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Music of the Heart

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“Radio, video, boogie with a suitcase
You’re livin’ in a disco, forget about the rat race
Let’s do the milkshake, sellin’ like a hotcake
Try some, buy some fee-fi-fo-fum

Stiles bobbed his head to the music as it thumped through his headphones from his iPod. He liked different music and some would say it was… eclectic to be sure. But it helped him think, and in other ways it helped distract him too. There was something going, something in town that was messing with all of their lives and yet no one really knew what it was. Not even the wolves could sense it. Either it didn’t have a distinctive smell which was unlikely, or it was something that could hide what it was and that made Stiles wonder if it knew about the werewolves in Beacon Hills. And it was likely yes.

It didn’t help that their hodge-podge makeshift pack was amazing when things were good, laughing and bonding and all that, but when they weren’t, when arguments erupted, it made being in the pack stressful and tenuous. Peter was back but not the Alpha. He seemed to thrive with a pack around even one that Derek led, and that also included human members, like Stiles. But it wasn’t always perfect. It was worse off when it was an argument between Peter and Derek.

Like now.

He wondered how things had gotten so bad so quickly. Peter and Derek were becoming at odds with each other and Stiles was at a loss of what to do. Peter had gone off with others in the pack, no one had seen Derek for some time, and Stiles was getting worried. That was part of the trouble too. Stiles was worrying about Derek. Caring about him more than he probably should be he couldn’t help it. Tall, dark and scary, Stiles loved all of it.

Stiles crossed between the pillars of the warehouse and halted as he saw a moving shadow nearby. As he got closer, he sighed as he recognized whom it was.


The older man halted with a start and turned. "Stiles, what is it?" he stated and raked his hand through his hair. “I should have guessed. I can hear your terrible music even now. What do you want?"

“Don’t’ diss the tunes man, I’ve told you.“ Stiles sighed. "I want to know what's going on. Why did you antagonize Peter so much today? One would think that you're deliberately trying to split a rift between everyone?"

Derek stiffened at the statement. "Things have become different and I don't think that he sees that. Somebody has to keep a level head and keep us on the right track."

Shaking his head and stepping in close, Stiles locked eyes with Derek. "But you're going about it the wrong way. It's upsetting everyone." He pressed his hips into Derek', and slid an arm around the man's waist, pulling him close. "You're passionate about the cause," he whispered low, "but sometimes it can be too much."

Derek reached up and stroked the younger man's face, watching how Stiles leaned into his hand and closed his eyes. He dipped down and breathed heavily into Stiles's ear. "I thought you liked when I was passionate," he murmured. Stiles sighed and whimpered slightly. It had been hard enough to get Derek past them even being involved, now he just had to usually contend with the stubborn or the grumpy. Most of the time Stiles swore it was the wolf as much as it was the man.

"C'mon, let's go," Derek said, pulling Stiles back towards the back of the warehouse and into one of the darkened railcars.

"But the others... ?"

"Don't worry about them," Derek retorted and pulled Stiles into a smothering kiss. His hands snaked into the shortened dark hair and pulled him close. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek and slid his hands inside his black leather jacket he was still wearing. The music was still blaring through the ear buds and that stupid song was going to be in Derek’s head all day now. That was joy he was so looking forward to as well. So he was going to distract himself. From that, from the pack, from Peter. Right now, it was just Stiles.

The slight stubble on Derek' face scraped against the smooth contrast skin of Stiles's. They pulled each other in closer until only their clothing stood between them.

Stiles rubbed his hands back and forth over Derek' back. Derek slid his hands down Stiles's neck and over his shoulders. Stiles's lips were soft and moist against Derek's. He pressed relentlessly until Stiles gave up and let him have entrance, his tongue tangling and wrestling with the younger man’s.

After what seemed like an eternity, Derek broke the kiss, leaving his hands on Stiles's shoulders and looking longingly in his eyes. Both men were flushed and breathing heavily, longing and desire on each of their faces.


