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A Kind of Comfort in You

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Title: A Kind of Comfort in You
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Swan Queen (Emma Swan/Regina Mills)
Spoilers/Warning: None. Tooth-rotting, tummy hurting fluff!
Summary: AU-ish Storybrooke. Let’s pretend there is no curse, no magic, and Regina is just a mayor and Emma is just a sheriff. This is a SQ baby fic, but it is not your typical SQ baby fic. But maybe I’m deluding myself and it is. (After all a baby fic is a baby fic is a baby fic). You’ll have to decide yourself.
Disclaimer: This is purely fictional. I own none of it.



Finally getting over my lazy ass to post on ao3, I made this account in July. Let's take this as a ... um, moving in thing? Better late than never.

A/N: Sometimes, early in the morning, you get plot bunnies. This was a plot ninja! It didn’t let me rest until I wrote it, and it kept coming from all directions (honestly, I planned it as a 2-3k word fic and I’ve ended up with almost 30k), and it just ate away the past six months of my life (well, technically, five and a half, but I was rounding off ) and I have no idea how it happened. I have a dozen author’s notes spaced over the past six months, ranging from, ‘oh, I had the most adorable idea this morning!’ to ‘dear muse, please stop giving me more ideas for this fic!’ to ‘this is coming along nicely’ to ‘dafuq am I writing, wasting months of my life *deranged grumbling*’ to ‘holy shit! 25k!’ — you get the general idea. I’ve spent a lot (A LOT) of time on this fic so if you don’t like it, please don’t let me know! (JK. All your opinions are most welcome).

It is AU-ish but takes some events from the show in account. There may be an interval of several weeks to several months between parts, timeline wise.

Also, I know. I can smell the OOC-ness in the air, I can. Bear with me, it’s an AU, after all. Remember this is not the Queen’s story, this is the Mayor’s.

The title is from a Sara Bareilles song, and is being used totally out of context (of the song) here.



“Madam Mayor, Sheriff Swan is here to see you.”

Regina frowned at the stack of papers in front of her.

“Does she have an appointment?”

“No, she does not, Madam Mayor.”

Regina rolled her eyes. “Typical,” she huffed.

“Shall I tell her you can’t see her?”

“Would that it were so easy!” Regina sighed. Sheriff Swan was the last person she wanted to see. “She’ll just come back. Send her in.”

A moment later the door to her office opened to admit Emma Swan. Today she had let go of her red leather jacket, opting instead for the blue one. Regina thanked her lucky stars; she could not abide the red monstrosity. The Sheriff shuffled forward awkwardly, coming to a halt in front of her desk and sliding her hands in the hip pockets of her jeans.

“Hey,” she said.

Regina raised an eyebrow. “I’m hoping there’s a reason for this intrusion, Sheriff? I’m swamped with paperwork and I do not have a lot of time to spare.”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

This time both of Regina’s eyebrows shot up. “I wasn’t aware we were friends, Sheriff.”

“No, I — I know we’re not,” Emma sighed. “There’s just something I needed to tell you.”

“So titillating,” Regina tried not to roll her eyes. “I’m all ears.”

“Can I sit down?”

“Fine,” Regina barked. “Have a seat. May I offer you some tea? Or a glass of cider, perhaps?”

Emma frowned at her as she sat down in one of the chairs that lay across from the desk, unsure if she was serious or sarcastic. “No, thank you.” She opted for safe in the end.

“So,” Regina said. “What is it?”

“Erm,” Emma said, shifting awkwardly in her seat. “I thought it best if you heard it directly from me before someone else told you.”

“Tell me what, Sheriff Swan?”

“I, uh — I’m going to have Graham’s baby.”

The announcement was greeted by absolute silence, broken only by the snapping of the tip of Regina’s silver-nibbed pen. She glared at the little shard of metal before looking up at Emma.

“Your procreative habits are none of my concern, Sheriff,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Well,” said Emma. “I thought it’d be better if I told you myself.”

“How considerate of you,” said Regina. “Though I assure you there was no need.”

“Of course there was need!” Emma said incredulously. “Whatever happened between you and me and Graham—”

“There was nothing between you and me—”

“Look, what happened was—”

Regina snapped.

“What happened, Sheriff Swan, was that my boyfriend of several years cheated on me with you and then he went and got himself killed in a car crash right after I confronted the two of you about it!” Her voice got louder in the end.

“It was just one night, Regina,” Emma said tiredly. “And the two of you had already broken up.”

“I do not want to have this discussion, Sheriff.”

