a sudden. He wanted to text Levi and tell him how he felt, but he didn’t want to seem pathetic and needy. He adored Levi. He really did. But Levi deserved better.

Eren, weighed down by a flurry of negative of thoughts, curled up on the couch and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

The tinny ringing sound of Eren’s phone alarm was not as effective at waking him up as its vibration near his cheek was.

Eren cracked an eye open and tried to figure out why he was so goddamned irritated. He felt like he was recently buried alive; his body ached and he felt emotionally numb.

His stiff body could be explained- he slept in a fetal position in the corner of his couch after his bout of sadness last night. Coiled up like a snake in an effort to replicate being held by Levi, he now regret his decision and he felt his muscles protest in pain. He groaned and inhaled the morning air.

But then Eren tried to think about why his heart felt hollowed out. After being pampered, fed, and caressed by Levi so wonderfully as of late, spending a solitary night in his average apartment gave his thoughts an opportunity to catch up to him. The truth was, Eren felt unworthy of Levi. Why would Levi, intimidatingly handsome, wealthy, and successful as he was, invest his energy into Eren, who was just a regular guy that worked at a coffee shop and lived his summer pay-to-paycheck?

Eren was normally not an insecure person, but after witnessing Levi’s generosity and ability to make him feel so… important… he felt like Levi deserved someone who was more up to his own caliber.

Eren got up and stretched his long limbs, trying to gain some mobility in his body. He suppressed his intrusive thoughts for now- he had the Saturday shift to work and then a date with Levi right after. Maybe he was just overthinking things. Hopefully work would help take his mind off it.


Handling the flurry of orders on Saturday morning did help Eren’s mood stabilize. Jean was the first one to pick up on Eren’s melancholy when they were firing up machines and refilling supplies at the beginning of the shift:

“Someone’s a little quiet,” Jean had said as he looked over.

“It’s early,” Eren said shortly.

“You sure it’s not something more?”

Eren looked up and smiled tightly. Jean may not have been the most polite or gentle person, but he did have the ability to read people. It was part of the reason he was so skilled at handling customers.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Really,” Eren assured.

Jean clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Then let’s kick some ass today. Can’t have my right hand flaking out on me.”

Now they were on their lunch break. Jean worked the slow noon business while Eren and Bertholdt had their turns to eat.

Eren ate his sandwich while texting Mikasa. Bertholdt had a salad, and they ate in a comfortable silence until Bertholdt smiled up from his phone.

“Eren, Reiner asked me out yesterday! I forgot to text you to tell you the news. That’s why he was acting so weird earlier.”

Eren smiled. “I already knew. He told me. Actually, I was the one who coached him through it!”

“Wait, you knew he liked me?”

“I asked him about it. You said he was acting funny, and he came in one day and looked around to see that you weren’t here. He was really nervous you’d say no, or that your opinion of him would change.”

Bertholdt’s eyes crinkled in admiration. “He said he was nervous to ask me out?”

“Yeah, even with all that time he spends at the gym, there’s no workout for gaining the courage to ask your best friend out.”

They laughed and talked about the proposal as they finished their lunches. They headed out the break room, and Eren followed Bertholdt out to release Jean for his lunch break. Eren may have been too busy in the morning chaos to notice, but looking at Bertholdt now, his body looked stiff and he looked like he was waddling.

Eren grinned. Reiner, true to his word, tapped. Poor Bert. Reiner didn’t go easy on him, judging by how wrecked his body looked. But Bertholdt’s smile was brighter today than it’s ever been, and that warmed Eren’s heart. Bertholdt and Reiner were going to make a fine couple.


4 o’clock rolled around, and Eren’s shift was coming to a close. A hard day at work definitely eased him after last night’s events, at least temporarily. He was going home to prepare for his date with Levi, and Levi would pick him up there.

It would be the first time Levi saw the inside of Eren’s apartment, and Eren hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed.

He showered and dressed, and then got to work tidying up. He knew how much Levi appreciated cleanliness and so he put in the effort. Eren wasn’t too concerned with appearances at home, he was more into functionality. As in, an empty pizza box could also function as an empty plastic plate collector near the couch. Levi would chastise Eren and tell him to stop being lazy.

Eren got a large black garbage bag and vigorously picked up trash. Empty takeout boxes, soda cans, used tissue, water bottles, and spam mail had called the floor home for a long time. Just by picking up the garbage, the place was visibly more inviting. He collected stray clothes and got the laundry started, and vacuumed thoroughly.

Just as Eren was tying the bulging garbage bag, there was a knock on the door. He rushed to the door and smiled brightly at Levi.

Levi wore a tight black t-shirt and leather jacket, as well as black jeans that hugged his thighs deliciously. Eren opted for tank top and blue jeans, embellishing it with the hat that Levi gifted him.

Levi entered and shut the door behind him. He took Eren’s cheeks in his hands and peppered his face with light kisses. “How are you, Eren? Good day at work?”

“Yup! I’m excited for tonight.”

Levi patted Eren’s cheek and looked around.

“It’s not much. I cleaned up a bit before you got here,” Eren rubbed the back of his neck.

“I like it,” Levi said. “It’s simple and homey.” He picked up a framed picture of two friends at the beach. “This must be Armin and Mikasa.”

Eren joined his side and looked at the picture. Armin was laughing, his smile pure and bright, and his eyes closed. Mikasa was smiling gently, her beautiful black hair whipping in her face from the wind. It was such a nice memory. Eren’s mother had taken that picture and framed it for him.

“Yeah.” Eren’s heart warmed at the memory of that photo. “I can’t wait for you to meet them.”

“I look forward to it. You’ve said great things about them.” Levi put the frame back. “All set to go?”


Levi started the Aston and it purred to life. It was a feeling that Eren never got tired of.

“So,” Levi said, “where to? You’re in charge tonight. Movies, shopping, fair, anything you want.”

Eren thought for a minute. He wanted to see Levi in a more casual environment. No doubt did Levi operate smoothly in a formal dinner setting and knew more upscale activities, but Eren was the king of fun and competition. And he knew just the thing.

“Let’s go bowling,” Eren smiled.

Levi looked amused. “Interesting choice! It’s been a long time since I’ve gone bowling.”

“I’ll kick your ass, I’m warning you ahead of time.” Eren was hoping Levi wasn’t secretly excellent at bowling, otherwise his confidence will be an embarrassment later.

“Oh, we’ll see about that.”


The neon lights and fluorescent glow of the bowling center contrasted strangely with Levi’s polished and sharp appearance, Eren humorously noticed. They got their rental shoes and a few different bowling balls and took a lane at the far end.

Eren put in his name first into the computer, and then Levi’s.

“Eren, do you want to put up the bumpers?” Levi teased.

“I’ll be fine. Maybe you might want to consider them so that your old man body won’t have a rough time?” Eren fired back immediately with a cocky grin.

Levi laughed and sat back to watch Eren’s turn. “Don’t hold back.”

Eren breathed in and exhaled, trying to sharpen his spatial awareness by staring at the pins. He swung his arm back and rolled the ball forward, feeling weak at the wrist at the last moment and watching in despair as he saw the ball veer towards the edge and knock down only two pins.

“It’s not too late for those bumpers, you know,” Levi said.

Eren mocked a snicker and waited for his ball to come back through the ball return. “I’m just warming up, don’t get it twisted.”

He bowled again and picked up six more pins. The overheard screen showed a cheesy animation of a cartoon bowling ball saying “nice recovery!” in flashing letters.

Levi and Eren traded places, and Eren observed Levi’s form and technique, trying to learn his opponent like he did during any competitive activity. Levi looked calm and collected, also staring at the pins to size up the distance. He shuffled into a small run and swung. His follow-through was immaculate, his jacket tightening around his arms as they flexed with his release. The ball cleanly knocked down eight pins.

Eren felt a tinge of irritation. Maybe it was just a fluke. It might’ve been the fact that he was really competitive, but any chance of Levi winning the game fired him up inside.

Levi picked up the spare two pins, and the overhead screen showed the animated bowling ball saying “PERFECT!” in flashing colors.

Eren got up and wiped his hands on his jeans. “Good job. I see you!”

However, Eren wasn’t lying when he said he was just warming up. He proceeded to bowl six pins and then picked up a spare, and ended up getting three strikes during the remainder of the game. But Levi put up a fight. He opted for consistency and technique, and never knocked down less than five pins.

Eren ended up winning the first game by a mere six points. He was starting to work up a sweat, but victory was sweet.

“I told you, I’m pretty good!” Eren said.

“It does seem you have a talent at this. Want to go once more?”

“Yeah. And could you buy us some cheesy bread?” Eren’s stomach was running on empty after playing so rigorously.

“You got it.” Levi started walking towards the food stand.

Eren used this opportunity to check his phone and cool down. He was so glad he went sleeveless today, otherwise he would have massive pit stains.

Levi came back and they started the new game. The second game was much of the same, but Eren was determined to remain concentrated to keep up his reputation from his previous victory. An employee arrived and brought their plate of cheesy bread. They nibbled on it between turns, ruining their fingers’ grips from the oiliness.

Levi held up a piece dripping with grease. “It’s kind of disgusting, but it’s strangely addicting,” he chuckled.

Eren ravenously bit into a piece. “That’s the beauty of it!”

Once again, Eren emerged victorious in the second game. This time, by a whopping twenty points. He pumped his fist, beaming and feeling superior.

Levi took his phone out and snapped a picture of Eren while he was basking in his glory. He looked at the picture and smiled. Eren was glowing and looked full of life like he always did. It warmed Levi’s heart.

They drove back to Levi’s place after that. Eren stuck his arm out the window, relishing the cool night air as he climbed down from cheesy bread-fueled victory high. Watching the city pass them by, it was just the two of them, it seemed. And Eren wouldn’t have it any other way.

The minute they entered Levi’s apartment, Eren went into the fridge and got a bottle of water. He downed it in one go.

“I didn’t realize how thirsty you were.  I would’ve gotten you something to drink,” Levi said as he watched Eren gulp the water desperately. “That was careless of me.”

Eren waved him off. “No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I had tons of fun tonight. Thanks for taking me out.” He approached Levi and hugged him, sweaty armpits and all.

Levi rubbed his back. “My pleasure. I had a blast, too.

“And with that, I’m going to take a shower,” Levi said. “I feel filthy. I’ll be out soon.”

Eren got on the couch and sprawled himself out, airing his armpits out. He watched TV and browsed his phone. It seemed like he was more comfortable in Levi’s home than his own.

Which reminded him. The bitter thoughts of last night slowly crept back in, and Eren felt himself becoming grossly uncomfortable in his own skin. Levi paid for their wonderful date tonight, as well as every other date and meal that they’ve shared. Levi opened up his home to him and made him feel important and precious, despite Eren not ever giving anything in return.

Eren curled up and wrapped his arms around his knees. He felt like he was taking advantage of Levi’s generosity. Like he was some sort of sugar daddy and not a boyfriend. Eren felt disgusted with himself. Angry, hot tears rolled down his face and he buried his face into his knees. Levi deserved better than him.

Just then, Levi emerged from the hall and saw Eren in the way he was. He rushed to the couch quickly. “Eren? Baby, are you okay? What’s wrong? Talk to me.”

Eren lifted his head from his knees with tear-stained cheeks and sniffed. Levi’s heart shattered and he went to Eren’s side, holding him close.

“Did I do something wrong?” Levi asked gently, “Please tell me what’s wrong, darling.”

Eren sniffed and more tears rolled down his cheeks. “I feel like you deserve someone better, Levi. I don’t understand why you chose me.”

Levi looked appalled and speechless.

Eren continued. “You’re kind and successful and rich. You make me feel like I’m special. I feel guilty that you always spend money on me. I have nothing to offer you. I’m just a regular guy.” He harshly sniffed up the snot gathered in his nose and his shoulders shuddered as bowed his head and cried.

Levi took Eren’s face in his hands. “Eren. Look at me. Look at me, baby.”

Eren looked Levi in the eyes, feeling humiliated and shy.

Levi wiped Eren’s tears with his thumbs and spoke in a hushed, reassuring voice. “My precious Eren. Don’t be ridiculous. You’re not just some “regular guy”. Ever since I met you, I could tell there was something special about you.”

Eren sniffed up more snot. “That’s not true.”

“It is true. And when I got to know you more, you confirmed my belief. Eren, you’re amazing. You’re passionate, opinionated, energetic. You’re warm-hearted, and honest, and you make me feel young, Eren. I buy you things because I have the means and because I want to. I enjoy spending my money on you. I would give you anything, you know that.”

Eren remained silent and looked down. “You really think all that?”

“Yes, baby. I adore you. It breaks my heart to see you like this. Please don’t cry. Those things you said are simply not true. You said you have nothing to offer me, but that’s a lie. Just by spending time with me like you do, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Eren’s sniffling grew quieter and he looked Levi in the eyes again. “Really?”

Levi smiled, the corners of his eye crinkling. “Positive. I’m excited to share my life with you, precious. Please don’t think anything else. You mean everything to me.”

Eren felt a pleasant warmth spread in his stomach. He fell into Levi’s arms and buried his face in his chest. “Okay,” he whispered, almost unheard. “I believe you.”

“Tell you what,” Levi said into Eren’s hair, “you go have your shower, and I’ll pamper you before bed. How’s that sound?”

Eren nodded into Levi’s chest and wiped the rest of his tears away with his palm. He retreated into the hallway and Levi went to the bedroom.

He took out some lotion to use on Eren and waited. Seeing Eren cry was one of the hardest things he had to experience. He was such an innocent thing, to feel like a burden when given the slightest bit of a luxurious treatment. But in reality, Eren deserved the world. He just didn’t realize it yet.

Eren emerged from the bathroom, drying his hair and body and putting on some boxers from his drawer. He crawled into the bed silently, stomach-down, and Levi got to work.

As he rubbed lotion into Eren’s body, he talked about the little things that he enjoyed about him. With Levi’s firm hand rubbing the tension out of his muscles and filling his ear with sweet nothings in that deep, hushed tone, Eren felt himself grow fond of him, even more so than before. This was the way that it was meant to be.

Now that Eren, who was fully moisturized and massaged all over, was just about on the brink of sleep after that therapeutic treatment, Levi turned off the bedroom light and they crawled into bed together.

Eren buried his head into Levi’s chest, a place that felt safer than any place in the world. “Thank you, Levi. For everything,” he whispered.

Levi’s strong arms were wrapped around Eren and his hand gently ran through those chocolate locks. “Anything for you. You’re everything to me. I mean that.”

And it might have been because Eren was charged with emotion today, but at least now he full realized it: “Levi?”


“I love you.”

Eren couldn’t Levi’s smile in the dark, but he could probably hear it in his voice. “I love you, too, my sweet Eren.”

Chapter Text

The morning light burned gently on Levi’s face and he slowly pried his eyes open. Once again, Eren’s long limbs were all over his body, splayed out and carefree. The sunlight from the window shone beams on Eren’s face and body, making him look beautiful and greek god-like. He was simply gorgeous, especially when asleep. His messy brown hair was ruffled over his eyes, and his long lashes were fanned out on his cheeks. Those round pink lips were slightly open and he emitted soft snores. Levi smiled. Eren was such a lovely boy.

Levi carefully peeled Eren’s limbs off him so that he could get up and get breakfast started. Eren’s snoring hitched and his eyebrows furrowed at the movement. He blindly grabbed the blankets and pulled them over his head, now a mound under the comforter, and went back to sleep right away, resuming his snoring.

Levi went into his office and caught up on some work communications. Looking through his emails, he saw one from Erwin, and thought that he would like to introduce Eren to him soon.

It was 9:21, far too early for Eren to wake up and not be grumpy. Actually, who was he kidding? Eren was not a morning person in the least bit. It was one of the many quirks that Levi learned about him.

He responded to Erwin’s email and set up meetings with some other clients. He closed his laptop and stretched, relishing the ache and crack of his bones.

He figured he would fix Eren some French toast today- and lots of it, because Eren was a carnivorous eater in the morning. As the soaked bread sizzled in the pan, Levi fixed himself a cup of coffee.

It may have been the overwhelming smell of the cooking toast, but Eren slowly shuffled into the living room and into a barstool, looking like he’s washed and brushed, but still not quite awake yet. He lay the side of his head down on the counter and closed his eyes.

Levi walked over to Eren and kissed his hair. “Good morning.”

Eren did not respond, and instead grunted. Levi’s hand went up the shirt that Eren put on and rubbed circles to rouse him a bit.

“Mm.” Eren smiled.

“There he is,” Levi chuckled. “Finally waking up?”

Eren inhaled deeply through his nose and lifted his head. “What are you making? It smells great.”

“French toast.” Levi went and flipped over the toast on the pan and leaned back on a counter while drinking his coffee.

Eren stretched his arms, and Levi admired how graceful his slender limbs look when extended. His shirt lifted, showing off his tight stomach. Eren moaned and sighed.

Levi scooped up a heap of toast on a plate for him, and took out the syrup and butter as well. Eren waited patiently with his fork and knife in his hand. The minute Levi set the plate down, Eren dug in ferociously. Levi went to the fridge and poured him a glass of orange juice.

By the time he set the glass down in front of him, Eren was ferociously shoving food into his mouth.

“Slow down, baby.” He took a napkin and wiped some syrup off Eren’s chin.

“This is fucking amazing,” Eren said between ravenous bites.

“I’m glad to hear it. But take your time.”

Eren finished his plate within five minutes and requested seconds. That surge of pride filled Levi again- the one he got whenever he fed Eren. To take care of Eren was a hidden joy for him- well, not so hidden anymore after last night’s events- and he deserved to be treated like a prince.

“All done? Levi took Eren’s cleaned plate and empty glass to the sink.

Eren grinned and stretched again. “Yeah… that was delicious, Levi, thanks! You should make that more often!”

“You got it, love.”

Eren went to the window and looked out at the magnificent cityscape while Levi ate his toast and cleaned dishes. He felt content after last night’s heart-to-heart; telling Levi his negative thoughts lifted a weight off his chest, and the way Levi handled it and soothed him affirmed all Eren’s reasons for loving him.

Speaking of which, Eren realized, last night was the momentous first “I love you” exchanged between them. There was no better way to end the day then being wrapped in Levi’s buff arms and having his scalp massaged. Eren’s stomach got butterflies at the memory.

He heard the sink turn off, and Levi was wiping down the counter. Eren turned and looked at him mischievously, and Levi met his eyes.

“What’s that smile for?”

Eren sauntered over to the kitchen, where Levi put down the dishrag to try to figure out what was happening.

Eren, being as young as he was and having a bit of an untamed sex drive, decided to have some fun. He approached Levi and pressed his body against him, dragging a slender finger across his jaw, and smiled down at him lovingly.

“Oh..?” Levi was amused.

“Y’know…” Eren purred, “I love that you always cook me breakfast… and I kinda want to repay the favor…”

Eren took Levi’s hand and led him to the couch. He pushed down on Levi’s shoulders so that he was seated, and turned around slowly so that his ass was right in front of Levi’s face. Eren shimmied his hips from side to side, raising his arms above his head so that his shirt rode up a little and his back dimples showed.

Levi spread his legs a little and leaned back, smiling at this unexpected treat.

Eren continued to do his thing, caressing his own body in an attempt to arouse Levi, and dancing just far away enough that they weren’t touching. He turned so that he was facing Levi, and put a leg up on the couch so that Levi’s face was near his crotch. He continued grinding his hips in the air, and he ran his fingers through Levi’s hair.

Levi was getting hard at the sight of Eren’s body, but continued to sit through the dance to see where this plan was going.

Eren trailed his own hands up and down his abs while biting his lip, and kept swaying his hips around. He then put a knee between Levi’s crotch, and brought his lips a mere centimeter from Levi’s.

“Is your cock getting hard, Levi?” Eren moaned with barely any space between their lips, “Can I… be of service?”

Eren’s face traveled down Levi’s body so that he was now hovering above Levi’s crotch. He stuck his ass out as much as he could so that Levi had a nice, full view of his kneeling body. He ran his hands up down Levi’s thighs while swaying his hips slightly, looking up at Levi with those bright green eyes of his.

Levi was becoming intensely aroused now, and everything about Eren and the way he was now was entirely too stimulating. He bit back a groan and fisted his hands in Eren’s hair.

Eren palmed Levi’s crotch teasingly, maintaining that fiery eye contact. Slowly, ever so slowly, Eren pulled down the waistband of Levi’s shorts along with his underwear, and pulled out his cock- sizing it up in his hands and dragging his sight along the length with lust.

Eren bit his lip even harder. “Mmm, Levi… I had no idea you were so fucking thick...”

And it might’ve been Eren’s filthy language that was strangely sexy or the fact that he was staring at his cock hungrily, but Levi was now achingly erect and awaited Eren’s touch.

Without warning, Eren took Levi in one go, and Levi threw his head back. He tightened his grip in Eren’s hair, trying to keep that warm wetness of his mouth around his length.

Eren expertly bobbed his head up and down, swirling his tongue along the veins that crawled up the sides of Levi’s cock. He kept one hand wrapped at the base, while the other hand reached into Levi’s underwear and massaged his balls.

“Fuck, Eren…” Levi hissed with an almost painful pull on Eren’s locks, “keep going.”

Eren took all of him into his mouth again, his nose buried in his soft pubic hair, and Levi felt himself hit the back of Eren’s throat wonderfully.

He held Eren’s head down, breathing be damned, because having himself enveloped this completely felt too fucking good.

Levi loosened his hold and Eren dragged his plush lips off Levi’s cock, releasing the head with a lewd ‘pop’. As he caught his breath, Eren took Levi in both hands and pumped up and down the shaft vigorously.

“You like that, Levi? Am I being a good boy for you?” Eren moaned, his voice cracking with lust. “Do you like it when I suck you off?”

Levi was simultaneously surprised that his normally sweet and innocent Eren was capable of such vulgar talk and that he seemed to have a hidden talent of giving the best blowjobs.

“Yesss, baby,” he growled. “You’re such a good boy for me, keep going.”

Eren grinned at the praise, clearly relishing in the fact that he had Levi under his control. He took Levi’s cock in one hand and dragged his tongue along the side, looking Levi in the eyes all the while. He then took the head into his mouth, and pumped up and down the shaft aggressively, feeling Levi’s fingers pull at his hair in a painfully satisfying way.

Levi felt himself climbing up to his release, his cock swelling in Eren’s hands and the seed tightening his balls. He threw his head back and became aware of his chest that was rising and falling fast with his shallow breaths. Eren was relentless, pumping faster and adjusting his grip on the way down and up.

He popped his lips off the head of Levi’s cock. “Cum all over my mouth, okay?”

Eren aimed Levi’s cock at his lips, and he continued his rigorous speed of handling. Levi’s hands held Eren’s head in place with a firm grip in his hair, and moaned as he felt himself release- hot ropes of white landing into Eren’s awaiting mouth and on his full, pink lips. For a minute he wasn’t aware of himself or where he was, or where he was shooting his ejaculation- because right now all that made sense was the explosion of pleasure.

Levi felt himself climb down from his orgasm, and Eren’s pace slowed down to squeeze every drop of cum onto his own tongue. He came to his senses and let go of Eren’s hair slowly, trying to gain control of his sensitivity. Eren had Levi’s cum sloppily splattered on his mouth, and he let go of Levi’s cock to drag his fingers around his mouth to lick up the evidence of Levi’s pleasure.

He kept licking and cleaning himself up like that, maintaining eye contact with Levi, unashamed that he was swallowing every bit of cum while taking his sweet time doing so.

“That was… amazing, babe,” Levi breathed. “You’re very good with your mouth.”

Eren finished up licking the cum off his fingers and grinned. “I know,” he said seductively.

Eren got off his knees and kissed Levi square on the lips. Most would find it disgusting to kiss someone that just swallowed their cum, but Levi was seemingly okay with the way Eren sloppily expressed his love this way, carefree and unashamed.

“Let’s go shower together!” Eren took Levi’s hand and took him away into the bathroom.

They cleaned together, thinking about the day ahead. “Levi, I liked it when you praised me,” Eren said. “Do it more often?”

Levi took his hand behind Eren’s head and leaned it closer to his so that their lips were almost touching. “I love praising you, baby, you’re such a good boy that did an amazing job pleasing me today. Thank you.”

Eren beamed, and he hugged Levi under the shower’s cascade. And little did Levi know that Eren had a huge praise kink, but that would become more blatantly clear soon enough.

They dried off and dressed together. “I’m driving Armin to the airport really early tomorrow,” Eren said as he pulled on his work pants.

“Tell him I wish his luck on his trip. And would you mind giving me a copy of your schedule? I’d like to have it with me.” Levi asked.

“I’ll tell him. And yeah, I’ll text you my work schedule.”

It was about 11:30 by the time they left the apartment to get Eren to the coffee shop, and Levi spent a good while before that cuddling Eren on the couch, peppering a flurry of kisses all over his face and in his hair, telling him what a good boy he was, how much he loved him, and what a pretty little thing he was. And with Eren giggling and laughing under Levi’s tickles and hugs and kisses, they both silently agreed that these were the sweetest ways to spend Sunday morning.

Chapter Text

Getting up before the ass crack of dawn was not enjoyable for Eren at all. But, with Armin relying on him as an incentive, getting up was a little easier.

He had told Jean that he might be a little late to work, since Armin had to be at the airport by 7 and it was an hour drive each way. Eren stared angrily at his phone that was going off relentlessly at the ungodly 5 o’clock am, and he groaned as he reached to turn it off.

If he snoozed for even a minute, he would never get out of bed, so he yanked the blanket off, the cold of the room hitting his sleep-stripped body. He saw a text from Mikasa saying that she hoped he was awake, and that she looked forward to seeing him. She knew how much he struggled to get up in the morning.

Eren fixed himself a cup of coffee, not even for the taste, but simply because he would be unable to function without his fix of caffeine. He downed that cup and then another, and then he was on his way.

Mikasa’s apartment was closer to Eren’s than Armin’s was- though it was often empty because she was hardly ever home.

Mikasa was a training martial artist that competed and taught all over the area. If she wasn’t fighting or instructing, she was hard at work at the gym. Between both their schedules, Eren hardly saw her these days, but he was hoping that would change.

He texted that he was waiting in the parking lot. A few minutes later, Mikasa opened the door to the passenger’s seat and slid in.

“Eren, it’s been far too long. I’ve missed you,” she smiled. She leaned over and pulled him in for a hug.

“I know, I missed you, too,” Eren said and squeezed before releasing her. “But at least we’ll get to see Armin off together.”

They drove to Armin’s house in mostly silence- for a couple reasons: Eren’s coffee was still kicking in and he was feeling to grumpy to talk, and because even though Eren and Mikasa didn’t have much time to see each other in person, they didn’t miss a second of each other’s lives because they made time to text and call.

In fact, Eren had already told her about Levi. Well, not everything about him. Mikasa wasn’t aware of their age difference or Levi’s lifestyle. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. He wasn’t quite sure why he was keeping it a secret.

They reached Armin’s apartment, and Eren climbed out to help him with the luggage. They packed it into the trunk and Armin embraced Mikasa after not having seen her for a long time.

The drive to the airport was peaceful if nothing else. The morning sky was painted and shifting with light pinks, purples, and blues, and the dark clouds were chasing away the dawn. Eren’s coffee was in effect now, and the conversations in the car was starting to pick up energy.

Armin was bubbling and gushing about how excited he was to see all the different animals and plants in person after studying them for months. He was also excited about seeing the wide open oceans and sandy beaches.

Trost had a beach that everyone was familiar with, but to experience such a large ocean with its saltwater and all, now that must be truly gorgeous.

Eren looked at the rearview mirror and saw Armin as he leaned over to Mikasa in the passenger’s seat and argued with her about some species of monkey. He always looked so passionate when he talked about wildlife, Eren thought and smiled at the scene.

They arrived at Sina Airport right on time. Eren and Mikasa helped Armin carry his luggage, and they found the terminal he was supposed to depart from.

“I’m going to miss you, Armin. This is going to be a great experience for you. Make every minute count,” Mikasa said and hugged him tightly.

“I will, I will, I’m so excited,” Armin breathed into her hair.

They separated and Mikasa gave him a gentle smile. Eren stood awaiting with open arms and a cocky grin.

Armin laughed and walked into Eren’s arms. “I’ll miss you so, so much, Eren. When I get back we’ll catch up on all the time we’ve lost.”

Eren wrapped his arms around Armin with an almost strangling grip, but it was full of love. He held the back of Armin’s head and they rocked back and forth in their hug.

“Don’t you think about time wasted, alright? You worked hard for this. Go out there and have fun,” Eren said into his ear. “And Levi gives his best wishes.”

“Thank you, Eren.” Armin made a sound from his throat as he held Eren even tighter. “And tell Levi I said thanks.”

Eren stroked the back of Armin’s blond head once more before releasing him. They held a look before Eren and Mikasa said their good-byes to him and walked away.

They missed him already. But to hear him gush earlier about the all the wildlife he’d get to experience and seeing those innocent blue eyes sparkle was priceless. He really deserved this trip.

Unfortuately, Eren didn’t have time to spend with Mikasa since he had to go to work as soon as he got back to Trost. But they promised they’d clear their schedules for an upcoming weekend to have real time to catch up.

Eren dropped Mikasa off at her boxing club and went straight to work. As he expected, the Monday morning hassle of the shop was ruthless and he couldn’t spare even a minute to relax from the long drive from the airport.


The day blew over before he knew it, and soon enough Eren could see the early evening sky through the glass window. The shop door bell jingled and Marco walked in a little early for his shift. He probably came to see Jean.

“Hey guys,” Marco smiled, more so in Jean’s direction again.

“’Sup.” Jean said without looking up from wiping the counter. As ever, oblivious to Marco’s crush on him.

“Hey.” Eren took off his apron. “Listen, if you’re already here I’m just gonna go ahead and clock out. I’ve had a long day.” And while it was true that Eren was exhausted, he also wanted to give Marco some alone time with Jean.

He winked at Marco and walked out, almost collapsing into his car. He dropped his head back and it hit the headrest with a thump. Today really was a long day. And he wanted nothing more than to be with Levi right now.

He checked his phone, and speak of the devil, there was a text from Levi:

Hey baby, let me take you out for dinner.

Eren grinned. Levi was always one step ahead.

OK! Eren replied. Pick me up in in 45 minutes.

Eren went home and had a quick and dirty shower. He snoozed a bit on the couch until Levi arrived.

There was that knock on the door, and Eren opened up. Levi took Eren’s chin and lay a gentle kiss on his lips.

“Eren, you look exhausted.” He looked concerned.

“Yeah, I got up at like 5 am and the airport was a long drive, plus the Monday shift fucked my ass. Armin says thanks for the good luck, by the way.”

“He’ll be back before you know it,” Levi said. “Where do you want to eat?”

Eren was really in no mood for a fancy experience. At this point he just wanted to get something into his system and sleep for fifteen hours. “Take me to the pier; I know a pizza joint there.”

And so they went. Besides seeing Eren at the coffee shop a few times, this was Levi’s only other experience near the beach. It was a shame Eren had no energy to show him his favorite places.

“I usually come here for a slice after work or on my lunch break,” Eren said. “They have big portions, which I like.”

Levi looked down at the pizza in front of them. In this restaurant, the slices were so large that people kept them on the plates and nibbled off the edge. It was youthful and a bit barbaric, but isn’t that Eren’s favorite way of eating, after all?

“I see that,” Levi chuckled. “This pizza takes up the whole table.”

Eren was starved and scarfed down half the pizza within ten minutes. Once again, Levi had to tell him: “How many times do I have to remind you?” he asked gently. “Slow down. Honestly, I don’t understand how you manage to maintain a body like that with the way you eat, darling.”

Eren’s fingers were greasy and he took used his palms to hold his cup as he took a gulp of his soda. He looked up innocently with wide, green eyes. “You think I have a nice body?”


“I think you have a fucking sexy body, too.”

It might’ve been the way Eren said it after having spoken so mildly for a while, but Levi laughed, airy and rich, and Eren laughed, too.

“You’re adorable, Eren.”


No doubt did Eren end up staying the night at Levi’s apartment. He spent more time there than his own place, these days. It got to the point where it almost felt awkward to stay at his own apartment.

Eren changed into his pajamas and climbed into Levi’s bed almost immediately. Levi sat beside him in the bed, with plans to help put Eren to sleep and then go to his office to get some work done.

Eren slept on his side, with the blanket wrapped all the way up to his shoulders, and his eyes were already dragging shut. Levi stroked Eren’s hair softly, carding his fingers through his chocolate brown locks and scratching the back of his head.

“You poor thing, you really are exhausted.”

Eren didn’t move, and listened to Levi’s deep voice that was like an instant charm for falling asleep.

“You’re such a sweet boy. Look how exquisite you are. I really could look at you all day.” Levi continued running his fingers through Eren’s hair, and soon enough, his eyes were shut and he was breathing deeply. “Sweet dreams, love,” Levi whispered and kissed him on the forehead.


Dawn crawled in, and Levi had woken up early and retreated to his study again. Even after he worked for a while, it was still a bit too early to wake Eren. He decided to go downstairs to the gym for a little bit.

Eren woke up by the light streaming through the window, and he didn’t remember how he fell asleep last night, but he was in a strangely good mood this morning. He looked at his phone and saw that Armin had sent him a picture of himself on the airplane with the caption “On my way to Africa!” Eren’s heart squeezed at the joyful picture of his best friend.

He went to the kitchen and didn’t find Levi. He wasn’t in the study or bathroom, either. He figured he’d go ahead and have breakfast on his own.

Eren was eating cereal at the couch while watching TV when Levi entered the front door, breathing slightly harder and with triangles of sweat leading down his tank top from his neck and chest.

He smiled when he saw Eren on the couch. “Ah, you’re awake.” He went over a kissed Eren’s head from behind the couch. “I hoped I didn’t worry you. I just went to get a quick workout in.”

With his mouth full and the bowl in his hands, Eren couldn’t reciprocate, but he offered a loving “Mmf!” in return.

Levi showered and then joined Eren on the couch. Once again, Eren was wrapped up in that beige blanket, and he placed his head on Levi’s lap as soon as he sat down.

“I have a favor to ask you, dear.” Levi looked down at his lap.

“What’s that?” Eren grinned.

“So, there’s a work function on Thursday,” Levi explained, “A bit of a celebration. It’s a formal event, and everyone’s invited to bring guests. I was wondering if you’d like to be my plus one?”

“Uhh… I don’t know, Levi, I don’t know if I can keep up with all that business talk and fancy stuff. I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“Nonsense. There’s no way you can embarrass me. I’d be proud to show you off. Plus, you won’t be expected to do much. I want to introduce you to a few people.”

“And that’s it?”

“And that’s it,” Levi repeated. “I want you to get to know my work life. All you need to do is stand there and look pretty. Which,” Levi brushed Eren’s bangs back and kissed his forehead, “you seem to have no problem doing.”

Eren giggled. “Alright. I’ll do it!”

“Thank you, dear. This means a lot to me.”

Levi filled him in on the details. Though Levi managed many businesses, he was Co-CEO of a large company- Survey Corporation. The company had recently closed off a deal with another important benefactor, Garrison. The event on Thursday was a celebration for both parties.

“Your suit came in a while ago, by the way,” Levi said. “I hung it up for you. You’ll get to wear it to the event. Although, that’s more of a treat for me than you.”

Eren beamed and lifted his head with puckered lips, and Levi supported his head with his hand as he leaned down to meet his lips. Eren introduced his tongue, and Levi gladly opened up for him. It was struggle for dominance, and it was common knowledge that competition always riled Eren up.

“Mmm, Levi… fuck me,” Eren moaned dramatically.

Levi slipped out from under Eren and got off the couch, and carried Eren’s wrapped body to the bedroom. He didn’t know what he would do with this little piece of work, but the element of surprise was always in the mix when Eren was involved.

Now, even though Eren was very clearly asking to be fucked, Levi wanted to wait for a more romantic time and situation for that. With almost 45 minutes until Eren needed to be at work, Levi figured just something that would hold him over will do.

He lay Eren down, and unwrapped his body from the blanket. Eren voluntarily stripped his pajama pants and boxers, desperate and hungry for action. He lay with just a shirt and a cheeky grin awaiting Levi’s next move.

Levi gave him a quick blowjob, just so that he wouldn’t be unsatisfied while he was at work. Levi was good with his mouth of course, and Eren was, as per usual, very loud and vocal while being pleasured.

When Levi sucked him off, Eren had a tendency to hold Levi’s head down and clamp his legs to keep him there, which, although it suffocated him, Levi thought was very cute. He used one hand to hold Eren’s length, and the other hand to gently pry Eren’s clamping leg from his face.

“Oh, yeah, fuck, shit, Levi! Right there, do that thing with your tongue… God, yes!” Eren had an arm draped over his face and his back was arching as he grew closer and closer to orgasm.

Levi increased his pace and pressure, and before he knew it, Eren’s hot cum was going down his throat. He made sure Eren was all done, and then slowly slid his lips off him. Eren was a bit sensitive as he climbed down from his orgasm, and his thighs were trembling around Levi as he recovered.

Levi kissed the inside of Eren’s knee. “Good?”

Eren’s chest rose and fell as he panted harshly, and he nodded and smiled with his arm still draped over his face. “Good.”

Chapter Text

When Thursday came around, Eren tried not to let his speculations and thoughts about the Survey Corporation event distract him from his work.


That evening, Eren showered and dressed in his suit, taking extra time in combing his hair. He looked at himself in the floor-length mirror in Levi’s bedroom. Staring back was a familiar looking guy, except now that guy was dressed in an outfit that was more expensive than his entire wardrobe combined. It was strange to see himself like this. Changing from jeans and tank tops to black tie even for one night was a bit of a culture shock. But, Eren thought, it really was just one night. He might as well play the fantasy and have some fun with it.

Eren went to the living room. “Ready!”

Levi turned from looking out the glass wall as he was adjusting a very expensive-looking watch. He smiled when he saw Eren.

“Oh, wow,” Levi breathed and walked to Eren and brushed some lint off his shoulder. “You’re simply dashing. You handsome boy.” He took Eren’s face and kissed his forehead.

Levi was looking sharp as usual. He opted for a similar jet-black suit with a black silk button-up underneath, again leaving the top few buttons undone like Eren so loved.

Eren traced a finger down Levi’s collarbones and into his pec cleavage. “I love when you unbutton your shirts. It drives me nuts.”

Levi took Eren’s wandering finger and took it into his mouth, gently sucking while looking at Eren’s eyes. Eren gasped and he felt his cock twitch.

Levi took Eren’s finger out and laced their fingers together. He lay a gentle kiss on Eren’s hand. “You drive me nuts, too, baby,” he whispered. “Let’s go.”

The drive there was a little further than Eren thought. But it did give him an opportunity to look out the window at the passing city, and they listened to the radio, which soothed Eren’s nerves.

They finally arrived at a huge mansion, which even from a distance showed off class and luxury. It was lined with manicured trees that were embellished with pearly, twinkling lights, and there was an entrance that had a literal red carpet just for the event. People that were dressed in tuxedos and flowing, sparkling dresses walked in laughing, hand-in-hand, and they had arms wrapped gently around their partners’ waists.

As they pulled into the valet line with other luxurious sports cars, Eren kept looking out the window and tried to gather courage, silently praying that he wouldn’t embarrass Levi or even himself.

All of a sudden, he felt Levi’s hand on his knee and realized that his leg has been shaking. He turned his sight from the window, to Levi’s hand on his knee, and then to Levi’s face.

“Don’t be nervous, Eren,” Levi said gently. “Just be yourself and you’ll fit right in.” He cupped Eren’s cheek. “Okay?”

Eren took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay.”

The valet took Levi’s keys and the two of them stepped out. Eren followed Levi closely, trying to match his air of confidence and power.

They reached the inside of the mansion, and Eren was already overwhelmed with sights and sounds. Right away, a magnificent chandelier with thousands of sparkling jewels caught his eye, the nearby lights catching their iridescence and made them twinkle like stars. At a distance, there was a large staircase with a wide base and a curved shape as it reached the top. The rich carpeting and mahogany handles gave it a magical, inviting mystery to it. Eren wondered where the stairs led to.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when a man approached them. “Mr. Ackerman, congratulations on the deal. Garrison will make the Survey Corporation bigger than ever.”

“Thank you, Gunther.” Levi shook his hand. “It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s hard work.” Eren noticed that Levi’s voice didn’t have that same gentle and reassuring quality to it like when he spoke to Eren. This must be Levi’s business side.

Levi placed a hand on Eren’s lower back and gently ushered him forward. “Eren, this is Gunther Schultz, our marketing executive. Gunther, this is Eren Jaeger.”

Eren stuck his hand out. “Nice to meet, you. Sir.”

Gunther shook Eren’s hand firmly. “No need for formalities. Nice to meet you, Eren.”

A few more people approached them, and Levi introduced Eren to his executive team- Oruo the public relations director, Erd the treasurer, and Hange and Moblit the accounting executives. These people whisked Eren away to their table for dinner and insisted on getting to know him better. They didn’t know that Levi was his boyfriend. They probably assumed he was an intern that Levi had their eye on and wanted to impress Levi. Either way, Eren was glad he had a friendly group of people to retreat to if the night got too rough.

Dinner was an expensive cut of steak with potatoes and vegetables. Eren ate and tried to silently keep up with the conversations at the table. Hange and Moblit were discussing stocks, and whether it was more worthwhile to invest in riskier business or play it safe and get a small, reliable profit. Hange insisted that the risky investment in Garrison was what got them the deal in the first place. Moblit argued that consistency was the only way to keep a major corporation afloat. Everyone at the table became heated and they all seemed to have a clear stance.

“What do you think, Eren?” Hange smiled brightly.

“Oh, umm… I think consistency is important, but investing in up-and-coming businesses expands demographic and investors. It would be dumb not to take a risk on a struggling business, since a major corporation could later use them as a subsidiary and maximize manufacturing.”

Everyone at the table stared at Eren in surprise, and he hoped he didn’t sound stupid. But then they all laughed and agreed, even those who opted for the consistency stance. Hange clapped her hand on Eren’s back aggressively and cackled. He was in the middle of taking a sip and he choked.

“That’s a boy, Eren! You know your stuff!” she said. Eren’s felt relief wash over him that he gained the trust and respect from Levi’s closest employees, and was thankful that the economics class he took a while ago came in handy.

From a distance, Levi looked at their table with everyone laughing and engaging Eren with questions, and he smiled.


When dinner was over, Eren got up and looked around for a bathroom. A waiter approached him with a tray of a shimmering champagne.

“Sir?” He extended the tray and handed Eren a glass with a gloved hand.

Eren looked to see that Levi wasn’t looking, since he insisted to wait until Eren was 21 to let him have alcohol. Levi’s back was turned as he was talking to a group of men.

“Please,” Eren said and downed the glass in relief. It was delicious, far fancier than the cheap beer he’s had at previous parties in his life. He wiped his mouth and placed the glass on the waiter’s tray.

“Actually, could you point me towards the bathrooms?”

The waiter pointed to the staircase. “The nearest one is hidden behind the staircase.”

“Thanks.” Eren headed in that direction, and when he entered, he was impressed but not surprised at all by how sleek and fancy it was.

The sinks and doors had a chrome finish, and the paper towels didn’t have a dispenser. Rather, they sat in neat stacks beside the sinks. The mirrors were illuminated by a hidden light display with shifting colors of the rainbow. Eren noticed himself in the mirror and was still weirded out by the sight of himself in a suit.

He went into the stall and sat as he did his business, catching up with texts and the more down-to-earth side of his life. The champagne from earlier was starting to kick in, and he felt a healthy buzz and a small surge of confidence.

He walked out the bathrooms and the Levi’s executive team introduced him to more company employees, including employees from Garrison. Eren was really starting to get the hang of it. Learning people’s first names and their positions was a skill he was developing at an alarming pace, and conversations were getting easier as Eren was opinionated and had no problem putting his two cents in.

The staff took out desserts, and Eren excused himself from his current group of conversation and approached the sweets. Delicate french pastries, colorful macaroons, and chocolates of all shapes and sizes stretched as far as his eye could see. He took a plate and collected many different kinds of sweets, but then he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was a chocolate fountain!!

How did Eren not notice it before? It was mainly flocked by the women of the party, and Eren tried to watch how they were using the fountain. They took metal skewers and filled them with fruit, and dipped the skewers into the cascade.

Eren abandoned his current plate and joined them, introducing himself and loading a skewer of his own with fruit. The women seemed to take him under his wing, showing him the correct way to dip his skewer.

They nibbled at their skewers together over napkins, laughing and discussing their relations to the companies.

After finishing his skewer, Eren waved good-bye to the ladies. They called after him, using names like “sweetie” and “darling”, and told him to find them again later. They were smitten by his charm, much like everyone was at this party. He looked around and tried to find the executive team again. Just then, Levi approached him.

“Eren, how are you holding up, dear?”

“Surprisingly well. It’s not as bad as I thought.”

Another voice approached them. “Levi. The man of the hour.”

Eren looked up at one of the only people he’s heard of all night refer to Levi by his first name and not “Mr. Ackerman” with a stiff handshake.

A tall blonde mountain of a man with striking blue eyes and thick eyebrows walked up to them, alongside a tiny ginger-haired lady with a sparkling peach gown.

“Erwin, I was wondering when I’d see you tonight,” Levi smirked.

“Had to entertain the Garrison guests,” Erwin said. “I had to make this collaboration more concrete.”

“Eren, this is Erwin Smith. My Co-CEO, and my right hand.”

“Eren, it’s nice to finally meet you,” Erwin shook his hand and patted his shoulder. “Levi has told me many good things about you. I’ve looked forward to meeting you for a long time.”

Levi talked about him to his closest friends? Eren’s heart sang. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith.”

“Oh, just Erwin is fine, Eren.”

Levi pointed his hand to the tiny lady waiting beside Erwin. “And this is Petra Ral. She’s my trustworthy secretary.”

Petra approached Eren, and he extended his hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Ral.”

“Oh, no need to be so formal, sweetie, call me Petra!” She shook his hand and took his cheeks in her hands. “Oooh, Levi didn’t tell me you were so adorable! What a cute thing you are!”

Eren laughed nervously. He was flattered that Petra was gushing over him, but he was secretly up in the clouds that Levi had told them about him. Good things, apparently.

Someone called Petra away and she said her good-bye to Eren, stroking his cheek one last time and giving him a motherly smile.

“Enjoying the party so far, Eren?” Erwin asked.

“Yes! I’m honored to be here.”

“I trust Erwin with my life,” Levi told Eren. “If for any reason I’m not there or something happens to me, find Erwin and he will help you with anything you need.”

Erwin laughed, a loud, confident, airy laugh. “Levi, you flatter me. But yes, Eren, I am completely at your service.”

“Mr. Ackerman, I finally found you,” a voice said.

They all turned to see a bald man with a gray mustache approach them.

“Mr. Pixis,” Levi said calmly. “A pleasure.” They shook hands firmly. “This collaboration is a complete success.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to see where both Survey Corp. and Garrison will go.” He turned to Eren. “And who’s this young man?”

“This is Eren Jaeger,” Levi introduced. “Eren, this is Dot Pixis, CEO of Garrison.”

“Nice to meet you, sir!” Eren realized Pixis was just as important to this party as Levi and Erwin were.

Pixis laughed loudly and shook Eren’s hand roughly. “Pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Jaeger!”

Erwin realized Pixis and Levi probably wanted some privacy. “Eren. Come for a walk with me?”

Eren walked side-by-side with Erwin, noticing the tap of their shoes against the marble floors.

“All these formalities must bore you,” Erwin said. “Let’s go outside and get some fresh air.”

Eren followed Erwin upstairs and into a hallway that led to a balcony. The cool air felt exhilarating and refreshing to Eren after having been in the suit and building up a sweat running back and forth talking to people.

“Levi was right, Eren. If there’s anything you need, please find me. You mean so much to Levi, and so you mean a lot to me as well.” They exchanged numbers.

“How did you two meet?” Eren asked.

Erwin smiled fondly and gazed up towards the sky, searching his memory for their history. “We worked together ever since Survey Corp. was a tiny business. We worked tirelessly and for long nights until we built the company into what it is today. He’s a dear friend of mine.”

Eren tried to imagine a younger Levi and Erwin. It was inspiring to hear that Levi worked hard for his success.

“And the truth is, Eren, with how long I’ve known Levi, I’ve really gotten to know him. He’s been… a bit unsatisfied for the longest time,” Erwin said. “For the past few years, Levi just hasn’t seemed himself. He never talked about it, because he likes to keep things private. He works and clocks out, and he builds everyone up while ignoring his own feelings.”

Eren listened closely, learning about a side of Levi that he’s never known.

“But ever since he’s met you, Eren,” Erwin smiled broadly at him, “he’s been… resurrected. Eren, he’s happier than I’ve ever seen him. The whole company has noticed. Whenever he tells me about you, he has such admiration in his eyes. It warms my heart. I’m so glad you came into his life.”

Eren was speechless. He had no idea he meant that much to Levi.

“I’m sorry if I overwhelmed you with all that information. But I just had to tell you. You’re such a positive impact on his life.”

“Thank you for telling me all that, Erwin. I just- I had no idea.”

Erwin pat his back and rubbed it as they looked out into night. “And give yourself more credit. You’re a bright young man. You lit up this entire party. People were asking me if I had a chance to talk to Mr. Jaeger. And now I get to say that I know him personally.”

Eren laughed. Being the obviously youngest person in the event, he was scared he wouldn’t be able to relate to anyone. But Levi was right- all he had to do was be himself.

“Come on, I’ll walk you back,” Erwin said.

They got back to great hall, and it seemed that people were beginning to call it a night. They found Levi, and Erwin said his good-byes to them.

“Hey,” Levi said. “Ready to go home?”


They waited for Levi’s car to arrive in the valet line, and Levi hugged Eren, picking him up in his arms and spinning him around when he thought no one was looking. Eren laughed into the night, happy and carefree.

From a distance, Erwin and Petra stood with glasses of champagne watching Levi and Eren.

“Petra, I really think he’s the one,” Erwin said, referring to Eren.

“I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Smith,” Petra said fondly. They clinked their glasses and drank.


Levi and Eren got to Trost Tower, Eren still a bit energetic from all the socializing and that glass of champagne, and Levi tired but trying to keep up with Eren.

When Levi closed the door, he scooped Eren up and took him to the couch. “Eren, you were absolutely delightful at the party. Everyone told me they loved you. You’re such a good boy. You made me really happy today.”

Eren grinned. “I’m a good boy?”

Levi pounced at Eren, attacking him with kisses and tickles. “Yes, precious, you’re my good boy. My darling, darling, boy. You make me so happy!”

Eren basked in Levi’s praise, urging Levi to continue with the pet names.

Levi scooped him up again and took him the bedroom. “And I’ll show you just how good you were tonight. But let’s get you out of this suit first.”

They showered together, and Levi massaged Eren with lotion before bed again, whispering praises into his ear, and even though Eren offered to return the favor, Levi refused. Tonight was all about him.

Eren was a pile of mush, all sedated after Levi has rubbed all the tension out of his muscles. He loved the treatment Levi gave him, and insisted on returning the favor.

“Leeevi,” Eren said as he was face down in the sheets. “Let me give you a blowjob or something. Please.”

Levi chuckled and turned off the lights. He patted Eren’s butt to get him to get into the covers with him. “Not tonight, my little prince. Right now, I just want you to relax and sleep. That’s all I want.”

Levi continued to cuddle him as they were falling asleep, and after stroking his hair, Eren was out and snoring loudly in no time at all.

Levi smiled into Eren’s hair, inhaling the smell of shampoo and the scent that was exclusively Eren’s. What did he do to deserve this bundle of happiness?

The memories of the night wrapped him up and the fatigue finally set in, leaving Levi with a sense of content as he finally drifted to sleep with Eren wrapped securely in his arms.

Chapter Text

The tender morning sunlight shined upon Eren and Levi. Eren's face was buried in the crook of Levi's neck, gripping onto his shirt and snoring deeply. Levi opened his eyes and his heart fluttered at the sight of Eren. This was the best thing to wake up to.

He kissed Eren's hair, enjoying the smell of shampoo. Eren didn't stir. Levi wrapped his arms tighter around him. He wanted to protect and spoil Eren with everything he had. Words couldn't describe how precious this boy was to him.

He released his hold on Eren and unclutched Eren's fingers from his shirt. He had a special treat for him today.

Levi slipped out of bed, careful not to make too much sound or harsh movement as to not wake Eren. Although it wouldn't really matter because Eren was a heavy sleeper and needed to be coaxed awake.

Levi got to work making Eren a hearty breakfast of french toast and eggs. He remembered how Eren enjoyed the last time he made it so he aimed to please. He still got that surge of pride and joy when he fed Eren- feeding him was one of his favorite things.

He fixed himself his own mug of coffee and loaded the food onto plates.

Levi entered the bedroom with the large tray of food, and smiled at the sight of Eren slumbering away. He placed the tray and his coffee on the bedside table and climbed back into bed beside Eren.

Levi stroked Eren's hair softly and brushed his bangs away from his face.

"Eren... darling... time to wake up," he said softly.

Eren's snoring stopped at the feeling of Levi's hand caressing him, but he didn't open his eyes.

Levi continued. "Baby... rise and shine." He leaned down and kissed Eren's forehead.

Eren inhaled a deep breath and cracked his eyes open. He looked at Levi blankly. He might've been annoyed to have been woken up, but honestly, how could he dislike being woken up to Levi's soft touch and deep, lovely voice?

Levi smiled down at him. "Hey, sleepyhead," he whispered, "good morning."

Eren slowly sat himself up on his elbows and stretched his neck around. He sat up all the way and scratched at his messy bedhead.

"I have a surprise for you," Levi said. He reached over to his bedside table and presented Eren with the tray of food. "Breakfast in bed today."

Immediately Eren's morning pout turned to a wide smile that lit up his face. "Oh wow, thanks, Levi! Oh, it smells great!" He took the tray into his lap and dug in right away.

Levi watched as Eren ate and sighed with content at every bite. "I love watching you eat, baby. You're so precious." He brushed some stray bangs away from Eren's face.

"God, your french toast is amazing," Eren said. "I'd wake up early every day if it meant I got this treatment from you."

Eren continued eating, the rays of sunlight from the window giving him a childlike glow. He wasn't ashamed anymore to admit that he loved being treated like a prince.

When he finished, Levi wiped his mouth for him with a napkin as Eren leaned his head back on the headboard and smiled with his eyes closed. Levi took the tray and placed on the table, and Eren met him halfway in the bed on his knees. He took Levi's shoulders and hugged him, resting his head on his shoulder and squeezing innocently.

"Thank you for always treating me like this, Levi," he said gently. "Thank you for breakfast and for everything. I love you."

Levi's heart lurched and he squeezed Eren back in an even tighter hug. "I love you, too, sweetheart. It's my pleasure."

Eren turned on the TV as they sat back and got comfortable in the bed. Levi used a mountain of pillows to sit back on, and Eren draped himself over Levi's thighs, lying on his stomach as he browsed his phone.

Levi snaked a hand up Eren's shirt and rubbed his back, a familiar warmth that Eren absolutely loved. He sipped his coffee as he watched the TV.

Eren laughed shortly and Levi saw that he was laughing at something on his phone. He continued trailing his nails gently up and down Eren's back.

This domestic scene was one that they were becoming quite used to. Levi loved waking up and tending to Eren, and Eren found mornings a lot more bearable with Levi's treatments. They were absolutely reliant on each other, and they felt so utterly fulfilled when they were together.

Eren switched off his phone and adjusted his position so that his head was resting on a pillow against Levi's legs and he was curled up underneath the blankets.

As they watched a movie on TV together, Levi continued drinking his coffee and placed a reassuring hand on Eren's head.

Eren looked up at Levi with emerald puppy eyes. "Massage my scalp, Levi?"

Levi always loved how direct and honest Eren was with what he wanted. He happily obliged and scratched Eren's head gently with his nails.

Eren gave hums of appreciation and cuddled closer to Levi.

The movie they were watching was about a man who abducted and tortured girls that reminded him of his deceased wife. Eren was very clearly invested, as he didn't talk at all throughout the movie, and soon enough Levi felt himself getting invested, too.

The man was about to massacre all the girls he had trapped in the basement and Eren held his breath as the police broke into the man's house. He cocked his gun right when the police barged into the basement, and Eren gasped. The man aimed at one of the girls in a last resort to kill before he was sent to jail, but the police were faster and shot him cleanly in the head before he pulled the trigger. Eren exhaled with relief and realized he's been clutching onto Levi's shirt during the climax.

"Ugh, fuck," Eren shook his head. "That was so close."

"The good guys always win, huh?" Levi said.

"Not always."

"What do you mean?"

Eren lay on his back again as he explained. "There was something clearly wrong with that guy. He was unsatisfied. His wife was taken away from him while she was delivering their son. I kinda felt bad for him, actually."

Levi took some time to think about Eren's commentary. "Yes, but tragedy happens to many people. Those girls he kidnapped were innocent and didn't deserve to suffer for his cause."

It was very like Eren to empathize with even misunderstood criminals. He had a big heart that saw more than the black and white of people's actions, and Levi realized that was one of the things that made him such a kind and innocent boy.

"Yeah..." Eren said as he stared at the ceiling. "I guess you're right."

"You're very bright, did you know that? I love hearing what you have to say about movies and anything else," Levi said.

Eren smiled and touched Levi's chin with his long fingers. "Well, that's good, because I have a lot to say about everything."

They both laughed and Eren got up to straddle Levi. He rested his head on Levi's shoulder and breathed in his scent- musk and sandalwood.

Levi rubbed Eren's back underneath his shirt again, and held the back of Eren's head with his other hand. "You sweet thing," he whispered. "I want to give you the world."

Eren wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in the crook of his neck. He closed his eyes, relishing the comfort and security he felt when he was in Levi's arms. "I want to stay with you all day."

They stayed in that position for what felt like eternity, because when they were together, time seemed to stop.

Eventually, Eren checked his phone and reluctantly peeled himself off of Levi to get ready for work.


At the coffee shop it was much of the same. Lunchtime rolled around, and Jean was sent off to get them some fast food as Eren held down the fort.

The lunch hour was slow as usual, and Eren used the time to finish his texts from this morning. Mikasa managed to clear her schedule for Sunday, which Eren happily looked forward to. They haven't had a chance to truly spend time together in months.

Marco was really getting the upper hand in his endeavors with Jean. He excitedly reported that Jean invited him over to his place tonight. The possibilities were endless! he had said.

Knowing him, he's probably just gonna give you some lousy dick and fall asleep, Eren typed back.

Eren, don't say that! I'm sure he has something really sweet planned! Marco replied.

Eren couldn't help but feel optimistic along with Marco. You know what? Maybe youre right. Im rooting for you, bud! Tell me how it goes!

Eren put away away his phone and saw Jean through the window. He blew one last puff of his cigarette before throwing it on the floor and putting it out beneath his shoe.

The door bell jingled as he brisked in with their bags of fast food. The store was still empty so they ate in the break room together.

They ate in a comfortable silence like always, and Eren scarfed down his food. Slow down, baby. Take your time, he heard Levi's voice echo in his head.

The door bell jingled again with a customer and Eren wiped his hands and mouth as he got up from his seat. "I got it," he told Jean.

And for the rest of the day Eren's head was filled with sweet memories of being held and caressed by Levi, being spun around in hugs, being called pet names and praised in that deep, rich voice, being fed breakfast in bed, and, oh, was Eren so terribly, terribly in love.



Chapter Text

Saturday night meant date night with Levi, which Eren used as an incentive to get through this particularly hellish day.

Normally Eren and Jean worked seamlessly to charm and appease impatient customers, and Bertholdt kept up his incredible pace with the machines, but some people were incredibly rude and entitled.

“Can I speak to the manager?” A loud man crossed his arms amidst a dozen other customers, and looked around the back of the counter for an authority figure. He was the third person today that demanded faster service.

“Motherfucker, we are the manager,” Jean muttered under his breath while pumping espresso into three drinks.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sir,” Eren called. “Just give us onnnne minute.” He smiled through gritted teeth.

The buzz of impatient and annoyed customers made Eren’s heart race. He’s certainly had his fair share of problematic customers, but the truth was, he could never truly brush them off as well as Jean could. Sometimes he really did have to hold his tongue and refrain from cussing people out.

Eren collected a batch of five drinks that Jean had finished and set them on the ready station, hoping the rude man’s was one of them so he could finally leave. “Please check for your names! Enjoy!” Eren went right back to the register collecting orders, and Jean and Bertholdt were running back and forth fixing drinks.

“Can I speak to a manager?” a mocking voice teased at the counter.

Eren looked up from writing orders on his notepad. His nervous expression instantly dropped when he saw who it was. “Ymir, I’m not in the mood. What do you want?”

The freckled girl laughed with her arm around Krista. “Hmmmm….” She stroked her chin and pretended to look over the menu, taking her sweet time and annoying the growing line of customers behind her, like she didn’t get the same thing every time.

“Sorry,” Krista mouthed, apologizing on her friend’s behalf.

“I’m getting you two the usual,” Eren said. “Fuck off, Ymir,” he said it gently, and immediately gave a bright smile to the next customer.

“But I wanted something different this time,” Ymir called in a fake hurt voice as Krista dragged her away to the ready station.

Luckily the customers grew more patient as the shift wore on. Eren got into the groove of writing a batch of orders on his notepad and passing notes on to Jean, who worked with Bertholdt like clockwork to take them to ready station. Eren collected payments and punched in numbers into the register with robotic efficiency. He almost stopped looking up.

“How can I help you?” Eren asked the next customer as he punched in two orders and writing them in his notepad.

“Eren. Hello,” a familiar comforting voice said.

He looked up. His frazzled nerves soothed when he saw who it was. “Erwin! I didn’t expect to see you here. What can I get ya?”

“Mmm, a large Earl Grey please.”

“You got it.”

“Full house, huh?” Erwin said as he looked around.

“Mm-hmm.” Eren punched in the order and took Erwin’s money. “Your drink will be ready at that station. Thanks for coming in.”

Erwin smiled and went to wait with other customers. Eren would have had a better conversation with him at a different time, but there were way too many people. He felt a bit guilty, but it couldn’t be helped.

A few batches later, Jean approached Eren from behind and clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Good job, Eren. We cleared the house.”

He was right. The customers were now coming in sparsely, the tips cup was overflowing, and the three of them could finally take their (late) lunch break.

“You and Bert held it down back there,” Eren said. “My only job was taking shit from the customers.”

They laughed, and Jean offered to let Eren take the first lunch break as a reward for handling the rude customers so well.

Eren took three $5 bills from the tip cup and walked down the street, juggling his lunch options in his head. Burgers? His usual slice? A sub?

He settled on tacos, and he took his bag of food to the pier, where he sat and looked at the ocean as he ate. The cool late afternoon breeze brushed his bangs back, and he felt his nerves soothe after such a rough shift.

He checked his phone, and he had a text from Marco:

Eren- I have things to tell you!

What is it?? Eren replied.

No, I wanna tell you in person!

It was most likely about the evening he spent with Jean. He seemed excited, so it probably went well.

Eren wiped his greasy fingers on his pants and walked back to the shop. The minute he entered, Jean was brushing past him with an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

“You can go have your lunch, Bert.” Eren said. “I can hold it down.”

Bertholdt wiped his forehead with his rag and smiled. “Alright, I’ll be back soon.” He exited the shop, and with that, it was just the one customer sitting near the window and Eren alone in the shop.

It was only 4 pm. Eren usually cut his shifts short on the weekends, but with classes just around the corner, he wanted to save up some pocket money. Although, he realized, he’s had more than enough personal spending money lately. He doesn’t have to spend a dime when he’s with Levi. Levi wouldn’t let him, always waving his wallet down and insisting on picking up bills.

Eren sighed like a dreamy teenage girl in love as he thought about Levi. He remembered the massage from earlier, and the breakfast in bed. A warm feeling spread in his heart, and he was snapped back to reality when the door bell jingled.

It was Reiner, who came in panting like he had been running.

“Hey, man.” Eren grinned.

“Hey, bud. Is Bert here?” Reiner looked around behind the counter.

“You know what, he just left for his lunch break. He should be back soon, though.”

“Ah.” Reiner stretched, extending his strong arms behind him so that his back muscles flexed. “Could you hook me up with the usual?”

“Protein fix coming up,” Eren said. Just then, Bertholdt walked in, holding a drink.

“Reiner,” he said admiringly. “What are you doing here?”

“What, I can’t come see my boyfriend?” Reiner took Bertholdt’s waist and pulled him in, taking his lips roughly. When they separated, Bertholdt’s face flushed red and he looked around frantically.

“Reiner, not in public.” He lowered his head shyly.

Reiner took Bertholt’s ass in his hands and pressed their bodies together. Jean walked in the shop, and rolled his eyes.

“Uhh, get a room,” he said.

“Yeah, man, we got customers,” Eren laughed and extended Reiner’s drink to him.

“Alright, alright,” Reiner laughed and took his drink from Eren. “We’ll finish this tonight, babe.” Reiner winked at Bertholdt and walked out the door.

Bertholdt was blushing furiously, hiding his face in embarrassment. Eren laughed and rubbed his back in comfort.


The end of the shift came to a close, and the relief of getting off of work washed over Eren. Jean clocked out and left as soon as possible, and Bertholdt and Eren wiped down the tables for Marco’s and Sasha’s shift.

Sasha walked in with a bag of fast food in her hand. “Hey guys!”

“Hey,” Eren and Bertholdt said unanimously.

Sasha ate fries out of her bag and put on her apron. Eren clocked out and waved his goodbye. He saw Marco getting out of his car in the parking lot.

“Hey, Marco.”

Marco took Eren’s shoulders and shook them. “Eren. I have to tell you about the date!”

“Oh yeah, how was it?”

“Eren, it was wonderful! He ordered pizza and we watched a movie together. He was really sweet!” Marco gushed.

Eren couldn’t imagine Jean being soft, but Marco did have the tendency to bring out everyone’s gentler side.

“Did you…” Eren almost hesitated to ask, “Did you…fuck?”

A sly smile creeped wider and wider on Marco’s face and he nodded slowly. “It was a-MAZE-ing. The way he-“

“No need to go into details,” Eren shook his hands and laughed. “I gotcha. But I’m so relieved that things worked out with him. I’m happy for you, Marco.”

“Thanks, Eren. I’m going back to his place tonight after my shift.”

Eren patted his shoulder sternly. “Be safe, kid. No funny business, ya hear?”

They laughed and Eren got into his car and drove home.


Levi knocked on Eren’s apartment door later that evening, ready to pick him up for their date night.

Eren opened the door with a bright smile and flung himself into Levi’s arms. Levi squeezed, pressing his lips to Eren’s cheek.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

“Levi, I had such a hard day at work,” Eren whined quietly.

Levi took Eren to the couch, and held him close. “Do you want to tell me about it?” he asked softly.

Eren rested his head against Levi’s chest and sighed. “Rude customers. I was almost at my limit.”

Levi didn’t know what to say so instead he comforted Eren physically, stroking and petting his head. “There, there. You persevered and I’m sure you were polite doing it.”

Eren said nothing.

“You were polite, right?”

Eren groaned. “Yeah. Even though I wanted to snap someone’s neck.”

“Oh, my.”

Eren laughed and wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna snap anyone’s neck.” He placed a light peck on Levi’s lips.

Levi laughed and stroked Eren’s cheek. “That’s my boy. I’m glad.”

When they were in Levi’s car, Levi placed a hand on Eren’s thigh. “Where would you like to go tonight?”

“Movies, please.”

“You got it.”

They drove to the cinema, the lights of the restless city illuminating the dreary dusk sky. Eren reclined his chair and put his feet up on the dashboard, letting the wind from his open window invigorate him.

Eren wanted to see a superhero movie, and Levi bought tickets at the booth. They approached the concessions counter, and they each got a drink and a large popcorn to share.

The feeling of the world seeming quieter and smaller upon entering the theater excited Eren. He took Levi’s hand and led them to their seats. Eren chose a place rather far back, which Levi questioned.

“More privacy, and you can put your feet up,” Eren said. In reality, Eren had more in mind than leg room.

Luckily, there weren’t too many people in the screening. It was moderately filled, but most of the people were sitting further up front.

The movie started, and they got comfortable. Eren reached into the bucket of popcorn on Levi’s lap and ate as he watched the movie.

His right hand found Levi’s, and Levi stroked his thumb over it. He rested his head on Levi’s shoulder, using the arm rest between them as leverage.

They watched in this position for quite some time. The movie was a bit dull as it built up to the climax, and Eren was feeling a bit mischievous.

He sat up straighter, keeping his hold of Levi’s hand. Slowly, ever so slowly, he took Levi hand towards his crotch, controlling Levi’s hand as he would his own, acting as a sort of puppet master.

Eren pulled down the waistband of his shorts and pulled his cock out with his left hand. He used his right hand to lead Levi’s hand to identify and grasp his cock, and he made Levi’s hand start rubbing up and down.

Levi finally realized what was going on. “Eren!” he hissed.

Eren completely ignored him, and threw his head back in pleasure as he increased Levi’s pace on him. He whimpered, biting his lip to choke back a moan. The dialogue of the movie was quiet, and the people in the theater were attentive. Any sound Eren made would be heard and echoed off the walls. It was a dangerous game, and Eren was aroused by the risk and exhibition. Or the fact that Levi was completely helpless in this situation.

Eren was breathing harshly, his chest rising and falling, and he used Levi’s hand to jack himself off very aggressively. Levi was surprised Eren wasn’t uncomfortable or in pain.

Levi sighed deeply, and gave in. He wrapped his hand more firmly around Eren, and used pressure techniques to give a more pleasurable experience. Eren noticed Levi’s active participation and a moaned escaped his lips. He slapped his left hand over his mouth and looked down, avoiding stares from the few people who heard him and whipped their heads around to glare at him.

Eren’s head remained ducked as Levi finished him off. He was getting closer, closer, and the only thing on his mind was wondering where he was going to release.

Relief punched him in the face when he saw a napkin wrapped around the cup in his dispenser. He grabbed at it sloppily, his body feeling weak as he was being handled by Levi and growing seconds away from cumming. He wrapped the napkin around the head of his cock, feeling jets of white moisten the flimsy brown napkin.

His eyes rolled back when he finished, and Levi slowly let go of him. Eren was up in the clouds as he climbed down from his orgasm, unaware of where he was. When he came to his senses, he finished cleaning himself up and tucked the soiled napkin neatly into his empty cup.

“Disgusting,” Levi smiled and shook his head. Eren grinned as he pulled his pants back up and wrapped his arms around Levi’s bicep, getting comfortable and finishing the rest of the movie.

When the credits rolled, they got up and collected their garbage. As Eren dumped his trash into the waste bin outside the theater, he got some dirty looks from some people who were in theater and heard his moans.

But blissfully carefree as he was, he took Levi’s hand and they made their way out of the cinema.

“How did you like the movie?” Levi asked as they walked.

“I liked it a lot! I liked that handjob, too!”

“I didn’t realize I had a little exhibitionist on my hands,” Levi said. “I might have to be more careful with you in the future.”

They got to the car, and Eren suddenly slammed Levi against the side, smashing his lips into his, and moaned into his mouth. Levi was a bit shocked, thinking that Eren would be satisfied from earlier, but then he remembered that Eren was always ready for action.

He took Levi’s head in his hands, gaining maximum control, and bit gently at Levi’s lower lip. He moved his lips, placing wet kisses along Levi’s sharp jaw, then down the pale column of his throat, and along the collarbones exposed by his V-cut shirt.

“Ugh, Eren,” Levi groaned, his eyes clamped shut. “At home, baby, at home.”

Eren was in a public sex kind of mood, but he still respected Levi’s wishes. He placed one last innocent smooch on Levi’s lips and they got into the car.

“It’s a still a bit early…” Levi said. “Is there anywhere else you’d like to go, darling?”

“I’m a bit hungry. Can we go get a bite?”

“Of course.” Levi stroked Eren’s cheek and then started the car.

Levi took Eren to a family restaurant. Luckily food was able to distract and occupy Eren, and he didn’t have to worry about Eren’s erratic sex drive. They talked about their work, and Levi was absolutely charmed by him. He didn’t think he could love him any more, but he felt himself falling in love all over again, every time he saw Eren.

They exited the restaurant, Eren full and in a good mood, and they made their way to Levi’s apartment.


Eren was exhausted by the time they got home, and he showered and got into bed immediately. Levi spent a couple hours in his study, as his workload and responsibilities increased when Survey Corp. started collaborating with Garrison.

He sipped on tea while doing stacks of paperwork and answering emails. The quiet of the night as well as the dull glow of the laptop eventually lulled Levi to sleep, and his head rested on his pile of papers.

Eren got up in the middle of the night, and went to the kitchen to pour himself some water to quench his thirst. He noticed that it was about 3 am and Levi still wasn’t in bed, and he looked around for him.

He found him in the study, sleeping on a pile of work. He smiled as he admired Levi from the doorway, the way his strong back rose and fell in his sleep. He took the empty cup of tea sitting on his desk to the kitchen, and took the beige blanket on the couch with him back to the study. He wrapped the blanket around Levi so that he wouldn’t get too cold if he woke back up to work, and he lay a gentle kiss on Levi’s temple.

He went back to Levi’s bed, and curled up happily, taking a pillow from Levi’s side and cuddling it, letting Levi’s scent lull him back to sleep. He loved this. He could live like this. He could live with Levi.

He wanted to take care of Levi just as much as Levi took care of him.

Chapter Text

Eren woke up early on Sunday morning, surprised to see that Levi was still fast asleep in his study. He didn’t want to wake him, but his car was at his apartment and Levi was his only way to work. He could just take Levi’s keys… No. That would be unlike him.

Eren went to the kitchen and fixed a mug of coffee, brewing it with extra care and attention. He took it to Levi’s study, walking lightly on his feet, remembering that Levi was a light sleeper. He set the cup aside, letting the rich scent aid him in waking the tired man in front of him.

He rubbed Levi’s broad back, and leaned down to whisper near his ear. “Leeeevi… ‘morning.”

Levi cracked his eye open, then pulled himself up, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“I made you coffee,” Eren offered softly.

Levi noticed the blanket slip off his back as he sat up. “Did you put this on me last night?”

“Yeah. I didn’t want to wake you up. You seemed tired.”

Levi took the mug, and had a sip, sighing deeply. “Thank you, dear. You’re very thoughtful.”

Eren was getting a little turned on by Levi’s rumbly morning voice, and he simply just smiled.

Levi turned his chair, and patted his thigh. “C’mere.”

Eren straddled him, resting his head on Levi’s shoulder. “Is the coffee good?”

“It’s excellent. Having coffee and seeing your lovely face is the best way to wake up.”

“Aw,” Eren blushed and kissed Levi on the cheek.

As it turned out, Levi wasn’t the most talkative person in the morning, and he finished his coffee in silence.

“Alright,” Levi squeezed Eren’s butt. “Let’s get you to work.”


Eren would only work the morning shift today, and took the rest of the day off to spend time with Mikasa. He worked through his coworkers’ lunch shift, and then clocked out when Jean and Bertholdt returned.

Mikasa told him to meet her at a small café nearby, and they would start out their day with lunch and coffee.

He found the restaurant, a quaint little shop that had outdoor seating with a swingset and umbrella-shaded tables. He found Mikasa inside, and immediately went in for a hug.

“Oooh, it’s been far too long,” Eren said as he squeezed.

“Eren. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Did you cut your hair again?” Eren ran his fingertips through the ends of her jaw-length, glossy black hair.

“Yeah. It kept getting in the way during matches.”

“I like it.”

Mikasa smiled, a familiar gentle smile that warmed Eren’s heart. “I’m glad.”

They caught up on their lives, their more recent events, even though they already knew what’s been going on because they texted regularly.

“Look at Armin. Look at those adorable elephants!” Mikasa swiped through Armin’s most recent album of pictures sent on her phone.

“He’s having so much fun. I miss him so much,” Eren smiled fondly at Armin’s silly grins and poses beside various animals.

“I miss him, too,” Mikasa sighed and put away her phone. “But he’ll be back before we know it.”

“Mm.” Eren took a bite of his panini.

“So,” Mikasa leaned forward on her elbows, clasping her hands under her chin, “tell me about Levi. You’re keeping him a secret from me.”

“Not intentionally. What do you wanna know?”

“Mmm, what does he do?”

“He’s a businessman. And a CEO.”

Mikasa’s eyes widened and her eyebrows rose, nodding as she sipped her drink. “Does he treat you well?”

Eren rolled his eyes. Typical of Mikasa to be overprotective. “Duh. I wouldn’t be with someone who didn’t treat me well.”

“I know, I know. I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“Thanks. But rest assured, he treats me like a fucking king.”

“How old is he, again?”

“He’s thirty-five.”

Mikasa’s eyebrows furrowed. “Don’t you think he’s a little too old for you, Eren?”

“I don’t think so. The age difference hasn’t been a problem. Actually, I kinda like it.”

“Alright… if you say so.” Mikasa still looked dubious. “Can I see a picture of him?”

Eren was glad he asked for a picture when they went to the movies last time. It was Levi against a dark movie poster, smiling very subtly and looking as hot as ever. Levi made Eren pose for a picture as well after that, and Eren ended up giving several poses. You’re so cute, love, he remembered Levi saying before they went into the movie.

Mikasa nodded at the picture when she was done looking. “He looks younger than thirty-five. I expected something different.”

Eren took another bite of his sandwich.

“Make sure you don’t rush into things, Eren.”

“Trust me, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. He insists on taking it slow. He says he doesn’t want me to regret my decisions.”

“That’s smart of him. Especially with your age difference. I have a good feeling about this one.”

“God, Mikasa, you’re making it seem like I’m some sort of loose slut or something.”

She giggled. “That’s not what I mean, and you know it. Your past relationships weren’t the safest choices for you. I’m just concerned, that’s all.”

The unsafe choices Mikasa was referring to was Eren’s many one-night stands, all of whom slowly chipped away at his self-worth without him realizing it. Being with Levi made him realize that he was more than just a good time. Not that he would admit that to Mikasa.

“Thanks, Mikasa. But you don’t have to worry. I’m just fine.”


After lunch, Eren took Mikasa to the pier, where they walked around the fair and played the games.

“Step right up, have a chance to win a teddy for ya lady,” a man called to Eren from the hammer game.

Eren was used to people assuming Mikasa was his girlfriend, so he didn’t bother correcting him. He took the hammer from the man, gazing at the flashing lights that led all the way up to the jackpot. If he was strong enough and hit the meter to the very top, he could win a gigantic stuffed animal.

Eren gathered his strength, adjusting his grip around the hammer. He pulled it back and swung it forward, driving it into the target with all his might. He watched the meter shoot swiftly up, then slow down about halfway.

Several kids were watching in anticipation, and Eren felt a little embarrassed.

“Better luck next time, fella,” the man consoled him.

Mikasa asked for a turn, and the man surprisingly obliged. She swung the hammer back and hit, and the meter blasted all the way to the top. The machine flashed bright lights and the screen to the top read “WINNER”.

“Well, how ‘bout that?” The man chuckled and gave Mikasa the huge purple bear she pointed at.

Eren rolled his eyes and laughed. “I’m not surprised. You should’ve just went first and saved me the humiliation.”

Mikasa hugged her stuffed bear. “Mmm, no, it was fun watching you try.”

After that, Eren, Mikasa, and the newly named Mr. Stuffins rode the ferris wheel, sharing cotton candy.

The view was absolutely beautiful on their way up. The ferris wheel offered a perfect view of the beach, and the late afternoon sky was a splash of oranges melting into blues. Mikasa rested her head on Eren’s shoulder, and Eren wrapped his arm around her.

It was quiet and peaceful up here. Eren absorbed the moment, the familiarity of silence with Mikasa, the exhilarating aerial view of the city and the sea.

The ride ended, and they continued to wander around the fair. When they’ve had enough, they walked to an ice cream shop nearby, and they ate as they gazed upon the crashing waves of the beach.

“What flavor did you get?” Mikasa asked.

“Rocky Road.”

Mikasa dipped her spoon into Eren’s cone and tasted the sample.

“Uhh… go ahead?” Eren laughed.

“Here, have some of mine,” Mikasa offered.

Eren licked some of Mikasa’s chocolate ice cream, which tasted very plain compared to his Rocky Road with fudge topping.

It was such an intimate thing, sharing ice cream like siblings is something Eren could only imagine doing with Mikasa, or maybe even Levi.

Mikasa kept dipping her spoon into Eren’s Rocky Road, and abandoned her own ice cream entirely. Eren just gave it to her, and finished her chocolate ice cream for her.

They essentially traded their own orders, but Mikasa discovered her new favorite flavor.

After a while of looking at the looking at the water, the dusk sky prompted them to call it a day. Eren drove Mikasa back to the restaurant where her car was parked, and they hugged a last time in the parking lot.

“I had a great time today, Eren. Don’t be a stranger, okay?” Mikasa said into Eren’s chest.

“Let’s stay in touch. I’m always there.”

They squeezed one last time and parted ways.


Eren returned home, pumped full of sugar and warmth, and showered the day’s events off him. He ordered himself a pizza and watched TV as he waited for it to arrive.

His phone rang, and he thought that maybe the pizza guy had trouble finding the apartment, but it was actually Levi.

Eren muted the TV and couldn’t help but grin. “Hey!”

“Hey, baby,” Levi’s voice didn’t sound any less sexy over the phone. “How was your day?”

“It was good. I worked in the morning and I spent the rest of the day with Mikasa.”

“I’m happy to hear that. Did you have fun?”

“Tons. We hardly see each other anymore. I miss her so much.”

“I understand how you feel. Hopefully both your schedules match up soon. She sounds lovely, I’m looking forward to meeting her.”

“I told her about you. She wants to meet you, too.”

There was a knock on Eren’s door. “Hold on, Levi, pizza guy.”

Levi waited, listening to the silence and the sound of Eren’s voice in the background.

“Okay, I’m back,” Eren said.

“There’s something I wanted to tell you, Eren.”

“What is it?”

“So, today at work I found out that I need to go on a business trip soon.”

Eren wiped his mouth from the bite of pizza. “What? For how long?”

“Just a week.”

“Ugh, that sucks,” Eren’s heart dropped. Even a week without Levi seemed difficult at this point. “When do you leave?”


“So tomorrow’s my last chance to be with you until you leave?”

“Yes. In fact, I made reservations for us at a nice restaurant tomorrow evening. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah. I kinda wish you didn’t have to leave, though,” Eren huffed.

“I know, baby,” Levi cooed. “Ever since we’ve started collaborating with Garrison, I have do a lot more of this kind of stuff. Do you understand that?”

Eren pouted. “Yeah. I understand.”

“That’s a good boy,” Levi said. Eren’s pout softened a little. “We’ll make the most of tomorrow. A week will go by before you know it.”

“Okay,” Eren said, a little brighter. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Thanks for understanding the situation. Good night, love.”

“Good night, love you.” Eren ended the call and finished the rest of his pizza.

A week without Levi. This is probably the longest they’ve spent apart since they met. Eren realized how attached he was to him, that one week seemed like forever.

But, time apart will make their reunion that much sweeter. And he would have one last night to spend with Levi before he left. He would get his fill of Levi tomorrow- or at least enough to hold him for a week- although it will be difficult because Eren could simply never get enough of him.

Chapter Text

Eren finished his Monday shift and immediately dashed home, determined not to waste even a second with Levi.

Levi mentioned it would be a nicer restaurant, so he opted for one of the newer outfits he acquired while shopping with him. He recalled the first time Levi took him to a restaurant- Trost Bistro- and how nervous and clueless he was. He laughed at the memory as he dressed. After spending more time with him, Eren was beginning to grow into quite the suave gentleman- learning the ins and outs of fine dining, party conversation, and dressing up.

He awaited the knock on the door, and caught up on messages in the meantime. He smiled at another wave of pictures from Armin, and he told Mikasa about his day at work.

Levi’s knock was heard shortly thereafter, and Eren opened up for him. Levi was wearing those slacks again, those slacks that clung to his thighs and ass like a glove. The top few buttons of his shirt were undone, and Eren grinned.

“What a lovely smile, I always forget how adorable you are.” Levi took Eren’s cheeks in his hands and kissed him firmly on the lips.

“You haven’t even left yet and I miss you already,” Eren placed his hands over Levi’s and sighed.

“Hey, cheer up. We’ll make the most of tonight.”


The place Levi took Eren was even more upscale than Trost Bistro, as if Eren thought that was even possible. Here, small candles in the middle of tiny cloth-covered tables were the only source of light. The host led them to their tables, and Eren wondered how he could even maneuver across the dining room with such little light.

Levi turned down the wine again, adamant on waiting until Eren was twenty-one to let him drink. Eren rolled his eyes, and took the water instead.

Luckily, the menu wasn’t half french this time, and Eren requested the spaghetti. It seemed the most familiar thing to him here. Levi ordered a steak.

The menus were cleared off their table, and Levi leaned in closer on his elbows. The candle cast shadows across his sculpted face, making him seem even darker and more handsome. “How was work?”

“It was the usual Monday routine… people are really cranky in the morning so they can be a little impatient,” Eren explained. “But I handled them like a boss.”

“I’ve seen you in your element. You have an air of control and leadership when you’re working.”

“Did you know that Erwin came in recently? What a coincidence!”

“Not a coincidence, I actually recommended the shop to him,” Levi said. “I said you knew what you were doing, although you might be too busy for conversation.”

“Hah, no wonder. I felt kinda guilty that he made the travel and I couldn’t talk to him much.”

Levi waved a hand down at him. “Don’t be, he said visiting you was enough. You’ll have more chances to see him in the future.”

“I hope so. By the way, I got several orders of just whipped cream and nothing else today.”

Levi chuckled. “I still can’t believe people would go all the way to a coffee shop for just plain whipped cream. How ridiculous!”

“Hey, I’m still making you try it, don’t think I’ve forgotten.”

“Yeah… I’m looking forward to it,” Levi mocked resentment.

The server came by with their plates, and his sudden appearance from the darkness startled Eren. “Enjoy,” he bowed and ducked away.

Eren was absorbed in the moment, realizing how intimate and vulnerable this setting was. The dimness of the restaurant and the distance of the other diners’ voices made it seem like it was just him and Levi in the world. Maybe that was the theme of this restaurant. He watched as Levi cut into his steak, the way his elegant fingers gripped the utensils. He’s learned so many of his nuances and quirks since they’ve met. He liked learning about Levi, the way he thought and spoke and moved…

“Are you going to start eating?” Levi asked gently.

Eren snapped out of it. “Yeah,” he smiled as he twirled his fork. “I just got distracted.”

They ate, and Levi let Eren have a bite of his steak. Eren’s face “blissed out” as Levi described it, and Eren let him feed him his spaghetti. He usually refrained from public acts of affection, but this restaurant was so dark that they probably went unnoticed and Levi wouldn’t mind.