"Shhh...." Derek discarded his leather coat and pulled off his black t-shirt. He then hurriedly grabbed the hem of Stiles's shirt and did the same, adding it to the pile on the floor behind Derek.

Before he could say anything further, Derek pulled Stiles back into another punishing kiss. Stiles had lost all train of thought as he was consumed in Derek' passion. Slowly Derek moved from his lips and peppered hot kisses down Stiles's jaw and continued on down his neck.

Stiles gasped and threw his head back as Derek continued. He bit the junction between his neck and shoulder and then replaced the bite quickly with smouldering licks that fast replaced the pain.

Derek' hands grasped Stiles's hips and steadied the wavering movements of the younger man. "Derek, please. I want you." Derek groaned, pulling Stiles to the floor, to a large pile of soft pillows and blankets. He swiftly removed the remainder of Stiles's clothing and for a second, marveled at the beautiful creature before him.

Stiles blushed at the attention, the colour rushing all the way to his hairline. Derek smiled as he removed his own clothing with achingly slow precision. Once they were both naked, Derek lie on his side, moving in close to Stiles, who lie on his back. Derek reached out and stroked the planes of Stiles's chest and stomach.

Stiles was slowly dying from all of Derek' attention. Stiles's cock jutted out, trembling at every one of Derek' touches, no matter how minute. Derek nuzzled the head slightly with his stubbled cheek. Stiles arched up and gasped.

"Please Derek," he begged. "I can't hold out much longer if you continue...."

His words were lost in mumbling as Derek took him in his mouth. Stiles mewled and thrust his hips up and only a strong hand on his chest kept him from moving any further.

Stiles was seeing stars; his vision was growing black around the edges as he fought to remain conscious. He clawed at the ground wishing for a swift death to end this torment, yet not wanting to go anywhere; he wanted to stay here with Derek forever.

Derek knew that Stiles wouldn't last much longer. As he continued to suck and lick at Stiles's now very hard cock, he put two of his fingers across Stiles's lips and rubbed them teasingly. Stiles stuck his tongue out, catching the digits. Derek slid them in gently, mimicking the movement he performed on Stiles's cock.

After a while, Derek removed his fingers. He pulled up from Stiles's cock, but before Stiles could react or speak, Derek gently eased a lubed finger into his ass. Stiles cried out in pleasure. There was no pain as Derek moved his finger in and out, soon adding another one, stretching Stiles more and more. With his other hand, Derek stroked his own straining cock, lubricating the length with his own pre-cum.

An eternity passed, or so it seemed to Stiles, and suddenly Derek removed his fingers. Stiles protested with a whimper. Derek rose up and silenced him with a kiss. He pulled Stiles's legs up so they rested over Derek' arms and in one fast move, plunged deep into Stiles.

Their combined groans filled the room. Stiles arched up to meet Derek' hips, which were stilled as Derek waited for Stiles to adjust to his length. He dipped his head and licked a trail up Stiles's chest to his throat. He began thrusting slow and deliberate as he sucked on the younger man's Adam's apple.

Stiles squeezed his eyes shut and the flood of sensations filled him. His breathing became shortened and shallow. "Oh, god, Derek!" He moaned.

Derek arched down and began to speed up his thrusting, faster and faster. Both men had a sheen sweat over their skin as Derek rose up, pushing deeper into Stiles. As he brushed the overly sensitive spot and Stiles caterwauled, biting down on his lip. He opened his eyes, and Derek saw that they'd become wild and feral. He grabbed Derek' hips, forcing them harder and faster.

They were moving as one, Derek moving hard and fast and Stiles thrusting up to meet every action. Once again Stiles's vision darkened, losing everything around him except for Derek, and as he continued his torturing pace, Stiles felt a prickling of his skin. Lighting raced through his veins as he was struck with an earth-shattering release.

His resolve broken completely, Stiles sobbed as he spilled his seed all over his and Derek' chest and abdomen. All around Derek' thrusting cock, Stiles's muscles contracted, pulling Derek into a bone-shattering release of his own. He growled as he thrust a few more times into Stiles, filling him completely.

