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Where He Belongs

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The throbbing pain in Inuyasha’s chest continued to plague him throughout the night, even as the wounds on his stomach and side were soothed by Koga’s gentle cleansing and began to heal rapidly. He was startled awake every few hours by panic inducing nightmares of his pups crying out for him, of being overwhelmed by a crushing sense of loneliness, and scenes of him being desperately lost in a maze of forest, calling out for his family to find him. Each time he awoke, Koga’s arms tightened around him, as if he could sense Inuyasha’s need for comfort through the fog of his slumber. Each time, Inuyasha laid his cheek back down upon Koga’s chest and let the steady staccato of the wolf’s heartbeat lull him back to sleep.

They huddled together in the small burrow made in the roots of the great tree, Koga sitting against the vine covered wall and watching over his soon to be mate, who slept fitfully, cradled between his legs. Neither was able to come to much sleep, both anxious for the morning to come so that they could start their journey back to the cubs and the rest of the pack, only staying the night to let Inuyasha’s wounds heal.

When first light appeared in the murky gray of morning and Inuyasha had jerked awake once again from a nightmare, they decided it was time to rise. Though tired, Inuyasha was impatient to return home, having never thought he would have been able to again.

With what should have been an embarrassing amount of grumbling and impatient whining, he allowed Koga to check the progress of his injuries. They were pink with fresh scar tissue; the flesh finally able to seal after having been thoroughly cleaned out the evening before. It itched and aggravated Inuyasha’s patience further.

Koga, meanwhile, was uncommonly calm. Inside of him, his demon purred in contentment as he cared for his puppy, no matter how much he fussed. Both is demon and his mind were relieved of its subconscious fear that he would lose Inuyasha, now that he had realized what he felt for him, and was soothed in the knowledge that they would soon be mated.

He watched his feisty puppy with affection and glee. Inuyasha tentatively stretched the newly repaired muscles. Before cocking a hip, folding his arms in his wide sleeves, and shooting the ookami a fierce glare.

“I’m ready to get back. You think you can keep up, Wolf?” he barked.

Koga chuckled and sauntered over to the scowling inu and wrapping his arms around his waist.

“Run as fast as you like, pup, cause I’ll be there right behind you every step of the way, watching the show,” he whispered silkily in a furry, twitching ear, while he slid his hands down to palm the hanyou’s firm backside.

“Keh!” Inuyasha exclaimed, for lack of a better response, and reddened fiercely. He allowed Koga to nuzzle his cheek before he jumped out of the wolf’s arms and leapt into the nearest tree. “You better hurry up then. I ain’t waiting for you,” he called over his shoulder as he hurdled from branch to branch.

Koga indeed found himself trying to keep up, despite being known for his speed. Inuyasha tore through the canopy of trees that blanketed the valley as Koga raced through the underbrush below. The hanyou seemed to have been possessed, stopping for nothing in his mission to return to the caves as fast as he could. They traversed the landscape, running non-stop at the fasted pace the inu was able to maintain, making what had been a two day journey in half the time. It was by the early light of the full moon that they found themselves approaching the mouth of the cave.

Inuyasha had felt the void in his chest begin to fill earlier that morning as the sun rose high in the sky, but still felt a jolt of contentment rush through him at the sight of the caves he had begun to consider home. Not even pausing at the threshold, Inuyasha ran full speed into the den. He ignored the surprised, angry, or curious looks of the wolves that were gathered around the multiple fires spaced throughout the cavernous room, and headed straight for the chamber he shared with his family.

Sweeping aside the hide that served as the door, he finally skidded to a stop. The youngest Omega, Ichijo, was there, holding two of the cubs to his chest. Before the hanyou had burst in, he had been attempting to soothe the teary and agitated Kaishi and Kingo, rocking them and patting them on the back and humming quietly to them. On the bed, Kunio had buried his head in the furs that Inuyasha shared with Koga, his bottom sticking up from beneath them, while Kozue knuckled her tear swollen eyes and leaned wearily against Ichijo’s legs.

Upon Inuyasha’s arrival, tears and crying only increased, as the cubs let out sobs of relief and reached out for their inu. Inuyasha flung himself to the furs, unmindful of the relieved Omega. He gathered the howling cubs into his arms and buried his face amongst them, breathing them in and attempting to hide his suspiciously wet eyes.

