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Swept Away

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It's not everyday that your life is turned upside down.


It was summer, and Eren was working his usual shift at the Trost coffee shop. It wasn’t the most glamorous job, even though his coworkers were interesting and free coffee was nothing to complain about. But living a monotonous paycheck-to-paycheck life during summer was, well, boring.

Eren has his fun here and there. He hangs out with Armin and Mikasa, and he’s been on a few dates, none of which were worth noting. He’s even had a few one-night stands, but they really meant nothing. Eren just wished there was something more.

Something… exciting.


“A small mocha frappe for Annie!” Eren flashed a bright smile to his friend and shop regular. “With extra whipped cream, just how you like it!”

Annie was secretly impressed that Eren remembered that little fact from the first time she told Eren her order, which was a month ago. “…Thanks.” She tried to hide the ghost of a smile that was pulling at the corners of her lips, but Eren saw it and laughed.

Eren prided himself on remembering the little things about people. He turned around to wipe his hands near the sink when he walked head on into Jean.
“Watch where you’re going, idiot,” Jean instinctively put a hand over the cap of the cup of coffee he was holding.

“Maybe if you weren’t such a clumsy sack of shit this wouldn’t be a problem,” Eren replied smoothly.

“Whatever. I’m taking my break,” Jean handed the coffee to his waiting customer and then immediately took his apron off. “Have fun holding down the fort.”

Eren and Jean were the only ones working today and it was a rather busy morning. Eren watched as Jean made his way out of the shop, barely at the door before lighting the cigarette in his mouth. Jean bumped into a short man as he blew his first puff. “’Scuse me,” Jean said gruffly as he pushed past and walked away.

Eren shook his head and prepared to take the incoming customer’s order.

"Hi, what can I get y-"


The short man was fucking hot.

Eren realized he was staring when the man said “Medium black coffee, please.”

Get it together, dumbass! “R-right away.”

Eren got to work grinding the beans and hoped his heart would stop pounding in his chest. He looked over his shoulder while the coffee machine was running and tried to have another glimpse at the man.

The man was scrolling through his phone and Eren couldn’t see much of his face. He was wearing a suit and the first few buttons of his shirt were undone. Eren could see a little flash of skin from the man’s chest and… wow.

That suit fit his body like a glove.

Eren snapped out of it once more when the coffee machine beeped, which signaled completion. He whipped his head back around and put a cap on the cup.

“One medium black, sir.” Eren realized his stupid ass forgot to ask for the man’s name to write on the cup. But he was the only customer waiting at the moment so it wasn’t a big deal.

“Thank you…” the man glanced at Eren’s chest and he felt his face turn hot again. “…Eren.”

He was just looking at your nametag, dumbass! “Oh… ah… no problem.” Eren laughed nervously.

The man smirked and Eren felt his heart pause. It was his first full look at the man’s face.

A sharp jaw. Full, rosy lips. A strong nose. Steel-gray eyes that bore into him. Milky white complexion. Glossy black hair with not a hair out of place.
And Eren couldn’t see much of the man’s body but that suit was complimenting whatever he had working underneath.


The man had picked up the cup and walked away. Eren noticed the man had an undercut.

Time stood still for a minute. Thank you… Eren. The man’s smooth, deep, confident voice echoed in his head like a chocolatey dream. It wrapped him in a comfort that made his heart flutter.

“Excuse me, I’m ready to order!” A girl’s voice called.

And for the third time in the past five minutes, Eren snapped out of a trance. “Sorry, I’ll be right there!”


That night, Eren lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. He thought about the mysterious man with the chocolatey voice saying his name and his hand slowly found its way into his pants. He didn’t have much material to work with… not even a name. But that voice, filling his mind’s ear like a dangerous song, heated Eren’s body and made him forget himself.