Derek collapsed atop of Stiles. Each struggled to regain their breath, their slick skin sliding together. "I do think like you very much," Stiles put forth, breaking the silence.

Lifting his head from Stiles's chest, he looked at him, smiling. "Me too." Derek gathered him in his arms. In the morning things may change, but for now, this time was theirs.


“What is love
Oh baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me no more
Oh, baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me no more”

“Oh my god turn that off.”

Derek reached for the stereo and pushed a button and was happy to hear something rock and rollish rather than... whatever that was that Stiles was listening to at the moment.

“Hey, no touching,” Stiles said scowling and reaching out to push the CD back on and the strains of Haddaway came blaring back into Stiles’ jeep. “My vehicle, my music. It’s not my fault you let Peter borrow your car. You also didn’t have to ride with me. My rules.” He looked over at Derek and stopped talking as the Alpha was doing that think with the scowling and staring at him. The last time something like this happened, Stiles got a forehead full of his steering wheel. He really didn’t like his head bouncing off of it like that.

Stiles had a way of infuriating him with hardly any effort. It was something of a gift he had and used it quite often with most people but it seemed even more so with Derek. And then there was him and his music. For some time now Derek had been trying to dissuade him from bad music choices because he always seemed to listen to questionable things when other people were around. He tried to hide Stiles iPod but the brat had found it before too long. He suspected that he had had help from others but Derek could never prove that.


How could the one word stir so many things in him from fear and awaiting repercussions, to warm and tingly when his voice got so gruff like that. But Stiles wasn’t going to just give in, no no he was not. And then Derek put a hand on his shoulder and he flinched and looked at him again and okay maybe he would give in just a little.

So he turned the music down a little.

“How long do we have to stay here? There has to be something more productive,” he said, trying to change the subject and also to keep from being bored, which was sometimes easier said than done with him.

“Until the party is done and he comes out.” They were looking for clues to the strange attacks that had been happening lately, they looked like wolf attacks but something was far different, not like the Kanima, not like the Alphas. It was making them all crazy because whoever it was, they were good. And Derek had found a lead on someone who claimed to have seen it so he wanted to talk to him. The only problem was, he was currently in the middle of a family party or something. So while Peter and the others were looking into other things and keeping patrol, he and Stiles were essentially on stakeout.

“Is it time yet?”

The growling from the passenger seat was a good indication that it wasn’t quite that time at all and no where near it. “Just... be patient.”

Stiles looked at Derek liked he’d grown a 2nd head or something. “Dude have we just met? I don’t do patient, or sitting still or anything good for just sitting in my jeep. Stiles needs to move and be busy and do things. Just sitting is not something Stiles does.”

“Well Stiles needs to learn. Quickly.” Derek sighed loudly, trying to remain calm but that was getting far and far less easy to do, even as he tried to look at his phone and distract himself. “Stiles just stop, do.... something.”

He thought about it for a moment and then Stiles slowly grinned. Do something, hmm? Well he could think of a few things. Some could be disasters if he wasn’t careful. He undid his seatbelt and then without much thinking like a normal sane person would, Stiles squirmed up and out of the driver’s seat and clambered between the seats and into the back of the jeep and stretched out. “This is better.”

Derek was at the end of his rope and growled as he shoved his phone back into his pocket as Stiles dove into the back. He turned his head and looked back at him. “What, are you doing? Are you insane?”

Stiles grinned and shrugged. “You said to do something, so I did. I couldn’t just sit up there so back here I think I can sleep a little.”

“You’re not going to sleep.”

“Oh yes, I think it is nap time.”

Derek scoffed and moved quickly for a man his size and twisted himself back and eased into the back of the jeep as well, pushing Stiles to one side with relative ease. “No sleeping.”

Stiles was actually surprised when Derek moved, but happy about it too. Now he could lean on Derek and definitely still have a nap. He leaned over and rest his head against Derek’s shoulder. “Mmm but you’re so comfy Sourwolf,” he said with a giggle.