The cubs clamored around him, squeezing together, trying to get closer to him. They covered him with affectionate licks, nuzzling under his chin, and rubbed against him, covering themselves with his scent. They cried joyfully at being reunited with their inu and howled in elation. It had hurt so badly to be without him. Inuyasha also found himself scenting the cubs with his scent, touching them as if to make sure they were really there, and growling softly to them. The sound washed over them; the comforting growls letting them know that Inuyasha was there to protect and cherish them.

Ichijo left them silently. He was also relieved to see the hanyou return. The cubs had been inconsolable without him there. They had not even acted so strongly to the absence of their own mother. He was also happy on a more personal level. As many times as Inuyasha had spent the day with the cubs of the tribe, telling stories or just hanging out, Ichijo had come to see the half-breed as a friend, and had been quite upset at the thought that he might not be found.

The cinder haired boy made his way to the Den, where the rest of his family resided. Being the lowest ranking family meant that they were pushed to live in the least favored part of the Den, right by the opening. As he made his way to the front of the cavern, tired after a long day dealing with the emotional cubs, he failed to note the furious whispers of an outraged looking group that had congregated around one of the Elder’s fires.

Koga, after checking in with Ginta and Hakakku, finally returned to his chamber. He stopped just inside the hide, his eyes softening at what he saw. His cubs were curled up in a tangle of limbs, burrowed into Inuyasha’s chest and stomach. He held them to him tightly, his eyes closed in contentment, and a low growl rumbling in his chest. If Koga hadn’t known better he would have said the inu was purring.

The Alpha lowered himself quietly onto the furs on the other side of the cubs and draped himself over them, sandwiching them between he and Inuyasha. Inuyasha opened his golden eyes. Koga had to stifle a gasp. Inuyasha’s eyes glowed with such happiness and love. He could not resist and leaned in for a kiss. Inuyasha responded with a contented sigh.

“Why don’t we put these guys to bed, eh pup?” Koga whispered.

Inuyasha blushed, knowing what Koga was thinking, and nodded. He gathered two of his pups up and moved them over to the small alcove that served as a veritable nest for the small cubs, Koga grabbing up the other two and following.

Once they were snug and comfortable in their little nook, Inuyasha watched them snuggle together with a small smile. His smile grew as he felt Koga’s strong arms snake their way around his waist.

Koga nuzzled and sighed into his neck. He pressed a kiss onto the soft skin, causing the inu to shiver and lean back. Koga took the opportunity presented and began to lick and nibble the delicate flesh.

Inuyasha sighed in pleasure and turned in his arms. He met the wolf’s hungry mouth with his own and moaned quietly as Koga dipped his tongue inside his mouth. Hands slid up Inuyasha’s robe clad back, pressing him closer to Koga’s muscled chest and deepening their kiss. Inuyasha was lost as Koga drank him in, stroking deeply with his tongue and probing all the most provocative places of his mouth.

When Koga broke the kiss, leaving the inu panting and flushed with arousal, Inuyasha found himself being lowered to the furs. Koga kissed and licked across his jaw and down his neck, as he untied his obi and opened his hitoe. The ookami sucked on his collar bone as he slid the robe down the hanyou’s well-muscled arms, his touch leaving a burning trail in its wake.

Inuyasha felt himself being pressed back on the furs. Koga loomed over him, his ebony hair loose and hanging over his shoulders. His gaze was locked, gold to blue, entranced by the look of utter adoration on the wolf’s face. No one had ever looked at him like that and he found himself intoxicated with the heady feeling of being…worthy. It was a new and very welcome feeling.

Koga looked down at his pup as he worked the ties of his chest armor and felt himself harden. He would never get over how beautiful Inuyasha was. His bright white hair fell around his head and shoulders like white flames, wild and glorious. His cheeks flushed further, causing a hungry groan to erupt from Koga’s throat, when the wolf unwrapped his fur revealing his already aching erection. His lips were swollen and red, having been thoroughly kissed.  He dove back down, and sucked in his inu’s deliciously plump bottom lip into his mouth.

Inuyasha lifted his hips as Koga coaxed his hakama passed them, his member springing up from the fabric. He loved Koga’s kisses, the passion and desire that he put into it. His kisses were rough, dominating, and demanding, just like Koga himself. For an alpha like Inuyasha, being dominated was not something he embraced innately, but with every sign of claiming Inuyasha felt more secure and desired. Koga told him with his body; he loved and wanted Inuyasha.