“The crash was nobody’s fault, Regina. He shouldn’t have been driving in that rain.”

“I will not have this conversation with you, Sheriff.”

“No,” Emma said. “I think it’s about time you and I talked about what happened. I’ve given you your space, I have respected your boundaries.” Regina scoffed. “But these issues need to be addressed now.”

“I think any chance of that went out the window the day you decided to sleep with my boyfriend,” Regina said, voice hard.

“He wasn’t your boyfriend anymore!” Emma’s tone was harsh but softened as she went on. “Look, I was lonely, it hadn’t exactly been a party in this town, and he was looking for a rebound. Stuff happened.”

“Yes,” Regina eyed her as if she was a speck of dirt on her immaculate glass table top. “That much is clear from your pronouncement.”

“Look,” Emma said placatingly. “Arguing won’t accomplish anything.”

“I am not looking to accomplish anything. I don’t need to. I am not the one who did anything wrong, and then came running to the wronged person wishfully thinking to make things right. Well, things don’t become right just like that.”

“Don’t victimize yourself, Madam Mayor. It doesn’t suit you.”

“Why are you doing this to me, Miss Swan? Isn’t it enough that he is lost to me forever? Graham was a good man.”

“I know that,” Emma said. “I mourned him, too! He was my boss, and mentor. He was my friend. And most of all, he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. And of all people, I think, he deserves to have his child brought into this world. If he was here right now, he wouldn’t want me to — whatever turn our relationship would have taken — he wouldn’t have — he’d have wanted the kid, and you know that.”

Regina looked away, lips set in a straight line; Emma went on.

“And even if we don’t consider that — and honestly that is not my only reason. I want a child.”

Regina raised her eyebrows. “Oh, now you want one?”

Emma shrugged. “I surprised myself, too. I don’t regret giving up Henry; I wish I hadn’t, I do, but I also know that I did the right thing. I could never, in a million years, have been able to do half of what you’ve done for him, and I am very grateful for that. Ten years ago I didn’t think I was capable of handling that responsibility.”

“And now you think you are?”

“Now,” Emma took a deep breath. “I’m willing to try.”

Regina glared at her, and then frowned. “I really don’t understand, what were you expecting from me? Absolution? Help?”

“I don’t need your help to bring up my child!”

“The fact that I am your son’s adoptive mother suggests otherwise.”

“That was a completely different circumstance!”

“Was it?” Regina cocked her head, her expression venomous. “Why am I inclined to think that your affair with Graham was a repeat performance of what must have happened ten years ago?”

Emma’s face blanched with fury.

“It wasn’t — you know nothing, nothing at all about what happened so I suggest you keep your mouth shut about it!”

Regina was slightly taken aback by the sheer vehemence of Emma’s tone. She opened her mouth for a comeback but then closed it without speaking. Emma took several deep breaths and looked away from Regina and outside the window.

“Must be some story,” Regina finally said but her voice lacked any bite.

“You know nothing,” Emma repeated, jaw set. “I was here as a courtesy. I thought because of your relationship with Graham, you deserved better than to hear something like this on the town’s grapevine.” She paused before taking another deep breath and going on. “Henry wasn’t — they weren’t exactly ideal circumstances. I’d rather you never mentioned it again. Especially in front of Henry.”

The tension in the room was palpable all of a sudden.

“Much as anyone might admire your sentiment, Sheriff, this wasn’t a good idea, nor was it a courtesy,” Regina said eventually.

“I think after Graham’s death—”

Regina closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Sheriff Swan,” she began in a steady tone but her voice wavered as she went on. “Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I offer you my felicitations, but I must really get back to my work now.”

It was a clear dismissal and Emma stood up.

“I wanted to take Henry to dinner, to let him know.”

Regina opened her mouth to utter a swift refusal before sighing and closing it.

“Fine,” she finally said. “Have him home by seven.”

“Thank you,” Emma said, relieved. She left, closing the door behind her. Regina waited for the footsteps to die down before picking up a paperweight and hurling it with all her might at the wall.



Regina sank back into the booth she was sitting alone at, watching the scene unfolding before her eyes and wondering for probably the tenth time that evening why she had decided to come. No one had been surprised more than Regina herself when she had walked into the bedecked diner to attend Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan’s wedding reception. She could not fathom why she had decided to attend it: the woman irked her to no end — she could’ve strangled her cheerfully if she thought she could get away with it — she had broken her friend’s heart (that the said friend was right now happily ensconced in the gym teacher’s very willing, very strong arms was a fact she chose to ignore in that moment), and what was more, she was best friends with Emma Swan!