Eren waited patiently as Levi fed him forkful after forkful of the freshly made pasta- probably made from scratch, he thought. Levi would eat his steak as Eren chewed. In this way, it worked out, because Levi was working on training him to take his time eating and appreciating the food.

Their meal ended, and even long after the bill was handled, they stayed at the table gazing into each other’s eyes while talking, watching the candle’s light twinkle in pairs of fiery emeralds and steely grays.

They exited the restaurant, Eren using the night to his advantage and smacking Levi’s ass on their way to the car.

Levi smacked him back, a little harder, and squeezed Eren’s cheek before entering the car.

“Good dinner? Are you satisfied?” Levi pulled on his seatbelt.

“Yeah, it was awesome! Thank you so much, Levi.” He leaned in for a kiss, planting an obnoxious, wet smooch on Levi’s cheek.

Levi wiped his cheek and chuckled. “That’s all I need to hear, baby. Your happiness is my number one priority.”


Getting to Trost Tower, the receptionist smiled warmly at them. Eren arrived with Levi so often now that she probably caught on that they were dating.

Eren kept his mischievous smile all the way up the elevator and as they entered the apartment.

Levi’s eyebrow raised as he unfastened his watch. “What’s that smile for?”

Eren slinked toward him, closing the distance between them. “Nothing much, just thinking about how much I love you.” He took Levi’s lips, licking and biting at his lower lip, and establishing his dominance with his tongue.

Levi’s took Eren’s lower back and pulled him flush against him, matching Eren’s fervor and swallowing his moans.

Eren snaked his tongue into Levi’s mouth, trying to get as invasive and possessive as he could. But Levi was unfazed, and tried to put Eren in his control by touching him, kneading his ass, squeezing his hips, rubbing his crotch.

Eren screwed his eyes shut and separated, overwhelmed and hot. “God!” His face and ears were reddening, which Levi knew meant that Eren was horny.

He bit his lip, taking Levi’s hand and brisking them to the bedroom. He threw himself on the bed, shedding his clothes and tossing them to the floor, and started jacking himself off without bothering to take off his boxers.

Levi joined him on the bed, and Eren stopped touching himself, desperately pouncing on Levi and kissing him, all the while unbuttoning his shirt for him.

Levi leaned back and lay down, letting Eren have his way. He nipped at Eren’s lip, riling him up even more.  Eren was now sitting on Levi’s hips, clumsily unbuttoning Levi’s shirt and unbuckling his belt for him.

Levi sat up and shed his shirt to the floor, and Eren unstraddled him just long enough that he had a chance to throw his pants away.

Eren hopped back on right away, grinding his crotch against Levi’s, and he threw his head back as he stifled a moan. Levi felt Eren getting harder and harder against him, and the front of Eren’s boxers were moistening with precum.

He slowed down his pace of grinding, and lay down perpendicular to Levi, pulling down his briefs for him, dragging it down his hips and legs, and tossed it off the bed with the rest of their clothes. He simultaneously sucked Levi off while harshly handling himself, challenging himself to get Levi’s cock as far down his throat as possible.

“Ughh, fuck,” Levi growled and petted Eren’s head weakly.

Eren continued bobbing his head up and down, tracing his tongue up and down the sensitive veins along Levi’s length. He gently dragged his teeth along it, and that along with his tongue work almost had Levi reeling. He was now fully aroused, and was going to reward Eren for this gift.

Eren slid his lips off, letting go with his signature lewd ‘pop’, and hovered over the head of Levi’s cock with his mouth open, letting the drool lubricate the brief handjob that followed.

“Where’s the lube?” Eren’s voice cracked and he continued pumping his hand up and down Levi’s length.

Levi pointed to the bedside drawer, just a bit overwhelmed with Eren’s handiwork to speak.

Eren crawled over, rifling through the drawer and retrieving a clear bottle of lube. He pulled off his boxers, throwing them to the growing pile of clothes on the ground. He drizzled a generous amount of the liquid onto his fingers, letting Levi watch as he started loosening himself up.

He inserted one finger into himself slowly, allowing himself barely a few seconds to relax around it, and tried a bit too quickly to fit in a second finger. Why was he in such a rush? Levi wondered.

“Here, I’ll do it for you,” Levi whispered and lay Eren down on his back. He let Eren rest a leg over his shoulder, drizzling lube over his own fingers, and rubbing them together to warm up the liquid. He slowly drove one finger into Eren, stopping about mid-knuckle to give Eren a chance to calm his nerves and ease around him.

Eren nodded his permission to keep going, and Levi took his time opening Eren up with his finger. When he felt the time was right, he introduced a second finger, once again not at all rushing to prepare Eren. Eren was noticeably relaxing himself, and with time Levi was able to start scissoring him with two fingers.

He elicited soft moans, his breath hitching as he felt Levi’s fingers brush against his prostate. Levi thought Eren could cum just like this, but it was about time Eren got what he’s been asking for.

Levi eased his fingers out of Eren, and Eren whined at the absence of the fullness. Levi drizzled some more lube onto his hand, and rubbed himself back up to caliber, smiling at Eren.

He aligned the head against Eren’s entrance, and hovered his body over him so that their chests were inches away and their lips and noses brushed against each other.

“Ready, baby?” Levi breathed.

Eren grinned, his lips just barely touching Levi’s, their breath mixing. “Fuck yes, finally, I’ve been waiting forever,” he whispered.

Levi stroked Eren’s cheek with his knuckles before gently pushing himself into Eren’s entrance.

He enjoyed Eren’s shifting facial reactions as he pushed further in, holding steady Eren’s leg over his shoulder, and spreading his other leg away.

He went all the way in, once again giving Eren a chance to relax himself. He pulled back out, reveling in Eren’s low moan as he kept his eyes fixated on Levi’s hips.

Levi went all the way in again, and slowly increased his pace. He developed a steady pace, and the sounds of Eren’s increasingly louder moans and sighs filled the room.

Eren tapped Levi’s hand that was spreading his leg. “Levi… go faster. Harder.”

Levi felt that Eren was loosened up and comfortable enough for something a little more intense, and he tightened his hold on Eren’s inner knee as he slammed into Eren, building up a rigorous pace.

Eren’s eyes widened and he gripped the sheets beside him. “Oh, fuck, YES!”

So Eren liked it a bit rough, Levi learned. He kept pounding into him, and Eren’s back was arching off the sheets as he was supported by Levi holding him up.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” Eren chanted, his cock spilling some precum onto his own stomach.

Eren wrapped his legs around Levi’s waist, trying to trap that fullness. It restricted Levi’s leverage, but he resorted to grinding his hips against Eren, searching for his prostate.

He could tell when the head of his cock reached Eren’s sweet spot, because Eren would yelp a bit and squeezed his legs around Levi’s hips.

Eren unwrapped his legs, and regretfully pushed Levi away for him to pull out. He got on his knees and clutched a pillow, burying his face into it. “Fuck me, Levi.”

Levi took Eren’s hips and aligned himself, once more slamming into him. Eren moaned loudly into his pillow, and it was obvious this position was working for him. Levi’s pace was relentless, and he relished the warm heat of Eren’s walls around him; but even more, he ate up Eren’s lewd moans that bounced off the walls of the room.

Levi reached his arm over to Eren’s head, and collected a handful of hair, forcing Eren to arch his back again. He loved Eren’s moans and vulgarities, and encouraged him to be as loud as he wanted.

“Let me hear you, baby, do you like that?” Levi asked.

“Yesss, fuck yes, fuck, shit, keep… going…” Eren words were hardly coherent.

Levi continued slamming into Eren, leaning over him to bite gently at the nape of Eren’s neck and shoulders, a move that made Eren practically scream from sensitivity.

“Looks like I found your weak spot,” Levi breathed and bit a little harder. Eren blurred the lines between pleasure and pain, and Levi was surprised he wasn’t overstimulated.

He fucked Eren senseless until Eren’s hoarse voice was begging for release, and Levi’s hand snaked beneath to find Eren’s cock.

Just from his touch, Eren was already dripping into his hand and on the sheets, his face twisted in pleasure and his face was flushed crimson. Levi pumped his hand up and down, squeezing just a bit harder at the base of his cock.

“Ughhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, fuck, Levi, please,” was all Eren could muster.

Levi angled his hips to hit that sweet spot from earlier, and he knew he found it when he pounded into Eren and felt a warmth pour into his hands and splatter all over the sheets.

Eren groaned deep from his throat, and it turned into a quiet sob as Levi milked his aching cock out to completion.

With Eren just about finishing his ejaculation, Levi put all his might into finishing himself, feeling his cock swell against Eren’s perfectly full walls, and before he knew it, he saw stars and let himself cum into Eren. He choked back a moan, and then groaned harshly as he pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside Eren, allowing Eren to collapse onto him after.

They were both panting and delirious as they climbed down the highs of their orgasms, and the world was slowly coming back into focus.

Eren was the first to regain his energy, and he lay on top of Levi with a bright grin on his face. He pulled the sheets over their body.

“That… was fucking amazing,” he said, resting the side of his head against Levi’s chest.

Levi wrapped his arms around Eren, still a bit breathless. “You were delightful, Eren. You made me feel… unbelievable.”

Eren listened to Levi’s racing heartbeat, or maybe it was just the blood rushing back into his head. They stayed in silence for a long while, just relishing the touch of their bodies and the sounds of their breathing.

Eren lifted his head and rested his chin on his hands, gazing at Levi’s lips. Levi gazed back, and arm behind his head and stroking Eren’s hair with his other hand. “Levi,” Eren said quietly, “why did it take you so long to fuck me?”

Levi wasn’t sure how to answer. “I didn’t want to rush you, baby. You’re not just a fuck toy to me. I wanted us to be comfortable with each other.”

Eren sighed. “But I am comfortable with you, Levi. More comfortable than anyone I’ve been with before. The truth is, I thought you didn’t want to have sex with me. My feelings were getting hurt.”

Levi brushed Eren’s sweaty bangs aside. “No, precious. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that way. I just didn’t want you to regret taking things too fast. I didn’t want you to feel like I was using you for sex. I love you so much. I wanted to make it clear that you’re more to me than that.”

Eren was silent.

“Does that make sense, dear?” Levi whispered.

Eren nodded slowly, and a feeling of content spread in his heart. “That makes sense. Thanks for being so thoughtful. It’s just that…”

He cut off, and Levi payed attention to what Eren was having such a hard time saying.

“It’s just that in the past, I’ve been with people who’ve told me that they just wanted me around for sex. I haven’t had many official boyfriends or girlfriends, mainly just fuck buddies. I was expected to just prepare myself and relieve people of some stress after a rough breakup or some shit. Fucking was the only thing I was useful for.”

Levi’s heart squeezed, but he continued listening, stroking Eren’s hair.

“So when I met you, I was little surprised when you didn’t demand sex right away. It made me feel strange- happy, but strange. For once, I was absolutely willing and wanting to have sex with someone out of pure desire. You changed so much about me Levi, you made me feel whole again. So… I don’t know where I’m going with this story, but… thank you, Levi. I love you so much.”

Levi was overwhelmed with emotions for Eren. Anger; how dare anyone take advantage of this pure thing? Pride; that Eren trusted him enough to confide such a sensitive thing about his past. And finally, simply heartbreak; he really wanted to protect and spoil Eren, because such a sweet thing deserved the world.

“I’m… I’m speechless,” Levi said. “Come here, baby boy.” He wrapped his arms around Eren tight and kissed the top of his head. “Thank you for telling me all that. You’re my everything. I’m glad we had a chance to talk about this. I love you so much, my darling Eren.”

And floating amidst a post-sex high and tender thoughts and touches, they slipped away into sleep together, Levi holding Eren in his arms, and Eren drifting away to the sound of Levi’s steady heartbeat.

Chapter Text

Eren awoke from the deepest, warmest slumber he’s had in ages. He noticed that there was some dried drool that collected in the side of his mouth and a bit on Levi’s chest, but he was content because that was evidence of a quality sleep. He would prefer to drool on no one else but Levi; it was like a mark of possession.

The feeling of satisfaction and vulnerability after having that long overdue sex last night brought a smile to Eren’s face. He looked at the man beneath him, the chiseled, sharp, handsome man, but all the while generous and kind, and kissed his toned chest. That was enough to wake him, and he opened those brooding smoky eyes of his.

“’Morning,” Eren grinned, and scratched his fingers seductively on Levi’s chest.

Levi inhaled the morning, and rubbed his eyes. “’Morning yourself, love. How’d you sleep?”

“Slept good,” he giggled, still a bit delirious after last night. He continued scratching his fingers gently, and he reached up to kiss Levi on the jaw.

“Aren’t you a sweet thing this morning,” Levi rested his arms behind his head.

“Is it too early to suck you off?” Eren asked but was already halfway underneath the sheets.


But it was too late for interjections, because Eren’s mouth had already found Levi’s cock, and he had begun his treatment.

Levi couldn’t even protest; it felt fucking good. Eren’s mouth brought that warm wetness, a hot feeling that ignited Levi, even this early in the morning. All that that he could see was Eren’s messy bedhead peeking out from underneath the comforter, but Eren made up for his invisibility by putting extra effort into his tongue work. Levi felt his length go deeper into the back of Eren’s throat, a skill that the mischievous boy had absolutely mastered. He gathered a fistful of that chocolate brown hair.

“Shit, Eren,” he hissed, “what am I going to do with you?”

Eren responded by massaging his balls expertly, burying Levi’s length as far as it would go, his nose pressed against Levi’s soft black pubic hair. When he came back up, he gently grazed his teeth along those sensitive veins that crawled up the side. He didn’t give Levi even a second to recover, sucking at the head of his cock, swirling his tongue along the slit, and using both his hands to finish Levi off.

Levi couldn’t bring the words out, and instead squeezed his eyes shut as he felt himself climbing up. His pull on Eren’s hair was almost painful, but Eren’s increasing moans communicated that he liked it. The vibrations of Eren’s moaning along with his pumping and tongue swirling on the sensitive head of his length like a lollipop pushed Levi over the edge, and he felt himself cum into Eren’s mouth.

Eren made sure to collect every last drop and swallowed, emerging from the sheets with a cocky grin. He crawled back under Levi’s arm and dragged the blankets back over them.

He kept that cheeky smile as he gazed lovingly at Levi, and he licked Levi’s armpit.

“Disgusting…” Levi laughed and held Eren closer.

Eren cuddled closer, nuzzling his face into Levi’s body. “I’m gonna miss you so much.”

“I’m gonna miss you too, baby. But it’s just a week. I’ll call you every night if you want.”

Eren sighed and closed his eyes. He started snoring shortly after, and Levi held in a laugh. Eren was such a wild card; waking up momentarily to deliver a quick blowjob and falling asleep almost immediately after. He was spontaneous, youthful, and carefree, and Levi loved that about him.

He let the cheeky thing rest on him for another half hour or so, and then he woke him up so that they could get ready for the day.

As one last parting gift for Eren, Levi took him to a pancake house for breakfast. He snapped another picture of Eren; one for the road.

But alas, it was time for Eren to be dropped off at work so that Levi could go on his trip. They drove to the coffee shop, and Eren insisted on one last makeout session in the car before departing. With lips red and swollen, he waved Levi away and made him promise to call.

As Eren worked the machines and restocked the pastry shelf, he sighed absentmindedly. It’s just a week, he told himself.


Work was a good distraction as usual, and Eren watched proudly as Bertholdt started opening up to Annie. His nervous charm was beginning to crack that icy exterior, and Eren was thinking they could probably be friends in time.

Another familiar face showed up today, Connie. He invited Eren, Jean, and Bertholdt to a party he was throwing soon. And as much as Eren loved Levi, it’s been so long since he’d spent time with people his own age. He happily obliged, thankful for a reason not to spend a night alone.

He also decided to keep himself distracted by getting back into a workout routine. He planned to jog along the beach every day, and maybe even tag along with Reiner to the gym.

He finished his shift, ready to wind down for the night. After clocking out, he drove to the beach, where he changed into gym clothes in one of the beach houses. The music was blasting through his earbuds, and he stretched against the cool evening air. The run was harder than usual, because he hasn’t been active in so long. Eren completed several laps up and down the beach, working up a healthy sweat and getting refreshed by the salty sea spray.

This was just what he needed. He stretched again after his jog, and drove home. He ruined his entire workout by ordering another pizza. The shower washed the stress and sweat off him, although it didn’t feel half as good as the treatment of the high-tech shower at Levi’s place.

Nonetheless, Eren relaxed as he ate and watched TV. His phone rang, and he practically pounced to see if it was Levi. It was!

“Hey, Levi!”

“Hey there, sweetheart. How was work?”                  

“Pretty good. I went for a jog today, so I’m a bit tired. How ‘bout you?”

“Nothing exciting. Had to meet some potential partners.”

“You sound exhausted, though.”

Levi sighed on the other end. “Oh, I am. I’m still out. I’m going to sleep the minute I get back the hotel so I wanted to check up on you before I forget.”

“Aw. Sleep tight when the time comes. You worked hard, I’m proud of you.”

Levi laughed, and Eren’s heart fluttered. Levi loved that maternal side that Eren showed. “Thank you, dear, you’re lovely. Actually, I have a surprise that you can look forward to when I get back.”

“Oh! What is it?”

“It’s a surprise, Eren.”

Eren pouted, but was still excited. “Fine. I’ll wait. But you know I hate waiting.”

“I know you do,” Eren could hear Levi’s smile through the phone. “But I think you’ll like it. In the meantime, have a good night, okay?”

“Mm-kay! Love you!”

“Love you, too.”

Eren hung up, and polished off the rest of his pizza.


Wednesday was much of the same, and Eren joined Reiner at the gym after his shift. Reiner helped him set up a proper weightlifting set, and he spotted him at the benchpress.

Eren grunted with every press, and Reiner hovered over him, continuously encouraging one more set; to really feel the burn.

If Eren thought he was out of shape before, it was blatantly obvious now. His face pinched and was flushed red as his arms shuddered beneath the weights.

“Last set, you got this,” Reiner commanded.

Eren’s arms felt spaghetti as he willed himself not to get throttled by his last press. “Fuck,” he hissed, his face screwing as he lifted the bar back up, letting Reiner carry it over to the rack.

“Well, how ‘bout that?” Reiner laughed, carrying the weight like it was nothing. “Good job, bud.”

Eren rubbed his eyes, his chest rising and falling as he collected himself. “Thanks.”

Reiner took him to the mirror, and made him feel his own biceps and inspect his progress, even though he just started lifting.

“So, uhh, what’s the point of this?” Eren dubiously flexed in the mirror.

Reiner was flexing too, a little bit absorbed in the sight of his own muscles. “You have to become one with yourself. Understand where you start so that you can compare your progress later.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.” Who knew such a vain action could have a profound meaning?

Reiner had Eren sit down on a yoga mat and try to touch his toes. He pushed on Eren’s back slowly, quite uselessly, since Eren groaned loudly in pain at the slightest stretch of his hamstrings, drawing attention from the surrounding gym-goers.

Reiner laughed and shook his head as he helped Eren back to his feet. “We’ll work on you, Eren. You have tons of potential. I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

Eren clapped a hand on his hardened back. “Thanks for taking me under your wing. I’m so out of shape these days.”

“You’ve taken the first step, and that’s what matters,” Reiner took a swig from his water bottle and wiped his mouth. “Say, are you going to Connie’s party?”

“Yeah, I am. You?”

“Yeah. I’m trying to get Bert to come, too. Parties make him nervous. But I feel like he’d have fun.”

Eren nodded. “Ease him into it. If he goes, you’re gonna be his rock. His safe place. Let him know that you’re always gonna be there and that he has nothing to worry about.”

“That’s wise, man. I’ll take your advice.”

Eren knew exactly what he was talking about. After having worked with Bertholdt so closely, he understood his personality and thoughts. Reiner sometimes didn’t catch on to the more subtle things, so Eren was becoming his confidant.

Plus, Eren knew a thing or two about rocks. He realized that the reason he already missed Levi even though he’d only be gone for a week was because he had become his home away from home. Being held and spoiled by Levi after a rough day at the coffee shop made everything worth it. Everyone deserved someone that was the personification of safety and comfort.


When he got home, Eren was surprised that he had a package. This was strange; he hadn’t ordered anything online in a while.

He took it into his apartment, slicing the tape open with his keys. There was no return address, just his name and address.

Inside was a card and a pile of tissue paper. The card had a small message, written in a neat and unique cursive:

For my insatiable Eren


Eren grinned and his heart raced. He tore away at the tissue paper and his eyes fell upon two objects at the bottom.

The first was a small metallic vibrator, with a finish so smooth Eren could see his reflection in it. He turned the knob at the bottom to try it out, and it started vibrating. He put it against his cheek to see what it felt like, then tightly closed his hand around it.

Yes, he would have some fun with this for sure, he thought. He put it aside and checked out the other gift. It was a purple dildo with a classic shape of a penis, the bottom flattened out for easier hold. It had a rubbery texture that felt touchable and realistic. It was pretty thick, too, which Eren loved.

He called Levi’s number to thank him for this incredibly useful gift.

“Hey, Eren.”

“Levi,” he grinned and waved the purple dildo around, smacking it lightly against his own cheek. “I got your surprise. I love these toys!”

Levi laughed. “I’m glad you like them! I wanted to give you a way to please yourself while I was gone. And those are unrelated; the real surprise is later.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely be pleasing myself with these,” Eren daydreamed of the possibilities. “They’ll never be as good as that big fat cock of yours, but they’ll do the job until you get back.”

“You’ve never been afraid to speak your mind, huh, baby?”

“I might just try these tonight. Anyway, thanks again! What are you doing right now?”

“I’m just finishing up some work for tomorrow. Reports and presentations.”

“Oh, I’ll stop bothering you then. Good night, love you!”

“You’re never a bother, Eren. I love you, too, sweet dreams.”

Eren hung up and a slow smile spread across his face as he retreated to his room, his new toys in hand.


Chapter Text

Thursday was a rather slow day at work. Eren leaned against the counter on his elbows, absentmindedly scrolling through his phone. The coffee shop was usually alive with the haggle of orders, conversations, and meetings; to idle behind the counter and get paid for it felt strange. He sighed and brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and went to refill an elderly lady’s cup. She sat at the back of the store, writing in a notepad. Eren recognized her face; she came into the store to write several times.

He smiled as he offered a fresh helping, loving the rich, scented steam that rose from the cup. Even after all his time working in the coffee shop, he never got tired of that smell. Eren looked over her shoulder and asked her what she was working on, a novel, perhaps?

She laughed and shook her head, her dangly earrings swaying. Not a novel, she said. She was no writer; she just wrote down her weekly chores and appointments because that’s the only way she remembers things these days.

“We get plenty of writers in here,” Eren explained. “Though, how anyone can focus here is beyond me.” And, as if on cue, the distinct jingle of the door bell was heard, and Eren pointed to prove his point. The old woman laughed again, and Jean walked back in from his cigarette break. The woman said she was lucky to have come in on such an empty day- this place was usually overwhelmed with people. Eren rolled his eyes and agreed. “Tell me about it.” He told stories of the most hellish customers, and the woman sat and listened in disbelief.

“I was a waitress way back when, so I have some experience in the customer service field,” she said. “Some people are unbelievable.”

They talked for a while, and Eren took a seat opposite her to listen to her stories and experiences. She was very motherly, giving advice and encouragements to succeed. It made him miss his own mother quite a bit. He should visit her soon.

He eventually returned to his post, waving good-bye to the elderly lady- Reese, her name was- and resumed scrolling his phone in boredom. He texted Mikasa, and then sent a selfie to Levi- to which he didn’t get a response to right away. Maybe he was in a meeting.

Business picked back up towards the end of their shift, and Eren was actually excited for the welcome influx of orders. He put his heart into the drinks, having been bored and restless for most of the day.

He and Jean got a handsome amount of tips, and at the end of the shift they split their earnings. Marco came in a bit early, and he walked in on them counting their tips.

“Hey, guys!”

“Hey,” Eren smiled and pocketed his money.

Jean pocketed his money as well, giving Marco a smirk that was a bit kinder than he would give to anyone else. “Hey, you’re a bit early for your shift, wanna walk me to my car?”

Marco blushed a bit and rubbed his arm. “Sure.” He looked at Eren.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay until Sasha comes.”

Jean was already on his way out the door, and Marco looked back and gave an apologetic smile. “Thanks,” he mouthed.

Eren wiped down the tables of the shop, looking out into the parking lot. He saw Jean’s and Marco’s profiles from a distance, and saw that they were making out against Jean’s car. Jean had Marco trapped in his arms, leaning his body flush against the car, and kissing him hard. Even from this distance, Marco looked overwhelmed and trying his hardest to keep up. Jean finished his attack, smirking once more, and Marco stroked the side of his face. Without much else, he got into his car and drove off.

Marco hid his face in his hands, and Sasha’s car rolled in. She hopped out, clutching her bag of fast food, and rubbed his back; and Eren assumed she was asking him what was wrong. He shook his head happily and said something to her, and they both walked back towards the shop.

As they entered the shop, Eren looked down and pretending that he didn’t see all that. Marco was still blushing furiously, and he bit his lip. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Eren.”

“No big deal, I was just finishing up.” He took off his apron and clocked out, inhaling the scent of Sasha’s fries. “Hey, Sash’, can I have some?”

Sasha looked defensive but she reluctantly held her bag out. “Only a little.”

Eren reached in and took a small handful, shoving them in his mouth and escaping before Sasha had a chance to say something.

“EREN!” he heard her voice call, “That was WAY more than a little!”

He swallowed the fries and his stomach growled at the appetizer; he was truly starving. He was already thinking of places to eat before getting into his car.

He had a slice of pizza for lunch, so he decided on burgers. He had two cheeseburgers, fries, and took a third burger for the road. The burgers reminded him of Armin, and he felt a surge of nostalgia. As he buckled his seatbelt, his phone pinged with a message from Levi, in response to his selfie.

Sorry for the late reply, I was in a meeting. So Eren’s theory was right. You look adorable as usual. I miss you.

Eren’s heart fluttered, and he typed back. I miss you too! Do you have any more work today?

Another meeting. Then I can call it a night.

Aw. Keep working hard, I’m rooting for you!

As if someone as successful as Levi needed encouragement from Eren, but he figured it was the thought that counted.

Thank you, darling. That means a lot coming from you. I’ll call you tonight if it isn’t too late.

Even through text message, Levi sounded exhausted. But he still committed to making time for Eren, and Eren’s heart squeezed.

OK, talk to you then. Love you!

Love you, too, baby.

Eren checked to see that his gym bag had some clean clothes, and then drove to the gym to meet with Reiner.


Two hours of gruesome workouts later, and Eren weakly collapsed into his car; drenched in sweat and possessing little control of his muscles. His head fell back into the headrest with a thump, and he panted harshly as the blood rushed back into his head. Reiner was ruthless. But Eren already felt much stronger, so he couldn’t complain. He’d be back in shape before long.

It took a Herculean effort to lift his arms to the wheel, but he managed to get back home in one piece.

Eren ate some sugary cereal when he got to his apartment, and it felt strange once again. Had he been with Levi, he would probably be dining at an expensive restaurant or being hand-fed pasta or something. Levi always made sure he ate like a king, and he was becoming quite comfortable with it.

He played some video games to wind down, and he wasn’t sure if it was the endorphins from his workout or simply because his sex drive couldn’t be tamed, but he started craving sex. If Levi was here, Eren would pounce on him until he got some sort of satisfaction.

But masturbating alone like he used to seemed so boring ever since he met Levi. He craved more- he craved Levi’s deep, chocolatey voice; his strong, reassuring hands that handled him with expertise; his body that was solid and built like a rock, like a home, as Eren climbed down from orgasms or craved affection.

He craved Levi, in all aspects. It was 11:39 pm. He didn’t want to bother Levi after his long day of meetings, but he really did miss him and wanted some action.

He called him up in his bedroom, silently crossing his fingers that he didn’t already fall asleep.

“Hey, Eren. I was just about to call you.”

“Oh, I’m so glad. I thought you fell asleep. I didn’t wanna bother you.”

“I already told you, baby, you’re never a bother to me. I just finished my last meeting of the day. I’m just having coffee and finishing up some work. I’m not too busy.”

“Where are you right now?”

“I’m in my hotel room.”

“Levi… I miss you so much. I already told you that, but I do.”

“I miss you, too. More than you know. It feels a bit lonely not having your lovely face to come home to.”

Eren’s face heated, and his erection grew even harder. “You really think that?”

“Of course.”

“Levi… could you… put me to sleep over the phone?”

“…Eren. Are you horny right now?”

“Wha- h-how could you tell?” Eren pulled the phone away and groaned, rubbing his face at how obvious he was.

“I know you, darling. I know when you need to be satisfied. How about this, take your toys out and-“

“They’re already right here,” Eren said.

Levi laughed at Eren’s eagerness. “I’ll help you release. Just follow my voice. I’ll walk you through every step.”


“I want you to stroke yourself, slowly.”

Eren put Levi on speaker and set the phone beside him, shedding his pants and underwear. His erection was rock hard, and the head was reddened with arousal, much like his ears and face. He gripped himself, willing himself not to finish himself quickly and aggressively like he usually did.

“Take the purple dildo, and I want you to suck on it,” Levi’s voice instructed.

Eren kept his grip on his length, and took the purple toy into his mouth. He pretended it was Levi, and his mouth watered around it. He sat on his heels and kept stroking himself, listening for Levi’s next instruction.

“I like those moans, I want you be as loud as you can,” Levi said. “Now, I want you to touch your body. Think of what I would do.”

Eren took the purple dildo out of his mouth, and channeled Levi’s techniques. He ghosted his fingers over his nipples, startling himself at the sensitivity. He rubbed his fingertips against them and pinched them, yelping a bit when they hardened under his touch.

“Just like that, baby,” Levi said. “I want you to touch that beautiful body you have for me.”

Eren moaned loudly, arching his back as he kept stroking himself and playing with his nipples, weak to Levi’s voice.

“Now, I want you to take some lube and put it on your fingers.”

Eren sucked on his fingers desperately as he reached and uncapped the bottle of lube. He dragged his fingers out of his mouth, a trail of saliva following their path. He drizzled the lube onto his fingers and got into a more comfortable position on his knees.

“Make sure you warm it up in your fingers,” Levi said.

Eren was used to the cold sting of lube from past experiences, so when Levi used warmed up lube on him when they had sex, it was even more heavenly. He rubbed the liquid to a warm temperature and aligned his fingers against his entrance.

“Now, I want you to use just one finger on yourself.”

Eren inserted one finger, his breath hitching uncomfortably as he forced himself to relax around it.

“Slowly, baby, as slow as you can.”

Eren took Levi’s advice, taking his sweet time in driving his finger in. Setting aside his impatience, it actually did feel a lot better this way, and his body was a lot more responsive. He sighed in content, and felt some of his sexual nerves ease.

“Good boy,” Levi cooed. A loud whine ripped from Eren’s throat from Levi’s praise. He starting working his finger, loosening himself up bit by bit.

“Keep going, Eren. I love hearing your voice.”

Eren got himself comfortable with one finger, and rested the side of his head into the sheets, ass up into air. He awaited Levi’s next instruction.

“Alright, now I want you to start using a second finger. Be very slow. Really feel yourself and absorb the pleasure,” Levi said.

Eren took his time again introducing a second finger, holding his breath on its way in. He eased it back out, then in again, establishing a steady pace. Really absorb the pleasure, Levi’s voice echoed.

His breathing deepened as he worked himself open, curling his fingers and scissoring them against his walls. He tried to find his sweet spot like Levi could, to no avail.

“I think you’re ready now, time to play with your toy,” Levi said.

Eren reached for his purple dildo and sucked on it a bit, proceeding to pour some lube on it.

“When it’s all lubed up, I want you to put only the head in,” Levi said.

Eren normally would’ve just put the entire thing in, so he relished Levi’s technique of taking it slow. He introduced it to his entrance, really letting himself feel every moment. He was already quite comfortable with this toy, he’s spent ample time with his new gifts last night using his own quick and dirty techniques. He was familiar with its size and shape, so he put his pleasure into Levi’s hands.

“Just keep it there, feel it inside you,” Levi said. “Now, push in one more inch for me.”

Eren pushed the toy in a little, letting the girth fill up his walls just right. He prevented himself from pushing the whole thing in, and instead savoring the moment.

“Good boy, you’re doing just fine,” Levi soothed. “You can have another inch.”

Eren pushed the toy in a bit more, and moaned at the fullness. It was like having sex with Levi- the fullness he wanted to trap in for as long as he could. He took a deep breath and used his other hand to play with his nipple again.

“Excellent. You can put the whole thing in now.”

Eren adjusted the grip of the toy in his hand, pushing the toy’s flat bottom into himself slowly, and he felt himself spill some precum onto the sheets with inch.

Another loud moan filled the room, and Eren buried his face into the sheets. “Fuck…”

“You’re doing great. I want you to take it out again, leaving just the head in.”

Eren did as he was told, taking the hand that was playing with his nipple to wrap it around the base of his cock, allowing himself to spill precum freely.

“Now I want you to push it in and out, as slow as you can. Let me hear those sweet moans,” Levi said.

Eren drove the dildo in and out of himself using a controlled patience, challenging himself to take it slow to please Levi. If he took it any faster, his moans would sound a lot different, and Levi would know.

It did feel good to take it slow, though. If Eren went at his own personal pace, he would’ve been long done by now and the memory would’ve already faded away.

“Keep going, just like that, baby,” Levi continued. “Just listen to my voice and keep doing what you’re doing. What pretty sounds you’re making. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

Eren felt himself nearing his limit; pretending the dildo was actually Levi while listening to his voice was overwhelming. His moans increased, his sighs got louder, his body heating up as he hissed through his teeth.

“You can go faster now, baby. Do you like it when I say your name, Eren?”

Eren responded in a slutty moan, lifting his head off the sheets and arching his back.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Levi chuckled. “You’re such a good boy, Eren. I love you so much, you were very obedient for me. Eren, you sweet, sweet boy.”

Eren’s body was twitching as he approached orgasm, now thrusting the dildo against himself at a blinding speed, pumping his length to match his fervor. He needed just one more push, one more push over the edge.

“You may come now, Eren.”

The moment Levi uttered his name, Eren’s body ripped apart in orgasm, his cock spilling ribbons of hot white into the sheets, his hole twitching against the toy, and his knees buckling. He whined loudly as he came, spewing a string of profanities and unintelligible words.

Levi waited as Eren rode out the waved of pleasure, absorbing all the sounds that he was making. Eren was a collapsed, boneless mess on his bed, and he whimpered against his pillow as he pulled the dildo out.

When Eren’s whimpers were reduced to heavy breathing, Levi spoke again. “You did an amazing job, Eren. You did everything I asked. You’re such a good boy.”

Eren was too sated to speak, so instead he let out a breathy laugh, reaching to touch his phone.

“You’re exhausted now, aren’t you sweetheart? I’ll let you sleep now. Sweet dreams, my darling boy.”

“’Night. Thanks for helping me, love you.” He would’ve said more, but frankly, sleep was approaching him at an incredible pace.

“I love you, too, Eren.”

And minutes after the phone call ended, Eren had curled up under messy sheets and fell into a fast and deep slumber.

Chapter Text

Eren woke up a stiff, sticky mess. There was a pool of dried cum on his stomach and on the sheets, and some dried drool on the side of his mouth.

He groaned loudly as he peeled himself up, stretching his aching muscles and yawning some life back into his body. But even amidst all his discomfort, he smiled. Levi made him release so good last night. And it was only going to get better when he came back from his trip, he thought as he threw his soiled sheets in the wash.


After work, Eren went home to clean up for Connie’s party. It’s been so long since he’s seen the usual entourage, and he’s been working so much that he hardly hung out with his friends anymore.

Anything Connie planned was either a good time, or illegal. Sometimes it was both.

And when Eren rolled up to Connie’s place, clearly marked by the bass thumping from within the house and the colorful strobe lights pouring out the windows, he already knew there was going to be something illegal.

He entered the unlocked door and was greeted by the hard-hitting smell of alcohol and something else. Eren took a minute to absorb his surroundings: people chugging beers; smoking; grinding bodies dancing to heavy club music; and a crowd gathered around the Dance Dance Revolution tournament in front of the TV.

Connie approached Eren and smiled, smacking his arm in greeting. “Hey, I’m glad you came through!” he spoke above the loud music. He held out a bottle of cheap beer and Eren took it. “Just like old times, eh?”

Eren clinked his bottle to Connie’s and took a gulp. The alcohol burned pleasantly down his throat and he laughed roughly. “Just like old times!”

Connie went to greet another guest, and Eren went further into the house to scavenge for some food. Sure enough, Sasha was in the kitchen among a few others, inspecting some pizza and appetizers.

“Eren! I’m glad you could make it!”

“Hey, Sash’!” Eren reached for a slice and devoured it three bites. And then another. And then a third. He washed them down with his beer, and he could feel himself becoming steadily more drunk and cloudy.

Sasha made him try some of the guacamole she made, feeding him the chip with a hand underneath his chin to catch the crumbs.

It was the first thing he tasted all night. It was fresh and zesty, unlike the pizza he inhaled without much of a second thought. “I like it!” he said, reaching for a second beer.

Sasha grinned proudly. “That’s what I thought! No one dislikes my world-famous guac!”

Eren went back to the living room, getting a glimpse of people in the back porch huddled around a bong, simultaneously passing around a joint. In the living room, he saw a few more familiar faces- Reiner and Bertholdt, Jean and Marco, and some other people he recognized from the coffee shop.

Jean and Marco sat at the end of one couch, Jean’s arm wrapped possessively around Marco’s neck as he smoked his cigarettes quietly. Marco leaned back against Jean’s chest, talking to a girl on the other end of the couch.

Marco seemed happy, Eren thought. Reiner walked up to Eren, with Bertholdt tagging along right behind.

Reiner clapped a large hand on Eren’s shoulder, a loud laugh vibrating his chest. “Hey, bud!”

“Hey, Eren,” Bertholdt said nervously.

“Hey, guys!” Eren said. “Party’s turning up, huh?” he took another gulp of his beer and burped.

Reiner took Eren aside, and told Bertholdt he’d be right back. “So listen, Eren,” he began. Eren closed his eyes and leaned in closer, trying to concentrate on Reiner’s words through the haze of the alcohol.

“You were right about bringing Bert to the party. I think this is good for him. He’s already meeting new people.” He pointed to Bertholdt talking shyly to a girl.

Eren nodded slowly, the words registering after a few moments of his eyes closed. “Yeah. I know what I’m talking about. Just make sure you stay close to him the whole night, and make him feel safe.”

“Gotcha.” Reiner raised his bottle and patted his hand on Eren’s back.

Eren found himself in the Dance Dance tournament. He didn’t expect to do so well, but a few beers really brought out the dancer in him; he let his body do the talking, and he ended up making it to the final championship round to be narrowly defeated by a guy he didn’t know. He felt victorious nonetheless, the cheers of his friends and whistles from strangers fueling his ego.

He was now fully drunk, and the music was louder than ever. The party was in full swing, and everyone was on their feet dancing. The electronic vibes pounded the room, and personal space was non-existent. Eren found himself dancing with a girl that he didn’t know. She took his hands and led them to her hips, and he pulled her closer to him as the beat dropped. He didn’t take it any further than that, remembering even through the alcohol that he only wanted Levi.

The dancing lasted a few hours, Eren having grinded against and danced with the majority of the party goers. He glanced around and saw Reiner and Bertholdt kissing on the couch, Bertholdt’s blushing face clear even under all the colorful lights and the dark room. Reiner’s strong arm was wrapped around Bertholdt’s shoulders, and his hand on his thigh kept him in place. They seemed unaware of everyone else in the room.

The beers have worn away a little bit, and Eren went to search for the bathroom.

There was a hallway with several closed doors, and he tried each one of them. He tried two bedrooms unsuccessfully, and in the third bedroom, he walked in on Jean and Marco about to have sex. Luckily, Eren realized what was going on when he saw that Jean was leaning over a naked Marco, unbuckling his belt lazily as he took a sip of beer. Neither of them noticed Eren walk in and out.

The next room was a bathroom, and relief washed over Eren. He peed standing up, sighing heavily and lolling his head back as he released. He hasn’t gotten this drunk in a while, but it felt good to let himself go like this.

He shook himself out for the last remaining drops, and struggled to zip his pants back up. Back in the living room, he saw that the music was stopped temporarily as Connie was speaking to a police officer, who was telling him that the neighbors were complaining that the music was too loud.

“But sir, it’s only midnight!” he pouted.

The officer crossed his arms and threatened to shut down the party if Connie didn’t control the music. Connie regretfully complied, telling the officer to apologize to the neighbors on his behalf. This wasn’t the first time Eren was at Connie’s party and the police got involved. But Connie always complied in the end, since there were plenty of drugs and underage drinking and he couldn’t afford to have them check the house.

The officer left, and Connie shut the door gently behind him. The room was quiet for a second, looking at Connie for some kind of feedback. He grinned and raised a beer. “Turn that shit back on!”

Everyone raised their bottles and cheered. The music was not as loud as before, but some people got back to dancing. Eren took a pack of beer from the kitchen to the couch, where he tried to wind down. He watched the grinding bodies, the crowd around the TV, the different couples making out on the other couches as he went through one beer, then two, then a third. The world began to feel thick and heavy, and at this point Eren was just drinking because it was something to do. He went through his phone as he drank even more, the words on the screen hardly registering. The most important thing he saw were a couple missed calls from Levi and a text, but he was too wasted to reply.

Over the next few hours, Eren watched as people slowly left the house, or curled up on the couches and floors to sleep. He lost track of how many beers he had, and he fell into a woozy slumber.


Eren crawled out of sleep at an ungodly hour. His mind was still cloudy and when he tried to get up, and he winced as his head pulsed with a headache. Someone put a blanket on him while he was sleeping, and he ripped it off while he rubbed his temple.

Looking around, there were a few other people in the living room, their bodies draped over one another and passed out blissfully. Red party cups, chips, and shoes were littered on the floor. The dank smell from last night dissipated, and the only sounds were birds chirping outside.

He got up slowly, needing a coffee boost to get him started. He found Sasha in the kitchen again. She was quiet, too.

“Good morning, Eren,” she said blankly.

Eren rubbed the bridge of his nose. “’Morning.”

Sasha prepared a glass of orange juice and a packet of painkillers. “Take these first, and then we’ll have coffee.”

“I saw how many you had last night,” she crossed her arms and watched him down the pills. “I don’t know how you managed.”

Eren couldn’t say much; his tongue felt heavy and useless in his mouth. The coffee was finally done brewing, and the rich scent made him much more alert. Sasha poured them each a mug, and they sipped silently.

By the time he was finished, he felt more like himself. The memories of last night flooded back, and he chastised himself for having that much to drink. Levi would freak if he found out. Speaking of Levi, he decided he would message him later when he got home and cleaned up.

Connie emerged from the hallway with a thick blanket draped over his head, and it was clear that he wasn’t a morning person. He joined Eren and Sasha in the kitchen.

“Could you hit me up with some of that?”

Sasha poured him a mug, and he drank it silently alongside them.

“That hit the spot. Jesus, I was so fucked up last night.” He went to the living room and woke everyone up, urging them to go home.

Eren thanked Connie for the good time, and waved his good-bye as he made his way home.


Eren had a long, indulgent shower, washing the scent of alcohol and smoke off him. And with his newly cleared head, all he could think about was how hungry he was.

After his shower, he had a few breakfast burritos that he found in the freezer. Now he was in the right mindset to reply to Levi.

The two missed calls were followed by a text:

Hey, Eren. I called you a few times last night. I’m assuming you already fell asleep. Call me back when you get the chance, baby.

Eren called him, but Levi didn’t reply. It was noon. Maybe he was in another meeting. He sent a text instead:

Hey, Levi! I was at a party last night. I fell asleep there. I miss you!

Eren attached two pictures with his message; one was him winking as he flirtily bit the hem of his shirt to reveal his abs, and the second was a close-up of his cock peeking out of his boxers, his fingers grasping his bulge.

He smiled at his work, and then went to the coffee shop for the rest of his shift.


Levi was sitting through this pointless meeting, more for formalities, really. He wrote some notes absentmindedly, sighing and tapping his pen against his jaw.

Erwin sat beside him, alert and attentive, asking questions to the presenter and making sure everyone’s ideas were being heard.

As people talked, Levi checked his phone. He silenced his phone for meetings, so there was a missed call from Eren. He opened the text message from Eren, and a smile pulled at the corner of his lip. He really did miss that boy.

He opened the pictures that were attached, expecting the usual selfie, but there was also a second picture. Eren’s nude popped up, and Levi fumbled for his phone and put it in his lap calmly, praying that the Erwin and the executive on his other side didn’t see it.

Erwin noticed how flustered Levi was, even underneath his usual calm and collected exterior. He leaned in and whispered “Are you okay, Levi? Do you need to excuse yourself?”

Levi coughed and shook his head, double-checking to make sure his phone was shut off in his lap. “No, I’m fine. As you were.”

Oh, Eren. You mischievous little thing.


Eren felt bad for leaving Jean and Bertholdt for dead during the Saturday morning shift, but he apologized to them by holding down the fort while they took a longer lunch break than usual.

It’s been a long time since he’d been that wasted. And when he was of age, he would be getting drunk a lot more often.

Armin sent another wave of pictures from Africa. He looked adorable, as usual. There was a giraffe licking him on the cheek in one of them, and in another, he was finally at the ocean, his blond hair whipping against his face against a vast dark sea.

Eren could tell he was having a blast, but he missed his best friend dearly and couldn’t wait for him to get back home.

After his shift, he went to the gym with Reiner, blowing off steam and stress. They went for a bite afterward, since Reiner said he knew a place.

It was a steakhouse that served massive portions; very fitting that Reiner frequented this place.

“You need your protein,” Reiner smirked as their waitress placed huge slabs of meat in front of each of them. They tore into their meat, and they each sent a picture of their meals to Sasha to tease her, who replied “JEALOUS!” with several angry emojis.

Eren never thought he’d be happy to be back at his apartment. It was a long and eventful weekend so far. He missed Levi and Armin, but reconnecting with his other friends was fun, too. He really craved Levi’s presence. Not even so much in a sexual way; he just wanted to be held.

He called him up again, hoping he was out of his meeting.

“Hello, Eren.”

“Levi! I miss your voice.”

“And I miss yours, sweetheart. By the way, I got your pictures in the middle of my meeting.”

Eren laughed. “Did you like ‘em?”

Levi chuckled, too, but he tried his hardest to be stern- to no avail. “They were adorable, but you’re going to get me in trouble one day.”

“That’s my plan!”

Levi sighed, defeated. “What am I going to do with you? Oh, how was the party?”

“It was alright. It was fun to meet up with some friends after working for most of the days. How were your meetings?”

“Between you and me, they’re quite boring,” he said.

“When will you be back?”

“I should be back by Monday afternoon. Monday night at the latest.”

Eren stomach fluttered with butterflies. “Will you see me as soon as you come back?”

“Of course.”

“Good,” Eren smiled.

“Okay. I have some more work to do so I will let you go here. Goodnight, darling boy.”

“Good night! Talk to you soon!”

Eren ended the call and crawled into his bed. Soon enough he won’t have to sleep alone. He smiled at the thought of it.

Chapter Text

The rest of the weekend went by without much event. Eren spent it at the gym and relaxing alone, mostly. His workouts were becoming a lot easier with each passing day.

And Mondays usually made Eren work for his money, but he couldn’t help but feel chipper today- Levi was finally coming home!

“A fresh Americano, sir, enjoy!” Eren was all smiles as he worked the finishing and ready stations. Even Jean, who was busy on prep and register duty, wondered what’s gotten into Eren.

“What’s with that cheese, Sparkles?” Jean asked.


Jean pumped some energy shots with a dubious expression. “Whatever.”


Eren ended his shift a bit later than usual; there was an influx of customers towards the end of the day and he wanted to lighten the load for Marco and Sasha. The minute he clocked out, he called Levi.

“Hey, Eren.”

“Levi, are you home yet?” Eren could hardly contain his excitement.

“Yes. I arrived minutes ago.”

“I’m coming over, and I’m spending the night!”

Levi secretly loved that Eren invited himself. It made him think that he really did enjoy the time they spent together. It warmed his heart, and he smiled through the phone.

“Understood. I can’t wait to see you,” he said.

Eren fixed a medium black coffee- Levi’s signature order- and took it with him to go. This would be his welcome-home gift.


Eren rolled up to Trost Tower and rushed himself up the elevator to Levi’s apartment. He was practically vibrating with joy.

Levi opened the door, and after a week of not having seen him, his appearance seemed deliciously strange to Eren. Eren fell in love all over again, and he grinned.

“I brought you some coffee!”

Levi took the cup and stroked Eren’s chin. “Thank you, darling. That’s very thoughtful of you.”

Eren shut the door behind him and waited for Levi to set his drink down, and then immediately launched himself into Levi’s arms. Levi caught him with a solid “oof!” and wrapped Eren tight. He effortlessly lifted him off his feet and spun him around in the living room, and Eren laughed loudly and carefree.

“I missed you so, so much, baby.” Levi set Eren down on his feet and held his face in his hands, squeezing his cheeks together and showering his face with kisses.

Eren basked in the kisses, placing his hands over Levi’s. Levi looked into those brilliant eyes in adoration, remembering that this embodiment of sunshine was all his.

Eren went to go change into his pajamas, and Levi waited for him on the couch. The coffee was perfect, and still quite hot. He let it fill and soothe his body after such a trying week. The truth is, he was rather exhausted and a bit cranky. He hoped that Eren didn’t notice; even though seeing Eren immediately lifted his mood.

Eren entered the living room in his boxers and loose tank top, sliding into the couch besides Levi and settling his head in his lap. He wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist and tucked his legs in.

Levi was grateful that Eren wasn’t a draining presence. He loved that he could sip his coffee and watch TV in silence, and Eren wouldn’t bother him one bit. After a long week of meetings, presentations, and talking to clients, he was relieved to be in his element. Silence and having Eren at his side was a combination that couldn’t be beat. And he knew that Eren could tell this was what he needed.

He stroked Eren’s hair, relishing sifting through those soft locks in his fingers. It was therapeutic to touch and pet Eren. And the lovely brown-haired boy responded wonderfully, sighing as he got his scalp massaged and nuzzling his face into Levi’s lap.

He finished his coffee with one last sigh, letting his head fall back onto the couch and closing his eyes. He felt Eren stir beneath him, and saw that he was getting up to straddle him. He had been waiting patiently for Levi to finish his drink, but now it was his turn to have his way.

Eren desperately craved Levi’s touch and love. That much was clear now. He wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck, resting his forehead against his. He closed his eyes, just feeling and absorbing. Their breath mixed as they sighed together, Eren’s lips just barely brushing against Levi’s.

“Sweet boy,” Levi whispered to him. He felt a tinge of guilt that he left his young boyfriend alone, and now the poor thing was touch-starved. He was going to make sure that Eren regained all his satisfaction within the next couple days.

Levi trailed his hands up the sides of Eren’s thighs, inching just beneath his boxers and raking his nails gently against his skin. Eren shut his eyes and slowly rubbed his nose against Levi’s; just giving those eskimo kisses showed that he was innocent and young, and he wanted the simpler things.

They stayed like that for what seemed like hours- hardly speaking at all, and instead letting their touches communicate their thoughts. It was the way Eren placed his hand on Levi’s firm chest, right over his heartbeat, watching his own finger trace little shapes. It was the way Levi took Eren’s face into his hands ever so gently, bringing him down and placing firm kisses on his closed eyelids- such a fragile and intimate gesture. It was the way Eren would sporadically lift his head up and place smooches on Levi’s cheek that lasted several long seconds. It was the way Levi would pull Eren’s hips closer, his hands rubbing the small of Eren’s back, his fingertips edging along the waistband of Eren’s boxers playfully.

It was the way they managed to achieve an astronomical level of intimacy in pure silence and not a mention of sex.


Eren wanted a snack, and Levi had a plan in mind. He washed a bunch of grapes and strawberries and brought them over to an eager Eren.

He had Eren lie on his back, resting his head on a pillow that was on his own lap.

Levi fed Eren grapes directly from the stem like he was a greek god; like he was royalty. He alternated between grapes and strawberries, telling him stories of his business abroad.

Levi got a notification on his phone, and he put his hovering hand of grapes down as he read through it. He got a bit distracted, wiping his hands on his pants to reply to emails.

“Why did you stop?” Eren pouted.

“Just a minute, dear,” Levi replied absentmindedly.

Several minutes passed and Levi was busy answering emails. Eren gazed up at his profile with his arms resting behind his head- the strong jaw and porcelain skin and the smoky steel eyes that were fixated on the phone.

“Leeeeeeviii…” Eren whined quietly.

Levi’s eyes found his, and he clicked off and put his phone away. “Okay, okay,” he consoled gently. “Aren’t you a spoiled little prince?”

Eren had on cocky grin and opened his mouth for another grape.


It was very late now. They’ve been watching a movie in the dark for a while, and the world felt a bit surreal.

“I think it’s time for bed now, don’t you think?” Levi prompted, rousing some energy into Eren by tousling his bangs.

“Yeah. I’m tired.” As if for emphasis, Eren released a huge yawn and stretched his arms out above him.

They made their way into Levi’s bedroom, and they brushed their teeth together. Eren crawled into Levi’s bed and waited patiently for Levi to change into his pajamas.

Levi joined him in bed, and he was reaching over to turn off the bedside light.

“Wait, Levi,” Eren said.

Levi paused and turned to him. “Hm?”

“At the beginning of your trip, you said that you had a surprise for me when you got back.” He looked expectant and excitable, like a child on Christmas Day.

“Oh,” Levi chuckled. “Well, it’s not so much a present as it a question…”

Eren sat on his heels patiently and waited for him to continue.

“Eren… I was wondering if you’d like to move in with me?”

Eren’s face lit up, his eyes sparkling.

“If you’re comfortable with it, that is.”

A wide smile broke out on Eren’s face and he answered by tackling Levi to the mattress, bouncing up and down so that the springs creaked quietly.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Eren gushed with every bounce.

Levi smiled weakly from beneath Eren’s body. “I’m so glad. I figured you were here so often that we might as well make it official.”

Eren got off Levi’s body, still beaming as he got underneath the covers. Levi shut off the bedside light and got close to Eren. He pulled him closer so that his nose was buried in that chocolate hair, which smelled like pine trees and baby powder- the scent that was exclusively Eren’s.

They looked neat and comfortable now, but Levi knew by morning Eren would be splayed out every which way, and he smiled at the image.

“I love you, Levi. So much,” Eren whispered.

Levi squeezed his hands around Eren’s middle. “I love you, too, sweetheart. More than anything.

“Good night,” he uttered in that hauntingly rich voice of his, but by then, Eren was already happily sound asleep.

Chapter Text

Levi woke up a bit later than usual- the caffeine from his coffee last night kept him up for a little while longer after Eren drifted away. It wasn’t too bad though; he liked reflecting on his thoughts in the quiet of the night as he held Eren, inhaling the scent of his hair, and Eren’s snores became quite soothing after having slept with him for a while.

Eren wasn’t latched onto him this morning like he usually was. Rather, he was curled up in a tight ball underneath the comforter, his hair peeking out of the covers just a bit. Levi sat up and rolled his neck around, wincing at the cracking and the stiff stretch. He peeled the covers off Eren to lay a smooch on his head, and then covered him back up. Eren didn’t stir.

Levi fixed himself some black tea, and then retreated to his study to work. He filled out paperwork, replied to emails, and looked over schedules and to-do lists. After the business trip, he had some slack- so this week wasn’t awfully busy. He figured he would fit a few workouts in.

After about an hour of working, Levi went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. He found Eren perched on the counter, eating a bowl of cereal.

“’Morning,” Eren chirped between crunches.

Levi went up to him and squeezed his thigh gently. “Good morning, love. Please sit at the table and eat properly.” He opened the fridge and peered inside.

Eren hopped down from the counter and took his cereal to a barstool. Levi made some toast and spread some jam, letting Eren have a bite. He held his hand beneath Eren’s chin as he tasted. There was a bit of sweet jam on Eren’s lip as he chewed, and Levi wiped it up with his thumb, sucking it off his finger. Eren grinned adorably.

Levi finished eating, and then went to work vacuuming the rug in the living room. Eren watched patiently as he went on to sweep up the wooden floors next. Eren liked watching Levi clean- it was relaxing to see. Come to think of it, Levi always kept the place immaculate. He turned on the TV and watched the weather as he wiped the coffee and glass tables with lemon-scented cleaner, and he dusted the bookshelf- all with speedy efficiency.

Levi packed his cleaning supplies up and put them away in a small closet near the door. Eren stayed sitting on the barstool with his legs crossed until Levi returned.

“Levi,” Eren called, lifting his arms for a hug. Levi came to him and uncrossed his legs, standing between them as Eren wrapped his arms around his strong shoulders. Levi rubbed the sides of Eren’s legs vigorously, warming them under his hands, and Eren giggled. His hands traveled up Eren’s hips, squeezing the skin right underneath the waistband of his boxers. Then his fingertips found Eren’s abdomen, tight and warm. Levi rubbed his tummy for him, trailing kisses along his jaw and throat. Eren closed his eyes and sighed, lifting his head to give Levi more access to his throat.

He took Levi’s hands and pecked a kiss on his lips, then hopped down from the stool, taking Levi to the couch. He had Levi lay down and he sat on him, rubbing his hands on Levi’s pecs slowly as they looked into each other’s eyes. It was no secret that Eren loved Levi’s body, how solid and built it was, and he liked to touch it whenever he had the chance.

But he liked to be touched, too, and he guided Levi’s hands up his own body, up his stomach to his chest beneath that flimsy tank top that left little to the imagination. Eren arched his back, Levi’s fingers leaving trails of electricity as they dragged up his torso. He felt himself getting hard, his erection straining a bit against the cloth of his boxers. He leaned down and his lips met Levi’s, their lips molding and tasting, Levi’s hands moving from Eren’s stomach to knead his ass. Eren’s breathing harshened, sighing from his nose as his tongue entered Levi’s mouth. He ran his tongue over the roof of Levi’s mouth, over his teeth, down his throat. Levi caught Eren’s tongue in with his lips, sucking on it gently. Eren had never experienced that before. They separated after a while, a trail of translucent saliva connecting them.

Eren stole one last hard kiss quickly before getting off of Levi’s body, taking him to the bedroom.

“Not here,” Eren stated. He fished the bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer and took Levi back out to the living room. Levi expected them to settle on the couch again, but Eren took his hand and led him to the area in front of the large glass wall.

“Let’s do it here,” Eren said. “I want the whole world to watch while you fuck me.”

Levi laughed at his young boyfriend’s grandeur. “I hate to ruin your fantasy, my dear, but the glass is tinted from the outside. No one can see inside.”

Eren frowned, and he looked genuinely disappointed. “Aw. Well, let’s do it here anyway. It’s the thought that counts.”

“You are a wild card, Eren Jaeger,” Levi chuckled. They sat down, and he helped Eren shed his clothes. Eren lay down on the cold wooden floor, squirming a bit in discomfort. Levi took him and pulled his body closer so that Eren’s hips were resting on his crossed legs.

“Better?” Levi asked.

Eren nodded, bringing his arm behind and resting his head on it. Levi uncapped the bottle of lube, and Eren watched the clear liquid squirt onto Levi’s fingers. It was a bit mesmerizing. Levi rubbed his fingers together to warm it up, and found that Eren was staring. He smiled at him, and Eren beamed back.

“Okay,” Levi exhaled, and adjusted Eren’s hips. He lined his finger against Eren’s entrance, tracing it around the rim to get him used to the feeling.

He pushed his index finger in slowly, noticing that Eren was taking a little while to ease himself around him. Faster than their first time, of course, but Eren did still have trouble taking things slow. He seemed a bit on edge whenever he needed to be prepped, Levi noticed, probably from those last douchebags he was with before.

“Relax, baby. Relax,” Levi whispered and patted Eren’s leg, his finger held still waiting for those muscles to unclench. Eren took the hand that his head wasn’t resting on and held onto Levi’s strong forearm, breathing deeply, and visibly attempting to unclench.

Levi waited patiently, and he finally got the response he wanted. He patted Eren’s leg again. “That’s a boy. Take your time, this is all about you.”

He inserted his finger deeper and pulled it out, feeling around Eren’s walls until he felt that he was ready for a second finger. Eren sighed and Levi watched his stomach rise and fall with each breath.

Levi finger fucked Eren for quite some time, even after he was plenty prepped. He loved watching Eren’s face mold into those lewd expressions, those teeth that bit that soft bottom lip in restraint, those cute little mewls whenever Levi brushed against his sweet spot- the spot that only Levi knew how to find.

Eren’s grip on Levi’s forearm grew tighter; he wanted touch, wanted any and all closeness to him. His legs were now draped past Levi’s hips, his pelvis resting on Levi’s thighs. He watched the veins in Levi’s forearm twitch as he worked him open, loving the way his bicep curled with every movement.

Levi finally pulled his fingers out slowly, and Eren whined at the empty feeling. Levi removed himself from beneath Eren’s hips, reaching into his shorts to pull his cock out, drizzling lube onto his hand and slicking himself up before hoisting Eren’s hips back up with his arms.

He aligned himself, his underwear and shorts slung low on his hips so that Eren had a view of those delicious veins that reached up to his belly button, not to mention those protruding hips that formed a sharp ‘V’ into his legs.

Eren grinned at the sight of that sinful body as Levi aligned himself, sitting back on his heels as he held Eren’s legs in the crook of his arms. He pushed himself in, and a moan spilled from Eren’s lips. He went in smoothly- like cutting butter with a knife- after all that time spent loosening him up with his fingers.

Levi pushed his hips back out, swallowing thickly and shutting his eyes. Even after getting worked open, Eren felt so fucking wonderful and tight and hot around him- that sweet heat that Levi lived to bury himself into. He pushed back in, watching precum spill from Eren’s cock onto his stomach like a faucet.

He groaned when his cock was fully engulfed in Eren, then he slid back out to really start fucking. He snapped his hips with skilled and quick precision, over and over, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing around them.

Eren was reduced to a babbling mess like usual, his head turned away and his back arching off the floor. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, Levi, fuck, just like that, just like that… mm, I’m-I-I… oh! Fuck! Yesyesyesyesyes, right there!”

Levi felt himself getting closer, too, Eren’s responses only riling him up even further. He aimed his hips so that he would slam into Eren’s prostate. With one steady hit, he rammed into Eren in that one lucky spot, and Eren screamed as he saw stars and colors and explosions behind his eyelids as cum shot out of his cock in an orgasm untouched, splattering onto his stomach and reaching all the way up to his chest and neck. He was overstimulated as Levi moaned and let his head fall back as he slammed into Eren desperately and released into him. He was quiet as he screwed his eyes shut and held onto Eren’s legs tightly, his Adam’s apple twitching as he groaned deeply. When he was all finished, he pulled out of a liquid Eren, sitting down and running his hand through his hair as he climbed down the remnants of that surge of pleasure.

They finally came to their senses, still panting, the smell of their sweat becoming apparent between them. Eren looked into Levi’s eyes as he scooped some of his own pleasure off his chest and sucked his fingers unashamedly. He wagged his eyebrows at Levi and smirked.

Levi brushed his own hair off his forehead again, shaking his head at his naughty boyfriend with a low chuckle. “Gross.”

Eren sat up and crawled over to Levi, licking a small trail on his jawline. “That was fucking amazing. I missed you and that fantastic dick of yours.”

Levi laughed out loud. “I missed your body, too. You’re absolutely exquisite, you know that?”

He stroked Eren’s cheek with his hand, and Eren adorably nuzzled into it. “Let’s go get cleaned up, shall we?” Levi said softly.

They showered together; Levi scrubbed Eren’s back and scooped him out clean. Eren was excited to scrub Levi’s back, happy for the opportunity to touch and feel his sculpted back. He asked Levi to wash his hair for him, and he happily obliged. He sat quietly on the marble ledge as Levi worked expensive shampoo into his locks, scratching his scalp gently.

The two emerged from the bathroom, steam billowing out behind them. Levi wrapped his towel around him slung dangerously low on his lips, which drove Eren crazy. Levi’s wet hair was matted over his forehead, making him look a lot younger.

They dried and dressed together. Levi took Eren’s towel and ruffled it over his hair, and they sat in front of the floor-length mirror. Levi used a special oil in Eren’s hair, and combed it for him.

The morning had to come to end, however. It was almost noon, and Eren had to go to work. He requested one more cuddle session before he left. Levi held him close to his chest on the couch, his nose buried in Eren’s freshly washed hair.

Eren craned his neck around. “Levi?”


“Rub my tummy again?”

“Of course.”

Levi snaked his hand up Eren’s shirt, using his palm to apply warm pressure to Eren’s stomach. He rested his head back on Levi’s shoulder, closing his eyes and relishing Levi’s sweet touch.

In a little bit, he reluctantly peeled himself off Levi and gathered his keys.

“One more thing,” Eren said before he left.

He took Levi’s face in his hands, moving them down to his shoulders to hold him still. “I want everyone to know that you’re mine.” Soft lips latched onto Levi’s pale throat, sucking the delicate skin there until a wet, red spot marked up his skin. Levi leaned his head back and held Eren’s head in his hand, a soft groan releasing as Eren sucked at his throat.

Eren let go of his throat with a gentle kiss, admiring the foundation of his work. Levi took his face and kissed him one last time on the lips, getting one more taste of his delectable Eren for the morning.

“Love ya, see you later,” Eren waved as he left the apartment.

“Love you, baby, have a wonderful day at work.”

The door shut with a resonating click and Levi felt his heart slam in his chest. It was a feeling he’s never experienced before Eren.

He was absolutely, definitely, and undeniably in love.

Chapter Text

Levi later told Eren that he’s hired a moving company to help him pack and move his things to Trost Tower. This was real, Eren thought. I’m moving in with Levi. Now he was just waiting for his lease to expire towards the end of the month.


A few days have passed, and Eren busied himself at the coffee shop. He wanted to surprise Levi at work, and he was curious to see what the company looked like.

The shift came to a close at around 4, and after he clocked out, Eren loaded a medium black coffee and a large Earl Grey onto a styrofoam cup holder- a treat for Levi, and another for Erwin, respectively.

He got into his car, inputting the Survey Corporation address into his GPS. It was on the outskirts of town, which he wasn’t awfully familiar with. Eren watched the city hued by oranges and laughter of the late summer pass him by as he drove through the city.

He rolled up to a tall, magnificent building, made with dark glass and a modern exterior. The late afternoon sun made the windows sparkle. Eren circled around the parking lot for a spot. He tried to find Levi’s car, but there were so many luxurious and expensive sports cars around him that it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. His beat-up, dull blue car stuck out like a sore thumb.

Interesting geometric bushes that were trimmed to perfection lined the walkway to the building, and Eren saw people in sharp suits exiting out the thick glass double doors. He craned his neck up to the top of the building, eyes squinting against the sun, and the words “Survey Corporation” in sleek steel lettering shone proudly. He entered the building, coffee in hand.

Eren was welcomed with crisp air conditioning, and a white marble floor that was so thoroughly polished that he could see his face reflected in it. Square couches lined the edges of a spacious lobby, and the chatter of businesspeople on their phones echoed in the room. Everyone was dressed immaculately- sleek pressed suits and pencil skirts; shiny Rolexes and heels that clicked on the floor with every step. Suddenly Eren felt a bit self-conscious in his simple black t-shirt and work pants. But then again, he thought with a small smirk, his boyfriend was one of the CEOs of this company. No one in this lobby could say the same, so he had the upper hand.

He walked up to the welcome desk, and saw a familiar bob of strawberry blonde hair. Petra sat typing away at her computer, clicking her pen against her lip. She looked up and a warmth spread across her face when she saw who it was.

“Eren! How are you? What an unexpected surprise!” she gushed.

“Hi, Petra, I’m doing well!” Eren was a little flattered that she remembered his name since the party.

“Are you here to see Levi?” she eyed the cup holder in his hands. “How cute!”

“Yeah. Can you tell me how to find him?”

She looked at a planner on her desk and nodded. “He’s not in a meeting right now, so you have good timing. Take those elevators over there to the very top floor”- she pointed to large chrome elevators- “and there should be a door with his name on it.”

“Got it. Thanks!”

Eren pressed the elevator button and it lit up a bright blue. He waited patiently and the doors opened, and a few people exited it with their heads buried in either their tablets or their watches.

There were 30 floors. The elevator dinged to the uppermost one, and he walked out to a different kind of lobby. He saw printers and see-through conference rooms, charts and flat-screen TVs that showed stock numbers and information. Several people he didn’t recognize were walking and talking, unaware of his presence. The sides of the lobby were lined with dark wood doors and chrome nameplates.

“Eren!?” a familiar voice screeched. Before he knew it, Eren was being smothered by Hange, and he reeled to keep the coffee in his hand from spilling.

“Hello, Eren,” another voice approached them. It was Moblit, he remembered from the party. “Hange, let the poor boy go, we have a meeting in a few minutes.”

“Oh, boo, you’re no fun!” Hange pouted at him. She let Eren go and pinched his cheek. “I’ll talk to you later, my young friend!” They retreated into one of the conference rooms.

Eren looked around for the door with Levi’s name on it, and he found it. He knocked on the door, feeling a bit dumb. Maybe people weren’t supposed to knock; maybe people needed to make an appointment first? What if he was busy?

A moment of silence, and then a “Come in,” in Levi’s business voice- the one he only heard when Levi was talking on the phone while he was working.

But before Eren could reach the handle, the door swung open, startling Eren. Erwin’s large body blocked the view to the inside of Levi’s office, and he smiled down at him.

“Eren, what a pleasant surprise.” His soothing voice was complimented his impeccable suit wonderfully.

“Hey, Erwin,” Eren reached for the larger cup. “This is for you. You like Earl Grey, right?”

There was a brief shooting of surprise in Erwin’s striking blue eyes, but it turned to a fatherly sort of gentleness. “Oh, for me? You remembered my favorite! Thank you, Eren.” He rubbed Eren’s back in gratitude.

“You’re welcome!” Eren grinned. He lowered his voice: “Were you and Levi in the middle of something? I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Erwin shook his head and waved his hand down. “Not at all. I was just dropping something off. Your timing is perfect. I’ll leave you two alone.” He walked away, sipping his tea and grunting approval as he retreated back into his own office.

Eren ducked into Levi’s office with a cheeky grin and shut the door behind him with a click. Levi looked up from something he was writing, and his face instantly softened. Hi voice switched from his commanding and serious work voice to the gentle tone he always used with him. “Eren!” he breathed.

Eren went to his desk and set the coffee down, throwing the styrofoam cup holder into the wastebin nearby. “Surprise! I brought you your usual!” he grinned.

Levi stood up from his leather chair and took held Eren’s cheeks. “You, my dear, are a saint.” He peppered his face with hard kisses all over, and Eren giggled.

“I hope I’m not bothering you, I was a bit nervous to come here,” Eren confessed.

“Why were you nervous, baby? You’re the best surprise I could ask for.”

Levi sat back down on his chair, and Eren joined him on his lap. “Everyone here is dressed so nice. I look like shit. It’s a bit intimidating.”

Levi gulped his coffee and sighed as it warmed his throat. “You are a handsome young man no matter what you wear,” he said. “I assure you.”

“Really?” Eren asked, just to hear Levi said it again.

“Really. You know that,” he stroked Eren’s face with the backs of his knuckles.

Eren went in to place an innocent kiss on Levi’s cheek, then got up to scope out the office. It was decorated very simply- a huge curved, dark, wooden desk, a few plaques and certificates lined on the shelves and walls, some tall plants, a modern-looking couch and ottoman, and some chairs in front of the desk- all above a glossy floor.

But the real showcase of the room was the glass wall behind Levi’s desk, much like the one back in Trost Tower- but this view was a lot higher and a lot more majestic.

Eren stared out the window in awe- he could see the beach and the ferris wheel like he could back at the apartment, but from here he could even see the border that met with Sina- marked by the smaller and fancier buildings.

“Nice view, huh?” Levi asked from his chair, admiring the way Eren’s eyes sparkled.

“Levi, you sure know how to get some sights around here,” he breathed. “…Wow.”

He tore his view from the window and returned to Levi. “Are you gonna be at work for much longer?”

“Yeah. I have a meeting that starts at 6. Then I can go home.” He sipped his coffee and sighed with his eyes closed.

“I’ll give you something to get you through your meeting,” Eren purred in his ear. He walked around the desk and disappeared beneath it, crawling into the leg space and nestling between Levi’s thighs. He deftly unbuckled his belt, unzipping his slacks and reaching into his underwear.

He gave Levi a soft blowjob, low-maintenance and slow. Levi drank his coffee and groaned as Eren’s head bobbed up and down beneath the desk, lapping his tongue around his length. He stroked Eren’s hair with his other hand, spreading his legs a bit further.

“Mmm, fuck,” Levi sighed.

Eren rested his arms on Levi’s thighs as he continued licking and kissing the side of his length, rubbing his balls softly. It wasn’t long until Levi released warm pleasure down Eren’s throat with a low grumble.

Eren swallowed and zipped him back up, crawling back out from beneath the desk. He took Levi’s face and smooched him on his temple.

“You always know how to pick me up, love,” Levi said softly, a bit sated. “Thank you.”

Eren gave him one last hug around his shoulders, squeezing hard. “No problem! I love you, have a nice rest of the day.”

“I will. Bye, sweetheart.”

Eren left Levi’s office and closed the door behind him, making his way to the elevators. I’m a pretty good boyfriend, he thought with a cocky smile on his face.

In the elevator, he saw a man gripping onto a mail cart. He was a mountain of a man- blond, shaggy, and bigger than even Erwin.

He leaned into Eren and inhaled. Eren leaned away a bit and raised an eyebrow.

“You’re Eren,” the man stated.

“…Yeah. Who’re you?”

“I’m Mike. Nice to meet you finally.” He extended a huge hand in greeting.

“Hi, Mike.” He held his hand, and Mike shook it hard. Eren’s entire arm and shoulders shook weakly.

“How do you like the building so far?” Mike asked.

“It’s nice! Everyone’s really friendly, too.”

Mike nodded in satisfaction. “That’s good to hear. Please don’t hesitate to find me if you ever need help navigating. I’m at your service.”

He seemed like a gentle giant, Eren thought. Trustworthy. Maybe he would ask him for a tour of the building one time. “Thanks, Mike, I appreciate it!”

The elevator dinged and Mike pushed the cart out. “Goodbye, Eren.”

Eren went back to the welcome desk and thanked Petra for her help. She told him to come back whenever he wanted: “We’re all excited to see you!”

He waved her goodbye and pushed through the heavy glass doors. That was a successful trip, all things considered.

In his car, Eren texted Levi:

I met Mike in the elevator. He seems nice, but I think he sniffed me at first???

Levi replied with a chuckle:

He does that to everyone he meets. Think nothing of it. He’s a great man.


When Eren got back to his own apartment later that night, he saw that Armin sent another round of photos- now he was smiling at the back of a caged pickup truck with lions roaming in the distance. In another, he had a colorful cockatoo-looking thing perched on his arm. The last picture in the album was captioned: “Back home in a week!”

Eren smiled- Armin was coming back home soon! A month really did pass by quickly.

He then texted Mikasa, letting her in on the latest juicy details of his life lately. Among them:

Levi asked me to move in with him!!!

Her reply was cautious, but then again, that was just her personality:

You seem happy, so I’m happy. Remember to take things slow. And introduce me to him one day!

I will, I will! I love him so much!

Eren didn’t spend the night with Levi tonight, so he sent him a selfie to make up for it. He smiled sweetly and captioned it “Love ya!”

As he awaited a response, he reached over and clicked off the dull bedside light that was illuminating his room. He stared at his phone under his blanket, a dreamy smile curling his lips. Levi replied:

You’re simply too cute, Eren. Thank you again for your wonderful surprise earlier. You made my whole day. What did I do to deserve a precious thing like you? Sweet dreams, I love you dearly.

Eren clutched his phone to chest as his heart fluttered, and in just a little bit, he slipped into a warm, fuzzy sleep.

Chapter Text

Eren found himself at Levi’s after place after work one day, like he usually did. He was fed a wonderful dinner of lasagna, and he watched movies on the couch as Levi worked in his study.

His beige blanket that he so loved was wrapped around him, keeping him warm in the apartment that Levi kept on the colder side. The night was quiet and peaceful, and Eren liked to get a taste of what life would be like when he moved in soon.

Several movies later, Eren was getting a bit bored. He wanted some of that sweet lovin’. So, he shook his blanket off and padded his way into Levi’s study.

It was dimly lit- most of the light coming from Levi’s laptop and a small lamp that glowed nearby. Levi was oblivious to how in control he looked- his legs crossed and his expression serious and all-business as he reclined in his leather chair; Eren called it his work face. He was speaking to someone on the phone as he typed, sipping from a glass of red wine between pauses. He never bothered to change out of his work clothes today- he simply undid his cuffs and a few of the top buttons of his shirt. Eren wanted to take the rest of that shirt off and feel the strong chest underneath.

Eren approached Levi from behind, leaning down to slowly wrap his arms around his neck. He rested his head on Levi’s shoulder, looking at the screen with him. Levi kept talking on the phone, but he absentmindedly rubbed Eren’s arm as a greeting. Eren watched his own hand travel down to Levi’s chest, scratching it seductively with his fingertips. He wanted attention- a bit selfish, sure- but Levi has been working for several hours and they had to go to bed soon anyway.

“Leeevi…” Eren purred in Levi’s unoccupied ear, blowing cool air into it.

Levi held the phone away from his face and unwrapped Eren’s arms from his neck. “Babe, I’m busy. I’ll play with you later.” He resumed his conversation on his cell.

But Eren was relentless, and he put his hands on Levi’s shoulders again, leaning down and licking a soft stripe on the shell of Levi’s ear.

Levi excused himself to the person he was talking to once again, and he turned his head around. “Eren, I’m serious. Behave.” He tried to be stern, but Eren’s mischievous face was irresistible.

He went back to his conversation again, but it was useless. Eren whispered in his ear, “Or else what…?” followed by a soft nibble on Levi’s earlobe.

That, apparently, was the final straw. Levi sighed and said “Sorry, one minute,” into his cell, and before Eren realized it, he was tackled swiftly to the ground, and Levi commenced with the most brutal tickle attack ever.

He pinned Eren down by sitting on his hips, digging his fingertips ruthlessly into his ribs. He dodged Eren’s flailing punches with ease, enjoying the way he squirmed helplessly beneath him. The room echoed with his squeals and pained laughter as he was reduced to a wheezing mess.

Levi jabbed Eren’s armpits and exposed neck, and he smiled sadistically as Eren’s face turned redder and redder as he unsuccessfully tried to compress and protect his neck from Levi’s relentless tickles.

Eren was screaming for mercy now, his body numb and weak. “Okay! Okay! Please, I’ll stop! Levi, PLEASE! I’ll behave, I promise!” he wheezed.

Levi granted him sweet relief and withdrew his fingers, watching Eren panting and staring at him cautiously with his hair tousled messily over his face, praying that Levi wouldn’t go in for a follow-up attack.

“Or else that,” Levi stated. He leaned over Eren’s face, closing his lips into a soft kiss on his forehead.

Eren took Levi’s hands into his, lacing their fingers together. “Let’s go to bed,” he uttered innocently. “You’ve been working for hours.”

“It is pretty late, isn’t it?” Levi mused. “Alright. Go get ready; I’ll just finish this last phone call.” He climbed off Eren, and he watched rather humorously as Eren struggled to get up and walk properly- hobbling away weakly like a newborn deer.


Levi changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed to an awaiting Eren, shutting off the bedside light. He held his arms open, and Eren crawled into them routinely, tucking his arms in and burying his face in Levi’s chest. Levi wrapped his arms tight to hold him closer, laying one last loud smooch into his hair.

But his young boyfriend was right- he’d been working for quite a while, and he hadn’t realized how exhausted he really was. Plus, the wine has settled in, making him feel woozy and heavy-lidded. He fell into a much needed sleep fast, even faster than Eren for once. Eren smiled into Levi’s pec cleavage, and soon enough he was a victim to clutches of deep slumber as well- weathered away by a head filled with movies and a stomach filled with a heavy dinner.


And it was very evident that Levi was exhausted because in the morning, Eren found himself awake first. He gazed lovingly at a sleeping Levi- his jet black hair splayed over his forehead, his full, plush lips open slightly as he breathed deeply and steadily- his muscular bicep curled beneath his pillow. Eren has never woken up first- he thought Levi looked extra hot when he was fast asleep.

Levi woke up a while later, ever so slowly opening his eyelids to his favorite sight- a smiling, bed-haired Eren.

“Good morning,” Eren grinned and scooted closer.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Levi yawned and stretched his arms, wincing when his back cracked.

Eren got up and sat next to him, the sheets pooled around his hips, and he rubbed Levi’s chest with his palms to warm him up. It was such a sweet gesture; what a lovely way to wake up, Levi thought.

“Mmm,” Levi sighed, and put his arms behind his head as Eren touched him.

“How’re you this sexy even in the morning?” Eren asked incredulously, more so thinking out loud.

Levi’s chest rumbled with a low chuckle, his hand reaching up to stroke Eren’s bottom lip with his thumb. “You flatter me, baby.”

Eren climbed on top of him, going back to gently scratching his nails along his chest. Levi brought his arms down from behind his head and trailed them up Eren’s thighs to grip his hips.

“What do you want for breakfast today?” he asked.

Eren looked upwards in thought. “Hmm… can you make french toast today?”

“I can,” Levi smiled at him.


After they both finished work, Eren’s idea for date night was to finally take Levi to the beach- he’s been meaning to take him since they first met. Eren told him to wear swim trunks beneath his clothes.

“You’ll really love it,” he gushed. “I always go after work to wind down. I’m so excited to share it with you!”

They drove to the pier, and Eren was bouncing up and down as he took Levi to the water’s edge. They shed their shoes and stored them underneath some beach chairs along with their change bags, and they walked along the shore.

Eren curled his toes in the sand, laughing as the waves licked against his ankles. Levi rolled up his jeans and snapped pictures of Eren, smiling at the way the wind whipped against his adorable face.

As they walked and talked, a couple coming towards them in the opposite direction waved to them in greeting, and their dog tugged at his leash to meet them. Eren crouched down and held his hand out to the dog, ruffling his ears and hugging him around his neck. The dog wagged his tail furiously as Eren petted him, and his owners said he liked Eren a lot.

“Have a good one,” the man said to them as they walked away with their dog. Eren and Levi waved and continued walking.

“How was work today?” Eren asked, taking Levi’s hand into his.

Levi ran his hand through his hair to push it back. “It was alright. I only went in for two hours to give a briefing, and then I went back home and spent some time at the gym. How was the coffee shop today?”

“Oh…” Eren exhaled. “Same old.”

The 5 pm sky was hued a pastel spill of oranges, periwinkle, and pinks. With September just around the corner, the temperatures were dropping and the wind was starting to pick up earlier in the day. Eren swung his arm between them playfully and kicked some sand up with every step, and Levi was reminded of how young his boyfriend really was.

They’ve been walking for a while, and they reached a stretch of the beach that was empty of people and far away from the pier. Umbrellas and ice cream stands were replaced with cliffs and boulders. Eventually they came across a small, open-faced cave, and Eren took Levi inside.

The cave was damp and shallow and the ceiling dripped with water. “What if there’s hidden treasure in here?!” Eren’s eyes widened.

“Perhaps, love,” Levi laughed, scoping out the cave.

Eren ran his fingers along the walls to feel the rocky texture. He turned to Levi with the cheeky grin that meant only one thing. He sauntered over to Levi, pressing his body closer until Levi was backed up into a wall. He wedged his knee between his legs to keep him still, and he dragged two fingers along Levi’s jawline, touching noses with him.

“Isn’t this romantic, Levi?” he said dreamily. “Just you… me… alone in this empty cave…” He ran his other hand up Levi’s neck, up his undercut, and fisted his hand in his hair to gain some control. His lips met with Levi’s in a smirk, and he sucked at his bottom lip until it swelled.

“Eren…” Levi breathed between kisses. Eren silenced him with another kiss. And then another. “Eren,” Levi tried to protest.

But Eren didn’t want to hear it, and slid his tongue into Levi’s mouth, licking and tasting, wrestling his tongue against Levi’s. Levi didn’t want to admit it, but he was becoming incredibly aroused. He just didn’t know if this was the right place. There were so many factors- the ground was probably filthy, it was wet…

“Levi,” Eren said into his lips, “I want you to fuck me in this cave.” He went to work unbuttoning Levi’s shirt, leaving light kisses on the exposed skin.

“Eren, my boy, people could walk past and see. And it’s dirty in h-“ his sentence turned to into a hiss, since Eren had already unzipped his jeans and was giving him a sloppy blowjob.

Fuck.” Levi grabbed Eren’s hair and threw his head back against the wall. Eren’s soft lips were wrapped around the head of cock as he vigorously pumped the shaft up and down. All caution was thrown to the wind in those brief moments because Eren was just so damn good.

Eren let his mouth water all over Levi’s length, hoping that would suffice for lube. He got up and stepped out of his shorts, coming back to suck on Levi’s lips again.

“Are you prepped?” Levi asked breathlessly when Eren came up for a breath.

“Uh-huh. I kinda fucked myself before you picked me up.” He wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck.

Levi took him by the thighs and hoisted him up with a grunt, and Eren wrapped his legs around his waist. He pressed him up to the wall, reaching down to aim himself into Eren. He was a bit worried that it would hurt without lube, so he eased himself in slowly.

I can’t believe I’m doing this, Levi thought. I can’t believe I’m fucking in a goddamn cave. But then again, Eren made him do many things that surprised himself at the end of the day.

He gave Eren a chance to open up, and held his legs in the crook of his elbows as he bounced him up and down onto his cock. Soon enough, the cave’s walls echoed with their moans and sighs.

Eren gripped the back of Levi’s shirt and head, screwing his eyes shut as he Levi reach into what felt like his stomach.

“You like this, don’t you?” Levi growled. “You like that someone can walk by at any second. You dangerous boy.”

Eren laughed unashamedly and pointed his toes. “Yup! Now fuck me harder!”

Levi let Eren drop onto his length harder, and Eren squealed happily with each thrust. In no time at all, Eren’s cock leaked sticky white onto his stomach as he came, and Levi held Eren still as he filled him up with his own.

They stood like that for a few seconds as they climbed down from their orgasms. Levi put Eren down and took his unbuttoned shirt off to clean him up.

“This whole thing was so fucking filthy,” he shook his head and wiped cum off Eren’s stomach and dick.

Eren grinned as Levi cleaned him up. He always got what he wanted, he thought proudly.

The two of them decided to take off all their clothes and go back to the beach in just their swim trunks. When they emerged from the cave, the sky had turned into a dusty purple.

Back at the beach, Eren sat on a beach chair with his legs crossed as Levi rubbed baby oil on his back. When he was done, Eren stretched his arms to the sky, absorbing the cool evening wind against his sweaty skin. Levi said he would go buy them some drinks.