Koga ran his hands over Inuyasha’s body, admiring the view as he licked and sucked his way down his well-muscled chest. Kami, he loved those hips, so slender but slightly curved with a beautiful rounded ass. His waist was perfectly trim and his stomach toned but soft. His mouth-watering pink nipples were hard pebbles under his fingers and, giving them a lick, tasted as good as they looked. He could drown himself in the soft curve of his neck and breathe in that scent of his inu. His face, his pouting lip, youth rounded cheeks and those wide soul searing eyes, took his breath away.

Koga’s hands drifted down until they rested on the inu’s knees and spread his legs. Inuyasha blushed furiously and snapped them shut, trying in vain to cover himself with his hands.

“What-what are you doing?!” Inuyasha whispered in embarrassment.

“I’m gonna make you feel good puppy. Do you trust me?” Koga’s voice was rough with lust.

Inuyasha blushed more, but removed his hands from where he covered himself, choosing instead to twist them into the furs on either side of his head.

“Yeah,” he said in a small shy voice.

 Koga spread him wide again and his breath caught at the delicious view in front of him. He was equally beautiful there as he was everywhere else. His ample cock and balls were nestled, red and throbbing, in a nest of white. His skin was smooth and pale, which only accentuated the tantalizing pink bud of his twitching entrance.

Without preamble, Koga took hold of the beautiful member and swallowed it to the hilt.

“S-S-SHIT!” Inuyasha exclaimed as much in surprise as pleasure. His hips bucked into the warmth, but were steadied by Koga’s firm hold. The hanyou watched his cock ease in and out of the warm, wet cavern of the wolf’s mouth. Koga hummed, relishing the delicious taste of his puppy, enjoying himself immensely as he sucked and licked. He raked his teeth up the hard flesh, eliciting small whimpers and mews that went straight to the Alpha’s cock. Inuyasha keened as the ookami sucked him hard, pulling up slowly before plunging back down.

Koga’s hands roamed while his mouth was otherwise occupied. He massaged gentle caresses up the insides of Inuyasha’s thighs. He rolled the inu’s tender sacs in his hand, gently squeezing and cupping them, driving Inuyasha nearly delirious with pleasure. He arched from the furs, his balls tightening and electricity shooting through his nerves.

“Ungh!” Inuyasha cried as he spurted and filled Koga’s hot mouth with ropes of pearly cum.

Swallowing the bitter liquid down, Koga milked the puppy until he had nothing left, kissing the sensitive head as the softened prick fell from his mouth.

Inuyasha slumped back to the furs, feeling as if his Koga has sucked his very bones out of him. His post orgasmic languor was interrupted, however, when Koga pushed his legs up against his chest. Inuyasha had only the briefest of moments to feel embarrassed and completely exposed before all thought was driven from his mind.

Koga’s mouth attached itself to his still hypersensitive balls, sucking on the delicate skin and tonguing the small globes. He kissed and sucked his way lower, leaving Inuyasha writhing once again and giving little moans, until Koga was licking the crinkled skin of his hole.

“K-Koga! Gah! Nghnnnn!” Inuyasha squawked in surprise before dissolving into incoherency.

Koga’s tongue swiped a slow, hot path from Inuyasha’s tailbone to his sac, before returning to circle his tongue around the pink pucker.

“Mmmm,” Inuyasha moaned, his brain focused solely on the mind numbing sensation of Koga nipping and sucking at his hole. He had never imagined that such a thing could possibly feel as good as it did. If he had been capable of feeling anything other than ecstasy at that point, he would have been overwhelmed with embarrassment and fought the wolf off, but as it was, he wiggled his hips, lifting them so the ookami had better access.

“Ohhhhhh,” he whined, as that magnificent tongue speared him and breached the guardian muscles. Koga worked in and out of his clenching entrance, painting his inner walls with his tongue.

Once properly lubricated, he rested his cheek on Inuyasha’s strong, hairless inner thigh. Before Inuyasha could mourn the loss of his tongue, he circled a finger around the pink bud before sliding it in.

Inuyasha’s member, recovered from the last explosion, quickly began to twitch and fill. Koga kissed the reddened skin of his cock and nuzzled his nose in the soft downy hair that surrounded it, breathing in the musky perfume of his arousal, as he loosened his pup with slow strokes.

When he felt Koga add a second finger, Inuyasha stiffened at the burning sensation.