She tried to glare at the ‘Congratulations to the Happy Couple’ banner hung across the diner and not at the groups that had formed in front of her, but failed. The smaller group comprised of the blushing bride, the beaming groom, and a gaggle of felicitators.

At the center of the larger of the two groups was the maid of honor. Somebody moved and Regina had a clear view of Emma in her moss green dress — she was glowing! The woman actually seemed to be glowing from the tips of her blond curls to her blush pink cheeks to the flat, strappy green sandals on her feet, her little baby bump proudly sticking out and somehow not looking awkward at all. The color of the dress really brought out her eyes and she was smiling from ear to ear, one hand splayed on her expanding belly and the other gesturing animatedly at Marco, who had a rapturous expression on his face, and Archie, who looked enthralled.

“She had a big day today, Emma did,” said a voice, snapping her out of her chain of thoughts as a flute of champagne was placed in front of her. Regina looked up to find Ruby dressed in a simple, off-white bridesmaids dress. The girl looked much prettier without her garish reds, Regina noticed.

“A best friend’s wedding is a big day, I suppose,” she said.

“Yeah, that was one of the things,” Ruby said as she raised a hand at Ashley who was waving her over from across the diner. She took a deep breath before going on. “Madam Mayor, we are having a baby shower for Emma next week. It’s on Sunday at five PM. If you want to come—”

“Miss Lucas,” Regina interrupted her. “Do I look like I want to come to Sheriff Swan’s baby anything?”

“Well, all right,” Ruby raised her hands placidly. “No need to get pissed. You came here, didn’t you? And I only mentioned the shower because Henry was really excited about it.”

She shrugged and walked away towards Ashley, and Regina sighed. What had she been thinking! She was never going to live this down. And of course Henry would want to go to that … thing. And of course he would want to bring a gift with him. The things one had to do to make their children happy! She thought of and rejected several choices before she realized what she was contemplating. Anger raised its head, followed by a feeling of despair: she should have realized what she was getting herself into when she decided to come here. She stared morosely into the bubbly depths of the champagne, angry at herself, until a shadow fell across the table. Regina looked up to find Emma walking towards her, two plates piled with cake in her hands.

“Sheriff Swan,” Regina said, suppressing a sigh.

“Madam Mayor,” Emma said, smiling broadly. “Still breathing fire on the locals, I see.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Have some cake,” Emma said, putting a plate in front of Regina, placing the other on the table and sliding into the opposite end of the booth. She let out a pleased sigh when her back came into contact with the booth, and smiled at Regina who narrowed her eyes suspiciously at this genial attitude.

“No, thank you,” she said, pushing the plate away.

“It is very good, don’t be ridiculous,” Emma pushed the plate back.

Regina sighed and picked up the fork. The cake did look pretty good.

“There. It wasn’t that hard,” Emma beamed at her.

“Why are you so happy?” Regina stabbed at the cake.

“It is my best friend’s wedding.”

“Mmhm?” Regina said around the chocolaty forkful in her mouth.

“Aaaaaaand,” Emma took a deep breath. “I found out this morning that I’m having a girl!” She announced and looked expectantly at Regina, looking like a proud little child herself. Regina smiled in spite of herself.

“Congratulations,” she said and was only a little disconcerted when she realized she meant it.

“Thank you.”

The congratulatory atmosphere was short-lived, though.

“I suppose I’ll have to hire a Deputy Sheriff soon,” Regina said sourly.

“Yes, I’m looking at candidates.”

“Really?” Regina raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“Yes, I was thinking Ruby—”

“No. She is a very rude girl.”

Emma laughed. “Had the spunk to stand up to you, did she?”

“Look for someone else.”

“Well,” Emma said. “There’s David.”

“Absolutely not.”



“That leaves us with … Leroy.”

“Heavens save us!”

“Then that leads us right back to Ruby. There aren’t a lot of choices available here.”

“Well, look harder.”

Emma rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’m looking. You will have a list soon.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” Regina said drily. “I hope you will be more careful with that than you were with, say, my ex-boyfriend.”

“Ouch! Below the belt, Regina!”


“And — not that it’s any of your business — but we were careful! Sometimes these things just happen.”


“No,” said Emma. “No. it’s a beautiful day. My best friend just got married to the love of her life, and I’m going to have a baby girl! No, not even you in your fire-breathing dragon’s corner will bring me down. I will not get into an argument with you today.”

Regina just rolled her eyes. “What are you doing about the accommodation?”