“Don’t call me that,” he said, but even still, lifted his arm and slipped it around Stiles’s shoulder. “You’re not really going to just go to sleep and leave me here awake and alone are you?”

Stiles sighed and leaned in closer to him against his side. “No because you should rest a bit too. You said yourself he would be a while and if something moves, super wolfie powers will let you know.”

Derek opened his mouth but made a hmphing sound and kept quiet. Sometimes it was just better to not argue with Stiles or his sometime completely off the wall logic. “You are a pain in the ass you know that?”

“Mmhmm but I’m your pain in the ass,” came the muffled reply.”

Yes, he was at that.



“Dub a dub a dum dum
Dub a dub a dum
Dub a dum dum dub a dub
Dub a dub a dum”


It was two weeks before Christmas and everyone was amidst the hustle and bustle of the season. Even Derek had lightened up and was occasionally having fun, though to their friends, most would say that had a lot more to do with Captain Spaztastic. But the holiday season certainly helped. And to that end, Beacon Hills had been in the way of a rather strong winter storm. It wasn’t unheard of for the area but it wasn’t common either. And so most were waking up to several inches of snow covering the town and most surrounding areas. School was closed, which was a classic shame, said no one at all.

To most people, waking up to a great snowfall would be a good thing. But not if you had important things to do. Not if you hadn't bothered to get snow tires on the car. Not if you were Derek Hale and stuck in the house with a hyper and very chatty Stiles Stilinski.

They had all gathered for pizza and movies the night before. Unlike Derek, Jackson, Issac, and Scott had had the sense to leave late last night, before it saw fit to make the roads impassable. Derek had gotten too comfortable on Stiles' couch and complained about not wanting to leave. And now he was regretting that decision as he pouting while looking out the window in the kitchen. The Sheriff was out, seeing to the town and the small incidents that always seem to happen when the weather changes like this. So the two of them were there alone.

The rustling behind him quieted as Stiles came rushing in from the living room. "What are you still doing in here? C'mon go and get ready."

Derek sighed and turned around. "Stiles I really don't want to-” He stopped as he saw his friend. Stiles was all dressed for the outdoors minus his coat and gloves.

"C'mon, before all the snow melts." He grabbed Derek's arm and shoved him toward the direction of the living room.

Doubting very much whether Stiles even heard his complaint, Derek trudged back into the room. Luckily, or fortuitously, he came over to the house dressed for winter weather. He'd go outside with Stiles, but he wasn't going to enjoy it.

Slight flurries of snow still flew around as Derek stepped out the front door and onto the heavily covered yard. Surprisingly, the sun shown down, bright and relatively warm, making the untouched snow sparkle as if covered by millions of sequins or diamonds.


Derek jolted forward and growled as he was hit in the back.  It wasn't very usual that he got surprised or that someone, anyone could hit him with something, object, weapon or fist.  His hands pressed into the snow, and he shook his head, the snow falling out of it easily.  He quickly regained his balance and turned around, for he had a good idea at what it was that had hit him.  "Stiles... honestly."

"Gotcha!" chimed a grinning Stiles, looking every bit the devilish elf, and already making another snowball. He loved the snow and playing in it and if they were going to be stuck at home then he was going to have fun. And throwing snowballs at Derek seemed very good fun at the moment.

"You're such a child," Derek replied as he bent down to gather up as much snow as he could between his gloved hands. He packed it together quickly, hurling it toward "the enemy" just as he was hit a second time, this one connecting with his shoulder. He grinned though as he saw his snowball hit Stiles directly in the center of his chest. If Stiles wanted to play, they were going to play.

Looking down at his now snow-dusted coat front, Stiles flashed a look of indignant shock. "Oh you are so going to get it!"

And with a look of feigned horror from Derek in response, the snowball fight was on. The air was soon filled with flying snowballs and flurries of snow powder. Several wayward snowballs found themselves splattered against the wall of the house, the porch railings, and the front porch stairs.