“Relax, Puppy,” Koga soothed in a low, husky voice. He placed a comforting kiss to the head of Inuyasha’s slightly wilted shaft, swiping a lick from base to tip as he began to scissor his fingers.

“Oh, fuck!” Inuyasha yelped, when Koga twisted his fingers just right. As he brushed his fingers over the small pleasure center inside of him, Inuyasha bucked his hips in order to get more of that exquisite feeling. His member, purple and aching, took notice as Koga continued to work his hole, fitting in a third finger.

Inuyasha whimpered in negation when Koga extracted his slippery fingers. The Wolf Chief sat up and took Inuyasha’s legs in hand at the back of his knees, pressing them up to his chest. He leaned down and captured the inu’s lips in a fiery kiss, distracting him from the feel of the thick, blunt head of his cock pressing into his stretched hole.

Inuyasha hissed as Koga’s member entered him. He panted, tensing against the intrusion.

“Shh, pup,” Koga kissed his way down Inuyasha’s jaw, laying kisses in between words, “I… got you… Yash… Relax… my… beautiful… delicious…mate.”

Inuyasha sagged under the wolf’s administrations, bearing his neck to his nips and sucks.

Koga inched his way inside, pausing after every thrust to allow the inu to adjust. Finally he was seated fully inside of him, his balls resting against the hanyou’s cheeks. Koga steeled himself, fighting for control as Inuyasha clenched around him. He rested his forehead on Inuyasha’s, lips ghosting over each other and breathing in each other’s breath.

Inuyasha wiggled under the wolf’s weight. He felt so full, so stretched. Koga pulled back, sliding out slowly and thrust back in again. Inuyasha locked his legs behind Koga's back and began to respond with enthusiasm, meeting each snap of the wolf’s hips.

Koga changed the angle of his thrusts slightly and began to hit that bundle of nerves inside of Inuyasha.

“Oh! Oh! Ughn!” Inuyasha chanted as the Wolf Chief pumped his hips, striking that spot over and over. Inuyasha saw stars burst before his eyes and felt lightning curl his toes. He gasped for air as pleasure washed over him. The sensations were overwhelming.

His instincts screamed at him, filling each action with meaning. Koga was draped over him, his weight pressing down on him a physical reminder of his dominance and possession. He was assertive but gentle and loving. Inuyasha being the independent and forceful being he was, being dominated was counter to how his inner demon told him it should be, yet every time Koga dominated him he was reinforcing his claim. Inuyasha was wanted. Inuyasha was treasured. Inuyasha was loved.

Koga shifted. He leaned back and sat on the furs, wrapping his arms around the inu and bringing him up with him. Inuyasha moaned as he was settled astride on Koga’s lap, the new position causing Koga to slide deeper within him. He rolled his head back, exposing his neck to the alpha, his hair falling in a curtain from his face and shoulders.

Again Koga kissed him deeply, moving his tongue inside the inu’s mouth. He jabbed in and out, the motion an imitation of his cock as he began to thrust up into the wanton hanyou. He wrapped his hand around Inuyasha’s neglected prick, spreading the leaking pre-cum over it, and fisting it in time with his thrusts.

“Oh, fuck! Uhn, fuckfuckfuckfuck! KOGA!” Inuyasha roared as he was caught in a wave of ecstasy. He spurted and coated the ookami’s hand with his essence. Koga stilled at the same time, moaning into his neck, his own release flooding the inu’s clenching channel. Riding out his earth shaking orgasm, Inuyasha’s walls milking his seed from him, the Alpha wolf clamped down on the hanyou’s neck, biting the inu at the juncture of neck and shoulder.

Inuyasha arched, slack jawed and breathless, as rapture rippled through him. His neck pulsed with his mate’s youki. It radiated from his mark and surged through him, rushing from his core to the tips of his fingers and toes and back. Inuyasha’s stomach tightened and coils of warmth and light burned low in his belly.

Koga braced himself as Inuyasha collapsed, blacked out from the intensity of the mating. He carefully lowered the hanyou back down to furs and smoothed back his sweat-slicked hair from his brow and the fresh mark. Letting himself slide out of Inuyasha, he wrapped him tightly in his arms and settling himself partially on top of him, twining his leg between his pup’s and cushioning his head on his long hair.

A low contented rumble vibrated in the Alpha’s chest, as he licked at his mate’s healing mating mark. Inuyasha was his, now and forever.