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The Place In Me That You Can Call Home

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Karma Akabane sighed, letting out a mix of frustration and his general boredom in one single breath. Class seemed to be dragging on for hours, and he was left wondering why he hadn't skipped when he had the chance. Now, Koro-sensei was chuckling for no particular reason, writing sums for the class on the blackboard at some unreasonable speed. Maths was Karma's best subject, so he didn't bother to raise from his position; left arm draped across his desk with his head leaning on top of it, right arm trailing by his side.

"Yo, Karma," Terasaka hissed from his desk on Karma's right. "The octopus is staring at you weirdly, so I'd watch out before he 'takes care' of you again." Terasaka sniggered slightly at the memories of when Karma had first joined Class-E. Karma narrowed his eyes slightly at the larger boy and clicked his tongue in annoyance, before turning his gaze back to the front of the room where their alien teacher was stood. He was indeed looking at Karma, an aura of mischief hanging around him.

Not a good sign.

Deciding to avoid any embarrassment that would be caused by Koro-sensei 'taking care' of him again, Karma picked up his pencil and lazily began scribbling down the answers to the questions on the board.

Whilst Maths was a subject that Karma found easy, he often got distracted whilst working through the calculations. It was monotone. This would equal that and that just had to be divided by this. Over and over again.

It wasn't until after the mid-term exams, in which Karma had, in his eyes, failed, when he realised that Maths could be difficult. Well, he had spent many of his younger years knowing that, but, when he had opened up his extra prep books, a new wave of numbers and equations washed over him, almost drowning him.

But these sums weren't like that. These sums were easy, just like they should be.

It would be rather disappointing if, after all these years of endless studying, he still wasn't up to the standard he had set.

Karma set down his pencil, climbed out of his chair and strolled casually towards the front of the classroom. He handed the sheet of perfect equations to his teacher, before jokingly taking a bow.

"I know, I know, Koro-sensei; I'm truly too amazing. It must be hard having a student as great as this." An amused smirk made its way onto Karma's face as he rose. He turned on his heel and slowly made his way to the door, one hand in his pocket whilst the other ran through his red hair. "I'll be off now, since I probably got them all right, as per usual. See ya!" Karma waved somewhat jauntily at the rest of the class, though turned to face a specific blue-haired boy, just as he was walking through the door. "Same place as usual, Nagisa. Don't be late!" He dragged out his last few words almost teasingly, but Nagisa just nodded and smiled warmly at him.

It was always such a mystery to Karma. How could someone possibly hold so much warmth in a single facial expression? Surely it defied some scientific law. It was that smile that held his gaze for just one second longer before he exited the room, sliding the door shut behind him.

The corridor was stiflingly hot, due to the lack of air conditioner. In the class room, they had had the windows open wide to let in the summer breeze, but the air in the corridor was just hung with humidity. As a person with a naturally high temperature anyway, Karma could rarely feel the heat, but some days in the middle of summer were really too much.

Karma picked up his pace, pushing both of his hands deeper into his trouser pockets and flicking his vibrant hair out of his face.

Soon enough, he was out of the poorly-built structure and the bright sun was beaming down onto his body, however, the heat was more pleasant compared to the stuffiness of the indoors. The birds were chirping merrily from their places in the trees, whilst cicadas could also be heard. Apparently cicadas were a sign of summer - Kurahashi had been speaking about it only a short while ago.

Shaking away his useless thought process, Karma took a seat at the base of a large tree, humming at the comfort and the warmth, making him feel like he'd just seen a thousand of Nagisa's smiles. A sharp noise signifying a text caused Karma to snap open his eyes, immediately taking his phone from his pocket and checking the message.

'Remember we're on our way home next week. Don't do anything stupid in the meantime.'

Karma sighed lightly, tousling his hair with his long fingers before replying.

'Got it. Looking forward to seeing you.'

Another message came through almost immediately, not even giving Karma enough time to put his phone back into his pocket.

When he saw it, a frown etched onto his face. The boy wasn't exactly sure why he had expected anything different, but it didn't stop the pang he felt in his heart.