He returned with glass bottles of Coke, and they sipped in a comfortable silence as they watched the waves crash on the shore. Levi lay in his chair with his arm resting behind his head, his knee drawn up as he rocked his leg from side to side. Eren stared at him from his chair- the way his muscular chest rose and fell as he breathed, the way his bicep bulged as it was curled behind his head, the way his abs glistened in the neon lights from the pier behind them.

When Levi reached over to place his empty bottle beside him, he caught Eren staring. “Enjoying the view?”

“Yeah, and I ain’t talking ‘bout the beach,” he snorted. “Damn, you’re way too fucking hot for words.” He got up and took Levi’s hand. “Let’s get in the water!”

Levi followed him into the water, the beach now mostly empty except for a few. It was dark now, and that meant all the more privacy.

As they waded in to about waist deep, Eren shivered and laughed. “Shit, cold!”

Levi splashed some of that cold water on Eren, making his breath hitch and freeze up in shock. “Levi!”

Levi got closer and splashed another small wave on him, and Eren squealed at the cold night water. “Not fair!” He splashed some towards Levi in retaliation, and Levi countered, resulting in a splash fight.

Eren tried to block his face with his arm, but Levi was relentless. He flicked water on Eren until he was soaking wet, his brown locks matted over his face. He uselessly tried a surprise attack as a last resort, but Levi dodged it by diving into the water and swimming a small lap around Eren.

When he emerged, he shook his head to get the excess water out, and ran his fingers through his hair to brush it off his face. Eren- bless his pure, lovestruck heart- was mesmerized. He stared at the wet Levi, his hair slicked back and looking delicious as ever.

Eren went over to him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, pressing their wet lips together. Levi returned the kiss, his hands against the small of Eren’s back. He exhaled through his nose, tasting the sweet Coke from earlier on Eren’s tongue. Eren hopped up and wrapped his legs around Levi’s waist like he did in the cave, feeling so free and alive as the nighttime wind cooled his wet skin. They kissed desperately, harder than they ever have before- masked by the sexy anonymity of the night but simultaneously fueled by the public setting. Eren bit gently at Levi’s lips, just on the brink of breaking skin, and Levi attacked Eren’s throat with nibbles and hickeys.

Having marked up Eren to his liking, Levi separated and looked into his innocent eyes with adoration. He brushed Eren’s wet bangs off his face, half shining from the nearby fair’s colorful lights, and smiled. “You’re so tempting, love. You make me lose all control, did you know that?”

Eren responded by grinning and running his hands through Levi’s hair, pecking a small kiss on his nose. He was so silly in love, and his heart still pounded at the aggressive makeout session. He’s seen it all, sexually, but with Levi, everything felt so new and wonderful and explosive.

Levi kneaded his ass as he walked them back to the shore, and they went to the bathhouses to shower and change. After, Levi took Eren to a nearby café for dinner, and they laughed about their cave sex. It was the last thing they expected today.

Back at Trost Tower, Eren waited as Levi threw their soiled clothes from the beach into the wash right away. When he joined Eren on the couch, Eren straddled him and rested his extended arms on Levi’s shoulders, clasping his hands together.

“Let’s make out again,” Eren said.


The living room was silent save the sounds of their smooching lips and soft moans. Levi’s phone vibrated in his pocket. Eren tried to ignore it and continued to taste Levi’s lips, but it kept vibrating obnoxiously against his leg. His brows furrowed in annoyance.

It vibrated yet again, and Levi pulled away to reach into his pocket. He looked at the screen and accepted the call.

“Hello, Erwin.”

Eren was less annoyed that it was Erwin who interrupted their makeout session rather than someone else, but he was still annoyed.

“Yes, I’m home right now,” Levi said. “I’m with Eren.”

It was silent as Erwin talked, and Eren kept on kissing Levi along his jawline.

“Uh-huh….. now? Yeah, I suppose….. Okay.” Levi pulled the phone away from his face and Eren looked at him. “I’m going to Erwin’s right now, would you like to come with me?” he asked softly.

“Erwin’s?” Eren asked. “Yeah! I’ll come!”

Levi brought the phone back to his ear. “Yes, we’ll be over soon… Okay. Bye.”

He ended the call and stroked Eren’s thigh. “Erwin wants to rehearse a proposal with me. He has to present it tomorrow, so he wants to run it by me,” he explained.

“Alright. I won’t bother you guys then.”

Levi patted Eren’s thigh and they drove over to Erwin’s apartment.


“Come on in! Welcome, welcome,” Erwin greeted them at the door.

Eren walked in to a large, impressive living room and was greeted to the smell of… vanilla?

“I baked some cookies,” Erwin said. They all gathered at the kitchen. “Please, help yourself, Eren.”

Levi rolled his eyes and smirked. “You’re such a sap, Erwin.”

Eren reached for the plate of freshly bakes cookies, and took a bite. He eyes widened and he nodded his approval. “Damn, Erwin! These are delicious!” He didn’t expect someone as powerful and commanding as Erwin to have a talent in baking. He had another one.

Erwin smiled proudly. “Thank you, Eren.” The kitchen wall was lined with a honeycomb shelf that was filled with all sorts of wine. He reached for one and took down some glasses.

“Uh, Eren, are you of age?” he asked.

Levi answered for him. “No, he still has a few more months.” Eren pouted and stuck his tongue out at Levi. If it was just him and Erwin, he would’ve lied and said he was 21 so that he could get a little drunk.

“That’s fine. I have some root beer or perhaps milk for you, Eren,” Erwin offered. He poured Eren a glass of milk, and then he and Levi sipped from their wine.

“I have a shelf full of Blu-Rays if you want to watch a movie,” Erwin said to him. “You can help yourself to anything in the fridge or have a look around. My home is yours now.”

“Thanks, Erwin,” he said between bites of cookie.

Erwin and Levi began walking towards the study with their drinks in hand, and Levi whispered in Eren’s ear “I’ll see you in a little bit, dear.”

Eren took the plate of cookies and his milk to the wooden coffee table in front the flat-screen TV. He inspected the shelf of DVDs nearby and was a bit overwhelmed at the selection. He decided on one and put it on the table.

Looking around, Erwin’s apartment was really nice. It was admittedly less sterile than Levi’s, filled with overflowing bookshelves and colorful trinkets and vases. There were shelves of antiques and collectibles- historical-looking stuff. Armin would like it here, Eren thought.

The soft tan carpet gave the room a cozy, homey feel, contrasted to the modern, clean vibe of Levi’s furnishings. Having inspected around, Eren settled into the soft velour couch, popped the Blu-Ray in, and watched the movie as he dunked his cookies into milk.


Eren was really comfortable, wrapped in a soft white throw that he found on the couch and his stomach was heavy with milk and cookies. As the movie came to a close, his eyes were beginning to grow heavy, too.

Erwin and Levi emerged from the study, and saw Eren on the couch.

“Ready to go, Eren?” Levi asked gently.

“Mm-hmm.” He unwrapped the throw and got up, taking his empty glass and plate to the kitchen. “Thanks for the cookies, Erwin. They were the bomb.”

Erwin laughed and watched as Levi and Eren put on their shoes. “You’re very welcome. And you’re welcome back here at any time.”

They waved their good-byes to Erwin and headed to the car.

As Levi drove, Eren felt himself drifting away against the cool window. Levi stroked his thigh. “You’re exhausted, aren’t you, baby?”

Eren nodded, and sat up in his seat. “How was Erwin’s proposal?”

“It was spectacular, just like all his work,” he said. “He just likes to run his ideas across other people before proceeding. Makes him feel better about his work. Although, he really didn’t need my help.”


It was about 1 am when they finally got home, and Eren changed into pajamas and went straight to bed.

Levi joined him, and kissed his cheek goodnight.

“I had tons of fun today, thank you, Levi,” Eren said softly.

“You’re very welcome, sweetheart. I had a blast, too. Sleep well, you have a big day tomorrow.”

Tomorrow, the movers were coming over in the afternoon to Eren’s apartment to help him move his things to Trost Tower. And in the morning, Levi wanted to take Eren clothes shopping, because there was an upcoming event. It was going to be a busy day.

“Good night, I love you,” Eren nuzzled into the crook of Levi’s neck.

“Good night, I love you, too.”

Eren began snoring in just mere seconds.

Chapter Text

Levi woke up bright and early. It was going to be a big day; starting with taking Eren to the mall. His adorable boyfriend was snoozing away loudly beside him. He felt a bit guilty having to wake him up- they had an eventful day yesterday and then stayed up late at Erwin’s place. Plus, he enjoyed watching Eren sleep. But, he thought, Eren could sleep in all he wanted when he moved in to his new home.

Levi reached over to the snoring boy and ruffled his hair a bit. “Eren… time to wake up, darling.” The usual coaxing words.

Eren, so very, very tired, furrowed his eyebrows in irritation. “Ugh.” He turned the other way and pulled the blanket over his head, going back to sleep.

“Erennnn…” Levi tried again, rubbing the back of the curled ball beneath the comforter. “Rise and shine.”

Eren whined and wrapped the blanket tighter over his head. “Five more minutes!” His voice was muffled beneath the thick covers.

Levi smiled a bit. Eren was NOT a morning person in the slightest. Luckily, he knew just the remedy.

He went to the kitchen and fixed up his favorite- french toast- and brewed coffee. If the smell didn’t wake Eren, the taste definitely will. He couldn’t make as good a cup as Eren could, but it did the job.

Levi took the tray of food back to the bedroom and set it aside to climb back into bed. He patted Eren’s butt and brought the tray into his lap. “Erennn…” he sang lowly, “breakfast in bed~.”

Eren pulled down the covers from his face and looked to see if it was the truth. It was! He got up and rubbed his eyes with a reluctant smile spreading on his face. “Not fair, Levi. Not fair.” He yawned and stretched his long arms as Levi moved the breakfast tray onto his lap. Eren dug in right away.

What a lovely sight he was- his unkempt hair tousled by a toss-and-turn filled sleep, his cowlicks untamed. Even with bags beneath his eyes, his bright green eyes glinted with a child-like innocence. His cheeks puffed as he chewed, and when Eren turned and smiled at Levi, Levi just wanted to take those cheeks and pinch them.

“How does it taste?” Levi asked.

Eren had a gulp of his hot coffee and nodded. “’s yummy.”

“I’m getting in the shower, I’ll be back soon.” He stroked Eren’s face with his knuckles.



At the mall, Levi bought Eren several new outfits. The real incentive was to get Eren another suit for an event coming up. It was a charity dinner, and many higher-ups of companies Survey Corp. collaborated with would be there as well. He had no doubt Eren would be the life of the party like he was at the Garrison event.

They returned to the same tuxedo store as last time. A familiar petite lady greeted them at the door.

A bright smile lit up Lynne’s face. “Ah, if it isn’t Eren and Levi! Welcome back!” she gushed. She pinched Eren’s cheek.

Eren was actually a bit surprised she remembered his name. He noticed that people had a higher tendency to memorize his name when he was with Levi- he felt a bit famous.

“Hello, Lynne,” Levi said. “We’re getting another suit for Eren today.”

“Understood!” she said, walking them through the store. “Custom fitted, or store pick-up?”

“Store pick-up,” Levi said. They reached the back of the store, and Levi sat on the couch with a small groan.

“Tell me about the event,” Lynne inquired as she measured Eren again.

Levi told her it was a charity dinner. He wanted to get Eren into a suit that had some color and would be easy to move around in.

Lynne retracted her tape measure with a snap. “I have just the thing!” She circled around the store and picked up some options.

As they waited for her to return, Eren took Levi’s hands in his and rocked his hips from side-to-side playfully.

“You’re adorable,” Levi mouthed, and then his phone rang. “Hello, Petra.” He stroked Eren’s hand with his thumb as he held his phone with the other. “That’s fine. Thanks for letting me know.”

As Levi hung up, Lynne returned with two garment bags. “Okay, Eren- try these two options and we’ll have a look. Let me know if you need help.”

Eren shut the curtain of the dressing room and put on the first suit. He overheard Lynne asking Levi about the company’s latest news. She also asked how Eren’s other suit held up at the event.

Eren emerged in a deep purple corduroy suit and stood on the platform for inspection, hands in pocket. Lynne chewed her lip and angled her head in different places to get more perspective. Levi twirled his finger to have Eren turn around. It was a very indecisive few seconds.

“What do you think, Levi?” Lynne asked.

“It looks good on him, but… it’s a bit too gaudy.”

“I agree,” Lynne went up to Eren and fixed his collar. “Perhaps a little too playful for a dinner party. Let’s see the other one, hon.”

The next selection was a simple but charming dark blue pinstripe suit. Eren walked out and modeled it. Levi thought it complimented his long legs and firm ass nicely. The material was lightweight and the pants had a slim fit- perfect for Eren’s youthful, athletic body.

“I really like that,” Levi said. “I think we’ll take it.”

“I like it, too! You are quite handsome, Eren,” she brushed some lint off his shoulder and fixed the hems of his pants. “Change out of it for me and I’ll ring you gentlemen up.”

Eren hung the suit up in its bag to make Lynne’s job easier. They followed her to the register where Levi took out his shiny black credit card and payed for it. Eren remembered the last time they were here- his black suit cost several thousand dollars and he argued with Levi to pitch in. But, many shopping sprees and fancy dinners later, Levi made it clear that he enjoyed spending money on him, and that as his boyfriend, he deserved anything in the world.

“Bye, now! Come back anytime!” Lynne walked them out and waved them off.

At the food court, Eren opened his email to find out that Armin sent one more picture- a selfie in a hotel- captioned: “Finally returned to civilization! Back home in two days!” He would need to be picked up at the airport, and Eren happily volunteered. He gushed and bounced in his seat as they put down their trays of Chinese takeout, and Levi raised his eyebrow amusedly.

“What happened?”

“It’s Armin! He’s arriving in two days, Levi! God, I miss him so much!”

“I’m happy for you, darling, that’s very exciting!”

“I’ll be going to the airport to pick him up,” Eren said. He unwrapped the plastic from his fork and took a bite.

Levi ate and answered some of his own messages. “Oh, the movers will be arriving in about two hours. I have to go to work for a last minute meeting, so I can’t be there with you.”

Eren pouted.

“But I’ll try to make it over as soon as I’m done,” Levi finished, rubbing Eren’s hand. “The movers will do everything for you; just tell them how you want it.”


“Come on in,” Eren ushered the team into his apartment. They carried flattened boxes, tape, and bags of packing peanuts.”

“I’m Eren,” he introduced. “Umm…” He didn’t know what else to tell them.

One of the burly men stepped forward. “We know who you are, sir. Mr. Ackerman filled us in on the task. Just walk us through each room and tell us what you want to leave or pack. I’m Joe, by the way.”

His mind was still stuck on the fact that he was called “sir”- something he’s been called more frequently the more time he spends with Levi. He kind of liked it, though. Sir… he thought with an internal smile.

“Okay, Joe. Let’s start at the bedroom.”


The team was busy folding and putting away the contents of Eren’s closet as well as the bookshelf and desk. Eren opened his bedside drawer to figure out if there was anything he wanted.

Useless trinkets and gadgets were the most of it. This drawer- no, this whole apartment- felt a bit strange and unfamiliar since he spent most nights at Levi’s place; soon to be his place, too.

He fished out his glasses case. He hadn’t worn them in a while- he usually only wore them when he was reading or playing video games. He put it in the personal box Joe gave him.

Next, he found a half-empty bottle of lube. He looked around, and thankfully the team was busy packing to notice him. He slid it into his pocket quietly.

There was an old framed photo of him and Armin when they were a lot younger. They were hugging and Armin was making a peace sign. His heart felt really heavy all of a sudden- he couldn’t believe his best friend would be back in a few days. He remembered that day from the photo very clearly for some reason: Eren’s mom took them to the park on a chilly fall day. She insisted they stand beneath a large apple tree for a photo. Eren reached for an apple and it fell on his head with a thunk, and Armin couldn’t stop laughing. Eren was pouty, but Armin’s laugh was infectious and soon enough Eren was laughing, too. It wasn’t long before Eren’s mom was laughing along with them. Armin and Eren were hugging in a giggle fit when she snapped the picture.

What a nice memory, he thought with a fond smile. He put the frame into the box.

The rest of the drawer was just random batteries, opened mail, pencils, wires, most likely expired condoms, slips of papers with people’s numbers on them. Eren looked around and was pleasantly surprised that the team had just about stripped his entire room. They stretched out tape and stacked the finished boxes in the living room.

Eren took them to the living room. “You can throw away anything in the bathroom or the kitchen,” he told the men. He hardly cooked so he didn’t have much cookware or silverware. “The fridge is pretty empty but if you find anything in there, just trash it.”

He unplugged his Xbox and put it into the personal box, wrapping up the wires.

“Uh, Eren, sir,” one of the men said. Eren turned his head. The man had a funny look when he noticed the hickies along his shirt collar from last night. “Do you want to keep the television?”

The TV his Xbox was connected to was pretty shitty, so he just decided to leave it for the next tenants as a gift. The flat screens at Trost Tower were much better, anyway. Plus, Levi said to leave all big furniture and appliances.

“Nah. Leave it here,” he said.

He never spent that much time at home; he usually only returned at the end of a long work day to sleep, so the apartment wasn’t that personalized. Most of the packing was for the bedroom. In fact, the movers were just about done. His laptop was sitting on the edge of the couch, and that was about the last thing that he put away into his personal box to wrap the whole thing up.

“Alright, Eren,” Joe said. “Everything should be put away nicely. My men are moving the packed boxes into the truck as we speak, and I think they’re just about done stripping the rest of the apartment.” Eren saw a few of them hauling boxes out the door. “We’ll get rid of all the trash for you. Just keep your personal effects with you and take it to the destination. We’ll transport all the boxes to Mr. Ackerman’s place.”

“Thanks so much!” Eren told him. “You guys did a good job here.”

“Thank you, sir. We’ll be off.” He waved and joined the rest of his team, shutting the door behind him to leave Eren standing in the bare apartment.

Just a few moments later, there was a knock on the door. Eren thought that maybe one of the movers forgot a box, but it was Levi.

“Hey, darling,” Levi’s keys jingled in his hand. “Looks like I caught you just in time. I ran into the movers on my way in. How were they?”

“They did an awesome job,” Eren shut the door.

“Seems like it,” Levi said as he looked around. “It’s nice and empty in here, huh?”

Eren took his hand and laced their fingers together. “I’m kinda gonna miss this place,” he said quietly. Memories of him eating cereal for dinner on that couch came back, watching TV in the dark and falling asleep on the couch, and the nights he spent in his bed jacking himself off to Levi’s voice before they started dating. And look where he was now.

Levi rubbed his back soothingly. “I know, baby. It’s bittersweet to start a new chapter. I understand.”

Eren smiled at him. “But y’know, I really love you, and I’m pumped to live with you. I never thought this would happen to me.”

Levi squeezed Eren’s cheeks together in his hand and shook his face a bit. “I feel the same way.”

Eren took his hand again and walked him to the bedroom, now completely stripped, including the bed’s sheets.

“So, umm…” he began, quite casually, “I want you to fuck me in this apartment one last time.” He pulled the small bottle of lube from his pocket and wagged his eyebrows flirtily. “Gotta leave my mark,” he said, matter-of-fact.

Levi shook his head and laughed, taking the lube from him. “Oh, Eren. Ever prepared, I see.” Eren hopped on the mattress and stripped his shorts, sitting on his heels very innocently and patiently.

Levi happily obliged in his request.


Back at Trost Tower, they spent the rest of the day unpacking the boxes. Eren’s new bedroom would be the old guest room. Levi said it was important for him to have a space all to himself.

He’d only been in here a couple times before. It was like Levi’s bedroom- similarly oriented, but the furniture’s designs were slightly different and the room was a little smaller. He refilled the bookshelf, hung up his clothes and posters, and emptied his personal box.

A while of unpacking later, Levi helped Eren plug in his Xbox into the TV in the living room. Eren’s room was broken into and officially had his name on it. The living room had a collection of empty boxes that they would get rid of later.

“And, I think that’s it,” Levi cleaned up the last of the packing peanuts. He opened his arms wide. “Welcome home, sweetheart.”

Eren jumped into his arms and Levi picked him up off the ground, spinning him around in a tight hug. He laughed loudly as he was attacked with Levi’s flurry of kisses.

“You must be hungry,” Levi said once Eren was his feet again. “Let’s get dinner, shall we?”


It was the long-awaited day that Armin arrived from Africa. Eren told his boss that he would be taking the week off because he was moving, even though the moving process only took one day. No harm was done, though. It was going to be a busy week and he needed a break anyway.

Eren sent Levi off to work with love, and then began his journey to the airport, coffee in hand.

He waited at the terminal Armin told him about in his email, pacing around as he waited. It was strangely empty- maybe he was too early?

But slowly, more families and people began gathering in the terminal’s seats, and he relaxed a bit when he overheard someone saying the plane had a 30-minute delay.

The gates finally opened, and travel-weary passengers exited. There was a haggle of hugs, kisses, gushing… but Eren couldn’t find Armin in the crowd.

And suddenly-


Eren turned his head in the direction of the voice and a certain blue-eyed blond abandoned his luggage and threw his arms around his neck.

“Armin!! Ohhh,” he breathed, “welcome back!” He held Armin tight for several long minutes, inhaling the scent of his hair, letting the memories flood back.

They separated finally, and Eren held Armin’s shoulders at arm’s length to have a good look at him. His normally pure blond hair was now bleached several shades lighter from the intense sun, and his skin had a gnarly reddish tan. Tiny freckles peppered his cheeks and nose. But that smile never went anywhere, bright as ever against his darkened skin.

Eren pulled him back in for another hug, holding his head into his shoulder. Armin said nothing, and instead clasped his hands against Eren’s back. They didn’t have to speak, they let each other know they missed each other in the warm embrace of their hug.

“What a cute couple,” someone whispered as they walked by. Neither of them bothered to correct them- they were too busy catching up.

“Let’s get you outta here,” Eren finally said, dragging Armin’s heavier luggage. “I’ll take you to lunch. We have so much to catch up on!”


“Mikasa was busy this morning, so she’ll meet us at the restaurant,” Eren explained in the car.

Getting to the grill, Mikasa’s car skidded in just about the same time they rolled in. They all hopped out of their cars frantically.

Mikasa marched right over and pulled Armin into an almost strangling hug, rocking back and forth. “Armin… I’ve missed you so much. Welcome home.”

“Mikasa… Mikasa. Can’t really… breathe,” he wheezed as he rubbed her back. Hurt flashed in her eyes and she loosened her grip.

“Cut your hair?” he rolled some strands in his fingers. “I like it.”

“Uhh,” Eren opened his arms and approached with a cocky grin. “I wonder who that stranger is.” He hadn’t seen Armin in a month, but he hardly saw Mikasa these days either.

She tried to hide her smile as she walked into Eren’s open arms, resting her head in the crook of his neck. “And I’ve missed you, too, Eren.”


Eren tore into his steak as he listened to Armin’s wild stories about Africa. Mikasa rested her head on her chin and sipped her drink as she listened.

“Did you guys get my pictures!? I was worried they never went through.”

“We got ‘em,” Eren said. “You looked good in them… but not nearly as good as those elephants in the background.”

Armin punched his arm. “Ass.” Eren laughed wolfishly. “What did you think, Mikasa?”

“I especially liked that beautiful bird,” she said. “How did you get it to behave?”

“That was a scarlet macaw!” Armin’s eyes sparkled as he spoke. “The trick is to keep your arm still and steady. Like a tree trunk!

“But enough about me,” he said. “How was your fight this morning?”

“I fought Annie of all people,” Mikasa said.

“Really?” Eren mused. “Who won?”

“I did, but barely,” Mikasa said. “I need to sharpen my regimen if I want to keep up with her.”

“As if you need to spend more time training,” Armin shook his head. “You’re hardly around anymore!”

“I agree,” Eren said. “You’re ripped. You can carry a grown man on your shoulders. You should take a break.”

“Thanks, but, no.” Mikasa sipped her drink. “A day spent with no training is a day your opponent is gaining the upper hand. I can’t afford that.”

Armin and Eren shared a look and a small snicker.

“What about you, Eren?” Mikasa asked. “How’re things with Levi?”

Armin’s eyes sparkled again. “Oh, yes! Do tell!” He rested his chin on clasped hands and leaned forward.

“Hmm. Well, I moved in to his place yesterday.”

“Oh, my God!” Armin gushed. “Third base!”

“Oh, I hit a home run a long time ago, my friend,” Eren said.

Armin’s jaw dropped in scandalous disbelief. The last time Eren had been been with Armin, all he’d gotten from Levi was a handjob. But now, they had an ongoing checklist of places they’ve fucked. Quite the pleasant turnaround, Eren mused to himself.

Mikasa rolled her eyes at Eren’s vulgar implications. “You still have yet to introduce him to us.”

“I know, I know, I’m working on it,” Eren said.

Armin leaned in even closer. “So tell me, is he, y’know… well endowed?”

“Oh, you have no fucking idea-“

Mikasa shook her hands and shut her eyes. “No. You both can talk about that when I’m not here. Jesus.”

Eren winked at Armin. They would definitely finish discussing that later.

“And don’t think we haven’t noticed all those hickies on your neck!” Armin laughed.

“But more importantly,” Mikasa said, “is he treating you well?”

Eren rolled his eyes. “Yes, Mikasa,” he said with forced patience, like a child would to their overprotective parent.

“I have to be sure. I care about you.”

“I care about you, too, Eren!” Armin chimed in. “But I think this is the happiest I’ve seen you, so I’m not too worried!”

Armin was right about that, Mikasa thought. And as much as Eren’s past jerks tainted his relationship record, she knew deep down that Levi was the one.


It was hard dropping Armin off at home. After not having seen him in a month, he wanted to spend every waking minute with him for a few days to really get the feeling that they’ve caught up. Eren would’ve invited him to spend the night, but he lived with Levi now. Well, he could just stay at Armin’s… that was an option. But at the end of the day, they both decided that Armin was severely jetlagged anyway and the best cure for him was a hot shower followed by sleeping for two days straight.

Mikasa promised to try to make more time for them, seeing how she spent most of her waking moments in training. Eren knew how much getting stronger meant to her, so he really appreciated her effort.

And now, Eren would return home to Levi. In their apartment. He was still in disbelief. He was falling in love ridiculously fast, like a dreamy, rose-tinted slippery slope.

He was falling in love. He couldn’t say that about anyone else he’s been with.


Even though Eren had his own room now, he crawled into Levi’s bed anyway. He had trouble sleeping without Levi’s touch anyway.

“Hey, darling,” a freshly showered Levi pulled the covers down and climbed in. “Come here,” he whispered and held his arm open.

“I love how wrecked that pretty neck of yours looks right now.” Levi admired his own work from their day at the beach, running his fingers along Eren’s collarbones and up his throat.

Eren giggled and scooted closer so that his head was resting underneath that curled bicep, centimeters away from Levi’s chest. Levi leaned down and kissed him, inhaling the scent of shampoo from his damp hair. He strained a bit to reach over and turn off the bedside light.

“How are you holding up? You’ve had a busy few days.”

“I’m tired, but I’m happy,” Eren grinned.

Levi stroked his face with his thumb. “I’m glad. How is Armin?”

“He’s back in one piece! We had a blast today. Got a lot of stuff to catch up on. They really want to meet you, y’know. Armin and Mikasa.”

“We’ll make that happen. I would love to meet them, too.”

“Can you tell me about the charity dinner? What’s it about?”

“It’s similar to the Garrison event. There are auctions and exhibitions.” Levi stroked Eren’s hair as he spoke. “This time, it’s not just two companies- people from all over are invited. Maybe we’ll meet some new people. Everyone insists that I take you again- you charmed the pants off everybody and their mothers last time. I have no doubt you’ll do the same again.”

Eren grinned, but then bit his lip and looked down. “But this event is a lot bigger… what if I mess up? Or embarrass myself?”

“Hey,” Levi breathed. “You’re not going to embarrass yourself. You said that last time, and look how well you turned out.” Eren met his eyes with a renewed admiration. “I love bringing you along to these. You light up the whole room.”

Eren smacked Levi’s chest and sucked his teeth. “Levi, you’re such a liar! Stop saying such cheesy things!”

“I’m a liar, huh?” Levi smirked with a predatorial gleam in his eyes. “I’m a liar?” he growled and attacked Eren’s stomach with a jabbing tickle. When his stomach became immune, Levi moved his tickles to Eren’s exposed neck, and he begged for him to stop amidst squealing laughs.

“No, but I’m serious,” he said, and Eren crawled back into his arms. “You have nothing to worry about. Be yourself, and everything will work out. Understand, dear?”

“Understood.” Eren nuzzled his face into Levi’s chest. “Good night!”

“Good night, my love.”

Chapter Text

Eren waited patiently in the couch for Levi to finish getting ready. He was all cleaned up for the charity dinner, and his leg was bouncied in anticipation. He drank from a water bottle absentmindedly.

Levi entered the living room, buttoning his cuffs. His hair was slicked back and the top of his shirt was unbuttoned, giving Eren a visual taste of that porcelain skin. His all black ensemble contrasted spectacularly with his milky white complexion.

He approached Eren and held his face in his hands. “Look at you, all dolled up,” he said. “You handsome boy.” He pressed a long kiss into his forehead.

“Levi,” Eren averted his gaze. “I’m a bit nervous. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.”

Levi sat down beside him with a sigh, taking Eren’s head to his chest. “We talked about this, darling,” he said softly. “You’ll be just fine. You’re charming and adorable. Everyone will love you.”

Eren wrapped his arm around Levi’s waist, nodding in understanding. Maybe he was just overthinking it. He just needed a little encouragement. “Okay,” he whispered. “I feel a little better.”

“Good boy,” Levi said, and Eren’s heart fluttered. He got up and straddled him, pressing their hips especially close together. With a cheeky smile, he placed a hand on the bare skin of Levi’s chest. It was warm beneath his touch, and he could feel his heart beat steadily. Leaning down, he took Levi’s lips in a slow, appreciative kiss, rubbing his chest with long, graceful fingers.

They separated, holding their gaze into each other’s eyes. Levi gripped his waist. “Ready to go?”


The Aston rolled up to an impressive venue. The building itself was unmarked for the most part, embellished by a few simple glass sculptures on the outside. Men in sharp suits walked women in stunning dresses into the doors. Levi touched Eren’s lower back assuringly.

While the venue was a bit lackluster on the outside, it made up for it in the interior. They walked into a grand room, with sparkling fountains and ice sculptures of mermaids. Skewers of chocolates and fruits were arranged like bouquets of flowers, and deep, rich burgundy curtains lined the wall, giving the room a seductive mood.

“Whoa…” Eren breathed, a bit starstruck. Loud laughter from rich people and the clinking of glasses filled his ears.

“I quite like this venue,” a clear, familiar voice said from behind. Levi and Eren turned around.

Erwin was dressed in a powerful black suit, and his hair was slicked back as well. At his bent arm, he escorted a beautiful Petra, who was wearing a sparkling pastel gown with a slit up the leg.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Eren,” Erwin smiled. “You were truly delightful at the Garrison event.”

Petra let go of Erwin’s arm for a second and stroked Eren’s face. “Ooh, you are simply adorable. That suit is absolutely charming on you.”

“Thank you. Both of you,” Eren grinned politely.

Petra approached Levi next, touching his elbow. “And you’re as handsome as ever, Levi.”

“Thank you, Petra. You’re quite stunning as well.” He took her waist gently and placed a chivalrous kiss on her cheek.

Petra rejoined Erwin and held onto his arm. “We need to go reserve our spots,” Erwin explained. “Let’s get a better view this year.” Eren wasn’t sure how bad the view was last year.

Petra and Erwin left, and Levi turned and stroked Eren’s cheek. “I have to go get our seats as well. You can walk around and explore a bit, and I’ll call you when the main event is starting. Okay?”

“Okay.” Eren gave his hand one last squeeze and Levi turned on his heel and walked away into the crowd.

He was pretty alone now, but he didn’t mind it too much- if Levi wasn’t around, Eren had zero chance of embarrassing him. Plus there were tons of food and desserts here. He would manage.

A server approached Eren with a tray of bubbling champagne flutes. “Sir.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Eren smiled as took one. The glass looked so delicate that he felt he could shatter it if he gripped it too tightly. The server left and he downed the glass in one go.

This would loosen him up a bit. He drank it so fast that he didn’t remember what it tasted like. It was probably delicious, though. And really expensive.

Eren was gazing at one of the ice sculptures. This one was shaped like a dragon sitting atop a frozen brick. He wondered what would happen to it later. Do they wait for ice sculptures to melt, or do they shatter it…? Maybe they use pickaxes and salvage it into a different sculpture…?

“Sir,” a voice startled Eren and dragged him out of his thoughts. A different server held out a tray of hors d'oeuvres for him.

“Oh. Thank you.” Eren took a sample by the toothpick and munched at it. It was some sort of tomato and cheese stack. It was very flavorful; he wouldn’t mind another.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” an older woman asked as she looked at the same dragon sculpture.

“Yeah. I like them a lot,” Eren nodded. “They’re fascinating.”

“Did you know that different cultures from around the world each have their own portrayal of them? In some, they’re evil. Some, they’re good. In some, they’re watchful guardians and in others, they’re vengeful beasts. They even look different depending on which region they originate.”

How interesting, Eren thought. “What region do you think this dragon is based on?”

The old woman smiled and thought for a moment. “Hmm. Well, based on the armory scales and the bat-like wings, I would guess that’s it’s perhaps Welsh.”

“Huh.” Eren frowned his mouth and nodded slowly in thought.

The woman reached out and touched his arm. “I apologize for talking your ear off. You’re a good listener.”

Eren waved down her apology. “Not at all. I learned something. You seem wise.”

“What’s your name, doll?”

“Eren.” He flashed her one of his 100-gigawatt smiles.

“I’m Margie. Thank you for listening to me, Eren. I hope to see you around.” She touched him one last time and left quite abruptly.

He felt a bit guilty about being thanked for being polite. She probably had her share of rude people in her day. He was just being himself, like Levi instructed. That seemed to attract all sorts of people to him.

Eren wandered the lobby a bit more after that, conversing with several more people. They asked who he was affiliated with; he seemed awfully young to attend an auction. He said he was just a guest; he was accompanying representatives of Survey Corp. They were impressed by him- they said he was well-spoken. Eren knew how to play the game well.

He downed another champagne and munched on a few more appetizers. He got a bit tired of socializing, and went to a large hall with several art exhibits. Walking around, he saw all sorts of works- classical, contemporary… he was never a museum-crawler like Armin, but he developed a newfound appreciation for beauty. He saw similar designs in Erwin’s place when they last went.

He saw a canvas with a messy black stripe down the center named “The Folly of Man”. The price tag was $50,000. Eren did a double-take.

“No fucking way…” he breathed. If shit like that could sell for a fat stack like that, maybe he was an artist, too. Shit…

A young lady- not much older than Eren- was perusing the exhibit, and was drawn to his cussing in the otherwise quiet room. When he noticed her looking and met her eyes, she blushed, perhaps a bit smitten by his looks, and she snapped her gaze back to the painting she was inspecting.

He continued walking around, looking at strange naked figures, busts of Greek characters, and paintings of blue skies. His phone vibrated in his pocket.

“Hey, dear. Come join us in the dining room now.”


Eren exited the art gallery and followed a group of people to the dining room.

It was simply grand. Sparkling chandeliers… opulent Persian rugs… tables covered in freshly pressed white cloths. There was a stage with a podium, with a host preparing to hold the auction. The back half of the room had large tables for dinner, and the front half of the room closer to the stage had higher, smaller tables to hold drinks while the auction was taking place.

Eren looked around and found his party. Levi, Erwin, and Petra were sharing a table with some other people he didn’t know. Levi was leaning in close as Erwin was telling him something. He took the empty seat next to Levi. Erwin flashed him a smile as he sat.

Levi squeezed Eren’s thigh beneath the table. “Hey. Having a good time? So far, so good?”

Eren nodded and smiled. “Yup!”

“Come with me, I have something to tell you.”

Eren followed him to an empty hallway, quiet and private with some standing granite pillars. “What is it?”

Levi smiled at him. “Have you talked to a lady named Margie tonight?”

Eren’s face lit up. “Yeah! We were looking at the sculptures together!”

“Well, she was so happy that you talked to her that she found our group and wrote the company a check for two million dollars.”

Eren’s jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes widened cartoonishly. “T-two million!?”

“Yes! Turns out her rich husband is about to kick the bucket and she’s just looking for reasons to spend his money.”

“I’m-I’m speechless! All I did was talk to her; that’s a shit ton of money! What are you going to do with it?”

“Erwin and I agreed to raise our employees’ salaries first thing. They deserve it. And, I can get you anything you want, sweetheart!” He picked Eren up in one of his spinning hugs and Eren laughed out loud. “My little charmer, winning everyone over. What did I tell you before?”

They returned back to the table just in time for dinner. Servers flooded from swinging doors along the sides of the room and set down dinner in front of guests. Eren happily dug into his alfredo pasta right away, and Levi slapped open a cloth napkin and placed it on Eren’s lap so he wouldn’t ruin his suit on accident.

The auction commenced, and the host spoke on a small mouthpiece to deal out art from up-and-coming artists. Erwin smoothly reserved and bought a $12,000 vase, which got Eren to thinking that all those trinkets in his place were more expensive than he thought. Then, there was a section where representatives from different companies could auction on donations to sponsor the charities of their choice. It was a bit of an aggressive sport. Eren overheard gossip and shit talking about the current auctioneers trying to one-up one another; apparently they were from rival companies and neither were going down without a fight. The charity of the moment was a non-profit that helped kids with terminal cancer pursue mentorships under famous athletes and entrepreneurs. At this point, the bid was at $70,000 and climbing. It was becoming less about helping terminally ill kids and more about showing off the budgets of the auctioneers’ companies. Kinda fucked up, Eren thought.

Dinner ended and the servers cleared their plates. They came back around with coffee and wine before dessert. Eren settled on coffee while everyone else at the table sipped away from their red wine.

The auction for the non-profit for terminally ill kids ended, with a final donation of $280,000. The host announced the next one; a volunteer non-profit that provided meals for children in impoverished communities. Levi tapped Erwin’s arm.

“That’s our cue,” Erwin said, and went to stand at one of the taller tables near the front. As he waited for it to start, he sipped his wine nonchalantly. He stood casually, but he looked so powerful and a bit intimidating.

Eren looked at Levi. “Aren’t you gonna join him?”

Levi shook his head. “Erwin’s better at that kind of stuff. He knows how to manipulate people. He has a strong reputation at this event. And that’s our favorite organization to work with. So I just have him go up and represent the company for us.”

Petra nodded in agreement. “It’s a great cause. And Erwin will win any auction he enters.”

They watched as the bidding commenced. Right off the bat, Erwin offered a startling base bid: “80,” he said smoothly.

Eren learned that the numbers in the auctions were in thousands. The fact that people here could afford to give away thousands of dollars that easily blew his mind. But then again, there were people here that could afford to spare two million like it was nothing, so he wasn’t too shocked anymore.

Another man standing at an opposite table of Erwin’s spoke up. “100.”

Erwin smiled at him, a bit condescendingly, like his number was cute. “150.” Normally, people would increase the bid steadily, but Erwin cut right to the chase and jumped the amount.

The man looked a bit flabbergasted. “170.”

A man from yet another table raised his hand. “200.”

Erwin took a long sip from his glass, savoring it and taking his time. Confidence. He bled confidence. He was aware that the majority of the room was watching. “300.”

Wow… Erwin was an aggressive bidder, Eren thought.

“Jeez…” the first man that challenged Erwin, a wiry shell of man, wiped his sweaty hands on the side of his pants. Eren noticed that he didn’t speak up for the rest of this auction- maybe 300 was his whole budget.

But several men from surrounding tables pursued Erwin’s challenge, hiking up the price little by little to figure out Erwin’s budget and beat him.

Their stances and expressions withered under Erwin’s radiant charm. They were sweaty, nervous, and annoyed. “500,” Erwin said with finality, his icy blue eyes daring anyone to challenge him.

But no one did, and the winner was clear from the beginning. The other auctioneers wiped at their foreheads with handkerchiefs, and downed their wine to ease their nerves.

“$500,000 going once, going twice…” the host said. “Sold, to Mr. Smith! Congratulations!”

That was the quickest bidding all night so far, Eren later learned. Some biddings took hours; uncomfortable mind games and displays of power. But Erwin came to win, and he ended it in five minutes.

He came back to the table, a smile gracing his chiseled face. “Perfect. I planned on giving 500, anyway.”

Petra patted his arm proudly. The servers came back around with platters and little plates of desserts, and refilled wine glasses.

Erwin left again to socialize, and the next time Eren looked at him, a flock of ladies crowded around him, touching his forearm flirtily, laughing just a bit too forcefully at his jokes. He was such a lady killer.

Levi and Petra left the table as well, talking to some people Eren didn’t know. He used the opportunity to curb his sweet tooth; munching away at different treats while catching up on texts on his phone.

He was minding his business for the most part, but he suddenly heard a vaguely familiar voice.


Eren looked up and his hear jumped into his throat. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

“M-mark?” he stood up, trying to swallow his heart back down. It was his ex. Here, of all places. The one he left hanging, simply because he couldn’t take it anymore. He cautiously pocketed his phone. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here? There’s no way you can afford any of the shit here. Who are you kidding? I bet you didn’t even buy that suit.” He flicked Eren’s collar.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Oh,” Mark smirked. “Developed a little bit of lip, huh? What happened to the obedient little slut that I used to know?”

Levi looked up from his circle of conversation, noticing that Eren was talking to someone. But Eren, who usually stood up straight and tall and talked easily with people, rubbed his arm nervously and submissively, his head ducked and his eyes fixed on the ground. He was clearly uncomfortable. The man he was talking to had on a shit-eating grin and loomed over Eren aggressively.

He excused himself absentmindedly and walked over to them. “Who’s this clown?” Levi asked flatly.

Eren lifted his head. “It’s fine, Levi. I can handle it.”

Levi nodded silently, giving the man another chance to redeem himself. He walked away, returning to sit on a chair near the wall to inspect them from a distance. He couldn’t hear what they were saying fro here, but his mind raced with assumptions. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal; maybe they were just having an argument. An old friend, maybe?

Petra joined Levi on the chair next to him, rubbing his back soothingly. She had two glasses of wine in her hands, and held one out for him. “You seem on edge.”

Levi sat with his elbows on his knees, hands clasped over his mouth as he watched Eren and the man tensely. He held up a hand to decline her offer. He needed to be stone sober if he was going to deal with whatever was about to happen.

“Is that midget your sugar daddy, Eren?” Mark asked. “Is that how you weaseled your way into this place?”

Eren looked him in the face, a fire flashing in his eyes. In a time when Eren was still looking for work, Mark would pay his bills in exchange for sex. It was a humiliating part of his life that he never told Levi about; or anyone, for that matter. Mark would have his way with him, fucking him roughly and recklessly, and Eren would cry into the mattress as he was torn into night after night. Mark never bothered to prep him. But Eren would put up with it, his humanity withering away with each session. He remembered nights of lying on his bed, bites on his neck, face red with slap marks, and cum splattered over his stomach disgustingly. Nights where all he could do was curl up, alone and cold, craving affection, too embarrassed to tell anyone about his situation. And Mark wasn’t the first man that he had this arrangement with- making him feel all the more used to it.

“He’s not my sugar daddy,” Eren growled. “He’s my boyfriend. And he treats me right.”

“Come on, Jaeger. You know no one could give it to you as well as I could. Is that any way to talk to me, after all I’ve done for you?” His voice was eerily gentle, but his smile dripped with deceit, and his hand stroked Eren’s face. His hand was cold and uncomfortable against Eren’s cheek, unlike Levi’s touch that was warm and soothing.

Eren slapped his hand away. Mark looked fake hurt, surprised at Eren’s ability to stand up for himself. “Come on, Eren, how ‘bout we get outta here and I give you nice fucking just like old times? And you deserve a spanking after that act you pulled with me.”

From his chair, Levi was watching with a piercing stare, a slimy feeling crawling on his skin. He was looking, looking for a reason to get up. Petra looked at the focus of his gaze, trying to connect the dots.

“Fuck you, Mark,” Eren spat lowly, keeping his voice down so that Levi wouldn’t worry. “You’re an abusive asshole. And your dick is tiny. No one wants to be with you, motherfucker.”

And in a split moment, Mark’s hand wrapped around Eren’s throat in a choking hold, lifting his feet off the ground as he cut off his air. Eren’s hands shot to his throat, trying to loosen Mark’s grip on him desperately.

And that was the last fucking straw for Levi. He burst out of his seat, brisking into the scene with his hands clenching and unclenching as a poisonous anger overtook him.

“Levi!!” Petra cried.

It all happened in a second: Levi pushed Mark’s chest, knocking him back a few steps and releasing his grip on Eren, who crumpled to the floor with a harsh gasp. He swung back and his fist connected square on Mark’s face in a blinding punch. There was an audible crack! and a splatter of blood as Levi broke his nose and sent him to the floor in a daze.

The whole room was looking now. Levi pinned Mark down with his knee on his chest, his face twisted in a toxic rage, and landed punch after punch on Mark’s face. A crack. More blood. Teeth. Red. Red. Red. Even more blood. A split lip. Levi alternated his blows with each hand, and he was possessed as he exacted revenge on the monster that dared lay a hand on his Eren. He growled lowly with each punch, hitting harder each time until he was satisfied.

The women in the room were paralyzed in shock, their hands covering their gaping mouths as they were unsure what to do. They winced with each loud crack they heard. The men noticed the scene, and rushed over to hold Levi back; Erwin among them.

It was only when Mark was a bloody, unconscious mess that Levi got up from him and carried a shell-shocked Eren to his feet from under his arms. He brisked him away into what seemed like a spacious coat closet and shut the door behind them. Luckily, there was a small cushy couch to collapse on. Eren fell out of his shock, and when he realized what just happened in the last minute, he started sobbing uncontrollably. He cried openly and loudly into Levi’s shirt, and Levi fished out a handkerchief from his breast pocket to wipe Mark’s blood off his hands.

“Shh, shhh, it’s okay, baby, you’re safe now,” Levi soothed. He wrapped his arms around Eren firmly, stroking his hair to calm him.

But the tears kept flowing, Eren’s body quaking as he cried. “Shhhh, shhh. Don’t cry, sweetheart. Everything’s okay now. Everything’s okay. I’m here.” He held Eren’s face to his chest, rubbing his lower back soothingly.

He kept reassuring him. “Don’t cry, precious. You’re safe. Shhh, shhh.” Eren clutched at his shirt as he cried himself dry, his body shaking as he took difficult breaths.

It was a long time until Eren’s sobs eventually subsided. He now sat on Levi’s lap, his arms wrapped around his neck, and he kept sniffing quietly. Levi bounced his leg up and down to soothe Eren, like someone would a distressed child. He kept whispering shh, shhh into Eren’s hair until he was calm.

Levi’s phone vibrated, and he fished it out. He kept whispering shh as he read the message. It was from Erwin:

Is Eren alright? I spoke to management and had that degenerate removed from the premise. Though, his next destination is the hospital.

Levi replied:

Thank you for that. I’m taking Eren home now. I think he’s had enough for today.

He took the bloody handkerchief and folded it to the clean side, pressing it against Eren’s nose. He blew into it weakly, and Levi pinched his nose to clean up the snot. Eren took a shaky breath.

Levi looked down at his face and wiped his tear-stained cheeks with his thumb. He pressed a soft kiss into his hair. “Let’s go home, baby boy.”


Back at the apartment, Levi peeled Eren out his clothes and they got into the shower together. Levi cleaned himself up first, scrubbing the blood off his knuckles, and then he cleaned Eren up gently. Eren was silent as his back was scrubbed.

Levi dried and dressed him, and without much else, they got into bed. Levi sat against pillows and Eren sat on his lap, laying the side of his head against Levi’s shoulder. He had stopped crying, but now he was emotionally numb and his eyes were lifeless.

Levi rubbed his back beneath his shirt to soothe him to sleep, and he noticed faint hand prints on Eren’s throat. His blood boiled at the sight of it. No one on this fucking earth could touch Eren like that. And tonight was a sobering reminder that his precious baby had been through a lot.

Eren spoke for the first time all night since the incident, his voice low and flat. “I’m sorry I ruined your night. And Erwin’s and Petra’s.”

Levi took his face into his hands, and looked into those green eyes. Those eyes that lost their sparkle. “Hey, listen to me,” he whispered. “You didn’t ruin anyone’s night. Don’t you dare tell yourself that.”

“None of that would’ve happened if I wasn’t there,” Eren said. “Admit it.”

Levi held his head into his shoulder again. “No, precious. No matter where you go in life, there will be assholes. Assholes that try to take advantage of sweet things like you. It’s not your fault.”

Eren was silent for a moment. “…I want to say that-“

Levi silenced him. “You don’t have to say anything, sweetheart.”

Eren nuzzled into his shoulder in appreciation, grateful that he had Levi to protect him. Grateful that he didn’t have to explain anything; at least not until he was ready.

He fell into a much needed sleep against Levi’s shoulder, his cheek squishing against it. Soon enough, he was drooling a bit and his breathing steadied. Levi drew the covers over him.

Levi held him all night, holding him tight and rubbing his back. He would protect Eren with every fiber of his being, because he was the love of his life and deserved nothing less.

Chapter Text

Eren sat on his heels and swallowed every drop like he was asked.

“Good boy.” Mark struck Eren in the face. Hard. It stung like the color red. But then Mark took Eren’s cheek and rubbed the pain away. How confusing…

Mark buckled his belt and left the apartment, leaving Eren cold and naked and alone as he sat on the bed and wondered what his life has come to. He touched his stinging cheek with long fingers, and then he felt something else; water. Salty tears flowed down his cheeks silently. He didn’t sniff or sob. He just didn’t have it in him.


Eren opened his eyes slowly, struggling to come to his senses. He touched his cheek. It was just a dream. Just a dream.

He lifted his head, and the trip to sit up was a lot shorter than usual. He looked around. He was on Levi’s lap. There was a small pool of drool on his shoulder where his mouth was. The bedside table, the bed post, and then the room came to focus.

Eren placed his hand on Levi’s chest, still silent.

“Hey, sweetheart,” Levi whispered.

“Was I… Did you hold me all night?” Eren wiped the drool from the side of his mouth.


Eren was hit by a pang of guilt, and his face softened in concern. “Levi. No. You have to go to sleep!”

Levi chuckled lowly, and Eren was filled with a warmth that pulled at the corners of his lips. “I’m fine, love. I’m not tired. I drifted away a few times.” In reality, that was a bit of a white lie. Something to make Eren feel better. He held Eren and rubbed his back all night, contemplating and using the quiet of the night to reflect on his thoughts.

And Eren seemed a little more at ease after hearing that. He yawned into his hand and wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck. The world was coming back into focus now. He inhaled the familiar scent of musk and sandalwood- the scent that came to feel like home.

“I’ll be back.” Eren whispered and went to the bathroom to wash and brush. Levi heard the sink running, and he got up and stretched- his bones cracking a bit after sitting in that position all night. He changed out of his shirt that was soiled with Eren’s drool.

Levi got breakfast started; eggs and toast. He brought the tray back to his bedroom, where a freshly washed Eren was lying down and cuddling a pillow. He sat up when he saw breakfast coming.

“I’ll feed you,” Levi said. Eren held the pillow to his chest as he was fed forkful after forkful, realizing he was actually famished.

By the time he was on a full stomach, he was starting to feel more like himself. Levi’s heart warmed when he saw that cute smile that he missed after last night. The sparkle was back in those emerald eyes.

Levi wiped Eren’s mouth with a napkin, and as soon as the tray was set aside, Eren found himself back in his lap.

“Feeling better?” Levi asked him softly.

Eren nodded sweetly, and then took the side of Levi’s face and pulled it toward him, puckering his lips and laying the softest kiss upon his cheek.

“Thank you for protecting me last night,” he whispered.

Levi wrapped his arms around him, rocking him back and forth. “It’s my job, precious. What good am I if I can’t make sure you’re safe? …And I’m sorry if I scared you.”

Eren placed his hand on his chest again. “You didn’t. You’re really badass!” he grinned.

Levi chuckled again and kissed Eren’s bangs.


They spent the morning cuddling while watching a movie. Eren sipped hot chocolate with both hands (with mini marshmallows, Levi remembered) and leaned back against Levi’s chest, his head nestled in the crook of his neck. Levi rested his chin on Eren’s head, his strong arms wrapped around him. He reached over to his bedside table to take gulps of his black tea, occasionally burying his nose into that messy brown hair and sucking loud smooches into it.

Eventually, the sour memory of last night had lifted away from Eren’s mind. Levi set their empty mugs aside, and wrapped his arms tigher around Eren. Eren held onto his forearms, feeling safe and secure and warm. So warm. He smiled richly and nuzzled into Levi’s neck.


The credits rolled, and Eren craned his neck and looked up at Levi with that cheeky smile of his. Levi turned the TV off and looked back at him.

He patted Levi’s knee. “You have to go to sleep now,” he stated.

“I already told you, dear. I got some rest in last night.”

“No. You need like, actual sleep. It’ll make me feel better.”

Levi was silent for a second. The insomniac in him pouted a bit. “But-“

Eren got up and shook his head, massaging those bulky shoulders to get him moving. “Nope. No buts. You’re going to sleep now.”

Levi chuckled a bit, surrendering and getting beneath the covers. He loved how Eren could go from a sweet, innocent kid to a seductive plaything to a motherly force at the drop of a hat. He was so wonderfully complex, and he loved him for it.

Eren pulled the covers tighter around Levi’s shoulders with those elegant fingers of his and leaned down, pressing a long kiss into his temple. “I love you. Go to sleep!”

“I love you, too.” He heard Eren collect the mugs from the bedside table and walk out the door.

And damn, his young boyfriend was right once again. He didn’t realize how tired he truly was. Yesterday was a long day, and holding Eren through the night gave him incentive to stay awake. But now that he knew that Eren was feeling himself again, he could rest easy. He was out like a light in no time.


A few days later, Levi told Eren that Erwin was holding a barbecue cookout for the executive team of Survey Corp. and that Eren could bring a few people along. So, he invited Armin and Mikasa. They would finally get to meet Levi. Eren gushed with excitement.

Armin and Mikasa happily accepted, and they would be driving to the park separately. Eren and Levi went to the supermarket to get drinks and plates.

Levi wore shorts and flip flops, which made him look so ridiculously casual compared to his usual suits and slacks. But even still, he was not lacking in any aspect as his bulging biceps flexed beneath his tight black t-shirt and his cargo shorts showed off his sculpted calves.

Getting to the park, Erwin was adding charcoal to the grill and lining up his ingredients. He was also wearing shorts and flip-flops which Eren laughed at.

“Ah, welcome!” Erwin said when he noticed them approaching. “I’m glad you could make it!”

Levi went to help Petra set up, and Erwin took Eren’s shoulders. “Are you doing alright, Eren? I was worried after the incident.”

Eren nodded. “Yeah. I was kinda shaken up for a while but I’m all good now. Thanks for worrying about me, Erwin.”

“Of course. You’re important to me. Just as Levi cares for you, you’re my responsibility as well.” He pulled Eren close and rubbed his back with his large hand. It was a fatherly sort of touch that Eren missed. He smiled as his back was rubbed.

“EREN!” a voice screeched. Eren turned around and was tackled into a smothering hug by none other than Hange.

“Watch out, the grill is getting hot,” Erwin scolded her, and held his arm out to protect it.

“H-hey Hange…” Eren laughed weakly and patted her back.

“How have you been, my young friend!?” she gushed. “Let’s bring you over to everyone else! We’re going to start a volleyball game soon!” She yanked him away by his arm.

“Be careful with him, madwoman,” Levi called to her, not looking up from the plastic utensils he was unwrapping. Erwin laughed and shook his head.

The executive team gathered around Eren and caught up with him, patting his back welcomingly. It was nice to see the familiar faces from the Garrison event: Gunther, Oruo, Erd, Moblit… even Mike was here.

“Eren!” Armin waved as he approached the picnic with Mikasa.

“Armin!” Eren excused himself and went to go greet his friends. He gave each of them a quick hug and took their plates to Petra. He took Levi’s hand and led him to meet his friends at long last.

Eren was grinning. He placed his hands on Levi’s shoulders as he introduced him. “Guys, this is Levi Ackerman, my boyfriend that I’ve told you so much about!”

Levi took off his sunglasses and held his hand out. “A pleasure to finally meet you two. Eren has told me wonderful things about you both.”

Eren walked away to let them acquainted. As he greeted Petra and helped her in setting up, he looked behind to see how Levi was faring with Armin and Mikasa. Both his friends were taller than Levi. He giggled at the sight of it. But they seemed to be listening intently to what Levi was telling them, so he thought things were going well.

“Okay. All set.” Petra smiled and admired the set-up. “Eren, honey.” He looked at her. “I have to ask, how are you feeling? After the incident,” she clarified.

“Erwin asked me the same thing. I’m okay now, really. I appreciate your worrying, though.” He smiled for good measure.

Petra returned the smile and stroked his face. “Oh, I’m glad,” she breathed. “It’s my job to worry about you. Both Erwin and I care about you.”

Mikasa and Armin arrived at the table.

“Levi’s great, Eren.” Armin smiled. “You reeled in a good one.”

“I like him, too,” Mikasa said. “I think he’s good for you.”

Relief washed over him that his friends approved of his boyfriend. He cared about what they thought more than he let on.

“It looks like they’re trying to set up a net over there,” Mikasa pointed to the executive team assembling the volleyball net. “I’ll help them out.”

Eren debated on whether he should tell Armin about the incident at the charity dinner. They agreed to never keep secrets from each other, but this wasn’t Eren’s proudest moment. He didn’t really want to admit that he couldn’t defend himself. There was no way in hell he would ever tell Mikasa; if she found out, she would go to the hospital Mark was staying at and finished what Levi started. But he felt bad keeping such a big event from Armin.

Fuck it. Eren decided to tell him. He told him everything that happened that night. From the dragon to the two million dollars to the way Levi beat Mark unconscious. Armin’s eyes were wide as he listened.

Eren finished the story, and Armin was speechless. “Oh, my God! Why didn’t you tell me all that right when it happened!? Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Eren laughed. “I was in shock after it happened, but I’m fine now.” He looked around. “And don’t you dare tell any of that to Mikasa. I mean it!”

Armin put his hands up in surrender and shook his head, his blond hair swishing back and forth. “I won’t, I won’t. Thanks for entrusting me with all that. Levi doesn’t, umm… he didn’t look like he was capable of doing that to someone. At least when I was talking to him. I’m kinda shocked.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Eren said. “He surprised me, too. It kinda makes me wonder what else he’s been through before.”

They gazed at Levi, who was talking to Erwin next to the grill with his arms crossed.

Mikasa and Hange returned from where they were setting up the net. “It’s all set up,” Mikasa said. “Do you guys want to come play?”

“Yeah.” Eren got up and took his shoes off. “Armin, you comin’?”

“Ahhh… I’ll pass. Go ahead without me.” Armin was never really much for sports. He pulled out a book.

Hange took a seat across from him. “You must be Eren’s friend!” she said cheerfully and stuck out her hand. “I’m Hange Zoe. Accounting exec at Survey.”

Armin smiled and shook her hand, tucking his hair behind his ear. “Armin Arlert. Pleasure to meet you!”

“Not really into the physical endeavors, huh? I can relate.”

“Yeah. I’m more of a bookworm, to be honest.”  He held up his book.

“Whatcha reading? I recognize the author’s name.”

Hange and Armin got along pretty well. She was a bit too talkative for his liking- well, everyone’s liking- but she was very knowledgeable and they shared many theories and ideas.

At the volleyball game, Eren impressed everyone by becoming the ace of his team. It was no surprise he was athletic, but his success was attributed more to the fact that he was insanely competitive.

However, the other team held their own as well, with Mikasa and Mike acting as strong anchors. They all played fiercely as Erwin cooked, and in the end, Eren’s team came out on top.

Gunther took Eren into his arm and gave him a noogie as the rest of his team chanted his name. Levi looked over and chuckled at the sight. Erwin loaded up all the freshly cooked meat into a large aluminum tray and shut the grill. “Hungry, anyone?” he called as he set the tray down on the picnic table.

Petra, poor thing, squealed as people swarmed around her to dig into the food. “One at a time, people! There’s plenty for everyone!”

Eren bit into what he thought was the juiciest hot dog he’d ever tasted in his life. He groaned as he chewed and finished it three bites, going in for a second, then a third. Levi approached him from behind, placing his hands on his shoulders and leaning down to his ear. “Slow down, baby.”

Armin gulped while in Levi’s presence, after what Eren told him he was capable of doing to a man. But he was also strangely comforted by it. Eren’s last few… companions… were questionable. Not that he knew much about them. They introduced themselves through the mysterious marks and bruises they left on Eren. And Eren kept them a secret. Armin was relieved that someone as strong as Levi was there to protect him.

Eren was tearing away at his fourth hot dog with forced control and patience after whatever Levi said to him. Even Mikasa couldn’t get enough of the hamburgers and hot dog on her plate. Whoever cooked these clearly knew their stuff. Armin looked at the grill to see who was manning it.

Oh. Fuck him sideways with a chainsaw, why don’tcha.

The tall blond hunk of a man was calmly flipping the burgers for round two. His sharp cheekbones chiseled his face, and his jawline was strong and sculpted by the gods themselves. He had thick, dark eyebrows that gave him a serious look, but his shapely lips were curved in a gentle smile. His nose was strong and straight. FUCK! Armin thought, willing his beating heart to be still. Scraping his eyes greedily down the man’s body, he was incredibly built for the age he seemed to portray. He had a nice, broad chest, and toned arms that were perfect to hold Armin if he ever fainted in public, which might be very probable today. His back was large and muscular, just waiting to be touched, Armin thought. He spent a little too long staring at the blond hunk’s ass, then staring at his crotch to imagine what he was working with underneath. He was probably hung like a fucking horse, Armin thought.

Get a hold of yourself! He then scolded himself. He’s probably married with kids or some shit. His eyes darted to the man’s hand, squealing internally when he found no ring.

“Are you gonna eat that, Armin?” Eren pointed to his plate.

Armin’s eyes were still fixated on the man at the grill, completely ignoring the question. He smacked Eren’s arm in repetition. “Eren. Eren. Who is that?”

Eren followed his eyes and then turned back to him. “Oh, that’s Erwin. He’s Levi’s best friend. And Co-CEO,” he said nonchalantly.

Fuck! Armin squealed again internally. He was handsome and he was damn CEO?!

He took Eren’s face in his hands, his cheeks squeezing together. Eren’s eyes widened in confusion.

“Eren,” Armin practically moaned. “He is suuuuuch a daddy!”

Eren laughed, having forgotten momentarily that his friend had the biggest daddy kink if he’d ever seen one. “You have the hots for Erwin?” He swung his legs over the wooden bench and wiped his mouth. “Come on,” he waved his hand to get him to stand.

Armin stood up. “Why?”

“I’m gonna introduce you.” Eren took his arm and started walking.

Armin yanked his arm away, his face looking mortified. “Eren! No! I’m-I’m… I can’t!”

“Don’t be shy. He’s really nice. You’re gonna win him over with that big brain of yours,” Eren said. He could already feel his face getting hotter.

They got to the grill, and Armin’s heart pounded like a drum. “Erwin,” Eren got his attention.

Erwin turned and when he noticed Armin, he flashed a large, pearly-white smile. Armin was going to faint. Or throw up. Whichever came first. Fuck!

“This is my best friend Armin,” Eren pushed him forward a bit. “He just came back from visiting Africa. He loves to travel and he’s a genius.”

“Africa?” Erwin breathed, automatically intrigued. He hung up his tongs and shut the hood of the grill, sticking his hand out. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Armin. I’m Erwin, as you may have heard.”

Armin stuck his hand out and Erwin took it in his, shaking it gently. Armin felt his knees beginning to buckle. Erwin’s hand was huge and engulfed his. And it was really soft and warm.

“It’s a p-pleasure to meet you, too.” Armin was a blushing fool now, his face hot and red.

“So tell me about your visit abroad,” Erwin said cheerfully, his icy-blue sparkling with fascination.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” Eren said, and walked away.

Don’t leave me, you ass! Armin pleaded internally. Erwin beckoned him to sit with him at two nearby folding chairs near the grill.

Eren went back to his spot at the table, squeezing Levi’s shoulder along the way. Mikasa was eating salad.

“Hey. Did you have any matches today?”

“No matches. Just training,” she said between crunches.

“Thanks for being here, Mikasa. I know how busy you are. It means a lot that you made time for me.”

Mikasa looked up and set her fork down, and then wiped her mouth. “You’re welcome. I’m really enjoying it here. And I finally got to meet Levi. I’ll always try to make time for you, Eren.”

Eren grinned and started munching on chips to hold himself over until Erwin was done cooking seconds. He looked over to see how Armin was holding up with him. Erwin was leaned in, elbows on knees, enraptured by what Armin was telling him. Armin seemed to be less shy now, talking and gesturing animatedly with his hands.

Good. No one could resist Armin. Plus, he and Erwin seemed like a good match. It was going to work out wonderfully.

“Did you figure out if you and Levi were related?” Eren asked Mikasa.

“I asked him about it,” she said. “We couldn’t find any connections, though. When I was little, my mom told me I was an only child and she never mentioned any cousins.”

“Hm. Interesting.” They looked awfully similar, though.

“Round two!” Erwin came over and set down another aluminum tray of meat, and even included some corn this time.

Eren bolted out of his seat and fixed himself a few burgers. If they were as any good as those hot dogs, he would be in for a good time.

And they were. Erwin’s grilling game was on point. He willed himself to take his time, Levi’s voice echoing in his head.

Damn, now he was stuffed. He downed it all with some Coke, which only made him feel even more sluggish.

He looked over to the grill, and Erwin was holding out a kebab for Armin to try. Armin nibbled at it shyly. Shit! He was in there! They were hitting it off! Eren thought happily. And they were absolutely adorable together, Erwin laughing at something and Armin tucking his hair behind his ear.

The executive team was debating about something again; a crisis in a neighboring company. Eren was too tired to join the conversation so he just listened. He rubbed his stomach to soothe it.

Mike and Mikasa got up and started dissembling the volleyball net. The event was coming to a close, and people were beginning to clean up and leave.

Armin rejoined Eren at the table, looking radiant and rosy.

“Well?! How did it go, Romeo?” Eren asked.

There were people busy putting plates away and wiping things down around them, so Armin took Eren’s arm and led them to a nearby shady tree that had some folding chairs underneath.

“Eren,” Armin looked down glumly. “It’s hard to say it, but…” his face instantly lit up again, “He gave me his number!!”

Eren punched his arm and laughed. “Jerk. You scared me for a second! Look at you, you had nothing to worry about!”

Armin held his phone to his heart and gushed. “I’m so excited! He’s so fucking hot! And he’s insanely smart.”

“And he makes the best meat,” Eren rubbed his aching stomach again. “I feel like I’m pregnant.”

“Gross,” Armin said. They both looked over to the picnic, where everything was neatly cleaned up and people were walking back to their cars with leftovers in hand.

Mikasa made her way over, and Eren stood up. “Thank you both for coming today,” he said. “I loved seeing you guys.”

They each took a turn giving Eren a hug. After their goodbyes, they waved Eren away and made their way to Mikasa’s car.

Eren walked back to the site, where only Erwin and Levi remained.

“Hey, dear. Ready to go home?” Levi asked.

“Yup. And thank you for the food, Erwin. You work a mean grill!”

“You’re very welcome,” Erwin laughed. “Come visit at work more often!”

“I’ll try!” Eren followed Levi back to the car. He collapsed into his seat, letting the back of his head fall on the headrest.

“Levi… I think I had too much too eat.”

Levi started the car. “What did you have?”

“Four, actually five hot dogs. And like two or three burgers. Maybe four, now that I think about it…”

Levi laughed and rubbed his thigh. “This is why I tell you to slow down. It takes time for your body to register how full you are.”

Eren rubbed his stomach and pouted. “Whatever.”

“I’ll rub your tummy when we get home,” Levi said.

Eren looked at him and grinned. “Thank you. I’ll love you forever.” He said gratefully.


A car ride and shower later, Eren has had some time to digest and his stomach ached less. Levi gave him a can of ginger ale to help settle his stomach. Then, they watched some TV in Levi’s room, and he upheld his promise by rubbing warm circles into Eren’s stomach underneath his shirt. Eren was now a pile of mush, his head lolled back on Levi’s chest and his arms were draped around Levi’s legs as he got his treatment. His eyes were shut and he was straining to listen to the TV at the same time. Levi thought Eren was adorable when he was incapacitated.

Eventually, Eren’s stomach finally settled and he could fully enjoy the TV. He lay on Levi’s lap and got his scalp massaged. The day was coming to an end.

Levi turned off the TV after a while, and ruffled Eren’s hair. “Darling.”

Eren smiled mischievously and got up to straddle Levi. He put his hands on his shoulders.

“Hey, Levi, guess what?”

He looked at him expectantly.

Eren leaned closer and placed a light, innocent peck on Levi’s lips.

He came back up, looking into those steely grays. Then, he went in again, this time delivering a deep, sensual kiss. He licked and lapped at Levi’s lips, and then inserted his tongue into his mouth, where he explored slowly. He closed his eyes and breathed through his nose, tasting and sucking and taking all the time in the world.

He finally separated, letting go of Levi’s lips with a loud smooching sound. Levi looked into those green eyes that were hazy with lust, and his heart was struck.

Eren giggled innocently. “That’s what.”

Levi smirked and tackled him into the mattress, and it was no surprise that he made love to him after that.

Chapter Text

-Three years earlier-

After a particularly non-eventful day of working, Levi drove through to the seedier part of town. Here in the outskirts, the streets were littered with illegal activities, garbage, and outlaws. It seemed chillier in these parts, too; the wind whipped around the cold concrete, banging at the metals of boarded-up buildings and picking cardboard strips off the ground.

Driving through these streets with his nice car made Levi stand out like a sore thumb. He was careful not to roll down his windows- prostitutes working the corners were eager to ask him for service. He didn’t blame them. Some of those girls have been through a lot- it was a nice change to provide a night of pleasure to a man that had some class. It was a little less degrading to provide service to a man that would treat them right. Those girls would throw away their humanity aside to provide for the little kids he sometimes saw running around these streets, so he secretly respected them.

His mother was one of those girls.

Levi rolled up to a decrepit little saloon in a dark corner. His uncle took him here all the time when he was a kid. Most children’s childhoods consisted of the scents of chocolate chip cookies and warm blankets; Levi’s, cigarettes and stale alcohol.

This place was filthy. It smelled rotten and it needed a thorough cleaning. The men that frequented this bar were hardened and rough around the edges. Dark tattoos climbed up their beefy arms and necks, gold chains hung from their throats, and their faces were weathered and harsh. If looks could kill, some people would be dead around here.

Levi walked past the glaring patrons and took a seat at a stool at the counter. He knew why they were staring. His tailored and pressed clothes contrasted harshly to the wifebeaters and jeans here. They didn’t take a liking to that.

“What’ll it be?” the elderly bartender asked gruffly. He was wiping a glass with a towel, and gave Levi a strange look. He wondered why someone like him would come to a place like this.

“Bourbon. On the rocks.”

“You got it.”

The bar had a hazy atmosphere from all the people smoking fat cigars. It was quite disgusting, actually. A normal person would begin to cough in this kind of air. Levi was used to it, though.

“Here ya go,” the bartender slid a glass towards him.

Levi sighed and swirled the glass around a bit. He downed it in two gulps.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and slid the glass back. “Another.”

The bartender had some surprise in his eyes, that this refined little man could knock one back so quick. “Uhh… sure.”

He refilled the glass, and Levi rubbed the bridge of his nose with a groan. He could feel the alchohol kick in harshly.

“Oh, hey, I know you,” the bartender said. Levi looked up. “You’re Kenny’s nephew! Li’l Levi!”


His uncle Kenny was famous around these parts. He developed a reputation of not taking any shit from anyone, and he’s beaten many people unconscious before. And in that way, he was both feared and respected. Some people recognized Levi here, too. They made sure to stay out of his way.

“I used to serve you milk here when you was just a kiddie!” the bartender’s face softened as he laughed. “Now you’re havin’ the hard stuff! Where does the time go…?”

Levi knocked back his second round and closed his eyes. It burned down his throat- but he kind of liked the feeling.

“One more,” Levi said.

“You’re a heavyweight just like ya ol’ uncle, eh?” the bartender clicked his tongue and shook his head. “That man could outdrink a group of my hardest guys.”

Levi took his time with his third round, letting the alcohol really take its effect. He didn’t know why he came to this dump. It was grimy and classless just like its visitors. Nostalgia, maybe? This was where Kenny taught him how to fight. It was here that he put a knife to a man’s throat for the first time. If nothing else, Levi came here to remember his roots. He wasn’t above anyone else here. They were all the same diamonds in the rough.

But he also had some good memories here. Kenny brought him here so often that it was almost like the whole bar adopted him as their own. They picked him up and put him on their shoulders, and they slid $20 bills into his pockets with a wink. They clinked their glasses of whiskey to his cup of milk, and he really felt like man.

When Kenny would disappear to a nearby alley to have his way with a hooker, he would entrust the men at the bar to babysit Levi until he was done. They sat Levi on their knees, teaching him about different kinds of knives and guns using the letters of the alphabet. Even when bar fights broke out, leaving men bloodied and on the brink of death, it was an unspoken rule that little Levi had immunity and was not to be touched. He sat on the bar counter, swinging his short legs innocently as he watched men smash bottles of whiskey over each others’ heads in testosterone-fueled rage, beating the teeth down each other’s throats. It was like good TV to kiddie Levi.

Even when women and wives came in, they would gather around Levi and dote on him, kissing and cuddling him close, stroking his hair gently as cute little Levi showed them the shiny new knife Kenny gave him for his birthday. The void of losing his mother early was filled because of this.

Levi laughed lightly and took a gulp of his bourbon. He couldn’t say he had a bad childhood. Rough, maybe, but he became really street-smart early on.

And here he was now, who against all odds came out on top of the social food chain as a successful businessman. He owed part of his success to the way he was raised- he knew what he wanted and how to get it. He knew how people ticked.

The bartender topped him off once again and Levi nodded shortly in gratitude. Even though the alcohol numbed him up pleasantly, it also made him feel heavy in melancholy.

He had a nice job, a nice car, a nice place with a view that people would kill for… so why was he so fucking miserable??

Even the best things in life lose their meaning when you don’t have anyone to share it with. It was a bit of a routine at this point- Levi would work all day, and then he would sweat off his stress by boxing at the gym. He spent the rest of the night in his apartment alone, working for most of the night to keep himself too busy to feel anything. He would then drown his sorrows with countless drinks, falling asleep in a cloudy, insomniac haze. His bed felt too big and empty during nights like these.

The truth is, even with all the wonderful people he had in life- like Erwin and Petra and all the people at Survey Corp, even his adventurous friends Isabel and Farlan- Levi felt extremely lonely. He didn’t know what to do to solve this. He felt fucking ungrateful. All these people let him into their lives despite how much he pushed them away. He didn’t deserve them.

He knocked his glass back, relishing the burn again. He was a grown ass man. Why was he getting all soft about love all of a sudden?

He didn’t know how long he stayed at the bar. The alcohol was settling in like a blanket, and the smell of cigars wafted around him, making him sleepy. He massaged his temple and listened to the conversations of the people sitting around him.

Eventually, he decided to go home. He fished out his wallet to pay, but the bartender lowered his hand for him. He shook his head. “On the house,” he smirked. “Family privileges. Come back and visit more often, wouldja, squirt?”

Levi laughed and put his wallet away. He normally wouldn’t let anyone call him that, but this man was one of the many that raised him. “Thanks. I’ll try.”

As he hopped down the stool and walked to the doors, he looked around and saw the familiar sights from his childhood. Those wooden chairs and the low tables, the barrels of aging alcohol, the glints of knives peeking out of boots, the overflowing ashtrays.

A musclehead brushed past Levi’s shoulder gruffly. He and his entourage paused and looked at him ferally. “Hey, watch where ya goin’, shorty.”

The men chortled and smacked the musclehead’s back in encouragement.

Levi stopped dead in his tracks. “What the fuck did you just say?” he asked, eerily calm. He turned around with eyes glaring daggers.

The men stopped laughing. The alpha strode up to Levi with a masculine swagger, coming up close so that he was touching Levi’s chest.

It was a moment of silent squaring up, the tension growing thicker between them. “I said,” the man growled, inches from Levi’s face, “watch where you’re going. Shorty.”

And Levi wasn’t sure if it was all the alcohol he had, or if he was just in a shitty mood, but that was what did it for him. He drove the toe of his shoe into the guy’s shin, making him hunch over in pain. Levi used his moment of weakness to throw a slugging punch into his gut, effectively sending him to the floor. He straddled the guy’s waist and pulled his shirt, striking him with two swift punches to the eye.

The entourage was shocked for a split second. Their head honcho was taken down singlehandedly by some guy that barely broke five feet. They circled around him, stretching their necks and cracking their knuckles in preparation to fight.

Levi let go of the alpha’s shirt, leaving him to marinate in his own pain. He started with the guy closest to him, swinging his leg fiercely into the guy’s exposed side. He toppled over, clutching on to the place he was hit. Levi turned him over on his back using his toe, then stomped on the guy’s throat, knocking the wind out of him.

The bargoers were looking at the scene with interest, but no urgency. Around here, you don’t get involved in fights that don’t concern you. You let men handle their animosity the old-fashioned way: a classic fist fight.

The third guy ran towards Levi, his hands itching to strangle. Levi let him get close, then delivered a sharp uppercut to the jaw. The man staggered back several steps, and Levi walked up to him calmly. He drove the bottom of his foot directly into his chest in a front facing kick. The crash of broken glasses and toppling chairs was jarring as the man fell backward into an abandoned table, and he got soaked in a rain of whiskey and glass shards.

There was one more lackey. The pressure was all on him now to avenge his fallen posse. He took out a bowie knife from the back of his belt and charged at Levi. He slashed the air in a blind rage, and Levi was light on his feet as he dodged the knife. Backing up, he looked for an opening, just like Kenny taught him. In a moment of recovery, the man had his knife aiming straight forward to Levi’s throat and was about to retract it for another strike, and Levi saw his chance.

With blinding speed, Levi wrapped his hand around the guy’s forearm and knocked his wrist, which reflexively opened his hand up and dropped the knife to floor with a metallic clatter. He would be much easier to take care of now that he was unarmed. And the guy knew it, too, with the way his eyes begged for mercy. Levi turned on his heel and pulled the guy’s arm forward to bring him closer. He jabbed his elbow into the guy’s gut. Now that he was collapsed on Levi’s back in pain, Levi pushed him off and let him fall to the ground. He pinned the guy’s back down with his knee and took his arm, twisting it up and around his head. The man was screaming in pain and in a second, Levi heard a loud crack- he knew he dislocated the guy’s shoulder.

The man continued to scream and writhe in pain as Levi got off him. He picked up the fallen knife and returned the alpha, who was starting to come back to his senses and stirred to get up for another attempt. Levi swung a kick into his side to prevent him from getting up. And then another. He kept kicking the guy’s weakened body until it was a lifeless pile of limbs. With his freshly swollen eye, the alpha groaned helplessly. Levi put his knee on his chest and pressed the knife against his throat.

Don’t kill unless you need to. Make them your bitch, he remembered Kenny’s advice.

“Watch what you say to me, bitch,” he spat. He got up and threw the knife on the floor, fixing his collar and walking out the saloon doors.

The other bar patrons watched the scene casually. In most places, it was a team effort to dissolve a brawl like this. In this saloon, it was simply dinner and a show.

“Hey, ain’t that Kenny’s kid?” the bargoers began to inquire. “Nah, he had a nephew.” “I remember when he was just a li’l goober.” “He’s all grown up now.”

The bartender chuckled from afar at the men writhing on the floor from Levi’s work. You raised a tough one, Kenny, he thought. The same little kid that drank milk five feet away from brutal fist fights and sucked his thumb as he took naps at the counter now subdued armed gangsters with ease.

Levi didn’t really like to fight unless he had to. He had to admit that this was the most eventful thing that happened to him all week.

There was a young lady, and though her hair was disheveled and unkempt, she was still quietly beautiful. She sat on the ground next the doors of the saloon, her knees drawn close. Her eyes met Levi’s. He could see some wads of bills peeking out of her top of her dress.

It all clicked together. Those men had a little gangbang with her. He could see a faint mark on her neck. Those sick bastards probably held a knife to her as she serviced them.

“W-would you like some c-company, sir?” she asked, still visibly shaken up from her last clients. Her cheeks were stained with tears.

Levi crouched down next to her, and she looked at him cautiously. She sniffled. Levi took out a handkerchief from inside his jacket and wiped her face. She froze up at the kind gesture, and then took the handkerchief from Levi.

He fished out his wallet, counting about $160 in twenties. He held it out to her.

She took it from him, her eyes widening. This was probably a lot more than she usually charged. “Th-there’s an alley around here that w-“

But Levi shook his head. “Just keep it,” he said gently. He walked away and drove home.



Levi and Eren were rolling around, violently making out on the bed. The room echoed with moans and creaks of the bedsprings as they wrestled around for dominance.

When Eren managed to get on top, he rolled his hips into Levi’s and held his face still with those graceful fingers of his. His breathing was harsh as he grazed his teeth gently on Levi’s lower lip. It was also his personal challenge to get his tongue as far down Levi’s throat as possible.

When Levi wanted control, he pinned Eren down with ease and drew his knee up to his crotch to trap him. He stole hard, irregular kisses from Eren’s plush lips. He let him hold on to his biceps as he sucked at his lips until they were red and swollen. When he wanted to hear those pretty moans again, he drew his knee up a little more and grinded it against Eren’s erection. He swallowed the sounds Eren made and groaned as he tasted and explored.

Something vibrated between them and they tried to ignore it. Eren’s eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he pushed lightly against Levi’s chest to have him get off. He tried to stay latched onto Levi’s lips until the very last second. “Mmmwho the fuck?!”

He dug around his pocket for his phone to see who was calling. His face lit up when he saw who it was. Levi rolled onto his back and rested his head on his arm as he caught his breath.

“Oh, hey ma!” Eren said cheerfully and innocently, like he wasn’t dry fucking Levi five seconds ago. He climbed onto Levi and sat on his hips. “I’m doing good! How are things down there?”

Levi held Eren’s hand and laced their fingers together as Eren talked. Eren grinned down at him.

“That’s good to hear. Is dad home?.....Aw. Well tell him I said hi next time he’s around…..He’s good,” Eren shook Levi’s hand. They were probably talking about him. “I will….. Okay….. okay….. I start in a few weeks….. okay….. alright. I’ll talk to you later. I will!..... Bye, ma. I love you!”

Eren ended the call.

“Was that your mom?” Levi asked.

“Yup. She wants me to call more often. And she wants me to visit her soon.” He took Levi’s hand and held it close to his own face. “Levi, I really want you to come meet her. It would mean a lot to me.”

“Sure, sweetheart. I’d love to meet her.”

Eren beamed and chucked his phone aside, then dove back down to continue the makeout session.


That night, when Levi was busy working in his study, Eren left the apartment and drove to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients.

He carted through the aisles and picked up canned chili, cheese, sour cream, Fritos, Hershey kisses, and a few cans of whipped cream. The rest of the ingredients he needed were at home.


At home, Eren was busy unpacking the ingredients when Levi emerged from his study and joined Eren in the kitchen.

“Went shopping?”

“Yup. I figured you always cook for me, so today I’ll cook for you. One of my signature recipes.”

Levi chuckled. “Alright. I’m looking forward to it.”

Eren smiled and playfully pushed Levi out the kitchen by his shoulders. “It’s a surprise! Go do something else while I do my thing.”

“Okay, okay,” Levi surrendered. He used the opportunity to thoroughly clean the apartment, even though it was already impeccable.

Eren heated the canned chili on the stove until it came to a slight boil. While it was cooking, he chopped tomatoes and lettuce on the cutting board.

This recipe had gotten him through times of low budgets and high hunger. He wasn’t the best chef, but he knew how to work with what he had. Since he’s met Levi, his palate has grown complex and he learned to appreciate fine dining and expensive cuts of meat. But he also remembered his roots. He will always love his comfort food.

Eren turned off the stove. He used a ladle to scoop some chili into two bowls. Some of it spilled on the counter. He would clean it later. He unwrapped two Kraft singles onto the chili, which would melt into a wonderful cheesy mess. Then, he reached into the bag of Fritos and added a layer of the crunchy chips to each of the bowls. Finally, he added the small salad of chopped lettuce and tomatoes on top, and one dollop of sour cream as a finishing touch. Beautiful.

“Levi! I’m ready now!” Eren called. He was excited.

Levi finished polishing the hardwood floors in front of the window and took off his gloves. Eren stuck some spoons in and took the bowls to the small matte black wooden table near the back of the room. They didn’t use this table much; they usually ate at the stools in front of the kitchen.

Levi sat down and scooted his chair in. Eren set a bowl down in front of him, and then set his own across the table.

“Hold on, I’ll be back.” Eren ran to the fridge and came back with two bottles of water and paper towels.

He sat down across from Levi and grinned. “Dig in!”

Levi smiled and mixed his bowl. “Oh, you made chili?”

“It’s not just chili, Levi. They’re ghetto haystacks,” he said, matter-of-fact.

Levi laughed. “Ghetto haystacks? Sounds delicious.” Eren watched in anticipation as Levi took the first crunchy bite.

“How is it?” Eren was hopeful and desperate for Levi’s approval.

Levi nodded and wiped his mouth with his paper towel as he chewed. “I quite like that, Eren. I’ve never had anything like it.”

Eren beamed. “Oh, I’m so glad!” He dug into his own bowl. “It’s a little thick, so you have to keep yourself well-lubricated.” He held up his water bottle.

“Understood,” Levi said. They ate their ghetto haystacks together. As he watched Eren eat, chip crumbs on his lips, Levi’s heart warmed. Eren was so young and pure. He remembered the way his eyes lit up as he took a bite of his food, sparkling with excitement. Even the food he made was so simple and filled with personality. He was simply adorable.

As they polished up their bowls, Levi leaned back into his chair and sighed. The ghetto haystacks (not just chili! Eren’s voice insisted) were really filling. He felt sluggish and lazy. Eren took their bowls into the kitchen and began doing dishes. Levi got up and joined him.

“No, it’s fine, Levi. You always do the dishes. Let me do them for once,” Eren said.

“At least let me help, dear. You cooked. It’s the least I can do.”

“…Fine,” Eren smiled. He let Levi do drying duty, which was usually his job.

They cleaned in a comfortable silence. “Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Eren said. “Ghetto haystacks are known to give you the shits, so be careful.”

