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Dispatches From the Queen

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Dear Fergus,

I just got your letter and I am so happy for you! You must bring Katrina to Denerim with you next month to meet the rest of the family. I was afraid that you might be alone for the rest of your days, and you are far too good a man for that. From your description she must be seven feet tall with the face of Andraste and the wisdom of the Maker. Sounds like love, brother mine!

Just a bit of gossip I picked up – did you know that Arl Teagan of Redcliffe is a newlywed? He met and married a lady by the name of Kaitlin who grew up in Redcliffe but made her fortune by founding a brewery in Denerim. I hear they are quite devoted to each other. No rumors of offspring yet, but give them a little time and I’m sure nature will take its course!

Things have remained peaceful here. Not quiet, what with all the building projects going on, but peaceful. None of the scouting parties have seen any sign of darkspawn for the last month, and I am cautiously optimistic that the Architect dealt honourably with me. I need to give some thought to what I should do with a Keep full of darkspawn fighters whose natural prey has disappeared.

Oghren finally sobered up and confessed that he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a family man. I convinced him to go make peace with Felsi and to stay in touch with their child. He needs to be part of their lives, and they need to be part of his. Felsi is one tough lady, and she is willing to accept as much of him as Oghren is able to give her without insisting on more. I think they will be all right.

Nathaniel has started accompanying Aura. Their friendship is clearly just that, a friendship. Aura has no desire to tie herself to another Grey Warden, yet she understands what it means to Nathaniel to be accepted for who and what he is. As for Nathaniel, he is content to have her companionship and does not seem to need more than that from Aura. They are very comfortable together, and whatever they have between them satisfies them both. I know of married couples who could not say the same.

Velanna requested permission to go in search of her sister Seranni. I gave it because I’m quite sure that she would have deserted had I refused. I asked only that she limit her search to Ferelden. I don’t know if she will ever come back this way, but I wish her the best. Maybe she will rejoin a Dalish clan some day and find her own kind of peace.

Sigrun has left us to return to the Deep Roads. We haven’t seen any darkspawn for a month now, and she felt she was failing her vow to the Legion of the Dead. She was very quiet when we came out of the Mother’s lair, and I think she decided it was time for her to rejoin her Legion brethren. They consider themselves as already dead, and I suspect that Sigrun is seeking that fate for herself.

Anders has moved in with his lady Elise and routinely helps her on her calls to care for the beasts of the Arling. She is a lovely person with a compassionate heart. She says that Anders has a way with calming creatures in the grip of pain or fear and that he makes her job much easier. Elise is also teaching him how to make salves, poultices and medications, and Anders is taking to it like a duck to water. I have rarely seen a happier pair.

As for me, I have been told that if no more darkspawn are encountered, I can hand the Keep over to a new Warden-Commander in four months time. Varel will continue as Seneschal of the Keep, with Nathaniel as his aide and second in command. Between them, they will run the Arling for the Crown in absentia, giving me the chance to return to my family. I pray for it daily.

See you soon!

Your sister,