“Huh?” Emma narrowed her eyes at this sudden shift in the topic.

“The living situation, Sheriff Swan.”

“Oh. Suddenly changing topics, are we?”

“I’m just making conversation,” Regina said. “I gather Mr. Nolan is moving in with Miss Blanchard — Mrs. Nolan now, I suppose.”

“She’s keeping her name.”

“How very — forward of her,” Regina said neutrally.

“Yeah, well. And he is. Moving in, I mean. I’m at Granny’s until I find a suitable place.”

Regina watched the newly-weds stand up, hand in hand. David began a speech.

“Well,” she said, sounding as if each word was being dragged out of her. “There is a single-story, two-bedroom house for sale on Mifflin Street. You might want to look into that.”

Emma looked surprised, but not as surprised as Regina herself. “Why, thank you, Madam Mayor. I will do that the first thing tomorrow!”

Regina just looked away at David as if she was unable to believe herself.

“And in the end,” David was saying. “I’d like to announce to you guys — we’re going to have a baby!”

The diner erupted in cheers, everyone clapping loudly and Emma let out a loud whoop. Regina groaned and looked away, wondering for the twentieth time why she had decided to come at all.



“Good morning, Deputy. May I know what are th — Sheriff Swan?” Regina paused inside the entrance to the Sheriff’s office when her eyes fell not on Ruby’s usual bright red ensemble as she had been expecting but on the heavily pregnant Sheriff clad in a flowing and ugly blue maternity dress. “That is a positively hideous dress.”

Emma cringed, waddling around her desk. “I know,” she said. “But I don’t fit into anything else and all my sweats are dirty and I haven’t had the chance or the courage to do my laundry yet. Plus this was a gift. From Granny,” Emma rolled her eyes.

Regina could not help the smirk that crossed her lips. “Yes, that is obvious.”

“Well, not everyone can give cashmere baby blankets,” Emma smiled at her knowingly.

Regina flushed slightly. “That was from Henry. He chose it.”

“Of course, Henry would know where to get such a thing, why didn’t I think of that?”


“Thank you, though. It is one of my favorite gifts from the baby shower.”

Regina blushed even more. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be working from home. Where is Deputy Lucas?”

“Yes, well, I got bored,” Emma made a face. “Ruby is out looking at a break-in, and my mountain of paperwork was finished so I came over to pick up some more.”

“Yes, law enforcement paperwork must make for some really fascinating reading,” Regina said sweetly.

“It gets lonely at home,” Emma almost pouted. “I wanted to take a general look around and stuff.”

Regina frowned. “Isn’t the baby due next month?”

“She is.”

“Sheriff Swan, this is no time for you to be driving around alone!”

“Jeez, Regina, I’m fine. I’m pregnant, not an invalid.”

“Well, if you keep being so reckless, you might as well be one—”

“Regina, driving from Mifflin Street to Sheriff’s Station can hardly be considered reckless!”

“You shouldn’t be driving at all! Next time you get an urge for some adventure, call Miss Blanchard.”

“She’s pregnant, too!”

“Call Deputy Lucas.”


“Call me, all right?” Regina snapped. “I’m not pregnant, I’m not likely to be out investigating stray cats or break-ins. And we live on the same street!”

Emma could not help but smile at that.

“It is not amusing!”

“No. No, it isn’t. Thank you. You’re good people, Regina.”

Something flashed in Regina’s eyes before she could school her expression into neutrality. “Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Dragon. Fire,” Emma muttered and Regina rolled her eyes. “Why did you come here, anyway? Checking on the Deputy?”

“No, actually I wanted to know why there are still construction implements and other instruments littered outside.”

“Oh, those!” Emma grimaced. “Ruby said they’re still working down in the basement. In the boiler room.”

Regina’s eyebrows snapped together. “I thought that was supposed to be done two days ago?”

“Well, there was a lot more work than they had initially anticipated. This is quite an old building, after all. Then they dropped something on a pipe and—”

“They did what? Imbeciles!”

“Yeah, well. The super said that he thought the boiler was making funny noises, so he called in someone to check those. All that jazz.”

“And why is this the first time I’m hearing of it?”

“Really, Regina, I don’t think the repairs at the Sheriff’s office require the Mayor to be a part of it.”

“The Mayor is a part of everything, Sheriff. And since these days your Deputy is handling these things—”

“I know, I get it,” Emma rolled her eyes. “She should’ve let you know since I was not here. I’ll have a word with her, okay?”