Levi laughed and took a wet dish from Eren.


Eren exited the bathroom after brushing and washing, looking especially innocent in his light blue striped pajama pants that complimented his long legs and pooled around his ankles. He wore that flimsy tank top of his again.

Levi waited for him in bed, answering emails and looking at stocks on his tablet.

Eren climbed into bed. “Levi… let’s cuddle.”

Levi shut his tablet and put it on his bedside table. “Of course, darling. Come here.” He opened his arms and Eren ceawled into them. He drew his legs in and tucked his arms.

Levi wrapped his arms around him tight. “Sweet boy,” he whispered. He sucked some kisses into Eren’s hair, inhaling the distinctive scent of pine trees and baby powder.

Eren craned his neck up and lay a quick, unexpected smooch on Levi’s jaw. “I love you.”

Levi’s heart was struck like the hopeless fool he was. Three years ago- hell, one year ago- he didn’t expect to feel this strongly towards someone. And now, here he was, with an adorable young thing named Eren Jaeger living with him. Levi was absolutely weak to the enigma he was holding right now. He never expected to have someone in his life who surprised him with coffee and blowjobs at work, or kissed and rubbed his chest after a long day, or cooked him ghetto haystacks (NOT JUST CHILI! Eren’s voice echoed in his head, and he smiled). Fate has been kind to him, to allow him to meet Eren. And he would return the favor by cherishing the treasure in his arms.

“And I love you, too, my precious Eren,” Levi said into his hair. “More than you know.”

Chapter Text

It was September now. The lush green trees around Trost were starting to rust over with brown leaves. The warm temperatures were dropping every day. The beach, usually filled with laughing kids and sunbathers, was becoming more vacant.

Levi knocked on Eren’s bedroom door and waited.

“C’min,” Eren called.

Levi entered, unsure of what to expect. He’s walked in on Eren pleasing himself several times before. Sometimes he would ask Levi to help finish him off, and sometimes he just wanted him to watch. It just depended on his mood.

But today, Eren was just lying in bed- the covers drawn up to his chin as he browsed on his laptop. He was usually eager to get out of bed, so this was a bit out of character.

Levi went to him and brushed his bangs aside with his fingers. “Eren, are you alright? You haven’t left your room all day.”

He shut his laptop and looked up slowly. “Levi. I feel… like shit.” As if to prove his point, he hacked up a dry cough. He sighed and shut his eyes.

Levi’s face softened with concern. He put his hand against Eren’s forehead and felt around. It was a bit warmer than usual.

“It seems you’re coming down with a cold. Luckily, I don’t think it’s a fever. Eren, have you gone swimming lately?”

Eren was silent; which answered the question.

“Darling, I want you to stop swimming at the beach at night. It’s getting colder now.”

“I wanted to get my fill before winter comes,” Eren said.

“I understand. But this is what happens. We’re lucky it’s not worse.”

Eren sneezed twice into his blanket and groaned.

“And you wear this rag of yours,” Levi lifted Eren’s flimsy tank top, the one with material so stretched and scarce that Eren’s nipple showed.

“This happens to be my favorite rag!”

Levi laughed and went over to Eren’s closet and rifled through it. He found an oversized sweatshirt and took it back.

“Wear this for me,” he said gently.

Eren sat up with a groan and Levi dressed him. A messy chocolate bedhead popped out and he snaked his arms through the sleeves slowly. Levi pulled it down with a firm tug and lay Eren’s head back down on the pillow.

“I’ll be back with some soup, okay?” Levi fixed Eren’s hair and tickled his chest.



Levi drove through town and stopped by the supermarket. He picked up tissue boxes, cough drops, medicine, lemon juice, a humidifier, and some ingredients for soup.

Walking through the aisles, he saw a collection of life-sized stuffed bears. That would be cute for Eren. He took one and crammed it into his cart.

A mother walking past gave him a weird look. Maybe she was wondering what a short, muscular man with a dark expression like him was doing with a huge plushie in his cart. It was an endearing sight.

“Mommy, I want one of those!” her son pointed at Levi’s cart.


It was a struggle for Levi to get all the things back up to the apartment. The fucking bear was damn near as big as he was.

The receptionist looked from her desk when Levi entered the building. “Oh, would you like some help, Mr. Ackerman?” she smiled a bit at the sight of him with a plushie.

“No, I’m fine, thanks.”

He unlocked the door of the apartment and sat the bear down with a groan. Eren wasn’t in the living room- he was probably still in bed, the poor thing.

Levi got to work cutting and mixing the ingredients for the soup. As it was boiling, he unpacked the humidifier and added some water to the chamber.

When he entered Eren’s room with the soup, he was in the same position as he was a few hours. Now, he had a tissue stuffed in his nostril.

“Yaaaay,” he said in a monotone when he saw Levi with the soup. He sat up and took the tissue out of his nose.

Levi sat on the edge of the bed and placed the tray on Eren’s lap. “You must be hungry.”

Eren started eating right away. He closed his eyes and sighed when the warm soup soothed his throat. “Mmm.”

Levi rubbed his leg as he ate, then went to bring the humidifier. When he plugged it in and turned it on, it released a soft steam that startled Eren.


He had probably never experienced a humidifier, Levi figured. Then, his face froze up in an incoming sneeze as he dropped his spoon with a clatter and flailed around for a tissue. They could both hear the snot hit the tissue. Levi twisted in disgust humorously. Eren groaned and opened his tissue to look at what came out. His face twisted in disgust as well.

“I’ll be back,” Levi said. He came back with the medicine and the stuffed animal.

Eren was sitting with his empty tray in his lap, but his face lit up when he saw the huge bear. It was like the one Mikasa won at the fair, but this one was even bigger. “Oh, my God! It’s huge!”

Levi sat the heavy ass bear next to Eren. “I saw it at the supermarket and thought you’d like it.” He took Eren’s tray.

Eren hugged the bear around its neck. “I love it. And I love you!”

Levi laughed and took the cough syrup out of its box. He poured the thick red liquid onto the spoon Eren used for his soup.

“Eren. Open up.”

Eren opened his mouth and Levi fed him the medicine. Eren’s face curled in distaste and he smacked his lips to get rid of the aftertaste.

“I know, it’s not the most pleasant thing,” Levi said. He poured another spoonful. “One more.”

Eren took a few deep breaths and quickly took it. He shivered.

“Would you like some more soup?” Levi asked.

“No, I’m good for now.”

“Alright.” Levi unwrapped a tissue box and put it on Eren’s bedside table, along with the cough drops. Eren settled back beneath the covers and took a cough drop. Hopefully this set up would make it a bit easier to heal.

“I’ll be back later to check on you,” Levi said. “If you need anything, just call or text.”

“Okay.” Eren’s eyes were already dragging shut.

“I love you, sweetheart.” Levi leaned down and pressed a kiss on Eren’s warm forehead. He took the soup tray and the wrappings and left the room.


After working for a bit, Levi returned to Eren’s room. He had another tissue stuffed in his nostril and was fast asleep with his laptop on his body.

Levi took the laptop and set it on the other side of the bed. After checking to see that the humidifier had enough water, he pulled the covers tighter around Eren’s body and then turned off the light.

His heart squeezed for Eren. Like all sicknesses, it was probably going to get worse before it got better.


Levi’s prediction was right.

When he went in to check on Eren the next day, his normally glowy and bright face was flushed and sickly. His eyes had dark circles underneath, and his bangs were matted against his forehead in a cold sweat. This wasn’t just a cold, it was a full-blown flu.

“Hey,” Levi breathed. Eren’s eyes drew open a little. He swallowed thickly and groaned.

“Oh, you poor thing.” He rubbed Eren’s chest and elicted a coughing fit. The coughs were wet instead of dry now, which Levi thought was a good sign. The humidifier was working.

“I’ll be back with soup for you.”

Levi returned with water, hot soup, and toast. He helped Eren sit up. His body was weakened and heavy.

Levi spoon-fed him the soup, taking his time and making sure Eren was warming up. Eren, who was usually energetic and active, was sitting quietly with his arms wrapped around his own waist. Even his carnivorous appetite has decreased, and he could only manage half his soup and a few bites of bread.

Levi poured some medicine onto the spoon. “Open up, dear.”

Eren whined and coughed a bit. “No. It tastes like shit.” His voice was hoarse and muted.

“I know it does, baby, but it will make you feel better.”

The spoon was floating in front of Eren’s mouth, but he wasn’t opening up.

“It would make me really happy if you took this, Eren,” Levi whispered.

Eren slowly opened up and screwed his eyes shut as he swallowed.

“Just one more,” Levi said as he poured. Eren took it quickly, like he wanted to get it over with. He swallowed it roughly with a groan.

“Good boy,” Levi said and squeezed Eren’s cheeks together. “Such a good boy for me.”

Even with the way he was feeling, Eren couldn’t help but smile as his heart fluttered from Levi’s praise.


Levi came back later with a bowl of hot water and a small towel. Eren was watching TV with the covers drawn all the way up to his nose.

He wrung out the small towel and looked at what Eren was watching. One of his crime dramas.

He brushed Eren’s sweaty bangs back and placed the hot cloth on his forehead. This would help with the chills and help Eren sweat out toxins.

“Hungry, sweetheart?”

Eren shook his head slightly and sniffled. There was a hard clinking sound as he shifted a cough drop around in his mouth.

“Okay. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.” He picked up the used tissue litter around Eren and threw it into the wastebin next to the bed.

Just as he was leaving, Eren spoke up weakly. “Levi.”


“Kiss me.” Eren shut his eyes and puckered his lips.

Levi laughed and came over to Eren. “Not on your mouth.” He took Eren’s face and pressed two smooches on his cheek.


When Levi left and the door shut with a resounding click, Eren was alone to marinate and reflect in his own thoughts. Even the ceiling seemed interesting at this point.

He felt like absolute garbage. And he probably looked like it, too.

He was horny. Or bored. He couldn’t really tell. But he did know one thing for sure: he wanted to be touched. But he didn’t want to make Levi sick with him by making him stay in the same room for too long. Eren smiled a bit. He couldn’t really imagine what Levi would look like if he got sick. His complexion was already pale. He was so strong that germs were probably scared of him.

Now that Eren thought about it, he wondered why some people never seemed to get sick. Germs were weird. How could they effect some and not others? A little movie of red and white blood cells fighting on a battlefield played in his mind. It was raining. The cells were wearing armor and war paint.

What the hell, Eren? This is why he shouldn’t be left alone; he starts thinking about stupid shit. Or maybe the cough syrup was making him loopy.

He looked at the big bear that Levi bought. It looked like it could keep a secret. Small, black, beady eyes and a smile stitched on said otherwise, but he had a large, soft tummy that looked cozy.

Eren took the bear and pulled him close. He was one big motherfucker. But he really was soft. Eren winced in pain as he attempted to get on top, and he held on to the towel on his forehead. Fuck it. The bear was like a damn mountain. Eren swung his leg over the stomach and nuzzled into the bear’s neck. Maybe if he pretended the bear was Levi, it would be easier to fall asleep.


Levi came by later to find Eren napping with the bear. He was cuddling it tightly. The poor thing was probably touch-starved again.

He gently shook him awake for another round of medicine. Eren lifted his head weakly and the towel slipped off his forehead as he climbed off the bear.

“Hey, darling. Can you take this medicine for me, please?” he asked nicely.

Eren took the tissue out of his nostril. He opened up and took the cough syrup quickly. Not that Levi needed to know, but all he wanted was to hear that praise again.

“Good boy,” Levi cooed. “So obedient.” He stroked Eren’s cheek with his thumb.

Eren put a new tissue back into his nostril and popped a cough drop, his heart all aflutter and excited like he was a damn puppy. Levi redampened the warm towel and replaced it. Eren went right back to sleep.


When Levi made his last round of the night, Eren was awake and watching TV again silently. In the dark room, the flashing colors of the TV reflected on the exposed part of his flushed face. Tonight was tomato soup and Levi set up on the edge of the bed.

“’m not hungry,” Eren managed.

“You have to eat something, my dear. Come on, I’ll feed you.” He took the towel off his forehead.

Levi fed him in silence. As he ate, they watched the TV together. The star of the crime show Eren was watching was working on taking down an entire drug ring singlehandedly, Levi learned. The otherwise quiet room echoed with the sounds of a grisly protagonist’s voice and gunshots.

He held a spoonful of tomato soup in front of Eren’s mouth, but Eren was distracted and his eyes were fixated on the TV. Levi was intrigued as well.

He snapped out of it for a second. “Eren.” Lips wrapped around the spoon.

Levi made sure Eren polished off all the soup. He might not have felt hungry, but that was because the flu skewed his senses. He needed all the nutrients he could get.

He held out a bottle of water and stuck a straw into it. “Can you drink this whole thing for me, sweetheart?”

Eren nodded and began to sip slowly. His hand reached out to touch Levi’s. “Can you stay and watch TV with me?” his voice was raspy and quiet. That one sentence took a lot of effort.

Levi rubbed his thumb on his hand. “You’re lonely, aren’t you?” Eren nodded. “Of course I’ll stay with you.”

Levi made sure Eren finished all the water to stay hydrated. “You need to rest now, darling.” He rubbed Eren’s chest until he drifted off to sleep. When he was breathing deeply, Levi cleaned up the used tissue and garbage again, and then replaced the towel on Eren’s head. He sat the bear up further away so that it didn’t fall on Eren’s face while he slept.

Eren was cute while he was asleep, Levi thought. Well, he was cute all the time. But it was especially cute how cuddly and clingy he was when he wanted to sleep. He had a high need for affection.


By the third day, Eren had completely lost his voice. His body was stiff and his skin was a ghostly pale.

For breakfast, vegetable soup. It took some work to get Eren to sit up.

“There we go,” Levi said as pulled Eren up from under his arms.

Levi took off the towel and felt around his forehead again. It was warm, but still not a fever, luckily. He spoon-fed a shivering Eren as they continued their crime show from yesterday. The protagonist was involved in a high-speed police chase. Eren couldn’t stop sneezing- wet, hacking sneezes that tore at his throat.

After Eren finished eating and taking medicine, Levi dressed him in a new shirt and sweatshirt. He had sweated through his last ones, which was another good sign.

He went to take the tray back to the kitchen and came back with more water for the humidifier as well as hot green tea and VapoRub.

“Hey, sweetheart. I have some hot tea for you.” Eren took the mug with shaky hands. Levi refilled the water in the humidifier and climbed onto Eren’s bed to keep him company.

Eren slowly crawled next to Levi and rested his head on his shoulder as he drank. He desperately craved touch. Levi wrapped his arm around his shoulders and held him close. He took Eren’s legs and draped them over his own, gently massaging his thighs.

“You’re strong, baby. You’ll get through this,” Levi assured. He kissed the chocolate brown locks sweetly.

When Eren finished his drink, Levi had him sit so that he could thoroughly massage that stiff neck. Eren groaned in appreciation. He sat with his clammy hands jammed between his own thighs.

Then Eren lay on his stomach and got his back massaged. After being holed up in bed all day lately, his body was knotted up.

“This feels good, doesn’t it?” Levi mused. He worked the tension out of Eren’s muscles. “I know it’s hard to stay in bed all day. You must be bored to tears.” He then used his strong, calloused hands to massage Eren’s feet with VapoRub, and covered them with thick socks.

He draped Eren’s arm around his shoulders and helped him back into bed. He smeared some VapoRub on his upper lip, and then hiked his shirt up to rub his chest with it. Levi could touch him all day; there was something about that strong hand that just made him feel safe and taken care of, Eren thought.

The sharp, overwhelming scent of the ointment filled the room. Levi pulled Eren’s shirt back down and put the container underneath his nose. “Take deep breaths for me.”

Eren struggled to breathe. His nose was clogged and watery at the same time. But he tried to take deep breaths like he was asked. On an inhale, his face froze again at an incoming sneeze, and with impressive reflexes Levi pulled the container aside and turned his face away to dodge the sneeze. Eren groaned and there was some snot splattered out his nose.

Levi reached over to the bedside table and yanked a tissue, then pressed it against Eren’s nose. “Blow,” he said gently.

Eren gave a weak blow, but Levi worked with it and he pinched his nose as he cleaned up the mucus. He reapplied a new smear of VapoRub beneath his nose.

Eren kept inhaling the scent of the container to decongest his sinuses. He stared at Levi’s smoky eyes. He was starting to feel woozy again. His eyes started to drift close…


By the fourth day, Eren was starting to regain the color in his face.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Levi rubbed his chest with his fingers. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Eren whispered, having regained some of his voice back. He coughed a little.

“I’m so glad. How about some breakfast?” Levi stirred chicken noodle soup and Eren sat up a bit, his sweatshirt hoodie drawn up over his head.

“Open up.” Soft lips wrapped around the spoon.

They continued their show. The protagonist cornered the leader of the drug ring, who was flanked by henchmen. Eren’s eyes were glued to the screen and he ignored the floating spoon in front of his face. The boss drew a revolver from his coat, but the protagonist was sharper and quick drew a solid shot into the boss’s head.

“Damn!” Eren squeaked. He wrapped his lips around the spoon.

Levi laughed. “I was on the edge of my seat, too.”

Eren drew the strings of his hoodie tighter, so that only his face was visible. He shook his head in disbelief and accepted another spoonful of soup.

And it seemed he was starting to regain his appetite as well, because he easily finished all the soup as well as the toasted sandwiches Levi made for him, even though he couldn’t really taste it.

“Good boy; you finished your whole breakfast,” Levi said. Eren grinned.

It was cough syrup time. Eren braced himself and shut his eyes as Levi fed him the medicine.

“I also have some lemon juice. It’s a bit sour but it’ll help your throat.” He stuck a straw into a glass of fresh lemon juice and gave it to Eren. As he sipped, his lips puckered from the taste.

Levi squeezed Eren’s knee soothingly as he drank. He was so glad Eren was regaining his energy. Even his eyes were looking brighter.

Eren handed back an empty glass proudly.

“Such a good boy,” Levi murmured and stroked Eren’s cheek. “You make me so happy.”

When Levi left the room with the tray, Eren confided in his bear. He would fucking kill a man if Levi asked, if it meant that he would be called a good boy. Well… maybe not kill a man. That was the cough syrup talking. But his heart still pounded with joy when he heard those sweet words. And whenever Levi called him a good boy, a lovely little heat pooled in his stomach. He wanted to get on his knees and show Levi juuuust how good he can be. That would be ideal, Eren thought with a cheeky smile.

You’re a good listener. Eren climbed on top of the bear- all the way up- with his renewed energy, and hugged him tight. I’m sorry I called you a big motherfucker earlier. All of a sudden Eren felt really emotional. He just wanted to be held.


Levi came by again later for another round of medicine to find Eren sleeping very deeply atop the big bear. He wasn’t covered by the blanket, so his immediate response was worry that Eren might be too cold. But his second thought; his heart softened at the sight of the scene. Eren was too fucking adorable.

He sat on the bed and rubbed Eren’s thigh to wake him. “Hey, sweetheart.”

Eren lifted his head from the bear’s neck, and smiled when he saw who it was. “Leeevi.” He climbed down from the bear hugged him.

He’s gotten some more of his voice back, Levi thought happily. He returned the hug and rubbed Eren’s back soothingly.

“It’s time for some medicine, baby.”

Eren opened up eagerly, such a huge development from the first times he took the cough syrup. Lips wrapped around the spoon with the thick red liquid twice. He secretly actually kind of looked forward to medicine time now, eager to hear those words…

“Good boy,” Levi murmured and squeezed his cheeks together. Eren nuzzled his hoodie-covered head into his shoulder happily.

“I made some green tea that I want you to drink for me,” Levi told him. Just then, his phone vibrated in his pocket. He fished it out and looked at the ID.

Eren sipped his tea as Levi spoke to a client and rubbed his thigh. The hot drink soothed his sore throat wonderfully. Levi really knew his stuff.

Eren popped a cough drop and sucked on it as he listened to Levi. He finally ended the call.

“Sorry about that,” Levi said. He took the empty mug. “You’re looking a lot better, Eren. You fought bravely. I’m proud of you.”

Eren remembered the battlefield with the red and white blood cells. Weirdo.

“Thanks,” Eren grinned. He held Levi’s hand in both of his.

“But I want you to rest now.” He rubbed his thumb over Eren’s hand. Eren pouted. He knew why. The poor thing wanted to be cuddled. He knew Eren well enough to know that by now. But it was important for him to get plenty of rest.

“I will stay here until you fall asleep, okay, baby?”

He helped Eren get under the covers and tucked him in. He smeared some VapoRub beneath his nose to clear his sinuses while he slept.

A slow chest rub later, Eren was fast asleep. Levi placed a kiss on his hoodie-covered head and left the room.


By the fifth day, Eren was well enough to leave his room. He walked around the apartment with a blanket clutched around his shoulders like a cape, eager to stretch his legs after almost a week of being bedridden.

His nose was still a bit pink and he sneezed quite a bit, but he got back most of his color and his hair’s sheen returned.

After his final round of medicine, he crawled into Levi’s lap on the couch.

With the crime drama finished after the drug ring had been taken down, they had to find something new to watch.

Eren curled up in Levi’s arms, his body shaking as he sneezed or coughed into his blanket. He was so happy to be back in this warm, familiar place.

Emotions overwhelmed him. The bear was a good substitute, but he’d been craving Levi’s sweet touch for days now. And there was also the fact that Levi tended to him tirelessly day in and day out. He was so grateful that he had such a caring and protective boyfriend.

Eren’s body quaked in Levi’s arms. When he looked down, he realized that tears were rolling down Eren’s face.

“Oh, no,” Levi wiped the tears away with his hand. “Are you in pain, baby? What’s wrong?”

Eren sniffled and he cried even more. He didn’t know what to tell him. He just missed him so much.

“You just want to be held, is that it?” Levi asked. Eren nodded- he was glad he could put it into words. He buried his face into Levi’s chest.

“Don’t cry, precious. I’ll always be here, as long as you need me.” He wiped Eren’s tear-stained cheeks with his thumb.

What an innocent thing Eren was. He hated being left alone. He wanted to touch and be touched. His heart was larger than life- he had so much love to give it was almost overwhelming.

Levi reached over and grabbed a tissue from the coffee table for Eren to blow his nose into. Several kisses were placed upon that chocolate brown hair.

“I love you so much, Eren,” he whispered. “I’m not going anywhere. We’ll stay here all night long if you want to.”

Eren could only respond by kissing Levi’s chest in appreciation and laying his head against it- right above that steady heartbeat, which was real and tangible and unwavering like so many things in their relationship; and Eren found himself undone all over again.

Chapter Text

Armin was reading in his room when his phone vibrated. His heart stopped when he saw it was from Erwin:

Armin- I really enjoyed talking with you at the cookout. If you’re available tonight, I would love to have you over for dinner.

HOLY SHIT! Armin squealed and flailed his legs in excitement. Eren had to know about this right away!!

OMGGGGGGG! Eren fake gushed through the text, leaving an abundance of heart emojis.

Asshole. This is major!

I know I know, I got jokes. You better accept the invitation! And tell me how it goes!

I will.

He sat in his chair for a moment, and his mind began buzzing with questions. What was Erwin’s house like? What was he going to wear? What were they going to do after dinner??

Okay, relax. He was easy to talk to at the cookout, and he’ll be easy to talk to at his home. With just the two of them. Alone. Damn.


Armin wore his best sweater tonight. When he looked at the address Erwin sent him, he realized that he actually lived in an apartment, not a house.

He rolled up to a quaint, but rather uptight complex. The infrastructure was a smooth beige, hidden by tall plants and large, leafy trees. There was a set of stairs that led to a row of doors, all overlooking a very well-manicured private park in the middle of the complex. The lampposts in the park glowed romantically over benches and a soft fountain.

Armin tore his gaze away from the park and looked for the thirteenth door; Erwin’s place. He stood in front of it with his eyes shut like a fool, trying to muster up the courage to knock on the door.

He whipped out his phone. Eren! I’m here omg fuck meeee I’m so nervous!

Keep me in the loop!! Go get em, cutie! And a kissy face, eggplant, and water emoji, respectively.

Dick. Armin laughed. But Eren did make him feel better. He took a deep breath and with a pounding heart, he knocked three times on the door.

Time stretched out as he waited for Erwin to open the door. Anticipation crawled up his arms.

The lock clicked behind the door and it swung open to reveal Erwin in all his handsome glory.

“Armin. I’m so glad you could make it! Come in, come in,” he smiled brilliantly.

Armin clutched onto his messenger bag shyly as he entered. It smelled so warm and inviting in here; he couldn’t quite identify it. It smelled like a bookstore.

Erwin shut the door and locked it. “Can I take your bag for you?”

“No, it’s fine.”

“What would you like to drink? Water, tea, orange juice…?”

“Water’s fine, Erwin. Thank you.”

“Make yourself at home. I’ll get dinner started soon.”

Armin sat at the clothed table just outside the kitchen and took his bag off his shoulder. There was an unlit candle sitting in the center. Looking around, the kitchen was quite the sight. The counters looked like they were made of marble; not that he was surprised- Erwin looked like he could afford all of it just by the way he acted. The wall of the kitchen was filled with a neat geometric shelf filled with all sorts of wine.

“Do you actually drink those, or is it just for decoration?” Armin asked.

“I drink them. What good will they do just sitting on the shelf?” Erwin mused. He placed a glass of water in front of him. “You’re the first to ask me that.”

This is good, Armin analyzed. It meant he wasn’t wasteful. He could appreciate that in a man.

And he wasn’t sure if it was because he was nervous, but Armin suddenly felt parched. He downed the glass in a few gulps.

Erwin noticed with a concerned expression. He took the pitcher of ice water from the fridge and refilled Armin’s glass.

“Thanks,” Armin smiled sweetly, hoping he didn’t look barbaric by finishing his water so quickly.

He kept inspecting the kitchen. Tiny, soft lights hung from the ceiling above the sink and island, providing a warm glow. The fixtures were chrome-finished and sleek. Pots and pans hung from dark, wooden hooks.

And then there was Erwin, looking obliviously sexy and in control as he took out and lined up ingredients. Armin was secretly glad for the chance to greedily stare at that hunk of a man. And he must have had his dreamy smile plastered on his face because Erwin looked up and returned the smile.

Armin took out his phone and busied himself while he waited.

Looking back up after a while, he admired the way Erwin was hard at work chopping up vegetables. The sleeves of his crisp white shirt were rolled up to reveal nice, strong forearms that flexed and twitched as he chopped.

Armin shook himself out of his fantasy for a second to make himself useful. He walked up to the counter opposite Erwin. “Can I help with anything? Do you need anything else chopped?”

“Ah-ah-ah,” Erwin shook his head and scraped the contents of his cutting board into a boiling pot. “You’re my guest. Your job is to sit back and relax.”

Armin sighed. He took the opportunity to look around the apartment. The first thing that caught his eye was the array of vases artfully placed around the room. Some tall and skinny, others short and round, all very fragile and expensive-looking. Some looked hand-crafted- he actually recognized signature designs from his trip to Africa. Others looked more complex and factory-perfected, with colorful shards of iridescent glass that sparkled in the light. Erwin had good taste.

On a far wall was a bookshelf crammed with books of all kinds. Armin pored over the collection. No way. He yanked a few out. Some of these were originals!! These must have cost a fortune. How did Erwin even find these!?

He didn’t realize that he’d been reading standing up, because a few chapters into a book, he heard Erwin calling.

“Armin, dinner’s ready.”

He tore his gaze from the page and forced himself to shut it. There was a bit of heartrwrenching moment when he put it back on the shelf. It was like separating from a newborn child.

At the table, Erwin had quite the fancy set-up: cloth napkins, polished silverware; the works. With an electric lighter, he carefully lit the candle in the center.

Shit, this was intimate as hell, Armin thought as Erwin pushed his chair in. He went to retrieve the dishes from the kitchen.

He came back with two small soup bowls, and then left once more for the main dishes. Armin wasn’t surprised when he set down two perfectly plated dishes of pasta- worthy enough to appear on a cooking show.

Erwin took his own seat and placed his napkin over his lap. “Alright, for the appetizer, I made a simple hibachi-style mushroom soup. The main dish is a pesto pasta with grilled chicken. I hope you enjoy it.”

“Thank you.” Armin had some of the mushroom soup and he was immediately in love. How could Erwin make three ingredients taste so damn good?

“Mm… I’m impressed,” Armin sighed. Erwin had his own soup and gazed at Armin admirably.

“What was that book you were reading over there? You were quite mesmerized,” Erwin asked smoothly.

A Farewell to Arms,” Armin said.

Erwin nodded knowingly. “Hemingway. An essential classic.”

“Erwin, that copy was a first edition. How did you even get your hands on it?”

“A vendor sold it to me in Europe for a reduced price. Between you and me, I don’t think he realized how valuable it was.”

“That’s probably worth thousands. I’m dumbfounded.”

Erwin wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Keep it.”

Armin’s eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“Keep it,” Erwin repeated. “I’m serious.”

“No, I couldn’t. That’s just too much.”

“Fine, then I’m giving it to you by force. It’s my gift to you,” Erwin smiled.

Armin was simultaneously guilty and elated to have received such a priceless item. Who was he to deny such a generous gift, after all?

“Thank you, Erwin, really,” he breathed. “That’s incredibly kind of you.”

“You’re very welcome. Please, try the pasta,” he beckoned.

Armin moved his fork around and collected some pasta. Erwin was looking at him expectantly.

Armin’s lips slid off the fork quietly and his face melted into pure bliss. “Wow. Wow.”

“How is it?” Erwin’s smile grew even wider, showing off his dimples.

“I’m speechless. Erwin, you’ve really outdone yourself. You have a real talent in cooking.” Armin dug in for another bite. And soon enough he was too busy gorging to speak.

“You flatter me,” Erwin said. He started eating as well.

Armin was experiencing all the pleasure under the sun as he ate Erwin’s food. Fresh, juicy, peppered tomatoes burst onto a tangy pesto sauce; the bowtie pasta was cooked just right; and that chicken, ooh damn, that chicken- all Armin could think about was how well Erwin could make love to that grill.

It was over way too fast. Armin melted into his seat with a content sigh, still basking in the memory of that pasta.

“That was… divine, Erwin. You need to teach me how to make that one day.”

“I most certainly will. There is actually some more left over. I’ll put it into a container and send you off with it. I enjoy it cold, too.”

Erwin blew the candle out. He got up and cleared the table, and while Armin was digesting uselessly at the table, he got to work doing the dishes.

“Do you prefer coffee or tea, dear Armin?” Erwin asked.

He called you “DEAR”. Armin’s loudmouth subconscious was spazzing out. “Tea, please.”

Okay, let’s regroup, Armin told the slutty voices in his head. They all gathered around the table, ready to discuss if Erwin was husband material.

For starters, he could cook. Really well. He probably used traditional recipes from chefs he’s met around the world, that cultured piece of a man. He was into literary classics, and he knew how to get his hands on original copies. He collected fine art and wine. And he actually drank the wine! Armin squealed internally.

And there was also the simple fact that Erwin was simply fucking gorgeous. He was shaping up to be fine husband already.

“Okay,” Erwin wiped his hands at the sink and joined Armin again. “The water’s boiling. Would you like to watch a movie with me? Or maybe look at some photos? Up to you.” He smiled gently.

“I want to look at your photos first,” Armin said. He went over to collapse onto that soft couch as Erwin fished out an album from the bookshelf.

He sat up when Erwin sat beside him, and he was suddenly aware of how much bigger Erwin was. He was sitting so close that they were exchanging body heat, and Armin felt himself blush.

“It’s so much easier to take pictures digitally these days, but I still prefer having physical copies to look at,” Erwin said as he cracked the thick album open. “Call me old-fashioned,” he joked.

“No, that’s understandable,” Armin patted his forearm assuringly, and then yanked his arm away when he realized what he just did.

But Erwin seemed to go right along with it, and he scooted closer to spread the album between them. Armin’s face was on fire.

But despite how flustered Armin was, there was something also so very soothing about Erwin’s presence. His voice was smooth and buttery as he explained some of the photos. He took Armin away to foreign places and inspired him to open his eyes.

The tea kettle in the kitchen whined and Erwin slipped out from beneath the album to fix the tea. Armin suddenly felt very cold without that mountain of body heat. He continued to flip through the pages- there were gardens and temples, cityscapes and oceans. Erwin’s been all over the world.

He returned with two mugs and held one out. Armin blushed again as Erwin’s body sat next to him again.

They sipped silently as they went through more photos. Armin almost choked on his tea when his eyes lay on the most stunning photo of the Eiffel Tower at night. His finger tapped it repeatedly as he swallowed.

“How did you like Paris? That is an amazing shot.”

“I loved it,” Erwin breathed. “That was from when I went with Levi. The first time I went, I explored the more rural parts of France. But I’m telling you, Armin, there is no sight in the world that compares to Paris at night. The lights…” his eyes sparkled as he spoke, and Armin looked at him in awe, “the lights are like tiny stars on the ground. It’s ethereal.”

“Whoa...” Armin tried to imagine himself in the photo, overlooking such a magnificent city. He’s never been to Europe before; it’s been his dream to go for a long time.

His shyness seemed to melt away the more Erwin spoke. He was infinitely wise and introspective; Armin wanted to listen to him all day.

And by the time they reached the end of the album, with their empty mugs in hand, Armin realized his head was resting on Erwin’s shoulder.

“Thank you for looking through the album with me, Armin. I enjoy sharing my experiences with a bright young thing such as yourself.”


When Erwin was kneeled at the shelf to put the album away, Armin’s first instinct was to tackle that strong, broad back.

Calm yourself. You’ve touched him. Don’t get too desperate.

“Let’s end the night with a movie, shall we?” Erwin asked. “I’m a bit proud of my Blu-Ray collection. Have a look and pick something for us to watch.”

“Sure thing.” Armin got up and inspected the shelf. He found a recent historical movie that he’s been meaning to watch. He pulled it out and handed it to Erwin.

“This is a good one. And, it’s based on true events,” he said.

Erwin turned out the lights, and the only thing providing light in the room were the soft bulbs in the kitchen.

As the movie wore on, Armin was quite thrilled. He couldn’t watch too many historical movies with Eren because they bore him. He liked things with action and violence. This was a nice change of pace.

And after having that tea as well as the heavy dinner, Armin was starting to feel a bit cold and drowsy. He inched closer to Erwin, bit by bit, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He didn’t know what he expected to happen.

They were just barely touching. With shaky hands, he reached out and snaked his arms around Erwin’s bicep, and gently lay his head on it. What the hell’s gotten into you?? His subconscious screamed. I mean, kudos, but still!

But Erwin didn’t mind one bit. He reached over and picked up the soft white throw that was draped over the back of the couch and wrapped Armin’s body with it with his other arm.

YES, DADDY, MAKE ME WARM, Armin squealed in his mind. He cuddled closer to Erwin’s warm body and got back into the movie.

And Armin was couldn’t see it in the dark, but Erwin was smiling very broadly. Admittedly, he was a bit smitten.

It was perfect like this. Their bodies molded together nicely. It was warm and cozy. Very low pressure. Armin was in his element.

And just like dinner, Armin felt that the movie was over too fast. He had grown quite comfortable in this position.

“How did you like it?” Erwin asked, his smooth voice a nice treat after not talking for a couple hours.

“It was riveting. And the Blu-Ray really made me feel like I was there.” Armin never let go of Erwin’s arm or lifted his head. It was just too soothing.

“It was just as good the second time for me.” He reached for the remote and turned off the TV, leaving the room silent.

“My dear Armin,” Erwin said.

Armin nuzzled into his bicep. “Mm-hmm?”

“I require my arm,” he laughed. He slowly reached over with his other arm and stroked Armin’s long hair. That didn’t help his case at all, as Armin only scooted closer and wrapped his arms around him tighter.

“Did you have a good time tonight? I hope everything was to your liking,” Erwin said, working his fingers through blond locks.

Armin lifted his head, absolutely loving the way Erwin petted his hair. “Yes. You’ve met all my expectations. I had many.”

“Oh,” Erwin’s eyes sparkled in surprise. “I feel accomplished to have met them.”

“You’ve exceeded them, even,” Armin purred.

Erwin’s large hand traveled from Armin’s hair and down his face absentmindedly. Those big blue eyes were so inviting… and that button nose was too cute. His hand found Armin’s chin, and icy blues met pure ones of the same color.

Armin was frozen in the heat of the moment. His touch on Erwin’s arm and Erwin’s hold on his chin were electrifying. Even the slutty voices in his head shut up for the first time all night as they watched on the edge of their seats.

It felt like eternities to decrease the space between them. Erwin’s broad, strong nose brushed against Armin’s small, round one. Their lips were begging to touch.

It was quiet- pin-drop silent in the room, and Armin was sure Erwin could hear his pounding heart.

Erwin’s lips ghosted over Armin’s, and their breaths were mixing intimately. Armin nodded ever so slightly.

And it seemed that was the permission Erwin was waiting for, because his lips finally pressed against Armin’s lightly, tasting the very distinct sweetness. His lips were just as soft as he imagined.

Armin wasn’t sure if the electricity increased or decreased at the contact. All he could think of was how right Erwin’s lips felt against his. They didn’t move at all. Just taste. Thought. Reassurance.

They separated from their own little bubble in the universe, and time started to flow again. Armin was breathless, and he just realized what just happened. His face and ears flushed a deep red and he hid his face in his hands shyly.

Erwin found it adorable that Armin’s hair flopped over when he hid his face. He chuckled and took Armin’s wrists gently.

Armin looked up, looking so utterly confused and humiliated.

“Are you embarrassed? I quite enjoyed that,” Erwin said.

“Yes, I’m embarrassed!” Armin squeaked. “I-I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you… and now, I’m just… and tonight… Erwin, you’re perfect.”

“I’m in no way perfect, my dear Armin. I’m still wondering how a certain adorable young man sitting in front of me managed to reduce me to a humble fool, what with his witty remarks and sharp mind.”

Armin felt the red heat flood back up to his ears. “Stop,” he groaned. “That’s not true. How can someone as cultured and powerful like you feel that way about me?”

“You’ve enraptured me. I want to get to know you more and learn many things from you, if you’ll grant me the pleasure of allowing it.”

Armin took Erwin’s face in his again shaky hands. “Yes. And I want to learn from you, Erwin.” He lay a light peck on his lips, simply because he would collapse if he did anything more.


It was bittersweet to end the night. On the one hand, Armin had a wonderful time and would be having very sweet dreams tonight. On the other, he already missed Erwin’s presence and he was quite exhausted.

“I’m looking forward to our future meetings,” Erwin said. He took Armin’s hand into his, and pressed a chivalrous kiss into his palm.

Armin felt his knees buckle, but he clutched onto his messenger bag and willed himself to stay strong. “Likewise. Thank you for treating me to such a lovely night.”

“Goodnight, my dear Armin.”

The door shut behind Armin with a click, and with pesto pasta and a first edition classic in his hand, he headed home with his soft heart aflutter.


Armin checked his phone at home to find a bombardment of messages from Eren:

Keep me updated, what’s going on???


Are you alive!!?!!K@JKFJ

Oh, I get it now. You’re getting that dick, aren't you? I’m a proud papa bird!

Armin rolled his eyes.

I’ll leave you to it, but I expect FULL details later. He included two winky face emojis and the eggplant emoji.

Armin was too tired to give Eren the whole report, but he left him something for remaining so vigilant through the night:

Eren! It was amazing!! Erwin cooked dinner for me. It was fucking fantastic!! I even have some leftovers if you want to try some! And then we looked at photos and watched a movie. And WE CUDDLED!!!! And he also gave me a FIRST EDITION COPY of a Hemingway book as a gift! Eren, those run for thousands of dollars- they’re extremely valuable!

And I wanted to save the best for last: no dick today, but WE KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


And from his roost in Levi’s bed, Eren the proud papa bird read the message with a satisfactory grin.

Chapter Text

With Eren having started classes at Trost University again, he only works at the coffee shop during weekdays now. That was alright with him; it meant he had Levi all to himself on weekends.

No doubt did Levi pay for all his books and fines. All the money Eren had saved up from working in the summer was idling untouched in his bank account.

He chose his classes so that they happened in the morning, and then spent the rest of the day working. He quite enjoyed the routine.


And it seemed Jean had a similar set-up with his schedule.

“Hey, sweetie, welcome back to work!” Jean teased.

“Eat shit, Jean,” Eren replied sweetly. After not being in the shop for almost two weeks, the machines felt a bit strange.

“Thanks for leaving me for dead, by the way. I did just fine without you, but you do make things a bit easier.”

“’preciate it.”

“How can I help you?” Jean asked a customer.

“Uhmmm… medium raspberry iced tea? Please.”

“Right away, miss. That’ll be… $3.37.” He turned to Eren. “Got that?”

“Heard.” Eren got to work right away.

He got back into the swing of things pretty quick. It wasn’t long before the “TIPS” cup was overflowing.

And it also wasn’t long before they saw some familiar faces. Reiner and Connie walked in together, Reiner’s mountainous body looking humorously jarring next to Connie’s small childlike one.

“Eren’s back!” Connie said. His loose sweater slipped off his shoulders to reveal skinny arms underneath a tank top.

“Yup,” Eren laughed without looking up from his batch of orders.

“We heard you were sick,” Reiner said. “But now that you’re back in business, we need to start going back to the gym, eh?”

“Sure thing, even though your routines kill me.”

“I like pushing you to your limits!” Reiner’s laugh shook his broad chest.

“Don’t kill him,” Connie said, poking Reiner’s arm. “I need him alive ‘n well for my next party!

“When is it?”

“Friday night. My place again. Jean, you’re invited, too.”

“Cool. I’ll try to make it,” Jean said from counting the money in the register. He shut it close with a metallic click. “Alright, what do you guys want to drink?”


Eren got back home later that evening and collapsed on the couch. He was exhausted. And hungry. Not a good combination at all.

He whipped out his phone:

Levi, I want fried chicken!

1 minute later, he added:

And fries.

And 5 minutes later:

Actually, pizza.

For good measure, he added a selfie of himself lazing on the couch, winking and biting his lip.


Levi’s phone vibrated during his meeting. Once again, he was a bit uninterested in this tedious discussion, but Erwin made sure to hear everyone’s opinions.

It was from Eren. With a smirk, he put his phone away. He knew better than to open Eren’s messages during his meetings- Eren liked to send surprise nudes while he was at work, that mischievous thing. Levi was almost caught once. But he learned Eren’s cheeky ways and saved his messages for when he was alone.


“Thank you for your time today, ladies and gentlemen,” Erwin said. “We appreciate all your ideas. We will have a follow-up meeting shortly. You’re all dismissed.”

There was a shuffling of chairs and a closing of binders and tablets as people left the conference room. When the door shut, Levi put his feet up on the table and crossed his arms. Erwin was looking through his presentation on the screen once more.

“You really like to drag these out, don’t you?” Levi asked.

Erwin was writing down some notes on his pad, completely unbothered by the comment. “It’s imperitive that we gauge the interests and concerns of our partners, Levi.”

“I agree, but we can cut to the chase, yeah?”

“You’re ever the plain-spoken individual, my friend.”

Levi collected his empty coffee cup and tablet. “I’ll have the follow-up report for you by tomorrow morning.”

“That would be great, thank you.”


Back at his own office, Levi got to work on the report. Now that he was safe in the privacy of his own room, he opened up Eren’s message.

His young boyfriend wanted dinner, but he seemed indecisive. Levi opened up the attached picture, expecting a nude, but instead Eren sent a selfie of himself biting his lip with a cute wink.

Eren was adorable. It was another piece added to Levi’s album of pictures of Eren; an album that was growing larger each week. Whenever Levi was annoyed at work, or simply missing Eren, he would take a look at that album and his heart would melt all over again.

He could finish this report later. He had a lovely young thing waiting for him at home.


Levi unlocked the door to the apartment with one hand, juggling a box of pizza and a bag of fast food on top of it.

Eren was not in sight. He set the food down on the table and stretched his neck; the fatigue of a long work day finally kicking in. And his fucking back was killing him.

A freshly showered Eren padded his way out the hallway, drying his hair with a fluffy white towel around his neck. He kicked up to a jog when he saw Levi.

“You’re home! Welcome back!” He greeted Levi with a tight hug.

Levi took the towel and pulled it to meet Eren’s lips. “It’s good to be back, baby.”

Eren’s eyes traveled to the food on the table. He looked through the bag with an ever-widening smile. “Oh, my God. You got everything I asked!”

“Yes. You couldn’t decide so I bought a little bit of everything.”

Eren’s face softened and he gave Levi another firm wrap around the shoulders, then a smooch on the jaw. His hand found the back of Levi’s head as he held him close, running his fingers through immaculate jet-black hair. “Thank you, Levi. You’re boyfriend goals.”

Eren sat and began chowing down.

Boyfriend goals… Levi thought, his heart struck weak. But he snapped out for a second when he remembered that he was living with a carnivore.

“Eren, slow down! How many times do I have to tell you?”

Eren, who had already polished off a slice of pizza and was holding a drumstick in each hand, looked up and stopped chewing for a second. “Sorry.”

Levi sighed and rummaged in the kitchen to retrieve a plate and a paper towel for his live-in savage.


With a long sigh, Levi shut his laptop after completing the report for Erwin. He rubbed the bridge of his nose, suddenly feeling very ready for bed.

He took his time in the shower, stretching and flexing his overworked muscles. It felt like he had bricks on his shoulders. Damn.

As he dried and dressed, Eren waited in bed patiently and watched intently.

“What’s that smile for?” Levi asked as he climbed in.

“You seem tense, Levi. Let me give you a massage.” Eren was more attentive than he was given credit for.

“A massage?” Levi mused. “Alright.” He sat cross-legged in front of him.

With long, deft fingers, Eren worked the stiffness out Levi’s neck. He was quite skilled- Eren had many hidden talents.

“Fuck…” Levi breathed and screwed his eyes shut. “Lower,” he instructed.

Eren obliged, moving his area of focus further down. Levi felt his skin prickle with goosebumps when he hit that one particular spot.

He groaned loudly, and Eren smiled proudly, working into the problem spot even more. When he felt that it was thoroughly unknotted, he moved on to Levi’s buff shoulders. Levi’s groans were pleasing him in more ways than one; he was happy to be of service after a long day (Eren took pride in the fact that he knew how to take care of his man), but he was also getting a bit turned on by those low growls.


Eren squeezed and rolled out the tough muscles underneath. He was surprised at how stiff Levi was. He would definitely provide more massages in the future.

“Even your knots have knots,” he giggled.

Levi got up and lay down on his stomach. “Sit on my back, Eren.”

Eren climbed on top and settled on the swell of Levi’s back, continuing working through his shoulders.

It was the combination of Eren’s weight pressing down wonderfully on his spine and his relentless hands working the shit out of his soreness that had Levi reduced to a useless, groaning log on the bed. This is just what I needed, Levi thought.

Half an hour later, Eren climbed off. He patted Levi’s ass to get him under the covers. He was unresponsive.

“Leeevi…” he sang.

His face turned to Eren, eyes still closed and body still unmoving. He was still up in that clouds after that glorious massage. “Yes, my dear?”

“It’s time to sleep!” Eren laughed. He’d never seen him this immobilized.

Levi inhaled deeply and sat up slowly. He took Eren’s forehead and pressed it against his own. This boy was precious and was completely unaware of it. “Thank you for that. You’re a saint, did you know that?”

Eren loved being praised, especially that close and intimate to Levi’s chocolatey voice. He placed his hands over Levi’s, basking in the sweet compliment.

Eren reached over and turned off the bedside light and crawled into his favorite place in the world- in Levi’s arms.


When Friday finally came around, Eren wanted nothing more than to get shit-faced at Connie’s party and sleep through Saturday.  Unfortunately, he had to restrain himself tonight, because he would be visiting his mother with Levi tomorrow.

But he did manage to bring Armin along, and he would be getting the play-by-play of his date with Erwin.

“Come on in, my guys!” Connie ushered him in. “Armin! It’s been a while!”

“Hey, Connie,” Armin smiled.

“Now the whole gang’s here!” someone said from further into the house. It was Sasha.

Eren looked around to find more familiar faces than not. This party was considerably smaller and calmer than Connie’s last one.

Connie must have noticed Eren’s introspection. “I figured we’d be more chill this time around. Maybe we’ll turn up later tonight.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Eren said. “Sash’, you made your guac, right?”

“Of course!”

While the other partygoers gathered around and watched a movie around the TV, Eren munched on Sasha’s guacamole and chips while listening to Armin’s details about the date.

Now that Eren was fully caught up, he was more invested in the development than ever.

“Okay, imagine this for me,” Eren prompted. “He invites you over again. He makes you some of that juicy ass chicken- you know that he would. He gets you nice and pregnant. He… y’know… wines and dines you…”

Armin looked at him with sassy exasperation. Where was Eren going with this?

“You’re both lying in his bed-“

“Whoa, when the hell did I get in his bed?” Armin laughed. Although, he thought, that was quite a nice scene to fantasize.

“Be with me here. I fast forwarded.

So you’re lying in his bed. Watching a movie. He starts getting a little frisky. His hands start roaming-“

“Somehow I get the feeling that he’s not the type to get ‘frisky’.”

“Armin! I’m trying to paint a picture here!”

“Okay, okay. I’m listening.”

“So next thing you know, he’s on top of you. He’s got a condom in between his teeth. ‘Armin’, he says,” Eren mocked Erwin’s smooth, romantic voice, “’I want to fuck the shit out of you’.”

Armin laughed out loud, clutching his weak stomach. “How could he say all that if he had a condom between his teeth?”

“Semantics!” Eren said, completely oblivious to what “semantics” meant. “So tell me, Armin, with all that considered, and the moment is juuuust right, would you bust it open for him?”

“I’m trying not to imagine the vulgar scene of me ‘busting it open’, but to answer your question, hell yes!” he squealed. “I would let that man defile me.”

“Good to know,” Eren purred. “My little baby bird. Busting it open for a man. Who woulda thunk?”

Armin punched Eren’s arm in embarrassment. “Stop saying ‘bust it open’!”

“A beer, guys?” Reiner held out two bottles for them.

“No thanks,” Armin said.

“Sure. I’ll have just one.” Eren took one and took a gulp.

Connie was right; the party did start picking up later at night. When the strobe lights came on and the partygoers could feel the bass thumping in their hearts, that’s when Eren figured it was time to go.

He took one slice of pizza for the road, and he and Armin called it a night.


“Hey, love, how was the party?” Levi asked that night.

“Oh,” Eren exhaled. “It was alright.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just tired. Long week. Can we cuddle?”

“Of course.”

Levi turned the TV on for background noise as he gave Eren that sweet lovin’. Eren tucked himself close as he settled in Levi’s lap, feeling recharged and secure wrapped in those strong arms. He rested his head against his solid chest, letting Levi’s heartbeat soothe him.


As Eren unlocked the door to his apartment, he craned his neck away from Mark’s invasive kisses.

He barely had time to take off his jacket when Mark backed him up into a wall and was already busy rubbing his crotch to get him in the mood.

“Mark… I’m tired. I was thinking maybe we could just cuddle tonight?”

“Come onnnn,” Mark groaned into his ear. “What happened to my little cockslut?”

Eren pouted, his face still turned away from his attempts at kissing.

“Fine…” Mark sighed. “We can cuddle after I fuck you. How’s that sound?” He seemed annoyed.


Eren straddled him on the bed and got to work peeling off his shirt. This would be fourth time they’d had sex today, not even including the multiple rounds. Even he had his limits.

Now that he was fully naked, Mark took Eren and threw him onto the bed so that he was on his back.

Eren looked up expectantly. His dull eyes grazed over Mark unbuckling his belt. “Are you gonna prep me?”

Mark shook his head and squirted some lube on his hand. He stroked himself up and spread Eren’s legs. “We already fucked earlier; you should be set. Plus, I kinda like how tight you are.”

Eren braced himself as Mark slammed himself in and the cold sting of the lube didn’t help. It’s gonna feel good after a while. Just wait it out. Then you get to cuddle.

It wasn’t too bad in the end. The sounds of skin on skin… small grunts… the creak of the bed; it all became so tediously familiar.

Mark only lasted a few minutes, as usual. Eren could tell when he was close because he swelled inside him. He became skilled in sitting up within seconds to get ready for his facial.

Eren sat on his heels and waited patiently like he was asked. Quite frankly, he was bored. It wasn’t long before his face was coated in a warm stickiness. He flinched when he felt some get into his eye.

Mark completed with a groan and zipped himself up. When Eren made sure he was all done, he wiped his some cum off his lip and just stared at it.

He felt his chin being held up and was forced to look up in his shameful state. He couldn’t put his heart into it.

“You look so pretty with my cum all over your face like this. What a cute little cockslut you are.”

Eren smiled weakly.

“Go wash your face and then we can cuddle.”


Drying his fresh face with his towel, Eren looked at his reflection in the mirror. Sex used to be fun. What the hell happened?

He put on some new boxers and a shirt. Peering into the freezer, Eren fished out his tub of chocolate ice cream.

He got comfortable in Mark’s lap as they watched TV, and he licked his spoon absentmindedly. This was good. The shitty sex was worth quiet little moments like these. Nowadays, he seemed to enjoy cuddling more than fucking, which was surprising because it was no secret that he had a high drive. That’s how he got his nickname of ‘cockslut’ from Mark, after all.

But Mark was his boyfriend. Why did he feel so guilty about asking for cuddles?

Just a little later, Mark smacked Eren’s thigh and shifted underneath. “Alright, let’s go another round.”

Eren licked his spoon clean and swallowed, his eyes wide in disbelief. “Mark! It’s been, like, 15 minutes!” His ass was shredded and his heart was heavy.

“Is that not enough?” his eyes gleamed with warning. The last time Eren was defiant, Mark threatened to stop paying his bills. He was still working odd jobs here and there until he found real work. He couldn’t afford that right now.

So he bit his tongue for now. “Yeah… it’s enough,” he sighed. He closed his tub of ice cream and peeled his boxers off again.

He bounced haphazardly on Mark’s cock, very barely feeling alive or happy. He stared at Mark’s long brunette hair, his hazel eyes. Eren ran his fingers through Mark’s hair and leaned in for a kiss, desperate to fulfill his need for intimacy. Because none of this felt real. It wasn’t registering what he was actually doing right now.

Mark returned the kiss awkwardly. When he kissed, it was usually biting, blood-drawing kisses. He wasn’t really used to Eren’s gentle, sweet, chocolate ice cream-laced smooches.

Mark released into Eren, and Eren found himself spilling onto Mark’s shirt. He climbed off right away and they lay panting in the aftermath.

Not even bothering to clean himself out, Eren slowly pulled his boxers back on. He felt filthy, but deep down inside, he felt that it wasn’t because of the cum dripping down his thighs.

With Mark groaning in content a few feet away, Eren picked up his tub of ice cream again.

It was all melted.


Eren clutched onto Levi’s shirt, resting it against his chiseled abdomen. Levi held his head close with one hand, and with his other hand he softly rubbed the shell of Eren’s ear between his thumb and index finger.

Eren was grateful Levi didn’t ask too many questions. He was glad he could take all the time he needed to open up. His past was… embarrassing.

Levi was wondering what his sweet Eren was thinking about right now. He felt that something was eating him up from the inside. But he would probably share it eventually. Eren shared very intimate things about himself since they’ve met, and they were learning more about each other every week.

He wasn’t entirely upfront about some of this thoughts, either. Part of it was feeling like he didn’t want to burden innocent Eren with his past, and the other part was some of his memories were so repressed that it was almost painful to dig them back up. He would try to share the full details about his past one day. Eren did ask about it, after all.

“Let’s sleep now,” Eren murmured. He craned his neck up and lay a smooch on the side of Levi’s mouth before climbing out of his lap.

He took Eren’s face in his hands and stroked those soft cheeks with his thumbs. “Hey, darling boy. I just wanted to say that you can always tell me if something’s bothering you. Anything at all.”

Eren smiled sweetly and placed his hands over Levi’s. “I know. I trust you. Thank you for being such an awesome boyfriend.” He moved in for a big hug, breathing in Levi’s scent and squeezing those strong shoulders.

“I love you, Eren. So much,” Levi whispered.

“I love you, too, Levi,” Eren giggled. “Even more.”


“Welp, here it is!” Eren said cheerfully.

They drove down to the suburbs of Trost, where Eren’s parents lived. In front of them was the house that Eren grew up in; blue shutters, a freshly mowed lawn, a simple little garden.

“I’m so excited for you to meet my parents!” Eren squeezed Levi’s hand, and they headed towards the door.

A landscaper was hard at work tending the garden in front of the house.

“Hey, Bobby!” Eren called.

Bobby turned and lifted his wide-brimmed hat. “Eren?” his smile widened. “How are ya, kiddo?” He acknowledged Levi. “Hello, sir!”

“I’m doin’ good!” Eren said. Levi waved curtly.

Eren knocked on the front door. Almost immediately, the door swung open and someone pulled Eren in. Levi followed behind and shut the door.

Eren’s mother embraced Eren in a strangling hug around his neck, rocking him back and forth. “Oh, honey, I’m so glad you could make it! I missed you so, so much,” she gushed.

“I missed you, too.” Eren rubbed her lower back soothingly.

Eren’s mother abruptly ended the hug and took his face in her hands. Her eyes darted around, inspecting his face, and then his neck and collar.

“Oh, what a relief, you’re not hurt anywhere,” she whispered.

Eren squirmed out of her grip. “Ma. I’m fine.”

“I have to check. I’m your mother, after all.”

Eren waved his hand to Levi, who has been waiting patiently. “Ma, this is Levi, my boyfriend,” he said proudly.

Levi put his hand out. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Jaeger.”

Eren’s mother looked at his hand momentarily, then ignored it and went straight for a hug. Levi’s eyes widened in shock, but his face softened again and he patted her back.

She finally let him go, then held him at arm’s length by his shoulders. “No need for the formalities, Levi. Please, call me Carla!”

It warmed Levi’s heart how much Eren looked like his mother. She had the same chocolate brown hair, bold, expressive eyebrows, and intense but soft eyes. Even her smile was motherly and warm like Eren’s.

“Eren has told me so much about you!” Carla gushed. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, just like her son’s. “But he didn’t tell me you were so handsome!”

“Ma.” Eren groaned from where he was raiding the fridge.

Levi chuckled lowly, and he was secretly elated that Eren said good things about him. “Thank you, Carla. I’m flattered.”

“Where are my manners?” she said. “Please, please, come in!”

He took off his shoes and set them aside neatly. Eren kicked his shoes off already and they were scattered in the doorway. Levi took them and set them aside neatly next to his own.

“Eren, stop looking for snacks. I’m making lunch,” Carla was telling him.

Eren shut the door to the fridge regretfully. “Is dad here?”

“No, honey. He had to work today. But he said to give you a kiss for him.” She took his face and lay a firm kiss on his forehead.

Eren went to sit at the kitchen table with Levi. “My dad is always working. I’m sorry I couldn’t introduce him to you today.” He looked glum.

Levi patted his hand. “It’s okay. Another time,” he assured.

They talked for a few minutes until lunch was ready. Carla placed a dish in front of each of them. “This was Eren’s favorite meal as a kid. I make it every time he comes.”

It was a type of omelet with a sauce drizzled on top, with baked potatoes on the side. It smelled savory and comforting. Levi took his knife and fork and began cutting. Looking up, Eren was ravenously tearing away.

“Hey,” Carla warned with a pull at his cheek. “Wolfie. Use your manners.”

She left and went back to doing dishes, and Levi looked at him with I-told-you-so smirk. Eren stuck his tongue out playfully.

The meal was truly delicious. Levi felt nostalgic even though he didn’t get many home-cooked meals as a kid.

Carla came around and collected their empty plates. “How did you both like it?”

“Yummy,” Eren sang in a monotone. His head was dangling back off his chair as he rubbed his stomach.

“It was great, Carla, thank you,” Levi said.

Eren got out of his chair abruptly and took Levi’s hand. “Come on, I’ll show you my room.”

Eren guided him through the house, upstairs, and through a hallway that had professional portraits of Eren at different stages of life hanging on the walls. In one, little Eren was hanging off a tree branch; in another, he was grinning as he sat in a pile of crunchy leaves. His parents must really love him, Levi thought.

They walked into Eren’s bedroom and Eren shut the door. It was decorated a bit childishly; it was the room he grew up in, after all. The carpet was blue and freshly vacuumed. Trophies and medals were displayed on the shelf. There was a Styrofoam model of the solar system dangling on a mobile.

“I hope you like it here so far,” Eren said. They sat on the creaky bed. “My mom really likes you. I’m so happy that you’ve met.”

“I’m enjoying it here. Your mother is delightful.”

Eren giggled and leaned over, meeting their lips together. He deepened the kiss, and shut his eyes as he tasted plush lips. He separated with that telltale sparkle in his eye, and his hand traveled down to rub Levi’s crotch as he bit his lower lip. How hot would it be if Levi fucked him in his childhood room?

Levi shook his head. “Eren. No. Absolutely not.”

Eren pouted, but didn’t let up his pace. “Why not?”

“Your mother is just downstairs, and she could hear us. What if she walks by your room? No.”

Eren leaned into Levi’s ear and scratched his chest seductively with his fingertips. “Come on, Leeevi,” he purred. “I’ll be quiet, I promise.” He nibbled on his earlobe, then proceeded to trail a line of smooches on his jawline.

Levi sat still as statue, sticking to his guns despite how much he wanted to please Eren. It wasn’t worth the risk.

“Leeeevi,” Eren breathed against his lips. He straddled his lap and began grinding against his leg. He started moaning softly. “I promiiise.”

He didn’t quite wait for permission before unbuckling Levi’s belt and unzipping his jeans, going ahead and starting a blowjob.

Levi’s face screwed as tried his best not to give in to Eren’s wiles. But Eren looked up with those green puppy-dog eyes, completely aware of the effect he had as his head bobbed up and down.

“…Brat,” Levi whispered. “You’re irresistible.”

Eren’s mouth was so hot and his soft pink lips were just begging to be used. Levi sighed deeply and finally gave in. He fisted his fingers into Eren’s hair, rutting his hips into his mouth. Eren laughed when he got his way, and his giggle vibrated wonderfully against Levi’s cock.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “Ughhh…” He swallowed harshly.

Eren was relentless, sliding his lips up and down, letting his tongue press flat against Levi’s length as he hit the back of his throat over and over.

Levi threw his head back and face fucked Eren softly, guiding his head up and down. What the fuck are you doing? a cautious voice scolded him in his mind. Have you thrown all caution to the wind?

But that voice was shoved aside as Eren took him deep into his throat with ease, moaning through his nose as Levi’s grip on his hair grew painfully good.

Eren let go with his ‘pop’, then went over to the base of the bed. He reached his arm deep into the mattress and his face lit up when he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a bottle of lube. “It’s right where I left it,” he giggled.

He shed his pants and boxers on his way back to the bed, and Levi took the lube from him.

Eren became so lovely and pliant as he worked him open with his fingers. Eren, true to his word, remained quiet by moaning into the pillow he was clutching.

Levi felt around his walls, using two fingers to scissors him open. He rubbed against one side, and then the other. He pumped in and out, slowly increasing his pace. He enjoyed the way Eren stared at him silently, like he was amazed that someone could finger fuck him so well.

Levi immediately found that bundle of nerves and scraped against it, and Eren squirmed and clutched pillow tighter. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. And Levi was living for every second of it.

“Do you like that, Eren?” Levi asked softly. “You like it when I play with your prostate?”

Eren nodded shyly.

Levi kept working him open in every area except that one, just to tease him a bit. Eren’s brows furrowed as he caught on to Levi’s plan. Just hit that one spot, please, please.

Levi pulled his hips even closer to him, so that they were staring into each other’s eyes very intimately.

Levi got back to finger fucking Eren, building up to an almost aggressive force.

Eren stared at Levi’s steely gray eyes that were gleaming with intensity. The veins in his forearms popped every time he thrusted his fingers. FUCK! Eren squealed internally. So hot!

And his fingers were reaching so deep, but not as deep as that cock he was craving.

Cockslut, Mark’s voice teased. What the fuck? Eren shook his head.

Levi rubbed against Eren’s sweet spot again, as a reward for staying quiet. Eren’s toes curled and electricity shot up his spine.

He stopped biting into his pillow for a minute to speak. “Please, Levi…” he whispered.

Levi rubbed the spot again, and Eren whined. “Please, what?”

“Please fuck me now.”

“Well… since you asked so nicely.” He slid his fingers out, and slicked himself up with lube, maintaining eye contact with Eren. Eren drew his knee and rubbed his foot against Levi’s chest playfully.

Levi took Eren’s long leg and draped it over his shoulder so that Eren was lying on his side, and he slammed in.

Eren squeaked into his pillow, and giggled into it when Levi started fucking the ever-loving shit out of him. Giggles turned into laughs, and laughs turned into moans. Levi was so fucking thick, Eren thought. Bust it open for him!! He could feel Armin’s eyes roll at his vulgarity.

The only sounds in the room were the soft creaks of the bed and Levi’s low grunts. Eren practically screamed into his pillow and his eyes rolled back again. He wished they were back at the apartment so he could be as loud and obnoxious as he wanted. But the fact that his mom could be right outside- damn, it was so dangerous and sexy!

Levi rammed into him, almost there, almost there, and Eren felt himself leaking precum onto his own shirt. Whatever, he could change.

When he felt Levi swell inside him, he pulled his leg back and sat on his heels. Just like he used to. He couldn’t get any cum on the sheets.

“In my mouth,” he whispered. He took Levi’s cock and wrapped his lips around it. With one firm pull, he felt the warm pleasure slip down his throat.

Levi Adam’s apple bob as he released into Eren’s mouth. When Eren swallowed it all, he sat and milked Eren’s cock off to help him finish, too.

He loved how hard Eren was trying not to moan, since his pillow was far away. Instead, he bit into his hand to muffle his voice, and he looked at Levi’s hand shyly.

His cum splattered on Levi’s hand and on his own shirt. They sat in silence for a couple minutes, basking in the memory, and they started cleaning up.

Eren looked into his closet and put on a fresh shirt. He used his soiled shirt to clean up Levi’s hand.

“That was hot,” Eren giggled.

“Thank you for staying quiet, my little exhibitionist.”

“No problem.” Eren ran with the underhanded praise and kissed Levi’s cheek innocently.

After the sheets were straightened out and the dirty shirt was thrown into the hamper, they went back downstairs.

“Did Eren show you his room, Levi?” Carla asked. She was drying a dish in her hand.

“Yes, he did.” Levi felt a bit guilty for talking this casually to her after fucking her son’s brains out just a few minutes ago.

Eren reached into the freezer and took a popsicle.

“Hon, did you change your shirt?” Carla’s eyebrow cocked.

“Yeah, I spilled some sauce on it while I was eating, so I changed.” Levi smirked. His lie was flawless.

“Oh. Alright.” Carla bought it. “Levi, would you like tea or coffee?”

“Coffee, please,” he said gratefully.

She finished drying the last dish. Eren and Levi sat at the kitchen table while the coffee was being made.

Eren licked his popsicle while maintaining eye contact with Levi. His tongue ran up the light blue shaft, and he plunged it down his throat. Eren pumped it against the inside of his cheek with a wink.

His mother was a few feet behind him. Levi had half a mind to ask her if she had any idea how slutty her son was.

Eren kissed the tip of the popsicle sweetly, then chomped a bite off ferociously. Levi laughed.

Carla set down a mug of coffee in front of him. “Do you take it with sugar or creamer? Or milk?”

“I take it black. Thank you.” He took a gulp and sighed.

Eren threw his popsicle stick away and took another one out the freezer.

Carla put her hand on her hip. “Eren, no. One is enough.”

Eren’s eyes dolled up and he pouted innocently. “Please, mommy?” He could have all the popsicles he wanted back at the apartment; he was not used to being told ‘no’ these days.

“Eren Jaeger, you are unfair,” she laughed and pulled his ear. He took his popsicle to the adjacent living room and turned on the TV.

She joined Levi with her own mug of coffee. “That boy…” she shook her head. “So, tell me about your work, Levi. Eren said you ran a company?”

He told her all the latest news about his businesses and Survey Corporation, and she listened in fascination.

“You’re quite the successful man, Levi. You’re the first that Eren has ever brought home. I’m very pleased that it’s you.”

“Oh,” Levi waved her down. He wasn’t one to take such inflated compliments. “You flatter me, Carla.”

“I’m serious,” she laughed. She leaned in and lowered her voice. “I’ve never seen Eren this happy and healthy. He always used to come home with bruises and cuts-“ her voice shook and she covered her mouth. She was suddenly very emotional.

Levi’s heart squeezed for her. He reached out and patted her hand.

She put her other hand over his. “I’m sorry. I get emotional when I think about my sweet boy.” She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. “But when you came with him today, it was the first time in a long time that he was was unharmed. You’re a very good influence on him, my dear Levi.”

They looked at Eren from afar, who was lounging on the couch lazily as he watched TV.

“I would do no less. I absolutely adore him.”

“Please continue to take care of him, Levi. Keep him safe,” she said softly.

“Of course, Carla.”

She seemed much more at ease now, and they sipped their coffee together. “And it goes without saying, but you’re welcome back here at any time at all. Our home is yours.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

“And lighten up, Levi!” she giggled. “No need to be so polite and formal!”

He laughed, a bit unsure of how loose she expected him to act. But he did appreciate how easy she was to be around. She reminded him so much of Eren- it was adorable.

She collected their empty mugs and stood. “I’m so glad we finally got to meet in person, Levi. You’re a wonderful man.”

With one last smile, she went to wash their mugs and Levi went to join Eren on the couch.

“Hey,” Eren grinned. He scooted next to Levi and leaned his head on his shoulder as they watched TV. He snaked his arms around his strong bicep.

It was very domestic and content in this scene. Carla came by to water some plants near the window, but she froze and her face softened at the sight.

“Awww,” she gushed. “You two are simply adorable together!”

Eren craned his neck around in annoyance. “Ma!” he groaned.

“Okay, okay,” she giggled. “I’ll get out in a second!” She watered the plants without taking her eyes off them. “Too cute!” she squealed.

Eren sighed impatiently.

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving,” Carla said, still smiling mischievously.

With his mom out of their hair, Eren put his head back on Levi’s shoulder and they relaxed on the couch until dinner.

Dinner was chicken breasts and vegetables. They ate with Carla, and she shared funny stories about Eren’s childhood. He was quite the exciting kid.

They decided to call it a day after eating. As Levi and Eren put on their shoes, Carla tried to convince them to stay longer.

“You two can spend the night here,” she said. “We have plenty of room.”

“Thank you, Carla, but I couldn’t,” Levi said.

Eren gave her hug. “Bye, mommy. I’ll talk to you soon.”

She took his face and smothered his cheek with wet kisses. “I miss you, honey. And I love you so, so much.”

They separated and she stroked his face gently, just like Levi does.

She came to Levi next, pulling him into a hug. “You’re part of the family, now, dear Levi. I’m so happy Eren brought you home.”

He patted her back again. “Thank you for having me. And thank you for the wonderful meals.”

“Visit more often! Bye-bye!” Carla called from the doorway as they walked to Levi’s car.

“Bye, ma!” Eren waved. Levi waved as well.


“What a long day,” Eren sighed. “But I really liked it!”

Back at the apartment, they were getting ready for bed together.

“I really enjoyed that, love. Thank you for taking me to meet your mom.”

“I’m still a bit bummed you couldn’t meet my dad. Hopefully he’ll be around next time.”

“He’ll come around.”

Later on in bed, Levi’s arm was curled around Eren and he was gazing at the ceiling. His fingers scratched Eren’s shoulder soothingly.

Eren’s finger was tracing shapes into Levi’s chest absentmindedly. “Levi?”


“Will I get to meet your dad?”

Levi realized he never actually told Eren about his family, other than his mom. She came up on their first date. But Eren was in the dark about that part of his life. It was time he told him the truth.

“I’ve never actually met my dad,” Levi told him. “I was raised by my uncle.”

“Oh. Will I get to meet him?”

Levi was quiet for a moment. He didn’t want to make promises he couldn’t keep. “Maybe, darling. It’s a bit difficult to say. He’s… not the type to stay in one place for too long.”

In fact, Levi hardly knew how to contact him himself. Kenny sometimes came around at random, stopping by for what seemed like hours at a time before taking off again.

“I see,” Eren said thoughtfully. “But if he does come around, you’ll introduce me, right?”


That seemed to satisfy Eren. “Good.”

More silence.

“You should tell me stories about your uncle, Levi.”

It warmed his heart that Eren wanted to get to know every bit of his life. He didn’t let too many people in on his background. But Eren was so eager to learn.

“Alright, I will,” Levi smiled.

Eren draped his arm around Levi’s body happily, throwing all concept of personal space away. “I love you so much, Levi.”

“I love you, too, my sweet Eren. Good night.”


Chapter Text

Levi rose before the sun.

His lovely young boyfriend was wrapped around him tightly, as usual. Legs intertwined in his; a needy grip on his shirt. The usual puddle of drool wherever the brown mop-top made his mark.

But Levi wouldn’t have it any other way.

He peeled Eren off him slowly. First his latching fingers, then his splayed out arms. Next was slipping out of that vine of long legs. Eren’s breathing hitched and his eyebrows furrowed, but he curled up again and resumed his careless snoring almost instantaneously.

Levi tucked the covers back around his shoulders and lay a light smooch on his bedhead. What a cute thing.

He changed into his workout clothes and went downstairs to the gym. It was his favorite time to work out- the sky was still dark and the world was asleep; the perfect time to reflect and release some steam. He also secretly felt a surge of comfort knowing that Eren was safe in bed.

He worked up quite a sweat doing his warm-up cardio, then spent the rest of the time boxing and weight training. This was the only reason he didn’t lash out too much. It had become a bit of a habit to bottle up aggression and then paint the sandbag a face.

Today’s face was the scumbag that hurt Eren at the charity dinner. He just couldn’t seem to shake off the memory. He still didn’t know what that jackoff’s relationship to Eren was, but he also didn’t want to make Eren feel bad by bringing it up.

Sending him to the hospital didn’t seem to be enough. He wanted so badly to leave him on the brink of death.

The events of that night were still crystal clear. The way Eren’s posture withered under that man’s smug grin.

One blinding punch into the punching bag.

The way Eren was eager to handle the situation himself, because he didn’t want to make a scene.

Another punch, low into the stomach of the punching bag.

The way a hand wrapped around Eren’s throat, and that clink of the silverware on the table as Eren flailed around desperately. Why didn’t you act faster? Levi growled at himself.

A one-two punch, light on his feet. His knuckles stung. His form was getting sloppy. Get it together.

Eren crumpling to the floor, struggling for air. Eren sobbing into his shirt in the coat closet. Eren losing the sparkle in his eye for the rest of the night while he simmered in guilt. It wasn’t your fault, baby. It wasn’t your fault.

It all replayed like fucking annoying dream.

Sweat stung Levi’s eyes as he created dents into the punching bag with a flurry of punches, solid and steady. He reveled in the satisfying smack that echoed in the training room when his fist met the bag.

He stopped abruptly. The punching bag swung back and forth a bit, like a pendulum. He’s never felt this strongly about protecting someone.

The memory of Eren’s cute smile as he turned his face at the beach while the wind whipped at his hair flashed in Levi’s mind.

“Keep him safe,” he remembered Carla told him yesterday.

He sat down on a bench and unwrapped the bandages from his knuckles. They were red and raw. He had to do better. For Eren.


Back upstairs, Levi set a pot of coffee to start brewing while he showered.

He peeled his sweaty clothes off and stepped into the hot shower. As the water cascaded on him, he stared at his raw knuckles. They stung a bit under the water, but it was a satisfying sort of pain.

When he emerged from the bathroom, Eren was still snoozing away. The sunbeams from the crack in the curtains basked him in angelic glow.

Levi sipped coffee standing in front of the glass wall in the living room. He watched the touches of the morning crawl up the city. The sky went from pitch black to gray, then to a dusky purple into a periwinkle. The wispy clouds were dark against a blushing orange as the sun emerged in the horizon.

Now that the coffee was in his system, he could start the day. As he dried his washed mug, a familiar padding of footsteps grew closer behind him.

Eren wrapped his arms around Levi’s shoulders and leaned in so his face was resting on his shoulder.

“Good morning, Levi,” he said sweetly. A peck on the cheek.

Levi placed his cup aside and turned around, pulling Eren closer by his waist. “Aren’t you a sweet thing this morning?” Eren was always in a good mood if he woke up on his own accord. “How’d you sleep?”

Eren rested his arms on Levi’s shoulders, clasping his fingers behind his head. He took a deep breath. “Mmm. Good.” His smile was cheeky.

Levi pulled him closer so that their lips were centimeters away. “Good?” he repeated.

Eren bit his lip and brushed his nose against his. “Mm-hmm.” His smile was ever-growing.

“Yeah?” Levi’s hands dipped into the waistband of his boxers, his fingers cold and startling against his sleep-warmed skin.

Eren laughed and his hands held Levi’s face to steal quick, giggly kisses on his lips.

“What do you want for breakfast, sweetheart?” Levi asked against his mouth, their lips touching. Eren’s breath was minty and he smelled like sleep and mornings and baby powder.

“You,” Eren purred.

Levi chuckled and there was a shuffling of steps and a flurry of kisses between them as Levi backed Eren up into a wall.

He was all silly giggles as Levi wedged his knee between his legs and nipped playfully at his throat. He picked up Eren’s leg, squeezing his firm thigh.

“You’re scrumptious. I could just eat you up,” Levi said against his throat.

Eren wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck and made himself lighter on his toes, wanting to be picked up. Levi didn’t miss a beat. He took Eren’s other thigh and hoisted him up.

Levi dry humped him against the wall, rolling his hips in rhythm. He basked in Eren’s sweet laughs, so carefree and youthful.

Eren’s laughs that resonated in the room turned into high-pitched moans, and he craned his neck up to allow Levi to nibble at his throat.

He clamped his legs around Levi’s waist and hugged him tight. He was still surprised Levi could pick him up that easily. So strong!

The views of the apartment flew by as Levi spun him around. The kitchen, the doorway, the expensive furniture. The soft lights, the immaculate floors, the glass wall overlooking the city. How did he get to this point? He was so happy.

Levi stopped spinning, and Eren gave one last squeeze before climbing down.

“I want cereal today,” he said. At the kitchen, he poured his favorite sugary cereal and ate the barstool. “Oh, you made coffee?” He noted the full pot. “Can you pour me some, please?”

“Yes, I can.” Levi fixed him his mug with his favorite creamer and just the right amount of sugar.

“Thank youuuu,” Eren smiled and took his mug. His face melted in a sigh when he took a gulp.

Levi fixed his own breakfast- a toasted bagel and cream cheese. Once again, he let Eren have a bite.

And now that breakfast was out of the way, Eren had some plans up his sleeve.

Levi was watching the news on the couch. Eren reached into the pantry and took out the Hershey kisses he bought a little while ago.

“Hey,” Levi greeted. He eyed the bag of chocolate.

“Let’s play a game,” Eren said. He sat on Levi’s lap and pulled the bag open.

“Okay.” His eyes sparkled. “What you do is you take a kiss…” he took one and unwrapped it, “and you put it on your tongue.” Eren put it into his mouth. “Then…” he put his hands on Levi’s shoulders and leaned closer, “you have to kiss it out of me.”

“Sounds simple enough,” Levi said. He held Eren’s waist and took Eren’s lips. He was granted entry, and he used his tongue to search for the chocolate.

When Levi took it into his mouth, Eren nodded. “Yup. Just like that! The goal’s to make it last as long as possible.”

He leaned in and rested his hand on Levi’s chest. A smile against their lips, and then Eren pressed his soft lips against Levi’s. He started teasing a bit with his tongue, not quite beginning his search for the chocolate, but instead licking against Levi’s lower lip. He nipped lightly and wrapped his arm tighter around his neck. With Levi’s lower lip trapped between his teeth, Eren dragged his lip out a bit, then released it suddenly. He wagged his eyebrows playfully. Then he went back in and skillfully located the kiss which he took into his mouth quickly.

Their faces were inches away. Eren’s heart pounded despite having kissed Levi often. And even though his tongue has been down Levi’s throat plenty times before, the Hershey kiss game felt especially intimate to him.

He pressed his slightly open lips against Levi’s, and their tongues danced around in synchronicity in the search for the chocolate, which was beginning to lose its shape. But Levi was a quick learner, and he managed to find the sweet nub in Eren’s mouth.

Eren rubbed his nose with his, his unbrushed hair splayed out messily on his forehead.

“My turn,” Eren whispered. He shut his eyes and turned his head to meet Levi’s lips again. First, an innocent pucker of his lips and a light peck. Then, he turned it up to 11 and stuck his tongue in, tracing it over Levi’s teeth, exploring, running it over the roof of his mouth and every other crevice- personal space be damned. Finally, he located the tiny blob of chocolate and stole it away.

Levi squeezed Eren’s waist. His hands traveled up beneath his shirt and rubbed his skin. There was so much he wanted to touch. The next destination were the legs that were straddling him. He scratched his nails gently over them and prepared for his turn.

He smirked against Eren’s mouth, and pressed a firm kiss into it. He wasn’t sure which was sweeter- Eren’s lips or the remnants of the sugary chocolate in his mouth.

At any rate, he craned his neck up a bit and deepened his kiss, sucking at Eren’s bottom lip requesting entry. He snaked his tongue in search for mostly depleted Hershey kiss. Eren assisted by holding his face by his jaw and allowing him to suck the rest of the chocolate off his tongue.

They separated rather breathless. Eren licked his lips in the memory and gazed into Levi’s eyes.

“You’re adorable,” Levi whispered. “And delicious.”

Eren bit his lip innocently, but when he leaned closer to Levi’s ear, his husky voice suggested otherwise. “I can show you just how sweet I can be.”

Several rounds of Hershey kisses later, they were significantly hot and bothered. Eren was frustrated from trying to calm his erection by grinding on Levi’s lap, but he willed himself to hold on a bit longer. He stil had other plans.

He got up abruptly, and his cock was straining a bit uncomfortably in his boxers. “Stay right here,” he purred. With one last lingering stroke to Levi’s jaw, he went back to the kitchen.

Eren put the bag of kisses back into the pantry and then searched the fridge. He pulled out a can of whipped cream that he bought along with the chocolates.

“Come on!” Eren tugged Levi’s hand and led him to his bedroom.

Levi antipated Eren’s next move. He was a wild card; every hour brought a new adventure.

“Remember on our first date, when I told you that some people at the shop order whipped cream and nothing else?” He had that cheeky grin again.

“Yeah?” Levi couldn’t help but smile.

“Well… I’m finally gonna show you the appeal!”

Eren crawled over with hungry eyes. The big bear sitting on the bed was staring at him judgingly.

He took the hem of Levi’s shirt and pulled it off for him. Levi lifted his arms.

It was a sight Eren never got tired of. He greedily dragged his gaze over his torso.

Next, he pulled down Levi’s shorts so that he was just in his underwear. Levi lay on his back expectantly.

Eren ran his hands over his chest. “You should be naked more often, Levi. You’re so fucking hot, damn!” He kissed his chest softly to prove his point.

“Thank you, dear,” Levi chuckled. “But what are you planning to do, exactly?”

“Just lie back and you’ll see,” Eren winked.

He took the can of whipped cream and screwed the top off. Without taking his gaze off Levi, he shook the can and squirted a small mountain directly into his mouth. He took his time licking it off and swallowing.

Next was Levi’s turn. He aimed the can over Levi’s mouth. “Open up!”

He squirted a swirl of cream into Levi’s open mouth. “And now you lick it off!” Eren instructed.

Levi tasted and swallowed the whipped cream. He missed a spot on his lip, which Eren reached down and licked off for him.

“Delicious, right?”

“Actually, yes,” Levi said. “That’s the first time I’ve had it raw like that.”

Eren shook the can again and aimed it over Levi’s stomach. “This might feel a little weird at first.”

He squirted a thick line of cream down the center groove of Levi’s abdomen, all the way up to his pec cleavage.

Levi was a bit shocked but he sat through it anyway.

Eren edged his fingers along the waistband of Levi’s underwear, not quite pulling it down. With a playful sparkle in his eyes, he started licking the stripe off his body. Instead of cleaning it off in one go, he took his time- licking it off little by little as Levi watched. Sometimes he would purposefully get sloppy and get some on his lip, just so that Levi could watch as he ran his tongue over his own lip seductively.

It wasn’t something Levi expected to become aroused from. But it was the combination of Eren’s puppy-dog eyes staring at him, and the way he moaned against his stomach while he licked, as well as the splatters of white on Eren’s mouth that had him getting hot and bothered again.

Eren had reached his chest now, and he dragged his tongue against his skin to clean up the last bit of cream. The trail of saliva on Levi’s body was drying.

But Eren wasn’t done yet.

He shook the can again, and squirted a small dot on Levi’s nipple. Still maintaining that fiery eye contact, he darted his tongue on it playfully, then took it between his teeth gently. Levi’s breath hitched. Eren playfully grazed his teeth against his nipple until it was drenched with saliva. Levi groaned and fisted his hand in Eren’s hair. Yesss, pull my hair!

Eren kept playing with it until it was pink and hard, and he wrapped his lips around it in a kiss. He did the same with Levi’s other nipple.

Now was when the real fun began. Eren dipped back down Levi’s body to his crotch. He rubbed his nose against his straining erection. It was already beautifully hard, which is just what he wanted. Little effort was needed to release it from its confines.

Eren held the waistband at the hips, and he pulled the middle part down with his teeth. Levi’s cock peeked out, and Eren pulled it out.

Levi’s underwear hid those hot veins that crawled up to his abs, and now Eren was elated to see them again.

He would pay attention to those later, but right now Levi’s cock needed some cream.

Eren held it parallel to Levi’s body so that the underside of the shaft showed, and he squirted a stripe along it with a cheeky grin.

Levi watched in anticipation as Eren ran his tongue flat along it, all the way up ever so slowly- all the way to the head. He swallowed the cream and took Levi all the way down his throat in one go.

Levi growled and his hands flew to Eren’s head to keep him down. His mouth felt so hot around him, and the tip was hitting the back of his throat. God DAMN did Eren know how to use his mouth.

And Eren was basking in Levi’s responses. He loved having all the power in his hands. Only he knew how to please his man, he liked to think. Anything to hear those low growls from deep in Levi’s throat.

Granted, he was a little less… conventional than Levi in his methods, but he liked mixing things up.

He continued sucking Levi off, keeping his hand wrapped at the base. Levi was pulling harder on his hair- the strands were straining against his scalp. It hurt so good!

“Fuck, Eren. Fuck!” he groaned. His eyes were screwed shut and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed roughly.

Eren giggled and the vibration elicited another moan from Levi. He rubbed his balls through his underwear.

Eren nipped ever so softly against the sensitive skin along the shaft, making sure to kiss the veins as well. He came back up and a translucent trail of saliva stayed connected. The can was back in Eren’s hand, and he squirted a small pile on the head of Levi’s cock.