The once pristine yard was now zigzagged with trails of hastily ran paths from the two of them running and from the other. Both Derek and Stiles were covered with the remains of several on-target snowballs.

Derek waved off further assault; Stiles was fast bastard. *Must be all the damn sugar* Derek mused to himself. "Enough, I'm done." He didn't exactly give in or surrender. "Even with all this running around I don't think I can feel my feet anymore."

"HA!" Stiles charged and tackled Derek, pushing them both down into the snow. Derek found himself surrounded by snow, and Stiles sitting on his legs. "Do you surrender to a superior force?” Stiles demanded.

"Maybe, where’s superior force," Derek replied and tried to sit up. “Get your bony ass off,” he said, trying to buck him of and into the snow.

But Stiles put a hand on either shoulder and pushed him back down, and leaned in close. "I said, do you surrender?" came the reply, and this time Stiles was merely inches from Derek's face.

Derek looked into Stiles' eyes and saw something unexpected, a strange look not usually directed toward him. And then Stiles leaned in further and gently rubbed his nose back and forth with Derek’s and the older man wondered if someone hadn’t slipped him somthing. Derek didn’t do Eskimo kisses and yet.... oh yeah he just did. Usually it was the other way around; he pushed for things, wanted something, and this was.... different. Suddenly, despite lying in the middle of a pile of snow, Derek felt very, very warm and all he wanted was to get back inside.

"Yeah, yeah, I surrender. Take me to your leader."

"Whooo, I win." Stiles grinned, got up, and headed back to the house. As he got to the porch, he turned around waiting for Derek to follow, grinning at him. "Well, come on. Let's get back inside."

Derek sighed and slowly got up and brushed the snow off of him and turned to head back into Stiles’s house. “Yeah, I’m coming.”

Stiles rushed inside and waiting for Derek and quickly shut the door. Now that he was inside, he was suddenly really cold and only now realised it. “Oh geez it’s so cold.” He started pulling his outer layers off. His boots were dumped by the door and gloves, scarf and hat hung on the coat rack and then followed by his jacket. “I’m gonna check on the fire,” he said and scooted into the living room.

Derek was moving a bit slower, his mind still on what had happened out in the yard. It wasn’t as though he and Stiles hadn’t been close; they had and getting closer and closer it seemed. But the innocence of the kisses in the yard, how different it made him feel, he didn’t know what to think. He shook it off and shut the door before shedding much of his own clothing as Stiles had before heading further into the house and joining him in the living room.

Stiles had the fire going pretty well and was humming the cavalry song which apparently was one of his favourites. So much so that he would play it on repeat, a lot. He turned and smiled at Derek as he walked in and beckoned him closer to him, to the fire.

“That was fun wasn’t it. I love snow.”

“I love you.”

Stiles looked up at Derek, complete deer in headlights look and swallowed hard. They’d been evolving what this was that they had but they hadn’t gotten to THAT part of things yet, or so he thought. “What?”

The older man reached out for the hyperactive kid and pulled him close, one arm sliding around his back. “You heard me. You, me, this, it’s a good thing.”

A slow crazy grinned grew on Stiles’ face and he rubbed against Derek gently. “It is a good thing. But what changed?” He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. It changed and that should be good enough right? But it still didn’t stop him from asking and waiting to hear.

Derek smiled then and leaned in close to him.... and nuzzled his face. Not an Eskimo kiss but more of a wolf nuzzle, a playful touching that was also a comfort. “It snowed.”


".... Stand up, who cares about
Little boys that talk too much
I've seen it all go down...."
The house was empty save for two of them. The Sheriff was working overnight and wouldn’t be back until morning. He knew that Derek was there and that he and Stiles were hanging out but Derek knew that if he had any idea of HOW they were occupying their time, Derek would have seen the nasty end of the Sheriff’s service revolver. Derek just assumed to not let that happen.

It was early spring and the weather was behaving as per usual. Rain pelted down, hitting the windows of the house at a steady rate. The rhythm was low and comforting in the dark of the late night. It wasn’t the only sounds in the nighttime, but those were low and comforting as well as loving and passionate.