“Please, do,” Regina said. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”

“Regina, I’m perfectly capable of going home myself in my Bug just like I came.”

“That wasn’t optional, Sheriff,” Regina told her. “And that car of yours is a deathtrap!”

“Hey, be respectful to the Bug, it’s be—” Emma began, but stopped, frowning. “Hey. Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“The ground — it’s vibrating!”

“It isn’t,” Regina said, but then her eyes widened. “Sheriff, are you sure the baby’s not coming?” She sounded slightly panicked.

“No, of course she’s not coming!” Emma said. “She’s gotta stay put another month. But the ground—” She was interrupted as the earth suddenly shuddered violently beneath their feet.

“It is shaking!” Regina turned horrified eyes on her.

“Do you think it’s an earthquake?”

“We can discuss what it is later on! We need to get out of here right now, come on!”

Emma hurried forward as much as she could but she was halfway across the room when there was a muffled pop from below and the walls and then the floor exploded; she saw the west window blown away and a crack in the floor that ran through the room and right underneath the Mayor’s feet, rending the floor apart and widening at an alarming rate.

“Regina!” Emma wasn’t aware how, but she threw herself at the other woman, they skedaddled across the floor a mere instant before the ground caved in at the very spot Regina had been standing. When the debris settled down a little, they found themselves stranded in the corner where the east and south walls met. The room around them was in shambles.

Emma gulped, staring at the wreckage around them in horror, and then at the woman in her arms, heart hammering in her chest. “Regina? Are you okay?”

Regina looked back at her with wide, horrified eyes, her face drained of color, and nodded.

“Are you sure?” Emma asked.

“What just happened?”

“I think the boiler exploded.”

“Oh my God!” Regina said, voice shaky.

“Exactly,” Emma said, and then, “Regina? Remember how I told you the baby wasn’t coming?” She saw Regina’s eyes widen even more and nodded. “Yeah. My water just broke.”

“No,” Regina shook her head as if that would undo it. “No, you cannot be having this baby right now!”

“Apparently,” Emma said as her knees buckled and she clutched Regina harder to stand upright. “She disagrees.”

Regina held her and lowered her carefully to the floor.

“I’m going to get you out of here.”

“Really?” Emma grimaced, clutching at her swollen belly. “Have you taken a look around?” She pointed out. “The main exit is blocked by debris, the windows blew away when the floor exploded, and the roof is caved in over the emergency exit!”

“Your assessment skills in a time of crisis are admirable, Sheriff! And people call me a pessimist!” Regina snapped at her as her eyes took in everything the Sheriff had just enumerated and her heart sank. “Oh, God. What am I supposed to do?”

Emma closed her eyes as the first contraction hit her. “Call,” she said between clenched teeth. “Call for help.”

“I am useless! Useless in a crisis!” Regina said as she gave one hand to Emma to squeeze and whipped out her phone with the other.

“You’re doing fine,” Emma told her, gently squeezing her hand. “Don’t panic. Call Ruby, she will know how to get us out.”

An hour and a half later, it turned out that no one knew how to get them out. Because whatever angle they decided to approach the wreckage at, it threatened to lead to the disruption of the precarious balance that was responsible for holding the remaining part of the roof on top of their heads. Heavy-weight lifting cranes were not available in Storybrooke (I knew I would need one of those when I told Dr. Whale to order an MRI machine, instead!). Portland PD was called and they agreed to bring some over but said it would take some time for them to reach. The interval between Emma’s contractions had lessened from twenty minutes to ten to something less than that.

Regina screamed at someone at the other end of the line to hurry up before disconnecting the call and fuming, unable to do anything more than that.

“Regina,” Emma stilled the Mayor’s frantically moving hands.

“They’re trying,” Regina said, words tripping out of her mouth in a rush. “We’ll get you out of here.”

“Regina,” Emma repeated, and finally the Mayor looked at her, eyes wide and wild. “She is coming, Regina. Now! And I need you to help me.”

Regina shook her head, panic rising in dark eyes. “I can’t. I can’t. I can’t do that. I’ll do something wrong, I’ll—”

“Regina!” Emma said in a sterner tone that brought the Mayor up short. “I need you to pull yourself together, okay?”

“No, dammit!” Regina snapped before taking a deep breath. “Why do you think I adopted in the first place? I’m not cut out for this stuff!”


“I can’t…”

“I need you to help me. I need you, okay? Do you hear me?”

Regina shook her head once more, a tear slipping down one cheek, hands dashing furiously at her eyes. “I knew it!” She managed in a choked voice. “I knew it the moment I let you stay in my town! I knew you were up to no good! Nothing but trouble!”