Eren took the head into his mouth and Levi hissed in pleasure. He licked up the cream that was laced with precum and enjoyed the sweetness of it all.

But he was relentless- continuing to swirl his tongue on the head like a lollipop and dipping it into the slit.

Eren could tell Levi was getting closer because his groans were become louder and louder, and his pull on his hair was almost difficult to work with. But he continued bobbing his head up and down, up and down- more groans, a choked breath, a hiss, more telltale swelling- up and down, a massage at his balls, and then a firm pull…

And a warm release flowed down Eren’s throat.

Levi was choking back sounds as he rode out his orgasm with clenched teeth. Eren swallowed it all, making sure to look at Levi so that his eyes and the cock in his mouth were the first thing he saw when he came back.

Levi sighed and he unclenched everything; his eyes opened again, his grip on Eren’s hair loosened, his jaw relaxed. Eren slowly pulled his cock out of his mouth.

“You were amazing, Eren. I had a lot of fun,” he said. He petted his head lovingly.

“That was my goal!” Eren said.

“…And I’m also filthy now,” Levi chuckled. “What are you thinking for lunch? Would you like me to take you somewhere?”

Eren rested his head on his arms and ghosted a stroke along Levi’s soft cock. “Mm… no. I want to spend the whole time with you at home, so can we order a pizza?”

“We can,” Levi smiled. “Fetch me my phone, will you? It’s in my shorts.”

Eren reached over to Levi’s shorts and took his phone out of the pocket. Levi dialed a pizza place and placed the order.

Eren watched Levi in all his naked glory with admiration. “Tell them veggie,” he whispered.

“Veggie on that, yes,” Levi told them. “Yes, that’s all…Okay. Thanks.” He ended the call and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “God, I’m spent,” he groaned. “Eren, look what you do to me.” Look how old you make me realize I am!

Eren laughed and ran his hand over Levi’s abs soothingly. “There, there.”

“Alright. I’m going to have a quick shower,” Levi said. He got up with another groan and picked up his scattered clothes on the way to the bathroom.

Eren waited on the couch in the living room for Levi to return. Today was wonderful so far. He finally got Levi to try the whipped cream, which they’ve talked about since their first date.

Their first date… Eren reminisced. He remembered how nervous he was. How much he blushed under Levi’s intimidating presence. But now he had Levi wrapped around his finger. Not only was he completely over his initial nervousness, he was also way too comfortable with him. He felt like he could do anything with him or tell him anything. Levi was all his. And he had all the love in the world to give to that piece of a man.

Levi emerged from the hallway freshly showered. He wore the soft blue shirt that Eren secretly loved, the shirt that clung to his chest and biceps just right.

“Hey, babe, do you have my phone?” he asked. “It wasn’t in the room.”

“Yeah, I brought it with me for you.” Eren handed it over. “I think you got some texts.”

Levi looked at the screen. Email updates for work. He sat on the couch to thank his employees for their diligence.

“By the way, I really like this shirt on you,” Eren said with a pat on his shoulder. “It brings out your eyes. And your body.”

Levi chuckled. “You think so?”


There was a rap on the door, and Levi took his wallet from the bar counter over with him.

Eren overheard the exchange between Levi and the pizza guy. He flipped through the TV for something new to watch.

The door shut and Levi set down the warm box on the table. He went and brought back two water bottles for them.

Now that Eren had settled on a channel, they got comfortable and ate in silence together.

Levi had been really low energy since Eren sucked the life out of him back there. Well, he was always rather calm, but now even more so. With the pizza polished off together, they cuddled for the rest of the afternoon.

Levi stroked Eren’s hair back softly, clawing it through his fingers off Eren’s forehead. He enjoyed the little cowlick at the base of Eren’s skull. Adorable. He used his other hand roll it between his fingers.

“Eren, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Who was that guy at the charity dinner?”

Eren was silent for a moment. He knew this would come up eventually. He crawled out of Levi’s lap and he sat opposite him.

“You don’t have to tell me if it bothers you, darling. I’m just curious.”

“No. You deserve to know.” He took a deep breath. “That was Mark. He was my most recent ex.”

Mark. That asswipe had a name. Levi was cautious with his words; he didn’t want to make Eren uncomfortable by prying. “…Was he always like that?”

“I don’t want to keep secrets from you, Levi.” He scooted closer and Levi rubbed his thighs soothingly as he awaited an explanation.

“I…umm…” Eren struggled to find the words. Suddenly he was humiliated. “After dating him for a while, he offered to pay my bills in exchange for sex.”

Levi was speechless.

“I started out happy with him, but I became frustrated that I was always struggling for money. This was before I worked at the coffee shop. So, he offered to pay my bills. The only condition was that I could never say ‘no’. He was allowed to use me whenever he wanted. Day or night. However many times. I went from being his boyfriend to his fuck toy. But I did what I had to do. I hated that I had to rely on him. As soon as I started working at Trost Coffee, I kinda told him to fuck off forever and that’s why our reunion was so… tense.”

Levi was still at a loss for words.

“I’m fucking embarrassed to tell you this, Levi.” Eren hung his head and rubbed his temples. “I didn’t want you to think that I was a dirty whore. I was basically a prostitute. I used him for money.” He covered his face in his hands. “And he wasn’t the first guy that payed my bills for sex. Mark was just the first where we started out as boyfriends.”

He was silent for a little bit, and then he started shaking.

Levi’s heart shattered. He suddenly learned so much about Eren and he was a bit overwhelmed. He took Eren’s wrists to pry them away from his face. His bottom lip was quivering and quiet tears stained his cheeks.

“Hey,” Levi breathed. Eren crawled into his open arms. “Hey,” he whispered again. “Eren, you were very brave to tell me all that. You have no reason to be embarrassed. You said it yourself; you did what you had to do.”

“Levi, he payed me for sex. It’s humiliating,” Eren’s muffled voice said.

“I don’t think you’re a dirty whore.” He squeezed his arms tighter around Eren. “Why were you afraid to tell me this?” he whispered.

“Because you’re perfect. And I’m just piece of shit that used people for their money. I was cheap ho.”

“I’m not perfect, Eren. Far from it. And my opinion of you hasn’t changed a bit. You’re still my darling baby boy.”

Eren giggled through his tears.

“…And while we’re telling the truth here, my mother was a prostitute. An actual one.”

Eren lifted his head. “She was?”

Levi nodded. “We all have parts of our pasts that we’re not proud of. But it’s about who we become. It’s our intention.” He softened his voice. “So don’t beat yourself up, my dear. If anything, I respect you even more now. It takes a lot of courage to own your story, and you were very honest.” He gazed at Eren’s eyes and wiped his tear-stained cheeks with his thumbs. “Okay?”

Eren sniffled and nodded. He threw his arms around Levi’s neck. “You always know what to say, Levi.”

Levi rubbed his back soothingly. This was probably what was eating him up. Poor thing.

“I feel a lot better with that off my chest,” Eren said. “No more secrets.”

“No more secrets,” Levi repeated.

They stayed in their embrace for a while. Eren expected Levi to judge him, but he lived up to his title of perfect boyfriend and understood.

“I love you very much, Eren. And everything about you. You’re my entire world.”

“You’re so cheesy, Levi,” Eren giggled and kissed him on the jaw. “But for the record, I’m in love with you, too.”

Levi’s heart warmed. Only Eren could manage to shoot him straight into the heart with just a few words.

“I want to show you just how special you are to me tonight.” Levi said.

He scooped Eren up in his arms bridal-style and took him his bedroom.

After laying Eren down next to his big bear, he brushed his bangs aside. “I’ll be right back.”

Levi went to his own bedroom and fished out a sleep mask from his drawer. He used this a few times when he ended up needing to sleep in the morning light.

When he returned, Eren was waiting patiently with that cheeky smile of his.

“Take your clothes off for me?” Levi asked.

“No problem at all!” Eren peeled off his clothes eagerly and awaited his next instruction.

“I’m going to blindfold you.” Levi gently placed the sleep mask over Eren’s eyes.

“Ooh. This is exciting.”

Levi put his hands on Eren’s shoulder and whispered in his ear. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes!” No hesitation whatsoever.

“Where do you keep your toys?”

“The bedside drawer.”

Levi rummaged through it and pulled out the metallic vibrator and the lube.

“Lie down for me, baby.” Eren got comfortable on his back and tried to listen for hints.

Levi slathered his fingers with lube and spread Eren’s legs. Slowly, he introduced a finger and soon later, a second one. Eren’s breath hitched and he elicited soft sighs as he was worked open.

He whined when Levi pulled his fingers out, but his disappointment was short lived when he felt Levi ease the toy into him.

“Try not to touch yourself or come until I say so, okay?” Levi said.

“Okay.” Levi could make him cum in minutes. This would be difficult.

While the toy was sitting all the way into Eren, Levi turned on the vibrator to the lowest setting.

“Ah!” Eren squeaked and squirmed a bit at the sudden surge of pleasure.

“I’m going to tell you some things that I love about you.” He started at Eren’s feet, admiring them in his hands. He lay kisses on both of them.

Eren gasped softly.

Levi worked his way up and dragged his nose along Eren’s legs. He caressed his calves and inhaled deeply against them. “I love these long legs of yours. So smooth and lean. Beautiful.” He trailed a line of kisses on each leg.

Eren looked distressed that he couldn’t see what was going on, but he was breathing hard and his stomach rose and fell erratically. The vibrator was riling him up and Levi was kissing him all over. He willed himself to refrain from reaching out to touch.

Levi trailed up further, running his calloused hands and squeezing Eren’s thighs. “I love your thighs. Nice and juicy.” He slowly spread Eren’s legs. The vibrator was doing its job and lube was leaking out Eren’s ass.

Eren yelped when his sensitivity was exposed to the cold air. Levi smirked and started nipping bites into the inside of those thighs.

“Ah, Levi!” Eren’s hands darted out but he brought them right back to grip the sheets.

“Be patient for me, baby.” He relentlessly continued sucking fat purple hickies and gently biting the sensitive skin.

It wasn’t until Eren was thoroughly marked up with trembling thighs that Levi continued his journey upward.

He squeezed Eren’s hips, gripping the bones beneath. “You’re doing great, Eren. You’re gorgeous.”

But Eren wasn’t doing great. It was taking everything in him not to finish early. With furrowed brows and deep breaths, he kept holding on.

He could feel Levi’s body heat close by, and his suspicions were confirmed when he felt a stream of hot breath in his ear.

Levi wanted to make sure Eren could hear him loud and clear for this one. “I’ve always loved that pretty little dick of yours, Eren,” he purred. “Always so responsive for me. I haven’t even touched it and you’re already this hard.”

And Levi watched with a satisified smirk as Eren squirmed and leaked precum on his own stomach like a faucet. Eren’s cock was adorable. Average in length, but it had a nice curve. When he was erect, the tip bounced against his stomach.

This was like his dream from a long time ago! Eren thought. When he had his little wet dream at the beach before he even knew Levi’s name. That dream was more like a prophecy now.

He couldn’t help himself. The fact that he couldn’t see amplified all his other senses. He wanted so desperately to please Levi and refrain from touching but Levi’s voice was so fucking deep and rich and chocolatey… Oh, just keep going!

“You like that, Eren?” Levi said close to his ear. He nibbled on his earlobe just to hear that whine again. “You really like it when I say your name, right, Eren? You sweet, sweet boy.”

A loud moan ripped from Eren’s throat and his toes curled at the stimulation. The vibrator kept going, shooting little bursts of pleasure up his spine when it brushed against his prostate, and he didn’t even have to touch to know that his cock was painfully hard.

Levi dipped back down his body, and he could feel those familiar warm circles. “I also really love your tummy, Eren.” He pressed soft butterfly kisses on Eren’s taut abdomen.

“L-Levi, please,” Eren moaned. His knuckles were white from gripping the sheets so hard.

“Soon, my love.” He kept peppering light kisses all over Eren’s stomach and ribs.

Next was Eren’s chest. “I very much love your nipples, Eren.” He licked them teasingly, reveling in how quickly they hardened. “So responsive” he mused.

He moved up a little more. “And I also quite love these pretty collarbones that you have.” He ran his nose along them, releasing hot breaths to make Eren’s skin prickle with goosebumps. The soft buzz of the vibrator working in Eren’s ass filled the air along with the sucking sounds of Levi laying dark hickies along those sharp collarbones.

Eren was panting harshly while he moaned. Electricity pulsed through his body. This was all too much.

“I love those pretty sounds you make, too,” Levi said casually. He stalked further up Eren’s body, and now he was looming over him. Eren was squirming beneath him, his self control hanging by a thread. What a lovely little mess he was right now, Levi thought.

He dipped back down and started nipping at the sensitive skin at Eren’s throat. “And I love this delightful neck of yours, just waiting for me to wreck.” To prove his point, he latched his lips onto that sunkissed throat, right at the jugular, and sucked it red.

Eren cried out loud, feeling more wetness on his stomach from more precum. He just wanted Levi to wrap that strong hand around him and jack the soul out of him. He needed to release!

Levi finished his masterpiece of wet hickies and bite marks to his satisfaction. He moved to Eren’s shoulder, then he lifted Eren’s arm to cover it with kisses as well. And when he got to Eren’s hand, he pressed his fingertips to his lips and kissed them. Next was a chivalrous kiss to the knuckles.

Eren was silent for this part. He felt like a prince- adored deeply, with a powerful man waiting on him hand and foot. It made his face flush.

“I love your beautiful arms, too.” He trailed light smooches all the way down his other arm as well, on Eren’s toned biceps and triceps, ending with a nibble to his fingertips and another kiss on his hand.

He got off Eren’s body and leaned next to ear again. “You may come all you want now, Eren.”

Levi reached down to assist in the release, but his hand was barely touching the shaft when Eren moaned long and loud, rope after rope of hot white shooting from his cock onto his stomach. He came so hard that it reached all the way up his neck.

And Levi watched with silent admiration as Eren went through all the stages of pleasure. His chest rose and fell in the aftermath of his orgasm, and his toes uncurled slowly.

“Juuust like that,” Levi said. He went over and turned the vibrator off. Eren let out a deep, content sigh. Levi pulled the toy out gently.

“And lastly...” Levi said back near Eren’s face. He lifted the sleep mask from his eyes.

Eren blinked a few times to adjust to the new light of the room. And the first face he saw- all the features came together. The glossy black hair. The brooding steel-gray gaze. The porcelain complexion. The sharp jawline and the plush lips.

“I love your face, Eren. You pretty boy.”

Eren found himself blushing furiously all of a sudden. Maybe it was because Levi was hovering over him like he was going to ram him open, or the kisses he’s received in literally each of his body parts while he couldn’t see. Either way, he felt really shy at the moment.

Levi chuckled, and Eren watched his face soften with his laugh. “It’s been a long time since you’ve blushed around me. But you did great just now.”

Eren didn’t know what to say after that display of love. “Thank you. I tried my best,” his smile widened mischievously.

“Go get cleaned up, and we can cuddle some more. Sound good?”

“Sounds good!” Levi was always two steps ahead.


A freshly showered Eren nestled in Levi’s lap with his chocolate ice cream. He licked his spoon in thought while they watched TV.



“If we ever see Mark again… which I doubt… don’t hurt him. He did help me through a rough time. Even though he was a dick about it.”

“Eren, you’re just saying that because you have a big heart.” Levi figured he needed to be truthful after their promise of no more secrets. “I want to protect you.”

“I know but-“ Eren sighed. “I know.” He couldn’t really argue.

“If it makes you feel better, in the future I’ll try not to step in unless you want me to. Or if I think you’re in danger.”

“That does make me feel better. Thank you, Levi. I’m so glad I have a strong boyfriend to make me feel safe.”

Levi squeezed him tight. “It’s my job.” I’ll keep him safe, Carla.

Eren scooped some ice cream and held the spoon up to Levi’s mouth. “Wanna taste?”

Levi took the spoon into his mouth and licked it clean. “Mm.”

Eren nuzzled closer into Levi’s chest and continued watching TV.

The ice cream was just right.

Chapter Text

Eren tapped his fingers against the steering wheel to the beat of the music on the radio. The exhausting part of his day with classes were done, and now he just had to get through the tedious shift at the coffee shop.

He went to the pizza place by the pier for a quick bite before work. It was a nice day. Pretty chilly, but otherwise bright and crisp. Eren watched through the windows the people passing by- laughing, arguing, calling, texting, running, hugging… everyone had their story.

When Eren strided towards the shop to start his shift, there was a small crowd of people hunched over near the door. He pushed through them to see what they were looking at.

A small kitten was defensively curled up in a corner, albeit a bit uncomfortable with a bunch of humans looming over it. Most of the people were just gushing, but others were reaching their hands out to try to pet it. The kitten cried out.

“Hey, everyone,” a man said. “Let’s leave her alone. Her owner is probably looking for her.”

“Good point.” “She’s so cute!” But the crowd dissolved as per request.

Now it was just Eren and the little kitten, looking at each other. He crouched down and reached out to touch her. She seemed a bit more at ease now that she wasn’t being crowded by people, but she still complained at Eren’s hand.

Maybe she’s hungry, Eren thought. He ran into the store and searched for a shallow bowl.

“What are you doing?” Jean asked.

“There’s a hungry kitten outside.” He took some milk out of the fridge and poured some into the bowl.

“Aw. Aren’t you a sweetheart?” Jean said flatly. He worked one of the machines without further comment.

Eren rolled his eyes and went back out to the kitten, bowl of milk in hand.

She was still there, luckily. She paced around and complained, and yelled at Eren when she saw him.

“Are you hungry?” Eren asked gently. He crouched down again and placed the bowl in front of her.

With one last yell at Eren, she wobbled over to the bowl and began lapping at it.

Eren laughed and rested his arms on his knees while he watched. She was quite the munchkin. All black fur, ears that were just a bit too large for her small body, and a tail that didn’t curl just yet.

He reached out and patted her back while she drank. “That milk hits the spot, doesn’t it?”

She was very tiny, almost the same size of the bowl itself. She seemed about a month old, if that. Some people passed by the scene and pointed at her. “Awww!”

The kitten seemed to have her fill and licked some of the milk off her mouth. The white milk painted her whiskers, giving her a bit of a milk mustache.

She wobbled over to Eren and headbutted her head against his leg in thanks.

“Aww. You’re a cutie!” Eren grinned and stroked her back.

He looked around. Not many people in sight looked like they were looking around for something. Maybe her owner would come around later.

With one last pat, he went back into the store and began his shift.


A work-weary Eren clocked out and stretched his arms outside. The cool evening air invigorated his skin.

The bowl was right where he left it, but now it was empty. Maybe the kitten’s owner did find her, after all.

He drove to the gym to meet up with Reiner as an end to his day.


The next day, Eren returned to the coffee shop for his shift.

And lo and behold, there the little black kitten was- crying as loudly as her squeaky throat would let her.

Eren ran back into the shop and brought back out the jug of milk. The little kitten watched the white liquid pour into the bowl, and she starting lapping at it right away.

“I’m starting to think you’re a stray,” Eren mused. “Where did you come from?”

He stroked her back gently as she filled her appetite. The late afternoon shift was rather quiet, so maybe she came back now to avoid the morning crowd. He wondered where she spent her time while she was away from the shop.

Eren felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea that this little kitten was wandering the streets all alone. She was weak and soft. Anyone could snatch her up or hurt her.

She didn’t have a collar or any indication that she was a pet. How did a helpless thing like her end up lost on her own?

The little kitten finished her fill of milk and rubbed up to Eren’s legs in appreciation. He tucked his hands under her stomach and picked her up.

She truly was tiny. He could cradle her entire body in just his hands. Her black fur was fuzzy and patchy in places, but still soft. Her paws and legs were wobbly and small.

She purred in Eren’s hands and her dark blue eyes were starting to shut. With her tiny belly full of milk, she started drifting away.

“Mimi,” Eren stated. “That’s your name now. Mimi Michiko.”

He didn’t know where he came up with that name. It just seemed to fit her.

Mimi meowed at Eren and buried her head against his chest.

He shifted her around and held her her in one hand. With the other, he fished out his phone and took a selfie with her.

He sent it to Armin and Mikasa. Meet my new friend! He captioned it.

They replied right away.

What an adorable little thing! Armin said.

Isn’t she precious? Both of you are cute! Mikasa said.

He reached down and lay a kiss on her head. Her weak neck collapsed a bit under Eren’s heavy kiss, but she started purring louder.

Eren didn’t have too much experience with pets in his life. Actually, as a kid, he was so excitable that he scared animals away. But Levi did tell him that he had a bit of a maternal side that showed sometimes. Maybe it was kicking in now.

Eren was starting to grow fond of her. She was such a sweetie. “Listen, Mimi. I have to go to work now,” he explained. “But I’ll be back later, okay?”

He put her down carefully on her feet. When she was back on the ground, she looked up at Eren and complained loudly. How could anyone take those squeaks seriously?

He laughed at her brave indignance. “I’m sorry, Mimi. I’d love to spend more time with you.” He stroked her cheek with one finger, and then went in to do his shift.


While Eren was pouring espresso into a macchiato, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander. He wondered if Mimi was okay.

Jean bumped into him, pacing between orders.

Maybe he could bring her into the break room? Outside was definitely not safe for her. The more he worked, the more nervous he became.

The minute Eren’s shift ended, he clocked out and bursted outside. The evening sky was a striking purple, and Eren shivered at the cool September wind.

Mimi was curled up next to her bowl. Her body was shaking.

Eren’s face softened and he picked her up. “You’re freezing, aren’t you?” He used one hand to rub some warmth into her patchy fur.

Marco rolled up to begin his shift, and he smiled and waved when he saw Eren.

“Aw, who’s this little one?” He scratched her fur with his finger.

“This is Mimi! She’s a stray. I don’t know what do with her.”

“Hmm… try finding a quiet, hidden place for her? I think there’s a little shady area near the dumpster behind the shop.”

“I don’t think that’s safe, Marco.” He bounced her around in his arms while he thought.

“It’s probably safer than the front of the shop. Anyone could kidnap her here.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better!” Eren laughed.

Sasha rolled up and her face lit up when she saw Mimi. “What a cute little kitty!” she gushed.Mimi purred under Sasha’s warm strokes. “Is she yours, Eren?”

“No, she’s a stray. She’s been in front of the store for a couple of days. We’re trying to decide what to do with her.”

“Well, whatever you end up doing, let me know!” Sasha said. With one last stroke, she went into the shop.

“Let me know how it works out, too,” Marco said. He waved and followed Sasha.

Eren felt like a frazzled single mother. He didn’t want to leave Mimi outside at all, especially not near a dirty dumpster. The front of the strore wasn’t safe at all; anyone could pass by her and take her. Plus, a lot of people come by with their dogs and he didn’t want them to scare her. What to do, what to do…?

He found a bench nearby and sat with her close to his chest. Her body was still shaking, so Eren shook off his jacket and draped it over his shoulder to protect her from the wind.

Eren sat thinking for a while, not quite sure what his plan would be. He watched the beach come alive- the neon lights of the fair, the store signs nearby. Mimi fell asleep in his hands.

His phone vibrated. Levi:

Eren, has your shift ended? Where are you?

He checked the time. Damn, he’s been out here for more than an hour.

I can’t leave work. Eren’s fingers hovered over the keyboard while he thought of something to say, but he left it that. He wanted to handle this situation on his own.

The temperatures were dropping, too. Eren’s ears felt a bit numb from the wind.

Elsewhere, Levi read Eren’s message. ‘I can’t leave work’… What did that mean? Was he working overtime? Why was the message so short? It might’ve been a stretch, but what if there was an emergency? What if he was in danger?

Levi didn’t have much else to do that night so he drove over to the coffee shop to see what was going on.

It might’ve been because he’s been through rather traumatic events in his life that wired his brain to jump to conclusions, but Levi started becoming tense as he drove. Messages those short and vague could mean Eren was being held hostage.

Get a hold of yourself. Eren’s probably fine. “Hostage”?? Levi surprised himself with his own introspection. But he could never be too careful.

He parked and began his search for Eren. He strode into the shop, but Eren wasn’t among the baristas working. There was a cheerful girl with brown hair, and a freckled boy that served him here before. He turned on his heel and searched outside.

There Eren was, sitting on a nearby bench, with his jacket draped over the front of his body. He was looking down at it.

Levi went over and sat on the bench. “Eren?  What’s going on, why didn’t you come home? I was worried.”

Eren looked up. His nose was pink from the cold wind and it was watery as well. He sniffled but smiled weakly.

“Levi. I didn’t expect you to come.”

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

Eren lifted his jacket to reveal a tiny black kitten in his arm. “This is Mimi! She’s a stray.”

Mimi stopped snoozing, having been exposed to the cold air beyond Eren’s jacket, and she meowed at Levi.

“Eren…” Levi ran a hand through his hair.

“Levi, I can’t keep her out here by herself overnight. She’ll freeze. I can’t go home.”

Levi sighed and stroked Mimi silently. Her small body purred under his touch.

“Can we keep her?” Eren placed his jacket over her again.

Levi patted Eren’s arm apologetically. “No, baby. We need to take her to the shelter,” he said gently.

Eren looked offended. But he didn’t argue. He silently bounced the kitte in in his arms.

“It would be the best thing for her, trust me.”

“I don’t think they can take care of her,” Eren said stubbornly.

“They can. They’ve probably handled hundreds of strays. She will be fed and warm.”

Eren was silent.


“I… can’t.” Eren admittedly became attached to her. He didn’t want a little runt like her to become lost in the sauce at a shelter. What if the other animals bullied her?

Levi rubbed Eren’s back. “Come on, baby,” he soothed. “We need to find her a place for the night. And you need to come home. It’s cold out here.”

Eren put Mimi on his lap and slipped back into his jacket. He picked her up again and followed Levi to his car.

“That’s a good boy. She’ll be safe, I promise you.” He started the car.

When the car started moving, Mimi became a bit nervous. She complained loudly at Eren.

“I know, Mimi Michiko. I know,” he replied. He cradled her close to his chest and stroked her back soothingly with his other hand.

At the shelter, Eren held Mimi closer and tighter. She complained the entire way in.

“Hello, how can we help you?” a friendly, older employee asked them behind the counter.

“I found a stray,” Eren said shortly. Mimi yelled as confirmation.

“Where did you find it? It seems awfully young.” The employee started filling out paperwork.

“In front of Trost Coffee. She’s been out there for a couple of days.”

“Well, thanks for bringing her in. We’ll handle her from here.” The employee reached her arms out to take her.

But Eren hesitated. He shifted around uncomfortably on his feet.

Levi patted his arm soothingly. “Come on, Eren.”

“She’ll be in good hands here, sir.” The employee assured. “I promise.”

With much struggle, Eren squeezed Mimi one last time and held her out in his hands. Mimi cried as the employee took her away.

“Thank you, sir,” the employee said. “We’ll make sure she gets everything she needs. You can come back and visit her at any time.”

As the employee retreated to the back of the building, Mimi pawed and squirmed around. Her squeaky cries grew futher away until Eren couldn’t hear her anymore.

He felt hot tears prickle in his eyes. This was so fucked up!

Levi brisked him out quickly before Eren started regretting his decision.

In the car, Eren wrapped his jacket around himself tightly and stared out the window. The cool glass of the car pressed against his forehead.

Levi looked over at the heartbroken Eren. He stroked his thigh soothingly. “Don’t be upset, sweetheart. You did the right thing.”

Eren said nothing.


Eren was depressed for the rest of the night. He curled up tightly in the couch and stared at the TV silently.

In his office, Levi was in a conference call with a client, but he was simultaneously worried about Eren. The boy hasn’t eaten since they’ve returned home. He hasn’t even spoken.

While he listened to his client, he went into the kitchen and began fixing Eren a late dinner.

With the phone nestled between his shoulder and ear, he pulled ingredients from the fridge to make a sandwich. While he wiped mayonnaise on the slice of bread, he looked up to see Eren’s body wrapped up in his beige blanket. He was clearly still upset.

Levi finished the sandwich and cut it in half, just how Eren liked it. He went into the pantry and added a handful of chips to the plate.

He really hoped Eren would eat. When he was feeling down, Eren neglected himself a bit. While talking into his phone with one hand, he took the plate over with the other.

Eren didn’t move or acknowledge Levi’s presence. Levi set the plate down on the coffee table and stroked Eren’s hair gently. Without much else, he returned to his study.

Eren was glad Levi didn’t say much. He just needed some time to air out his feelings and mourn. Handing Mimi over to the shelter ruined him a bit. Was she warm there? Did she get enough to eat, or does the shelter ration the food portions among all the animals? Did she have enough space? Was her cage too small? What if she was sick when he found her and he didn’t know?

Why was she a stray, anyway? Did her old owner abuse her? His blood boiled at the thought of it.

With a deep sigh, he decided to eat the sandwich Levi made him. It was just how he liked it, damnit. One bite worked his appetite, and soon enough he polished off the whole thing. He munched on the chips quietly while contemplating.

He would definitely visit her to see if the shelter was up to par with his standards.


When Eren was thoroughly exhausted, he climbed into Levi’s bed.

Levi was sitting up against his pillows, looking through his tablet. Eren didn’t want to talk, but he did want to be comforted. He got beneath the covers and rested his head on Levi’s lap.

“I know you’re upset, darling,” Levi soothed. With one hand, he stroked Eren’s head. “But the shelter will be kind to Mimi. They’re better equipped to take care of her.”

Eren sighed.

“Have faith,” he said softly.

Maybe he was right, Eren thought. They probably have had their fair share of strays. He couldn’t be too sure about anything until he went inside. But until then, he would try to relax. Eren fell into a much needed sleep in Levi’s lap.

Eren’s big heart will get him in trouble one day, Levi thought. Had he not driven over to him, Eren probably would’ve stayed on the bench with the kitten all night.


After his shift the next day, Eren cancelled his gym meet with Reiner again and drove his car to the shelter. The car had been sitting here overnight since Levi came for him.

The employee at the shelter smiled warmly when she saw Eren again. “Welcome back, sir. Here to visit your little kitten from yesterday?”

“Yes, please.”

She winked and waved him through the little swinging door. “Follow me.”

Eren watched with apprehension as they walked towards the animals. It was nice and clean here- not in any way worn-down like he imagined yesterday. Pictures of kids and families with their newly adopted animals filled the wall. There were friendly employees playing with guinea pigs, snakes, and other critters.

They walked past the dog center. Puppies and elderly dogs played together and napped in cages, respectively. Their cages looked spacious and open. That was a good sign.

“Every animal is paid attention to here,” the employee told Eren. “You have nothing to worry about.”

Through the gate to the dog center, Eren saw a small golden retriever puppy paw against it when he saw them. He barked once and his ears flopped.

“That’s Bud. He arrived a few days ago,” the employee explained.

“Hi, Bud,” Eren smiled and waved at him.

“The cat section is a bit further away from the pups.”

They entered a large room and the employee shut the glass door behind them. Cats of all colors and sizes stalked around- some batting around toy mice, others napping together.

But Eren’s eyes darted around for a little black fuzzball.

They walked along the sleeping cages. With each cage, there was a laminated paper that had the animal’s information on it. The employee found the sheet she was looking for, and there she was:

Mimi was curled up in her open cage quietly.

“Mimi…” Eren breathed happily. He reached in and took her out.

When she saw Eren’s face, she meowed loudly. But as soon she was back in his arms, she started purring like a motor.

“I missed you, cutie.” Eren kissed her head. He crouched and sat on the floor.

The employee crouched down next to him. “We examined her. She’s very healthy, although a bit underweight.”

“That’s a relief. Oh, I’m so glad.” He massaged Mimi’s neck with his fingers.

“She’s a bit shy. She doesn’t like to be held by any one of our staff. But she seems to love you,” she laughed. “I’ll leave you two alone now.”

The employee stood and left. The shelter met Eren’s standards. Looking around, he saw cats young and old, even a kitten that had a torn ear. He hated to admit that Levi was right, but the shelter did seem to be experienced with strays.

Eren drew his legs up and lay Mimi on her back. He tickled her exposed belly with his fingertips, and she purred happily. Her tiny paws covered her eyes.

“Do you like that, Mimi Michiko? Do you like it when I rub your tummy? I like tummy rubs, too. Levi gives good ones.”

As Eren continued petting Mimi in his lap, a few cats approached him and curled up against his legs.

With his other hand, Eren stroked an orange cat near his hip. It seemed to have fallen asleep.

A small calico sniffed Eren and hopped onto his legs next to Mimi. She was trying to curl up, but Mimi complained loudly at her.

“Mimi, be nice,” Eren laughed. He stroked her until she was calm enough to share Eren’s lap with the calico.

It wasn’t long before Eren was flanked by several cats.

A different employee entered the room and smiled at the sight. “How cute!” she gushed. “Don’t mind me; it’s just feeding time.”

The employee walked around with a bag of cat food and refilled bowls. Some of the cats relaxing next to Eren got up and went to eat.

“Are you hungry, Mimi?” he patted her back, and she meowed at him.

Eren was no longer nervous about Mimi staying here. The staff seemed to know what they were doing, and it was safe here. He spent another hour or so with her and then decided to go home.


Eren visited Mimi every day for about a week. The staff learned his name and expected his arrival. Even some of the other cats in the shelter were starting to greet and grow fond of him.

One Tuesday after work, Eren returned to the shelter to have his fill of Mimi. The employee at the desk had a look of pity on her face when she saw him.

“Hello, Eren. I have some bittersweet news for you.”

Eren’s heart dropped. “What is it?”

“A family adopted your little black one earlier today.”

“Really? H-how… what were they like?”

“A couple and their little girl. Very kind people; we always do background checks on potential adopters. They’re financially stable and come from a nice neighborhood.”

Though Eren was happy for them, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. “Oh.”

“We overheard you calling the little one Mimi?” the employee smiled warmly. “I told that to the family and they really liked that name- they decided to keep it!”

Eren smiled through his glumness.

“Hey, cheer up, sweetie,” the employee reached out and touched his hand. “You did a very good thing to bring her in. You made a family very happy.”

“I know but… I’ll miss her.” Eren ran a hand through his hair.

“I know, sweetie, I know,” she consoled. “But even though little Mimi is gone, you’re welcome back to visit the shelter any time you want. We’ve all taken a liking to you. Especially the animals!”

“Thanks for that,” Eren told her. “And thanks for everything. Everyone here is really nice and professional.”

Eren went home with a heavy but full heart.


Eren shut the door behind him back at the apartment. Levi was cleaning the living room, but he paused when he saw Eren.

“Hey, how was class and work?”

“They adopted her, Levi. A family adopted Mimi,” he said blankly.

Levi’s face softened and he took Eren’s face into his shoulder. Eren wrapped his arms around his waist. “That’s good, baby… are you not happy?”

“I mean, I’m happy for them… but I miss her.”

“I know, Eren. I know,” Levi cooed. “You did the right thing, though. You gave Mimi a chance and you made a whole family fulfilled.”

That was almost exactly what the lady at the shelter told him. But he couldn’t help it. He felt like he lost a child. His little Mimi Michiko with her ears just a bit too big and her milk mustache, living in a big new house. He couldn’t help but get emotional.


After dinner, Eren lay on his stomach over Levi’s thighs as he got his back rubbed. He texted his friends to let them know that Mimi was adopted.

She would be given everything she needed with the new family. He knew that. But now he just wanted ample time to mourn his time with her.

“Mimi is safe, Eren. You’ve done well,” Levi assured.

Eren shut his eyes and sighed, a bittersweet smile at his lips. “I know.”

That night, Eren had a dream of a fateful day in front of the coffee shop, and the ball of patchy black fur that softened his heart.

Chapter Text

Eren hummed as he wiped down tables for the end of his shift. It was a long day of class and work, and now he was ready to just go home and eat and cuddle with Levi. There was no better way to recharge.

He clocked out when Sasha was tagged in and then headed out the door. The bell jingled behind him. Jean was beside the door having a cigarette.

“See ya, Jean,” Eren waved and twirled his keys around his finger.

Jean closed his eyes as he exhaled a precise stream of smoke. “Bye, Jaeger.”


Usually, Levi would be back by now. The evening was wearing on, and Eren was hesitant to have dinner alone.

He texted Levi, and when he called him, there was no response, either. Maybe he was in a meeting?

Eren was inspecting the fridge when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He expected Levi, but it was actually Erwin calling.

“Hey, Erwin! What’s up?”

Erwin’s smooth and otherwise easygoing voice sounded strained and tense. “Eren. It’s about Levi. He’s been in an accident.”

Eren’s heart froze, but maybe he misheard. “W-what?”

“Levi’s been in a bad car accident. He’s in the hospital. I just got the news and I needed to tell you.”

Erwin hardly finished his sentence when Eren was bolting around for his jacket and wallet. “Erwin, come pick me up and take me there right now.”

“Understood. I’m already on the way.”

Eren ended the call and his heart pounded again. Jesus Christ! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Everything in the world was irrelevant right now- dinner, the fatigue after a long day, how pretty the sky was today- because all Eren could think about was about whether or not Levi was fucking okay.

Eren paced around nervously in the lobby of Trost Tower as he waited for Erwin to roll up, biting at his lip until it was raw. He didn’t bother changing; he just shrugged on his jacket and slipped into his running shoes over his worn-in white t shirt and his pajama pants.

The receptionist looked up from her desk with a concerned look. “Mr. Jaeger, would you like some tea?” All the receptionists learned his name since he’s moved in.

He looked at her blankly. “No, I’m good.” Actually, the idea of eating or drinking anything right now made him sick to his stomach.

A very expensive white car rolled up in front of the building, and Eren figured it was Erwin’s. He ran out the door and threw himself into the passenger seat. Under better circumstances, Eren would admire the exterior and revel in the thrill of the luxurious interior, but right now only Levi was on his mind.

Erwin wasted not a second and he sped down the road to the hospital. Adrenaline kicked in and Eren felt anxiety crawl up his skin. He covered his face in his hands, rubbing his temples and trying to assure himself that Levi would be fine. His elbows dug into his thighs painfully from where they were resting.

As Erwin drove with one hand, he rubbed Eren’s back with the other. “Let’s be optimistic, Eren. We have to believe that everything will be okay.” It was kind of Erwin to try to remain calm to act as a beacon of hope, but it was obvious that even he was worried sick.

The city seemed so much darker and more evil after having heard the news. The otherwise lively and bright lights and sounds of Trost suddenly became so lonely and underhanded. Even the sky was turning a heavy gray as it condensed with thick clouds.

Eren’s leg bounced up and down in anticipation as they sped through. He kept running his hands through his hair, and he fisted his fingers in his locks almost painfully hard as he clawed his bangs back from his face. The strands straining against his scalp was probably the first real sensation he’s felt since Erwin called him.

Erwin skidded to a stop in the parking lot of the ER. Eren burst out of his seat and ran through the doors, Erwin hot on his trail.

To the far side of the room, the emergency room waiting lobby had a few people sitting silently. A man read a magazine with a mask over his mouth. A mother was holding her crying child. A couple was rocking their infant in her carry-on. There was a fish tank against the wall that looked so fucking annoying all of a sudden, with a collection of rainbow fish swimming around completely oblivious to the pain and suffering in the room.

Eren reached the receptionist at the desk with a puff of breath.

“Hello, sir,” she said calmly. “What’s the issue tonight?”

Erwin opened his mouth to speak but Eren beat him to it. “Levi Ackerman. He was admitted here today. Where is he?” He rested his arms on the counter and his eyes bore into her intensely as he waited for a response. Please, God, let him be okay.

The receptionist typed into her computer and scrolled through it. She nodded. “Mr. Ackerman is in room 237 of the ICU, which is down the hall to the left. But we usually only allow family mem-“

237, ICU, was the only thing Eren retained from that and he ran into the double doors without permission. Erwin brisked behind him.

“Sir!” the receptionist called from her desk.

Eren sprinted past sleepy nurses, people in wheelchairs, waiting areas, TVs, and carts with supplies, linens, and food. His world was hued by the muted blue colors of the interior, and the smell of sterility and death was hitting him like a hard reminder.

Levi’s strong. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine, Eren kept telling himself.

He seemed to come to dead end. He looked around at the room numbers and signs, trying to figure out the right path.

The nurses and patients Eren brushed past were now giving him a dirty look, but they resumed their business shortly. With Eren stopping for a second, Erwin had a chance to catch up.

A nurse found Eren looking around frantically. “Do you need something, sweetie?”

“Do you know where room 237 is?”

She pointed the perpendicular hallway behind her. “It’s at the end of that hall there. Odd-numbered rooms are on the left.”

Eren began running again, too consumed in his anxiety to pay attention to his surroundings. Erwin thanked her solemnly on his behalf and starting jogging in Eren’s wake.

And Eren ran as fast as his long legs would let him. Levi would be fine, Levi would be fine. His vision was beginning to blur from the tears welling up in his eyes, and he wiped them away harshly.

Room 237. He found it. Eren came to a stop and looked through the glass square in the door.

His face softened in pity at the sight.

Eren burst into the room, Erwin coming in very close behind with much effort.

Eren flew to the bedside where Levi sat laying like a corpse. He looked horrible. His face was covered in dark, cloudy bruises. All over, there were fresh cuts that looked like they were caused by glass shards. The whole left side of his face was swollen and his eyes were shut. His neck was held up by heavy neck brace. Eren’s eyes darted to the contractions attached to him. The heart rate monitor that showed Levi’s weak pulse. The IV drip. The thick blue tubes. The needles. The pulse detector around his finger.  Eren watched the oxygen mask over Levi’s mouth cloud very slowly and weakly with each breath he took.

Erwin took in the sight and rubbed his face and the bridge of his nose stressfully. He couldn’t bear to look. He turned his back away slightly.

It was overhwhelming. Eren felt his vision blur from the hot tears again, and he wiped them away with palm of his hand. He touched Levi’s hand gingerly, also very bruised, and got on his knees beside the bed.

“Levi,” he whispered. “Levi… please wake up. Please.”

Levi slowly opened his one eye that wasn’t swollen shut and saw Eren’s worried face. He tried to hold Eren’s hand back, but he winced in pain and gave up.

“Hey,” Levi uttered. His chest rose and fell slightly as he gathered all his energy to speak.

“Levi,” Eren sobbed. “Erwin’s here, too.” He rested his head on Levi’s chest and gripped the blanket that was covering him.

Levi winced in pain again. Eren was unaware of the damage beneath the blanket.

“Gentlemen, you can’t be in here,” a nurse who was in the room all along said sternly from her clipboard.

Eren completely ignored her and gently stroked a part of Levi’s bicep that wasn’t colored in bruises. Tears flowed down his face freely.

Erwin ignored her, too. His eyes were red from tears that couldn’t seem to come out at the heartbreaking sight of his best friend.

The nurse tried again, this time speaking mainly to Eren. “Sir, Mr. Ackerman is in critical condition, and you need to get off of him because he has broken ribs.”

Eren sniffled and got off Levi’s chest quickly. “I’m sorry, Levi. I had no idea.” He cried harder.

Levi’s heart rate on the monitor was getting weaker and slower. “…Eren,” he said, with a boatload of energy. Eren stopped crying for a second and stared at Levi to hear what he had to say.

“Don’t cry, baby boy… everything’s… okay.” His voice was muffled from the mask and his words were thick and strained.

From the hallway, there were more running footsteps and someone’s voice. “Ma’am!”

Petra burst into the room, albeit without permission, and shut the door behind her. She took in the views of the room and her face softened when she saw Levi. Immediately, she covered her face in her hands and began sobbing.

“Miss, I’m afraid you can’t be in here,” the nurse said. She tried to maintain her strict voice, but she couldn’t bear to the bad guy in this room full of grieving people.

Petra walked into Erwin’s arms and he held her comfortingly. She sobbed into his chest.

“He’ll be okay,” Erwin told her. “He never goes down without a fight.”

But things were looking bleak. Levi’s heart rate was dropping by the second. The nurse fiddled with his contraptions and adjusting his needles.

Eren stroked the hair that was matted over Levi’s forehead back with his fingers. “I love you, Levi. I love you, I love you.” He kept crying and snot ran down his nose, but he couldn’t give a damn.

“I love…” an inhale. “You…too,” another difficult breath. “Eren.”

Levi’s heart rate was dangerously low, and the monitor was flashing red as a warning.

The nurse brisked over. “Sir, you need to leave now, this is not good.”

Petra looked up from Erwin’s arms, her face red and wet from tears. Erwin noticed the monitor and his heart pounded.

The nurse frantically went back over to her station and spoke into a mouthpiece. “I need assistance! And security. He’s slipping away.”

Slipping away?! NO! Eren began sobbing again, and he watched helplessly as Levi’s unswollen eye drifted close.

He clutched the blanket tightly and his fingers stroked Levi’s face gingerly. “Stay with me, Levi. Stay with me. Please stay, please stay,” he begged.

It all happened in a second.

A doctor, some nurses, and a team of security guards flooded into the room. Levi’s heartrate spiked twice, and with all eyes in the room fixed on the monitor,

He flatlined.

Eren sobbed loudly and buried his head into the blanket. Petra whimpered and she started crying uncontrollably into Erwin’s chest. Erwin, who was struggling to let go, finally cried heavy tears into Petra’s hair, his back shaking with his sobs.

Eren found strange hands grip his arms and pull him up. Two security guards tried to pry him away from Levi.

He put up as much a struggle as he could. He flailed around and kicked his legs. “LET ME GO! FUCK OFF!”

But as much as he twisted and squirmed, he felt their grips get stronger and his feet were dragging on the floor as they carried him out the door. With his shirt ridden up in the struggle, he looked through all the bodies in the room at Levi, the love of his life, in a state that he just couldn’t accept.

There was a flurry of sounds and voices. They all entered Eren’s ears, but none of them were registering. “Sir, stop struggling.” “Follow me.” “Check his blood.” “This is for your own good.” “Sir, please.”

As he kept uselessly flailing around, he saw two guards take Erwin and Petra out the door by each of their arms. He saw the nurses and doctor around Levi’s bed, their commanding voices communicating stats to each other.

The door was swinging closed, and Eren heard one last thing:

“Time of death: 2227.”


Eren bolted upright in the bed, his collar and face soaked with sweat.

His eyes darted around the dark room, heart pounding. But there he was. Levi’s body was beside him, fast asleep.

It was just a dream. It was the sweet relief that washed over him that caused Eren to start sobbing uncontrollably.

And just like a mother was attuned to wake up to her infant’s cries, Levi was immediately awake at the sounds of Eren’s distress.

He reached over to turn on the bedside light, still a bit confused. “What the hell…? he grumbled.

When the light was switched on, Eren crawled over to Levi and took him into his arms.

“Eren? What’s… what’s wrong, love?” He was still shrouded in the clutches of sleep. Shouldn’t he be the one comforting Eren, not the other way around…?

“Levi…” Eren said between sobs. “Th-there was… and you were in the… the c-car crash… you’re safe, now.” He wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck and lay his head on his.

“Slow down, Eren. It’s okay. I’m here.”

“You’re here,” Eren repeated. And with a much softer voice, after his crying subsided a bit, “Please don’t leave me, Levi.” Quiet tears flowed down his cheeks.

“I would never, baby. I’m not going anywhere. Just a nightmare,” he assured.

Eren held Levi’s strong shoulders possessively for a long while, his long legs wrapped around his torso.

That dream was wicked vivid, and Eren could still remember every detail. The picture of Levi’s battered face in the hospital room sent shivers down his spine and more silent tears flowed. He couldn’t live with himself if that happened for real. But Levi was here. In one piece. Eren would hold him for as long as he needed to.

Levi tried to put the pieces together. Eren mentioned a car crash. Maybe he died in the dream. What tragic thing to wake up from. He patted Eren’s leg soothingly.

As morning approached, Eren’s hold on Levi only got suffocatingly tighter, and his tears were quieted down to shaking sniffles.

He had to get out of the house soon. But he didn’t want to leave Levi all by himself. What a fucking dilemma.

With a lot of bargaining and pleading, Levi finally managed to convince Eren that he was just fine. His heart warmed that Eren was so shaken up and concerned about him, but the poor thing didn’t have to worry so much about a dream.

Eren cautiously unwrapped his arms and legs from Levi, and they got up to start the day.

At breakfast, Eren insisted on fixing Levi his coffee- just the way he liked it. He was grappling with the idea of requesting that Levi stay at home today. That dream could’ve been a prophecy… or like a bad omen or something.

In the end, he bit his tongue and let Levi go to work. But his mood was blue and he was uncomfortable for the rest of the day.


Later that day, Eren waited nervously for Levi to return home so that they could have dinner together.

Just when he considered calling, the lock clicked with keys and Levi came in with his briefcase in hand.

Once again, relief washed over Eren and he ran up to Levi for a hug.

“You’re here. You’re okay,” he breathed into black hair.

“Yes, Eren. You had nothing to worry about.” He put his briefcase down and pressed Eren’s waist closer.

“Silly. Of course I need to worry. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

By the end of their dinner and TV cuddling session, Eren’s anxiety and uneasiness from the nightmare had mostly dissolved. Levi was here. All of him. If anything, the dream just reminded him of how much love he had for this wonderful man.

With one more surge of relief, Eren puckered his lips and smooched Levi on the cheek. He looked at him with bright green eyes. “I love you.”


The week flew by with the flow of routine. With Friday here, the excitement of the weekend’s events filled the air.

In the evening, Eren played video games while Levi finished a report he was working on in his study. He was focused and in the zone.

Levi emerged from the hallway and was heading to the kitchen, but he stopped when he noticed Eren.

He came up from behind the couch so that he didn’t block the screen and rested his arms on it. “I didn’t know you wore glasses,” he mused.

Eren paused his game and turned to face Levi. “I usually only wear them to read. Do you like ‘em?” He grinned.

Levi took Eren’s face into his hands and squeezed his cheeks together. The black rims of Eren’s glasses complimented his emerald lookers, and his chocolate hair curled around the frames cutely. “I love them. You’re simply adorable.” He pressed an admiring kiss into Eren’s bangs.

With a giggle, Eren turned back around and resumed his game.

From where he was fixing himself tea in the kitchen, Levi called out. “What are you thinking for dinner, darling?”

Eren’s eyes were fixated on the screen, his fingers flying methodically over the controller. “Ahh…” he thought. “Takeout? Please.”

“You got it.” Levi took out his phone and made the call.


Levi spread out all the food he bought onto the coffee table in front of the TV. Eren found them something to watch- a cooking competition show. After they’ve both taken samples from each of the white takeout boxes onto their plates, they got comfortable and began the show.

By the end of the show, most of the white boxes were empty and their plates were stacked on top one another’s with the chopsticks on them.

Eren cracked open his fortune cookie and read the slip as he crunched. “’Now is the time to try something new’.” He winked at Levi with his cheeky smile. “Oh, I want to try many new things with you, Levi.”

Levi laughed and opened his own cookie. “’A good way to keep healthy is to eat more Chinese food’.”

They laughed at the dumb fortune and Eren collapsed into Levi’s lap. He reached up with his slender fingers and stroked his jawline. “Did you finish that report from earlier?”

“I did.”


They got up and did the dishes together- Levi scrubbing and Eren on drying duty. This was the part of the day where they told each other anecdotes from their work and talked about their days. So domestic and familiar… and they were so stupidly in love.

After dishes, they showered and dressed together and climbed into bed for their last cuddle session before sleeping.

Eren’s straddled his legs around Levi’s hips and nuzzled his nose into the crook of his pale throat.

“Mmm… you smell so good…” Eren whispered. It was intoxicating.

Levi responded by squeezing Eren’s ass in his hands, one of his favorite things to do.

Eren lifted his head and stole a kiss from his lips, quick and unexpected. He bit his lip.

Levi stole a kiss back, a bit harder and louder. He smirked.

And Eren was liking where this was going. He placed his hands on Levi’s strong shoulders and went back in for a kiss attack- a flurry of unrelenting kisses to every inch and corner of his mouth.

When he came back up to allow Levi to have some air, he gazed into his smoky gray eyes- those deep-set eyes that always looked sleep-deprived and dark. So hot!

Eren leaned in to Levi’s ear and made his voice husky. “Mmm… Levi. You’re so fucking sexy. Have my babies?” he asked innocently.

“What the hell, Eren?” he laughed. Although, it was strangely not the weirdest thing he’s heard his impish young boyfriend say.

Eren smiled and admired the way Levi’s chest shook while he laughed. His laughs were so rich and musical… he could listen to them all day.

Eren rubbed his nose innocently against Levi’s, closing his eyes and basking in the intimacy.

Levi separated and looked at Eren’s face. “How many babies do you want?”

Eren placed his hand on Levi’s heart and pretended to be lost in thought. “Hmmm... with you? Ten.”

Levi laughed loudly again and tackled Eren to the mattress, showering him in silly kisses.


Saturday night was date night, and Eren has been looking forward to it all week.

They were buckled into Levi’s Aston, looking forward through the windshield.

“Where to, baby?” Levi asked.

“We always go to my choices. I want you to be able to pick, too. Where do you wanna go?”

How thoughtful of him. “Where do I want to go…? Levi mused to himself. “I do know a place. It’s a bit of a long drive and not nearly as exciting as your picks, though.”

“Let’s go!” Eren said excitedly.


It was indeed a long drive, but Eren found himself looking at a part of the city he’s never seen before. Plus, any trip was exciting with Levi.

“Here we are.” Levi put the car in park.

They were at a quaint plaza in the quiet outskirts of the city.

“We’re actually in Sina right now,” Levi said. “I like to start out with coffee.”

They walked into small coffee shop and got their signatures orders. Eren even got a donut.

With their treats in hand, Levi took him a bit beyond into a winding trail that led into a very nice park.

“Before I moved to Trost, I came to this park a lot,” Levi explained. “It was my favorite place to think and relax. Sometimes I jogged here.”

They walked down the park’s trail while they sipped their coffee. Eren munched his glazed donut, and held it out to Levi to let him have a bite.

“Mm.” Levi washed down the donut with his coffee. He sighed contently.

“How’s the coffee?” Eren asked. It was a trick question- and there was only one right answer.

“I like your coffee best of all, Eren.” Good answer.

“Yes, you do!” Eren said proudly. Stroke my ego, baby!

The park was well-manicured and picturesque- a bit different than the one that Eren’s been to in Trost, which was a bit overcrowded and a breeding ground for mischievous activities. Eren has fucked in that park several times with people before, he now realized. …Anyway.

This park had freshly mowed grass, meticulously trimmed bushes and topiaries, even statues and cute little gardens. It was like a scaled-up version of the private park at Erwin’s apartment complex.

With the donut eaten, Eren laced his fingers in Levi’s as they browsed the sights around them. They came across a large marble fountain, where they sat on the ledge.

Eren put down his coffee and fished out his wallet from his jacket. He reached for a few quarters and tossed them into the fountain. Levi noticed he also did that in mall fountains.

“Why do you do that? With the coins,” Levi said. He took a sip and watched Eren’s quarters drop into the clear pool.

“It’s lucky! Good things will come our way,” Eren said mystically. “It’s also just fun to throw.”

With Eren’s good luck charms sitting at the bottom of the fountain along with the wishes of others, they continued traveling down the path.

The trail was illuminated by soft lampposts, and they walked underneath a wisteria trellis that covered them in an air of romance. It smelled lovely, too.

They reached a bench that overlooked a river.

“The real treat of this park is this view,” Levi said. They sat down on the bench and Eren’s eyes sparkled at the sight.


They were looking at the most magnificent angle of a cityscape, illuminated by the colorful lights and contrasted spectacularly against the night sky. The lights of the buildings sparkled in the reflection of the river.

Levi squeezed Eren’s hand. “That’s Trost.”

Eren was speechless, so instead he scooted closer to Levi and enjoyed the view silently.

They finished their coffee, so very soothing and warm in the cool evening air.

Eren took each of their empty cups and aimed them into a nearby wastebin like basketballs. He made both shots.

Levi clapped for him amusedly, and Eren acted out an exaggerated bow and flexed fake muscles before sitting back down. Levi chuckled at his playfulness.

Eren snaked his arms around Levi’s bicep and rested his head on his shoulder.

Levi kissed his head and rested his own head on Eren’s.

They admired the view together, grateful to share such a wonderful thing with each other. They started talking about something, and something led to anything and everything.

Eren was telling Levi how he used to run track in high school, and Levi said he never played in a team but he used to fight in a boxing club.

“Do you still talk to any of your friends from high school?” Eren asked.

“Yes, two; Isabel and Farlan. They’re quite the adventurous duo. They travel a lot though, so I don’t see them often.”

“What are they like?” Eren nuzzled closer, they way he always did when he listened to Levi’s stories.

“Oh… they were a trip,” Levi reminisced with a smile. “We used to always skip class and get into trouble. And later on we had some run-ins with the law.”

Levi told Eren about their shenanigans, like the time the three of them accidentally discovered a meth lab, and they were tied up and held knives to their throats so they wouldn’t tell the police.

Eren looked up Levi in awe. “Did you guys ever get arrested?”

Levi nodded. “Yes. Several times, for different reasons. For me, I used to get into a lot of fights so I mainly had assault charges. Isabel and Farlan got involved with a lot of con work.”

“Whoa…” Eren breathed.

“Eren, I’m not encouraging you,” Levi chuckled. “This was a long time ago. Please don’t get inspired.”

“That’s so cool, though! When Isabel and Farlan come around, you’ll definitely introduce me, right?”

“Of course I will. Actually, I already told them about you a while ago. They’re excited to meet you.”

“Aww, you told your friends about me?”

“Well, yeah. You’re my precious little boyfriend, after all. Why wouldn’t I?”

Eren smiled. Levi was so cool and badass! It was so interesting to see how someone as refined and polite as he was could have such an action-packed background.

And Eren’s heart fluttered doubly that Levi told Isabel and Farlan about him.

“I learned so much about you today, Levi. I’m so glad. I could listen to you talk all day.”

Levi slipped his arm out of Eren’s grasp and wrapped it around his shoulders to hold him closer. “You’re the sweetest thing. I could listen to you talk all day, too.”

Eren held the hand that was draped over his shoulders and craned his neck up for a kiss.

Their faces were glowing from the colorful lights of the city beyond, making their smooch all the more romantic.

Eren closed his eyes and smiled against Levi’s shoulder. His heart still fluttered like an idiot.

“Are you hungry, love? I know a place nearby.”

Chapter Text

Levi and Eren fit ever so perfectly as they slept- Levi assuming the role of big spoon and Eren, little.

Sundays are so lovely and domestic and cozy. Was there any sweeter way to end the week?

Levi sighed deeply as he woke, and then he inhaled Eren’s distinct scent. His cowlick curled away from the nape of his neck, which left that sensitive spot exposed and vulnerable.

With a smile, Levi blew some some warm breath on it, and then brushed his lips against it in a fleeting kiss.

Now, normally Eren wouldn’t wake up early unless he absolutely needed to, and even when he did, he was grumbly and pouty. But Levi’s unfair attack to his weak spot sent tingles down his spine and pulled the corners of his lips into a smile.

“Mm. Tickles. Stop.” Eren’s morning voice was thick and whiny. And Levi wanted to hear more.

He nibbled the exposed skin gently, wrapping his arms to hold Eren closer and tighter so that he couldn’t escape.

Eren flinched and drew his neck in to try to protect himself, but a quiet laugh left through his nose. “Levi!”

He kept nipping and sucking kisses into the nape of Eren’s neck, completely aware of the effect it had. He moved his hands down Eren’s hips and pressed them flush against his own, and when he heard Eren’s gentle gasp, he found the front of his boxers to realize that he had a case of morning wood.

Levi wasn’t surprised in the slightest. Eren was always ready for action.

He thrusted his hips softly against Eren’s ass, and he heard another sigh of content. Eren reached his hand around to Levi’s thigh in a silent request for him to keep going.

Levi started moving his hips slowly and in rhythm. There was no need to talk now, just quiet indulgence between the two of them. Sex was often a bit of a show and an exchange of demands and pleasure, but right now, in the soft morning air, there was no need to speak. Little effort, low pressure.

He closed his eyes and continued grinding his crotch against Eren’s firm ass, and he could feel himself getting aroused. He listened to Eren’s soft sounds of pleasure- a gasp, a sigh, a whimper. Eren was getting close already- he usually liked to be jacked off to completion, but the very idea of what Levi was doing to him right now was enough to make him cum as well. He gripped Levi’s thigh harder as he approached.

With their bodies moving fluidly against each other, Levi buried his nose into Eren’s neck. His slow grinding was beginning to turn into dry humping, since he could feel his erection rub into Eren’s ass.

Levi feels so good… keep going… Eren thought. This really blurred the lines between his dreams and being awake. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet since he woke, and frankly, he didn’t need to. He loved that he could be pleased with such low maintenance. Early morning fucking was fun, but this was amazing, too.

Levi thrusted in a particular angle that had Eren almost at his limit. A gasp. One more precise thrust, and Eren felt his boxers moisten with a small leaking of cum.

He curled up and cuddled his pillow as he rode the slow waves of his orgasm.

With a satisfied smirk, Levi unwrapped his arms and lay on his back. He took a deep breath.

And Eren was done climbing down, so he lazily climbed over and lay on Levi’s body.

His eyes stayed closed, but he nuzzled into Levi’s chest.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Levi stroked Eren’s bed head gently to rouse him.


“Sleep well?”

Eren curled up and tucked his arms in. His hands were warmer between the crook of his neck and Levi’s chest. “Mm-hm.”

“You were never an early bird, huh, sleepy boy?” Levi chuckled.

Eren was already shrouded in the confines of sleep, and his orgasm made him even more tired. But he was also feeling good. Levi was massaging his scalp with gently scratches.

He finally opened his eyes, dark circles included. He reached up and placed a loving kiss on Levi’s jaw.

“Why do you like getting up at the ass crack of dawn?” Eren asked with a grumbly voice. He rubbed the crust from his eyes. “Are you a sadist?”

“A sadist…?” Levi mused. He kept scratching Eren’s scalp. “No… I don’t think so.”

Eren smacked his chest. “Rhetorical question, silly. But seriously, I need to teach you the art of sleeping in.”

Levi laughed. “Also, it’s not dawn, love. It’s 10:30.”

“Sounds like dawn to me.” He sighed and nuzzled into the crook of Levi’s neck.

“You’d sleep through breakfast and lunch if I let you.”

“You’re right!” Eren laughed admittedly. “Speaking of which, let’s go to a pancake house today.”

“You got it. But first I want to get a workout in. I’m going a bit soft at the gut.”

Eren sat up in surprise and stared at Levi. Were they looking at the same body? The same defined pectoral muscles and chiseled abs? “Um. You consider this soft, Levi?” Eren knocked on his hardened stomach.

“It may not look it, but I’m feeling slower and weaker. And I’m losing energy. We can’t all be effortlessly beautiful like you, Eren.”

Eren grinned. “I’ll join you today. I’ve been ditching Reiner at our gym meets lately so I’m gonna run to make up for it.”

“Shall we start the day, then?”

They brushed and washed together. In their gym getup, Eren followed Levi down the elevator to the gym.

Eren always walks by it, but he’d never been inside. The equipment was new and state-of-the-art, and there were private training rooms which Eren loved. Not many people worked out on Sundays, so there were only a few others in the gym.

Levi wrapped bandages around his fists and went into a training room. Eren slid a headband on to keep his bangs off his face while he ran, and then he hopped on a treadmill.

Eren was glad he tagged along today. Even though he had a fast metabolism and hardly ever put on weight, he felt out of breath faster. He struggled and puffed through his several miles.

Meanwhile in the training room, Levi warmed up by jumping rope for a while, and then began his rigorous workout of push-ups and muscle training. It wasn’t long before his tank top and skin were drenched in sweat, and he started going at it with the punching bag.

Eren hopped off the treadmill, having reached a healthy limit. He panted as he lifted and stretched his legs from behind.

His armpits and back were wet with sweat. He was wearing one of his flimsy tank tops, or “rags”, as Levi called them. He found the training room that Levi went into and slipped in.

“Knock knock,” he said, and shut the door behind him. Levi was hopping back and forth slightly while fighting the punching bag.

“Whoa…” Eren had never seen Levi in his element like this. He was so strong and in control and serious… and hot.

Levi paused for a second and rolled his wrists to stretch them. “Came to watch the show?” he smirked.

“Keep going, don’t let me interrupt.” Eren sat at a bench and smiled.

“Would you like to try?”

“Me?” Eren has had zero experience in fighting. He once jokingly punched Mikasa and she reflexively almost twisted his arm. That was when he realized that his best defense if he ever got into a fight was to run away.

“Yeah. Come here.” Eren stood in front of the punching bag, and he raised his arms defensively.

Levi pushed against his lower back to position him closer to the punching bag. “Go ahead and throw.”

Eren pursed his lips and punched the bag once. The sound was a weak slap. He looked at Levi with an expectant grin, like a student looking for validation from their teacher.

A smile pulled at the corners of Levi’s lips. Eren was precious. “That’s a good start. My advice is, pretend you’re punching a hole into it. Don’t stop on contact. Through, not on. Try again.”

Eren nodded and threw another punch. This one hit a lot harder and louder.

“You’re already getting better; good boy.” Eren beamed. “Keep your feet planted.” To help out, he held Eren in place by holding his stomach and lower back. He turned his hips for him a bit to put him in a better stance. “This time, throw twice. One in each hand.”

Eren couldn’t recoil or move around with Levi holding him steady like this. He gave a one-two punch, but his hands hurt after it. This attempt was a little more pathetic.

“What happened?” Levi asked gently. “Your last one was much better.”

Eren gave an exaggerated sigh. “I can’t focus. I have such a hot teacher,” he said melodramatically.

Eren was not trained for this. He was a runner; his body was made for agility and lightness. His lean and tight limbs helped with speed. Levi’s body was sturdy and built with bulk. His thick muscles were solid and provided strength.

Levi chuckled at the comment. “You can do it, baby. I believe in you.”

“Okay.” Eren winked and then took a deep breath. He did another one-two punch, remembering the advice about punching through the bag and staying grounded on his feet. The hits gave solid smacks, and the bag recoiled slightly. It was Eren’s best attempt yet.

“Good boy. Look at you go,” Levi breathed proudly.

Eren brought his arms down and walked towards Levi for a hug. “I couldn’t have done it without you,” he moaned. He giggled and stole a quick kiss.

“You’re my best student yet.” Levi said. Eren was so silly. But he was hardworking and innocent. And that made any experience one to remember.

Levi pulled Eren’s waist in and pressed his lips to his. “Mm.”

They separated with admiring gazes. Levi wasn’t used to seeing Eren’s forehead exposed with his headband on. It was shiny with sweat. But as usual, Eren was very adorable.

“Wanna stretch with me?” Eren asked.

Eren went through his stretching routine, and Levi struggled to keep up. Levi might’ve had the upper hand in fighting, but Eren was a lot more flexible. And he was holding back laughs at Levi’s performance.

“Hold for ten seconds,” Eren said while holding his toes. Meanwhile, Levi couldn’t even reach his toes. It was either because he was short or his hamstrings weren’t flexible enough.

Eren got up and stood behind Levi’s back, pushing on his shoulders ever so slowly to help him reach his toes. “Reach! If it hurts, it means it’s working.”

Levi groaned very loudly in pain as Eren inched him closer to his toes. His legs felt like they were on fire. Maybe this is why he was always stiff.

“Stop! That’s as far as I go,” Levi hissed a few inches in.

“Alright. Hold it.”

Eren held Levi in place as his body shook trying to stretch. When ten long seconds passed, Eren loosened his hold and let Levi go.

He groaned in relief. Eren giggled. “You need to work on flexibility.”

Levi rolled his neck around. “Yeah, no kidding. I don’t know how you do it.”

“A little further every time. Baby steps.”


At the pancake house, Eren ordered himself a feast as usual. Levi answered emails as they waited for their food.

Eren got a text from Armin:

Erwin’s taking me to a museum today! I’m so excited!!

Eren’s heart warmed for his friend.

Bring us a home run, cutie! He added the eggplant and kissy face emojis.

“Here you go,” the waitress sang as she put down their food. Eren’s stomach grumbled and he bounced a little in his seat.

They spoiled their entire workouts in syrup-drenched pancakes and buttery toast. Levi took out his phone and snapped a picture of a grinning Eren.

After the bill was handled, they headed back to Levi’s car to go back home and laze the day away together. Eren skipped and hopped and with a swing of his arm, he smacked Levi’s ass in the parking lot. Levi smacked him back harder, then squeezed his butt in a small massage. Eren yelped on contact and giggled.


They watched a movie while cuddling on the couch. Eren nuzzled his head all over Levi’s face and the crooks of his neck, like a cat would. He just loved touching and getting rid of personal space.

A long time ago, Levi used to not like being touched. But Eren made him forget about that time of his life.


He was rubbing his cheek against his chest. “Yeah?”

“Could you let me go for just a second?” he asked gently. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Eren’s eyebrows furrowed but he didn’t stop. “Mm. I’ll come with you.”

Levi laughed and pried Eren off of him. “No, baby. I’ll be right back.”

With Levi’s warm body so very far away, Eren found himself bored. He checked his messages. Armin’s date was going well:

Eren, I’m freaking out he’s so hot and he knows so much about everything he’s totally gonna be my husband!!

Holding his arm -- à holding his hand!!!!!!

He took me to a cute spot for lunch!



Eren had only one thing to say to that:

Bust it open, baby bird!!

And Armin must’ve been really horny because that phrase no longer embarrassed him:

I just might!

Eren laughed and sent good vibes his way. Levi came back from the bathroom, and Eren waited for him with open arms. Levi picked him up and took him back on his body. He reached for the coffee table for his tablet.

Eren’s blanketed body lay on Levi as he absentmindedly watched the movie. They didn’t speak. Sundays were all for being lazy and low-maintenance.

By the time the movie ended, Eren was snoozing away on Levi’s chest. Levi stroked his hair softly.


Meanwhile in Erwin’s apartment, Armin was curled up In Erwin’s lap, and he listened to him talk about his trip to New York. He fit just right on Erwin’s large body, and he looked up with awe in his eyes. The reclining chair they were on was perfect for storytelling.

“…so that’s why you need to tell the cab driver that you’re familiar with the area, otherwise they’ll take a longer route and charge you more. Isn’t that strange?” Erwin laughed.

Armin always learned something new when he talked to this hunk of a man. And he was blushing like crazy. They were so close!

He responded by leaning up slowly and pecking an innocent kiss to Erwin’s jaw. “Yeah, that’s pretty strange.” His face flared up even more, so he hid it by burying it in Erwin’s chest.

Erwin smiled and kissed him back, on the top of the head. “You’re a good listener, dear.”

“And you’re a good speaker.” Armin smiled into Erwin’s chest, inhaling the clean, welcoming scent.


Eren woke up from his little cat nap and sighed.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Levi played with a strand of chocolate brown hair between his fingers.

“Hey, hot stuff.” Eren reached up and licked a solid stripe on Levi’s cheek in greeting.

Levi chuckled and wiped his cheek. “Gross.”

A sparkle gleamed mischievously in Eren’s eyes. He reached his hand down and palmed Levi’s crotch. “I can show you how gross I can be.”

“You know,” Levi smiled, “for once I would like to please you like a normal person.”

Fake hurt flashed in Eren’s eyes. He looked offended. “Levi, I’m not completely nasty. I like taking it vanilla, too!” And it was true: while Eren more liked taking it rough and dirty more often than not, he did sometimes crave some sweet, slow lovin’ during sex. He was skilled in both methods.

He leaned down to Levi’s lips and smiled sweetly. Then, he went in with a slow, explorative kiss. He closed his eyes and breathed through his nose. “See?”

“Let’s have it vanilla, then, baby.”


After a long afternoon of gentle, slow sex, Eren and Levi collapsed on the mattress with content smiles.

“You’re delightful,” Levi breathed.

Eren climbed on top of him so that they were looking into each other’s eyes. He drew the covers over them. “So are you.”

They were quiet for a while, basking in the memory of their activities.

Eren traced shapes on Levi’s bare chest with his finger absentmindedly. “Levi, tell me your kinks. What are your fantasies?”

“My fantasies?” Levi mused. “Well… I would like to see these long legs of yours-“ he reached down beneath the covers and squeezed Eren’s thigh, “in some thigh-high socks one day.”

Eren laughed. “I can make that happen for you!” He smooched Levi’s chest lovingly.

“What about you, love? What are your kinks?”

“Oh, Jesus, Levi, that’s a long fucking list!” Eren’s eyes sparkled. “So sit back and relax and have your popcorn!”

It was a very long, explicit hour as Eren explained the things he was into. Some were quite simple and standard, like biting and licking. But others were very specific and vulgar. Eren mentioned wanting Levi to cum all over him, and then take pictures of his soiled body.

It was also no surprise that Eren was into public sex and dangerous situations, which Levi struggled with the idea of fulfilling. This boy was going to push his limits, if nothing else.

Eren rested his chin on his hands innocently. “And that’s my list! I may have forgotten a few things, but those are the main ones.”

“Wow…” Levi said. He brushed Eren’s bangs aside with his fingers. “You’re quite the playful thing. I don’t know if I can help with all of those, darling.” Admittedly, Eren’s list was a bit intimidating.

“Not to worry, my dear Levi. We’ll start small.”


After Levi fed him dinner, he retreated into his study to work. Eren watched TV on the couch lazily for the rest of the night.

It was almost 2 am now. Where did the time go?

It hurt to blink, since Eren’s been staring at the screen in the dark for a long time. With a yawn, he padded into Levi’s office.

There he was, working so diligently and quietly. The lamp near the desk was the only source of light.

Eren came up from behind and wrapped his arms around those broad shoulders. “It’s time for bed now, Mr. Ackerman,” he whispered.

Levi smiled and shut his laptop, holding Eren’s arms to him. It was a question he always found himself asking- what did he do to deserve such a sweet thing?

He got up and rolled his neck around. “Let’s go to sleep, then, Mr. Jaeger.” He followed Eren to the bedroom.

Chapter Text

Another week passed, and Friday was here. Just like the crispy fall leaves on the street were excited by little swirling gusts of wind, the city was alive and cheery with autumn spirit.

Eren was in the kitchen brewing a cup of coffee for Levi, who was reclused in his study hard at work. He had been spending more and more time in his office; perhaps Survey Corp. was receiving more business that needed Levi’s attention? At any rate, the best Eren could do to help out was to fix little pick-me-ups the best way he knew how.

He carried over the piping hot mug of black coffee over to Levi’s study. The door was shut, but not locked, just like always. It was to block out the distracting sounds of the TV in the living room.

“Knock knock,” Eren called at the turning of the knob. It was the usual sight- Levi’s strong back sitting at the slightly reclined leather chair; the white light of the nearby lamp illuminating the scene; the surrounding bookshelves and filing cabinets and the metal safe. The room smelled vaguely of papers and pine freshener, as well as Levi’s distinct cologne.

Levi didn’t turn around, but he did acknowledge Eren’s presence. “Hey, sweetheart,” he sighed, work-weary and bored. His eyes remained fixated on the laptop screen.

Eren set down the mug beside the stack of papers on the desk, and then wrapped his arms around Levi’s shoulders. “Hey, yourself. I think you can use some coffee.”

Levi took the handle of the mug and brought it to his lips, taking a small gulp. It was evident that he needed it; he shut his eyes and sighed contently. “Mm. Just how I like it. Thank you, Eren.”

“You’re welcome. Do you have much more to do today?”

He took another gulp and put his free arm on the armrest. “Not particularly. I’m actually just finishing up a report. It was a busy week at the company, and I also received several new clients.”

“I can tell- I’ve hardly seen you all week!”

It was true. Normally, they try to at least have dinner together and catch up on each other’s days. But this week, it seemed like a whole lot of Eren getting takeout or ordering a pizza, and Levi’s “I’m busy, baby, I’ll spend time with you later”, and in the end the two of them just eating separately. Then they would climb into bed together late at night, and by that time Levi would be so exhausted from work that the both of them would just go to sleep without much else. It wasn’t either of their ideal ways to pass the days, but it was what it was.

“I know, and I’m sorry, my dear, I really am.” Levi rubbed Eren’s arm in consolation. “I’ve been neglecting you lately, haven’t I?”

“I just miss you, is all.” Eren leaned down and kissed the top of his glossy black hair.

“I missed you, too. I promise, I’ll just wrap up this last report, and we’ll start the weekend together. I’ll take you out to dinner. Sound good?”

Eren gave his shoulders a quick massage while he talked. “Sounds good!”


After Levi finished his mug of coffee as well as his report, they finally got ready for dinner. With the dropping temperatures, Eren could finally wear his beanie- the one Levi gifted him in the beginning of their relationship.

Trees of oranges and rusty browns passed them by as they cruised through the city. They settled on an Italian restaurant- known for its authentic pasta.

Eren was so glad he finally had Levi all to himself. The week felt kind of lonely, but the weekend would surely be filled with activities. For working so hard, all Eren wanted was for Levi to relax and breathe easy. When he became consumed in his work, he locked himself up and hardly took breaks. More often than not, Eren’s motherly instincts kicked in and he had to coax Levi to get him to bed or to drink something.

The restaurant was full of families and couples on this Friday evening. Flickering lights hung along the walls, and the tables were covered with white cloths- how ironic, considering all the potential pasta sauce spills. Foliage and plants decorated the restaurant, and there was an open deck to the back of the restaurant where guests could choose to eat under large umbrellas.

Levi and Eren sat at one of tables at a far wall in the room. The location was private enough that they could talk freely and be away from other guests.

Eren’s cute face across the table was a sight that Levi sorely missed. They caught up on each other’s weeks- Levi talking about his work and the clients he’s met, and Eren talking about coffee shop happenings and his classes.

A nice dinner like that had Levi up to energy again, which Eren noticed. Back in the Aston, Eren had his telltale grin on his face.

“Levi, let’s have sex.” Straightforward and innocently blunt- it was just Eren’s style.

“Not in my car, baby.” A firm, but gentle response- Levi was not surprised by Eren’s request or words in the slightest.

“But I don’t want to do it at home…” Eren thought out loud. He wanted to spice things up a bit. “Let’s get a hotel room! Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“A hotel room…?” Levi didn’t see why not. After being holed up in his office all week, a different atmosphere might be good for him. Plus, he wanted to give Eren anything he wanted, especially having spent little time with him as of late.

Eren waited patiently and expectantly, the smile on his face unwavering as he anticipated a response.

“Alright,” Levi smiled. “We can spend the night in a hotel. Let’s go home first and pack some overnight bags.”

“Yay! You’re the best, Levi!”


It was a bit awkward to check into a hotel since they weren’t techinically traveling. The night was young, and the energy was high.

Of course Levi chose one of the most expensive hotels in the city. Four stars, at least. The huge building was visible a whole block away.

Levi parked the car and they headed towards the glass revolving door. At the cul-de-sac near the entrance, Eren saw a limosine dropping off some high-end guests- a few looking especially drunk out of their minds. He laughed at the stumbling people, who looked strange in their expensive dresses and suits.

They pushed through the door with their bags slung over their shoulders, and Eren couldn’t help feeling thrilled- his childlike side came through.

And they entered a spectacular lobby: rich, thick rugs; a high ceiling, plush couches in the waiting area; bell boys strolling around gold-finished suitcase carts. There were multiple chandeliers, twinkling like stars against the gold and neutral tones of the room. Just like with most new places Levi took him, Eren was awestruck and excited.

He followed Levi to the receptionist counter, and he turned to absorb more sights of the lobby while he listened to Levi converse with the lady.

“Hello, sir,” a sleepy but gentle young woman greeted. “Do you have a reservation with us today?”

“No reservation,” Eren heard Levi say. “I’ll have your luxury suite, please. For the rest of the night until 3 pm tomorrow.”

There was a humming and a clicking of a mouse as the receptionist filled the room for them. It was probably empty because not many people could afford the luxury room, even in such a fine hotel like this.

“Alright,” the receptionist smiled. She took Levi’s credit card and checked him in. She gave him a room key as well. “You should be all set, sir. Please enjoy your stay.”

“May I take your bags?” a bellboy waited for them a few feet away.

“No thanks, we’ll carry them,” Levi told him. The bellboy bowed slightly and walked away.

Eren watched a group of people laughing as they walked past, all cleaned up and dressed for a good time. Perhaps they were heading to a club?

“Levi, this place is so fancy!” Eren’s eyes were practically sparkling in the elevator. He’s been in plenty of hotels before, mainly with his parents, but this place took the cake.

“You like it, baby? Only the finest for you.”

Eren leaned down and lay an appreciative kiss on his jaw. He couldn’t wait to see what the room looked like- the lobby was impressive already.

There was a whole floor dedicated to the hotel’s two luxury suites. Eren took the room key out of Levi’s hand and ran ahead to their door- he was just so pumped!

The little black detector beeped with a green light after Eren inserted the card, and he burst into the room.

His jaw- as well as the bag in his hand- dropped.

The room was fabulous. Eren was immediately basked in a romantic vibe of deep reds and golds and dark woods. The king-sized beds (there were two) had tasseled canopies for privacy, fit for a royal to sleep in. There was a huge black TV atop a dark dresser. And oh, my God! Eren thought. Was that a balcony?? He ran to the glass door and walked up to the ledge.

He was overlooking the busy street below from high above- the tops of the passing cars shining against the city lights. A gust of wind whipped his hair into his face and he laughed out loud. He ran back inside the room.

Levi was calmly unpacking some things from his bag, and he was shrugging off his jacket. He was used to luxury suites, but Eren’s excitement was infectious and he couldn’t help but smile.

Eren dashed around and dove stomach-first onto one of the beds, just like he did when he went into Levi’s bedroom for the first time. He laughed again as he bounced slightly against the mattress. The sheets smelled clean and crisp- like fresh laundry.

Even with his limbs fully sprawled out, Eren hardly took up half the bed. He rolled around, laughing a bit maniacally, and in his high he accidentally missed a roll back to the center and fell off the edge of the bed onto the floor with a thud.

Levi was trying so very hard not to laugh at what he just saw, so instead he unsuccessfully tried to hide his smile and went to see if Eren was okay.

“Eren?” The boy was silently lying face-down on the floor.

His body shook a bit and he turned onto his back, only to resume his uncontrollable laughter.

Levi laughed as well as he helped him up. “Darling, I know you’re excited, but please be careful.”

“I can’t help it!” Eren giggled on his way up.

Levi changed into his pajamas and did last minute work check-ups on his tablet on the bed while Eren explored the room a bit more.

After Eren’s had the chance to roll around and jump on the other bed a bit more, he calmed down and changed into his pajamas as well.

“Whew! It’s like a palace in here!” Eren said. He climbed onto the bed Levi was in and crawled beneath his arm.

“It is, isn’t it?” Levi chuckled. Eren’s excitement was adorable. Every new place and experience was fun and fresh and new for him. What a nice attitude to have towards life.

“We’ll have tons of fun tonight!” Eren smiled and planted a kiss to the cheek before slipping back out of his arm to get a drink from the minibar.

Levi shut his tablet and set it aside, stretching his arms out against the mountain of pillows behind him and then rested them behind his head.

Eren sat on the edge of the bed with his water bottle and the TV remote in his hand. “I wonder what shows they have…?”

Levi watched Eren’s back profile as he surfed through channels. Was he looking for a specific one?

Eren decided on something to watch, and he downed his water bottle. He was probably parched after all that running and rolling around he did.

When he was fully quenched, Eren threw his bottle into the wastebin and crawled towards Levi rather seductively. He sat atop Levi’s stomach, leaning down so their faces were inches apart.

“You’ve worked so very hard this week, Levi,” Eren purred. He stroked his cheeks with his elegant fingers. “I think you deserve to blow off some steam.”

Eren punctuated his sentence with a passionate kiss to the lips, deep and exploring and indulgent. Levi melted into the kiss with an exhale through the nose, and his hands came up to hold Eren’s head.

Their tongues swirled around, memorizing and tasting. Eren’s hands moved down to feel Levi’s strong chest, rubbing them firmly and making sure to brush his fingers past his nipples. He stuck his ass out so that his cock could have more friction against Levi’s abdomen.

They separated rather breathless. With a loud smooching sound effect, Eren dragged his lips off. Red and swollen- he bit at his lower lip with eyes hazed over in lust. “Mm. You’re so yummy, Levi.”

“So are you, my dear.”

Eren edged his fingers along Levi’s shirt and lifted his own hips so that he could peel it off. Slowly, each bit of Levi’s torso was coming into view- the thick veins that disappeared into his pants and climbed up to his belly button; the solid and chiseled abs; his carved serratus; the built and smooth pectoral muscles.

Eren took the shirt off from over Levi’s head, and then turned it inside out to fold it neatly and set it aside. He ran his hands up and down Levi’s torso, letting his fingers explore every dip and groove and surface.

Levi sat back and let Eren feel him up all he wanted. Admittedly, Eren’s touch was soothing and every drag of his fingers was tantalizingly electric. He grabbed Eren’s thighs as he peeled his own shirt off slowly, a bit teasingly, to allow Levi a selfish gaze of that tight stomach and the tops of his hips. Eren pretended to struggle and fumble with his shirt a bit, completely knowing of the little game he was playing. Levi knew the game, too.

“You like to tease me, huh, love?” Levi smiled. His hands traveled to Eren’s hips, holding them still.

“You know it, baby,” Eren moaned in an excessively sultry tone. With his shirt finally off, he tossed it onto Levi’s face playfully. Eren’s scent still clung to the shirt.

Eren got off of Levi’s body for a moment to pull down his pajama pants and underwear- all the way down his strong legs and off his feet. Levi took the shirt off his face and watched Eren quickly fold and set aside all the clothes they were shedding.

And now that Levi was fully naked, it was Eren’s turn to finish stripping. He stood on his knees and swayed his hips from side to side, dragging his fingers along his waistband but never quite pulling it down. He wanted to rile Levi up- make him grow impatient and wild and let himself go. And frankly, it was working.

Levi wanted to sit up and clap his hands on Eren’s hips to violently yank those pants down and run his nose along that smooth skin.

Eren finally pulled his pants down and off his legs, very unashamedly letting his erect cock bounce freely against his stomach. He folded his pants and placed them with the rest of their clothes.

“Levi…I’m so hard and wet for you…” Eren palmed his cock softly and climbed over his body once more. He leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“So listen, my amazing, hunky boyfriend…” Eren said, all the while rubbing himself up, “tonight I want you to have your way with me. Defile me.” Armin used that word before, and Eren was starting to love it. “I’m all yours.”

With a contradictory innocent peck to the cheek, he traveled back down Levi’s body and hovered over his cock to begin his work.

He usually took it in one go, but Eren was going to take a different route this time. He held the base of the shaft and started licking the head gently, keeping eye contact while he did it. His arms rested on Levi’s hips to get comfortable, and his tongue started to truly roam.

Eren voluntarily made his mouth water to make this a particularly messy and spitty blowjob. He alternated- letting long, translucent trails of saliva drip down from his tongue onto the shaft and his hand, then using said saliva to lubricate his pumping.

Levi’s hands found Eren’s head, and he curled his fingers into those soft brown locks as he continued growing more and more aroused.

