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A Long Way From Battery City

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Night Light got her handle because of her insomnia. It was first given to her when she was picked up by Show Pony back when she was only fifteen. Pony knew she’d need a handle; she couldn’t go by her Battery City name, so when zie noticed that she couldn’t sleep most of the night, zie dubbed her Night Light. Night for short. Pony was never one to be too emotional, hell, Night had never even seen zie’s face, but for four years the only family she knew was Pony, a few other young Killjoys and Kobra Kid, a badass guy with bleach blonde bangs. Kobra was practically her older brother. He was barely older than her. When they first met she loved him, but it grew into a sibling rivalry or raygun target practices and stories about the Zones. Pony had gone to huge lengths to make her unrecognisable. Escaping from Battery City was one thing, escaping as someone who’s face was plastered on hundreds of EXTERMINATE posters was another. Zie dyed her hair bright blue, which over time had turned her side fringe navy, along with the tips. She always had make-up on, heavy eyeliner and bright red lipstick, so her features were at least slightly covered (and looking cool). She wore what the guys wore; scrappy jeans with boots and a leather jacket to keep the dust off her arms. Black and white, with her insignia stitched on the arm, a light bulb with a lightening blot through it. Pony had to keep Night hidden, Night didn’t know why, but zie always had a weird paternal instinct toward her. Zie didn’t need to help Night Light and the fact she did probably meant she couldn’t back down. Zie was cool, and Night wasn’t going to risk losing the only family she had other than her friends that visited in intervals, so she let Zie keep her in the safe house, only allowed outside to practice shooting or play fight with Kobra. Even though it was cramped, it was pretty good living, Zonerunner-wise. The fact that getting her out was a secret was enough to make people who did know want to help out with keeping her alive.


2023, Night Light is 19 years old. She has known Kobra for the same amount of time. It's pretty cool.


Kobra was visiting more often now, at least once a week. He brought the few art supplies he could grab, a few paints and pencils to keep Night occupied for a few more weeks. He was talking more about him, now, though. He used to either start banter or listen to Night, often acting as a therapist and taking her head into his lap and playing with her electric blue hair as she either slept or spoke. Sometimes she would tell him stories she wanted to write one day. Now though, he would tell his own stories. About the Killjoys, his friends, about life living out in the zones. She only knew Kobra, Pony and had seen glimpses of Doctor Death Defying. Not since she was younger, though. She had never met the rest of the Killjoys. Until now, Kobra barely mentioned his ‘family’, but now he was talking about them more than anything else.

He talked about Jet Star, a lean, afro-headed guy who didn’t take or dish any shit. Night was simultaneously scared and amused but the stories of Jet. He seemed so brutal, but Kobra insisted that he was all butterflies and glitter underneath his sunglasses. He loved to tell stories about Fun Ghoul, the tough guy who was ‘good with his hands’ (Night laughed at this, convinced Kobra meant something else, but Kobra laughed and said he meant with making bombs and fixing the Am and stuff. She guessed that Kobra really thought that both of them were right). Night heard endless stories about his skills with blowing stuff up, mainly, and his raygun skills. He sounded badass, and there was only one person she wanted to meet more than Ghoul. Party Poison.

Poison had a reputation; Kobra didn’t need to tell her stories for her to know. She had friends who could tell her that. He slept around, not caring who or what they were. He had a neon torch for hair, bright red and dishevelled. From what she had heard, he looked completely different to Kobra, even if they were brothers. Kobra got all shy when she asked about him, and only told her what she knew from the stories; that he was hilarious, cheeky and illusive. And quite the ladies man, even if Kobra was too shy to say so. She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, let alone herself, but she really liked Poison, even if they had never met.



One night, her and a few other Kid Killjoys (Chemical Candy, Violet Rose, Rogue Star, Deadly Shade and her only other male friend, Maestro) were crashing it in the safe house. Occasionally they would all swing by the same evening and they would swap stories or read or draw. That evening they sat up and flicked through copies of SHINY magazine. A mere few hours later, Pony shuffled in, and murmured something to Candy.
‘We better leave. Come on, guys,’ she suddenly spat, and smiled widely. What the hell? Night thought. Why ruin the evening?
'Good luck, sweetie.' she finished, and skipped out.
Pony just grabbed the rest of them and smiled, and they smiled back. Kobra sauntered in as they exited, giving Deadly a quick wink. Night was pretty sure they had hooked up, or, more probably, were hooking up. Whenever she asked them they both adamantly denied it, but it was pretty obvious. Night thought they kept it secret because they didn’t want to upset her, but truthfully they would make an awesome couple.

After her friends had left her sitting on the floor, confused and annoyed, she wasn’t in the mood to accept the welcoming hug of Kobra as he pulled her to her feet. But, she did as she should and put her arms around his waist. He chuckled. When he offered for them to sit down, she just crossed her arms against her chest, lips pursed, waiting.
‘You better have a good explanation for getting my friends to ditch, dude.’ She spat.
‘Man, you are fucking stubborn. I come out here to help you out like this and you can barely hug me?’ he laughs, and pulls away.
‘Help me out how?’ Night askes, eyeing him carefully. He just grins.
‘Were going for a drive, baby’ he whispers, pulling a set of keys from his pocket.
Night doesn’t know what to do. Leave the safe house? Drive? She had only ever seen the Am from a distance, never been in it, let alone been driven in it. She grinned and threw herself at Kobra, thanking the lord that he had enough muscle to not topple over, as she attacked him with a bear hug pretty hard.
She didn’t need to say thanks. Pony didn’t say a word. Kobra just grabbed Night’s raygun and grabbed her hand, pulling her into the dark, deserted wasteland of the Zones.