Inside, on soft, black silken sheets, two bodies lie wrapped in each other, making a rhythm of their own. Hoarse gasps mingled with unrestrained groans and shallow breathing. Lying in the middle of the bed, his hands clenched into the sheets beneath him, Stiles drew breath in quick gasps as Derek continued to thrust into him. The black spikes of Derek's hair brushed tantalizingly across the top of Stiles's throat while Derek sucked and licked the hollow of Stiles's neck. He wanted to leave a mark there, but something that could be covered up easily. They didn’t need to advertise or announce the fact that Stiles was for all purposes, claimed by Derek. He marked him as his own and thought of him in the same way too.

They lie completely together, chest-to-chest, hip-to-hip. Derek rest his forearms either side of Stiles's head, while Stiles pressed his knees on either side of Derek's hips. With each thrust, the two slid together, their skin slick with the sweat of lovemaking.

Derek arched up slightly with the thrust, sending Stiles caterwauling and arching up even more to meet Derek's hips. Each of the movements also continued to stroke Stiles's hardened cock, trapped between the two of them, merely adding to the indescribable sensations being rocked throughout his body.

The passion welling within him, the muscles clenching in his lower abdomen, Derek could feel himself nearing blissful completion. Harder and faster he drove into his lover beneath him, the moans and gasps he was uttering spurn him even further. He moved his mouth from Stiles's neck and traced a path up the jaw line to his earlobe and nipped it gently then pulled his head up and looked down at Stiles's face.

As cliché as it was, they needed no words between them. It had taken time, but they had learned each other; knew what it was that was special between them both. His dark hair wet with exertion, Derek drew his face close to Stiles's and pressed their foreheads together. "Open your eyes."

Stiles's eyes fluttered open and looked into Derek's which were flashing red, and Stiles loved when they did that. Both sets of eyes were dark with lust and need. Derek pressed down and kissed Stiles. Not an innocent peck or a chaste kiss, but one of fire, of passion, of lust and need. Muscles suddenly tightened heralding Derek's release. The thrusts were short and quick, but finally brought about the finish Stiles so desperately desired. He moaned deeply, most of which was muffled by Derek's mouth, as both of their chests and abdomens were splattered with hot threads of fluid.

As he calmed down, Derek withdrew his softening cock and rolled to Stiles's side, wrapping his arm around the other's waist. He felt Stiles's hand rub slowly up his thigh until it rested gently upon Derek's hip. As the rain continued it's dull but consistent drumming upon the windows, the both of them soon fell into a post-coital nap.

Derek stirred from sleep a little while later, twisting within the sheets that covered him. He reached for Stiles only to come back empty-handed. He sat up half way, was about to call out for Stiles when he heard the music pumping through the house, and groaned. He loved the boy dearly, but his choice of music left something, no a lot, to be desired sometimes. Derek grabbed a pair of linen pants and slipped them on before he padded down to the kitchen where he found Stiles dressed similarly and making coffee.

"It'll be done in a second," he said, and then noticed Derek's grimace as the music continued to play on throughout the room. "Hey don't look at me. The CD was in *your* collection."

"Hmph," came the reply and Derek frowned and sat down on a nearby stool. "You are so damn infuriating." Stiles had always been infuriating to Derek, everyone knew that but now it was more endearing than anything. He really didn’t know what it was with Stiles and the overly crappy music he seemed to gravitate toward or why he played it whenever he was around Derek.

Stiles sighed as the coffee was brewing and moved from in front of the counter to stand between Derek's legs, wrapping his arms around Derek's shoulders. Stiles smiled, dipped his head, and kissed the other man deeply. "True, but you love me just the same." He liked his music because it was fun but for some reason there was also some sort of glee he got from driving him crazy.

No argument came in response for it was true though the Alpha would never admit to it, not even to Stiles. But Derek would definitely have to do something about Stiles's musical tastes. One could only wake up to wonder bands from the 80s once in a blue moon.