Now, Eren was quickly bobbing his head up and down, keeping his lips tightly wrapped and sucking his cheeks in for a gloriously tight feeling. His bangs swished off his forehead each time he went down.

“Yesss, Eren, keep going, just like that,” Levi hissed. He shut his eyes to focus on the sensation on his crotch.

Eren responded with a validated moan, and the vibrations resonated wonderfully against Levi’s shaft, which elicited a soft grunt.

Eren swirled and curled his tongue around, tasting and feeling around the veins and plateaus of Levi’s cock. He kept moaning with his lips wrapped around it- knowing good and damn well that it was going to drive Levi nuts.

“Ugh…ughhhh…” Levi’s fingers fisted his locks tighter, and the pain on Eren’s scalp was intoxicating to him.

He popped off the tip with a suctioning sound, and sucked air between his teeth as he rather aggressively pumped Levi’s shaft up and down. “You like that, Levi? Do I make you happy?” His emerald eyes were cloudy with lust and arousal, and a bit of something else.

He didn’t quite wait for a response before going all the way back down the shaft, effortlessly burying Levi down his throat and breathing through his nose against the patch of soft black hair that lay above his cock.

Levi never figured out how this boy got rid of his gag reflex, but at the moment it didn’t really matter because Eren’s throat was so fucking tight and hot and comfortable. He could feel a bit of precum leak down his throat, but Eren was unperturbed.

“Fuck… shhhhhit!” Levi groaned loudly. He held Eren’s head down, relishing the feeling of Eren’s cool, soft hair between his fingers. “Ughhh.”

Eren didn’t gag at all, but he did somehow manage to move his tongue around a bit at the base of his mouth, which was a sensation that had Levi throwing his head back in a moan. Eren was balls-deep, and his face and ears were flushing a faint red as he waited for air.

Levi selfishly held Eren down for what felt like minutes, because a feeling that spectacular stretched time out, and it simultaneously went by too fast. Eren’s face was a true red now, his air supply running dangerously low.

But he didn’t tap out or force himself back up. Levi finally let his hold on Eren’s head go, and he came back up the shaft smoothly and expertly, taking a quiet, deep breath when he popped off the tip again.

The red in his face was already fading away with the much needed oxygen. “Yes, Levi! I want you to use me, just like that!”

Eren was on the verge of suffocation just then, but he kind of liked the challenge. He loved that Levi was taking advantage of his skills. This man deserved all the pleasure in the world. And Eren was going to give it to him.

With Levi sufficiently sucked and pumped, he wanted to return the favor and start prepping Eren so they could start fucking.

But Levi was also going to stretch his limits tonight. He got up on his elbows and climbed up to a sitting position, leaning back on the excess of fluffy pillows behind him.

He patted his thighs twice, which after all they’ve been through, Eren came to learn meant “come here”. The brown-haired boy came on over, and lay on his back in front of Levi’s knees.

He didn’t know what to expect. A blowjob, perhaps? The usual fingerfucking? Crotch grinding? (That option was less probable, it was more Eren’s thing.) All Eren did know that whatever Levi was going to do to him, he was going to be damn good at it.

With almost one fluid motion, Levi lifted Eren’s hips up with his hand, and reached around behind him to bring a pillow to raise Eren’s hips. With the large pillow holding him up, Eren’s crotch was now in the air.

Levi took Eren’s mess of long legs into the crooks of his elbows, which put him under his control. Levi’s face was now hovering in the space of Eren’s inner thighs.

“What a pretty hole you have, Eren.” They were at the point where nothing either of them said seemed embarrassing. It was pink and puckered and ready for action.

Levi’s hand wrapped around Eren’s thigh so that his legs were still in the crook of his elbow, but his hand reached down to tease Eren’s entrance with his fingers.

“Damn, Levi, you eat ass?” Eren piped up. But his cocky grin was replaced by an adorable blush and a furrowing of the brows when Levi’s tongue dipped into Eren’s entrance.

That seemed to silence him, Levi thought. He swirled his tongue around the ring of muscle, teasing and licking. Eren moaned like a slut, his soft lips shaped in an ‘O’ as his blush deepened.

Eren was actually a bit surprised. It was no secret that Levi valued cleanliness and order- even the way he had sex was precise and efficient. It took some time for Eren to convince him to be filthy while fucking.

But this was something else! Eren never expected Levi to eat his asshole out. Not many people did that for him- only a couple of his exes were willing. And even when they did, it just didn’t feel all that good.

But Levi knew how to work his magic, and he expertly kissed and licked around Eren’s entrance. He let himself moan against the pink muscle to mirror Eren’s wanton sounds.

Eren was clean down there, luckily. He smelled washed and fresh. After this, Levi could truly say that he was one hundred percent familiar with Eren’s body. When his eyes wandered up, he saw that Eren’s face was furiously red and turned away slightly in shyness. His tried to muffle his moans into the fist of his hand.

Levi came up for some air. “What is it, baby? Is something this filthy embarrassing you?”

Eren’s eyes met his, and the tips of his ears were just as tinged pink as his cheeks. “Levi… please k-keep going…” he whined softly.

Levi draped one leg over his shoulder and reached over to the bedside table where he placed the bottle of lube they brought. He slathered his fingers up, and worked Eren’s entrance open a bit more.

He tossed the bottle away on the bed and wrapped his strong arms around the underside of Eren’s hips, hoisting him up so that Eren’s asshole was facing the ceiling, right underneath Levi’s nose, and Eren’s legs were dangling awkwardly in the air. His head was lodged between Levi’s thighs, and with him upside down like this, his arms had nowhere to sloppily rest over Levi’s thighs.

Eren’s never been in this position. It was a little uncomfortable, but with Levi’s arm holding him securely over his abdomen, and holding his hip in place, it was almost a bit arousing to completely hand off control, and he could allow himself to be pleased without trying to look pretty or contain himself.

So Levi continued. He continued edging his tongue along the pink flesh, occasionally slugging and working his hot tongue into it. With each flick, more moans came from below, each time a different sound. Eren’s juicy thighs only framed the pretty sight of his entrance.

Eren’s eyes were rolled back lazily and he was drooling with lust and want. His cock was aiming downward, flat against his stomach, and he leaked precum onto his own chest as well as Levi’s arm. It was so fucking hot and filthy to be pleased like this, and Eren didn’t want it to stop.

Because he was upside down, all the blood was rushing to Eren’s head, making him feel all the more delirious. “F-fuck, Levi. Yeah… yeah, yeah… ooh, keep doing that.”

Levi responded by releasing a low growl from deep in his throat, the sounds and vibrations only pleasing Eren even further.

The room was rather silent, save for the occasional exhale or smack from Levi, and Eren’s soft, slutty moans.

From his view upside down, all Eren could see the TV, and the edge of the bed seemed to drop off like an abstract cliff.

Levi kept at it, working Eren open with his tongue until the boy was hot and bothered and his cock was a twitchy, leaky mess.

He finally separated, and he carried Eren’s torso down to the bed carefully. Eren was still a bit woozy in pleasure, and the blood was rushing back down his face.

“Ah… Levi… you’re so damn good! I didn’t know you could eat ass like that…” he smiled sleepily.

“I didn’t know I could, either. It was my first time; I took a bit of a risk,” Levi chuckled.

Eren giggled. “You needa take more risks, then. Shit…”

He returned from his dreamworld, and he climbed back to Levi for the real deal. Eren lay against a couple pillows and drew his knees up.

“I’ll bust it open for you, my amazing Levi!”

Levi aligned himself, and his eyebrow cocked curiously. “’Bust it open’?” The vulgar and silly phrase sounded strange but lovely coming from his deep voice.

“Anytime you want it, bay-bee!” Eren sang with a goofy grin.

Levi chuckled, and he shook his head trying to make this serious, damnit! “Eren. You’re so silly. I’m trying to please you!”

But Eren was still giggly as Levi pushed himself in, and inch by inch went in so very smoothly after all that tongue work. Eren’s face twitched and twisted with a range of expressions as he was slowly filled up.

When Levi was fully buried, he stayed there for a second and relished in Eren’s feeling- no matter how prepped he was, he always felt so tight and hot.

“Ohhh… you always feel so good around me,” Levi groaned.

Eren clenched his muscles tighter around Levi, and he elicited a soft sigh. He remained clenched as Levi pulled back out.

Levi loomed over in between Eren’s legs to get closer to that pretty face. Eren was flexible enough and he worked with it, and his knees were quite close to his own shoulders.

In and out, in and out Levi went- he held the insides of Eren’s knees as he thrusted. Eren seemed to have a pattern down- he would relax when Levi pushed in and clench his muscles when he pulled out.

“Y-yeah, just like that, Levi. You can go a little faster,” Eren whispered.

Levi obliged, increasing the speed of his thrusting steadily, and drawing more moans and sighs from the brown-haired cutie beneath him. Whatever thing Eren was doing with the clenching- it felt way too fucking good.

“Fuck… Eren. God… damn.”

He went faster now, the muscles in his thighs and ass tightening with the exertion. Eren’s eyes were rolling back again, and he was biting his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

The crude but arousing sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the air between them. Levi’s grip on Eren’s firm leg was becoming almost vice-like.

And as Levi could feel his orgasm slowly awaken and crawl up his spine, it was obvious that Eren was getting closer, too, because he was starting to babble.

“Yesyesyesyesyeeeeeeeessss, Levi, FUCK! Oh, please, right there… right there! Right there! Oh, God, Levi, fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Levi screwed his eyes shut and his brows furrowed together as he concentrated on finding Eren’s sweet spot while achieving his own orgasm. Eren’s body was recoiling back against each wild thrust, and he watched Levi mercilessly slam into him with his head thrown back, exposing that gorgeous pale throat and that twitching Adam’s apple.

They were fucking like animals now. Levi was holding back choked groans and Eren was spewing unintelligible nonsense as they both held each other close to their completion.

With a precise thrust and particularly heavenly clench, they both came together- stars and fireworks explosions as they unraveled and connected and came wildly undone.


They held still for only a beautiful moment as each completed his release; Eren, ropes and ropes of excitable white onto his own stomach, and Levi a flooding of sexy heat into Eren’s tightness.

The next minute was not on this earth as they collapsed onto the mattress weakly, panting and vulnerable and sensitive.

The world was all theirs in that moment.

When they finally came down from their highs, it was all shy and admiring smiles. Eren padded weakly to the bathroom and brought a small, fluffy white towel back.

Levi watched, completely spent, as Eren cleaned his cum off his own torso. When he was done, he put the towel aside and crawled on his knees to Levi, where he collapsed on his chest contently.

“…Damn,” Eren whispered. He was still breathing heavily. His brown locks were splayed over the surface of Levi’s body. “When he gives me the good dick… I’m coolin’ hard as fuck…”

Levi chuckled and started stroking the soft chocolate hair. “Eren, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” When Eren was pleasured or climbing down from an orgasm, he was always a bit strange. But it was endearing.

The TV was still buzzing, but Eren was more fascinated at Levi’s eyes. His pointed feet kicked in the air playfully.

And once Levi had a chance to catch his breath and have a drink of water, Eren patted his strong thigh. “Alright. Time for round two!”

Levi still had one more in him. Plus, Eren was irresistible. The boy was already stalking up his body with that mischievous grin. And how could he say no to that?

Eren’s lips met his again, lapping rhythmically, holding back, and then indulging. And it was all rock music and skin on skin as Eren rubbed his body against Levi’s chest.

“You’re so hot, I can’t…” Eren moaned. Every touch between them was fire and ice all the same, and even though they just had sex a few minutes ago, this contact between them cleaned their primal slates anew.

Levi just wanted to take those sharp collarbones into his mouth and mark them up to his liking. …What was holding him back?

He took Eren from under his arms and carried him over to lie on his back. Now it was Levi’s turn to straddle- he pinned Eren’s arms down and began his ferocious attack.

Kisses, bites, hickies- it was a roulette of choices on Eren’s wam throat. Levi leaned down and inhaled the scent of that tan column, and his lips latched onto the jugular vein. Eren’s strong heartbeat pulsed in that spot, and Levi decided to leave some bite marks there.

He craned his neck away to allow Levi some space to work. “A-ah! T-tickles!”

Levi chuckled against his throat a little before continuing his marking. He sunk his teeth into the delicate skin, and Eren yelped.

But Eren liked that playful pain.

The seeds of possession on Eren’s throat would blossom beautifully later on, but now Levi had other parts of that delicious body to attend to.

“Wait, Levi.”

Levi stopped and sat up.

Eren lay over Levi’s lap, his erection digging into his thighs. He craned his neck up with innocent green eyes. “Spank me, Levi.”

“…What?” Levi smirked. Eren’s firm, gorgeous ass was right there for the taking, but he wanted to make sure he heard correctly.

“Smack that ass, Levi! I know you want to…” he purred.

For good measure, Eren wriggled around so that his ass shook a bit. Tempting. A tempting creature, he was.

Levi placed a steady hand on the valley of Eren’s back, and the other on one of his buttcheeks.

“Defile me!” Eren gushed.

Levi never hurt Eren before, even consenually. It just never came up, frankly. But the boy was literally asking for it. Who knows, it might even be fun.

He raised his hand into the air, then brought it down fast on Eren’s ass in a smack! Eren squealed and giggled.

“One!” he counted. “Do it harder!”

Levi raised his hand again and in one fell swoop, he made contact with Eren’s ass again.

The cheeky thing laughed out loud again. “Two!”

Levi pursed his lips in confusion. Was he doing this right? Why was Eren laughing…?

He smacked Eren’s ass again, and a faint red handprint appeared. He instinctively rubbed it soothingly.

Eren moaned and then sighed at the respective actions. “Three,” he said. “Keep going, Levi!”

With all this new shit they were doing, Levi considered that they start using safewords.

By spank number ten, Eren’s ass was red and sore, and his cock was leaking precum into Levi’s thighs. But he seemed satisified. He was moaning from deep in his throat.

After Eren had a chance to regroup, he weakly crawled off Levi’s lap and waited for the next activity.

Levi grabbed the bottle of lube again, and he slicked himself up to align into Eren’s entrance. Eren waited patiently on his hands and knees, swaying his ass back and forth teasingly.

“I’m alllll yours,” Eren sang.

Because Eren was already prepped from their last round, Levi didn’t take it slow or easy- he just slammed himself into Eren recklessly.

But the boy loved it.

Shock and pleasure flashed across wide emerald eyes as his ass was pummeled, the sounds of skin on skin filling the air once again.

There was something a bit animalistic that came over Levi. It seemed Eren’s efforts tonight were finally working because he let himself go completely.

“YES, LEVI!” Eren squealed. Levi thrusted into him hard, and Eren arched his back beautifully with a long moan. “Oh, pleaseohpleaseohpleeeeeeeeeease!!”

“Keep making those pretty sounds for me, baby,” Levi growled. He leaned his torso over slipped some fingers into Eren’s mouth.

“Mmph.” Eren’s eyes hazed over with lust again as he swirled his tongue around Levi’s digits, exhaling through his nose as Levi became more ruthless.

The next step of the attack was to go for the nape of Eren’s neck- the quickest way to getting him to come undone. Levi leaned further and sunk his teeth into the sensitive spot, all the while ramming his hips aggressively.

“Hah!” Eren cried. There were so many nerves and sensations- he was already spilling precum and was approaching his orgasm. His arms felt too weak suddenly, and it was easier to collapse onto his forearms into a true doggysyle. It also gave Levi a better view of his firm ass.

Levi was getting close, too. Eren’s gorgeous back and his shapely ass visually fed him, and he still felt so tight and rugged against his cock.

“I’m c-close, Lebi,” Eren whimpered, his words muffled with the fingers in his mouth. “Harder!!”

If Levi was ruthless before, he ascended a different plane of intensity now.

He turned it up to 11. In one fluid motion, he slipped his fingers out of Eren’s mouth- clear webs of saliva connecting the trails. He pushed Eren down to the mattress onto his stomach with that same soiled hand, and with Eren face down, he maniacally starting fucking the boy into the mattress.

A hand digging into his hip to keep him still, and another hand holding that chocolate head down.

Eren was moaning very loudly into the sheets, probably with difficulty breathing, but who could really tell with his eyes rolled all the way back in disgusting pleasure?

Levi aimed his hips very knowingly into Eren’s prostate, and in no time at all, Eren was squirting more jets and leaks of hot cum onto the mattress beneath him with each violent thrust.

Eren’s body was stiff but also simultaneously melted as he rode through his ejaculation. Levi wasn’t quite done yet- he continued ramming his cock into Eren’s ass, his grunts and growls getting louder as he approached. Eren clenched for him, and soon he, too, was releasing warm white.

Eren was already a boneless blob on the mattress, but now it was Levi’s turn to collapse uselessly on the sheets.

Panting. The dialogue of the TV show in the distance. Content sighs. Eren reached his hand over and laced his fingers in Levi’s innocently.

“Now that, was some good fucking,” he giggled.

Levi’s eyes were still closed, and he limped his body towards the mountain of pillows. “I couldn’t agree more, my dear.” So sweet and gentle still, even after that filthy sex. Levi and Eren’s relationship was simply phenomenal.

When Eren climbed down from the clouds a bit later, he mounted Levi’s body again. The telltale cheeky grin was back. “Let’s go for round three!”

Levi may have been fit, but his stamina was nowhere near Eren’s. He was truly and without a doubt, thoroughly fucked out. He just couldn’t compete with the young and beautiful- he was getting older, after all.

With an apologetic smile, Levi soothingly rubbed Eren’s thighs. “I’m sorry, doll, I can’t keep up with you.”

Eren patted his strong chest in consolation. “It’s okay! Just lie back and I’ll ride you.”

Good deal. Levi could work with that arrangement.

And so Eren did. He rode and pleased himself with Levi’s magnificent cock for hours on end. Some rounds, Levi had enough energy to tag himself back in and try another position, but when he grew weary again, it was back to Eren riding.

One thing was for sure, though: Eren was screaming Levi’s name all night.


It was… what… nine? Ten in the morning?

Thank goodness for the dark canopy around the bed, otherwise Eren and Levi would be woken up by the thick beam of sunlight from the glass window leading to the balcony.

Somewhere during the night, the two of them managed to get beneath the many layers of sheets and curl up into a much needed sleep.

It was Levi who woke first, although very groggily and not quite fully rested. Meanwhile, Eren was snoozing away, carefree and easy.

Levi lay a loving smooch on Eren’s bedhead- which, by the way, looked particularly cute this morning. Brown locks all teased and splayed about, untameable cowlicks pointing every which way. Bangs shaken over his eyes, making him a lot younger. Just-fucked hair looked adorable on him.

Eren stopped snoring and his eyes fluttered open. He immediately smiled when he saw Levi’s face.

“Good morning,” he said sweetly. A kiss to the cheek.

“Good morning,” Levi repeated. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.

Eren inhaled and rolled onto his back, stretching his arms out with a wince. “Ugh… last night was something, huh?”

“You’re telling me…” Levi shook his head unbelievably.

“I’m starving… can we order room service?”

“Sure thing. I think there’s a menu in the bedside drawer.”

“That’s great!” Eren ripped off his covers and started heading off the bed. “I was just thinking that- Oh, Jesus!” Eren’s sentence stopped midway and he collapsed onto the floor with and oof!

Levi ripped of his own covers and crawled over the bed to get a look at what happened. And with a smirk, he realized what it was.

With all the strange positions of last night, Eren was fucked sore, and his legs gave out when he tried to walk.

“Levi, stop laughing at me and help me up!” Eren pouted from the floor like a bratty, spoiled prince. “I’m in a predicament!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Levi called. His feet hit the floor and he started towards his fallen boyfriend. He was a bit sore as well, but it was just a fleeting thought. He’s had worse.

He draped Eren’s arms around his neck and piggybacked him to the bathroom. They were both naked, but it was natural and perfectly normal now, especially after last night’s adventure.

Now that they were both washed and brushed and clothed in fluffy white robes, they returned to the bed and took a look at the menu together.

Eren was pointing out all the things he wanted excitedly, and then Levi made the call. Now they waited.

There was a knock on the door, and a server introduced a cart of food- silver domes included. Levi tipped him, and then he and Eren began eating.

Eren was lounging lazily on the bed as he nibbled from fruits and shrimp- yes, shrimp in the morning, just because he could- totally relaxed in his state.

Levi sipped tea and crunched on his toasted bagel.

“Oh, by the way, I bought you an hour-long massage, Eren,” Levi said. “Just go to the spa downstairs when you’re ready and tell them your name.”

Eren looked up from the parfait he was working on. “Aww. You’re so nice to me, Levi!”

“Like I said,” Levi reached over and tickled his tummy, “only the finest for my spoiled little prince.” Eren giggled.

And it was true that Levi got him that massage to spoil him, out of the kindness of his heart. But he also wanted Eren to leave the room for just a little bit- he wanted to sleep in a bit this morning, considering last night’s exercise. And if Eren was in the room, there would be not that much sleeping and a whole lot more fun. Two birds, one stone, that massage.


With Eren having dressed and sorely waddled downstairs to the spa, Levi went over to the unused (and unsoiled by cum) bed and crawled in to catch up on his sleep.

While he loved Eren to both death and pieces, a quiet morning alone after sex was just what Levi needed.

He could go an entire day and night, hell, maybe two nights without sleep working and still function properly the next day; but there was something about sex with his insatiable young boyfriend that drained him of his energy completely.

At any rate, poor fucked-out Levi slipped into a deep slumber.


Eren experienced the best massage of his life- cucumbers on the eyes and everything! He was less sore now than he was this morning, but he still waddled.

With a fresh, mask-renewed face and a massaged body, he found their room and slipped the key card in, quietly shutting the door behind him. The TV was turned off.

And there Levi was, on the bed they didn’t fuck on, sleeping very deeply.

Eren smiled to himself. Poor Levi. He felt a bit guilty for fucking him all night and depriving him from sleep. But they did have tons of fun! And that was all that mattered in the end.

Eren made a point to remain very quiet as to not wake Levi- he was a very light sleeper. So he scrolled through his phone on the other bed while Levi finished napping. He needed to let his man get some quality sleep, after all.

It was around 2 pm when Levi inhaled deeply and woke from his slumber.  He peeled the covers off his shoulders and sat up, stretching his arms and relishing in the crack of his spine.

“Hey,” Eren said softly from the other bed. “Sleep well?”

Levi was refreshed now; that nap was just what he needed. “I did. Come here, baby.” Eren crawled into that bed and got beneath the covers with Levi, who was wearing just a light t shirt and underwear while he slept.

“How was your massage?”

“It was ah-MAZE-ing,” Eren gushed. Levi held him tightly in his arms and looked down at his admiringly as he explained the massage and the lotion and the mud mask and the CUCUMBERS!!

“The lady really knew what she was doing!” Eren concluded. “And thanks again for buying it for me. You always treat me so well. I love you so, so much.”

“I love you, too, very much, precious,” Levi chuckled. With a final kiss to those chocolate brown locks, they cuddled for another hour before saying good-bye to this wonderful hotel and the imprint they’ve left in it.

Chapter Text

As the weeks went by and the weather got colder, things were heating up in the apartment.

Eren was getting busier with work and class, and Levi was always working. They barely spoke these days, and when they did, it was rushed. Eren’s need for affection and attention was not quite being fulfilled.

Ever since Survey Corporation started working with M.P. a little while ago, Levi drowned himself in work. As soon as he came back from the office, he went straight to his study and stayed there until Eren practically begged him to come to bed.

From what Levi told him, Eren gathered that M.P. was a large rival company, known to be a bit stuck-up and monopolizing. Survey Corp originally didn’t want to work with them, but there was an important case that each company had assets for, and it would be in their best interest to work together. Apparently the CEO of M.P-- Nile, Eren thought he heard his name was-- was a huge jerk and had an especially tense history with Erwin. About what, he didn’t quite know.

All Eren knew was that this case was a big deal, and M.P. was driving Survey Corp up the wall with ridiculous demands.

Levi was Co-CEO. Didn’t he have a bunch of employees to do the dirty work for him?

Well, Eren did appreciate how committed Levi was to his company. But at what cost? They haven’t gone on a date night for as long as he could remember.

With a sigh, Eren finished brewing black coffee for Levi and poured it into a mug. They hardly ate together these days, either. Eren would often fix a plate of whatever he ordered for dinner and place it on Levi’s desk. He would then get a distracted “thank you” from Levi, who would be conducting business on the phone, and then he would go spend the rest of the night alone.

Eren slipped into the study and approached the desk.

“Why don’t you tell them that while his motherfuckers are sitting pretty after last quarter, we’re the ones busting our asses trying to keep all the subsidiaries afloat?” Levi snapped on the phone

Ever since the case started, Eren realized that Levi was always so tense. On the phone or otherwise. He placed the steaming mug down next to a stack papers.

“…They wouldn’t be shit without us. Our PR team is the only reason that lawsuit never left the box. Remember that.” Levi rubbed the bridge of his nose and took a gulp from the mug. “Thank you, Eren,” he murmured, less aggressively than to whom he was speaking to.

Eren put his hands on Levi’s shoulders and looked at the laptop screen. It was full of charts and numbers and names. “Levi… let’s hang out,” he said softly. “You need a break. Please?”

Levi didn’t turn around to acknowledge Eren and he clicked around the laptop while listening to the phone. “Ahh…” he said while distracted, “sorry, Eren, I have a lot of work to do. Later.”

“You told me ‘later’ two weeks ago,” Eren said. But by then Levi was back in the thick of conversation so he just left the room sadly.


Eren was curled up on the couch in his beige blanket, absentmindedly watching TV. There was a knock on the door. Eren didn’t bother taking his blanket off his shoulders and grabbed his wallet.

“Hey, kid, another pizza tonight?” the upbeat, bald delivery guy and Eren were becoming quite friendly as of late. Levi wasn’t cooking too often and they haven’t gone out to eat, either.

“Yeah…” Eren sighed. He payed for the pizza and gave the guy a $20 tip, just because he could. “Thanks.”

With the door shut, Eren went back to the couch and started eating. He was so fucking bored. And he wanted to cuddle. He just wished Levi would finish this stupid case already so they could get back to their normal lives.


“Iced raspberry tea,” Eren called out half-heartedly. He was usually upbeat while working, fueled by the incentive that he would get plenty of kisses and cuddles from Levi when he got home. But he knew deep down that he would be spending another evening alone.

A girl took her tea and left the shop. No tips.

“Eren, where’s that pep in your step?” Jean asked. He must’ve really pitied Eren in his current state because he used his first name.

Eren rubbed his eyes and leaned his elbows on the counter. “I’m just… I’m fine.” Eren got up and shook his head. “I’m fine. Let’s get back into it.”


The shift seemed to drag on forever. Eren fixed himself a coffee to go, and another one-- Levi’s signature. He wasn’t particularly excited to go home.

Eren shut the door of the apartment behind him while juggling the cup holder in his hand. “I’m home,” he called out, although he neither expected nor received a response.

He set down the cup holder on the kitchen counter and shrugged off his jacket.

As Eren approached the study, Levi’s angry voice became clearer.

Eren opened the door.

“…No. We’re doing this on our terms. Erwin might be too polite with that asshole to give it to him straight, but I’m not. Objectives first, then we’ll talk numbers. …I don’t give several shits if he cares more about the payout. If we don’t act fast, neither company will be receiving profit. Simple as that.”

Levi was typing numbers and bullet points into a spreadsheet when Eren approached. He put down the cup of coffee next to a thick file and kissed Levi on the head.

Levi wasn’t going to get off the phone any time soon so Eren figured he might as well speak now.

“Levi… can you please stop working for a little bit and spend time with me? I’m bored.”

Levi eyebrows were furrowed in annoyance as he listened to the phone, and he didn’t acknowledge Eren.

Eren was going to try harder. He was getting a bit desperate. He wrapped his arms around Levi’s shoulders and leaned down.

But Levi shrugged him off. “Not now, Eren.” He kept his gaze fixated on the screen and didn’t sound at all guilty for brushing Eren off.

But Eren wasn’t going to give up that easily. He wrapped his arms again, and this down leaned down to whisper in Levi’s unoccupied ear. “Leeevi. I’m boooored.”

“Tsk.” Levi quickly excused himself to the person he was speaking to and whipped his chair around. Eren retracted his arms.

“Eren!” Levi snapped. “Can’t you see that I’m busy? For once can you stop acting like a spoiled brat!”

Eren’s heart was shot with an icy arrow at those words. Levi’s never yelled at him like that before. All he wanted to hang out. With watery eyes and a quivering bottom lip, he turned on his heel and stormed out of the study.

Levi was immediately struck with a wave of guilt at what he said. The hurt in Eren’s eyes before he left the room was going to haunt him for sure.

He turned his chair back to face the screen and resumed the speaking with Oruo. But even as the conversation went on, his mind started to wander. He already regretted what he said. The harsh words echoed in his head.

As he listened to the phone, his eyes fell upon the fresh cup of coffee that he didn’t even notice until now.

His finger traced the rim of the lid. When he turned the cup, there was a scribbling in Eren’s messy handwriting in Sharpie: “Levi” with a big heart drawn next to it.

Levi’s heart squeezed again. He would apologize for what he said. But right now, he had to wrap up some loose ends for this case tonight.

Wiping harshly at his eyes, Eren brisked into the living room and put his jacket back on. He gathered his wallet and and keys and ran out the door.

His own coffee sat untouched on the kitchen counter.


Eren was still sniffling as he slammed his car door closed. Stupid Levi, Eren thought as he wiped his eyes with his palm, I’ll show him just how much of a spoiled brat I can be.

He didn’t know where he was driving, specifically. All he knew was that he wanted to be reckless.

Eren drove to the park, where he went to a particular tree at the edge of the field. He knew he’d find Connie and some of his friends here. They were passing around a blunt, right out there in the open.

“Eren!” Connie said. Among all the cueballs around him, some of whom he recognized from Connie’s parties, his childlike face and body stuck out. “You came to join the party!”

Eren was not in the mood for jokes. He just wanted to fucking escape. He sat down on the grass and crossed his legs.

“You look like you’ve been through some shit,” Connie said softly. “You wanna hit?” One of the guys sitting in the circle passed the joint to Eren.

Eren didn’t do drugs. At all, normally. But now, with kids running in the near distance, and the dusk of the evening prompting cops to stalk around, Eren just wished he would get caught with this shit. He was going make some bad decisions tonight, just to spite Levi.

He needed to take off the edge. What the hell did he have to lose right now? He took the joint and wrapped his lips around it, taking a forced inhale.

With an unfamiliar sensation in his lungs, Eren passed the joint back. He wrapped his jacket tighter around him against the cold evening air and exhaled the smoke out of his mouth, which ended with a small coughing spasm.

“Thaaaaaat’a boy,” Connie groaned in satisfaction. He took the blunt and drew an expert, efficient hit.

Eren rocked back and forth with his knees drawn to his chest as he waited for his turn again. Even though he was pissed the fuck off at Levi, he still wanted cuddles and to be held.

No, Eren scolded himself, you don’t want anything from that asshole. You’re a badass and you don’t need cuddles.

Several passes of joints later, Eren’s nerves were starting to soothe and the sky was getting darker.

“Do you… do you guys have alcohol?” Eren asked, his voice low and depressed.

“Yeah, we’re about to go get drunk right now,” Connie said. “Did you come in your car? Follow us to my house for some.”

Eren got back into his car and followed Connie and his gang to the house. The marijuana was kicking in and his world was becoming airy and out of focus. He should’ve gotten into Levi’s car instead and crashed that beautiful piece of metal into a tree trunk. Eren giggled to himself, despite how shitty he was feeling. That would be funny.

At Connie’s house, the group of roughnecks continued getting crossfaded, and Eren waited for Connie to share some alcohol with him.

He handed Eren a six-pack of beer. “Ya know, man, you’re welcome to stay and light up with us. You know I like having you around.”

Eren just wanted to be alone right now. He wanted to simmer in his own misery in peace. “Nah, but thanks, Connie. I’ll get out of your hair. Thanks for the beer.”

Eren took the beer back to his car, his breath fogging slightly in the cold autumn wind. He drove to the shadiest part of town he knew and parked, where he could risk getting his car broken into or kidnapped. But he didn’t really care.

He drowned his sorrows in alcohol, and soon enough, the tears were flowing again. In the privacy of his car and the night, Eren sobbed fat, salty tears.


Back at the apartment, Levi forced himself to stop working for the night. Ideally, there were a few more points he wanted to prepare to stay on top of things, but the guilt of what he said to Eren was eating him alive. He just couldn’t stay focused with those thoughts.

Eren had left the house. That much was clear. But where did that boy go? Levi took his phone out and called him. He didn’t expect Eren to respond, and his prediction was correct. So he texted instead:

Eren, where are you?

He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Damn. You fucked up, didn’t you? Levi asked himself. This was bound to happen.

It was getting late. Eren was technically an adult, but Levi still worried about his ability to protect himself out there.

He paced around a little. Then another attempt:

Eren, I’m sorry for what I said. Can you please come home so we can talk it out?

Ten, twenty, thirty minutes passed, then an hour with no response. Levi was getting stressed out. He knocked back warm whiskey from his office to ease his nerves and began cleaning to release some pent-up frustration.


Eren was thoroughly drunk in his car now, and his face was moist with unwiped tears and snot. There was a hard knock on his window.

Eren sniffled and lifted his head from the steering wheel heavily. He expected a cop, but it was a homeless man.

He wiped his face with his hand and rolled down the window.

“H-hey man…” the disheveled man started. His gaze was darting around, and he seemed on edge and paranoid. He was clearly an addict. “Y-you got somethin’? Change, booze?”

Eren finished his booze, so that option was off the table. But he did have money. He stared at his fat wallet, thick with unused bills since Levi bought him everything. Suddenly, he felt angry all over again.

“You want money?” Eren murmured. “I got tons,” he growled. Eren fingered through many $20 bills and gave the fat stack to the man. Then he started crying uncontrollably.

The homeless man hesitantly took the money, albeit a bit shocked at the sheer amount of cash and also the fact that this boy was just sobbing in front of him.

“H-hey, God bless, man. I hope things work out for you.” He wasn’t a therapist or anything. He walked back to where he came from.

Eren rolled his window up again and wiped at his cheeks harshly. He remembered a conversation he had with Levi once, about giving money to people on the street. There were several rules: Don’t give bills larger than twenties; try to give food and water instead; women and children deserved priority; if the homeless person looked like an addict, just like that guy Eren just talked to, don’t give more than twenty because you might encourage their addiction.

Well, how’s that, Levi? I just gave the dude $200. What are you gonna do?

Eren’s phone vibrated in his jacket pocket. He fished it out and struggled to read the words while his eyes were blurry with tears.

Most of them were from Levi, asking his whereabouts and if he would come home. The most recent one:

Eren, please. He could hear the plea in Levi’s voice.

But he ignored it. He put the phone back into his pocket and started the car for the next stage of his journey.


Levi scrubbed the shit out of most of the apartment, he knees raw and aching for how long he’s been on the floor on them.

But no amount of shiny and polished surfaces could relieve the tension in his heart. He checked his phone obsessively once more, checking to see if Eren had replied.

He hadn’t.

Levi went to the glass wall and gazed at the glittering lights of the city at night.

Trost was a big city. And it was almost 1 am. It was too late and too cold out there to go searching for Eren. But he couldn’t just do nothing like a sitting duck.

And he couldn’t get himself to sleep without knowing if Eren was okay.

He ran a hand through his hair stressfully and went to pour himself another whiskey.


In a drunken haze, Eren surprised himself by managing to swerve his way through the quiet streets of Trost. He wasn’t caught by police, but he kind of wished he was.

He found himself at Armin’s house. He hesitated to proceed, because it was past 1 in the morning. But Eren couldn’t lie to himself. He needed someone to talk to.

He approached the door and knocked. Armin and his grandfather were probably asleep. What the hell was he doing here?!

Just as Eren considered turning back, the door cracked open, and Armin’s blond bob appeared. He rubbed his eyes to wake himself up a bit.

But he was fully awake when he saw Eren standing there- eyes glassy and red with tears, cheeks bitten pink from the wind, and bottom lip quivering as he held back another dam of tears.

“Eren!?” Armin cried. “What’s going on? Are you okay?!” he took Eren’s arm and pulled him into the house.

Eren allowed himself to be yanked in, but he just wasn’t registering his surroundings. “I didn’t mean to bother you. I just-“ his face twisted again and hot tears filled his eyes. “I need someone to talk to.”

Armin shut the door and brisked Eren to his bedroom quickly. “Don’t be ridiculous, Eren. You’re never a bother. Of course we can talk. Tell me everything.”

Eren sat on Armin’s bedroom floor, no longer fully drunk but now extremely depressed.

Armin made sure a thick blanket was thrown over Eren’s back and a cup of hot tea was in each of their hands before listening to Eren spill his thoughts.

Eren told him everything. Levi working non-stop these past few weeks, the lack of date nights and cuddling and anything at all, Levi yelling at him, the fucking weed, the alcohol, the homeless addict. Armin strained to understand Eren’s speech as he sobbed through his story.

“…What if Levi was right, Armin?” Eren sniffled in conclusion. “What if I am just a spoiled brat?”

Armin joined him on the floor and hugged his blanketed body. “You’re not a spoiled brat, Eren. Everyone knows you’re a kind individual with a big heart. Levi just said that in the heat of the moment. Everyone says things they regret in the thick of an argument. It’s not your fault that he was so busy. You have needs, too. I’m sure he regrets what he said.”

Armin was right. He did have needs. Needs that have been ignored for the past few weeks, despite how patient he’s been.

“I just want him to pay more attention to me. Does that make me selfish?”

“Not at all. I just think there’s a lack of communication. While he’s busy working, he pushes aside other priorities unconsciously to focus on his case.”

Armin took a sip of tea and sighed, then continued. “To be honest, Erwin and I haven’t been spending as much time together since the M.P. case. But we’ve talked about it. We both acknowledged that this case requires more of his attention than usual. We’ve agreed that he’s not allowed to work on Saturdays, because we’ve dedicated that time to each other. Ideally, I’d love to spend all week with him, but we all know this case is a big deal.”

Eren listened, and his crying quieted. That made sense.

“Compromise, Eren,” Armin said gently. “You need to sit down and have a long chat with Levi about how you feel. I’m sure he’s realized by now that you’re feeling neglected. But you need to tell him that you have needs that need to be fulfilled. Work is important, but so are you. Okay?”

Eren nodded silently. Armin fished out a tissue from the box and wiped Eren’s face delicately.

“And remind me to tell Connie not to booze you up while you’re upset,” Armin nagged. “You’re lucky that a cop didn’t notice you tonight. Do you realize how much trouble you could’ve gotten into!? Plus, you’re still underage! Oh, my God…”

Eren giggled through his remaining sniffles. He did good coming here. Armin always had good insight.

“Do you want more tea?” Armin asked.

“No, thanks.”

“Alright. You can spend the night here, if you want. I don’t mind at all.”

“No,” Eren said with determination. “I have to go home and stop avoiding my issues.”

Armin smiled proudly and gathered their cups. Eren followed him to the kitchen.

After a quick chat at the sink, Armin walked him to the door, and they hugged good-bye.

“Thanks for everything, Armin. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Don’t thank me,” Armin breathed into Eren’s shoulder. “I’m just doing my job.”

“And I’m sorry if I woke your gramps. Tell him I said sorry.”

Armin laughed. “You didn’t wake him. He sleeps with his door closed and he can’t hear anything over his snores. And you didn’t wake me, either. I had just finished a book and I was looking for a new one when you knocked.”

Eren snickered. “…Nerd.”

Armin punched Eren playfully in the stomach. “Wanna say that again, Mr. Sniffles?”

“Hey!” Eren laughed. “Not fair, that’s some low-hanging fruit.”

They said nothing else but pulled each other in for another hug, finding comfort in each other’s touch.

With their final goodbyes, Armin waved Eren off and he started making his way to his car.

With a newfound determination, Eren found the strength and insight to make his way home.


Levi was completely on edge as he anticipated a response from Eren. His mind raced with scenarios—some more unrealistic than others—and he ran his hand through his hair repeatedly. He was worried sick. Even with all the alcohol.

It was almost 3 am now. Levi was starting to lose hope. Maybe Eren was spending the night at a friend’s house.

He fucked up royally. He wanted nothing more than for Eren to come home so he could tell him how sorry he was. He wished he could rewind time and take back what he said.  

Levi sat at the couch, elbows on his knees, and fisted his hair back off his forehead. Just then, the door lock clicked.

Levi whipped his head around.

Relief washed, no, crashed over him like tsunami when he saw Eren walk in.

Eren entered the apartment and locked the door behind him. The apartment smelled even nicer and stronger than usual—Levi must’ve stressed cleaned while he was gone.

Good, Eren thought. Part of his petty punishment to Levi was making him worry sick over him. Keep him on his toes.

He took off his shoes and joined Levi on the couch. He sat rigidly near the edge, expecting an apology before anything else.

Levi scooted closer. He took a deep breath and reached his knuckles out to stroke Eren’s face. But Eren was still upset, and he turned his face away from the touch.

That’s fine, I’d be upset, too, Levi thought, and then drew his hand back. He thought about his words for a second. “Eren. I’m so, so sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. I was stressed out in the heat of the moment and it just came out. You’re not a spoiled brat. I never want you to think you are.”

Eren was silent and waited for more. His brows were furrowed.

“I realize that I’ve been neglecting you again. And I’m sorry for that. This is a huge case, which doesn’t excuse my actions, but I find that I drown myself in work when big events like these come up. It’s a bad habit I’ve had, even before I met you. You didn’t deserve the way I treated you. I’m asking for your forgiveness, Eren.”

Eren was silent still, but he still looked huffy and pouty.

Levi tried touching again. His fingers found Eren’s cheek, which were cold and red from the chilly weather outside. Eren didn’t turn his head away this time. “Please, baby,” Levi whispered in that deliciously deep voice of his.

Well, he got the sincere apology he was waiting for, Eren figured. He would still need some time to air himself out, but everyone made mistakes. Levi was no exception.

But despite everything, Eren found a ghost of a smile pulling at the corners of his lips. He turned and met Levi’s eyes for the first time in a long while. “I can’t stay mad at you,” he whispered.

It was unclear who moved first. Levi’s arms opened up, and Eren found himself in them, meeting their lips harshly.

Eren sucked at those plush lips; once again, a feeling he’d forgotten recently. But he still had some aggression to release. He took Levi’s lower bit between his teeth and bit at it hard enough to draw blood.

Eren sat back and watched Levi wince and touch his lip gingerly with his finger, staring at the drop of blood on his finger. “I deserved that,” he smirked.

Eren stood up and took Levi’s hand to lead them to the bedroom. There was plenty more where that came from.

Eren pushed on Levi’s chest hard to get him to fall back on the bed. As he walked on his knees to crowd Levi towards the pillows, he shed his jacket and shirt and unzipped his pants quickly. No teasing tonight. It was going to be quick and dirty.

Eren usually loved to be dominated, but he was ready to powerbottom the shit out of Levi right now.

He took the hem of Levi’s shirt and yanked it over his head, then pulled his shorts and underwear down. Now that they were fully naked, and their clothes were strewn on the floor, Eren was ready to blow off some more steam.

He backed Levi against the wall behind the pillows, aiming his hips towards Levi’s face. “Suck my dick, Levi,” he commanded. Figuratively, and literally.

Levi took Eren’s hips into his hands and his mouth wrapped around the head. He began sucking gently, running his tongue along the shaft.

Eren moaned lowly, and curled his fingers in soft black hair. His hips unknowingly started bucking into Levi’s mouth.

Levi aimed to please. He hollowed out his cheeks to give a suction effect, and his eyes looked up to see Eren’s eyes screwed shut in pleasure.

Eren wanted more. He began thrusting his hips into Levi’s mouth, slow at first, then getting faster and more aggressive.

“Uh,” Eren moaned softly. “Uhhhh…” He held Levi’s head down and continued facefucking him without abandon. And Levi was doing that thing with his tongue, so he hunched over and tried to hold his head down for as long as possible.

The curve of Eren’s dick was brushing up against Levi’s uvula, which was threatening to activate his gag reflex, but he kept going anyway.

Eren fucked his hips into Levi’s face against the wall, moaning loudly and unashamedly. Finally, he pulled out.

Eren reached for the lube in the bedside table and tossed it to Levi. He got on his hands and knees and waited.

Levi uncapped the lube and proceeded to prep Eren. It was less indulgent this time around. Eren made that much clear. They weren’t fucking for fun right now; they were fucking to get their anger out.

He aligned himself into Eren’s entrance and eased himself in. Jesus, they haven’t fucked in so long—the tight heat was so lovely and inviting. Shit!

Eren didn’t need to say “faster”. Levi was already pounding into him, elicited a string of once-reserved cusses and groans.

Eren was rutting his hips back on to Levi’s cock, to make the slapping of skin on skin even louder. Eren’s ass was so firm and bouncy. Levi grabbed his hips so hard that his fingers created bruises, and then slammed into Eren a mile a minute.

Fuuuuuuuuck,” Eren groaned obnoxiously. He wanted to be in charge tonight, but he would allow Levi to have these few minutes.

Levi increased the stimulation by smacking Eren’s ass twice, hard. Each spank had Eren spilling precum onto the sheets like a faucet.

“AH! Levi!!” he cried. “I’ve been such a bad, bad boy tonight!”

Red was already blossoming on Eren’s buttcheek where Levi’s hand made contact. He reached his hand back and pushed Levi’s abdomen.

“I don’t want you cumming yet,” Eren said breathlessly. He was already nearing his limit after that fucking of a lifetime, but he wanted to try another position.

Eren lay on his back and spread his legs. “Hurry, Levi, Jesus! We don’t have all day!”

Levi aligned himself into Eren and slammed in again, watching Eren’s eyes widen in shock. Those mesmerizing emeralds were another sorely missed sight.

He planted his hands on either side of Eren’s head, his forearms flexing against the strain.

Eren wrapped his legs around Levi’s waist and his arms around his back.

A few seconds into it, Eren started getting confident again. “Come on, Levi, is that the best you can do?” he teased.

“Not at all, Eren,” Levi smirked. To prove his point, he aimed his hips and slammed directly in Eren’s prostate.

Eren squealed but went back to try to put on his little master act. “Now we’re talking! I think you can go a little harder, yeah?”

“Maybe I should just fuck the cockiness right out of that pretty little mouth of yours,” Levi mused. He pummeled Eren’s ass ruthlessly with a low groan drawing from his throat.

Eren bit his lip and his eyes rolled back. Maybe he really should’ve kept his slutty mouth shut, because this was too. Damn. Much! He raked his nails down Levi’s muscular back, leaving lines of red in their wake.

“Fuck!” Levi growled. The truth was, it’s been weeks since they’ve had sex. And now they were catching up on all that they’ve missed.

“L-L-Levi!” Eren struggled to speak, being pounded into so mercilessly. “G-GOD!”

“What were you saying earlier about the best I can do?” Levi growled against Eren’s mouth. He peeled Eren’s arms from off his back, pausing for just a brief second to pin Eren down by his throat. Not hard enough that it was painful, but just enough so that the pressure was a firm reminder of his presence. Just enough that Eren breaths were short and so sadistically sweet.

“Safeword is ‘red’ from now on, understand?” Levi said quickly. He didn’t stop moving his hips. “Nod if you understand.”

Eren nodded, his face twisting in that mischievous smile. He held the veiny forearm that was keeping him down.

“Fuck me like you mean it, Levi.” This boy and his mouth. When would he learn?

Levi grunted and with every remaining bit of energy he had, he snapped his hips into that sweet little ass with bloodlust in his eyes, leaning his face down so he could enjoy Eren’s adorable defenseless face as it curled in pleasure close-up.

Creaks of the mattress. So much skin; it was on fire in there. Growl, grunt, moan, whimper. Balls-fucking-deep. This was weeks of frustration and tension.

Levi aimed for Eren’s bundle of nerves and finished off there, angling his hips into it to have Eren choke up and cum so hard that the whites of his eyes showed.

Levi came seconds later. He pulled out and spilled his white heat all over Eren’s stomach and chest with a string of ‘fuck’s and ‘shit’s and ‘GOD’!

Levi collapsed onto his back and just needed a goddamn minute. Because what in the actual fuck came over him in the past few minutes?

Eren caught his breath and reached down for his t shirt to clean the cum off his torso. He balled it up and threw it back on the floor.

Levi was already crawling beneath the covers. What an old man, Eren thought humorously. Needing to sleep right after sex.

…Could he even call that sex? No, that was, disgusting, raw, deep-dick, train-running fucking. There was nothing sweet or sensual about that mess.

But Eren was spent, too. It must’ve been like 4 am now. It was a long night. And there were so many emotions.

He crawled into Levi’s arms, and familiarity and comfort brought a smile to his lips. He reached over and lay a loving kiss to Levi’s jaw.

“I forgive you, Levi.” He lips curled sweetly.

Levi chuckled in relief and tightened his arms around Eren. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

Eren was still in a post-orgasmic high. He traced lazy shaped onto Levi’s bare chest. “I know how important this case is to you. And I want to do everything I can to help. But I miss you. So damn much. I miss our cuddles. I need to spend time with you. To be honest, I’m kinda used to this feeling. My dad is always working at the hospital and it’s so rare for us to have family time. I don’t want that to happen with us.

So I figured you could set aside a day of the week where you’re not allowed to work, and we can only focus on each other.” He looked up with big green eyes. “Can we do that?”

“Yes, darling. Of course we can do that. That’s a mature compromise. Thank you for understanding how important this case is. M.P. could open up huge doors for the company—as much as I hate to admit it—so I’m trying really hard to make it work. Our employees have worked tirelessly to make it happen, too, so I want to pull my weight as well.”

What an honorable man, Eren thought. He really did have the best intentions. But he figured now was as good as time as any to ask.

“But Levi. You’re one of the CEOs. Technically you don’t have to do any work. You have a bunch of people doing that for you.”

Levi chuckled, and his chest rumbled beneath Eren’s head. “Technically, you’re right. The only item in mine and Erwin’s job descriptions is signing the paychecks. But we like to be hands-on. I like to be in the loop. Erwin likes communicating and organizing. In the end, we figured it just wouldn’t be right to sit back and sip champagne while our employees are working hard to better the company.”

Eren nodded, his eyes wide in fascination. “I understand. I like when you tell me about your work, Levi. I like being in the loop, too.”

“Then, I will keep you in the loop,” Levi said, proceeding to lay a long, firm kiss into Eren’s brown locks. “And since Saturday was already date night, Saturdays are officially no work, and all Eren day until this case is over.”

“I’m glad we had a chance to talk,” Eren breathed. He and Levi have argued about minor things in the past, like how Eren left his dirty clothes and towels scattered on the floor, or how Levi would wake Eren for lunch (no, not breakfast) by yanking open the curtains and blinding him with the noon sunlight. But this was their first real fight. And it only strengthened their relationship.

“I’m glad we had a chance to talk, too, baby,” Levi said. “By the way… where did you go tonight?”

Flashbacks of drugs and underage drinking and shady neighborhoods played back in Eren’s mind. “Ummm… some things are better kept a secret,” Eren laughed sheepishly.

Honestly, Levi didn’t really want to know. He would give his chocolate-haired cutie the benefit of the doubt. “Alright,” he laughed again. “Good night, baby boy. I love you very much.”

“Good night, Levi. Love ya!”

Chapter Text

It was Wednesday morning, and the thick of the week. Yesterday was quite emotionally charged, and now Eren and Levi needed to get back into routine.

Levi had already risen a while ago, blew off some steam at the gym, and showered. Now he was in the kitchen, brewing a fresh pot of coffee.

Eren was very deeply asleep. His alarm clock began ringing loudly, and Eren groaned and blindly reached around to turn it off. God, he so wished it was the weekend so he could sleep in until noon. But he had a whole day of classes and work to get through.

With the obnoxious sounds from the phone turned off but still echoing in his head, Eren sat up with furrowed eyebrows. The sheets were pooled around his naked hips, and he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

He was not in a good mood.

He brushed his teeth and washed his face, and tied his sleep robe on.

Levi watched as Eren quietly padded his way onto the barstool and rested his head on the counter.

“Good morning, Eren.”

Eren didn’t answer, but there was the faintest of grunts.

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“Lucky Charms. And coffee.” His voice was muffled and thick.

“You got it.” He took out a bowl and poured Eren’s favorite cereal and fixed his coffee just the way he liked it.

Eren felt like pure shit. He came home late last night, so he ended up getting only a few hours of sleep. All the alcohol he had last night caught up to him, and now he had a throbbing headache.

“Here you go,” Levi said gently. He placed the bowl and hot mug in front of Eren.

Eren finally lifted his head and took a spoonful of the magically delicious cereal into his mouth. He crunched with his head resting on his hand. There was an air of silence around them.

Levi watched as Eren’s grumpy face puffed as he chewed and took grateful gulps of coffee. His eyes had heavy bags beneath them. Even at his worst, the boy looked adorable.

“Levi. Do we have painkillers in the pantry? I have a headache.”

“We do. I’ll get you some.” He reached into the cupboard and retrieved two pills. He also poured Eren a glass of orange juice.

He watched as Eren gulped down the pills and rubbed his temples.

After Eren finished his breakfast, Levi came up to him and rubbed his back. “Hey, sweetheart. I know we decided not to talk about it last night, but do you want to tell me what you did yesterday?” Maybe he could figure out why Eren was feeling like garbage.

“No more secrets,” Eren recited their mantra. He sighed, his hands jammed between his thighs. “Well… I did a lot. I smoked some weed.”

Levi rolled his eyes but continued listening intently.

“…And I drank.”

“Eren…” Levi’s tone of disappointment made Eren regret his decisions. But then there was a flash of realization across Levi’s face as he put all the pieces together. “Wait. Eren, please don’t tell me you were driving while drunk.”

Eren looked away guiltily.

Levi got into the next chair and took Eren’s face to meet his eyes. Anger pricked his skin. “Eren. Look at me, Eren Jaeger.”

It took some time for those green eyes to make contact. Levi only used his full name when he was dead serious.

“You shouldn’t be drinking yet, but more importantly, you’re smarter than that. You know the dangers of drunk driving. If something were to happen to you…” his jaw tightened and he was quiet for a moment before shaking his head. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Never drink and drive. Promise me, Eren.”

Eren was looking back with wide eyes.

Levi squeezed Eren’s cheeks a bit harder. “Promise me,” he said a bit more forcefully.

“I promise. I’m sorry. I was really upset yesterday. I was stupid.”

Levi took a deep breath. His mind just pictured Eren’s corpse in a totaled car and then a coffin, and he ran his hand through his hair. Luck was on his side that Eren wasn’t reckless in the middle of the day.

“What else happened?”

“I went to Armin’s house. Then I came home.”

“Eren,” Levi started. “I love you. You’re my everything; you know that. But please don’t act recklessly. You’re a smart boy. I want your decisions to reflect that.”

Eren nodded shyly, like a kid getting chastised by his parents. He never wanted to disappoint Levi again. He wanted to be called a good boy.

“Understand, dear?”

“Understood.” Eren opened his arms for a much-needed hug. Levi took him and they stayed in their hug for a long moment—but for different reasons. Eren was now ridden with guilt and he craved Levi’s touch and attention and validation. Levi was just grateful that this boy didn’t get himself or anyone else killed last night.

But he also couldn’t be too angry. What happened yesterday was his fault. Eren was there even in the most stressful moments, providing coffee and shoulder massages and the most innocent affection. All he wanted was something in return.

Levi stroked Eren’s hair. “I know I’m working a lot these days. I know you have needs. But I haven’t forgotten about you, baby.”

Eren responded by nuzzling his face into Levi’s shoulder. After their long talk last night, Eren realized there was more to the situation than he saw. Levi was working hard because this case was a big deal to the company. He would have to hold out for extra attention until it was over. But until then, he would do his part by making it easier on Levi—making coffee and not being disruptive. Besides, now Saturdays were dedicated only to him and only him. It’ll be alright.

They separated, and Levi stroked Eren’s cheek. “Go out and have a wonderful day, Eren. I love you so much.”


Eren was hazy and unfocused as he listened to his professor ramble on. The headache was starting to go away, but the extra-strength pills he had earlier was making him feel woozy. He doodled in his notebook.


At the coffee shop, it was just another shift. Eren was fixing a white chocolate frappuccino, which was a bit refreshing—pumpkin spice lattes were all the rage in October.

Eren’s mood was better now than it was in the beginning of the week. The tips were starting to roll back in.

The coffee shop was warm and inviting amid the continuously colder temperatures outside. People bundled up in scarves and warm cashmere sweaters made their way in, laughing with friends and flirting with first-time dates. It was one of Eren’s favorite times of the year.

He took another order of pumpkin spice latte and the door bell jingled. He finished scribbling a young lady’s name and order on the cup for Jean and looked up to see who walked in.

A particularly good-looking, dark skinned man with a signature diamond stud earring made his way in.

“Shit,” Eren muttered. He shoved the empty cup into Jean’s hands. “Hide me. Take care of the next customer for me.”

Eren frantically escaped to the break room.

Why did his exes always show up at the worst fucking times?

He got a text from Jean, who was holding down the fort out there:

Hey, I recognize this guy. Didn’t you used to have a thing with him?

Eren replied:

Yeah. Tell me when he leaves.

His relationship with Adrian wasn’t as destructive as with Mark. But it was always awkward seeing your old exes in public. They separated because Eren was bored with him. But Adrian wanted to make it work.

The list of people Eren had flings with was long and inconsistent. But now that he’s found Levi, he wanted to finally settle down.

A little while later, another text from Jean:

He’s gone, you can come back out now

Eren fixed his apron and tentatively returned to the register.

“He asked about you,” Jean said. “I lied and said you had to get something from the backroom and that you were busy.”

“Thanks for that. You saved me.” And it wouldn’t have been the first time Jean was an unlikely savior…

Relieved that he successfully avoided the situation, Eren got back to work.


Eren got home after the long day and collapsed on the couch. Levi wasn’t home yet.

He was fucking exhausted.

He texted a few friends and absentmindedly tuned into the TV.

After a while, the door lock clicked, and a frazzled Levi came in with his leather briefcase in hand.

“Leeevi,” Eren smiled and went to meet him for a hug.

“Hey, doll,” Levi smiled and wrapped his arm around Eren’s waist, then shut the door behind him with the other.

Eren kissed Levi’s cheek and took his hand to lead him to the couch. Levi sunk into the couch with a long groan and Eren dropped down to get on his knees.

He unlaced and took off Levi’s polished shoes, then started massaging his feet. Working his fingers into sore feet, he looked up with a cheeky grin and relished the sight of totally useless and relaxed Levi, whose head was thrown back against the back of the couch in pleasure.

Eren wanted to get in deeper, so he peeled off Levi’s socks and continued massaging.

Levi’s body pulsed with jolts of electricity as his tired feet was worked on. He didn’t deserve this. This treatment. He didn’t deserve Eren. He was in fucking heaven.

Levi could just feel the stress roll off him. He looked down at Eren, who was focused on his own hands and Levi’s feet. He alternated between his right and left foot.

Today was a long day at work. Attending meetings, calling representatives from M.P., dealing with irritating negotiations. Maybe he could allow himself this little pleasure and just…

…close his eyes.

Levi was dangerously close to the brink of sleep when Eren giggled, but he didn’t stop massaging.

“You know, you’re allowed to go and take a little nap, Mr. CEO.”

Levi opened his eyes, feeling like his head was in the clouds after that delicious treatment. He reached down and took Eren’s elbows to bring him up off his knees.

Eren sat on Levi’s lap and rubbed his chest soothingly. His green eyes gazed at Levi’s face lovingly.

“Eren… you’re the sweetest thing. Thank you for that massage. But I have to go work some more. I can’t sleep just yet.” Mr. CEO had priorities.

Eren wanted Levi to sleep, like he so deserved. He could tell how tired his man was. His face etched with concern.

Levi took Eren’s face and lay a grateful kiss on his forehead. He squeezed Eren’s ass to get him off his lap.

Levi retreated into his study, and Eren turned off the TV before retreating into his own bedroom.


Eren was in the zone, working on an assignment for a class. His tongue stuck out in focus as read his textbook and looked over his notes.

There was a soft knock on the door before Levi entered. He set down a plate of sandwich and chips and a cold bottle of root beer.

He ruffled Eren’s hair. “Hey, sweet boy. I forgot to ask you what you wanted for dinner earlier.”

Eren turned around and grinned. “Sandwich is fine; thanks, Levi.”

As Eren turned back around and took a bite of his sandwich, Levi took in the scene. Papers were strewn about, a thick textbook was open, and Eren’s laptop had an essay in progress. Eren’s small stereo sat on his desk as well, playing background music. He never really did like it too quiet.

Eren polished off the sandwich quickly. It was just the way he liked it—Levi knew him so well.

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone now,” Levi said. He rubbed Eren’s shoulders before turning on his heel and walking away.

“Wait, Levi.”

Levi came back.

Eren was wearing his glasses, making his eyes sparkle a lot more adorably. “Kiss,” he stated. He puckered his lips.

Levi’s face softened. That was a request he could be happy to fulfill. He took Eren’s face in his hands, caressing those sweet cheeks with his thumbs. He leaned down and took Eren’s lips firmly and slowly. Both their eyes were closed as they tasted each other and shared the moment. Levi’s lip was still a bit swollen from where Eren bit into it yesterday.

They separated after a tender minute.

“Mm,” Levi looked at Eren’s gorgeous eyes.

Eren giggled and stole one another quick kiss from Levi’s lips before turning back around.


That night, Eren was waiting in Levi’s bed, flipping through channels for something to watch while winding down.

He settled on WWE wrestling. There was something about muscular guys in colorful underwear and eyeliner that was endlessly entertaining.

Eventually, Levi stopped working for the day and joined him in bed. He looked and sounded totally exhausted.

This was about the only time they cuddled and talked these days. And Eren took full advantage of it.

He sat back against pillows, and he wanted Levi to lie back on him.

As they watched wrestling, Eren played with Levi’s soft hair, rolling the clean black strands between his fingers.

“Tell me about your day, Levi.”

Levi told him all about his meetings, the annoying people he had to deal with, and the progress of the case. Eren listened closely.

“Tell me about your day, dear,” Levi said after he was done.

“I was really out of it in the beginning of the day. I almost fell asleep during a lecture. And the professor assigned us another project.”

“Mm. Is that what you were working on today?”

“Nah. That was an essay for another class. Which I didn’t finish. I want to get it done tomorrow, even though it’s due in like a week.”

“It’s good you’re ahead of the game. Diligence is key.”

“Totally. My dad always said procrastinating leads to nothing but failure.”

“Straightforward, isn’t he?” Levi chuckled.

Eren laughed. “Yeah. Sometimes a bit too much.”

“I can take that advice, too. I have a list of priorities to get done every week. It’s a bitch to manage, though.”

“Did you get this week’s priorities done?” Eren asked.

“I have three more items on the list. I have to brief the PR team tomorrow, and I have to discuss Erwin’s report with him. Then I have to make my own report.”

“Why do you wanna discuss Erwin’s report with him?” Eren inquired.

Levi was tickled pink that Eren was always so curious about his work. “It’s not that there was anything wrong with it. But this is a report we’re submitting to M.P. I want him to take a more aggressive stance. He can sometimes be too polite and formal. I want him to pull out more hard-hitting facts and show them that Survey Corp is talking money.”

“Ohh,” Eren breathed. He paid attention while twirling Levi’s hair in his fingers.

“Tell me more about your day.”

“Coffee shop was same ol’,” he said. “Everyone wants pumpkin spice lattes. It gets kind of boring to make.”

“Are they good, at least?”

“I tried it. It’s alright. I don’t really understand the hype. I’ll bring some for you so you can try it. I want to hear what you think of it.”

Levi laughed. And suddenly a surge of fatigue washed over him. Sleep was calling for him.

“And I almost ran into an ex at work. I kinda hid in the break room until he left.”

“How many exes do you have, Eren?” Levi wondered.

Eren thought for a moment. He’s had sex with people countless times. But only a few were official relationships.

“Eight. Two girls and six guys.”

Levi nodded. He was glad that he got them both tested for STDs a while ago. Both of them were clean.

“How many exes do you have?” Eren asked.

“Two. Two women.”

Eren grinned and leaned over so his face was near Levi’s. “Aww. I’m your first boyfriend?”

“You are.”

That fact seemed to make Eren happy for some reason. He rubbed the top of Levi’s chest lovingly.

They didn’t even need to tell each other that they were the best relationships they each had.

The lull of the TV as well as Eren’s touch was really starting to drag Levi’s eyes shut. Eren prompted to get under the covers.

With the room dark save for the TV, Levi yawned. “Eren, you do realize that WWE is staged, right?”

Eren looked appalled. “What? No, it’s not.”

“It is. Those aren’t even real punches. No one’s touching. It’s all for show.”

“That’s not true! That metal chair? Those brutal pile drivers? Are those all ‘staged’, too?”

“I’m afraid so, my dear,” Levi smiled. “That’s not real fighting.”

“Levi… why do you like to ruin my hopes and dreams?” Eren acted out melodramatically.

“I’m sorry, Eren,” Levi chuckled. “I had to let you know the truth.”

Eren laughed and crawled into his arms. Levi reached around for the remote and turned the TV off.

Levi showered Eren’s head with several loud smooches before submitting to the clutches of sleep and drifting off in seconds. He was absolutely spent.


 “’Night, Mark.”


Mark was out cold within minutes. He had his way with Eren tonight, as he usually did, and now he was finally all fucked out. Eren could finally take a break.

When he was sure Mark was fully asleep, Eren turned off the lights of the bedroom and went to the couch in the living room.

Everything felt so cold and lonely right now. He felt like a piece of meat.

He also pitied himself. Sex with Mark wasn’t fun anymore. But he orgasmed. Every time. Why must his body betray him?

Eren wrapped a blanket around himself. This was the closest thing to being cuddled. And the tears started flowing.

Sniffling quietly into the night, Eren cried while curled up on the couch. The darkness of the apartment was almost soothing.

His phone vibrated, and it startled him.

It was Jean Kirschstein. They don’t really talk much. But they had the same friends and Eren saw him at most of Connie’s parties. Why would he text him now?

Eren- I heard you were looking for work. Trost Coffee can use an extra hand asap if you’re willing. Here’s the manager’s number.

Jean included the manager’s information.

Eren wiped his tears with his palm. A coffee shop, huh? Why not? It was better than mowing several lawns every week and walking his neighbor’s dogs. This could be his big chance.

Thanks, Jean. I’ll get in touch.

Eren finished crying, and he slipped into a naked, hazy sleep.


Eren called the coffee shop manager the next day, and she said to come in to see her on the same day.

He wore the best clothes he had, and combed his hair extra nice. He needed this job. No one else in town was hiring, it seemed.

The manager was a kind lady. She said a bunch of employees quit recently, and the shop was desperate for help. She hired him on the spot.

He would start this week. She said that Jean would show him the ropes.

Eren Jaeger finally had a job. He was all smiles as he left the shop and went to the drugstore to buy a tub of chocolate ice cream. And for once, he didn’t feel guilty about spending his money since soon he would have a stable income.

He slipped back into his apartment. Mark was still asleep on the bed.

Well, he could afford it. Mark worked as a coordinator for high-end events, and he worked on his own time. And he made a lot of money. It was the type of life Eren aspired for. But he also didn’t want to become an asshole like Mark.

Eren was pouring Lucky Charms into a bowl when he felt a familiar pair of arms wrap his waist from behind.

“Hey, babe.” Mark pressed his crotch against Eren’s back. Then he lay a sweet kiss on Eren’s head.

Eren smiled. “Hey.” Mark must’ve been in a good mood this morning. This day was already working out for the better.

He took his cereal and ice cream to the couch and ate while watching TV. Mark ate beside him.

It was strange like this. Mark usually demanded sex within the first five minutes of waking.

After his totally unhealthy, sugary breakfast, Eren capped his chocolate ice cream and crawled into Mark’s lap innocently. “Mark. Let’s go on a date today.”

“A date?” Mark’s hazel eyes gleamed. “Alright.”

They went to the movies. The next stop was the aquarium that Eren always wanted to go to.

It was the middle of a weekday, so they were among only a few other visitors. Eren laced his fingers in Mark’s as they walked through a world of deep blues.

Eren wasn’t sure why he was so relaxed. Was it because he finally got a job, and he could stop feeling like a freeloader? Was it because deep down inside, he knew that this would be his last date with Mark? What the fuck was this feeling?

He laughed and pointed at strange-looking fishes, gushing his thoughts about them.

Eren’s eyes were all wide and sparkly, like they usually were when he was excited about something. Mark gazed down into those green lookers, filtered by the blue around them. His heart squeezed. He wanted to pick Eren up and fuck him against this shark tank until he was a moaning, whining mess.

“…Mark? Are you listening to me!?” Eren pouted.

He shook his head and snapped back into focus. “Huh? Yeah.” To be honest, he couldn’t give a fuck about these fishes. But it made Eren happy to be here, and when Eren was happy, the sex was better. He would wait this out until he could finally take Eren home and see him start acting like the freaky slut he was.

“Mark…” Eren groaned. “You’re not listening! When we go on dates, we’re supposed to talk about stuff!”

Mark took Eren’s chin. “Yeah. Sorry, babe, I zoned out a bit. What were you saying about this shark?”


After Mark took Eren to dinner, they called it a day and went back to Eren’s apartment.

They were barely in the door when Mark picked Eren up and took him to the bedroom.

Eren wrapped his arms around his neck as he felt himself getting carried away. He wanted to cuddle, not have sex. But he had fun on their date. It was the first one they’d been on in a while. He would seem selfish if he said he wasn’t in the mood.

So, what the hell. He would indulge Mark. It was the least he could do. It was all he was good for, he thought.

Mark peeled Eren off him and slammed him onto the bed. He got to work taking his clothes off while Eren stripped himself.

Mark slathered lube onto his erect cock and aligned himself against Eren’s entrance.

“Give it to me, baby,” Eren moaned.

Mark smirked. “That’s what I like to hear.”

He slammed himself into Eren, enjoying the flash of pain across those beautiful emerald eyes. Eren wrapped his arms around Mark’s neck and whimpered. He was still a bit sore from yesterday. Not to mention Mark practically never prepped him. The first minute was always painful as hell.

Eren was so fucking tight. How!? They fucked multiple times a day. You would think he’d be loose.

Whatever, Mark thought. Don’t overthink it. All that mattered were pretty sounds Eren was making right now.

“You like that, Eren? My pretty little slut.”


Mark reached over and slapped Eren across the face hard, watching red blossom where his hand met. Eren’s bottom lip quivered, but he moaned nonetheless.

“You’re such a little whore! You love it when I beat you up, huh?” Mark sneered. He sucked up some saliva and spat on Eren’s face, right on those pretty eyelashes. A few more thrusts, and he took Eren’s hips and turned him over so he was on his knees.

Eren used the few seconds between positions to wipe the spit off his face. He didn’t like this. Not one bit. He started crying. Man up! Don’t let him see you like this! He took you on a date, dammit!

The tears that clung to his face dropped to the sheets as Mark took him from behind, hard and ruthless. His fingers clung to the sheets and he hung his head in shame. He saw his own cock spill precum onto the sheets, even though he was in pain. He really was a slut.

He felt Mark unknowingly brush against his g-spot and he was getting close. “M-Mark… I’m-I-I’m…” he reached out and held onto Mark’s thigh as he buried his face in the sheets.

“What is it, babe? Getting close?” He pounded into Eren’s ass with blinding speed and strength. “Fuck...” Mark was getting there, too.

And just like he was trained to, Eren crawled up and got on his knees, waiting for his facial. Tears streamed down his face. “I love you, Mark.”

Hot cum splattered onto his awaiting face. Mark groaned long and loud as he finished, and he ran a hand through his hair. He reached down and wrapped a hand around Eren’s aching red cock and rubbed him off to completion.

It was awkwardly silent for a while. The cum hid the tears, at least. Eren stayed on his knees until Mark bought over some tissues to wipe Eren’s face clean.

Mark collapsed onto the bed and caught his breath. Eren slipped back on his t shirt and boxers and drew his knees close. He browsed through his phone quietly.

A few minutes later, Mark patted Eren’s back. “Alright babe. Let’s go again.”

“Mark…” Eren sighed. “I’m not feeling it. Can’t we just talk instead? Or watch TV?”

“But you liked it. Look, you’re still hard.” He pointed at the small tent in Eren’s boxers.

“That’s not the point. Don’t you wanna do anything else with me besides fucking? Don’t you love me?”

Mark got up and crawled over Eren’s body, wedging his knee into Eren’s crotch. “I do love you, babe. And that’s why-“ he dragged the waistband of Eren’s boxers down so that his cock peeked out, “I want to fuck you and make you happy.”

“No.” Eren said defiantly. He pushed Mark off and pulled his boxers back up. “All we do is have sex. It fucking hurts, Mark. You never ask me about my day or how I’m feeling. I’m just tired. You don’t care about me.”

“What the fuck, Eren?” Mark raised his voice. “After all I’ve done for you!? I pay all your bills every month, and I buy your groceries. I took you on a date today. I always pay for dinner. And you have the nerve to say I don’t care about you!? Maybe I should let you pay your own bills this month. Maybe that’ll teach you!”

“YOU’RE A FUCKING DICK, MARK!” Eren cried. “I’m done being your little fuck toy! I have a real job now! I don’t need your help! So get dressed and get the fuck outta my apartment!”

Something crossed Mark’s eyes. Regret? Pity? Sadness? Eren’s never stood up for himself. He’s never raised his voice like that. Eren was his boyfriend, after all. And he was younger than he was. He was still figuring things out.

“Eren…” Mark said softly.


Mark clenched his jaw and pulled his clothes back on. He gathered his keys and looked back at Eren one last time.

“Fine. But you’ll regret this, Jaeger. No one will treat you as well as I did.”

“OUT!” Eren sobbed.

Mark stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door behind him.

And Eren sobbed. And sobbed, and sobbed. It was over. It was finally fucking over. He got beneath cum-soiled blankets and cried his eyes dry, his lungs heaving with each forced breath.

It was time for him to reclaim his life.


The end of the week was here, and it couldn’t come sooner. Eren was munching on chips while watching TV. It was the perfect way to wind down alone after a long day.

Levi emerged from the hallway, and he was dressed. “Eren, no more chips, sweetheart. You’ll spoil your dinner.”

Eren stopped crunching for a second. “Where ya goin’?”

Levi was lacing his shoes. “I have to stop by the office to pick up a file. I’ll get dinner on my way back. What would you like to eat?”

Eren thought for a second. “I want a burrito! Please.”

Levi smiled. “You got it.”

The door shut and the apartment was silent again. Eren opened his bag of chips and began crunching his chips again, with a totally mischievous smile.

It was Friday. Tomorrow he would have his man all to himself.

Chapter Text

It was one of the rare days where Eren was actually excited to wake up.

The minute he opened his eyes, Eren smiled a face-splitting grin and sat upright–stretching his arms to the ceiling with a crack of his spine. He threw the covers off and ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Today, finally, he would have Levi all to himself.

The smell of French toast being cooked seductively coaxed Eren to the kitchen. There Levi was at the stove, flipping the bread over.

Eren marched right up to him and gave him a big hug, inhaling that sexy sandalwood and musk scent. Levi wrapped his arms around Eren’s waist and pressed his lips to his cheek.

“Good morning, darling boy.”

“’Morning. I love you.” Eren closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tighter around Levi’s neck.

“I love you, too,” Levi breathed. “Hungry? I made your favorite.”

“Mm-hmm.” Eren unwrapped his arms from Levi and took a seat at a barstool. He checked his messages while waiting for his breakfast. He was so excited that he found his feet kicking beneath the counter.

Levi smiled as he flipped over another toast. Eren was so damn precious. He never combed his hair on the weekends or if he didn’t need to leave the apartment, so he sat there with his adorable bedhead-untamed cowlicks and all.

Levi loaded a heaping pile of toast onto a plate, spread some butter, and then sprinkled different kinds of berries. Next, he drenched it in syrup, and finally, he squirted a smiley face in whipped cream. Then he poured Eren a mug of coffee, and used his favorite creamer and just the right amount of sugar.

Levi felt like a hypocrite; he would always make fun of Erwin for baking cookies and cakes for his guests, but now he was acting just as sappy. He couldn’t help it- Eren Jaeger has softened his once-guarded heart into a lovey-dovey pile of mush.

Eren was dancing and shaking in his seat as Levi brought over his breakfast. That face-splitting grin never went away.

“Enjoy,” Levi smiled and stroked Eren’s chin before going to fix his own coffee.

“Thank you!” Eren squealed. His heart warmed at the complimentary smiley-face Levi made. He cut into his French toast ravenously with his fork and knife and took a huge, syrupy bite. His eyes rolled back and he moaned loudly as the flavor hit his tongue. He took in another forkful while his mouth was still full.

He chewed and swallowed quickly just to make room for another delicious bite, his stomach grumbling with the welcome food. Levi sipped his coffee and watched Eren’s adorable display as he leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Just marry me already, Levi!” Eren said. He cut into his stack and took another bite.

Levi’s laughed, rich and full and deep. His heart pounded- no one has ever made him feel this way. Eren was far too young for marriage now, but…

One day. One day.

“Is the French toast that good?” Levi mused. His heart was still a fluttery fucking mess.

Eren nodded profusely, his unkempt bangs flopping a bit over his eyes. “So damn good! Levi, you’re the best!”

And he was already sopping up the last of the syrup on his plate with his last forkful. Levi was a step ahead. “Seconds, baby?”

“Yes, please!”

Levi loaded another plate for Eren, and one for himself. Eren was gulping down coffee as he waited.

Breakfast together was the very best way to start the morning. Levi wanted to feed Eren his second plate, more to help him slow down while eating, but also because Eren was the cutest thing ever. He ate his own toast as Eren chewed.

With breakfast out of the way and the dishes done, the next destination was the couch.

Eren clicked through Netflix and crawled over Levi’s body, rubbing his chest soothingly. Those big green eyes were full of life.

“Thank you for breakfast…” he placed a kiss on Levi’s forehead. “But now… I have something else in mind.” His eyebrows wagged.

“And what would that be, Eren?”

Cuddling. They cuddled. (Eren wasn’t completely nasty!)

But in actuality, it really was what Eren craved the most. He waited for what seemed like eons for Levi’s undivided attention, and he wanted those strong, warm, muscular arms wrapped around him.

Levi stroked and scratched Eren’s head as they lazed away and watched their show.

Eren looked up. “I’m so glad I have you all to myself today,” he said. “You work too much.”

“I know, baby. I’m glad I get to focus on you. I’ve missed you terribly.” He placed a kiss on Eren’s head. “Saturday is all about you now. I promise not to work.”

Eren nuzzled into the crook of his neck gratefully.

“This case must be tough for you,” Levi continued. “You want attention, don’t you?” he cooed apologetically, and stroked Eren’s cheek with his finger.

“Yeah…” Eren sighed melodramatically. “Lots of it. Especially from you.” He giggled and craned his neck up to place a kiss on Levi’s jaw. “I just love you so much,” he whispered. “So, so much.”

Once again, Levi Ackerman’s poor heart was a fluttery mess. He didn’t think there were words to explain to Eren how much he meant to him, so instead he wrapped his arms around Eren’s shoulders again, and pressed a long kiss into that morning-scented hair.


Levi’s body was so warm, and his chest was firm, and that along with Eren’s beige blanket drawn over his head was the perfect recipe for napping. Eren drifted in and out of a soft, dreamy sleep for about an hour.

Levi didn’t mind at all. He actually loved it when Eren slept on him- with a smirk, he remembered the first time Eren spent the night in this apartment, and how Eren accidentally fell asleep on his lap. He kept stroking those chocolate locks as he watched the show.

From here, Levi could see the sky out the glass wall. The morning was hued by light blues and pale oranges. The rising sun shone through buildings and lay sunbeams on Eren’s napping body.

He liked this domestic life with Eren. He could definitely get used to this.

Eren woke up again with a deep sigh, and he smiled. “I love you,” was the first thing he spoke, then kissed Levi’s chest.

“You already said that, sleepy boy,” Levi chuckled.

“Because it’s true!”

“And I love you, too, my sweet Eren.”


As the morning wore on, the cuddling did not wear down one bit, but their positions changed. Eren requested tummy rubs. He leaned his back against Levi’s chest, then reached around to grab Levi’s wrist to lead his hand up his shirt.

With Eren’s head resting back on his shoulder, Levi rubbed Eren’s stomach for a long while, occasionally dipping his fingers into Eren’s waistband to feel the warmth of Eren’s lower belly.

Eren fell asleep once again.

Levi used the chance to go get himself a snack. Pistachios. His favorite.

He slipped out beneath Eren’s weight and covered him with a blanket before going to the kitchen.

As he looked through the pantry, Levi remembered a conversation they had when Eren first moved in…

Eren flung open the pantry doors, eyeing the selection within. He pursed his lips.

“Levi, what kinda munchies are these?” He reached in and took out plain tea biscuits with a disapproving look. “Where are your good snacks?”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t meet your snack standards, dear,” Levi said. “We can go shopping, if you want. I need to restock the fridge anyway.”

“Yeah! Let’s go!”

They drove to the supermarket. It would be the first time Eren has gone grocery shopping with Levi, and he was excited.

Eren had on a sly smile as they began their trip.

Levi picked out a bunch of bananas and put them into the cart. “What’s that smile for?”

Eren leaned on the handles of the cart, his face resting on his hand. “Nothing. It’s just weird seeing you like this. You always take me to expensive places, so it’s kinda funny seeing you in the fruit aisle.”

Levi chuckled and shook his head, shaking open a clear bag for apples. “None of us are above the grocery store, my dear. It makes a man humble.” He showed Eren a particularly shiny dark red apple.

“Ain’t that the truth…”

“Do you know how to pick out prime fruit, Eren? Let me teach you.”

Levi explained how to spot and feel bruises on different kinds of fruits, and which were the best in each season. Eren listened in fascination, and he learned a lot. Levi knew about everything.

They continued through the grocery, and Levi was slowly filling his list. They came across the snack aisle.

Eren was methodical and swift as he pulled down bags of Cheetos, potato chips, Pocky, candies… and now he was prepared for any type of craving.

Levi hasn’t had most of those snacks for a long time in his life, but it seemed now he would have the chance to revisit his teenage palate.

“We’re all set on snacks now,” Eren grinned.

With a loving smile, Levi squeezed his butt quickly before they continued onto the dairy aisle.

And now Levi stared into their pantry, filled with colorful bags of sugary and salty and totally unhealthy shit, as per Eren’s wants.

He reached for his bag of pistachios, and took a bowl back with him to the couch.

Eren was still napping, so he slipped back beneath him and slowly lay Eren’s head on his lap.

So Levi kept watching TV while cracking open and munching pistachios.

Eren’s snoring hitched loudly and he smacked his lips as he woke back up. Levi looked down and stroked his bangs off his forehead.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Ugh. Sorry I keep falling asleep on you. You’re just so warm and comfy.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind. You’ve had a long week.”

Eren pointed at the bag of nuts in Levi’s hand. “What are those?”

“Pistachios. Want some?”

Eren cracked one open and ate it, nodding his approval. “Mm. These are actually pretty good.”

“They’re also healthier than your Cheetos.”

“Cheetos have my heart, Levi. You’re a close second, though.”

Levi laughed. “Damn. Just a close second, huh?”

Eren headbutted Levi’s shoulder and giggled.


“Let’s play games!” Eren said. He went to the TV and turned on the Xbox.

Levi hasn’t played video games in years. The systems were completely different now. But he would try for Eren. It seemed to be a common theme now for Levi to revisit his youth whenever he spent time with Eren.

Eren handed him a controller. They played a fighting game first, which Eren excelled at and Levi struggled to learn the controls.

But Levi was a fast learner, and soon he was starting to memorize moves and combos, and Eren wondered if there was anything this man couldn’t do.

Then they moved on to Call of Duty, which Eren was sure he could annihilate Levi in because he’d honed his skills on it for months.

But it was a combat game, and Levi was an unexpected beast.

He flawlessly switched between different kinds of guns and hid like an expert, taking Eren down each time.

Eren slammed his controller on his lap with a frustrated huff, once again defeated by Levi. “What the hell!? How are you so good at this?”

“It’s because you never check your surroundings when you start running. You’re an easy target.”

“Not true. I stared at your dot for like ten minutes. Let’s play with some people online. Maybe they can help me take you down.”

Their final round was one for the books. Both teams were neck-and-neck, everyone working hard to defend their honor.

Eren was focusing with every fiber of his being, his tongue sticking out a bit like it did whenever he was in the zone.

Meanwhile, Levi was leaning casually against the armrest of the couch, destroying everyone in his path.

There were twenty seconds of the match left.

Eren was squealing as his teammates fell, taking down Levi’s team with them. It was so nerve-wracking, but he refused to lose to Levi!

Not even bothering to use strategy, Eren screamed in real life as he aimlessly ran through the field and shot his machine gun in the game. He hoped Levi was one of the people in his path.

But he wasn’t. In fact, Levi was hiding somewhere in the map, shooting down Eren’s teammates one by one while waiting for his chance to target Eren.

Ten seconds.

Now Eren had to resort to scummier methods. He got up and plopped down on Levi’s lap to block his view of the TV, moving his torso in front of where Levi was craning his neck.

“Eren! Stop cheating!” Levi laughed. He strained his neck around to get a view of the screen.


Levi darted his hand out and jabbed Eren in the rib, and Eren squealed as he collapsed onto the couch weakly. With Eren no longer blocking his view, Levi had a perfect sighting of Eren’s avatar standing still on the screen, and he shot him down from above.

Levi’s team took the trophy.

Eren got up and looked at the screen in disgust. “I’m done.” He took his glasses off and put them in their case.

Levi placed his controller on the coffee table. “Don’t be a sore loser, sweetheart.”

Eren punched Levi’s arm. “I’m not a sore loser!”

“You couldn’t win even when you cheated,” Levi teased with a smirk.

“I did what I had to do to help my team win! Next time I’ll give you a blowjob to distract you even more!”

“You would do all that to help your team win?” Levi tackled Eren into the couch and commenced with a tickle attack.

Eren squealed and squirmed and flailed around to escape Levi’s grip, but it was useless because he was pinned into place, and Levi was jabbing and curling his fingers into his ribs, neck, armpits, chest, and stomach.

“LEVI, PLEASE! STOP, I’M BEGGING!” Tears gathered in the corners of Eren’s eyes as he laughed painfully under Levi’s attack.

“Mm… I don’t think I’m done quite yet.” Levi growled. “No mercy for cheaters.” He dug his fingers into Eren’s sides, receiving a loud squeal.

Eren’s face was a deep red as he struggled to breathe, and his body was going numb under the tickles. Levi finally took pity and climbed off him.

Eren rubbed his body to soothe it and panted as he calmed down. He eyed Levi tentatively, praying that there would be no second round.

Eren giggled and kicked Levi’s leg. “Asshole.”

“Are you looking for another tickle attack?”