Emma laughed out loud, stopping only when the next contraction hit her. “Ouch. That was sooner than I expected!” She gasped. “Regina, you need to call Dr. Whale, okay? He will guide you.”

“I don’t get paid enough to do this!” Regina grumbled, voice shaking, as she looked for Dr. Whale’s number in her contacts.

“You know,” Emma wheezed through the pain, clutching at Regina’s hand. “You should count yourself lucky, I don’t let just anyone see my hoo-ha!”

“Not enough!” Regina shook her head.

“Hey,” Emma said, not letting go of her hand even when the pain lessened. “You can do this, you listen to me? You can do this.” She looked at Regina until the Mayor met her eye and nodded, then she slumped back against the wall and closed her eyes. “Good. Now that is exactly what you need to keep telling me until this is over, okay?”

“But you’ve done this before!” Regina’s voice shook as panic gripped her once again.

“I might’ve been in juvie at the time, Regina, but I still got to give birth to Henry in a hospital! On the date he was actually due!”

“Nothing but trouble!” Regina repeated weakly as she took off her coat and folded back her sleeves.


The next hour was the most difficult one either woman had ever spent in their lives. The tiny speakers of Regina’s phone made Dr. Whale’s grave voice sound tinny and slightly comical as he spouted instructions about crowning, dilation, head positions and attachment of cord. He was surprisingly thorough for which both of them were grateful. Regina’s OCD cleaning habits paid off when she produced sanitizer and a shiny and clean pen knife from her bag to cut the cord. It took an hour, maybe more, of constant instructions and encouragements from Dr. Whale, screams of ‘You need to push harder’ and ‘I am pushing, you bloody morons!’ and a vast number of even more colorful expletives from all sides until finally first the little blond head and then the tiny shoulders and then the rest of the small body were out and the cord was cut. A cheer went up outside the ruined Sheriff’s station; apparently the whole town was out there.

The baby let out a cry. Regina had heard of lusty cries but this was the first time she understood what it actually meant: this baby was full of life, and hungry for more. No wonder she had wanted to come out a month earlier.

“Is she all right?” came Emma’s voice, weak after all the effort.

“She’s beautiful. And perfect,” Regina said, wrapping the little one in the coat she had taken off earlier.

“Allison. Her name is Allison,” Emma whispered before passing out.

“Hey, Allison,” Regina said in a soft voice as she smoothed back the limp blond hair plastered to the little forehead. “Here you go to your — Emma? Oh God!”

She scrambled forward, disregarding Dr. Whale’s urgent instructions on the phone and checked the Sheriff’s pulse, which was weak, and then she began to shake Emma lightly with one hand, the other keeping a firm grip on the baby. When Emma did not budge, panic took hold of her. The shaking became a little more forceful.

“Emma! Wake up, please! Emma Swan! Don’t you dare die on me now or I swear to God I will revive you somehow just to murder you with my bare hands! Do you understand? EMMA!”

“Ow,” Emma’s lips moved. “Would you keep it low? I just gave birth here and everything, including my head, really hurts.”

Regina laughed out loud, feeling boneless with relief. “Yeah, okay,” she whispered. “Okay.”


A/N: Well, here goes nothing. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Here is a lot of head canon and thoughts I have for this fic. Just thought I’d share; there are bits in there I find amusing and thought you guys might, as well.

*Regina’s secretary is called Leslie. I have no idea why. She’s been a Leslie to me ever since ‘Through Leaves of Green’, though I took her out in the re-edits.
*We all know about the famous confrontation. Punches thrown and all.
*Regina’s pen was Mont Blanc, of course.
*Regina later covered the (not inconsiderable) dent with an abstract painting.

*Moss-green because have you seen Jen in moss green? She glows!
*Bridesmaids were in cream-colored dresses: Ruby and Ashley.
*Regina’s present to the newly-weds was a heavy, silver candelabra (just in case one of them wants to bash the other on the head someday, you know; handy thing to have around).
*I have no idea why I am writing these points.
*The cake was vanilla syrup chocolate cake. Now, vanilla isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but trust me when I say you haven’t lived until you’ve tasted this cake.

*Because exploding boilers and world’s/TV’s/cinema’s most clichéd birth scene just go hand in hand. I just wanted Regina to be there, okay. So sue me.
*Portland, just because. I’m tired of every Storybrooke thing being pointed towards/from Boston.
*Allison for Dr. Allison Cameron, what else! (Duh!)