“No! I’m weak!”

“Then I suggest,” Levi reached and rubbed Eren’s inner thigh gently, “you behave, Eren.”

Eren got up and threw himself into Levi’s lap again, wrapping his arms around his neck in a tight hug.


The rest of the afternoon was filled with cuddles, petting, head rubs, and kissing. Eren was catching up on all the affection he’s been missing while Levi was working.

He was straddling Levi now, stroking that jaw lovingly, and taking deep tongue-filled smooches.

“Mmm…” Levi groaned.

Eren separated, and bit his lip as he stared into Levi’s steely-grays. His own green eyes were cloudy with lust, his pupils blown wide.

“Guess what?” Eren asked.

Levi rubbed his thighs, edging up into those boxers. Eren hardly ever wore pants at home. “What?”

With a giggle and then a quick kiss to the lips, he put his hand on Levi’s shoulder. “I love you. That’s what.”

“I love you, too, precious.” He looked out the glass, and the sun was retreating into the soft blue late afternoon sky. “Where would you like to go for dinner?”

Eren thought for a moment, but then his eyes sparkled. “Take me to a restaurant where they make the food in front of you!”

A hibachi restaurant. Levi went to a few with Erwin before.

“Of course. Let’s get dressed.”

“Carry me to my room?” Eren asked. He wrapped his arms around Levi and braced himself.

“Don’t be lazy, Eren,” he laughed. But he held the bottoms of Eren’s thighs anyway and stood up with some effort, taking Eren to his room.

Eren wore the tightest jeans he had, a tank top, his jacket, and his beanie. He went to the living room and put his shoes on.

Levi emerged in a patterned short-sleeved button-up and black jeans, and he shrugged on his leather jacket as he looked for his keys.

“Ready?” He found his keys on the bar counter and turned towards the door, but then stopped in his tracks as he watched Eren start for the door.

Levi’s seen Eren wear skinny jeans before, but these jeans… so fucking tight that they clung to Eren’s gorgeous legs like spray paint, hugging his firm thighs and calves and his ass—dear lord that ass—so fucking juicy and tight and firm and round… Levi wanted to take Eren over his knees and slap that lovely little ass.

Eren turned his head and caught Levi staring. “What?” he asked innocently, but he had a knowing smile on his face.

Fucking illegal…

Levi walked up and snaked his hands around Eren’s hips to get a handful of his ass. He kept his eyes on Eren’s. “You know what. These tight ass jeans of yours.” He squeezed Eren’s ass hard, drawing a giggle.

“Levi! Behave!” And with a lower, more careful voice. “What would our ten babies say?”

Levi laughed out loud, remembering that Eren wanted to be the proud mother of ten children.

“Our ten babies don’t know that their mother is a tease.”

“They also don’t know that their papa needs to be teased every once in a while. Y’know, to keep him on his toes.”

Their faces were within breathing distance, their noses brushing.

“Get in the car before I lose whatever ounce of self control I have left,” Levi whispered up into Eren’s mouth.

And it was no question that Papa Levi smacked that ass hard before they reached his car.


They got to the Japanese steakhouse, and the host seated them at a square table with a few other couples.

Eren and Levi placed their orders, and waited for show to begin as they sipped their drinks.

A chubby, older chef carted in with the ingredients. “Hello,” he called in a friendly tone.

“Hello,” all the couples replied, Eren’s response being the loudest. He was excited.

The Japanese chef rubbed down the range with a wet cloth, and he squirted oil in a swirl. Quickly, he took out a lighter. “Watch your eyebrows,” he said and lit the oil, creating a huge fiery flare.

“Whoa!” Eren laughed.

After the fire died down, the chef juggled a spatula and a knife, tapping them against the range rhythmically while he did. He took an egg out of his chef apron and bounced it in the air with his spatula before cracking it open with one hand.

“Wow!” Eren was so impressed to be this close to such amazing talent.

Levi sipped his drink and took out his phone to snap a photo of awestruck Eren.

The chef went on to cook a pile of rice and chop vegetables with quick precision. He took out an onion and sliced it into rings with decreasing width so it made a small stack. He squirted oil into the stack and lit some fire into it, which fizzled out and made steam.

The chef scooted the steaming onion stack across the range and tapped against the metal surface with a train-like sound. “Choo-choo,” the chef said with a flat and humorous tone.

“A train!” Eren grinned. The rest of the couples laughed at the onion train.

The chef scooted the onion stack to the middle of the range and dragged the rice pile around it. “Hawaii,” he chuckled.

Eren laughed, and even though Levi has seen similar tricks with Erwin before, Eren’s excitement was infectious. He couldn’t help but laugh as well.

The chef scooped up a bite-sized amount of rice onto his spatula and showed it around the table, hoping for volunteers. Pretty much everyone shied away and shook their heads, so the chef settled on his most involved audience member, Eren.

“Ready?” the chef called. Eren focused in on the rice. The chef launched it in an arc in the air towards Eren, and Eren caught it right in his mouth.

Everyone at the table clapped for Eren, Levi included. The chef smiled proudly.

Next, the chef cut a square piece of butter and tossed it into the pile of rice anticlimactically. “Butterfly,” he said with a serious tone.

Eren cracked up at the joke, and the chef laughed along with him, a bit humored that he found it so funny.

Eren shook Levi’s arm. “Levi, butterfly!” he kept laughing uncontrollably.

Levi smile grew wider and soon he found himself laughing again. “Yes, baby, butterfly.”

The chef lay out the meat and sliced it up to allow it to cook, and he kept working as everyone watched. Occasionally, he would toss more rice into Eren’s mouth.

Soon enough he was serving everyone what they ordered. Everyone separated their chopsticks and began eating.

The chef cleaned up and then bowed respectfully. “Thank you.”

Everyone put their utensils down and clapped for his performance, and thanked him for the food.

After their meals, Levi handled the bill and they made their way back home.


The sky was a dark, sleepy blue by the time they were back in the apartment.

Levi shrugged off his jacket and stretched his neck out.

“I’m getting kinda tired,” Eren sighed. He took off his shoes. It really has been a long day.

“Agreed. How about a bath?”

“Only if you join me.”

And despite how long he’s lived here, Eren’s never experienced the bath in Levi’s bathroom. Levi scattered scented candles around the bathroom and dimmed the lights for a romantic vibe, then loaded his music on a dock nearby. It was the absolute perfect way to wind down.

They stripped and Eren waited with a robe on as Levi fiddled with the bath’s settings. Eren watched as he poured soap into the stream, creating fluffy bubbles in the water.

Levi took off his towel and lowered himself into the bath with a groan. “Come on in, Eren.”

Eren slid his robe off and joined him. As he lowered himself into the water, he sighed and then giggled. “It’s so warm!”

The room smelled like lavender and vanilla. Levi reclined his back against the tub and put his arms up. Eren noticed some buttons near his hand.

“What do those do?”

Levi pressed one of the buttons, and little holes in the tub released pulsing bubble jets into the water. Eren laughed at the sensation against his back. But it felt amazing.

“Oooh, yes.” Eren melted against the side of the tub and closed his eyes.

Levi let his head rest back and they sat in silence as they listened to the soothing music. Eren picked up some bubbles in his hand and blew them towards Levi.

Their muscles and work fatigue after a busy week melted away with the pulsing jets. Eren could probably sleep here…

A while later, Levi sat back up and opened his eyes. “Alright. I’m getting wrinkled. Let’s clean up and get out of here, shall we? I’ll wash you.”

Eren scooted back between Levi’s legs. He played with the remaining bubbles as Levi squirted expensive shampoo into his palm and scrubbed it into his chocolatey locks.

“You’re awfully quiet, baby. Something wrong?” Levi asked.

“…It’s nothing.”


“It’s just that… we had so much fun today. And tomorrow you have to get back to the case. I just want to spend every moment with you.”

Levi took the handheld showerhead and rinsed Eren’s hair off. “I had a lot of fun today, too. But this case won’t go on forever. Soon enough we can get back to our normal routine.”

“I know. And I understand the situation. But I’m selfish and I want you all to myself, Levi.”

Levi squirted some body wash onto a loofah and scrubbed Eren’s back. “You’re such a sweet boy. You mean everything to me, Eren. No matter how busy I get.”

After Eren was fully scrubbed, he got out of the tub into a robe and went to get dressed. Levi finished washing himself off and got into a towel, walking around the bathroom and blowing out the candles before going to get dressed.

Eren sat on Levi’s bed in his pajamas as he flipped through the TV. His damp hair was uncombed and splayed out on his forehead.

Levi got into his own pajamas, and climbed onto the bed with a comb and some oil for Eren’s hair.

He styled Eren’s hair neatly, and it was a time of bonding and quiet trust.

And now Levi was spent. It was finally time to call it a day. He lay on his stomach, the side of his face resting on his pillow. Eren sat on his stiff back and watched TV.

Eren’s weight was once again perfect for Levi’s tense body. He started thinking about the case again, and what he needed to accomplish in the week ahead. Well… today was a healthy distraction if anything, he thought with a deep sigh.

He felt Eren’s weight shifting and he was now straddling his back. Levi felt Eren’s hands start working his shoulders in a massage, and he groaned deeply.

“You’re so tense, Levi,” Eren said. “I think I want to start giving you massages every night.”

It must be because he was hunched over a desk for hours on end these days, but it was really starting to take a toll on his body.

He let Eren’s skilled hands roam and work through his shoulders, then his neck, then his back. And Levi usually took a long time to fall asleep, but with his body melted after that bath and Eren’s massage, he was out cold now.

He didn’t get to tell Eren good night, but they exchanged so many “I love you’s” today that it would’ve been redundant, anyway.

Eren gazed lovingly at his work-weary older boyfriend, so hard-working and exhausted. They had quite the day. When Levi said he wouldn’t work today to focus just on him, he definitely didn’t disappoint.

With a smile, Eren turned off the lights and TV, and got Levi beneath the covers before crawling in himself. And with a final smooch on Levi’s intoxicatingly nice-smelling hair, Eren cuddled close and fell asleep, too.

Chapter Text

Eren woke up on Sunday rather late, it seemed, judging that Levi’s spot on the bed was no longer warm. He checked the time. 12:47. Well, sleeping in was always nice.

As Eren fixed himself breakfast, he figured Levi was back to work in his study.

He got his fill of Levi yesterday, though. So much cuddling and attention… Eren was living for it. But now he owed it to Levi to let him work with no distractions to finish this important case for the company.

Eren crunched Lucky Charms as he watched TV and texted Mikasa. It was such a beautiful day today. Through the window, the bluest sky; and down below, rusty October trees.

Maybe he could go to the park for a jog. Or see if Armin wanted to hang out. Perhaps he could read a chapter for class and get ahead. Maybe hit the gym with Reiner?

…Or he could just wrap himself up in his blanket and take a nice, long nap…

Levi cracked his fingers and stretched his wrists. He felt quite accomplished, having woken up early, squeezing a workout in, writing a report, reviewing some notes for a presentation, and analyzing several statistics. It was about 2:30 pm now. He could allow himself a little break and make some lunch for Eren.

Entering the living room, Levi sees Eren lying on the couch, with the TV on, taking a nap. There was an empty cereal bowl on the coffee table.

Waking Eren up for lunch is not a new concept, Levi thought with a light laugh. He took the empty bowl to the kitchen and washed it, then peered into the fridge for lunch ideas. The fridge was pretty empty. With how busy he’s been, he hadn’t had the chance to go grocery shopping lately. He might as well go now, while he was on a quick break from work.


Levi came back home with arms full of groceries, as well as a bag of fast food for Eren- who, by the way, was still napping away.

He put the groceries away, then went over to the couch.

He stroked Eren’s hair. “Eren… wake up, my dear… I brought you lunch.”

At the word ‘lunch’, Eren woke up and crawled up into a sitting position. He stretched his arms out with a yawn, still a bit drowsy.

He smiled gently. “Thanks, Levi.” He started taking out the contents of the bag and spreading them out on the coffee table.

“You’re welcome.” Levi took Eren’s face in his hand and squeezed his cheeks together, giving one hard kiss on his face before going back to his study.


Monday was here, which meant another busy week for everyone. Marco had to go see some family, so Eren offered to cover his shift.

Sasha was fun to work with. She was upbeat and supportive, unlike Jean. He and Jean did make a good team with everything considered, though. They didn’t even need to talk most of the time; they fed off each other’s energies. Which was good- if they talked too much, they would start arguing in front of customers.

The coffee shop during the evening felt quite strange to Eren. The customers were a lot more mellow during this time of the day. It was a lot emptier, too, and the scents and the dark sky through the window was a pretty nice way to wind down while working.

“How can I help you?” Sasha beamed at a tired working man.

“An espresso macchiato, please.” He sighed wearily and took his wallet out.

“Comin’ right up, sir!” Sasha punched in his order, then turned to Eren. “Got that?”

“Heard,” Eren said, then got to work.

Eren felt good while he worked. He could technically get away with not working at all, since Levi added his name to one of his bank accounts. With an ever-rich joint account, Eren could afford pretty much anything he wanted. But it felt good to work for his own money. It gave him a sense of independence. And Levi never brought it up or questioned him about it because he understood and respected Eren’s mentality on the matter.

Eren’s parents would probably agree on his way of thinking, as well.

The work-weary man had already taken a seat and took off his jacket while he waited for his drink, so Eren brought his drink over to him. “Enjoy!”

“Thanks,” the man smiled in appreciation, but his eyes were dull and lifeless like he’s been sitting in front of the computer all day.

Eren was familiar with this look; it was Levi’s current situation.

“Long day?” Eren asked.

The man snorted. “You have no idea, kid.”

Eren gave one more smile and went to get a rag to wipe down some tables.


Having stayed at the coffee shop way later than usual, Eren finally returned home, exhausted and in desperate need to fall right asleep.

He turned the key to the apartment and walked in, expecting to see no one since Levi was usually hard at work in his office, but at the kitchen, Levi as well as Erwin of all people were standing and having drinks.

“Oh. Hey, Erwin,” Eren grinned. “Hey, Levi.”

“Hello, Eren.” Erwin’s voice was soothing and steady even in the worst times.

“Have you eaten yet, Eren?” Levi asked gently.

“Yeah, I got something on the way back.” Eren took his shoes off. “I’m going to bed. ‘Night.”

“Good night,” Erwin smiled.

“Good night, darling.” Levi took another drink of the amber whiskey in his hand.


Much later, after Erwin left and Levi was thoroughly drunk after a hellish day at work, he decided to turn in for the night, too. Eren was fast asleep in his bed, and the TV was turned on to the late night show Eren watched often. That gave Levi an idea.

But now, sleep was calling his name.


Eren’s alarm clock started ringing, and he reached over to his phone to turn it off, desperate to get the annoying sound out of his head.

He was having a good dream, which made him that much more irritated to wake up.

He sat up and yawned with his knees drawn close. Levi, being the light sleeper he was, woke from Eren’s alarm as well.

The two didn’t speak, but drowsy Eren collapsed weakly into Levi’s ready arms and snoozed for a couple more minutes.

Breakfast was just about as quiet. Levi made eggs, bacon, and toast.

It wasn’t until Levi had a full cup of coffee that he was ready to talk.

“Eren. I need to tell you something.”

Eren looked up with baggy eyes.

“I need to go on another business trip soon. I wanted to let you know as soon as possible.”

Eren was disappointed he had to be away, but work was work. He was getting used to it. “When do you leave? And for how long?”

“I leave tomorrow, and I should be back Saturday night.”

“Oh.” Eren lightened up a bit. “That’s not too bad. I expected longer.”

“Not bad at all,” Levi agreed. “I have to see some representatives from M.P. and attend a few meetings.”

Eren nodded in understanding and took a forkful of egg. He chewed as he thought, but he remembered an important detail. “But wait. If you’re gonna be gone all Saturday, when are we gonna spend time together this week?”

“I thought about that, dear. I know I said Saturday is all about you, but this week, it’ll have to be Sunday. Is that okay?”

Eren smiled and nodded again. ”Yeah, that’s fine. Gotta get my fill of my CEO boyfriend, after all.”

Levi’s mouth curled in a slight smile, giving a light, rather humble laugh. “Thank you for being so understanding and patient, baby.”

Eren had to leave for class, and he gave one loving kiss to Levi’s cheek before heading off. “Love ya! Have a great day at work!”


Eren finished his shift as well as Marco’s, and was ready to turn in again.

His phone buzzed. A message from Marco:

Thank you so much again for covering my shift! You’re a savior, I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Eren smiled as he typed:

It’s seriously no problem at all. The shop is so much easier at night, and Sasha is great to work with. I’m glad to help!

There was another text, but this one was from Armin:

Wanna come over?

Eren’s grumbling stomach spoke on his behalf:

You know it, but you’re making me dinner.

From his room, Armin laughed.

Not a problem! Actually, Erwin has taught me some recipes and I’d love to try one out with you!

If Erwin had a hand in it, it was bound to be delicious.

At Armin’s, Eren was fed lime chicken soft tacos. It definitely got his seal of approval. He got seconds, and then thirds.

But then, Armin started making Erwin’s legendary chocolate chip cookie recipe, and Eren was jumping and grinning in his spot in excitement. He got another text, from Levi:

Eren, it’s late. Where are you?

Oh. Eren forgot to tell him.

Oh shit sorry I forgot to mention it. Im spending the night at Armin’s.

Ok, that’s fine. Good night, I love you.

Night! LOVE YA!

The bed felt just a bit too empty without his brown-haired cutie, but Levi used this last opportunity to get as drunk as possible before needing to deal with Nile’s irritating representatives starting tomorrow. He was sure Erwin was doing the same right about now.

He didn’t like getting too drunk around Eren, anyway. He knocked back whiskey after whiskey before putting the cap on and crawling into bed.

Meanwhile at Armin’s, the two boys were relaxing and talking in Armin’s room, catching up on the latest news in each other’s lives and bitching and complaining about how much their men had to work. It was a healthy session.

Eren was wearing Armin’s pajamas, since he didn’t expect to spend the night and therefore didn’t bring his overnight bag. He was taller and a bit more muscular than Armin, so the clothes were a bit snug and the shirt showed a bit of Eren’s stomach.

“Well,” Armin said from his bed at the sight, “you’ll be okay for the night.”

Eren inspected himself in the mirror. “I look like I’m starring in a porno.”

“How so?”

“I kinda look like a stripper. With my stomach showing like this.”

Armin cocked his head to the side. “Hm. Never saw it like that. But now that you mention it… you do look a bit slutty,” he giggled.

Most friends would feel a bit awkward having this conversation, but with Eren and Armin, it was just another thing.

“Introducing…” Eren started dramatically and lowered his gaze with a sultry gleam in his eyes, “the pride and joy of Trost, our diamond in the rough, our awakened lion… Eren Jaeger!”

Eren turned around from the mirror and started striding towards Armin confidently, making sure to stand up straight and puff his chest out to raise the fake sex appeal.

He ended up on the bed with Armin. Walking towards him on his knees, he took that blond head and shoved it into his own stomach while grinding his hips. It was the worst fake stripper performance ever.

Armin laughed. “Get off me!”

“Is that any way to treat the best porn star in the world?” Eren kept casually suffocating Armin’s face into his torso.

“I’m serious!” Armin’s muffled voice said. “Let me go, you dork!”

Eren finally let him go while laughing wolfishly. Armin’s hair was teased from where Eren was holding him down.

“You’d be the worst pornstar,” Armin stated breathlessly as he smoothed his hair back down.

Eren lay down on the bed, suddenly feeling how fatigued he was after such a long day. He really could curl up beneath Armin’s covers and call it a day. It wouldn’t even be strange. Eren and Armin were so close that growing up that they used to share a bed during sleepovers. Nothing stopped them from doing as they got older, other than the fact they both grew bigger and it became too cramped.

“Armin, don’t be a hater. The pride and joy of Trost just gave you a special show and this is how you talk to him?”

Armin calmly took a pillow and smacked Eren’s face with it. “Good night, dork of Trost.”

Eren rolled off Armin’s bed and got into his own; a makeshift mattress on the floor made up of a bunch of comforters stacked on each other.

Armin turned out the bedside light and crawled beneath his own blankets.

“Good night, hater.” Eren said softly in the dark. His smile was audible.

Armin took a stray pillow and chucked it on the floor, hoping it hit Eren’s face.

And judging on Eren’s surprised laugh, it did.


Eren drove back to the apartment early the next morning. Of course, Levi was already awake and in the shower.

Eren used the main bathroom in the hallway to brush his teeth and went to his room to get dressed.

Now that he was ready to start the day, Eren went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. It was just when he put his empty cereal bowl into the sink that Levi emerged in his business attire.

“Aww,” Eren frowned and walked towards him. “I’m gonna miss you, Levi.”

They fumbled towards the couch and collapsed, and Levi wrapped his arms tight around Eren. Eren buried his face in his chest and smiled. Levi smelled even stronger than usual. It made him woozy with lust.

“I’m going to miss you, too, sweetheart,” Levi said softly. He scratched Eren’s scalp gently.

“…What if I came with you?”

Levi chuckled. “No, Eren. You have classes and work. Plus I would be too busy to spend time with you.”

Eren groaned into his chest.

“Okay,” Levi said finally. “You need to get going now if you don’t want to be late.”

Eren peeled himself off and checked the time on his phone. He needed to be on his way in five minutes.

But he was going to make these five minutes count.

He got up on Levi’s lap- his favorite position, because it allowed maximum control and crotch friction. Plus, sitting on top like this made him feel important.

He trailed his hands up Levi’s chest, slowly, making sure to drink in the feel of the body underneath. He smoothed down and held the crisp shirt collar before going in for the kiss.

It was a firm, reassuring smooch that lasted a minute. Levi groaned softly and snaked his hands around Eren’s waist.

They finally separated. Eren attacked Levi’s lips with a few more fleeting, light kisses.

“Think about me, okay?” Eren said softly.

“I’m always thinking about you.”

Could this man be any more perfect?

Eren wrapped his arms around those broad shoulders and squeezed with all his might before forcing himself to go and start his day.


Levi got to his hotel and took some time to review his notes one last time before his meeting. It was 3 pm now, which meant Eren was at work. Hopefully he’s eaten.


Levi completed the meeting successfully. He wasn’t taking shit from anyone, and he was here to talk money. Getting riled up during his presentation and answering tedious questions had him a bit tense. And now he wanted to blow off some steam.

He ended up at a mall for some reason. Wandering aimlessly about, he stumbled into a technology store. There was nothing here that he wanted in particular, but he did see some things Eren might like.

Eren hardly asked for anything. Levi wasn’t sure if it was because he was still a bit shy about having so much money at his disposal all of a sudden, or if he was just humble. Probably the latter. What an innocent, precious thing.

So Levi picked up on Eren’s unintentional hints from their chats and purchased some new goodies for him.

The cashier looked a bit stunned at Levi’s selection, as if he wasn’t sure how Levi could afford it all. It wouldn’t be the first time Levi’s experienced this.

The total price tag was thousands (plural) of dollars. Levi calmly took out his card and paid for it.

“Do you have some sort of gift wrapping and delivering option?” Levi asked.

The cashier was still stunned this man in front of him could afford all this. What was his occupation? “Uhh, yes, we do. I’ll get that taken care of for you.”

While the cashier got to work wrapping the gifts for Eren and loading them into a box for delivery, Levi filled out an empty card with a quick scribble.


The apartment was a bit isolating with Levi gone, Eren thought. Even if he was in his study most of the time, Levi’s presence in the apartment was soothing and reassuring.

Well, it would be back to pizza and takeout every night. Eren studied and did classwork to distract and busy himself.

He rewarded himself for getting ahead on yet another essay and reading a chapter ahead by getting a pizza. He texted Armin and Mikasa to come join him for a slice, but they were both busy.

After his lonely dinner, Eren walked to the laundry room at the end of the hallway and looked through Levi’s dirty clothes hamper. He found a t shirt.

They didn’t get to have sex before Levi left. Eren was craving it. He crawled into Levi’s bed and pressed the fabric to his face, inhaling Levi’s scent as he stuck his hand down into his boxers and slicked himself up.

Pretending it was Levi touching him and not himself was just the thing to work him up.

“L-Levi… Oh, Levi… I miss you… H-harder…” Eren groaned between deep sniffs of the shirt.

When he felt himself on the brink, he wrapped his cock with the t shirt to avoid dirtying the sheets. He came with a choked moan, furrowing his brows and screwing his eyes shut.

Eren balled up the soiled shirt and tossed it to the floor, then curled up into Levi’s pillow to fall asleep to that same scent.


Eren came back from work the next day, not as exhausted, because Marco had returned and resumed his shift. It was back to Eren’s normal routine.

He turned on the TV to make the apartment seem less empty as he dialed the pizza place. Some of the people working there were starting to memorize his name and order.

As he waited for his food, he lounged on the couch and texted some friends.

There was a knock on the door and Eren retrieved his wallet to pay for the pizza.

But it was a different type of delivery guy, a package runner.

The man checked his clipboard. “Mr. Jaeger?”

Eren was skeptical. “Yeah… that’s me.”

“I’m gonna need you to sign this.” He handed over the clipboard. Maybe it was a delivery on Levi’s behalf.

The man carted in a large box and a longer, rectangular one into the door.

“Have a good one!” He took his clipboard and walked out.

Eren clicked the door shut behind him. The boxes had his name on it, not Levi’s. He went to the kitchen and got a knife to slice open the boxes with.

He started with the biggest one. At the very top of several wrapped smaller boxes, a card:

Only the finest for my baby boy.


Eren covered his face in his hands and it was something between a blush and laugh. This was like the first time Levi went on a business trip, and sent sex toys in his absence. Perhaps business trip gifts would be a new tradition.

Eren tore open the wrapping of the first gift and sliced the tape open. His eyes widened.

A brand new tablet!! The latest and the greatest! Eren turned on the sleek device and started messing around with the settings. This will be awesome for school. Levi thought of everything.

He set it aside, wondering what could possibly top that gift. The next gift was a Beats pill! This could definitely replace the shitty stereo he uses to listen to music while studying.

And in the same box, a new pair of Beats headphones! And it was blue, his favorite color.

Eren bit his lip. Just these alone must’ve cost a fortune. He felt a pang of guilt. But he had the money conversation with Levi before. Levi said to never worry about money or gifts; if he bought things it was because he wanted to and it was no problem at all; don’t feel guilty; blah blah…

Eren was definitely more comfortable with the concept of Levi’s wealth than when they first met, but it was a bit of a culture shock, even now.

He moved on to the next gift. It was the rectangular box. He tore the wrapping paper off.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

It was a hoverboard.

These things were all the rage! Eren turned it on and took it to hardwood floors in front of the glass wall to try it out. He fell several times, but he would get the hang of it soon enough. With his imminent boredom, he would have plenty of time to master it.

These gifts were spectacular. Eren quickly called Levi’s cell to thank him, but there was no reply. He must have been in a meeting.


That night, Eren climbed into Levi’s bed and tried his cell again.

“Hello, Eren.”

“Leeeeeeeeeeeviiii,” Eren gushed. “I got your gifts! Thank you sososososososooo much, you’re so fucking thoughtful! Ugh! I love you so much!”

“I’m glad you liked them,” Levi said softly. Eren could hear the exhaustion in his voice. “I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to buy your love… It seems I’m leaving you alone often and I wanted to give you something for entertainment to make up for it.”

Eren’s heart squeezed. “No, don’t think that way, Levi. I don’t think you’re trying to buy my love. You already have my love. You went outta your way during your trip to get me these things. I’m very grateful!”

“I’m grateful to have you for a precious boyfriend, Eren.” Levi paused over the phone, probably yawning. “But I’m very exhausted and I need to get some rest for an early meeting. So I’ll hang up n-“

“Wait, Levi. Don’t go yet. Pillowtalk me.”


“Yeah. Like we do when you’re here. Just talk and let me fall asleep to your voice.” Eren curled up against Levi’s pillow and put his phone on speaker, placing it beside his head.

“Alright. I’ll tell you about what I did today. The first thing was a meeting with some analytic consultants…”

Levi’s voice was soothing as he explained his day, and the sound trailed off in his head as he slipped asleep. It was minutes before he was snoring.

Levi heard Eren’s snoring and stopped talking. “Good night, Eren. I love you.” He ended the call and slipped asleep himself.


It was finally Friday and Eren couldn’t be more grateful. A few more hours of class and work before he could let loose.

Maybe he should have a party tonight.

He texted Levi:

Levi, can I throw a party at the apartment? Pleeease? He threw in some cute smiley emojis for good measure, since he couldn’t utilize the puppy eyes in person.

Levi sat on his hotel bed, rubbing his hair dry with a towel. He wasn’t going to lie to himself; the idea of a bunch of youths in his apartment made him nervous. But it was Eren’s apartment now, too. It would be unfair to deny him that.

Ok. But living room only, no drugs or alcohol, and when it’s done it needs to be spotless in there.

Levi wasn’t stupid. He knew how parties with college-aged students were. Of course there would be drugs and alcohol. But he would give Eren the benefit of the doubt.

Yay! THANK YOU! It’ll be spotless, you won’t regret it! Eren replied.


After work, Eren stopped by the grocery store for snacks and drinks for his party. At home, he strategically moved the small black table in front of the hallway and placed his new stereo on it so that people wouldn’t wander into the bedrooms.

Armin was the first to show up; Eren told him to come early to help set up.

It was actually Armin’s first time in Trost Tower. He clutched the strap of his messenger bag as he looked around in awe.

“Wow, it’s quite nice here!” Armin said. “I’m surprised Levi let you throw this party. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to let a bunch of kids into his apartment.”

“Honestly, I’m surprised, too.”

Armin helped him spread out the snacks and load playlists.

Slowly, people started trickling in, and the party was getting in motion. Eren texted Sasha to bring in her guacamole, and Connie to bring in his strobe lights.

It made Eren a bit nervous that some people were coming in with alcohol, but he couldn’t exactly help it- they were people he didn’t know.

There were lots of comments about the building and apartment- people wondering if Eren had a secret side job to afford to stay here.

The large glass wall was the perfect place for people to make out, it seemed.

Connie and Sasha came in together, each with their signature items. With the strobe lights hooked up, Eren dimmed the overhead lights and the air was filled with people’s cigarette smoke.

He left the door unlocked so people could walk in and leave as they pleased.

Reiner and Bertholdt came through, as well.

“Hey guys!” Eren ushered them in.

Eren inspected the room. Some people were lounging on the couch and playing video games. Others were gathered around the stereo and dancing a bit. Most were near the glass wall, smoking or cuddling. There was a small group of people trying out his hoverboard; some being more skilled than others. Some were standing about and talking with other guests.

Marco walked in with a big bag of chips. “Hey, Eren. I brought chips.”

Eren took the bag. “Just in time. We were just running out. Glad you could make it!” He looked behind Marco. “… Jean didn’t tag along?”

Marco shook his head. “He said he had something else to do.”

Eren was secretly relieved. He wasn’t ready to answer Jean’s invasive questions about the apartment yet. He didn’t even know about Levi yet. He wasn’t ready for the sugar daddy questions, either.

Mikasa of all people slipped in. Eren was more shocked than anything; Friday nights were when most of her big fights were scheduled.

She approached Eren for a hug. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too,” Eren rubbed her back. “I thought you’d be busy today. Now I feel bad for not formally inviting you. Although, you’re always invited, and you know that.”

Mikasa smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I heard about it from Armin. My fight is later tonight. I wanted to drop by and check the place out.”

That’s right, Eren realized. Mikasa hadn’t seen the apartment, either.

She wandered and looked around, pursing her lips at the people smoking weed near the window. “Is Levi allowing this, though?”

“Armin asked the same thing. Yeah, he was okay with it, but he said the place needs to be spotless when he’s back.”

She nodded and took a water bottle from the cooler, going to watch the cityscape through the window.

Eren was pretty happy with the turnout. His parties will probably never be as lit as Connie’s, but this was a healthy function.

After a bit, he watched Mikasa excuse herself from a conversation with Marco. She came back with an apologetic smile. “I must be going now. I’ll come back to see the rest of the apartment some other time.”

Eren hugged her good-bye. “Alright. Come by any time, seriously. You have the address now. And kick some ass tonight.”


It was about 3 am when the last of the guests left. The apartment was a bit trashed.

Armin collected his bag and was getting ready to depart. But Eren held his arm. “Don’t leave. Help me clean up.” He looked kind of desperate.

Armin took pity.

“And then spend the night here. I’m lonely,” Eren said.

“Fine. Just for you,” Armin smiled. He took off his messenger bag and rolled his sleeves up to clean with Eren.

Eren kept the door of the apartment open to air out the dank smell of drugs. Armin walked around with a garbage bag and collected empty plates and cups.

“Did Erwin go on the business trip, too?” Eren asked.

“Yeah,” Armin sighed. “Actually, he’s coming back sometime Saturday and he wants to rest for the remainder of the day, so he said we need to spend time on Sunday instead.”

Eren grinned. “Hey, that’s just what Levi’s doing! Maybe we can spend Sunday together! Like a double date or something!”

Armin looked up from the pile of cigarette butts and trash he was sweeping up. “A double date sounds really fun, actually. I’ll tell Erwin.”

Eren put on some gloves and got on his knees to start scrubbing the floors like he sees Levi do. Next was vacuuming and polishing surfaces. He double, then triple checked that there weren’t any hidden beer bottles anywhere.

Armin finished wiping the fingertips off the glass wall with Windex. The apartment was finally starting to come together again.

He looked at Eren, who was peering beneath the couch and bar counter. “Did you lose something? What do you keep looking for?”

“I need to be positive that there isn’t any evidence of alcohol here. Levi would flip his shit.”

“I saw you drinking tonight, Mr. Hypocrite.”

“I had one drink to loosen up! Count ‘em: one!”

They laughed and Eren finally ended his search. The apartment was pretty thoroughly cleaned now, so he moved the table back to its original spot and wafted incense around like he’s also seen Levi do.

It was starting to smell like lemons again and the incense burned away any offending odors. They could finally call it a night.

Eren gave Armin some of his pajamas, which were a bit too big, but it was adorable on him.

The bed in Armin’s room was small, but Eren had a king-sized one in his room, so they slept in the same bed together like the old days.

It felt good to not sleep in an empty bed, Eren thought.

Chapter Text

Eren and Armin slept in very late- both of them thoroughly exhausted after last night’s party and the clean-up afterwards. The sun shined brightly outside, but the boys wouldn’t know because the covers were drawn tightly over their heads and they had no care in the world.

Eventually, Eren took a deep, long breath and got up slowly. He rubbed his eyes and yawned. Armin was still fast asleep next to him.

He shook Armin’s back gently. “Armin, let’s get up and eat breakfast.”

Armin stirred and opened his eyes, but kept the blanket wrapped tightly around his shoulders.

Eren’s eyes were still heavy with sleep himself but he willed himself to peel the covers off his legs. Levi was coming back today, he realized with a smile. He took one of his robes and wrapped it around himself- a plaid blue one. He took a red one for when Armin got up.

Armin peeled the covers off his body and swung his legs over to the edge of the bed. His hands were jammed between his thighs as he attempted to escape the clutches of sleep.

“It gets kinda cold here.” Eren gave him the robe and Armin slipped into it thankfully.

“Do you have extra toothbrushes?” Armin asked, then proceeded to yawn deeply with a stretch of his arms.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”


They lounged on the couch as they ate cereal, even though it was past noon and they should technically be having lunch.

“…Alright. I’ll be going now,” Armin groaned quietly as he got up. He took his cereal bowl to the kitchen to be washed.

Eren liked lazing the morning away with his best friend. It made him forget how lonely he was without Levi.

“When is Levi coming back?” Armin asked over the sink’s running water.

“Tonight sometime.” Eren washed his own bowl beside Armin.

“I think Erwin’s already back by now. But he said when he comes back from business trips, he likes to spend some time alone and recharge. So I can’t see him until tomorrow.” Armin frowned a bit.

“Don’t be upset,” Eren said gently. “Maybe he wants to recharge so that he can have as much energy for you tomorrow. I’m sure day after day full of meetings, he’s worn out and irritated.”

“Hm. Never thought of it that way.”

They finished drying their dishes and Armin went to change into his own clothes.

Eren saw him out with a hug. “Come hang out any time, seriously. Levi won’t mind. You’re my number one.”

“Thank you, Eren. I’ll keep that in mind.”

With the door clicking shut behind him, Eren was alone again. But he won’t be for long. He lay back on the couch and took some selfies for Levi- some just smiling, some pouting cartoonishly, one with his signature wink and bite of the lip. But after almost a week with no sex, he was starting to feel hot and bothered again. He rubbed himself up through his pants, palming aggressively to get some friction.

His simple attempt to get a little hard for the picture ended up getting Eren fully erect and groaning. He pulled his pajamas down a bit, just to have his cock peek out. He didn’t wipe away the beads of precum that gathered on the head. He snapped a picture of it and captioned it Wish you were here to take care of me with several winky faces. He lay on his stomach and pulled his pants down from the back to show off his ass, and took a picture of his body this way, biting his lip.

He took a few more nude shots, and finished it off with an innocent one with his smiling face. The caption: I can’t wait for you to come back home! I’m proud of you, Mr. CEO!

Levi had some motivating pictures coming his way, to say the least.


From where he was having a light lunch at a café before his next round of meetings and presentations, Levi received some messages from Eren.

He’s had an irritating morning. Nile’s representatives always knew how to push his buttons.

Eren’s messages were all pictures of him- some nude, some of him making silly poses. It cracked and softened Levi’s poor, agitated heart.

Scrolling through the pictures with a smile curling at his lips as he sipped his drink, Levi couldn’t wait to finish work so that he can go back and please his young boyfriend. The last picture in the collection was Eren grinning brightly, his big green eyes sparkling. The caption was I can’t wait for you to come back home!

Levi’s heart melted. Before he met Eren, he finished work and went back to his apartment. Now, he finished work and went back home. Eren was his home.

The other half of the caption: I’m proud of you, Mr. CEO! It had the same cheery vibes as a housewife waiting for her husband to return after a long day.

Whatever negative mood Levi was harboring from the beginning of the day, Eren’s pictures lifted them right off.

Just a few more appointments, and you can see Eren, Levi thought to himself as he wiped his mouth with a napkin and got up from his seat. He was determined to go above and beyond with his next meeting, if not for himself, then for his lovely little plaything rooting for him at home.


It was almost midnight, and Eren was watching TV as he waited for Levi to come home. He could just go ahead and sleep, but he just missed Levi too much and wanted to be awake to welcome him back.

He sent a few texts to figure out his whereabouts, but Levi did mention it was a far trip, so he was probably too busy driving to answer.

The door finally clicked with the turn of keys, and Levi shuffled in with his arms full and shut the door with his foot.

Eren whipped his head around with a huge grin, and jumped up from the couch to run to his lover. “Leeeeeeeeeeviii!” his voice was increasing in volume as he ran closer.

Levi had approximately three and a half seconds to put his briefcase and duffel bag down to catch Eren in his arms, who had sprinted and launched himself in the air, fully expecting Levi to catch him.

But Levi didn’t disappoint. As Eren’s body hurled onto him and clamped his legs and arms around, Levi grabbed the bottoms of his thighs to keep him steady. He reached up and showered Eren’s face in kisses.

“I.” A kiss. “Missed.” Another kiss. “You.” A flurry of wet kisses. “So.” A growling smooch. “Much.” Several butterfly kisses. “Eren.” Another shower of unrelenting kisses as Levi squeezed Eren’s thighs.

Eren giggled sweetly. “I missed you, too, Levi.” He trailed his finger along Levi’s jaw lovingly, gazing into those steely-grays before going in for another kiss. “Did you get my pics?” he asked innocently.

Levi pulled Eren’s thighs up because he was slipping a bit, and started towards the hallway. “I did.”

“Good,” Eren purred. He was always happy to satisfy his man. They passed the couch and were going into the hallway. “Where are you taking me?”

Levi was completely in control as he carried Eren to his bedroom. “I’m going to take the mother of my ten babies to the bedroom and make love to him.”

Eren laughed and held on tighter.

“Far overdue, don’t you think, my dear?” Levi asked gently, once again closing the door behind him with his foot.

“Far overdue!” Eren agreed.


Eren’s arms were wrapped tightly around Levi’s torso as he snored away, his head resting on the crook of his shoulder and chest.

Levi woke up eventually, but was still quite exhausted from his trip yesterday. He drew the covers over them and shifted his position to hold Eren tighter in his arms before snoozing for a bit.

Soon, it was really time to wake up. Levi tried to slip out of Eren’s vice-like grip. But he failed, so he decided it would be easier to wake him up instead.

“Eren,” he sang lowly into those soft brown locks, “good morning.”

Eren grunted.

“It’s time to rise and shine, my love.”

Eren opened his eyes and furrowed his brows. Finally, he unwrapped his long limbs from Levi’s body.

They were both naked after the sex from last night. Eren sat up and stretched, and the covers pooled low on his hips. He licked his lips and crawled off the bed to get into his robe.

Levi smirked as he watched that sweet little ass the whole time.

And Eren must’ve noticed, because he turned his head and shimmied his hips a bit. “Enjoying the view, Levi?”

“I am.”

“Maybe we can play some more later on,” he purred.


Breakfast was French toast, Eren’s favorite, and it was refreshing for him to eat something other than cereal and pizza for a change.

They didn’t get to text or call much throughout the week, because between Levi being in and out of meetings and his exhaustion, and Eren’s classes and work, they simply didn’t have the time. But they used breakfast together to get caught up. Eren loved being in the loop for Levi’s work, and he wanted to know every detail of the trip. Likewise, Levi wanted to know exactly how Eren’s classes were going and coffee shop stories.

Breakfast was over, so they retreated the couch to catch up on quality cuddling time.

“So, Erwin messaged me about a double date tonight?” Levi asked while scratching Eren’s scalp.

“Yup. Armin and I planned it.”

“It will be my first of the sort. I’m always experiencing new things with you.”

“Yeah, at least you know everyone in the mix, so it won’t be awkward.” Eren remembered awkward double dates he’s had in the past with his exes.

They were silent for a while, Levi massaging Eren’s head, and Eren laying on Levi’s chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Oh, I also forgot to tell you earlier:” Levi said. “I bought tickets for a live screening of that late night show you like. I’ll take you after the double date.”

Eren lifted his head and his eyes were wide. He’s never been to a live screening before. “Whoa, for real!?”

“For real.”

Eren threw his arms around Levi’s neck in a grateful hug. “Oh, my God! Thank you so much! I’m so pumped!” he gushed. “How did you know?”

“Well, you hardly ever spend our money, and you never ask for anything,” Levi explained, “so I have to get a bit creative with you.” Levi had to observe the things Eren enjoyed to get ideas.

“Our money?”

“Yes, Eren. For the hundredth time, my money is yours. And you hate spending any of it, which I still don’t understand.”

“Because it’s weird! I’ve never had that much money waiting around for me.”

Levi laughed lightly. “It’s not weird, darling. You need to get used it. And spend it,” he said, reaching out to attack Eren with a tickle.

“I’ll try,” Eren said breathlessly after the tickling was over.

More comfortable silence and cuddling.

“Levi, we should go camping one time.”

Levi pursed his lips. “I thoroughly dislike camping.”

“How come?”

“It’s dirty. The weather is unpredictable when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. There are insects. There are no bathrooms and you have to do your business in the bushes like barbarians.”

Eren laughed. He wasn’t surprised by his answer- he always knew Levi was more of a homebody. “Acting like barbarians is half the fun, though! Have you tried camping before?”

“Yes, I have, so you can’t say I haven’t tried,” Levi said. “Kenny took me.”

“Uncle Kenny seems more fun than you,” Eren grinned teasingly.

“I will admit that he is,” Levi chuckled. “But if you’re serious about camping, you can ask Erwin to take you and Armin. He’s into trying new things.”


Armin walked through Erwin’s quaint apartment complex until he found suite number thirteen. He was wearing a brand new outfit for their double date tonight, courtesy of Erwin.

He knocked on the door.

Erwin swung the door open after a moment, a large, pearly smile gracing his chiseled face. Armin invited himself in confidently and walked into Erwin’s arms for a hug. He missed that clean, powerful scent so dearly.

Erwin clicked the door shut, and pressed Armin closer in his arms. He buried his nose in Armin’s blond bob. “I’ve missed you so very much, Armin.”

Armin tried to wrap his arms all the way around Erwin’s mountainous body, and even when he squeezed with all his might, Erwin didn’t flinch.

They stayed in their embrace for a long while.

Finally, Erwin let go and held Armin’s shoulders at arm’s length. “You’re looking quite sharp, my dear.”

Armin grinned. “Thank you! For the compliment and for buying me the outfit. You’re looking sharp, as usual.”

Erwin was wearing dark gray slacks and a simple white button-up, but he made any outfit look photo-ready.

Erwin smiled broadly, then took Armin’s face in his hands. “Thank you. But,” he said slowly, “I’ve been waiting for almost a week to taste your sweet lips.” He leaned down and met Armin’s lips in a soft, romantic kiss.

Two sets of blue eyes closed under the magic of this overdue smooch. Armin took his hands to Erwin’s waist and held on.

And even though they’ve been together for a little while now, and they were growing more comfortable with each other with each passing week, Armin still felt weak at the knees while experiencing Erwin’s deep and totally unfair kisses.

Their lips slid off with a plush smooching sound, their mouths mixing breaths with the close distance. Erwin finally leaned back up and stroked Armin’s face with his thumbs before letting go.

Armin’s flames were ignited from that kiss, and he realized how much he’s been craving intimacy since Erwin left on the business trip. In a moment of passion and impulse, he grabbed the crisp collar of Erwin’s white shirt and yanked him back down for another surprise, hard-sucking kiss.

Erwin’s eyes widened in shock, but he tried to return Armin’s fervor.

Armin furrowed his brows as he intensified the kiss quickly one last time before releasing Erwin. He bit his lip innocently at the memory. His face no longer flared up in dark red blushes when he kissed Erwin, but that did not mean his heart wasn’t pounding furiously right now. Every moment with the two of them was like a fairy tale.

Meanwhile in Trost Tower, Eren and Levi were fucking like rabbits, filthy and vulgar and totally unashamed.

Erwin blinked as he stood there with his collar tousled. What’s gotten into his sweet Armin?

Armin reached up and smoothed Erwin’s collar back to its original state, expertly and quietly like a housewife would. “I missed you, too, Erwin,” he said softly. With one more pat on that large, broad chest, he walked away towards the kitchen like nothing ever happened. “Did you make me cookies and tea?” he asked expectantly.

Erwin still stood like a fool in front of the door, his heart pounding as well, unbeknownst to Armin. He finally snapped out of it and made his way to the kitchen. “I sure did.”


Eren and Levi rolled up to the restaurant in the Aston, determined to begin the evening. Eren was very hungry but Levi insisted that he hold off on spoiling his dinner with snacks.

Armin texted Eren and said that he and Erwin were on their way. Eren laced his fingers into Levi’s as they made their way into the restaurant.

The restaurant was one that Erwin chose, an upscale place with nice ambiance. It was dim and the chairs were lined with soft plush. There were a few flat screens on the wall that showed news outlets and advertisements. Dark, leafy plants also stood on the edges of the dark carpeting.

They got seated at a round table and were served water to start off.

“You look hot, Levi.” Eren grinned.

Levi was wearing pressed pants and a long sleeved black button-up underneath his form-fitted peacoat. The collar of his coat was propped up around his neck wonderfully. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary than what he usually wore, but perhaps Eren was foggy on what he looked like after a week.

“Thank you, darling. You’re adorable, yourself. As usual.”

Eren was wearing one of his nicer shirts and black jeans, and his fur-lined jacket. Levi helped him slip out of his jacket and hung it on the back of his chair before shrugging off his own coat.

Armin and Erwin finally strode in, Armin holding on to Erwin’s forearm. Eren beamed when they sat.

“Hey, Erwin!” Eren greeted.

“Hello, Eren. How are you?” Erwin asked smoothly. He took off his jacket and hung it on his chair.

“I’m doing great!”

“Levi,” Erwin smiled. “It’s been quite the week, my friend.”

“It has, hasn’t it?” Levi said. Then he turned to Armin. “Hello, Armin. Doing well?”

Armin gulped a bit. Levi was still a bit intimidating to him. It was something about his dark gaze and sharp presence. Or how he managed to pack so much muscle on such a short body.

“H-hey, Levi. I’m doing very well, thank you!”

The server brought a pitcher of water to fill Erwin’s and Armin’s glasses, and lay down some menus.

Eren had Levi on one side of him, and Armin on the other. He chatted away with Armin as Levi and Erwin talked about their trips.

The server brought a complimentary basket of bread and Eren tore into it gratefully.

Levi leaned into Eren’s ear a bit. “Slow down,” he said lowly.

Armin watched as Eren forced himself to take more controlled bites, just like the barbeque.

“May I take your orders, or do you need a few more minutes?” The server took out his pen and notepad.

“I think we’re ready,” Levi said. “I’ll have the steak. Done medium.”

“Good choice,” the server mumbled as he wrote down the order. Then he looked to Eren expectantly. “And for you, sir?”

“I want the lasagna, please!”

“Yes, sir.” The server nodded and wrote down his order.

“He’ll be on my bill,” Levi referred to Eren, who was back to nibbling on bread.

“Understood.” The server turned to Armin. “And for you, sir?”

“I’ll have the lasagna as well.” He shared a silly, knowing smile with Eren.

“Of course,” the server smiled and jotted it down. He smiled and turned to Erwin. “And for you, sir?”

“I’ll have the shrimp alfredo, and the stuffed mushrooms.” He ushered to Armin. “And he’ll be on my bill.”

The server wrote the last order and shut his notepad. “Understood. And are we doing wine tonight?”

“No,” Levi and Erwin said instantly in unison.

The server nodded slowly, a bit unsure why they were so quick to turn it down. The two younger gentlemen in the table seemed of age at first glance, but now that he had a second look, the green-eyed one that was nibbling on the bread and the blondie with the long hair could pass for teenagers. He bowed slightly and went to submit the order.

Erwin turned back to Levi and resumed their conversation. “But have you seen last quarter’s reports? I’m starting to wonder if he knew that having that absurd amount of manufacturers is worth the risk in profit.”

“Well…” Levi said thoughtfully, tracing the rim of his glass, “we all know they’re not as… wholesome with their suppliers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nile was working with some underground names to offset the numbers. I noticed that some of the figures didn’t make sense. I talked to Hanji and her team and they all said Nile’s leaving something out.”

Eren and Armin sipped their drinks and listened to the conversation intently.

“How typical,” Erwin shook his head. “At least once the collaboration is over, we can finally have a hand in the matter and get to the bottom of it.”

Levi lifted his glass in an agreed toast and took a drink.

“Wait, so,” Armin started, “you’re saying that M.P. has suppliers they’re not accounting for in their reports?”

“Precisely,” Erwin nodded.

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“Quite. Actually, there have been lawsuits on the matter. Lawsuits that are still under wraps.”

“I’m starting to think he only wanted to start working with Survey Corp. so our team can clean up his mess,” Levi said.

“Wow. What an asshole.” Eren had nothing of substance to add, but he liked listening anyway. He took another bite of bread.

“That he is, Eren,” Erwin sighed. “That he is.”

Levi mentioned something a while ago about Erwin having an especially tense history with Nile. Maybe he would ask Levi what happened at a later time.

The server came back again with a tray carrying all their plates.

“Lasagna… lasagna,” he stated as he placed the plates on the table. “Steak… and finally alfredo and stuffed mushrooms.” He tucked the tray under his arm. “Enjoy, gentlemen.”

It was silent for a bit as everyone started on their meals. Levi slapped open a cloth napkin and placed it on Eren’s lap before continuing.

“Try some of this, Armin.” Erwin cut into the stuffed mushrooms and picked some up on a fork. He slowly took it to Armin’s mouth.

Armin tucked some blond hair behind his ear before wrapping his lips around the fork. “Mm. I like that!”

“I ordered a whole plate to share,” Erwin said.

Meanwhile, Eren was polishing off his lasagna at an alarming rate. He finished it off by eating more bread.

As Eren sat digesting quietly, Levi took the cloth napkin from his lap and wiped Eren’s saucy mouth with it. He kept working on his steak.

Erwin began speaking again, and the conversation was back in motion as everyone finished up the last of their meals.

Levi was listening and nodding in understanding.

And Eren was feeling frisky.

From underneath the white tablecloth, Eren slowly snaked his hand down while maintaining eye contact with Erwin to seem unsuspicious. 

He searched around for Levi’s thigh, and when he found the strong, muscular leg, he trailed his hand up to Levi’s crotch.

A ghost of a smirk found Eren’s face when he heard Levi’s light gasp.

Eren began rubbing through Levi’s pants, wrapping his hand around the print before stroking softly but firmly.

Levi looked at Eren abruptly, but Eren pretended not to notice and kept looking at Erwin as he spoke.

Erwin followed Levi’s gaze in confusion, but then kept talking. Armin asked a question, so Erwin directed his answer to him. Levi groaned lowly.

With the focus off them, Eren leaned in to Levi’s ear, without taking his hand off his crotch, and whispered: “Follow me to the bathroom, hot stuff.”

Eren scooted his chair back and wiped his mouth one last time. “Excuse me.” He walked away to the bathrooms, his hips swaying confidently.

Levi scooted his chair back as well. “I’ll be back.”

The table seemed a lot emptier without half its occupants, but Armin suddenly realized what was going on. He groaned and rubbed his face in embarrassment. Eren was unbelievable! That little slut!

But it seemed Erwin didn’t realize what was going on, thankfully. Armin sighed and allowed Erwin to keep feeding him.

Eren pushed the bathroom door open with Levi close behind. It was just as clean and refined in here as it was in the dining room. It smelled like lavender.

They went past the urinals and into the large handicap stall.

Eren smiled mischievously. Levi pushed him against the wall and pressed their lips together hard. “I forgot I had an insatiable little brat on my hands,” he growled into Eren’s lips. “When will you behave for me, Eren?”

“Mm… probably never,” Eren purred as he trailed his finger up Levi’s jaw.

It was a flurry of zippers and fabric. Eren stepped out of his fallen pants and squatted down to pull Levi’s cock out of his unzipped pants. He began sucking and licking sloppily. Big green eyes looked up for a reaction.

Levi groaned and fisted his fingers in Eren’s hair to keep him still as he rutted his hips into the back of Eren’s throat. Eren was surprisingly quiet at he allowed Levi to face fuck him brutally.

Levi pulled out suddenly, riled up and achingly erect. “Get up,” he ordered.

Eren got back up and Levi took his hips to spin him around and slam him against the wall.

“Oh, yesss, Levi,” Eren giggled. “Give it to me.”

“Are you prepped?”


Levi slammed into Eren from behind, earning a yelp before Eren bit his lip to control his sounds.

Skin slapped against skin, and Eren mewled as Levi ruthlessly pounded into him. His arms went up and rested against the wall for support.

“Fuck…” he whined.

“What is it, Eren? Isn’t this what you wanted?” At the word “wanted”, Levi aimed his hips in a particular angle that had Eren weak.

“Levi,” Eren whimpered. He reached around to touch Levi’s hip. “Pick me up.”

Levi pulled out again and Eren turned around and lifted his arms. Levi held the bottom of those thighs and hoisted them up with a grunt, and draped Eren’s legs over the crooks of his arms.

Eren held onto Levi’s neck as he braced himself for more. He felt Levi slam himself in, and he whimpered again in a flash of pleasure and pain. His head collapsed weakly and he clawed the back of Levi’s shirt.

“Shhh,” Levi whispered.

Just then, someone swung the door of the bathroom open and they heard footsteps, which ended as a man stopped and unzipped his pants in front of a urinal.

Levi did not go any softer; if anything, he slammed Eren’s body down even harder. And Eren was forced to remain quiet, since this is what he asked for.

It was hot, though, Eren thought, that they were fucking about 15 feet away from this stranger.

The stranger finally finished and washed his hands, then left. Eren let out a loud, pent-up moan. “I-I’m close.” He lifted his head back up and from where he was pinned up against the wall, he had a nice view of Levi becoming undone as well.

Levi slammed his hips into Eren furiously for a few more seconds before pulling out and putting Eren back down on his feet. Eren got on his knees and wrapped his lips around Levi’s cock, feeling the warm pleasure slip down his throat.

When Levi was done, he unrolled some toilet paper from the dispenser and fashioned it into a plush stack to finish Eren off.

The mischievous brown-haired boy stood with his face flushed in humility as he stood waiting with an aching, leaking cock. He bit his hand to silence himself. With a firm hand wrapped around Eren’s cock, Levi pulled steadily just twice before Eren threw his head back silently and came into the toilet paper in Levi’s hand.

They quietly cleaned up and put their clothes back on properly. Levi inspected Eren’s clothes to make sure there was no evidence of their activities, and fixed Eren’s messed up hair.

The bathroom was still empty. “Eren,” Levi said softly. “Was I too rough with you? I apologize.”

“Not at all,” Eren assured with a pat to Levi’s cheek. “Don’t ever worry about that. Plus, we have a safeword now.”

“Alright.” A ghost of a smile pulled at Levi’s lips. “Wash your hands. That was filthy.”

I’m filthy, hot stuff,” Eren winked.

After washing their hands, Eren and Levi made their way back to the table.

Erwin was sitting very close to Armin as he fed him with an admiring smile.

Eren scooted his chair back in with a cocky smile at Armin.

“Slut,” Armin mouthed before taking a bite from Erwin’s fork.

Erwin watched Armin take the bite before putting his fork down. “Welcome back, you two.”

“Yeah. Welcome back,” Armin said to Eren teasingly.

“We waited for you to return to order dessert,” Erwin said.

“How considerate,” Levi said calmly. He took the menu from the table and gave it to Eren. “Pick something for us to share, baby.”

The server came back and took their dessert orders. Erwin and Armin wanted to try the cheesecake, and Eren wanted to share a brownie volcano thing with Levi.

Levi and Erwin sipped complimentary coffee and talked as they waited. Eren scooted his chair closer to Armin and showed him some things on his phone.


After the bills were handled, Armin and Erwin waved their good-byes and made their way out. Armin held onto his arm as they walked.

Levi chivalrously helped Eren into his jacket and put on his own coat to get going.

In the parking lot, Eren smacked Levi’s ass- masked by the anonymity of the night. And as usual, Levi smacked him back, much harder.

“That was fun!” Eren said as he buckled his seatbelt in. “We should go on more double dates with them in the future.”

“Agreed.” Levi checked his watch. “We have about an hour til the screening. What would you like to do until then?”

“Can you take me to the gas station to get candy?”

“Haven’t you had enough sugar tonight, sweetheart?” But Levi started the car anyway and took them to the gas station.

With Eren stocked up on sweets, they made their way to the screening.

Eren was pumped as they made their way into the building. Or maybe he was just bouncing because of all the sugar he’s had tonight, Levi thought. Either way, it was cute.

After Levi presented the ticket receipts, they went through metal detectors and body screening before getting their bracelets.

Eren was finally in a live studio!

“Levi,” he whispered with a touch on his arm. “There he is!”

The host Eren was always watching on TV was sitting on the stage as a makeup artist was patting powder on his face.

Levi squeezed his hand. “It’s exciting, isn’t it?”

A stage crew member announced that everyone had two minutes to sit down. It was a quick scramble as everyone got seated. Levi accidentally bumped into a tall woman.

“Sorry, ma’am,” he raised his hand apologetically and sat down next to Eren.

The woman must’ve melted under that rich, deep voice, because she was blushing red all the way until the show.


“That was so fucking fun!” Eren gushed to Levi as they were ushered out the building after the show. “Thank you so much again for taking me!”

“You’re very welcome, darling. I had a lot of fun, too.”

The studio’s name shone brightly above them in white letters. It illuminated the people below with an energetic glow.

“Levi, take a selfie with me.”

“A selfie?”

“Yeah. I want to save this moment!”

Eren wrapped his arm around Levi’s shoulders and held him close. He leaned down to get on Levi’s level and faced the camera.

“Readyyy…” Eren said, then grinned brightly.

Just as the picture took, Levi closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Eren’s cheek.

It was the cutest fucking picture ever.

Eren stood up straight and his face softened at the picture. “Oh, my God! We look so good here! I’m sending this to my mom.”

Levi took Eren’s hand and walked them to the car. Most of the other guests were gone at this point.

It was a long drive home. Eren’s phone vibrated and he popped his lollipop out of his mouth. It was Carla: Both of you are simply adorable!! This is my new phone background!

Eren laughed. “My mom liked our selfie so much that she made it her phone background!”

Levi glanced over at his young lover and smiled.

When they got home, they were much too tired to do much else besides cuddle and whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears until they fell asleep together.

Chapter Text

Eren was really getting this whole routine down pat. Levi was in the home stretch of the case, so he made it a point to stay out of his hair. They slept together and talked a bit every night, and Eren would look forward to Saturday, which was all about him.

Sometimes after work, Eren would bring back a medium black coffee and slip into Levi’s study to place it on his desk. There wasn’t a whole lot more he could do, but little did he know that Levi appreciated it immensely.

And to return the favor, Levi would get up extra early some days and fix Eren French toast before he had to leave the apartment.

On this particular Tuesday, Levi found himself having completed most of the items on his priority list that day. He went over to Eren’s room to check up on him.

He knocked twice and awaited a response.


Eren was at his desk, hard at work, and his study materials were splayed out around him.

“Hey,” Levi said, and rubbed Eren’s shoulders. “Just wanted to check up on you.”

Eren reclined in his chair and inhaled deeply. “I’m alright. I’m having a hard time with this financial lit assignment, though. If you’re not too busy, do you think you can help me out?”

Levi took the backpack that was sitting on a second chair and placed it on the floor to have a seat. He glanced through some of Eren’s problems.

“I didn’t know you were into finances…” he mumbled as he flipped through some pages. It was one of the classes Eren didn’t mention in their conversations, or maybe it just flew past him.

“I’m not,” Eren said bluntly. “My dad insisted that I take it.”

“Smart man. If you know about finances, you’re all set.” He put the papers down and nodded. “Yes, these are quite simple. I’ll show you my way to solve them.”


“Thanks so much for helping me, Levi!” Eren smiled. “You explained it way better than my professor.”

“Not a problem. I’m glad I could help.” It kind of was what his company was about, after all. “And if you need more help with it in the future, you can also ask Hange. She’s even more skilled than I am. Stop by the company some time and I’m sure she would be happy to.”

“Ohh, okay! I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Alright.” Levi got up and stretched his neck around. “I’ll go fix you a sandwich for dinner.”

Eren turned his music back on. “Thanks, I love yaaa!” he sang.

Levi held Eren’s shoulders and lay a kiss on his head before going to get that sandwich started.


By the time Eren brushed his teeth and got into his pajamas, Levi was already in bed. He was going through his tablet.

Eren crawled in under Levi’s arm to look at the tablet with him.

“Stocks?” Eren asked.


Eren watched as Levi looked through different numbers and companies.

“Can you teach me about them?”

“I can. So this company, for example…”


Time flew by as Levi pointed around the tablet and taught Eren some new things. Eren loved listening to that dark, soothing voice, plus, he was quite the fast learner.

“Now you try,” Levi said. “With what you know now, make an investment.”

Eren’s eyes widened. “My very own investment? I dunno, Levi… this is a big step for little ol’ me.”

Levi laughed. “I believe in you, Eren. Go ahead.”

Eren thought for a moment. He pointed at his favorite shoe company. “They turned a huge profit last quarter.” He went with it.

“Nicely done.” Levi rubbed Eren’s arm up and down. “You’ve learned a lot today.”

“Sure have, all thanks to you.”

“Actually, it was all you, my love. You’re a sharp learner. And you’re very attentive. I enjoy teaching you new things.”

Eren nuzzled into Levi’s body. “You really think that about me? Aww…”

“Of course I think that about you. You’re an excellent student, and you’re hardworking, passionate, honest, adorable, talented-“

“Aw, stop, Levi, you’re making me blush!” Eren wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist and buried his face.

“But most of all,” Levi said lowly, “you’re all mine.” He inhaled the scent of Eren’s hair before kissing him.

Eren looked up, a flattered grin on his face, and attacked Levi’s cheek in a quick kiss. “You’re so cheesy,” he whispered against his face.

“Cheesy,” Levi repeated. “But I speak the truth.”

They turned out the lights and crawled underneath the sheets. Eren crawled into Levi’s warm arms.

It was silent as they got comfortable and their breathing deepened. Eren’s voice was almost startling in the silence:

“Levi, when are you gonna wife me up?”

Levi chuckled silently, and Eren enjoyed the way his chest rumbled as he laughed. “I was hoping that when I married you, it would be a little classier than just ‘wifing you up’.”

“Don’t have to keep it classy with me,” Eren purred with a goofy voice, “you can let it aaaaaaall hang out.”

Levi laughed out loud this time, a musical, beautiful sound. He squeezed Eren in his arms tight and smiled into his hair.

“You’re the silliest thing, Mr. Jaeger.”

“Good night, Mr. Ackerman. I love you.”

“Good night, my sweet. I love you, too.”


One day, Eren decided to visit the company after work. He mainly wanted to surprise Levi, but he also needed more help with financial literacy, so he would find Hange as well. He figured Armin wanted to surprise Erwin, so he would pick him up on the way.

With Levi’s signature coffee order in hand, Eren moved along.

The company was just as brilliant as it was on his first visit. It was Armin’s first time in the building, so he was already wide-eyed and in awe.

“It’s huge!” Armin looked up at the towering building, clutching onto the strap of his bag.

“It’s very nice inside, too!” Eren took Armin’s arm along through the glass doors.

The gigantic, sleek lobby echoed with the sounds of clicking shoes and heels. Eren took Armin up to the secretary desk.

Petra looked up from her computer. “Oh, hello, boys! Welcome back!” She looked at Armin. “Armin, right?”

Armin stuck his hand out to shake hers. “Yes, nice to meet you, Ms. Ral. Erwin’s told me good things about you.”

“Oh, honey, call me Petra! And Erwin’s told me wonderful things about you, too. Are you both here to see Levi and Erwin?”

“Yup!” Eren said.

Petra checked her planner. “Hm. They both have to be in a meeting in twenty minutes, so go and make it quick!”

Eren took Armin’s arm gently and began moving. “Thanks, Petra!” he waved.

They entered the huge chrome elevators and Eren punched the button for the top floor. The executive floor was quite empty this time around.

“That’s Erwin’s office,” Eren smiled and pointed to Erwin’s door. He went and knocked on Levi’s office door.

“Come in,” Levi said in his stern work voice.

Eren slipped in, a huge smile gracing his face. Levi finally looked up from his laptop and piles of papers around him. His face instantly softened. “Eren. I wasn’t expecting you, sweetheart.”

Eren went over and straddled his lap, in that big leather chair. Levi snaked his hands around Eren’s waist.

“Petra told me you have to be in a meeting in twenty minutes so I have to make it quick.” Eren punctuated his sentence by shutting his eyes and pressing his lips to Levi’s, exhaling harshly from his nose.

When they separated, Eren ran his hands through Levi’s hair. “Look at you, working so hard. My very own Mr. CEO.” Eren eyed the mess of work on Levi’s desk. When he met Levi’s eyes again, he had a particular cheeky grin on his face. “I think I wanna give you a blowjob to get you through that meeting.”

He didn’t wait for Levi’s response before getting on his knees and spreading Levi’s legs wider. Based on Levi’s loving strokes on his hair as Eren unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, Eren took it as permission to keep going. Well… he probably wasn’t going to listen to Levi’s protests, anyway. When you work as hard as Levi, you deserve a blowie whether you think you need it or not. Eren knows best, Eren thought proudly.

He pulled Levi’s cock out and got to work.


After knocking on Erwin’s door, Armin clutched the strap of his bag as he awaited a response.

“Come in.”

Armin entered the office, unsure of what to expect. Erwin looked up and shut his laptop. He immediately got out of his seat, and Armin walked into his open arms.

“Armin! What a pleasant surprise.” Erwin petted Armin’s long, blond locks.

“Petra said you had to be in a meeting soon. I didn’t mean to bug you, I know you’re busy. I decided to come with Eren to surprise you.” Armin smiled apologetically.

Erwin took his shoulders at arm’s length. “You’re never a bother, dear. You just made my day.” He leaned down and kissed Armin’s forehead.

Armin grinned under Erwin’s smooch and when they separated, he got a chance to look around. He ran his fingers along the large, polished desk, a filing cabinet, a bookshelf filled with books about economics and business, and [real] plant near the glass wall. His eyes automatically widened when he took in the view.

“Whoa…” he breathed.

Erwin watched from his chair as Armin explored the office. “The view is wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s even better than the view from Levi’s and Eren’s apartment.” He pointed at a boundary. “Is that Sina?”

“It is. You can tell because the buildings are smaller and more neutral-colored than Trost.”

Armin smiled and went over to stand next to him. Erwin took his waist and lifted him onto his lap.

Now, Armin was in the perfect seat to pretend to be a CEO. A huge desk in front of him, a distant door to grant someone access to his royal presence.

He giggled. “I feel so important!”

Erwin wrapped his arms around Armin’s waist. He couldn’t help but smile at his little lover’s excitement. “You are important, dear. You don’t need a big desk to prove that.”

Armin tapped at a little mouthpiece thing on the desk. “What’s this?”

“It’s a PA system. If I speak into it, everyone in the building can hear what I say.” And with a small tickle to Armin’s stomach: “Would you like to try?”

“Oh! What should I say?”

“Anything you want! Just press the button down until you’re done speaking.”

Armin pressed the button, which lit a small dot red. He leaned in close. “Hello, everyone!” he said. His voice echoed in a speaker somewhere in the wall.

Armin hid his face shyly and laughed. “That was so embarrassing!”


Back in Levi’s office, Eren was zipping back up a liquid and groaning Levi’s pants after having swallowed every bit of his warm pleasure.

Armin’s voice was heard from somewhere in the wall: “Hello, everyone!”

Eren whipped his head around to figure out how he did that. “Whoa! What the hell?” he laughed.

“Erwin must have let him use the PA,” Levi said.

“I want to use it, too! Do you have a speaker here or is it just Erwin?”

“I have one.” Levi reached over on his desk and readjusted some papers to show a mouthpiece. “Everyone in the building will hear what you say. Press the button down while you talk.”

Eren stood over the mouthpiece as Levi rebuckled his belt. Eren thought about what to say for a second. “Hey, everyone! It’s Eren! I want everyone to keep working hard on this case. I’m proud of every single one of you!”

Levi laughed. His company might just have a cute new motivational speaker.

Seconds later, Armin’s voice came from the wall speakers. “I’m Armin, and I’m really proud of you all, too!”

Eren grinned and leaned over the speaker. “Hey, Armin!” His grin only grew wider as he listened for a response from the speakers.

Armin’s voice: “Hey, Eren!”

“Okay, that’s enough, baby.” Levi reached for Eren’s waist and pulled him away from the microphone. “You’re distracting my employees.”

“But I have so much more to say!”

“Another time. Let them work in peace.”

Little did Levi know that almost every employee who heard Eren’s and Armin’s exchange over the PA were laughing and their days were made. Their CEOs may have been serious and rather intimidating, but their little boyfriends were the cutest damn things.

Levi checked his watch. “I have to head out for the meeting now.” He stood up and opened his arms. “Come here and let me give you some love.”

Eren threw himself into Levi’s arms and squeezed his shoulders tight in a close hug. “I love ya, Levi. Kick some ass in your meeting.”

“I will indeed kick some ass,” Levi replied softly. “I love you, too, Eren. I’ll see you at home.”

Levi walked out with him, just about the same time Erwin walked out with Armin. Eren and Armin found each other and dissolved into a fit of giggles that they got to use the PA system. Levi and Erwin walked into a conference room with a clear glass wall, and Eren watched as they began to prepare for the meeting. Soon, a handful of people exited the elevators and went into that same conference room.

Mike exited the elevator as well, pushing in a mail cart. He paused at Eren and Armin.

“Hello, Eren.” He turned to Armin and stuck his hand out. “You’re Armin. Nice to meet you, I’m Mike.”

Armin smiled at him and took his hand. “Nice to meet you, Mike!”

When their hands connected, Mike loomed over Armin’s head a bit and inhaled quietly. Armin pursed his lips and withdrew his hand with another smile. Eren laughed and shook his head. He was sniffed by Mike before, too.

Mike stood up straight. “How about I finally give you two that building tour?

“That sounds fun!” Eren said.

“Yeah, I’d love to look around!” Armin agreed.

“Alright,” Mike smiled. “Let me just drop some things off and we’ll get started.”

As Mike dropped some mail off on some tables near the wall as well as some boxes near each office door, Armin turned to Eren.

“Erwin’s office is really cool! I got a chance to look around and the view is amazing! He even let me sit at his desk! What did you do with Levi?”

Eren grinned. “I gave that man a blowjob. A pretty good one, at that.”

Armin laughed and budged Eren’s shoulder. “You are such a slut.”

Eren cackled. “Uhh, is this coming from Mr. Daddy Kink himself?”

“Hey, I fantasize,” Armin clarified. “You, on the other hand, have no sense of danger or risk.”

“You should give Erwin a blowjob soon. I’m sure he’d love it!” Eren is the blunt friend, if nothing else.

“I’m too shy to initiate,” Armin sighed. “We’re getting to know each other really well, but I don’t know how to bring up sex.”

Eren rubbed Armin’s back. “The thing is, you might have to be the one to initiate it. He’s probably like Levi, he doesn’t want to rush into things to make sure you’re comfortable. Y’know. Age difference, and all. But I’m sure whenever you’re ready, he’ll be excited. Trust me. No one could resist a cutie like you.”

Armin lifted his head with a grateful smile. “Thanks for saying that, Eren.”

“Just doing my job,” he winked. That was the same thing Armin said to him on the day he fought with Levi.

“Also, did Mike sniff me back then?

“He does that. Happened to me, too.”

They shared another laugh.

“Alright, gentlemen,” Mike reapproached them with his cart. “Follow me.”

They followed Mike into the elevator. Mike pressed one of the buttons and they descended.

“We’ll start with the Public Relations floor first,” Mike said. “That seems to be the busiest part of the building nowadays.”

The elevator dinged and opened up to a massive floor; way larger and more spacious than the top floor. The furniture was mainly white and glossy here, with large chrome desks arranged symmetrically all the way down the floor. The employees at the desks had their heads ducked into their work and looked very immersed in it, hardly noticing the elevator doors open.

It was a small detail, but Eren noticed that the employees had big desks and not small cubicles like most 9 to 5 jobs. Levi and Erwin must treat their employees really well to make sure that they were this comfortable.

“Coffee, guys?” Mike asked. He led them to a break room at the edge of the floor. Eren and Armin fixed themselves drinks and Mike waited patiently.

With coffees in hand, the boys followed Mike back out into the room.

“So it’s pretty self-explanatory by the name,” Mike started, “but these people specialize in communications with other companies, as well as getting information from potential partners and collaborations. M.P. has them on their toes right now.”

Eren and Armin got some smiles from some of the employees. They probably heard them over the PA.

After they’ve had some time to poke around, they followed Mike back into the elevator. He took them to Marketing; the floor that was strictly for conferences and meetings; the lunch/break floor; and Analytics.

“Most of the floors have a similar setup,” Mike said. “So now you pretty much know what the whole building looks like. I’ll take you to Accounting. There always seems to be a party in there,” he sighed wearily.

And Eren and Armin were about to find out why.

The elevator door opened up, and this floor was already much louder than the rest of the building. They heard distant arguments and screeching.

Suddenly, Hange was making their way towards them. She hugged Eren first, then Armin. “Why, hello, my young friends! Come for a little tour, I see?”

“Shouldn’t you be working?” Mike raised his eyebrow at her. “Shouldn’t you all be working?” he called out loud, and employees with headphones on while punching numbers into calculators looked up casually. A bunch of employees on this level put their feet up on their desks and some were even working on the floor.

“Oh, Mike,” Hange patted his chest. “Loosen up! We’ve all been doing our assignments! I made sure of it!” That’s right, Hange was one of the executives after all.

“Doesn’t seem like it. It’s just a bit too festive in here. Perhaps I should tell Levi and Erwin so they can provide this floor another chat.”

“Noooooooooooo!!” Hange cried dramatically. “We’ll all behave, I promise!”

“It’s no use,” Moblit said as he approached them. “I’ve tried to whip them all into shape. I figured as long as they were doing their work, it should be no problem.” He seemed frazzled and exhausted, like a single parent. He noticed Armin and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, you must be Armin. Hello, Eren.”

“Come on, I’ll show you guys around!” Hange took both their hands and led them around the floor. Mike rolled his eyes and began distributing more mail.

Even though this was probably the messiest and definitely the loudest floor they visited so far, Eren noticed charts and graphs with very complicated equations and numbers lined along the walls. Papers were strewn about and missed drafts littered the space around overflowing waste bins. It was clear that these employees knew what they were doing.

Armin stopped and asked and employee a question, which engaged them into a conversation. Now it was just Eren and Hange.

“Actually, Hange, I had a question for you.”

“And what would that be, Eren?”

“Well, you see, I’m taking a financial lit class that I’m kinda struggling with. Levi said you really knew your stuff, so I was wondering if I could come by every once in a while and get some help from you?”

“Levi said that!?” she squealed. But she got back to the subject. “Of course I’ll help you out, my lovely! Come by and find me on the day of the week that you have your class and I’ll make sure you’re ahead of the game!”

“Thanks, I’m super grateful.” Eren grinned in relief. “I have the class on Wednesdays. I’ll come by then. And thanks for showing me around the floor.”

Mike waited near the elevator and organized his mail cart. Eren and Armin found him again.

“Shall we?” Mike beckoned them towards the elevator.

“Accounting is wild,” Armin giggled.

“That was definitely my favorite floor,” Eren said.

“I’m almost embarrassed to show visitors that floor. It’s an absolute madhouse,” Mike said. “But they all mean well.”

“They just know how to fun,” Eren told him. “I think the ability to relax and get work done at the same time is an important key to success.”

“Hm.” Mike grunted with a small smile. “Maybe you’re right, Eren.”

They reached the ground level again, and Armin and Eren waved their good-byes to Mike.

“I hope the tour was satisfactory, gentlemen,” Mike said. “I’m completely at your service should you ever come by.” He went back into the elevator.

Petra smiled from her desk when she saw them. “You two are the silliest. I heard your conversation over the PA.” She giggled. “I think you two are the rays of sunshine this company needs during this stressful time.”

She continued. “So I hear Mike gave you the tour? How did you guys like it?”

“We loved it!” Armin said.

Petra smiled, but then cringed. “Did he show you Accounting?”

They all laughed, which answered Petra’s question.

“Bye, now! Come back anytime!” she waved them off.


That night, Eren worked hard on his assignments as he waited for Levi to come back home.

Now, the night was rolling on. Eren closed his book with a satisfied sigh. He reclined in his chair and stretched out his arms. He got so much done!

Eren decided to give Levi a ring to figure out where he was.

“Hey, baby.” There were clinking sounds and conversations in the background.

“Hey, Levi! Where are you? Will you be back for dinner?”

“I’m having dinner with Erwin and Petra. Go ahead and eat without me.”

“Oh, alright. Have fun, I’ll see you later!”

“Bye, Eren.” Levi sounded thoroughly exhausted.

Eren ended the call and sat in silence for a few seconds. Hopefully the pizza place was still open.


The doorbell rang, and Eren rolled on over with his hoverboard. He hopped off and swung the door open.

“Hey, kiddo,” the bald pizza guy said. Eren was probably the restaurant’s most valued customer at this point, since he ordered pizzas regularly while Levi was busy.

“Hey, Brad!” He took the pizza and paid for it, then gave him a $40 tip.

Brad took the tip hesitantly. “Eren, you gave me two twenties.” Maybe it was an accident.

“I know,” Eren grinned. “I meant to. Thanks for the pizza!” Eren had more than enough money lying around anyway. His wallet was so thick from unused coffee shop money that he gave fat tips just to make his wallet fit better in his pocket.

“Thanks, kiddo.” Brad smiled and made his way out.

Eren ate his pizza as he zipped around the living room on his hoverboard. He could just hear Levi’s voice telling him “Please sit at the table and eat properly, Eren.”

With the pizza polished off, Eren was bored and his fatigue was setting in. He decided to take a shower.

Eren was washed and dressed, and Levi still wasn’t home. He climbed into Levi’s bed and watched TV. He insisted on staying awake to welcome Levi back home.

Finally, there were footsteps in the living room and Eren heard Levi sigh. His man was finally home!

Levi walked into the bedroom and slipped off his coat. His face softened when he saw Eren waiting in his bed with a smile on his face.

“Eren, it’s late, sweetheart. Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I wanted to wait for you!”

“You need to rest,” Levi concluded. “I’ll just have a quick shower and I’ll put you to sleep.”

Eren watched more TV as he waited for Levi to finish in the bathroom and get dressed.

Levi climbed into bed, and Eren immediately tucked himself under his arm to cuddle.

“How was your day?” Levi asked, rubbing Eren’s arm up and down.

“It was good! I asked Hange if she could help with financial lit and she said yeah! And Mike finally gave me and Armin a tour of the building!”

Levi nodded. “That’s great to hear.” But then he pursed his lips. “Did Mike show you both Accounting?”

Eren laughed. “Why are you all so ashamed of Accounting? That was my favorite floor, they all know how to have fun!”

Levi chuckled a bit. “I’m not ashamed of them. Quite the opposite, actually. I want their behavior to look as good as the work they put out. They’re just a bit too rowdy for my liking. I might need to have another talk with them.”

“Well, I really liked the whole building. Everyone really seems happy working there.”

“I’m glad you think that, Eren. Your opinion means so much to me.”

“And Mike seems really cool! What’s his job?”

“Erwin and I call him the buildingmaster. He’s in charge of all the mail, interns, custodians, and maintenance. He’s the only person who has the keys to the building besides me and Erwin.”

“Whoa… you must really trust him.”

“I do. Very much. He deserves a lot more credit than he wants. He’s very humble.”

“Mm,” Eren nodded. “How was your day?”

“Between you and me, exhausting.”

“How did the meeting go? Did you kick some ass like I asked?”

“It went well. I kicked ass. We’re placing some finishing touches on the case. Everyone is pulling their weight, which I’m happy about.”

Levi noticed that Eren’s breathing was deepening and his eyes were starting to drag shut despite how much he tried to stay awake to talk. This boy would neglect his own needs to get a chance to talk to him. What a sweet thing.

“Okay, Eren,” Levi groaned quietly and shifted them around to lay Eren down. “We can talk more later. But you need to sleep now.”

Eren was much too tired to argue. He nuzzled into his pillow. “Rub my back, Levi.”

Levi chuckled and snaked his hand up Eren’s shirt. He dragged his nails gently along Eren’s spine. “My little prince has had a long day. But he needs to rest now, because he has another day tomorrow.”

Levi watched patiently as Eren drifted off to sleep. Soon, he was snoring steadily, and Levi pulled his shirt back down and drew the covers over him.

“Good night, Eren,” he whispered into Eren’s hair before placing a kiss. Those chocolate locks smelled like shampoo.

But Levi was exhausted, too. The buzz of the alcohol from dinner was making him woozy and the day’s events were working to drag his eyes shut, too.

He turned out the bedside light and crawled into the covers. It wasn’t long before he was deeply asleep, just like his brown-haired cutie.

Chapter Text

“Good morning, precious.”

Eren shuffled into the kitchen very early in the morning with his arms raised expecting a hug. When he embraced Levi, strong, calloused hands snaked around his waist to press him close.

“I made your favorite.”

“Of course you did, you perfect boyfriend,” Eren laughed quietly into Levi’s shoulder.

Levi’s heart fluttered. “Sleep well?”

Eren nodded into his shoulder. “Mm-hmm. I really like it when you rub my back until I sleep.”

“I’ll do it more often, then.” Levi rubbed Eren’s back soothingly and separated the hug so he could flip over some toast.

Eren went over to the couch to grab his blanket and wrapped it around himself before hopping onto his hoverboard. He rolled around in front of the glass wall, taking in the view of the sparkling, sleepy city that was covered in a hue of dark 5:30 am sky. It was breathtaking.

Eren rolled around the spacious living room, still feeling quite drowsy. Levi didn’t turn on the living room lights, instead letting the tiny track lighting at the kitchen illuminate the area like stars. He was standing in front of the stove in that soft blue shirt that accentuated his muscles, and dark plaid pajama pants. Eren smiled from afar at this sight of his future husband.

Levi looked up and their eyes met. “You’re getting quite good at that.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Eren laughed. “Watch this!” He put some extra weight on his right foot, and the hoverboard spun around in place rapidly.

Levi smirked, impressed.

Eren continued rolling around as he waited for breakfast, yawning occasionally. His beige blanket trailed after him like a cape.

“Breakfast is ready,” Levi called from the kitchen. He placed two plates on the bar counter.

Eren hopped off his hoverboard and made his way. His plate had a smiley face in whipped cream. He looked up and grinned at Levi. Levi smiled back knowingly.

“Let me feed you,” Levi said after he climbed onto his stool.

Eren happily accepted, drawing his blanket tighter around himself as he was fed.

But a little while later, Eren wanted to switch it up a bit. He took off his blanket and hopped off his stool to drape it over Levi’s shoulders.

“I want to feed you, now,” Eren stated. He began cutting up some toast on Levi’s plate.

He held out the fork and hovered it in front of Levi’s mouth, just like he observed. “Open up, baby,” he sang.

Levi laughed lightly, and two plush lips opened up and accepted the fork.

Eren’s grin was ever-widening. “I love you, Levi! This is so much fun!” He cut up another piece and fed it to him.

“Fun?” Levi questioned, then accepted the fork.

“Yeah. I feel like a real wifey now. Gotta make sure my husband eats,” he said matter-of-fact. When Levi rested his chin on his hand and took another bite, Eren squealed happily.

“You’re very adorable, Mr. Jaeger.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ackerman. I like taking care of you.”

And since he was on a roll, Mr. Jaeger provided Mr. Ackerman a top-notch blowjob and foot rub after breakfast, in that order.


Levi was in fucking heaven as Eren wrapped up his foot rub. There truly was no better way to start a long day.

He leaned down to touch Eren’s elbows and help him up. “Hey. Come up here.”

Eren got off his knees and straddled his lap.

“You’re such a saint. You didn’t have to do all that for me.”

“Don’t be silly, Levi. You take care of me all the time. I want to reciprocate.”

“Well,” Levi breathed and rubbed Eren’s thighs gently, “thank you very much.”

“No problem!”

“But there was also something I wanted to talk to you about, my dear.”

Eren cocked his head to the side. “What’s that?”

“We both know the case has me coming home very late sometimes,” Levi started as he continued rubbing Eren’s thighs soothingly, “but I don’t want you staying up and waiting for me. You need your sleep, and I don’t want you to sacrifice that for me.”

Eren pouted, and placed his hands on Levi’s shoulders. “But I want to talk to you before bed.”

“I know, Eren,” Levi cooed. “But we can always talk during the day. I’ll make time. You have long days, too, and it would make me really happy if you slept instead of waiting for me. You need your rest. Understood?”

Eren sighed, lacing his hands in his lap. “Understood.”

Levi opened his arms for a hug. “Come here. I love you.”

Eren smiled as he went in for the hug, a bit clueless as to what would happen next. “I love you t- HYA!”

Levi clamped his arms around Eren’s body and tackled him to the couch, commencing in a surprise tickle attack. Eren squealed as Levi’s fingers ruthlessly dug into his ribs and stomach. He punched his fists out to defend himself, but of course Levi easily dodged them all. Levi moved his attack to the armpits, and Eren laughed uncontrollably.


But Levi wasn’t done yet. A sadistic smile curved his lips as he went into the crooks of Eren’s neck. He watched as Eren flailed around beneath him, wheezing and out of breath.

Okay, Levi thought. I’m done now. He ended his tickle attack with a growling kiss to that boy’s cheek. Something so deep and delicious ignited within him these past few minutes.

Well… maybe I’m not completely done yet. He took some of Eren’s cheek between his teeth gently in a possessive bite. “Ugh, I could just eat you up.” He inhaled the morning scent of Eren’s face.

“Then eat me, Levi,” Eren whispered breathlessly. He had that cheeky smile to him.

Levi climbed off of Eren and carried him bridal-style to Eren’s bedroom. It was still early; they had some time to play before starting the day.

Eren rested back on his pillows as he watched Levi take out lube and his purple dildo from the bedside drawer. The big plush bear oversaw the scene with his beady little eyes.

“What’re you gonna do with those?” Eren asked.

Levi took the items with him as he climbed onto the bed and crawled closer to those long legs and spread them apart. He edged his fingertips along the waistband of Eren’s boxers and pressed his nose where his belly button was. A calloused hand slipped up the hem of Eren’s shirt to expose that tight stomach. “I think I want to taste you, Eren.”

Levi started laying butterfly kisses onto Eren’s abdomen, now rising and falling rapidly as Eren started becoming hot and bothered. Butterfly kisses turned into smooches, and smooches turned into loud wet sounds as Levi groaned and sucked spots into Eren’s tummy.

Eren reached down and held Levi’s head, relishing the feel of that glossy black hair. A secret low heat pooled in his stomach from arousal.

Levi moved further down Eren’s body, pausing for a second to draw Eren’s legs up around him. He placed a hand on Eren’s crotch, pleased that it was firm and erect.

“So responsive,” Levi stated. “I love it.”

He wrapped his hand around Eren’s print ever so lightly, careful not to have him orgasming too quickly.

He hooked an arm around Eren’s leg and began kissing the insides of his thighs.

“You’re delicious,” Levi growled in between smooches.

Eren reflexively tried to clamp his legs around Levi’s head from the stimulation like a vice, but Levi knew him too well and kept his legs spread with his hand.

Levi sucked dark, fat hickies into those juicy thighs, enjoying the increasing sounds from Eren. The firm placement of the hand on his cock was strangely comforting and hot to Eren.

Once Levi was pleased with the dark, wet galaxies that littered that littered the insides of Eren’s thighs, he started taking the sensitive skin between his teeth and leaving bite marks.

Eren’s hand shot up to his mouth to stop himself from screaming, and he jammed the other hand beneath his pillow to restrain himself.

“L-L… L...” Eren couldn’t even get Levi’s name out.

“Patience, baby.” That fucking deep ass voice was doing nothing to help Eren’s case.

Levi kept at it, making sure Eren was fully marked up and a squirming, whining mess before sitting up and finally pulling down Eren’s boxers.

That adorable curved dick bounced against Eren’s stomach.

Levi smiled and took it into his hand, just to tease Eren a bit. He wasn’t going to start pumping yet. No, he had something else to do first.

He uncapped Eren’s lube and slathered the clear liquid onto his fingertips. After warming it up, he inserted one finger into Eren’s entrance, then a second. He started scissoring his fingers casually, and Eren sighed contently.

After a long while of pleasing and stretching Eren open, Levi pulled his fingers out. Eren waited patiently for the next activity.

Levi drizzled lube onto the head of the purple dildo, and slathered it around the surface. He aligned it against Eren’s entrance, and slowly, ever so slowly, he pushed it in.

“Oh,” Eren sighed. “Ohhh… yess.”

Levi pushed in a few more inches. After all that fingering, Eren was pliant and it went in like butter. When the toy was all the way in, he pulled it back out at that indulgent slow pace.

Levi quite liked Eren’s reactions. He loved seeing those big green eyes stare at him in anticipation, and watching those soft pink lips curl and mewl.

And Eren liked being able to take things slow with Levi. Eating… sex… he was encouraged to indulge and feel every second of pleasure. With his impatient personality, had he been the one with the dildo in his hand, he would have spent all of a few minutes fucking himself with it fast and dirty before having an explosive orgasm and going back to whatever he was doing like nothing happened.

But Levi made him forget the world around him, allowing his skin to prickle and heat up in passion.

Eren bit his bottom lip in an ecstatic smile and turned his face away, letting Levi do his thing. He stretched and arched his back in pleasure, and he let his eyes close.

Time stretched out, so lovely and sensual.

“Does that feel good, my little prince?”

Eren didn’t say anything, mainly because he was too up in the clouds, but he managed a quick, giggly nod.

And just when Eren thought it couldn’t feel any better than this, Levi wrapped a firm hand around his cock and began pumping up and down slowly.

This was calculated, and Eren knew it. They both knew that if Levi fucked him with that dildo any faster or pumped him any harder, he would be cumming in no time. But Levi knew just the pace that allowed Eren to feel the lovely sensation with no end in sight. His orgasm was climbing and lacing up his spine wonderfully. Slow and snake-like, not the usual red and jagged claws that flashed in his mind when he fucked himself.

A long while passed again. Levi noticed that Eren was getting close. So, he squeezed his hand a bit when he reached the base of Eren’s cock, and began milking him out on the way up.

He aimed the toy into Eren’s lucky spot, the spot that Eren didn’t know how to find on his own. He made sure the toy brushed into that bundle of nerves.

“L-Levi.” Eren’s eyes remained closed, but he started squirming again. “C-close. Cumming.”

It was quite literally seconds before Eren spilled warm cum onto his own stomach and Levi’s hand, biting his finger and curling his toes.

And Levi knew when Eren was finished releasing, but he decided to milk him out a bit more. He slid the toy in and out a bit more vigorously into his prostate, and pumped him out more furiously.

Eren was lost in a sea of pleasure, the waves crashing around him threateningly. Just take me already, he pleaded with them. Perhaps he could swim his way out of this blind madness, so overwhelming and wonderful at the hands of Levi, but that man decided not to let him go that fast, and kept overstimulating him while he was still orgasming.

He was suspended in mid-air now, no longer at the sea, and the exhilaration seemed dangerous especially since Eren couldn’t see the end.

Levi couldn’t know any of those thoughts right now, but he watched as Eren squirmed and whined at the overstimulation. He made sure Eren was truly spent and back to Earth before unwrapping his hand and pulling the toy out.

He didn’t speak just yet. He just watched as Eren face twitched with a few times and his body shivered as he rode out the last aftershocks of his lengthy orgasm. Finally, Eren opened those beautiful emerald eyes, still panting.

“How was that?” Levi asked.

Eren kicked Levi’s leg playfully. “It was fucking amazing. I don’t think I can move right now. I’m too fucked out.” He smiled expectantly. “Can you give me a piggyback ride into the bathroom?”

“Eren,” Levi chuckled, stroking his naked leg. “Don’t be lazy.”

Eren sat up just enough to take off his soiled shirt so that he was completely naked. “Sorry, hot stuff, I don’t make the rules.” He got up crawled to Levi’s back before latching his arms around his neck.

Levi smiled as he piggybacked Eren to the bathroom. He couldn’t get himself to say no, anyway.


“Jean, could you open a new jug of milk?”

Jean was already crouched by the fridge looking for a can of whipped cream. “Sure.”

The end of the week was here, and Eren put in 110 percent effort to end the Friday shift on a strong note.

The overflowing tips cup seemed to reflect that.

“Ah, hey, Annie! Long time no see!” Eren flashed a wide grin at his rather reserved friend.

“…Hi.” she tried not to let Eren’s radiant demeanor crack her façade, but who really could withstand that boy’s charm? A ghost of a smile pulled at the corner of her lip. “The usual.”

“Comin’ right up!” Eren wrote down Annie’s signature order on her cup- small mocha frappe with extra whipped cream- and took her money. “How are your matches going?”

“Good. I’m changing up my training routine.”

“Oh! I think Reiner can help you with that. He trained me for a little bit, too.”

“Reiner is the one helping me out,” Annie nodded shortly. “I meet him at the gym.”

Eren shook his head in regret. “That guy is ruthless. His workouts almost killed me.”

A very rare expression graced Annie’s face. Did Eren Jaeger manage to make Annie giggle?

“Alright. I’ll have your drink ready for you in a minute,” Eren said as he handed the empty cup to Jean. “It was very nice seeing you again, Annie. Come by more often!”

“I’ll try.”

Jean was pouring some mocha shots into Annie’s cup. “Wow,” he mused, impressed, “I think I saw her smile a bit when you were talking to her. That shit’s miraculous.”

“Miraculous shit seems to happen when you least expect it, Jean-boy.”


Eren made it home, a bit weary but very content. As expected, Levi wasn’t home yet. He put on his glasses and used the time to get ahead on an essay that wasn’t due until a month.


“I knew I’d find you in here.”

Erwin walked into the library room to find Armin curled up in the big plush velvet chair, reading a book. He looked up over the book and grinned.

“I made you some cookies,” Erwin smiled gently and placed the plate as well as a glass of milk on the small coffee table next to the chair. But Erwin’s face etched a little with concern. “Although it’s a bit irresponsible of me, because I’m spoiling your dinner.”

Armin had already taken a big bite of one of Erwin’s legendary cookies. He waved his hand to quell Erwin’s worries. “Don’t worry about that. You know I’ll still eat whatever you make.”

“I’m glad to hear that, dear. What are you reading?”


Erwin nodded. “I’ve been meaning to re-read that one.” He checked his watch. “Okay. I’ll leave you alone now. I’ll let you know when dinner is ready.”

They shared a loving gaze before Erwin turned on his heel and left the room.

Armin had another cookie. This was becoming a bit of a routine. He would stop by Erwin’s place, sometimes even unannounced, and they would spend a quiet night in. Well, Erwin was often busy working on the case, so Armin would retreat in his new favorite place in the apartment- the library, filled with what seemed like hundreds of books- and read quietly. Even with all the work he had to see to, Erwin tried his best to make it a point to cook Armin a nice dinner whenever he came over. He was the finest man Armin had the pleasure of claiming.

He especially liked coming over on Fridays, because Saturdays were dedicated to him and Erwin was forbidden from working. It made for an easy transition out of the busy work and school week for each of them, respectively.

There was something very soothing about Erwin’s place. Well, with all the books and albums and art and historical trinkets, it was pretty much Armin’s dream home. It was quiet here, too, but a cozy sort of quiet. Erwin would make the best food and they would hold the most profound discussions. Armin felt like a prince whenever he came over. And he was completely okay with that.

He managed a few chapters before he heard Erwin’s voice calling him for dinner. Today was baked salmon. Armin was grinning in excitement as Erwin pushed his chair in.


Eren was tired of studying for the night. With all his free time without Levi home, he always found himself completing assignment weeks before they were due and having read several chapters ahead of his classes. His parents would be proud.

He slammed his book close and made his way into the living room. Video games seemed like a good way to wind down. He lounged and played as the sky continued to darken.


The door clicked and Eren’s ears perked up. Levi came in, looking exhausted as usual. He took off his shoes and set them aside neatly. “Hello, Eren. How are you, love?” he called.

Eren paused his game and ran over to give his man some love. He wrapped his arms around Levi’s shoulders and lay a kiss on his jet-black hair. “I’m doing great, Levi. How was your day?”

“My day went well,” he started, and Eren took off his coat for him and hung it up on the coat rack. “I’m just glad to finally be home.”

Eren frowned a bit and took Levi’s shoulders to lead him to the couch. “I can tell you’re exhausted. Let me take care of you.”

Levi sat down at the couch with a long groan, and Eren stood behind him and massaged his shoulders and neck. “You can relax now, Levi. You’ve worked so very hard this week.”

And Levi happily followed that instruction. He allowed his eyes to close and his thoughts to wander away from the company as his brown-haired cutie worked his long fingers into his tense muscles.

When he felt that Levi’s shoulders were sufficiently worked through, Eren looped around the couch and sat on the floor to take off Levi’s socks and massage his feet for him.

Eren giggled silently when he saw that Levi’s head was thrown back and he was groaning lowly.

Levi worked hard and harbored lots of pressure on his shoulders (quite literally) from his position at the company as well as his clients on the side, and Eren felt personally responsible to help him relax and undo him after a long day.

Levi was dangerously close to sleeping, but he managed to shake himself out of it and open his eyes. “Thank you for that massage, baby. I appreciate you.”

“Just doing my job!” Eren smiled from below. His bright emerald eyes sparkled behind his glasses. He got off his knees and sat down on the couch next to Levi, wrapping an arm around his shoulders to lay a kiss on his cheek.

“Have you eaten yet?” Levi asked, holding the hand that was draped around him.

“Nah. I wanted to wait for you to get home.”

“What would you like? I’ll cook.”

Eren rested his head on Levi’s shoulder. “You just got home, Levi. You don’t have to cook. I’ll order us takeout.”

“Are you sure? Cooking would be no problem.”

“Positive. I want you to relax. I’ll go make you coffee, too!” Before Levi could argue, Eren slipped out and ran into the kitchen to get Levi’s signature drink started.

Levi was left on the couch, just a bit too relaxed and liquid than he was used to while in the M.P. case shitstorm. But then again, what did expect from his thoughtful little boyfriend?

He wasn’t sure how long he’s been lounging on the couch lost in thought, but Eren came back around with a mug in his hands and he snapped out of it. “A medium black for Mr. Ackerman. Enjoy.” When Levi took the mug, Eren bowed cartoonishly, pretending to be a waiter.

“Thank you, Mr. Jaeger. You’re the sweetest thing.” He took a sip and sighed deeply. Eren’s coffee making skills were on point, as usual.

Eren grinned in appreciation and fished his phone out. He stretched out on the other end of the couch as he dialed the Chinese restaurant.

“…lo mein, egg rolls, white rice, beef and broccoli… uhhh… oh, and veggie stir-fry,” Eren said. “Please,” he added sweetly.

It was silent in the room as the restaurant relayed his order. Eren nodded. “Yup, you got it! Bye.”

Eren put his phone aside and stalked into Levi’s lap before picking up his controller and resuming his video game. Levi sipped his drink as he stroked Eren’s hair and watched him shoot down aliens on the screen. Quiet domesticity. Neither of them would have it any other way.


“Wow, Erwin… you outdo yourself every time!” Armin sighed deeply and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Thank you very much for that wonderful dinner.”

Erwin wiped his mouth as well, and smiled from the flattery. “It was my absolute pleasure. I really enjoy cooking for you.”

“I’ll help you do dishes,” Armin said with his eyes closed. “Just let me… rest for a sec.” He was stuffed to the brim.

“Understood,” Erwin said. He reclined in his own seat, and used the opportunity to catch up with Armin’s happenings. “How was your day, my dear?”

“It was alright. A bit tiring. Organic chemistry is still difficult as hell but I’m feeling good about the exam we’re about to take on Monday.”

“Mm. And how about zoology?” Erwin wanted to know about all of Armin’s classes.

“Zoology is kind of a blow off class for me,” Armin explained. “The studying I’ve done over the summer put me a few paces in front of the course. But I might as well get a credit for it. At least this way I can focus more on o-chem.”

“Perhaps you should speak with your counselor to take a more advanced version of the course next semester? I know you get bored when you’re not challenged enough.”

Armin gazed admiringly at Erwin. He knew him so well. “You’re already a step ahead, Erwin. That was my plan.” He leaned forward on his elbows, a bit more attentive to the conversation now that he’s had a chance to digest a bit. “But enough about me, how is the case going?”

“I briefed the PR team today and had a few meetings. We’re truly in the home stretch now. I’m proud of how hard everyone is working.”

Armin smiled mischievously. “Did you talk to Accounting?”

Erwin laughed. It was becoming a bit of an inside joke now that Accounting is Survey Corp’s hidden (and for good reason) gem. “They’re doing just fine. Hange and Moblit are exceptional leaders. They haven’t missed a single deadline.”

“By the rate things are going, how much longer do you think the case will last?”

“Just weeks, at this rate. Frankly, I’m excited for things to start settling down again.”

“I’m excited, too. I want to spend way more time with you. One day a week isn’t quite enough for me.”

“Likewise, darling.”

Armin pushed his chair out and collected their empty plates, giving Erwin a quick wink before heading to the kitchen. Erwin pushed his chair out and followed suit to the sink.


“What would you like to do now?” Erwin asked, with the two of them having done the dishes and tidied up the kitchen.

“I was thinking… could you read to me?” Armin asked, a bit shyly. He hoped his request wasn’t too strange.

“I would love to. I’ll wait in the chair, go ahead and bring your book.”

Armin jogged into the library and brought back Roots. He loved the story, but Erwin’s voice would make it, like, a hundred times better.

Erwin was waiting patiently in the huge reclining chair. He turned on the nearby lamp to make the space even brighter.

And just like he has several times before, Armin climbed into his lap and got comfortable. Erwin took the book and turned to where Armin left his marker.

“Wait, Erwin,” Armin said right before Erwin started reading. Erwin looked down expectantly.

Armin took the back of Erwin’s neck and drew it a bit closer to him, meeting their lips in a firm smooch. He separated and nuzzled back into that broad chest.

Erwin chuckled at the unexpected but very lovely surprise. He lay a retaliation kiss on the top of Armin’s blond bob before clearing his throat and begin reading.

“Only the rasping sound of the deck hatch being opened told Kunta if it was day or night…”


Eren took one more piece of beef into his mouth from Levi’s chopsticks before deciding that he was absolutely full. “Mm-hm,” he nodded in satisfaction. “I can’t anymore.”

“I’m full, too,” Levi said. He reached over and put all the leftover remains of each box into one box.

Eren chugged down Coke to wash his meal down. After his final swallow, he burped very loudly and grossly. Levi looked at him disapprovingly.

“’Scuse me,” Eren said sweetly.

Levi shook his head in disgust, but the faintest of smiles pulled at his lips.

Eren lay back on the couch and turned on the TV as Levi cleaned up. The food made him really lazy and sluggish.

Levi joined him a bit later, lifting Eren’s feet and placing slipping beneath them before placing them on his lap.

“Tell me about work, Levi,” Eren said.

He listened closely as Levi filled him in. Eren loved being in the loop. He asked many questions, some more relevant than others.

“All the executives have reported that the deadlines are being met. I couldn’t ask for better. I’m sure Erwin would agree.”

Eren nodded, and his mind wandered off again. “Levi, what happened between Nile and Erwin? The drama, I mean,” he clarified.

“Nile and Erwin fell in love with the same woman a long time ago.”

Eren’s eyes widened and he sat up a bit. That shit was juicy! “What happened next!?”

“Both Survey Corp and M.P. were young businesses at that point. Erwin committed his whole being into the company, and his life was a bit too occupied for love at that point. Nile left his position at M.P. temporarily to commit to her, and they ended up marrying. I think they have three kids now.”

“Oh, my God!” Eren’s eyes were still wide. He wondered if Armin knew about this. “Have you met the lady? What’s her name?”

“Her name is Marie. I haven’t met her myself.”

“So Marie would rather go for a man that would abandon his company, instead of a man who’s responsible?” Eren felt a bit angry. Erwin was a great man; anyone would be lucky to have him. Although, he couldn’t be too upset. If things worked out with Erwin and Marie, Erwin wouldn’t have gotten with Armin. And his best friend deserved all the happiness he was feeling right now. “How did Nile get his position back? He must’ve done some slimy stuff to reclaim his throne! And why is letting M.P. do all that illegal shit? Does Marie know?”

Levi was a bit overwhelmed with Eren’s flurry of questions. “That’s about the extent of what I know, sweetheart. Erwin doesn’t talk much about it. I’m sure he’s over Marie by now, but with the collaboration between both companies, I guess you can say it reopened old wounds.”

Eren stayed sitting there with his eyebrows furrowed while he thought of more questions.

“Don’t overthink it, Eren. That all happened a long, long time ago.”

“Erwin must be really dedicated to the company…” Eren said. To choose between a potential love and an up-and-coming company must’ve been a really hard choice. Although, with how big and successful Survey Corp. was today, the choice was pretty worth it.

“He is,” Levi agreed. “Unbelievably so. When people ask him if he has any children, we sometimes joke that he has one, and that it’s Survey Corp.”

Eren laughed. “I would’ve never known. Erwin’s a lady killer. I can’t believe he ever got rejected.”

“He really is a lady killer. Rejection can happen to the most unlikely people.”

“…I need some ice cream,” Eren said wearily. He went over to the kitchen and peered into the freezer. “Damn. I forgot I finished the chocolate ice cream.”

“We can go grocery shopping tomorrow,” Levi said from the couch.

Eren settled for a popsicle. He started for the hallway. “Let’s move this party to the bedroom,” he said with a flirty tone.

Levi got up and followed.

“Eren, go finish your popsicle somewhere else,” Levi said as he changed into his pajamas.

Eren knew that Levi didn’t allow chips on the bed because the crumbs bothered him, but he was also nervous about popsicle stains, it seemed.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t make a mess.”

“Not a single drop,” Levi warned as he climbed onto the bed. “Juice stains are a bitch to remove.”

“Not a single drop,” Eren repeated. He turned on the TV and surfed some channels. Levi lay face down on his pillow and groaned lowly.

Eren crawled over and sat on Levi’s lower back, drawing an especially loud appreciative moan from Levi.

He ate his popsicle and settled onto Levi’s back as they both winded down for the night.


“…He lay fixing in his mind the faces of those who turned the great wheel of the canoe, since their lives were the only ones to be spared.”

Erwin was about to continue onto the next paragraph, but he noticed that Armin was breathing deeply and steadily, and his eyes were closed. The poor thing had fallen asleep.

Erwin smiled gently and shut the book. He didn’t know what to do now. He checked his watch. It was almost 1 am. He would be heartless to wake Armin up and demand that he head home. Surely, he could spend the night here?

Erwin put the book aside and snaked his arms beneath Armin’s body to lift him up. He got up from the chair with a quiet groan, careful not to wake Armin, and carried him over to the guest bedroom. Armin didn’t stir at all from the movement. The week must’ve truly exhausted him to be this knocked out.

He yanked back the white covers of the bed and lay Armin down on the mattress. Still not a single stir from him. He pulled the covers over Armin’s body, and, with a soft kiss on Armin’s bangs, he turned on his heel and turned out the light on his way out. He needed to get ready for bed, too.


Eren finished his popsicle and has had enough TV for the night. He climbed off Levi and smacked his butt playfully before heading to the kitchen to throw away his popsicle stick and wrapper. Levi grunted at the contact, but he rolled onto his back and sat up.

When Eren returned, Levi was climbing into the covers.

“Levi. Hold me,” Eren said.

“Of course. Come here.”

Eren crawled into his favorite pair of arms.

Levi wrapped his arms tight around Eren’s torso, who was laying across his lap like a child. He drew Eren’s long legs closer.

“I love you very, very much, Eren. My sweet Eren.” Levi made his point by sucking loud kisses into that chocolate hair.

He held Eren for a long while. Eren didn’t really speak. Sometimes, he just wanted to be held. Nothing more. The long week was finally starting to catch up to him.

Levi rocked Eren back and forth. It was a bit therapeutic. He had a chance to feel the passage of time and reflect on work.

Finally, Levi noticed Eren’s breathing beginning to deepen. “Let’s sleep now, precious,” he whispered into Eren’s hair.

Eren stirred and got beneath the covers. Levi reached over and turned out the bedside light before joining him.

“I love you, too, Levi. You’re the love of my fucking life.”

Chapter Text

Armin slipped out of his dream, shrouded in a heavy blanket of confusion. He sat up slowly and looked around. This wasn’t his bed. It was too big and too comfortable.

He remembers now; he came over to Erwin’s last night. He remembered dinner and reading… but not much else. A fleeting thought crossed his mind- did they have sex last night? A slow, hopeful smile spread on Armin’s face. But he became disappointed, too, that if it did happen, he couldn’t seem to remember any of it.

He pulled the covers aside and made his way to the bathroom. He could hear Erwin walking around the kitchen in the distance.

In the bathroom, there was a toothbrush still unopened in its package. Armin tore it open gratefully.

Now that he was washed and brushed, but still in the same clothes he came in last night, Armin made his way to Erwin.

The man making breakfast in the kitchen was not one that Armin immediately recognized. This one had normally neatly parted hair shaken out messily over his forehead, and was wearing a white v-neck t shirt and blue plaid pajama pants instead of an impeccable black suit.

Erwin looked totally normal.

Armin marched right up to that man and buried his face in his shirt in a hug. Erwin leaned down for a kiss on his head.

“Good morning, my dear.”

“’Morning,” Armin’s reply was muffled. When he looked up again, he noticed that Erwin had some morning stubble on his face. He immediately reached out to feel it. “You didn’t shave,” he giggled.

Erwin laughed lightly, too. “I hope it isn’t too jarring.”

“No, I like it.” The tiny, coarse hairs felt ticklish under Armin’s fingertips. He wanted to rub his cheek against it. Perhaps later.

“I used that new toothbrush in the bathroom. Is that okay?” Armin asked, his chin resting on Erwin’s chest as he looked up at him.

“It was meant for you.” Erwin stroked Armin’s long locks, running his fingers through the strands. “You can start leaving your mark here. I can empty out some drawers for you, too.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Armin grinned. “But, umm…”

Erwin looked at him expectantly.

“What happened last night?” Armin was a bit shy suddenly, a bit embarrassed to have no memory of how he ended up spending the night.

Erwin patted his head  soothingly, and his smile widened. “Nothing to be worried about, darling. I was reading to you after dinner and you fell asleep on my lap. It was quite late at that point, so I figured you could sleep here. I carried you to the guest room. You didn’t wake even for a second. You must’ve been very tired.”

Relief and disappointment simultaneously washed over Armin that they didn’t have sex last night.

“Did you… sleep in the bed with me?” he asked, a mischievous smile growing.

“I did not.”

“You should have.”

Erwin laughed. “If that were to happen, I would prefer you to be awake to give me permission.”

“How chivalrous…” Armin purred. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Omelets. I’m trying a new recipe out.”

“Okay, I’ll leave you to it.” He kissed Erwin’s chest and turned on the TV to watch the news.


Eren was in a fantastic fucking mood this morning.

He wanted to get the day started already! When he looked beside him, Levi was still asleep. He must’ve been truly exhausted to sleep past Eren.

But that’s okay, because Eren would wake him up. He dashed to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, bobbing his head to the music in his mind. After drying his washed face, he smiled into the mirror.

Eren dashed back out the bathroom and jumped onto the bed, where Levi was still lightly snoozing with his eyes closed.

He crawled over to Levi and started laying kisses on his face to wake him.

“Good... morning… Levi!” Eren said between kisses. Levi’s eyebrows furrowed and his face twisted under Eren’s wet kisses, but the corners of his mouth pulled up in a smile. “Rise n’ shine!”

More kisses. Levi finally opened his eyes. “The tables have turned, it seems,” he said, his voice thick and grumbly and still incredibly sexy. There haven’t been many days where Eren would be the one to wake him up for a change.

Eren grinned. “I’m a wild card, baby!” He straddled Levi’s hips, which would prevent him from rising and shining, but Eren just loved being on top of him.

Levi reached his arms under his pillow and rested his head on it, gazing at Eren lovingly. Eren rubbed and then patted that hard chest and unstraddled him, heading towards the kitchen to surprise Levi with a drink.

Levi took a deep breath and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. This was a lot later than he usually slept; work was really getting to him. He got up and stretched his arms out, and his back gave out some loud cracks.

In the kitchen, Eren would fix Levi some black tea for breakfast, and made toast. He took out the jam from the fridge, and the water was ready. He turned and hummed as he poured the water into a mug and began seeping the black tea leaves.

He took the breakfast to the bar countertop, and took out the Lucky Charms to begin making his own breakfast.

Levi walked in just then.

Eren looked behind his shoulder and grinned. The cereal bits clinked as they fell into the bowl. “Hey, I made you tea and toas-“

Strong hands wrapped around Eren’s waist and turned him around, and Levi wedged his knee up Eren’s legs.

Now that Eren was leaned back against the counter, he smiled down at Levi, resting his hands on his broad shoulders. He opened his mouth to speak again, but Levi leaned up and kissed him hard, molding his lips around Eren’s upper lip over and over.

Eren tried to separate the kiss to talk again, but Levi was relentless. He took a hand down and palmed Eren’s crotch.

“Le-“ A silencing kiss. “Oh…” he sighed softly.

Levi’s hand felt good. Really good, especially because he was only covered by the fabric of his boxers down there and nothing else.

Levi smirked at Eren’s increasing fluster, and he trailed down his body until he was on his knees. Eren’s hands remained on his shoulders all the way down.

He hooked his fingers into the waistband of Eren’s boxers, and pulled them down just enough that Eren’s cock peeked out. With one kiss to the head, Levi took it into his mouth.

Eren groaned and bit his lip. He held the counter behind him with his hands for support.

Levi sucked Eren off fast and quick, working his tongue around the groove between the shaft and head, knowing it was one of Eren’s most sensitive spots.

Eren started making those pretty sounds again. Little moans, little whines here and there. As good as he was feeling, he was also becoming a bit worried. “Levi… your tea will get cold…”

But the tea could be damned right now, because Levi was fixated on getting a piece of Eren this morning. He held Eren’s lovely hips and worked his tongue even more skillfully.

“Ah!” Eren cried. Yeah, fuck the tea. He could let himself get lost again. He lifted his leg up and draped it over Levi’s back, and the sensation of the cool air to his naked thighs stung wonderfully. Levi held Eren’s leg in place, and he admired the damage to Eren’s inner thighs- the dark bruises and faint bite marks that he left there a few days ago.

“Fuck, Levi, go back in there!” Eren said, and fisted his hand in his glossy black hair to lead him back to his momentarily neglected cock.

Levi went back in, not surprised at all by Eren’s reaction. This boy was very easy to please.

“Uh-huh,” Eren nodded his head in euphoria. “Uh-huh. Right there! Just like that.” Levi kept swirling his tongue around Eren’s slit and the head, and with the hollowing of his cheeks a little later, he could feel Eren spurt hot pleasure down his throat.

Eren kept his tight grip on Levi’s hair until the very end of his orgasm, and when he let go, he smoothed it back down apologetically. Levi took the leg that was draped over his back and put it back down on the floor.

“That was out of the blue!” Eren smiled, and helped Levi up.

“What, I can’t please my little boyfriend?” Levi asked as he pulled Eren’s boxers back up.

Eren giggled.

“I’m going to go brush my teeth again,” Levi stated. When he left, Eren made Levi a fresh helping of toast and was glad to see that the tea was still hot.

Now that Levi had returned, they shared a proper good morning hug in the middle of the kitchen, Eren burying his nose into the crook of Levi’s neck and Levi running his hands along the smooth skin of Eren’s hips.

“Thank you for making me breakfast, Eren. You’re the sweetest thing.”

“You’re welcome!”

Levi sipped his tea and spread jam on his toast and Eren poured milk into his Lucky Charms.


“Thanks for breakfast, Erwin!”

Erwin took their empty plates away. “You’re very welcome. What are you thinking for our date today?”

“Hmm… I’ve always picked in the past. How about you choose this time?”

Erwin thought for a second as he turned the sink on. “What about a picnic? We could lay a blanket out somewhere and talk. You could help me make sandwiches. We’ll do the whole deal.”

“How romantic! I’d love that!”

Erwin beamed.

Armin got up from his seat and went over to the sink to rub Erwin’s sides up. “But let’s spend the morning in… I have some plans for us.”


Maybe Armin would work up the courage to initiate some intimacy with him… or he could just have Erwin hold him.

He would see how it played out.


Eren finished eating his cereal on the couch and lounged lazily. He lay on his stomach and browsed his phone, basking in the glow of the morning through the glass wall. 

He turned on his front-facing camera to take a selfie, but he noticed that Levi was in the background sitting at the bar. He snapped a picture and captioned it Look at my beautiful husband and sent it to Armin, Mikasa, and Levi himself.

Mikasa texted back right away: He proposed to you?? Her concern emanated through the phone.

Eren rolled his eyes. Well, he wished that were the case, he thought with a curl of the lips, but no. Mikasa wasn’t the best at picking up jokes.

No, Mikasa. I’m married to him just in spirit. He hasn’t proposed.

That seemed to quash her worry. Ok. I hope things are going well. That’s a cute picture. I love you!

I love you too!


Armin was sitting in the large reclining chair in the living room when he got Eren’s picture.

Look at my beautiful husband

Armin laughed. Eren was just waiting for Levi to pop that question, that eager thing. Whenever they texted, Eren would sometimes refer to Levi as his husband. It was actually really cute.

“Erwin, come here and take a selfie with me!”

“A selfie?” Erwin mused. He closed his tablet and made his way over. He leaned down next to Armin and when their faces were smiling side-by-side, Armin snapped a picture. Erwin ruffled Armin’s hair before walking away again.

Armin captioned it My beautiful husband! and sent it to Eren.


Eren got a message from Levi. It was a picture of him lying on the couch from Levi’s perspective. Levi captioned it Look at my little treasure and husband.

Eren laughed through his nose. Just then, he got a reply from Armin.

It was selfie of him and Erwin, with the same caption as his. But Erwin’s hair was uncombed and he had some stubble on his face. And even so, he was still handsome as ever.

Eren was shocked to see him look so normal! He laughed out loud this time, and Levi turned his head.

“Levi, come over here! Look at Erwin with stubble! He looks so different!”

“He does look a bit strange unshaven, doesn’t he?” Levi chuckled. He made his way over with his tea, and settled into the couch beside Eren’s legs.

Eren was still laughing at Erwin’s morning appearance. Levi didn’t grow facial hair, so he couldn’t make fun of his morning look.

He texted Armin back, still giggling. Tell Erwin I like his stubble!!


Armin laughed at Eren’s response. “Erwin, Eren says he likes your stubble!”

“I didn’t think it would to be such a hit with the youth,” Erwin laughed.

He replied to Eren: I told him. He said he’s surprised we both like it!


Levi peered into the fridge and took a quick inventory, writing things down on a shopping list.

“We can get started with Eren Day soon, but let’s get groceries out of the way first,” he explained to Eren.

“Got it!” Eren went to go get dressed.

Levi reviewed his list and went to his own bedroom to get dressed.

At the grocery store, Levi filled the cart with essentials, and Eren handled the snacks.

It seemed Saturday morning was a popular time to get groceries, because the store was quite busy. There was a lot of “excuse me’s” and “oops, sorry’s” as people brushed past each other.

“Can’t forget the chocolate ice cream,” Eren smiled and pulled some of the freezers.

In the checkout line, Eren pulled out the divider and started loading the items onto the conveyor belt. The cashier told the woman in front of them that her card was declined. She took it back and looked through her wallet, fishing out some bills, and trying out a new card that was also declined. Eren could hear her start panicking.

Levi was answering an email on his phone as they waited in line. Eren overheard the conversation.

“Ma’am, if you can’t afford it, you can just push your cart aside and we’ll put everything back.” The cashier was starting to become frustrated.

“N-no, I’m sure I have something in here…” the woman tucked some hair behind her ear and kept searching for money in her wallet, but it was clear she didn’t have enough.

When Eren took a good look at her, the woman looked quite young, not much older than he was, probably. She had a very small baby in a carriage in her cart seat, and a toddler at her heels. A young, single mother, perhaps?

Eren was starting to get worried. The line behind them was growing longer and the people were sighing impatiently and tapping their fingers and shoes. Some checked their watches and left to another checkout line.

“Ma’am, you’re holding up the line,” the cashier said.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she starting tearing up. She starting taking out quarters, and the cashier rolled his eyes. The toddler pulling at her skirt starting fussing.

That’s when Levi looked up from his phone. He gauged the situation and noticed the impatient people behind him. The lady’s cart was filled with diapers more than anything as well as formula and food. Eren looked back and forth between him and the lady worriedly.

Nothing else needed to be said. Levi stepped up and got the cashier’s attention. “Excuse me. I’ll handle her total.”

The lady looked at Levi desperately. “No, sir, you don’t have to do that!”

“It would be no problem at all, Miss. I insist.”

Her toddler began crying at the lack of attention. Eren crouched down to try to soothe him. “Hey, buddy. Hey… everything’s gonna be okay.” He smiled wide and pointed to the corners of his mouth in a cartoonish grin.

The toddler stared at Eren shyly, but he stopped crying. He kept his tight grip on his mother’s skirt.

Eren hooked his fingers into his mouth and stretched his cheeks out, showing all his teeth in a clown smile. The toddler giggled.

“You like that, huh?” Eren laughed. He did it again, and the toddler hooked his fingers into his own mouth and smiled. They both smiled at each other like this, trying to outdo each other.

Levi completed the payment.

The young woman smiled at him gratefully, still a bit teary. “Thank you so very much, sir. You’re a savior. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It really was no problem, you’re very welcome.”

The woman started heading out with her cart. She waved her hand at her side. “C’mon, Maxie. Time to go,” she said.

Maxie and Eren laughed together, their cheeks aching from their stretched-out grins. “Bye, buddy,” Eren said, and waved to the toddler before standing back up.

With the lady gone, the rude customers behind them mumbled things like “finally!” and sighed in relief that the inconvenience was over. Eren became annoyed by them. Why were people so rude!?

The cashier finished checking out Levi and Eren’s cart and they made their way out the store. They unloaded the things into the trunk and got into their seats.

Levi put his sunglasses on like he usually did, even though it was only mildly sunny outside.


Back at home, Eren helped Levi put all the things away. They ended up sitting on the barstools to regroup.

Eren wanted to say what was on his mind. “Levi… what you did back there was very honorable of you. I’m proud I’m in love with such a hero.”

Levi smiled a bit and stroked Eren’s face with one hand. “I’m not a hero, Eren. Always be generous. Fortune will find its way back to you. If you have the means, you should always help people out.”

Eren’s heart warmed. Levi was so fucking generous and not many people realized it. He didn’t know what else to do but to lean over and hug him. This man made a young mother and her two children’s day, and he expected no credit.

Levi patted Eren’s back soothingly.


“Time for me to show you who’s boss!” Eren said as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“We’ll see about that.”

They got to the arcade for date day (Eren’s idea). Once again, Levi found himself doing something he hasn’t done since he was young, a situation he was always in whenever he was with Eren.

The interior of the arcade was dim, and the floors had glow-in-the-dark carpeting and wall decals. Claw machines lit up with dancing colored light bulbs, and games of all kinds lined the walls.

After buying credits, they started with skeeball. Eren was focused with his tongue sticking out, but he always swung his arm back just a bit too hard and the ball wouldn’t land in the center holes.

Levi, who was controlled and meticulous, racked up many points. Just like when they went bowling, the fabric of Levi’s jacket tightened around his biceps as he curled them. Eren watched enviously as a long strand of tickets came out of Levi’s machine. Although, he really had nothing to be jealous about because they both knew that Levi would spend his tickets on a prize for Eren.

Next was basketball, which Eren definitely excelled at because he was tall and he played basketball with his friends often. Levi tried, though, he really did.

Neon numbers appeared on the scoreboard, and the chains of the basketball hoops rattled with each shot, and Eren was grinning as he aimed and shot. Ball after ball sunk into the hoops, and he hardly missed.

They were each one for two now. They sat down at the water guns and gripped the handles. The objective was to aim the stream of water into a small target in the distance.

The handles moved on their own to add some difficulty. Eren couldn’t manage a tight enough grip, and his stream splashed around against the backboard. Meanwhile Levi’s strong grip kept his own handles in place, and the veins in his hands popped.

“Keep it still, Eren.”

“I’m trying!”

Levi took the win easily. They collected their tickets and placed it into a clear bag.

“You always did have good aim,” Eren said flirtily, and touched Levi’s butt very slyly.

Levi went to get drinks, and Eren hopped on the Dance Dance Revolution machine in the meanwhile. The person next to him asked if he minded a two-player game. When they started playing, it wasn’t long until a crowd formed around them.

Levi came back with water bottles, and found Eren dancing off against another guy. He strained to look above the people in front of him. There was a moment of silence, and then a loud cheer from the crowd. The game must’ve ended. He wondered who came out on top.

Eren emerged from the crowd. Based on his radiant smile, Levi figured he took the win.

“I defended my honor,” Eren said seriously and took his water bottle.

“I’m proud of you.”

Next was a shooting game, and the objective was to shoot down zombies. Eren took the red plastic gun, and Levi took the blue.

Once again, Levi’s aim was flawless, and he won over Eren with slightly few points.

Eren wanted to try the whack-a-mole game. He took the first try.

“Hey, this is pretty easy!” he said after hitting the first few moles. He rocked side to side like a tennis player stance.

But the moles became ruthless. Eren’s face twisted in hurt as he missed the momentarily-appearing moles.

“They’re too fast!” he cried.

“Focus,” Levi coached him from the side.

The game flashed letters to end the session, and the animation on the screen showed a cartoon mole teasing him. Eren wanted to fight it.

Levi stepped up for his turn. Much like Eren’s seen him swat down occasional spiders at the apartment, his hammer struck down moles with blinding speed. When their rate increased, Levi remained cool and collected, unlike Eren who cracked under the pressure.

“Whoa…” Eren watched in amazement at Levi’s skill. It was almost like he was predicting and memorizing the patterns.

The session ended and the animation showed a mole getting beat up by a huge toy hammer, very reflective of Levi’s performance.

“How did you do that?” Eren was in awe.

“I anticipated.” Levi yanked out the long strand of tickets and folded them into the bag.

“I gotta find something in here that I can beat you at…” Eren thought out loud and looked around. He took Levi’s hand and led them to a racing game.

The objective was to maneuver around Beijing as fast as possible. Turbos, top speeds… Eren utilized every method for acceleration as he worked the stick shift. He mustered up all his focus and finished first. He let go of the wheel and collapsed against the back of his chair in relief.

He watched Levi finish his lap. The car he used drove at medium speed on the right side of the roads. Eren laughed.

“Levi, go faster! Fast and furious! You don’t have to drive so safe in the game!”

Levi finished his lap at a solid 8th. “Habit, I guess,” he said with a chuckle. It really was a habit. Levi was an amazingly safe driver, while Eren liked to pound the gas pedal and feel the wind in his hair.

They agreed that they’ve had enough of the arcade for today. Eren took them to the ticket machine and they fed their earnings into it together, and they got their slip.

“Pick something you want, baby,” Levi said at the prize counter.

Eren looked around. A big red yoga ball caught his eye. “That ball right there,” he pointed. The employee nodded and took it down for him.

They took it to the car, and Eren reclined his chair way back to fit the ball in with him.

“I’m hungry, let’s get lunch,” Eren said.

“You got it.”


Armin packed the last sandwich into the container and Erwin packed the small cooler with drinks.

“Ready?” Erwin smiled.

They drove through winding trails and smooth roads to get to a quiet little park on the outskirts of Trost. Armin gazed out the window at the falling leaves and sunlight beaming through the trees. It was such a beautiful day.

Erwin turned on classical music and they listened to it as they made their way.

At the park, they carried their items to a secluded hill hidden by trees. Erwin lay out the blanket and they set up lunch.

“Mm,” Armin said as he chewed. “Did you put mayonnaise in this one?”

“Is that the turkey? I did.”

“Usually when I get burgers or sandwiches, I tell them to leave to leave the mayo out. But this is really subtle and quite good!”

“The trick is to wipe it on the bread, not slather it. A little goes a long way.”

Erwin reached over and tucked a blond lock of Armin’s hair behind his ear for him, since it kept getting in the way of his sandwich. Armin smiled back sweetly.

He put his sandwich down and unwrapped one of the ones he made. “Try this one. I added a secret ingredient.”

Armin held the sandwich out and Erwin took a bite from it. Armin took a bite from the same one right after.

Erwin thought for a moment. “Hmm… ham… prosciutto… is that apple?”


“It works quite well!” Erwin laughed.

He took out two wine glasses, and because Armin was still under drinking age, Erwin replaced the wine experience with sparkling cider. Armin felt like it was the real thing.

They clinked glasses and took a sip, admiring the blue sky above. There wasn’t a single cloud. Armin scooted closer and leaned against his lover’s body.

“This is really lovely, Erwin. I’m always so at ease and overjoyed when I’m with you.”

Erwin beamed down at him, and wrapped his arms around him to hold him closer. “I feel the exact way, darling. I love you.”

Armin gazed up and puckered his lips. Erwin met them firmly.

“I love you, too!”


Eren and Levi settled on wings for lunch. Eren’s saucy fingers and mouth tempted Levi to reach over and clean that boy up, but he restrained himself to the end. Eren was cute no matter what state he was in.


They got back in the car after lunch, and Eren squeezed back under his yoga ball.

“Where to now?” Levi asked as he put his sunglasses back on.



“Let’s watch that one!” Eren pointed at the latest horror movie cardboard display. He held on to Levi’s bicep.

“But you hate horror movies,” Levi said. It was true. Eren couldn’t stand them. The last time they watched a horror movie at the apartment, Eren couldn’t sleep with the lights off for a week.

“Yeah, but you and everyone else in the theater will be there to protect me!”

Levi chuckled and pinched Eren’s cheek. “You’re so silly. Alright. Let’s watch it.”


The movie was no joke! Eren held onto Levi’s bicep tight for protection, and tried to hold back his squeals when he was startled. The whole theater was screaming and laughing during the jumpscares, though, so Eren blended right in.


Everyone left the theater on edge and relieved that they were safe from the movie. Eren still hasn’t let go of Levi’s arm.

“That was fucking intense!” Eren said. He was still jumpy.

“It was, huh?” Levi patted Eren’s hand and they made their way to the car. Eren still looked behind him nervously, which made Levi chuckle quietly.


Back at home, Eren took off his jacket and beanie. He was still feeling energetic, but he wanted to spend the rest of the evening in with his man and cuddle up.

Levi was sitting at the couch after having taking his own jacket off. Eren came over and straddled him, laying kisses along his jawline. Eren attacked Levi’s throat but his lovin’ was short-lived when his phone vibrated.

Eren looked at the ID and was about to ignore it, but he saw it was someone important. “Oh.

“Hey, Pop! I’m doing well, how ‘bout you? …That’s good. Yeah. ….” Eren rolled his eyes. “Yes, Father,” he sighed exaggeratingly, “I am keeping up with my studies…. Yes. Yes. ….Well, I was kinda struggling with it but I found a tutor of sorts. ….I know. I know. Yeah. Dad, I know! …Okay. Wait, so you’re taking a few days off of work soon? …Okay. I’ll bring him over,” Eren trailed a finger up Levi’s jaw slowly. “Okay. Okay, I will. …Alright, Dad. Tell Ma I said hi. I love you. Bye.”

Eren ended the call.

“’Ma and Pop’?” Levi questioned the way Eren referred to his parents.

“I know, it’s kinda weird,” Eren laughed. “I like to keep it ol’ fashioned sometimes. Armin makes fun of me for it, too.”

“No, I think it’s cute.”

“I’m not cute, Levi. I’m manly as hell.” Eren joked.

“Still cute to me.”

Eren pecked a quick kiss on Levi’s cheek. “My dad is finally taking some time off from the hospital to spend some time at home. He wants me to visit and bring you along so he could meet you.”

“I’d like to meet him, too,” Levi said.

“I’m glad. My mom really likes you, and I can tell you and my dad will get along. You guys share the same mentalities on some things.”

Levi smiled. He trailed his hands up to Eren’s hips. “What would you like to do now? We still have a lot of time.”

Eren leaned his forehead against Levi’s, and made his voice husky. “Let’s fuck like pornstars.”

And so they did.


Armin and Erwin relaxed together after their lunch, just talking and getting to know each other even more.

“I think we should pack it up and head back home, don’t you think, my dear?” Erwin said softly.

“Yeah.” Armin got up on his knees, and now he was as tall as Erwin who was just sitting. Before they folded up the blanket, Armin wanted to be a little bold.

He took Erwin’s face in his hands and took his mouth forcefully, loving how those lips felt against his. Erwin held Armin’s waist with one large hand.

He deepened the kiss. Armin introduced tongue, slow but very much full of presence. He swallowed Erwin’s low groan and smiled.

When they separated, Armin pushed Erwin’s chest to have him lay down, and climbed his body. Erwin laughed fully.

“Someone’s feeling a little naughty,” Erwin said.

“I suppose so…” Armin said a bit shyly, and grasped Erwin’s belt teasingly.

But Erwin sat up suddenly, and the lurch caused Armin to fall back. But Erwin caught him before he hit the ground to soften the impact.

And just like that, Erwin was looming over Armin, pinning him down.

Armin blushed a bit. He caused this. They might actually……

Erwin kissed that adorable button nose below him. “Let’s go home, little one.”

Chapter Text

“God damn, Levi!” Eren gushed.

They collapsed on Eren’s bed together, sweaty and panting and totally high in ecstasy. When Eren prompted to fuck like pornstars, Levi definitely stepped up to the plate.

Levi took a deep breath and rubbed his hand over his face. “You’re wonderful, Eren.” While he caught his breath, he curled his arm behind his head.

Eren scooted closer to hold him, tucking himself beneath Levi’s arm. He stuck his tongue out and licked the sweaty patch of black hair on Levi’s armpit- a tradition he was started for whenever Levi got into this position after sex.

Levi cringed. “Disgusting.”

But Eren couldn’t be bothered. He cuddled in closer and rested his head on Levi’s chest. “You know you love me.”

“I do.” My adorable, disgusting little boyfriend.

Eren placed his hand over Levi’s heart, noticing that it was still beating quite fast. He looked up. “Let’s have shower sex and clean up. Then I want to cuddle.”

“I can’t keep up with you, sweetheart,” Levi chuckled lowly. “You’re stretching my limits.”

“Stretching, not exceeding,” Eren said, matter-of-fact. He patted Levi’s chest and then got up. “C’mon, hot stuff. I’m not done playing with you just yet.”

Levi groaned and stretched as he mustered up some energy to get up. Eren definitely reminded him how old he was getting.

Eren crawled on the mattress on his knees, hugging the big bear that took residence on his bed. “If you won’t play with me, maybe Teddy will. He was quite useful in our threesome.”

Levi laughed, low and deep. Teddy definitely did not have to participate in the depraved acts they performed just now. Poor thing.

Eren shimmied his hips to give Levi a full view of his sweet ass. He grinned and wagged his eyebrows.

Levi finally sat up and they both made their way to the bathroom. Ironically, the shower sex was just as filthy. And they both loved it.


Armin and Erwin got back to Erwin’s place, the supplies from their picnic in hand.

“We should go on more picnics!” Armin said.

“Agreed. I’m grateful the weather was so nice today.”

As Erwin put away the cooler and blanket, Armin sat on the couch, a bit disappointed that the day was coming to end. He wanted to stay even longer.

And it seemed Erwin was, once again, a step ahead. “You’re welcome to spend the night here, dear.”

“I want to, but I don’t have an overnight bag or anything. I’ve been wearing this outfit for two days now.” Armin held the fabric of his sweater.

“I can drive you back to your house so you can pack a bag, and then we could come right back. How does that sound?”

Armin grinned. “That sounds great!”

Erwin beamed right back. “Perfect. I have a lovely dinner planned and I want to share it with you.”

“Can we watch a movie and talk after that?”

“We can do anything you want.”

The slutty voices in Armin’s head awakened from their slumber and started talking to each other again. Perhaps Armin would take Erwin up on that offer…


Eren and Levi finally made it to the couch, all cleaned up and fresh. It’s been quite the day. But now it was time to wind down.

“Are you hungry, Eren?”

Eren thought about it while he was distracted browsing Netflix. “I could eat.”

Levi got up and prepared a platter to snack on while they watched TV. Cheese and crackers, popcorn, carrot and celery sticks (the celery was for him, Eren hated celery), and apple slices.

Eren waited patiently on the couch wrapped up in his blanket, with just his head sticking out. Levi’s heart squeezed at his adorable boyfriend.

Eren reached for carrot right as Levi set the platter down. He scooted closer and settled his body against Levi’s, and an arm held him closer.

Criminal Minds?” Levi asked. It was Eren’s favorite show, after all.

“I wanted to start a new season with you. I heard this one is even better than the last.”

Levi reached for a celery stick and kissed Eren’s freshly washed hair before taking a bite.


Armin fiddled with the radio station as they drove to his house in Erwin’s white Bentley. The expensive car, much like the rest of Erwin’s high-end lifestyle, was something Armin got used to after a while.

He settled on a pop station.

“Wow, look at the sky!” Armin said while he was gazing out the window.

In the quiet, suburban part of town Armin lived in, the stars twinkled shyly against the dark sky. And because it was such a clear day, the dark evening sky was the perfect condition for them.

Erwin leaned forward towards the wheel to look up at the sky. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It reminds me of the night-“

“that we spent together on your birthday!” Armin interrupted excitedly.

Erwin turned and smiled gently. “Yes.”

His birthday was a few weeks ago, and it was a gorgeous day like this one. On the night of it, Erwin took Armin to a faraway spot, and they stargazed and spotted constellations. It was one of the romantic things Armin has ever experienced.

“We can go to the park at the apartment if you want to spend some more time outdoors,” Erwin offered. “We can’t let a night like this go to waste.”

“Let’s do that!”

They got to Armin’s place. Armin unbuckled his seatbelt. “You can wait here, I’ll be quick. I’d invite you inside to meet my grandfather, but he’s most likely asleep.”

Erwin watched him run into his house and shut the door behind him. It left him alone in the car to catch up with his thoughts for a minute.

Every day with his young lover was one for the books. He’s had relationships in the past, but no one else could speak to him quite as profoundly as Armin. No one was as simultaneously shy and sassy and studious as he was. It was a lovely, adorable combination. His heart has been closed from love for a long time, and Armin made him forget that. Being a CEO of a company meant he had a certain role to play- a role where he had to be dominant and commanding and stern. But with Armin, he felt like he didn’t have to play a role. He really could be himself.

Not that there was anything wrong with playing his role for work. He loved his job, and he took pride in his company. He sacrificed a lot to get it to where it was today. But it was important to allow himself to be vulnerable and carefree occasionally. Being with a young spirit like Armin taught him that was okay.

A sharp rap at the back of the car snapped Erwin out of it. He popped the trunk for Armin.

Armin exhaled as he got back into the passenger seat. “Alright. Let’s go.”


“You can have all the space in the guest room. The drawers should be empty,” Erwin said. “I’ll get dinner started.”

They shared a hand squeeze before parting ways. Armin got on his knees and started unloading his clothes in the empty drawers.

Wow… this is really happening! he thought. This is a milestone to check off; to be at your lover’s house so often that you need to leave sets of clothes there. They were moving quite fast with their relationship, but Armin wanted it to go even faster.

Now that his clothes were neatly folded away, he could finally change out of his outfit.

He loved the bathrooms in Erwin’s place. It was so clean and spacious and white. Even the stack of towels had their own warmers. He looked into the closet and got a new bar of soap.

Water cascaded on Armin at odd but wonderful angles than he was used to. He scrubbed the outdoorsy scent from the picnic off him, but that scent would be back soon enough when they walk to the park.

Armin stepped out of the steamy glass room, and took a huge fluffy white towel from the heaters to wrap around his body. He giggled how cozy it was. It was like being wrapped by a cloud.

Erwin was still hard at work on dinner as Armin made his way to the kitchen, his hair still damp. “Erwin, I love your bathroom! The towels are so warm… I was in love!”

“The towel warmers are a little excessive, huh?” Erwin chuckled as he stirred some soup. “A bit materialistic of me.”

“Not at all! In fact, I won’t let you get rid of them. They’re a necessity I never knew I needed!”

“The towel warmers are here to stay, then.” Erwin took a spoonful of soup and brought his lips to it to taste it. “Mm,” he grunted a bit disapprovingly. He reached over and added some salt into it.

He gave it another mix and took another spoonful, this time bringing it to Armin’s mouth.

“Minestrone?” Armin asked. He started becoming quite cultured in cuisine since he’s met Erwin. After tasting the soup, he nodded approval. “Perfect.”

“Good. Salt can do so much to a soup.”

“What’s in the oven?” Armin asked.

“Pork chops.”

“Ooh. I’m too scared to experiment with pork. One wrong move and they’re too dry.”

Erwin looked at him. “Don’t be afraid to try your hand at it, dear. I’ve seen you work chicken to perfection several times.”

Armin giggled and tucked himself beneath Erwin’s arm. “Well, that’s only because you were there with me every step of the way. Not to mention chicken is the most forgiving of meats. You were the one who taught me that.”

“That I did, Armin. That I did.”

Armin slipped back out of Erwin’s arm and began to set the table.


Erwin served the freshly baked pork chops onto the plates with a spatula. Armin took out his phone to take a picture of his dinner. He sent it to Eren.

Eren replied with a picture of himself with his face glowing in the dark, holding on to what looked like Levi’s arm:

Yummyyyyyyyyyy, FUCK!! Erwin can get any man pregz with his meat tbh

Armin giggled, and remembered the day at the barbeque; the fateful day he met the handsome man sitting across from him now.

He put his phone away and they started the intimate dinner together.


After dinner, Erwin showered and put his pajamas on. He slipped his shoes on. “Ready?”

Armin looked at him. “Do you usually go in your pajamas?”

“Usually, yes.”

Armin put his own shoes on. “Have your neighbors ever noticed?”

Erwin followed him out the door, and he locked it with his keys. “They have.”

“Do you talk to your neighbors?” Armin took Erwin’s hand and they made their way downstairs. The cool night air was exhilarating after the heavy dinner.

“Not too often. We’ve had dinner and drinks a few times together, but my schedule doesn’t line up with theirs most of the time, with work and all.”

“Are they nice?”


Armin was becoming quite curious about Erwin’s apartment complex. Although, Erwin was very used to Armin’s curiosity about a lot of things, and answering long strings of questions was becoming normal.

“Do they know what you do?”


Armin opened his mouth for another question, but he restrained himself. He looked up at Erwin as they walked. “Sorry, I’m grilling you with questions again. Bad habit.”

Erwin squeezed his hand. “Don’t apologize. I love talking to you. Your questions are entertaining.”

Armin smiled. Not many people have said that to him. Even back in high school, other students would make fun of him for asking the teacher too many questions. When Eren was withholding information from him, Armin would bombard him with questions, too, only to get the usual eyeroll and response: Stop grilling me, Arm!

“…Okay, one more:” Armin said excitedly. “How long have you lived here?”

“Actually, not too long. About two years. It’s funny you ask that. I used to live in a big house in a gated community, but Levi told me it was too isolating. He told me to move somewhere with more ‘human interaction’, as he put it.”

Huh… Armin thought. Levi didn’t seem like the type of person to give that type of advice at first glance. He was so mysterious. “So that’s what you did?”

“So that’s what I did,” Erwin nodded. “And he was right. After I moved into this complex, I realized how lonely it was in that mansion. It was far too much space for one person. An apartment among neighbors was a good choice for me.”

“I’m curious about the mansion! Can you take me to it one day? I want to see what it looks like.”

“Certainly. I know the man who owns it now.”

They got to the little park in the center of the complex. The fountain’s water was a strange fluorescent blue as it was illuminated by fixed lights at the bottom. Armin reflexively patted his pockets for his wallet, to look for coins to throw in the water. His face flattened when he realized how silly this ritual Eren got him into was.

“Forget something?” Erwin asked.

“My wallet. But it’s no big deal. I like to throw coins into fountains sometimes. Eren got me into it.”

“I would’ve given you some coins if I had my wallet, but I left mine upstairs, too. What is the purpose of throwing the coins?”

Armin trailed his fingers along the water’s surface absentmindedly. “Eren says it’s lucky and will bring good things your way. I like believing in things with concrete proof, but it’s a harmless gamble.”

Well, Eren couldn’t have been too wrong; maybe all those years of throwing quarters into mall fountains was what landed him in this dreamy relationship.

“A harmless gamble…” Erwin repeated. They laced hands together and made their way further down the trail.

Armin ran his fingers against a few tulip clusters as they walked. The wind whipped his hair back for a second, and he shivered. He relished the feel of Erwin’s large hand engulfing his. It was very reassuring.

They got to a wood bench and sat. Armin scooted close and wrapped his arms around Erwin’s torso.

“Do you come to this park often?” he asked.

“I do. I like to come here before work with a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. Sometimes I jog here after work.”

Armin froze up and sneezed. As adorable as the sneeze was, Erwin was immediately concerned and took off his robe right away.

“Wear this. I forgot your hair is still damp.”

Armin slipped into the sleeves gratefully and sniffled. “Your hair is damp, too.” But the robe was really warm and it smelled like Erwin’s cologne. It brought a smile to Armin’s face.

“I’m more concerned about you, though,” Erwin smiled. He wrapped an arm Armin and pressed him close. They looked up at the sparse stars together.


Long after the episode finished, Eren and Levi stayed on the couch making out in the semi-dark.

“Mm,” Levi grunted. Eren separated for a second to let him talk, but kept staring at his lips which were now swollen red from all the kissing. “Shall we head to bed now?”

Eren got in one more loud smooch before answering. “We shall.”

Eren got up and ran the empty platter to the kitchen, and then held Levi’s hands to help him off the couch.

As they entered the hallway, Levi smacked Eren’s butt, earning a surprised yelp.

“I’ll get my revenge for that,” Eren said. “When you least expect it.”

While they brushed their teeth, Eren bumped his hip into Levi playfully.

The bed was so warm and inviting after such a fun-filled day. Levi checked stocks on his tablet before getting under the covers. This was Eren’s chance for revenge for the butt smack.

Little did he know that Levi anticipated his plan.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he snaked his hand down to a nearby pillow, and when he had a hold of it, he swung it towards Levi’s face.

But Levi, as prepared as he always was, beat him to it and found a pillow a millisecond sooner, swinging it to smack the shit of Eren’s head with it.

“Ah!” Eren’s voice was muffled as the pillow met his face, and he collapsed on the mattress.

Levi put his tablet aside and smothered Eren’s face with that pillow for a second. When he took it off, Eren’s face was red and he was giggling as the blood rushed back into his head.

“What was that about revenge, sweetheart?” Levi asked over him. He kissed Eren’s lips before going back to his spot and throwing the covers back.

Eren crawled back to him. “You’ll see, Levi. That was just a trial run.” He took his arms to Levi’s shoulders and started massaging them.

Levi turned his body so Eren could work better.

“Lower. To the left,” he instructed. Eren moved his target. “Fuck,” Levi breathed.

“Right there, huh?” Eren asked. He worked his thumbs deeper into the tissue.

Levi finished his browsing and put his tablet away. They silently changed positions so that Levi could lay down and Eren could sit on his back, just like most nights.

Levi groaned so deeply, almost painfully when Eren started massaging again.

“Levi, I really think you should see a chiropractor. All this working at your desk is not good for your back.”

“You think so?” Levi asked, the side of his face pressed against the pillow.

“I know so. Mama knows when Papa is hurting.” He pressed down on Levi’s spine with his palms, which earned him a loud groan, proving his point.

“I will. Maybe when the case is finished.”

“No, as soon as possible. Don’t torture yourself.” Eren’s motherly side was starting to show again, Levi thought with a smirk.

“Alright, alright.”

Eren thoroughly eased the tension in Levi’s back, and got off. With Levi laying down this way while defenseless, Eren found his chance!

He eyed Levi’s firm, toned butt and smacked it hard. “Revenge!” he squealed, and laughed maniacally.

Levi laughed, and his body shook with it. “Kicking me while I’m down was your new strategy?”

“You know it! I always find a way.”

Levi was still a useless log on the bed. Eren stroked his back soothingly.

“C’mon, Papa. Let’s sleep now.”

Eren managed to get them both beneath the covers and turned off the bedside light. He molded his body flush against Levi’s, and smiled when a familiar pair of muscular arms held him there.

“Good night,” Eren said, pecking Levi in the lips one more time. “I had tons of fun today. And I love you very, very much.”

“I love you very, very much, too. Good night, Mama.”

Eren giggled. That nickname sounded so fucking delicious and endearing coming from that chocolatey voice.


Erwin turned the keys to unlock the apartment door. He let Armin enter first.

“That was a very nice walk!” Armin said.

“A lovely night with a lovely young man. I couldn’t ask for better.”

Armin took Erwin’s hand and looked up after tucking his hair behind his ear. “I want you to sleep in the same bed with me tonight.”

“Okay.” Erwin smiled and leaned down to place a kiss on those bangs. “I just want to be sure you’re comfortable with everything. I never want you to feel like you’re being rushed.”

“Erwin, you said it before: communication is key. And I’m telling you right now that’s exactly what I want. I love you, after all.”

“I love you, too, Armin. The bed in my room is a bit bigger than the guest room’s, so let’s use that one.”

The slutty voices in Armin’s head squealed in excitement. This was real, this was real! He wanted to text Eren, but he might as well save it for the morning to give an accurate full report.

They brushed together, and they crawled onto Erwin’s huge bed. Armin’s heart pounded as he took of Erwin’s robe. This was, in fact, very real.

Before Erwin could turn off the lights, Armin took his face into his hands again, pressing their lips firmly. Erwin held his waist with big hands and returned the fervor.

Armin finally separated, and their breaths were mixing with how little distance there was between them. “I just wanted to say that you’re allowed to initiate things, Erwin. Don’t be afraid of rushing me. I know what I want. And I want you.” He went in for another kiss.

Erwin gazed at those deep blue eyes staring back at him. “I hear what you’re saying, my dear. But I really value your comfort and feelings above anything else. I’m almost twice your age,” he said softly, “so I want to be cautious. I’ve never been with someone as young as you before. I know you’re eager, but I don’t want you to regret anything. Do you understand, Armin?”

“…I understand,” Armin nodded. He stroked Erwin’s chiseled face with his hand. “But don’t be too cautious,” he whispered sweetly. “Let’s compromise.”

Erwin’s smile widened in agreement. “Compromise.”

Armin patted Erwin’s cheek. “You were always good at that, after all, Mr. Smith.”

They turned off the lights and got beneath the covers. Armin was very glad to find himself as a comfortable little spoon. It wasn’t at all awkward. In fact, sleep was threatening to drag him down with each passing second.

“I want you, too, Armin,” Erwin replied to the earlier statement. I know what I want… Armin’s words echoed in his head. This young man most definitely made himself clear.


It was the exact middle of the night when Levi found himself waking from some tremors in the bed. He turned on the bedside light and looked at Eren tossing and turning beneath the covers, his face twisted in discomfort.

He rubbed Eren’s chest. “Eren. Eren, baby, wake up. You’re having a nightmare.”

Eren woke with a startled gasp. His tortured face softened when he saw Levi’s familiar face.

Levi rubbed Eren’s chest again. “You’re okay now. I’ll go make you some warm milk.”

He got up made his way to the kitchen to boil some milk. It was probably the horror movie they watched earlier. Or the Criminal Minds episode. Or the fact that Eren had a history of nightmares.

He got back to the bedroom with the mug. Eren was sitting on the bed and browsing his phone silently.

“Thank you. You’re the best,” Eren said gratefully. He drank his warm milk quietly.

When Eren finished his drink, he got back under the covers and nestled in. Levi put a hand up his shirt and rubbed it soothingly. He started humming a song that Eren didn’t recognize, but he liked it anyway. Eren was glad to have such a loving husband. Well, boyfriend, technically, but this amazing man might as well be his husband.

He was back asleep in no time.

Chapter Text

Eren woke up face-down, stomach-down, and with his arms and legs spread out like a starfish from a really deep sleep.

There was a little puddle of drool on his pillow, he noticed as he woke up still groggy and heavy; and Levis spot was cold. He wasn’t too surprised. Probably back to working.

Eren got up and stretched deeply. Maybe he’d feel more awake after brushing his teeth and washing his face.

Making his way in to the living room later, the sky was very blue and the sun was beaming brightly through the glass wall. The strong scent of burned incense and lemon cleaner hit him, and the rug beneath the couch was freshly vacuumed. Eren smiled knowingly. Levi liked to deep clean on Sunday mornings.

Speaking of that man, Eren decided to go into his office to say good morning.

“Knock knock,” Eren said softly before entering. He saw Levi still in his robe and pajamas, typing away at his computer and jotting notes on the pad in front of him.

But he smiled and opened his arms up when Eren came around, prompting him to take a seat on his lap. He wrapped an arm around his shoulder for support.

“Good morning,” Eren said sweetly. He lay a kiss on Levi’s hair.

“It’s 1:30 in the afternoon, Eren,” Levi chuckled. But he gave Eren several smooches up on the cheek anyway.

Eren gazed at the laptop screen while he received his kisses, which had an email in progress and a report about something.

“1:30? No… it’s like, dawn,” Eren said sleepily. He punctuated it with a huge yawn, and gripped Levi’s robe tighter.

“I promise you it’s not dawn, you silly boy,” Levi said.

Eren tucked his legs up closer and rested his head on Levi’s. He was still tired. He might as well let his eyes drift shut for a minute. “Oh, by the way… I’m sorry that I woke you up last night.”

Levi patted his arm reassuringly. “It’s alright. Did you sleep well after that, though?”

Eren nodded and smiled dreamily. “Yup. Like a baby. That milk you gave me knocked me the fuck out.”

“I’m glad to hear that, darling. That makes me happy.”

Eren lifted his head up before he accidentally fell back asleep on Levi. He truly could knock out wherever. That was how he spent his first night in this apartment, after all. “Okay,” he whispered. “I’m gonna get out of your hair now.” He unmounted Levi and made sure the coffee mug sitting on the desk was full before leaving.

He had himself a quick breakfast of cereal while sitting on the counter and washed it down with root beer, just because he could. It kind of reminded him of when he used to live alone in his last apartment.

Eren lounged on the couch and tried to figure out how he’d spend the day. He debated taking Armin with him to the movies, but the truth was he wanted to be lazy today.

He remembered that he had a psychology exam tomorrow, which he was pretty prepared for since he studied hard when Levi was away. It wouldn’t hurt him to review, though. The exam was a huge chunk of his grade.

Eren liked to think he was pretty efficient during the week. There was no harm in taking a lazy day, right?

He wrapped himself up with his blanket and put on a movie on the TV, to which he used as background noise to take a nap. A really, really, yummy, well-deserved nap………..


“Eren… Eren…” Levi’s voice faded in and out.

Eren woke up yet again, feeling a hand pet his hair. “What…?”

“You need to wake up for dinner, baby.”

“…Dinner? Already?” He got up and looked at the glass wall, noticing it was dusk. Wasn’t it bright outside like five minutes ago?

“Yes. You’ve slept though most of the day.”

Eren checked his phone. It was a little past six. He also had a bunch of new messages. He got up and followed Levi to the kitchen, where he sat on a barstool. “What did you make?”


“Oh, yay! One of my favorites!” Eren was already instantly awake. He checked his phone as Levi served him. The message that caught his attention first was from Armin:


Eren almost gasped. He was so excited for his best friend!


Levi set a plate down in front of him, but Eren didn’t dig into it right away like he usually did. He needed to know what was happening on Armin’s end first.

No dick yet :( We had a talk earlier and he said he wanted to make sure he wasn’t rushing me. So you were right. I think he’s a bit worried about me regretting it with the age difference but I keep assuring him that I know what I want.

Eren figured. Levi was the same way.

Keep your head up, baby bird. Keep assuring and insisting. You’ll get it soon! Just be more BOLD!!

Armin looked up from his phone and gazed at the wall, reflecting on Eren’s words. Just be more bold… Well, he would have to do whatever it took.

Eren rested his chin on his hand after finishing his message. He knew Armin, and Armin wasn’t shameless like him. In the beginning of his relationship with Levi, he basically had to beg for intimacy- trying to get Levi to take him and make him realize that their age difference didn’t matter. He would say and do whatever to get there.

But Armin… was a bit more shy. He didn’t act on all his thoughts like Eren. The real challenge for him would be throwing his shame to the wind to get what he wanted.

But Eren had faith in him.

“Hey, your food will get cold,” Levi said from the fridge.

Eren looked up and smiled. “Yeah. Distracted.” He took his fork and had a bite. “Ooh, yes!” His eyes widened and he nodded. “That’s real good, Levi!”

Levi came back and set down water bottles in front of them, pleased with the turnout. “Thank you, dear.”

It was quite rare for them to have dinner together on the days Levi worked. Eren got down and scooted his chair closer, so that when he sat back down he could brush his knee and shoulder against Levi’s. He couldn’t help it; he was a clingy person!

“Did you get some work done?” Eren asked.

“I got a lot done, actually. That’s why I figured we could have a real meal together tonight.”

“I love eating with you. Thanks for making time for me. And waking me up for dinner,” he added with a giggle.

Levi laughed lowly. “I’ll always make time for you. No matter how busy I get. Tell me what’s going on tomorrow.”

“I have a psych exam.”

“Mm. Did you study enough?”

“Yeah. It’s not how much I studied that I’m worried about. It’s the fact that it’s a huge percentage of the final grade. I need to do well or I’ll be playing catch up for the rest of the semester.”

Levi patted his knee soothingly. “Don’t stress out. You love psychology. I’m positive you’ll do well.”

“I hope so.”


Monday morning came around, and Eren put on his jacket to head to class.

He looked out the glass window with a glum expression to reflect the view outside. Unlike yesterday, today’s sky was a dull gray, filled with heavy, low clouds. The darkness blanketed over the city, threatening rain.

“Hey, sweetheart.” A strong hand rubbed his lower back soothingly. “You’ll do great today. I have complete faith in you.” Levi glanced out the wall to see the same sight.

Eren tore his gaze away from the depressing scene and turned for a hug. He inhaled Levi’s cologne, and it soothed his nerves.

Eren stood up straight and Levi held his face to give him some kisses on the forehead. “I love you.” He stroked Eren’s cheeks with his thumbs, looking into those melancholic emeralds.

Eren felt a bit energized. “I love you, too.”


Eren waited in his desk absentmindedly and listened to music as he waited for class to begin. Around him, the other students scrambled about to cram and worry about the exam before the professor arrived.

But Eren couldn’t be bothered. He found himself in such a shitty mood suddenly. And he didn’t know why.

He tried to close his eyes and relax a bit before the exam started, and his eyes glazed over all the students scrambling to their seats in the hall as the professor walked in with the exam booklets.

He took off his headphones and sighed. Time to get it over with.


“There goes my GPA…” “That was so hard!” “Not fair!” “None of that was in the reading!”

Eren overheard the other students’ complaints as he gathered his backpack. The exam wasn’t too bad, he thought. All the studying paid off for him. The only thing weighing him down was how depressed he was.

As he walked out of the hall, he realized Armin just started his class. He hoped he was okay. He had an exam today, too.

Eren put his headphones on before walking to the outside. He flinched when several fat drops fell on his head. Looking up with a disgusted expression, the sky responded by pouring gallons a mile a minute out of nowhere. At a distance, he could hear a rumbling of thunder.

Great… like today can be any worse, Eren thought to himself. After pulling his hoodie up, he ran to his car.


Looks like things can always get worse, Eren realized.

He forgot how cranky people were on Mondays when they came into the coffee shop. And if they weren’t cranky and rude, they were plain annoying.

“Umm… I asked for decaf,” a woman held her cup in the air and shook it around, completely ignoring the fact that the store was overcrowded with other waiting customers.

Eren cocked his head to the side and looked at her while working on someone else’s drink. He most definitely took her order and she most definitely did not ask for decaf. He would’ve remembered if she did.

And his patience was running low. “Ma’am, you didn’t ask for decaf.” He eyed the growing line of customers in front of the register, and Jean was taking orders and payments at an incredible pace.

“Well, I want to change my order, then,” she said. Did this bitch expect him to drop everything he was doing to cater to her? She needed to get her ass to the back of the line!

Customer is always right, customer is always right, customer is always right, Eren muttered to himself under his breath. “You got it, ma’am.”

He patted Jean’s arm so they could switch positions. “Make this bitch her decaf latte. I’ll handle orders.”

Eren put on a big fake smile. “Hi, welcome to Trost Coffee, what can I getcha?”


It became so hectic that Eren and Jean didn’t stick to strictly cash register or machine duty, and instead just switched between the two in a chaotic and strange strategy.

Eren finished three drinks and placed them on the ready counter, yelling the order names aloud before running back to the register out of breath. He was frazzled, stressed out, and out of breath. “Hi, sir, what can I getcha?”

“Your roast with the most caffeine. Medium.”

“You got it. $3.85.”

Eren took the money and immediately got started on the drink. Jean brushed past him back to the register.

“Here you go, sir,” Eren called at the ready station. The man came over and took a sip, but then he cringed.

“What the hell is this? I asked for the roast with the most caffeine.” He opened the cap. “This is a light roast.”

Eren took a deep, slow breath the calm himself. “The light roast has more caffeine than the dark roast.”

“Are you lying to me? That’s ridiculous!”

“I’m not lying, sir.”

“How do you know!?”

Eren could show him the bags of beans and the information labels to compare them, but frankly there were too many people and he couldn’t give a damn.

Eren furrowed his brows. “Because I know!” Customer is always right, customer is always right… no, fuck that!

Jean noticed the situation getting heated and ran over. “Sorry, sir, what’s the problem?”

“I asked for the roast with the highest caffeine content, and he gave me a light roast!”

Eren looked at Jean. They both knew Eren was right. But they couldn’t afford to dawdle around right now. With Jean not at the register and Eren being held up by this customer, no drinks were being made, and two customers left the store to find a less crowded place.

Jean leaned into Eren’s ear. “I know he’s fucking dumb. Just make him a dark roast so he could fuck off out of the store.”

Eren pursed his lips, still upset. “Fine.”

Jean patted Eren’s shoulder and jogged back to the register.

Eren fixed a dark roast and brought it over to the impatient man. "Here you go, sir.”

The man lifted the cap and when he was satisfied, he walked away. “Finally. Damn teenagers can’t do anything right these days,” he said just loud enough that Eren could hear.

Eren felt his blood boil and his fists clenched. He wanted to jump over the counter and fight him. Maybe he could call Levi to come over and punch the teeth down his throat.

Focus, Eren scolded himself. You’re not in the clear yet. He shook his head and got back into gear, taking care of the rest of the customers with Jean.


The final wave of customers from the mid-day rush finally ended. Eren and Jean could finally take a break.

Jean wiped his forehead with a rag, and took a sip from his water bottle. Eren munched on a croissant and checked his phone.

Armin was probably done with his class now. There was a message from him:

Eren! How was your psych exam? And work?

Eren felt like garbage, if he could be honest. He replied:

Shitty, and shittier.

He got a mop from the break room and began cleaning the store floor, which was muddied with wet footprints. Outside, the murky rain was still going strong.


Armin got Eren’s text. He was hardly this down. Today must’ve destroyed him. Poor thing.

He decided to take some cupcakes to Trost Tower to cheer him up.


When he finally arrived home that evening, wet, exhausted, and on the brink of frustrated tears, Eren just wanted to be left alone.

Levi had just gotten home before him it seemed, since he was still in his work attire and was having a drink at the kitchen.

Eren shut the door behind him and took off his shoes.

Levi immediately noticed how utterly defeated his young boyfriend looked. He usually got home all smiles and full of energy, so it sunk his heart to see that Eren was frowning.

He put his drink down and went to take Eren into his arms. “Eren, are you alright? How was your day?”

But Eren wriggled out of his arms, avoiding eye contact. “It was horrible. I’m gonna go take a nap.”

Levi watched with concern as Eren made his way into the hallway, his backpack dragging uselessly on the floor. He wanted to hold and comfort him, but he knew when Eren wanted to be alone. He just needed some time to air out his feelings, and then later Levi would get the full story.

He went back into the kitchen to finish his drink. Frankly, he’s had a rough day, too. And now that Eren wasn’t in the room, he could knock a few back in the peace and quiet.


A bit later, there was a soft knock on the apartment door.

Levi swallowed back the last bit of his glass, and went over to see who it was. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Maybe Eren ordered something online and his packages arrived. Levi opened the door slightly and looked.

It was Armin. He was holding a small white box in his hands

Levi opened the door the rest of the way. “Hello, Armin. How are you?” He was just as refined and polite and sharp as ever, Armin thought.

“Oh, uh, I’m doing well!” he piped up. “Sorry to show up unannounced… is Eren home?”

“He is. But he’s taking a nap. You’re welcome to come in and wait for him to wake up, though.”

Armin smiled and entered. “Thank you.”

Levi shut the door behind him, and went over to the kitchen. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Uhh…no, thanks. I’m good.”

“You can turn on the TV. And help yourself to anything. Make yourself at home.”

Armin sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, setting down his box of cupcakes on the coffee table.

Levi retrieved a water bottle from the fridge for Armin despite the previous denial, mainly because he felt that Armin was too shy to ask for it.

He came over placed it in front of Armin.

“Oh, uh, thank you, Levi!”

Levi crossed his arms. “Armin.”

Armin stood up straighter. “Y-yes!”

“You don’t have to be so nervous around me.”

Armin groaned internally and felt stupid. Was he that fucking obvious? He still thought Levi was a bit intimidating, but then again, he was Eren’s boyfriend. And if his silly, outgoing friend wasn’t intimidated by him, he shouldn’t be, either.

Armin sighed and smiled at him, letting himself loosen up. “Yeah. Sorry if I made it seem that way.” He reached for the white box and placed it on his lap, tucking a lock of hair behind his ear. “Eren’s had a rough day, so I brought him cupcakes to cheer him up. Would you like one? They’re delicious.”

Levi’s heart warmed. Eren had a really good friend on his side.

“That’s very kind of you to do for him. But I’ll pass; I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.”

Yeah, Levi didn’t look like the type of guy to have a sweet tooth, Armin thought. “Alright.”

“I’ll be heading off to do some work now. Please stay as long as you like.”

Armin watched him retreat into the hallway. Eren was probably still napping away.

He took the water bottle and took a sip from it as he sat back and watched some TV.


Eren came padding out of the hallway, rubbing his eyes from his nap.

His face brightened when he saw Armin on the couch. He ran right over and hugged him.

“Armin! How long were you here? You shoulda woke my ass up.”

“I know you had a hard day so I brought cupcakes. When I first came, Levi said you were sleeping. I wanted to make sure you had some time alone first.”

Eren was already several bites into a large cupcake. He took Armin’s shoulder and held him close to his body. “Thank you so much, Arm! You’re the best.”

“Just doing my job. You’re welcome.” He reached over for a cupcake of his own. “So, tell me what happened today. How was the psych exam?”

“The exam went alright, actually. I studied like hell. I don’t really know what about exactly, but I started thinking about some stuff and put myself in a bad mood. Then there was all that rain, and then, oh, my God. The coffee shop. The coffee shop. There were these fucking-“ Eren strangled the air as he talked, “-annoying, rude ass customers.”

“Oh?” Armin kept listening.

“I was ready to fight and lose my job. I was this close.” Eren put his thumb and index finger together very close. “This fucking close.”

“People must be cranky on Mondays, huh?”

“Understatement of the year.” Eren tore into the rest of his cupcake and reached for another. “But,” he chewed and swallowed, “enough about me, how was your o-chem exam?”

“It was difficult, but I’m confident. I studied like hell, too.”

They talked and finished the rest of the cupcakes together. They ended up ordering a pizza for dinner, and then watched TV quietly.

“Alright. I’ll head on out now,” Armin said. He put his jacket back on. “Are you feeling better?”

“Tons,” Eren said. “Thanks a bunch for coming over. I lowkey love you.”

Armin giggled. “Just lowkey? I thought I was a little more than that.”

Eren laughed, and took Armin’s shoulders and pressed him close, stroking his blond hair. He saw him out with a wave.

And now that he was alone again, Eren cleaned up the living room and went back into his bedroom, drowning himself in more assignments and letting those negative thoughts from this morning catch up to him.


When Eren decided he was ready for bed, he found Armin’s cupcakes and chat were for naught, because he was in a bad mood again. Why the fuck is he like this?

The truth was, he didn’t tell Armin everything. Not because he didn’t want to; they hardly kept secrets. He just didn’t know how to put his feelings into words.

He waited in Levi’s bed, browsing his phone to distract himself, and didn’t realize he was pouting.

Levi climbed into the bed after getting into his own pajamas, and sat close to Eren. He tickled Eren’s side lightly. “Hey. Where’s that smile?”

Eren found a smile pulling the corners of his lips, but he tried to keep his eyebrows furrowed. He smacked Levi’s arm weakly. “Stop making me laugh. I’m trying to be upset.”

Levi chuckled and tickled Eren’s side again, inciting another ghost of a smile from him. “Tell me what’s wrong, love.”

He took Eren’s waist, and Eren crawled into his lap.

“What’s been bothering you?” Levi asked softly. He laced their hands together.

Eren looked down at their hands. “I just had such a shitty day. The psych exam went pretty well. The coffee shop was fucking horrific, but y’know. Mondays. I’ve just… I don’t know,” he sighed.

Levi was careful not to interrupt.

“In the morning, I started to think. I feel like… I’m not living up to my fullest potential. I feel like I could be doing more. Being more. My resume is probably totally average. I don’t want to be average.”

Levi made sure Eren was done before speaking. “I understand. Let me tell you what I think.”

Eren looked up hopefully.

“Eren, I read dozens of resumes at the company. I know what to look for. And I’m telling you now: it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it well. It’s better to do a little whole-assed than do a lot half-assed.”

Eren nodded in understanding.

“You’re still young. You’re still figuring things out. And there’s nothing average about you. You’re very hardworking, and it shows. Never feel like you have to live up to some grand idea of success. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep doing it well, and that’s how you can be your very best.”

Eren squeezed their hands.

“I know you’re doing well in your classes. I think you should do an extracurricular. It’s important to be well-rounded.”

“I was thinking that, too.”

“You love forensics, maybe you can join that crime forensics club you’ve been telling me about?”

Eren looked up with restored optimism. “Yeah, you think so?”

“Yeah. I think you would enjoy it. Expand your horizons. But do you get what I’m saying overall? I think you’re doing just fine, Eren. And you’re very far from average. Don’t doubt yourself.”

Eren found his hope restored. He grinned and wrapped his arms around Levi’s neck.

A hand rubbed his back soothingly. “There’s that smile.”

“I love you so much, Levi. You always know what to say.”

“I love you, too. I can’t bear seeing you upset. I’m glad we had a chance to talk.”

Eren separated the hug, and started attacking Levi’s face with kisses- pinning him down to the mattress, and being ruthless with grateful love.


Chapter Text

That Thursday, Eren’s parents insisted Eren come on over with Levi.

“You’ll finally get to meet my dad!” Eren said excitedly. He put on his jacket and waited for Levi to finish tying his shoe